A Year in the Life

The Countdown Part 4

By Bix Meister


This is a story featuring gay men, and gay sex, intended for Adults, not Minors. It is fiction, and as such is not based on any actual people or events. It is a fantasy intended purely as a catalyst for pleasure. No attempts have been made to portray safe sex, but the author encourages you to practice it.


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The Countdown Part 4


Call Me Francis


Eight days left, or in the Beatle's terms: a week.

After last night, it won't be soon enough. Did you see the evening sky? I hope the next time I see the Northern Lights you'll have your arms around me.

Rolf, It's getting harder to keep my feelings in check on this daily update. I know you must be busy, so I'll cut this short before I give away too much.

I Love you Rolf, and I am confident you will be thinking the same thing when we meet in eight days.

Francis Charles Hendricks

"I called Marty, he's going to join us out at the house."

Rolf quickly minimized his email account, then looked over his shoulder to Drew. "How did you sleep? How is the bed in the guest room?"

"I can say it's quite an experience waking up in a church. It's a clever touch using a baptismal fount to hold the sink. I guess now I don't have to go to church today."

"We've never talked about that. Am I putting you out by starting on Pete and Kyle's backyard so early on a Sunday morning? If you're a regular church goer, I can direct you to the denomination of your choice."

"Let's just say I'm a lapsed Catholic and leave it at that. I didn't leave the Church, it left me."

"I know that feeling all too well. Kind of ironic innit? Me living in a church and all, especially after losing my religion."

"Whoa, two classic song references. Although I have to be honest, I don't know if that qualifies as irony. I think Alanis screwed up that word for a whole generation."

"I think the irony is that Ironic, wasn't all that ironic. And my religion is a topic for another time."

Drew could sense that Rolf needed to change the topic. "What do we need to get together before we head out? From the look of the plans, we have our work cut out for us. I guess it's lucky that WrestlinDad will be joining us."

"There's a pot of coffee in the kitchen. Pour yourself a cup while I get some CDs that will keep us motivated. I also have to write and send a quick email to a friend. He deserves a reply."


Francis Charles Hendricks

Signing your email that way, was a great touch.

I've thought a lot about you since I last responded. It is tough, however, for me to put my feelings into an email. Words are important to me, even more so when I am trying to convey personal feelings. I will be very busy the next week on a major project. I am not sure I will have the time to sit down, and find the right way to express how I feel. I would rather say nothing, than say the wrong thing.

Don't think of my silence as rejection. I will say that I enjoy your countdown, so please continue it.

We will know the right words, when we meet in eight days.

Rolf Ian MacKenzie


The Captain mulled over the email as he sipped his coffee. The early morning breeze ruffled the leaves of the hostas he had planted near the decades old oak. "The next time Rolf is over; I'll have to make sure he sees my handiwork." In fact, the only time Rolf had been to his house, he had entered through the back door. The Captain had felt the same nerves, the same rush of adrenaline as he had felt every other time he had explored the male side of his bisexuality.

But last night, when he said goodbye to Micah and Mario, when they hugged him on their front porch, he was at ease. He felt the need for a walk through his neighborhood. The walk went on far longer than he planned, mostly due to the Northern Lights. People who lived close to Denfeld High School, congregated in the parking lot. He knew most of them by sight, if not by name. None of them were aware of who he had spent the night with, no one judged him.

Sitting in front of his home, the Captain finally saw his end goal. No matter the outcome with Rolf, Francis knew he had to be comfortable with himself.


"Oh, would you look at that" Rolf whispered. "Seems like we walked in on two tuckered out lovers."

"Who's that?" Drew leaned in, whispering. His mustache touched Rolf's ear.

"It's Pete's son, and his lover Justin. Talk about "like father like son." The acorn didn't fall very fall from that tree."

Derek shifted in his sleep. His morning wood bounced on his furry stomach.

"If it is truly "like father, like son" now we know why Kyle is always so happy."

"Believe me it is. No, now that I think about it Pete might have the upper hand. Let's get out back and give the two youngsters time to wake up.

Drew followed Rolf downstairs. On their route to the back patio they saw the evidence of last night's main event. Derek and Justin's wrestling garb laid exactly where they dropped them. The sling still contained the bottle of lube. "Looks like some lucky couple had a night of debauchery."

"Yeah, and I'm quite jealous. All I had was this" Drew laughed, making a jerking motion with his right hand.

"You have no one to blame but yourself, I really think you could have had a playmate last night if you would have pursued it. Marty seemed to be chomping at the bit."

"Truth be told; he did join me. I called to thank him for a great day. We ended up having great phone sex. My guess is he'd like to meet up with me in a place very much like this room. Our fantasy took place on a wrestling mat."

"Well if you two want to make it happen the rest of us can make ourselves scarce. But, and this is a big but, we have to make sure we are making the progress we need on this project. C'mon, let's scope things out in the backyard."

"Definitely! One question though. You said that Pete might have a bigger dick than his son. Just how do you know this?"

"Let's just say that The Pack is very tightly knit. It's hard to keep a secret for long in our group."


"Do you remember where we keep the camera Ashley?"

"No Jason. Why are you concerned with a camera right now? Mom and Dad promised me a new one, and a camcorder before Patrick is born."

"Because I want to capture how radiant you are right now. You know I always thought it was a cliché about pregnant women, but you do have a glow about you."

As far as lies went, Jason's latest, qualified as a little white one. In reality Ashley did look radiant. It helped that their daily shower together gave them the opportunity for intimacy that had been lacking in their life. Jason started to believe he could live the rest of his life, without pursuing sex with men.

However, he couldn't let Ashley know his real need for the camera. Something was off about their house. First he noticed it in his garage. One of his socket wrenches was misplaced. He dismissed it as carelessness on his own part at first, but when he saw a few more clues he started to wonder.

His garage was meticulous. He cared for his tools in the same way he cared for his softball equipment. He could definitely remember seeing the socket wrench in its rightful place when he finished putting together the changing table on Wednesday. Between softball, work, his day with Bub, and the week at his in-laws, he hadn't spent a minute in his garage. This he was sure of. Much worse, he noticed evidence that someone had been in the closet of their nursery. He couldn't pinpoint the time as accurately as he could the garage, but he had a sinking feeling that someone had been in his house, while he was gone.


"Thanks for the update Cal. Yes, I agree, the rumors about why he left his job at the bank make me feel this isn't just a wild goose chase. Oh, and I agree that trying to tie it to the new branch manager downtown is just too convenient. I've met Russ and he seems above board, very straightforward. Well, keep up the good work. I'll owe you."

The Captain closed his phone, then picked up his mug, nodding to his neighbor Mildred. "Beautiful morning, isn't it?"

"It sure is, but it can't compare to the sky last night. I hope you saw the Northern Lights."

"I did. I went for a walk last night hoping to walk off some of the dinner I had at my friend's place. I'm not sure if I was successful, but at least I got to see that amazing light show."

"Yes, the glory of God at his finest. Were your friends the two young men who stopped by here yesterday?"

The Captain nodded.

Mildred got closer. "Now I'm not one for rumors, but Agnes said there's a possibility they might be gay. I mean I can't believe it, especially Mario. He used to be a pro wrestler dontcha know." Mildred shook her perfectly coiffed head. "But who am I to judge? Anywho, the Minister down at Our Savior's says that is the number one rule; judge not lest ye be judged. It's a changing world and sometimes I don't know what to think. Anyway, you should join us one of these Sundays. I know a few single gals about your age that attend. You never know, you could find the right little woman to share your beautiful house with. You got a good start on the curb appeal. Maybe she would help you pick up some pretty pink and purple flowers. I mean, every house could benefit from a woman's touch. It's what makes a house a home."

"I'll keep that in mind. Maybe one day I'll take you up on your invitation Mildred. Until then I'll have to make do with the house the way it is."


"You might want to put some clothes on, I see we have guests."

Justin looked at Derek who was filling his coffee mug. "Why didn't you wake me? I didn't expect to sleep this late."

"We needed it Justin, just as much as we needed last night." Unconcerned with his nudity, Justin strolled to the kitchen and hugged Derek from behind. He nestled his head against his lover's neck. "Oh yeah" Derek shivered. "You know the right spot. But that doesn't mean you can parade around here naked. Now go up and put some shorts on at least. They're gonna need our help soon."

Derek poured a mug of coffee for Justin, then put the rest in a thermos. Wearing only his shorts and flip flops, he padded downstairs and out to the patio. "Coffee's on, and I'm just about ready to start breakfast if you want it" he yelled to the two men,

"That sounds great Derek, by the way, this is my friend Drew. Drew, meet Derek."

Drew strode forward, offered his hand. "Pleased to meet you Derek, although I sort of met you and your partner earlier."

"Sorry you caught us like that. We... uh... kinda lost track of time."

"You have no need to apologize. From what I have heard you two are lords of the manor this week. Your house, your rules. Besides if my body was as tight as yours, I would avoid clothes as often as possible."

"Now you tell me." The three men looked up at the second floor deck. Justin's copper fur glistened in the morning sun. He hooked the waistband his hiking shorts. "You mean I can ditch these?"

"Not right now. You're going to help me make breakfast and you know how dangerous it can be frying bacon, naked."

"If you want, you can help us later on, and I for one don't mind if you're naked" Drew said. "But with that copper fur, I bet your buns burn easily. I've got sunscreen, we can arm wrestle for who gets to apply it."

"You two can look but can't touch. Only one guy gets to touch my ass. Derek won that right forever last night."


"I share your concern Jason; I am just not sure how we can proceed without raising Ashley's suspicions."

"I've thought about that. I have a pot roast in the oven. I already mentioned how much I miss your guidance and she thought it would be great to see you. She heard about the softball loss you guys had without me. After dinner we can go out to the garage and take some pictures. She won't be the wiser."

"I'll go one better. I'll stop by the precinct and pick up an evidence kit. We can dust for fingerprints. If there are some, and the person has a record, we can then look into it. Do you have any idea why someone would target you?"

"I don't have a clue. It could be the same person who left the notes in my mail box. But the fact that they may have gotten into my home creeps me out just a bit."

"Okay, see you at one then." The Captain put the chicken he had been preparing back into the fridge. "Pot roast huh? That does sound better than the chicken, but if I keep this up I will need Micah and Mario to open that gym sooner rather than later."

As for Jason, Francis was glad he sought out his help. It could be a case of Jason being scatterbrained due to everything going on his life, but Jason seemed grounded and very assured over the phone. Whatever the situation, the Captain knew he had to be there for his protégé.


"This isn't your first rodeo, is it?" Derek perused the blueprints. He and Rolf were standing on the deck they were about to dismantle, in order for them to build a deeper deck, with access to the backyard.

"I've designed a deck or two in my life. I even had Van sign off on it. This is important, it's for two of the nicest guys I know. Thanks for helping me keep the secret."

"So one day to dismantle, and two days to build, that is a bit aggressive dontcha think?"

"For anyone else, yes, but you have a good incentive to meet the timelines. In addition, you have to pass your cohort's inspection."

"You know it would be faster to demolish, instead of dismantle."

"That is the problem with everything today, expediency over craftsmanship. I saw what you did with the flooring at the farmhouse. I only expect the same from you here. Well, enough talk, get to it."

"Abraham Lincoln once said that if he had six hours to fell a tree, he would spend the first 4 hours sharpening his axe. Expect the same from me."

"I like how you think."

It wasn't until recently that Rolf started to see this side of Derek. He was always the hard-assed inspector, and even more impossible customer at the lumberyard. His expectations were high, and though Rolf preferred to deal with other inspectors, he knew when Derek signed off, it was because of a job well done.

But playing softball with Derek, having him as a peer on the field, and even seeing him off the job site gave him a whole new appreciation of the man. It was easier to cut him some slack instead of focus on his sometimes abrupt nature. Even seeing how gently he was cuddling Justin this morning gave him new insight into Pete's son. Again he thought, the acorn didn't fall too far from the tree with that respect. It was the love that Kyle and Pete shared that caused these five friends to give up their time to help them celebrate their union.

Rolf's plan was ambitious, but as he saw his friends hard at work, he knew it was achievable."


"That pot roast hit the spot. You know, Ashley is really lucky. I am sure you've been quite the support for her this last week."

"I'm trying really hard, but it isn't always easy. I mean you know how it is. But I have to remember my fuck ups are in the past. I've got my kid to think about now. Again, it isn't always easy Captain."

"Call me Francis, or Frank if you'd rather. No need for formalities here. It's our day off."

"Francis? Really?" Jason shook his head. "I heard that was your name, couldn't believe it" he chuckled.

"What's wrong with Francis?"

"Oh, it's a fine name, sorry. But to me you seem more like a Frank. I was never sure why you didn't use your name."

"It's a long story, but if I can't be honest with a valued colleague like you Jason, who can I be honest with?"

"Colleague huh? I'm honored Frank."

"You have earned my respect young man. Now let's get down to business. Where do we start?"


The way I see it. We can reutilize most of the decking by feathering in the new with the old. You were right to get new, larger beams to match the code. But we'll need a new header beam to attach to the house."

"That's being delivered tomorrow, and so are the plants. I couldn't have it delivered while Pete and Kyle were here that would have been a dead giveaway. So, it appears your axe is honed, isn't it time to start chopping down that tree?"

Derek grinned. "I like how you think. Justin and I have about four hours available to get this done. He got roped into a shift at the Steakhouse tonight."

"Knowing the two of you. You will get it done in three, saving some time for a long shower before sending him off."

"I told you I like how you think. Do you and Drew need some private time? We can make sure the sauna is ready for you whenever you need some alone time."

"Alas, Derek, there's no spark. I think we were both open to the possibility, but it never happened."

"So does that explain how well those two are working together out there? Look at Drew and Marty. They are a well-oiled machine. I wonder how they would handle the difference in age."

"Maybe they could ask the two of you for advice."

"Touché my friend, touché."


"Honey, we're just gonna check out some shelving ideas that the Captain, I mean Frank has for the nursery."

"Frank huh? I thought you always addressed your superiors with respect. And don't worry about me, I'm caught up in this movie and I know you don't like these types of films."

"Don't worry Ashley, it's okay, I'm not working right now. He doesn't have to call me Captain. Enjoy your movie, Steel Magnolias is a classic."

"See Jason, you should stick with the Captain. You could use some culture."

"What was that out there about Steel Magnolias? That's a chick flick. I am gonna have to take away your man card. Here, let's get to work.

Jason shut the door. Francis wanted to defend his taste in movies, but knew from experience Jason was right. Steel Magnolias was a chick flick, which was enormously popular with gay men too. Letting his subordinate call him Francis or Frank was one thing. But liking Steel Magnolias was too close to coming out as bisexual, or possibly even gay, and he wasn't that comfortable with Jason yet.

"So show me the closet, what has changed? We didn't get any clear prints in the garage, so I doubt we'll get any here. However, at least we can take some pictures just in case whoever it is, comes back again.

"See that box on the top shelf with my name on it?" It was in the back. The other boxes which were in front are now a bit askew. It is almost like whoever was here was going for the box, but got startled in the process."

"What's in the box? The lettering looks familiar."

"It should. It's the only thing I have left from my dad. I lost the key in the last move, and I haven't looked inside it for years. I'm actually afraid to."

"We'll dust it for finger prints, along with the other boxes, but I don't expect we'll get a single one if the garage is a clue. I have no doubt someone got into your house. Whoever it is, was probably wearing gloves. So nothing of value is missing huh?"

"I can't account for anything, except now that you mention it, the camera. Ashley finally remembered where it was, and it's not there. Do you think that's a clue?"

"It's something we can check into, maybe the culprit left fingerprints there."


"It's hard to believe he is almost seventy. I mean look at him Rolf. I was having a hard time keeping up with him." Marty's years as a high school wrestling coach showed in his strong muscles which shone in the sun. He looked stronger than most men half his age as he continued to use spray paint to map out the landscaping.

"I can believe that" Rolf said. "We've made great progress already. The deck is down and we'll be needing the sod cutter earlier than I planned. In fact, I might have to break away and head into the lumberyard to ensure it's available for 8:00 tomorrow. I know Derek and Justin are planning some alone time. I could leave early and give you guys the same courtesy. At least one of us should be getting laid."

"I don't even know if he wants me Rolf. If he does, he hasn't made it known."

"Sure he has. That isn't sweat at his crotch, that's pre-cum."


Francis knocked on the bungalow's door. Jeff opened it slightly. "Well I'll be damned, what brings you out to Norton Park, Captain?"

"If you could, call me Frank. I was down a few blocks helping a friend with an issue. I might need your help if you and Fred would consider it."

"After all you've done for me and Fred, consider it done. Does it involve opening the glory hole shack?"

"No, not for me at least, that's off limits to me for the foreseeable future. But this is both a personal, and professional visit, and what I talk to you about, has to be our secret. Do I have your word?"

"You've earned it Frank."


"Relax, let the heat ease your muscles."

Drew leaned back into Martin's arms. Drew had at least two inches, and forty pounds on the older man, but was no match for him when it came to musculature. "I bet you were every young gay wrestler's wet dream."

"If I was, I was oblivious to it, for a reason. I can honestly say that nothing ever happened between me and a student. It wasn't because of temptation, because I had a lot. But I was also smart enough to know it would end my career, and marriage, permanently." Marty massaged Drew's fur covered pecs while he hugged him. He leaned in, whispering in his ear. "I bet you were a fucking hot defensive lineman in high school" he growled. "God, guys like you really got my pre-cum flowing."

"So Rolf was right? That was pre-cum tracks on your, shorts?"

"Courtesy of you, sexy. You're doing it to me now in fact." Marty clenched his ass rhythmically, sliding his dick up and down Drew's furry back. "So what was it handsome? Football? Wrestling? Both?" he hissed, inhaling the younger man's essence.

"I hope I'm not ruining your fantasies, but it was Chess. Yeah I was a nerd, a horny, furry nerd who finally grew into his body." Drew snuggled back further into Marty's strong arms. And lucky for you I'm a horny, furry nerd who has a thing for strong, masculine men like you."

"Oh FUCK, what am I doing? I don't talk like this, but I need to fuck you, young man. You remind me of the only two men I have ever loved. Your furriness reminds me of a student who I could have run away with if things would have been different. And your heart..." Marty caught his breath. "Your heart reminds me of the man I lost, oh so many years ago."

"You know the wrestling mat is only a few steps away Marty. I may not be a wrestler, but I've been known to go down for the count."


The back road to the Hallet Dock brought Francis close to the water's edge. It was never busy, so he could sit quietly, mulling over recent activity. He leaned the car seat back a little, and put his hands behind his head. Things were coming together and he was more sure of his future than ever before.

He could sense that he and Jason were well on their way to knowing the identity of the Mad Dildoer. Something clicked for him while he was helping the younger cop earlier that day. In his gut he knew who it was, he just needed further evidence and a clearer motive. Jeff and Fred agreed to help him, but were sworn to secrecy about their involvement. They didn't even have a clue how they were helping, but promised to do their best, anyway.

Francis remembered the comfort he felt, sharing his idea with Jeff and Fred. He was a guest in the home of two men he had been sexually intimate with, and yet he didn't get that gut feeling he normally did. He was so close to coming out to them, admitting that his relationship with men was something more than a sexual convenience, but he knew it wasn't the right time.

The right time would be soon, that was becoming clear. Francis stared off into the distance, focusing on the dock and inlet. As he concentrated on every scenario, things started to fall into place, his future was clarified. The clearest thing in his mind, was his love for Rolf. He loved everything about the big man. He smiled at the hearty laugh, witty humor and self-deprecating style. The thought of Rolf's nearly 300 pounds of fur, muscle and gut holding him, brought a tightness to his crotch. Hell, even the white noise of Rolf's CPAP machine was comforting.

"Eight fucking days. I don't think I can last that long" Francis thought to himself.

The tapping on his passenger window broke the silence. Francis realized his friend Nick, the security guard for the dock was standing there. He unlocked the door, inviting his friend to sit.

"FC, Buddy. I saw you in the security cam and thought for a second you were following in the footsteps of your young cop. Looks like some chick has your motor revving there, buddy."

"You don't have to worry about me, I got a house not too far from here if I ever need a date with Rosie. But yeah, some-one inspired this." The Captain put the emphasis on the "one," unconcerned if Nick noticed the non-gender specific nature.

"I just finished my shift, and I am starving. Wanna head down to A & Dubs to grab a burger basket and a mug of root beer? It'll be fun to catch up, and you can tell me about this some-one."

So Nick did notice. Maybe it was time for Francis to be honest with one of his oldest friends. "Sounds like a plan Nikos. My Treat."


Marty circled the mat, as Drew assumed the position. The bigger, younger man was on his hands and knees. His hair and fur was still wet from their shower; his dick was rigid as he slowly breathed. "Is this what you want Coach? Teach me, train me."

"It's perfect form. You're perfect" Marty inhaled. In his almost forty years as a wrestling coach, Marty had fantasized about something exactly like this. A naked, masculine, furry man was waiting for his tutoring. It was every fantasy he had about his students. Fantasies that he couldn't act on, were suddenly embodied in Drew.

But Drew wasn't some teenager, giving into his lust for an older authority figure. Drew was a mature, sexy, furry beast that he was about to make love to. "ButteBeast huh? Like I say that is more like ButtBeast. Man I gotta have that ass."

"Have at is sexy. It's all yours." Drew shook his furry tail, then clenched his hole a few times. Marty continued to circle Drew, stopping directly in front of him. Drew looked at the cock that was inches away from him. Copious pre-cum already coated the head. Drew lifted his head closer to Marty's dick, his tongue darted out for the prize.

"Just a taste buddy" Marty said, swabbing his dick over the offered tongue. "I need to taste that delicious looking ass before I make love to it."

Drew's body shook at the thought. He greedily sucked in Marty's hardness, pistonning on the thick cylinder. Marty pulled out, quickly. He was already too close to cumming, and wanted this to last. Drew looked up at the dick bobbing in front of him. "So tasty, but I've been told the same thing about my ass. It's all yours, all you can eat."

"All that hard work has got me hungry." Though his need was urgent, Marty circled the big man one more time. He was sizing up the other man in the ring. In his mind he knew how he would manhandle him. He knew what moves would give him the most leverage. He envisioned how it would end, but mainly he knew where he had to start.

He now was standing behind Drew, his hard cock pointing at the furry crevice. "Spread those legs a bit further" he said quietly, yet forcefully. "Yeah, that's it. I'm coming in."

Drew felt Marty's strong hands slowly pull his ass-cheeks aside, followed closely by his tongue. Drew's moans drowned out Marty's slurping. He was living in the moment, opening and closing his furry hole for Marty's invading tongue. Drew was ready for whatever ride Marty had planned to give him.


Nick broke the silence. "Don't worry. I'm not judging you. I guess I am just a little shocked. You of all people?" He took a sip of root beer. "I wish I could tell you good luck and it will all work out, but... I just have to think that this won't be easy for you. Look at your job. Look at the people you have to deal with day in and day out. I mean I don't begrudge you this. I think everyone should be able to find that someone that they love. But, I just don't know, Francis. I just don't know."

"Well Nikos, you've been my friend for as long as I can remember. I'm telling you this because I have never felt this way before. I hope that someday I can introduce him to you and Olivia. I know it won't be easy, but the really fulfilling things in life, are rarely easy. You should know this more than anyone."

"Yeah, I think it was a bigger deal for my family, that Olivia wasn't Greek. But to others, marrying a Black woman was quite the deal back in the `70's. Even in an enlightened city like Duluth.

"We may soon see how enlightened Duluth is in this new millennium."


Marty came up for air. His hands firmly gripped and massaged Drew's fur covered globes. "Damn your ass feels and tastes so good. "I'm gonna make it feel even better in just a minute. Marty straightened his back then slowly dragged his dick along Drew's crack. "Such a beast, such a beast" he whispered, slowly shaking his head. Marty's dick rested at the entrance to Drew's ass. He slowly worked the pre-cum covered knob over the hole. "Such a beast" he repeated.

"Then try to tame the beast." Drew flexed his ass backwards, opening up, engulfing Marty's dick. "Show me how you can tame this beast and I may do the same for you."

Marty started to slam away at Drew's ass. "Oh hell yeah. I bet the young wrestler can show the old coach some moves. Can you give as well as you take? Cuz believe me, your ass sure can take this dick." Marty steadied himself with his left hand as he pummeled Drew's ass. His right hand traced the line of fur that ran up Drew's spine, causing Drew to shiver uncontrollably. "Oh Yeah, I found your weakness. Never let an opponent know your weakness in the ring."

"Believe me, that's not a weakness, and you are not my opponent. We are a team. At least I see it that way."

"Team? Oh yeah, I like the sound of that." Marty's right hand gripped Drew's shoulder, his left hand quickly joined it. Using the increased leverage, Marty started quicker, shorter strokes on Drew's ass. "So damn close buddy, in fact too close. Flip on your back. I want your thick furry legs in the air when I seed your ass."

Marty pulled out, panting. He was close to cumming and they both knew it. Drew scrambled onto his back, pulling his legs back and presenting his ass to the coach. "Look at that" Marty hissed. You are so ready for it aren't you bud? "It's glistening with sweat and pre-cum, just like a wrestler's ass should be."

"Fill it up Coach. Initiate me into the team." Drew pushed his sphincter out, Marty thrust his cock in. "I need this Coach" Drew grunted.

"I need this more" Marty said, then leaned in to kiss Drew passionately. It wasn't Drew's talented, beast of a butt that put Marty over the edge, but the gentle thrust of his tongue. Somewhere in the middle of their fervent kissing, Marty started to cum like he hadn't in decades. Drew's own eruption coated the furry chests of both men as they wrestled on the mat. Over twenty years of difference in age, evaporated as they slowly came down from their romp on the mat. They were a team.


Rolf Ian MacKenzie

Seven days, plus a few hours.

I couldn't wait `til tomorrow to send you an update.

I had the most exhilarating day, not because of what I did, but because of who I am becoming. Without apologies, I can honestly say that I am becoming Francis Charles Hendricks. I can only hope he is the man you love.

Francis Charles Hendricks.


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