A Year in the Life

The Countdown Part 5

By Bix Meister


This is a story featuring gay men, and gay sex, intended for Adults, not Minors.  It is fiction, and as such is not based on any actual people or events.  It is a fantasy intended purely as a catalyst for pleasure.  No attempts have been made to portray safe sex, but the author encourages you to practice it. 


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The Countdown Part 5

"Shave and a Haircut"


One Week!

I missed holding you in my arms last night. I also missed the white noise of your CPAP machine. If I had either, I believe I might have gotten more than three hours of sleep.

However, I have to go to work and pretend that I am highly energized and well rested. I could use some of your strong coffee. Maybe you can share your secret.

Oh, I came out to a friend yesterday. It feels like baby steps compared to where I need to be to be your partner, but I am happy I took the first step. I didn't tell him who you were, but he wants to meet you someday. I know both he and his wife would love you.


Rolf looked at the clock.  His four hours of sleep had barely beaten Francis. yet he too had to put on his game face and get work done. Coffee was brewed, and he was ready to head out, but Drew was still sleeping the last time he checked. Rolf reread the email, then a spark of inspiration hit him. He knew a simple way to acknowledge the email, without words. As an intrepid clearance shopper, he had everything he needed in his pantry and storage space.

Drew padded into the kitchen to retrieve a cup of coffee just as Rolf finished boxing up his gift. "Hey sleepyhead, I see that Dad brought you in past curfew last night. I guess you two must have gotten along." Drew took a sip of coffee and winked. The satisfied smirk on his face clued Rolf in. "That face looks like bliss. You know, you are not beholden to me. You could have stayed with him last night."

"I don't think he's ready for that. We had a long talk last night before he dropped me off. It's funny when you think about it. He came out late in life, and he is struggling with it. For instance, can you believe he's never been on a date with a man?"

"Maybe you should be that man. I know he can't join us today at Pete and Kyle's due to his doctor's appointment, but there's no reason you two can't go out tonight."

"We're ahead of you there. He mentioned a place out on London Road. I think we drove by it when we came back from the north shore. We plan to nab a table by the window and watch the ships come in." Drew hesitated, Rolf could tell he was mulling something over. "Rolf, I'm not sure what's going on here. I can't claim I'm in love, but I sure like what I am feeling right now. And I gotta tell you, the sex, the sex was..." Drew smiled as he shook his head.

"Say no more. That's exactly how sex feels with Francis."

"Francis huh? Another piece of the puzzle. Maybe by the end of the week, I'll know the whole story."


"It's not good to burn the candle at both ends."

"I was trying to hide it, but the coffee hasn't kicked in yet. On another note, I am constantly amazed by you Carl. You have only known me for a few weeks, and yet you can see when I am not myself."

"It's my job. When your county doesn't have the budget, you make do and get the most out of your observational skills. To be honest, I think Jason noticed it too. However, he probably doesn't feel that he can bring it to your attention."

"I actually wish I had been burning the candle at both ends, but I just couldn't sleep last night. Between worrying about Jason's intruder, and personal issues, I got about three hours of sleep. Personally I can't wait `til this week is over."

"You and me both. It will be great to have Rhonda here and see all of my friends at the wedding. Speaking of the wedding, has there been any updates on the vandals or any new threats to Kyle and Pete?"

"We have a few leads on the vandals. The son of the guy who fixed Pete's truck overheard the kids bragging about it. I'm classifying it as a hate crime right now. I want those kids to pay for their hate. We'll either get them before Friday, or intercept them if they have any plans to disrupt the wedding."

"Speaking of kids, you wouldn't believe how inventive "SloPitcher" is. I told you Randy closed all of the security issues except one. SloPitcher figured it out, and has been leaving calling cards in the system. Randy doesn't know whether to have you arrest him, or hire him."

The way I feel now, maybe we should bring him in, put the fear of god into him, and then have him play on our side.  If he is so goddamn smart, he can help me figure out the motive for the Mad Dildoer. Right now I am confident I know who it is, but I just can't figure out the why and wherefore."

"You think you know who it is, and you are just telling me now?"

"Blame it on my lack of sleep. We have a few minutes `til Jason gets back, let me fill you in."


The morning at Pete and Kyle's place was shaping up to be a productive one. Rolf and Drew dropped off the care package before driving out to the Chalet making it just in time to meet the delivery from the lumberyard. Taking his cue from the previous day, Justin served a hearty breakfast wearing only his flip flops. There were numerous jokes about eggs, sausage and buns, which Justin welcomed. Even while naked, Justin was really in his element. His years at the steakhouse showed as he became the host.

Rolf had to chuckle. "You're really good at this. However, I hope you are going to wear more clothes for the wedding. I know that Kyle's family is accepting but..."

"I don't know, maybe I will find one of those collar and tie sets, and pick a matching jock strap or speedo. I know it's casual. Do you think that will be over dressed?"

"You wouldn't hear me complain" Drew said. "Personally I would choose the jock strap. You're a lucky one Derek. You get to see that furry ass all the time."

"Oh I know he's an ass, but you gotta admit he's got a great butt" Derek winked. "And luckily he is more than that."


"I think you are right Frank. I just don't know how we didn't see this before. It's so obvious to me, and yet I missed it. I still can't figure out a motive though, it doesn't make sense."

"That's my issue too. If it wasn't for the threatening contact with Jason, and the fact that someone broke into Jason's home, I would be happy to write this off as littering. But damn, something else is going on. You're the expert Carl, what does the expert have to say about this?"

"Well, going back to one of my original thoughts, he is putting dots on the map in his own peculiar way. We have to figure out the pattern. We also have to understand why he chose dildos of all things, to mark his map. Then we have to figure out where the hell he is."

"I checked into it last night when I couldn't sleep. His last known residence is in Hinckley, where he worked security at the casino. However, he hasn't lived there for over a year, though he still has a mail box there."

"So we partner with the Hinckley Police. Although my guess is you are already ahead of me on that matter."

"Bingo! I also have his vehicle registration. I'm gonna share it with the force, have them looking for it, but stopping short of an APB. I bet we could arrest him within the week, but it still comes down to motive. I just hope for Jason and Ashley's safety; we figure it out fast. In the meantime, I am going to talk to the Chief and tell him about our hacker. I'm convinced he will let me bring him in. If you can get Randy to agree, I think we will not only have an ally in this, but a future employee for your brother-in-law.


"Damn. Look at him Rolf."

Justin's back muscles strained as steadied the header beam. His cut-off sweat shorts were riding low, allowing the waist band of his standard issue Bike jock strap, and two inches of butt crack to show. The morning sun caught the copper fur on the fireplug's shoulders, accentuating their strength. Rolf and Drew took a breather from sod cutting, to drink in his masculinity.

"He definitely is a "look but don't touch" kinda guy" Rolf whispered. It's sweet really, the way they treat each other. D'ya ever see yourself in a relationship like that, maybe with Marty?"

"I don't know to be honest. I am not sure if monogamy is for me. I guess I won't know until it happens. What about you and Francis?"

"Oh, I think I am hard-wired for monogamy. Maybe I am a bit of a hypocrite, because I have played with couples before, but when it comes to me, I definitely want it to be one on one. Can't speak for Francis however. Maybe I'll find out in a week."

"Another piece of the puzzle huh? What's going to happen in a week?"

"Never you mind. We gotta get back to work and stop letting distractions like that perfectly furred ass stop us."


I spied on Pete as he was playing with Echo and Putski in the back yard. I was on the phone with Lou from the Italian Deli, taking care of one last matter before we could start our run. "Yeah, charge it to our bill. You can deliver it out back, they will probably be working." I thought of Justin's propensity for nudity. "Just honk your horn when you get there. I want it to be a surprise, but not too big of one just in case the dress code is lax."

"I getcha. They say it's gonna be a scorcher later on today. Maybe I'll throw in a few cold Italian sodas. That'll help cool `em down. And don't worry, I'll do the delivery myself, it'll give me a chance to check the place out before we head there on Friday."

"Great. Pete and I will be by tomorrow to finalize everything. But right now it looks like my man is ready to go for a jog. Catch you later." I grabbed my keys, latching them to a loop on my shorts, then went out the back door. "Coaches' shorts huh?" I said, slapping Pete's hard ass.

"Yeah, what of it? I've worn these for years, and I certainly don't hear you complain about how I look in them." Pete was right. He looked hot in the old style shorts as he stretched. The more modern jogging shorts would camouflage his assets, and Lycra biking shorts would be downright obscene anywhere in public.

There was a relaxing aspect to Derek's Morgan Park home that allowed us to sleep in the last two days. It was our calm before the storm. The rest of the week's schedule was filled with activity, but Monday morning we had nothing planned. We grabbed Echo and Putski's leashes, then started a slow jog down the road. A quick loop through the park, and then down past the zoo was on the agenda. Pete set the pace, the dogs and I fell into line. With a breeze off the lake, the run through the tree-lined entrance to Morgan Park got us off to a cool start. We had shade trees to shelter us for the first part of our route, but we started to work up a sweat as we got into the more residential section of Norton Park and the Zoo.

If I wasn't perspiring already, the sight I saw at Rudy's Barber Shop, gave me the sweats. I saw his crisp white smock a block away. Then I noticed his pure white flattop and goatee. He was leaning against the barber pole, taking quick puffs off a thick cigar. He had to be my height at least, possibly taller at 6'3". I quickly guessed his age to be somewhere in between Pete's and mine, possibly early fifties. I immediately wondered about the body beneath the white smock.  The scent of the cigar wafted over Grand Avenue, giving my dick another jolt.

Pete jogged closer to me. "Down boy. Am I gonna need to put you on a leash too Kyle?" Pete's laugh was low and sexy. Every stimulus made me glad I chose a jock for the morning run. I tried not to stare as we jogged by his business. His eyes followed us as we continued along Grand Avenue. We were under I-35 when I stopped for a breather. "Damn, he got you going, didn't he?" Pete observed.

"I'm that obvious? Sorry babe" I panted. I gathered my thoughts for a minute. "Big, burly, well-aged man. At least I am consistent."

"Yeah, but I haven't seen you this worked up about another man in quite a while. What made Rudy so special?"

I stared off into the distance. It was my standard; Pete knew I was thinking. I pretended to be perplexed, but I knew the answer; that damn cigar. Cigarette smoking had always been a turn off, but the right man, with the right cigar and my libido was in orbit. A rich cigar scent multiplied it exponentially. I tried to hide the truth from Pete. "I dunno, I think it just might be that time of the month. I have been so horny lately."

"Oh, I've noticed. I hope that carries through `til the wedding night. We need to make our first night as husband and husband memorable."

Pete's words brought my fantasy world back to our reality. Cigar smoking, flattop Rudy was replaced by my non-smoking, shaved head, soon-to-be husband. "Come on, let's go" I said, nodding towards the Spirit Valley business district. "We can circle Memorial Park, then head back home. I think we'll all be a bit tuckered out, but Derek's couch is comfortable for a quick snooze."


Jason, Carl and The Captain barely noticed the two men and their dogs as they jogged by their parked car. Randy was their plant in the McDonald's just a few hundred feet away. He was there to lure SloPitcher, his laptop was the bait.

"I don't know how you guys convinced me to do this. What we are doing can't be legal in any sense of the word."

"Frank, Randy is there doing his own business. He has recruited some of his best employees this way. He got the idea from one of my cousins."

"What do you mean by that Carl?" Jason asked.

"During the Vietnam War my cousin Leroy was deferred from overseas duty. Instead, they put him on a covert mission in the States. His mission was to attempt to break into Army posts all over the country, and when he succeeded he would have to report to the ranking officer. Each successful break in helped the Army strengthen security at their forts.  We called him a secret agent since he couldn't tell us any of his stories. All of his friends and cousins really looked up to him, but he was no James Bond. Far from it in fact. When Randy started to get into cyber security, he saw hackers as his own secret agents, just like he is doing with SloPitcher right now."

"Do you really think SloPitcher will take his bait and work for him?"

"Randy offers about three times the going rate for UMD graduates. It'll be an offer that will be hard to turn down."

"You mean he'll make him an offer he can't refuse? Sounds a bit too much like the Godfather for West Duluth" Jason added.

"Well, West Duluth has had its share of organized and unorganized crime over the years. Do you remember the story of that car that was hooked by the ship's anchor?" Frank asked. "Well your dad was looking into a possible organized crime connection with that murder."

Jason nodded. "Yeah, I remember him telling me about that. Wasn't that the same spot on the dock where we found that dildo recently?"


"Hey, isn't that your friend Carl?" Pete asked.

"Well I'll be damned, it is." I jogged over to the sedan, tapped on the window.

Carl rolled down the window. "Hey Kyle. What's up? Are you sure you have time to be out jogging, this close to the wedding?"

"We're good today, nothing planned. But all hell starts breaking loose tomorrow. When is Rhonda going to be in town?"

"She'll be here Thursday. I think she's going shopping with your sisters."

The Captain leaned over to catch my eye. "Everything's a go for Friday night on our end. I promise your wedding will be safe and secure. I presume you two haven't told anyone about our attendance at the wedding?"

"You have my promise, and I trust that the wedding will be safe. You don't know what this means to us. In a way we just want it over right now, but I am sure when it is all said and done, it will be worth all the shit we've had to deal with."

Pete leaned in. "Yeah thanks for your help guys. Every day I'm with this man here makes me realize how much he means to me. I am sure you know the feeling Carl. I bet Rhonda makes you feel the same way."

"I'm beginning to understand that too" The Captain added. He had that same far off look that I had earlier. I wanted to ask him to clarify, but a flicker in his eye stopped me. "Looks like Randy's been successful." The Captain stuck his head out the window. "Did you land your new client?"

"Hook, line and sinker" Randy responded. "Oh, hey Kyle, this must be Pete. Kyle, I can't believe you of all people are out running. When did you become athletic?"

"Pete's rubbed off on me" I smiled.

"From the look of that shit-eating grin, he's rubbed off on you in more ways than one is my guess. Oops, was that too personal?" Randy winked.

"He's rubbed off on me too" Pete joked. "I used to like women, now I leave them to the four of you."

I could have sworn I noticed the Captain swallow hard at Pete's words. "We gotta run, literally. Maybe we'll catch you guys at the bar tomorrow night. Don't let anyone know, but I am sure they are having a secret bachelor's party for us. I hope you guys got your invitation. If not, just stop by. You know you're always welcome."


By noon, Derek and Justin had completed the framing of the deck, and Rolf and Drew were almost done with cutting and removing sod. Their efficient work was interrupted by five short blasts of a truck's horn. "Sounds like we have company Justin; you might want to rethink your attire hubby" Derek laughed.

"Although I've enjoyed the eye candy of your jock framed ass, I won't complain if you wore the same sweat shorts you wore earlier Justin" Drew observed. "I wonder who's here. You don't have any deliveries planned do you Rolf?"

"Nothing for today, and nothing planned for tomorrow, although they might be picking up the sod cutter if we keep up this pace."

"Hey, is everyone decent?" The unidentified voice was strong, masculine."

Justin quickly darted in the back patio door. "Yeah we are" Derek said, walking towards the voice. "How can I help you?"

"Just a delivery and thank you from Pete and Kyle." Lou turned the corner carrying a large cooler. "Four muffalettas, salad and some Italian Soda. Pete and Kyle thought you'd have worked up a hunger and from the looks of it, they're right."  He looked at the half-bare backyard, and unfinished deck. "Damn, are you sure you're gonna have this done by Friday?"

"I know it's an ambitious task, but I've never known the two of them to take the easy way out" Rolf added.

Justin emerged from the rec room. "You must be the guy from the Deli. I'm in charge of food set up, when do you want to talk?"

Lou strode forward, put down the delivery, and offered his hand. "Yep, call me Lou. We could do it now, if you guys are taking a break."

"Sure, why not? I'll show you the rec room and the work out room where we are planning for the buffet to be set up."

"I don't think that's a good idea Justin. Remember the mess we made during our workout this morning? Derek said, trying to change the subject.

"Oh yeah, I forgot about that. We should be done with the deck tomorrow. Would Wednesday work?"

"I'm out here now, we could kill two birds with one stone. I can see beyond a little mess in a workout room. I've seen worse while catering."

"Maybe I should be a bit clearer. This wasn't a typical workout and we didn't use typical equipment. It was, how shall I say it, a bit more personal than that."

"Like I said, I've probably seen worse. Nothing I could see anymore can shock me. Let's get this over with. The sooner I am done here, the sooner you will be sampling my delicious sausage." He grabbed his crotch. "And not this one, that is saved for my beautiful bride" he winked.

"Okay, don't say we didn't warn you" Derek laughed. "And as for your sausage, I only have one on my menu."

"Same here" Justin added. "And when you see the sling, I'll fill you in on my plans for that."

"I believe that is what the kids are calling TMI Justin" Lou said.

"Maybe so, but I think you'll really like my idea."


Even though we ran back on the barbershop side of Grand, we didn't see Rudy on our return trip. From a quick glance in his window, I saw him using a straight razor to shave a client. The fragrance of his cigar still clung to the air near the tidy entrance to his shop. I gulped hard, and kept on running.

I was drained by the time we got back to Derek's Morgan Park home. Pete grabbed two glasses of water then joined me on the couch while Echo and Putski snoozed at our feet. "I don't know about you, but I sure could use a shower" Pete said as he snuggled me. "I could use some naked time with my sexy hubby-to-be."

"Just hold me and let me rest for a moment."

"But I'm sweaty and must stink to high heaven."

"So am I, we're even. And believe me, sweat smells good on you." I wasn't lying. Pete's sweat was clean. I didn't mind feeling his sweaty fur against my back.  I needed more snuggling time before we would hit the small shower of Derek's house. "You know; we're pampered having with our shower options back at the chalet. I guess we'll have to make do here."

"So showering with me is making do huh? I suppose you want to shower with Rudy huh?"

"No, three would definitely be a crowd here, we'll have to invite him out to our home if you want to shower with him."

"I think I'll pass. I'll make do with you. C'mon, I'll scrub your back if you scrub mine."

I shimmied against Pete's sweaty fur. "Just use your chest hair as a loofah babe."


"So you are thinking what I'm thinking huh?" Carl said. "The FCH dildo was found in the same exact place on the dock as that car. That can't be just a coincidence."

Frank was looking at the map. He had seen it many times before, memorized each pin representing each dildo on it. One finally made sense.  "So Carl, do you think there is a case that corresponds with every single one of these pins? If so, why now? Why the dildos? And how can you explain the notes to Jason?"

"I think the answer to the first and third question are tied together in whatever his motive is. I really can't figure out why it would be dildos however. It doesn't fit totally with previous cases. Maybe he just needed a bold stroke. Something that would be noticed."

"Well it worked. It sure caught our attention. Now about SloPitcher. How do you see him helping us?"

"I'm leaving that to Randy. He gave him a challenge and dangled a very juicy carrot in front of him. If he is as good as Randy thinks he is, he will be claiming his prize soon."


Caleb looked at the map on his wall, then at his computer screen. "Damn, that failed" he thought to himself. "There must be another way around it." He was too close to finding a route into the bank's computer to give up now, but he was hitting too many roadblocks. He had to free his mind in the best way he knew possible.

He went to his favorite geocache website and found a challenge within riding distance. Biking out to Jay Cooke State Park would be a good afternoon diversion. He could take along a small talisman, his GPS, phone and a camera to record his hike. It would clear his head, enabling him to complete his challenge when he got home. He still had 20 hours left in his 24-hour challenge. If he got into his groove with a clear mind, he could ace it in less.

He could figure out a lot about life in a fifteen-minute bike ride.


In the tight shower, Pete was making good on my suggestion to use his chest fur like a loofah. His strong arms held me, his beard nuzzled my neck as he slowly gyrated against me. "Gonna keep you on the edge" he said, sending a shiver deep through my system.

I pivoted to kiss him, allowing the shower to rinse the suds from my back. "I guess all that space is overrated, I kinda like these close quarters, especially with you." I felt Pete's hard dick against my stomach. I knew I had just enough room to maneuver myself and get on my knees. I lowered myself, directing his erection into my open mouth. The shower spray played over his chest, rinsing away the suds that remained.

Pete's strong hands combed through my hair as I swallowed his thick dick. "Looks like someone needs a haircut before the wedding. Got any ideas for a barber?" I swallowed hard at the mention of a barber, my throat massaged Pete's dickhead. "Oh yeah, my hubby likes that idea. Maybe he deserves one last fling before he marries the old battle-axe."

I couldn't deny my attraction to Rudy, even with my lover's dick thrust deep into my throat. Pete held onto my head as he slowly stroked in and out of my mouth. "Tell me the truth babe, it was that cigar wasn't it?" I swallowed hard again. "I knew it. That's the only thing he's got on me. Oh that and maybe a few inches in height. But I doubt his dick is bigger, or tastier."

Pete pulled out his dick, held my mouth open, and pumped out some pre-cum on my tongue. "Yeah. Can't be tastier than that. Savor it babe, taste your hubby. I'm gonna give you a creamier taste soon."

I used my tongue to draw his sap in. As requested, I savored it, then dug into his foreskin to collect even more of his flavor. I nursed his dickhead while the shower started to cool.  "Enough of that" Pete said, angling the shower away from our bodies.  He leaned forward, turning the spigots off.

"Gotta make this quick. God do I need you Kyle" Pete said. He then held my face softly in his hands and started to pump into my waiting mouth. "I hope you know how much I love you babe. That will always be the truth, no matter who or what turns you on."

I looked up from my position. His back was arched, he was close. I pulled his dick from my lips, slapped it against my bearded cheek. "It's you Pete. You turn me on."

His first shot coated my beard. I quickly engulfed his dick, capturing the remaining flood.  He used both hands to steady himself as his orgasm shook him to his core. His fingers collected the cum, and slowly fed it to my tongue as he slowly pulled his dick out. He then lifted me to my feet and proceeded to kiss me, licking any errant cum his fingers had missed.

"Can't send you to the barber smelling of cum" he said, pulling me into his arms. He pushed the shower curtain aside, grabbing a towel from the hook. "You just have to promise that you'll enjoy your trip to the barbershop no matter the outcome. Whatever happens there, I have no concern, I know where you heart is."

"I don't need him babe. I got you."

"No, I insist, you go. I'll even call and see if he has a spot open this afternoon. One last fling baby, even if nothing happens. You've earned it"

Pete flicked the spot on the nape of my neck, sending a shiver down my spine.


Caleb made quick work of finding the talisman. He took a picture, then returned it to its resting place, ensuring it was just as he found it. Maybe it was the still young spring growth that made his task easier, but he didn't want his own talisman to be so easily found. His talisman wasn't much, just a small flat rock, the size of his fist. However, he had embellished it with four symbols on a compass point. Each symbol meant something to him. To the north was a bear. Secretly he called the bear Rolf. To the east, waves represented Lake Superior. To the south was a shield, his future career. The sun in the west represented his life yet to come.

He wanted his talisman to be a challenge for anyone, so he hiked further into the State Park. His pocket GPS would come in handy when he needed to find it later one. The hike did its job, clearing his mind. He knew he had to think like the person who designed the security system he was trying to hack. The more he thought about it, he realized he didn't have to completely hack the system, just find the weakness. Finding one clue was as important as solving the whole problem, if it helped him make his goal.

He was caught up in thought when he literally ran into it. He forgot about his own talisman as he saw this new one tied to a tree. This was evidence, something he could not disrupt. He took his camera from his backpack and recorded his evidence. Several angles would help just in case someone else would happen upon his discovery in the meantime.

He pulled out his notebook and recorded the coordinates on his GPS.  This was important since his mind was elsewhere for the last few minutes of his hike. When he had enough information he pulled out his phone. The weak signal meant he couldn't call right away, so he high-tailed it towards where he knew his bike could be found. His GPS came in handy as he got back onto the main trail.

Back at the park entry the signal was stronger. However, a clear mind prevailed. The evidence would be worth more after he hacked the bank's computer.


"Wake up. It's all set. You're in Rudy's chair in twenty minutes."

Pete's gentle tap on my shoulder was enough to rouse me from my nap. The air from the window fan caressed my body as I slowly arose. It was unseasonably warm for late May, so I grabbed hiking shorts, a short sleeve shirt and sandals. Knowing how Rudy and Pete had my dick on the edge of hardness all day, I should have worn my jock. However, I decided that comfort and ventilation, was more important than restraint.

I hurried downstairs. Pete was waiting there for me and pulled me into a kiss. He leaned back, looked me in the eyes. "Enjoy the haircut. I mean it. If he just fulfills a fantasy, and you come home to me horny, great. If something more comes of it, even better. Kyle, you are so damn sexy, it's your gift to share."

"You're really okay with it Pete?" I waited for his answer, looking into his eyes. He held my head and kissed me deeply.

"Does that answer your question? Kyle, you shouldn't even need to question it. I know that heart of yours is mine. And more importantly I know it is true up here." He tapped my noggin for emphasis. "But I'm a smart man and I know that your dick thinks for itself." Pete grabbed my boner, kneading it as he kissed me. "See, if you don't watch out it's gonna escape those shorts."

"I'd better get going Pete" I said, breaking our clutch. "I can't keep Rudy waiting."

Pete flicked the hair on the back of my head. "Tell him to cut this high and tight. That'll put your hot spot on the razor's edge for our wedding night."

I shivered at his touch. I knew exactly what he wanted, and I wanted it more than even him. I kissed Pete quickly. "Gotta go, cutting it close as it is."

"Cutting it close eh? Maybe if you hit the lights right, you can "shave" a few seconds off the trip" he winked. "Oh I know, too corny, but I've learned that from you. But I guess I should "brush" up on my humor."

With a groan, I pushed away from Pete. "I really need to leave babe." Pete walked me to the car, opening the door for me. I could tell that if we were at our secluded chalet, he would have kissed me goodbye. In this residential section he just leaned down. "Have fun babe" he whispered with a wink. "Enjoy it completely. I trust you, but I do expect a full report."

I resisted one last barbershop pun, and started the engine. I gave him a quick 1-4-3 wave and made the loop through Morgan Park. Even with the after-work traffic, I made good time getting to the barbershop on time. Rudy was propped against the entrance in his smock and shorts, an unlit cigar clamped tight in his teeth.

"You must be Kyle huh?" he said, looking me up and down as I approached him. "Pete called me, told me to give you the full service."

"Oh, you know Pete?" I asked.

"Who doesn't in West Duluth?" he chuckled. "He's almost a legend here, and then there's the recent news that involves you."

Rudy winked at me. It was the first time I noticed his steel blue eyes as his smile grew. He was fantasy material when I saw him across the street in the morning. Up close he was even hotter. "C'mon I got the chair ready for you. I hope you don't mind, but I'm taking you to my apartment above the shop. The AC is on the fritz down here and I got a good cross breeze up there."

I had driven by his shop hundreds of times over the last few years, but never been inside. I could tell from the fašade it was a building built in the 20's and remodeled in the 70's in an attempt to modernize the neighborhood. He opened the screen-door of his shop. The 70's wood paneling was as I had seen from the sidewalk.  Three barber chairs lined the wall of the shop with antiqued mirrors behind them. It reminded me of Pete's chalet in that it had been decades since it had been updated. The heat was indeed stifling.

"We used to have three barbers here, I am the only holdout. I've been cutting the same heads for most of the last decade. Although recently I have been getting some younger men who want a flat-top." Rudy waved his hand over his head. His flat-top was razor sharp. "It's my specialty. Is that what you'll be wanting?"

"I don't know if that will work for me. All I know is Pete wants the back, high and tight."

"Why don't I get you up in my chair, let me check you out" Rudy winked. "Follow me" he said. He kept talking as he started up the steps.  "Maybe if I give you a good cut, you can convince Pete to come in for a shave. You know I used to shave his head during the 70's. I was the only one he trusted with a straight razor."

Rudy was tripping every one of my triggers. His deep raspy voice, wide shoulders, sturdy butt and that silver-white flat-top that gleamed in the light of the stairway, combined to be a magnet, drawing me up the stairs.  At the top landing he stopped, winked at me. "It's totally private up here, there's no distractions." He opened the door, gestured for me to enter.

The scent hit me first. A combination of bay rum, cigar and bare pine floors gave the room a masculine air. The furniture was a conglomeration of eras, all very neatly arranged. The lone barber chair was placed near the sliding door by the second floor deck. True to his word, there was a slight cooling breeze through the apartment which moderated the room temperature.

"Sorry Kyle, It's not as cool as I thought it would be. It's better in the chair, but it still might be uncomfortable. But we're all men here. There's no reason we can't be comfortable, is there?" Again his steel blue eyes winked at me. "State laws limit what I do downstairs, but this is my own space." He grabbed the cigar from the breast pocket of his smock. "I might even fire this up, that is if you don't mind."

I swallowed hard. "Not at all. In fact, I think I'd like it" I winked.

His smile spread across his face. "Like I said, get comfortable, I'll follow your lead." He walked to the closet, pulled out a smock and threw it to me. "Put this on, everything else is optional."

I started to unbutton my shirt as Rudy set up his stand. He was very methodical as he lined up the three clippers and scissors. He checked the hot lather machine. "Perfect" he said. "Shall I trim the beard too?"

I folded my shirt and laid it on the back of a brown plaid recliner, then turned to him. "Yeah, it'll be nice to have it done by a pro."

He looked at my bare chest as I started to put on the smock. "Button it up completely. You have enough fur as it is." He then picked up his straight razor and started to sharpen it. "The sharper it is, the better the shave." I walked towards the chair as he continued sharpening the razor. I was about to sit when he reminded me. "I got a fresh towel on the chair for you. It's kind of warm in here. It's just us men."

His raspy voice cracked on the last line, it was almost a plea. That did it. Blood rushed to my dick leaving me a bit woozy. I reached under the smock, undid the waistband of my shorts, and let them fall to the ground. My dick angled out, causing the smock to tent.

"Yeah" he smiled, his upper lip curled up. "Think I'll join you."  He turned towards the open window, undid his waistband, and let his own shorts fall. He then bent slightly easing his boxers over his meaty, furry ass. When he straightened up it was evident that his shorter smock would not cover his dick, like mine was struggling to do. "Get on the chair bud" Rudy whispered, his voice cracking again. "I got a cigar to fire up, then we can get down to business."

He turned slowly, crossed his legs, and leaned against the doorway to the deck as he pulled the cigar and lighter out of his pocket. He drew the cigar across his nose, inhaling the scent of the tobacco. "The finest cigar you can buy this side of Cuba" he said as he suggestively put it in his mouth.  I didn't know where to look. The cigar in his handsome lips fought with the ample dick and balls that were pushed forward by this crossed legs.

I think he caught my dilemma. "Want a whiff?" he said, pulling the cigar from his lips as he stepped closer to the chair. His left hand held my head as he bent over. I felt his hard cock on my forearm as he slowly waved the cigar in front of my nose. "Inhale it bud, it's like a fine wine." I inhaled deeply, knowing I was inhaling more than the scent of perfectly aged tobacco. Sure, the tobacco scent hit my nose first, followed quickly by his musky bull-ball sweat. This mature masculinity caused my cock to jerk, allowing a string of pre-cum to seep through the smock.

"Yeah" he growled. "Want a taste? It's the only way to fully appreciate a cigar." He dragged the cigar along my lips then slowly parted them with it. "Use your tongue. I'm sure you know how to do that."

Damn that wink. It was almost as powerful as the wink that Pete used on me the night we met. Somehow this barber who I had met for the first time just minutes before, knew exactly what made me tick. As he jabbed the cigar between my lips, he ground his cock into my forearm. I was seriously wondering if I was ever gonna get a haircut, or if I was going to be sent home with just a trim, and cum-filled throat.

"Ever smoke a cigar before?" he questioned, his right eyebrow raised quizzically. He pulled the cigar from my mouth. "If not, wanna at least learn how to light it?"

"No bud, I'd rather watch you do it." His cocky grin told me everything. He understood me, boy did he ever. He stepped back, crossed his legs and leaned against the open doorway. His cock was fully hard, but still angled down by its own weight. It jumped as he put the cigar in his mouth, and did smaller jerks with every puff that brought that cigar to life.

With his lit cigar clenched in his teeth, Rudy stepped towards me. The scent of the lit cigar brought more life to my dick. "I see no reason to cover that bud. Lift your butt" Rudy said as he folded the smock up towards my gut, uncovering my hard dick. He saw the line of pre-cum I had already deposited on the smock. "Guess I'll need to launder this anyway, but might as well keep the mess to a minimum."

He then circled the chair, our eyes locked. He placed his cigar on the stand. "High and tight on the sides and back? I can do that. We'll have to see your growth pattern before I proceed. Rudy was at the back of the chair when his fingers started to comb through my hair. "I see that someone cut's their own hair at home. A successful businessman like you should be making an investment in his grooming."

Again, he got me. I opened my mouth to apologize, but he stopped me. "But that stops today right?" He gripped my head, shaking it in the affirmative, then he went back to massaging my scalp. "Good decision" he said, angling my head back, looking me directly in the eyes. "For my fee you get a full scalp massage, haircut, beard trimming and shave. I'll expect you back every two weeks. I'll set aside the same time every Monday. Got that?"

I nodded, I had no other choice. His hands were doing magic on the top of my scalp. I started to worry as his fingers worked their way down the back of my head. My whole body shivered when he got close to my hot spot.

"Ooh bud, I see we found a sensitive spot." His fingers teased the nape of my neck, I shook even before he touched my flesh. As usual, my dick jerked, releasing more pre-cum. He began to laugh, his chuckle getting deeper. "It's a direct line to your dick isn't it? Pete warned me about it. I guess I didn't believe him."

"Just what else did Pete tell you?"

"He gave me permission to give you the full treatment. I don't do it that often. In fact, I really haven't done it for a while." He leaned in. "In fact, Pete was one of the last. I don't play with men all that often. It's gotta be someone I connect with, and bud, you, you're tripping all my triggers. You got me so on edge, I have to hold back."

I was on that same edge, so I reached back and grabbed his dick. He swatted it away. "No touching bud, I'm basically straight. Oh we'll get each other off bud, but no touching, and no kissing. That's my ground rules."

He stepped back grabbed his cigar from the stand and puffed it, causing the ember to glow. He then brought it down to trace the length of his hard dick. "I bet you'd like this in your mouth, especially after I flavor it. Too bad it ain't gonna happen bud." He then took the cigar and held it from my neck about an inch, tracing the hairline at the nape of my neck. Again I shivered as he blew the cigar smoke onto my neck. "I bet Pete likes to lick you there bud as he fucks ya" Rudy growled.

Rudy had me so worked up I almost lost it. "Dammit bud. You had better start cutting my hair or you're gonna have a mess to clean up sooner, rather than later. And if you keep on teasing me, that dick'll be down my throat whether you want it or not. Something inside tells me that is exactly what you need, if not at least want."

My sudden outburst caught Rudy off guard. He backed off and grabbed his first clipper. "Sorry bud. Like I said, it's been a while. Maybe you're right, I dunno." He flicked the switch on the clippers, the buzz calmed my nerves. My dick started to lose some of its stiffness, but when he put his left hand firmly on my head, it came right back.

"You know, I started cutting hair when I was in `Nam in the Army. I got pretty proficient at it and went from shaving the recruits bald, to being the trusted barber for the Brass. That's where I had my first mano a mano experience if you get my drift. I was called into the Major's office. It was hot and sticky, much hotter than today, and he suggested we relax the dress code. Well, one thing lead to another as they say, and soon the Major was giving me a major blow job. I was quickly pumping my juice down his throat, all the while thinking of the girl back here in Duluth who would only give me a hand job."

Rudy steadied the side of my head and started clipping away. "When I got back to Duluth I got a job here.  I was one of three Barbers and I quickly became known for my flat-tops. There were enough working class men in West Duluth who still clung to their flat-tops while the rest of the world was getting their hair styled by the fairies downtown."

He stopped his clipper for minute. "Sorry, no offense bud, but you're not the typical gay guy. I mean look at you."

"And look at you. Your dick has been hard the entire time."

"But I just do this for fun. I still like women, it's been a while, but I still like women. It ain't like you and Pete." Rudy clicked the switch again, causing the clipper to buzz, took a few puff from his cigar then went to the other side. I wanted to tell him that Pete was in the same boat when I met him, basically straight, hooking up with women etc. but I let Rudy continue with his story.

"I remember the first time I cut Pete's hair. I bet you didn't know that he had a full head of hair once upon a time. He had a forced time off from wrestling due to a small muscle tear. I think the story line had him going back to Russia to help fight the cold war. But he was hunkered down in his house west of here recuperating."

Rudy started on the back of my head. "The local wrestling promoter sent me out to Pete's house, paid me upfront. He had a full head of coal black hair when I first met him, complimented by his thick beard. I suppose I don't have to tell you he was quite a man. His hairy body reminded me of the Major's. He was wearing these tight shorts; you know like the coaches used to wear. I think we both realized that his shorts, and my double knits slacks were both getting tighter than regulation bud. It got to me when he finally lowered his voice and said "It's only us men here."

My dick danced on my stomach at those words. It wasn't just the words; it was the way he said it. He sounded just like Pete. Rudy stepped back. "There, I got it just like Pete wants it; high and tight." He stepped to the stand, grabbed the cigar, drew a breath in. "I bet you didn't even notice I already took care of the back too. That's proof you are dealing with a pro here. I distracted you with my story as I took care of your sensitive spot."

"So tell me about you and Pete."

"He put down the cigar and got the second clipper and his comb. As it buzzed to life he filled me in. "Not much to tell you bud. We both dropped trou, I shaved his head bald while he jacked his dick. If I remember right that is some big dick your lover has bud. Is there something wrong with him that he has to send you my way?"

"No everything is right with him bud" I said as I started to play with my dick, taking my cue from his story. "He's just a generous guy willing to let me have some final fun before we get married."

Rudy got quiet as he started to work on my flat-top. I couldn't tell if he was distracted by my casual jacking, or concentrating on his craft. He got a rhythm going of combing and clipping, combing and clipping.  He would run his fingers over a section, checking to see if it was level, then continue on. He was seemingly oblivious to my jacking. I am not even sure if he noticed how often his hard dick came in contact with my body.

He finally flickered his fingers through my flat-top. "Perfect, even if I do say so myself."

"Give me a mirror. Let me see."

"Gotta trim your beard and shave your neckline first bud. But you've gotta hold back on the jackin'. You don't want a straight razor near your neck while you're shaking like that."

Rudy had his point, but I couldn't stop.  He went over to the stand, took a puff from his cigar, then grabbed the third clipper. He stepped back to the chair, the cigar firmly clenched in his mouth. He swatted my hand away from my dick. "You'll have time for that later" he muttered, his mouth still clenching the cigar. He then expertly trimmed my beard, holding my head firmly in place. We were eye to eye as he puffed and trimmed.

"You like this doncha? You're about ready to cum aren't ya bud?" He stood back, took a deep drag off his cigar. He let it settle in his mouth for a moment, savoring it. Then he grabbed my jaw, opened my mouth, and leaned forward, blowing the smoke right into my mouth. I lurched forward, yanked him by the neck, and kissed him. I then stroked my dick three times and shot my load.

The first spurt hit his chin, the rest my stomach. "Whoa bud, I didn't sign up for that" Rudy said.

"No, but you can't say you didn't like it." I pointed to the evidence on my right arm.

"D'ya mean I came, and I didn't know it?"

"Probably while I was kissing you."                                                                         

"Oh shit, oh wow. That's the first time I've ever kissed a man. Fuck, look at this mess. And I've still got to shave your beard-line."

"First things first, why don't you grab a wet towel or two." It was quite funny how the man who was strutting around, puffing on a cigar moment before, was hurried and distracted now. As he came back from the kitchen with two warm, wet towels, I knew I had to diffuse the situation. "Here, let me get that."  I used the first towel to wipe down his face first and then my belly. "Sorry about that bud, but you really turned me on. I didn't mean to kiss you, it just happened."

I then took the second towel and started to clean his dick and balls. "It's not like I'm innocent here bud. I mean I was in your face with the smoke, and I knew how turned on you were. I guess..." Rudy hesitated for a moment. "I guess I didn't realize how turned on I was, by a man.

"At least you're consistent bud. The Major, Pete and me, not some fairy from a salon."

"Yeah, but I like women, and curvy real women. But I just kissed a man and came all over him."

"Don't sweat the small stuff bud. You had fun, I had fun. You aren't gonna be marching in the Pride parade come Labor Day."

"I know, but..." I let him mull if over for a minute. He looked out the window, grabbed his cigar. He had to relight it, bring it back to life. I watched the ritual again, happy that my balls were depleted. He looked back at me. "I got a job to finish."

With speed and accuracy, he lathered my beard line, then used the straight razor to clean me up. He then angled the chair upright, and gingerly followed suit with the nape of my neck. "Damn good looking haircut if I do say so myself." 

He offered me a hand held mirror, then stood behind me with another one. "You really are the flat-top king. I think it's safe to say you'll see me in two weeks if the offer still stands."

"It does, but I can't promise you the same treatment as this time."

"I don't expect it bud. But just as an FYI, you are one of the hottest men I have ever played with. If I wasn't going home to the hottest, I'd try for more than a kiss the next time."

We made small talk as I dressed and he swept. I went for my wallet and he stopped me. "It's on the house bud, hopefully you'll send some referrals my way. I'm keeping my head above water now, but if I lose any more of my regulars, it will be tougher and tougher."

"I have a guy or two in mind, one doesn't live too far from here."

I offered my hand to Rudy. "Oh, what the hell bud." He pulled me into a kiss. It was longer, and more passionate than the first. I could taste the cigar, smell his musk. "Thanks bud. You'll have to tell me next time if Pete is better."

"I already know the answer Rudy, and I believe you do too. Who knows, maybe you'll find your own Pete."

"What if I need to find my own Kyle?" He opened the door for me.

"Maybe you do" I said, and started down the stairs.


HA, I found it with 14 hours to spare.

If you think I am pranking you, check out the attached file. I'm sure the bank would be happy to keep this quiet.

And while you are at it tell the Captain I have a new clue in that case you are involved with.

Don't act all innocent either. I followed you after you left the store.

The way I see it my fee is doubled.

I'm sure I can get more elsewhere.



Francis settled back in his easy chair. He wanted more than anything to be there, reaching out to Rolf, and pulling him into his arms. Regrettably, Rolf's only presence, was the coffee that sat on the end table. "Just like Rolf to surprise me like this" the Captain thought, taking a sip of the strong French roast. The care package, left on his back step, included a pound of French Roast beans, a coffee grinder, mug and instructions.

Just then the Captain's phone rang. "Hey Carl, what's up?" Francis listened intently as Carl updated him. "So Randy thinks he passed the test, I trust his judgement... Uh huh... Uh huh... You make the call. I trust you too. What? He says he has important evidence? Tell him it can wait `til tomorrow."

 The Captain wanted nothing more than to be in for the night, savor his caffeinated treat that was finally giving him energy, but he heard Carl out. "Well if he said we need to see this before sundown, I guess I will have to trust your judgment once again. I'll meet you out at Jay Cooke State Park, just give me about ten minutes to get ready."


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