A Year in the Life

The Countdown Part 7

By Bix Meister


This is a story featuring gay men, and gay sex, intended for Adults, not Minors.  It is fiction, and as such is not based on any actual people or events.  It is a fantasy intended purely as a catalyst for pleasure.  No attempts have been made to portray safe sex, but the author encourages you to practice it. 


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The Countdown Part 7

"The Anus is a Muscle"

Bub sat in the third barber's chair awaiting his turn. He had been a regular of Rudy's for many reasons. Chief among them were two; he knew the coffee pot was always on, and he could get in and out fast. Though it was convenient, he often found himself lingering since it was a time to catch up on the local news with the other regulars. Lou from the Italian deli was in a chair, getting his hair cut, while Bub sipped from a Styrofoam cup.

This Wednesday morning was innocuous like most, until Peanut came in. Bub, had long ago forgotten Peanut's real name. The nickname was apt. Peanut was short, nutty, with a rough shell. He always had his ears open for the local gossip. Almost nothing happened in the area without Peanut knowing.

"Hey Bub, I hear your brother helped crack a case up on Thompson Hill last night. Some local punks were gonna use baseball bats to bash some queers, and your brother, his partner, and that young cop Jason, stopped them. I hear tell that your brother and his partner were there trying to catch some queers giving blow jobs."

Rudy clicked the switch on his clippers. "Run that by me again Peanut. What happened at the rest stop?"

"Yeah Peanut, what about my brother?"

"Just like I said, he and his partner were up there trolling for fags, trying to clean up the place. Although it had to be his partner that was the bait. I can't imagine any fairy going for a guy related to you."

Lou spoke up. "C'mon Peanut, show some class. It's a new millennium now. We don't use words like that. `Sides, aren't you one of the guys who has bragged about getting a BJ at the rest stop?"

"I may be short, but this isn't." Peanut grabbed his crotch, shook it towards Lou. "All of the f-fa... I mean all of the gays want it."

"So it's lucky you weren't the one up there last night trolling for a BJ. You could have ended up on the wrong end of a badge, or worse yet, on the wrong end of a baseball bat."

"Don't worry `bout me. I've got my sources and your sister's BJs are almost as good as the ones from the f-fa... ugh, the gays."

"C'mon Peanut, you know my sister is too classy for you. She still has a full set of teeth. We all know you go to the senior hi-rise looking for a gum-job."

Peanut clutched his throat. "Ooh that hurt Lou. Right for the jugular as always. Why can't you be like the rest of the Wops and stab me in the back. Oh, and before you say anything, I know, I'm not PC, but I'm part Italian, so I can get away with saying that word."

Bub's smile helped him cover up his own concern about his brother, and his lover. He hadn't heard from Jason in weeks. Though he understood why, it didn't alleviate the worrisome feeling he suddenly had about two of the important men in his life. His own brother had been distant lately, but maybe that was a reflection on the wall he had built between them.

He looked at Rudy who also seemed distant. He was back at work, silently cutting Lou's hair. The silence was broken by Peanut's pager. "Oops, gotta go. See ya guys later, and remember don't stop up at Thompson Hill looking for BJs."

When the screen door slammed Lou laughed. "That damn pager. Who is he trying to kid? It's not like he is in demand anywhere?"

Rudy finally spoke. "It's just part of who he is. He's a legend in his own mind, but I can't imagine West Duluth without him."



Five more days. I need you now more than ever. I need to hold you tight. I need to cry on your shoulder to help me rid my world of all of the pain. I need your laughter to show me how joyous life can be.

I'd run to you right now, forgetting all about our date in five days, but there are still a few things I need to do, to be ready to love you.


The Captain hit the send icon on his email, then shut down the computer. He needed no distractions as he sought sleep that was stolen again from him last night. Though he got in a long nap during the evening hours, his sleep was cut short by a phone call from Jason.

He rushed to Jason's side as his protégé dealt with the aftermath of the gay bashing he had helped cut short. The adrenaline high that carried Jason through the arrest, crashed quickly, leaving Jason visibly shaken. Though he had helped save a fellow law officer, all Jason could focus on was the idea that it could have been him.

"But it wasn't Jason, it wasn't. Sean and Chase were lucky a strong, alert professional like you happened to come along at the right time" Francis said trying to console his protégé.

"But I shouldn't have been there Frank, I should have been home with Ashley. I should have been with the mother of my child." Jason slumped back into his chair, his chin hit his chest.

The Captain pulled Jason's chin up, and looked him in his teat stained eyes. "Why were you there? Be honest with me. This wasn't a replay of what happened last December was it?"

"No, don't even think that" Jason pleaded. "Ashley and I had a bit of a fight, I just needed some air and maybe an ear. In fact, I looked for you because I thought you were the only one who would understand. Looks like I thought wrong."

"Sorry, not at all buddy, you can trust me and I will do the same for you. Continue."

"Well, I played some ball with a young kid I never met before. After that, I felt the need for space, so I started to drive up on Skyline Parkway. I only stopped into the rest area to piss. Hell, I was so caught up in all of this, I haven't even had a chance to piss yet. D'ya mind?"

The Captain had to laugh remembering how relieved and calm Jason was on his return. Jason was quiet as he filled out paper work. When he was almost done he looked up at the Captain. "Can I trust you with a secret?"

"Always, you know it."

"One of the troopers reminded me of the man I fooled around with. I dunno what it was, but something about him. I think that is why I am shaken. It could have been me; it could have been one of Pete's friends. Those guys didn't care who it was, they just wanted to bash someone."

"They were going for gay men, whether or not their victim was gay. That is why it is classified as a hate crime. There is even a chance that one or more of them is a dealing with internal homophobia Jason, but is caught up with the wrong gang instead of exploring his true feelings."

"But it could have been me Captain, you don't understand, it could have been me." Jason hung his head again and started to cry.

Francis quickly knelt down and hugged him. "It's okay buddy. It wasn't you. You probably saved someone else from being a victim of their hate. Who knows you might have saved someone's life."

"You think so?"

"I know so. Those guys aren't small, and all that muscle, with two bats, can do a lot of damage. You should be proud of yourself."

"Then why am I having a hard time feeling that? Frank, I was up here last winter looking for a blow job. I arrested Fred because I thought that the State Troopers were about to arrest me. I took the coward's way out, should be out on my ass, and yet you supported me."

"I knew that the strong young cop I had invested my trust in, had made a mistake. I also knew that if I stood by him, he'd repay that trust later on. You just paid it back in full."

"Really Captain? You still trust me no matter how fucked up I am? Look at me, I am about to be a father, and yet I still have urges to be with a man. Seeing Chase tonight only made those urges stronger. Damn he looks like the man I love."

"Every single person I know is deeply flawed Jason. You reveal your true self, and true strength in how you react in situations like this." Once again Francis held Jason's head and looked him in his eyes. "Anyone who has your love, man or woman, must be worth it."

"You really think so?"

"I know so."

Thinking back on their early morning conversation Francis couldn't remember Jason ever talking as passionately about Ashley as he had about his un-named male lover. He wondered if he would be someday talking as passionately about Rolf with Jason. He only hoped this trust, was a two-way street.


"Lean your head forward." Bub followed orders, allowing Rudy to clip the short hairs at his neck.

"You do speak. I thought for a few minutes there that you'd become mute."

Rudy laughed. "Sorry I was distracted. Worried about your brother and his partner."

"Yeah, that's a little disconcerting. Hearing about your brother making an arrest from a card like Peanut. You know, I like the guy, but sometimes I think it would be great if he just learned to keep his trap shut when it came to certain words."

"Yeah, I get what you're saying. I think he doesn't always think, before he speaks." Rudy hesitated before continuing. He had heard rumors about Bub before, but nothing ever came straight from the horse's mouth. It was all hearsay as far as he was concerned. "Seeing anyone lately?" he finally asked.

"I was for a bit, but it's complicated" Bub said quietly. "He's married" he finally added.

Rudy was about to respond, but the phone rang. "Rudy's... Let me grab my appointment calendar... The earliest I can do it is next week... Oh, you need a haircut before Friday, you have a wedding to attend? I suppose I can pencil you in for tonight, after store hours... Oh, I know who you are Al... I have always been The Cruncher's number one fan."

"So you're gonna give The Cruncher a haircut tonight? Anyone who has been a client of yours as long as I have, knows how much you idolize him."

"Yeah, and can you believe that fucker used to get his flat top cut at some salon downtown?"

"Well after he's been worked over by you, I can't imagine him going anywhere else."


"Bub, I was wondering if I could stop by at your place on the way home tonight. There is something I need to talk to you about."

Bub went silent. It seemed that almost every time he talked to his brother it ended in an argument. It was always something small, that grew before the end of their conversation. Though Chase was the younger brother, he acted like the alpha male, controlling the situation. This didn't sit well with Bub.

"Yo, bro. Is this thing on?"

"Sorry Chase, is it urgent? I got a dairy farm to run here. You can stop by, but I might put you to work. It would be like old times except for the fact that you avoided farm work more often than not."

"Hey, I did my share, it just wasn't easy keeping up with my older, stronger brother. C'mon, I'll pick up dinner on my way there. I think I owe you an apology."

"Wait, did I just hear that right? My cell phone must be acting up because you said you needed to apologize."

"Well I do, at least I will apologize if you just let me. C'mon, it's time to move on. Dinner's on me. That ought to appeal to your cheap ass."


Rolf found his calling as he orchestrated the outside crew while Justin did the same inside. It hadn't started out smoothly as both men followed sexist stereotypes when dealing with the additional crew members. But then Rhonda showed her proficiency with a nail gun and Scott did the same with setting up the suspended buffet. Meanwhile Scott's partner Paul was combing the forest with John's twins Jamie and Chris, looking for suitable floral arranging material.

The suspended buffet table was Justin's idea, utilizing the hooks that held the sling to help create a buffet table. Scott quickly saw through the idea. "If that sling could talk..."

Justin smiled "It's a shame we had to take it down. I bet you and Paul would like to try it out."

"Maybe, we'll have to plan a trip later on in the summer, maybe fall. I know that Paul would really like the fall colors."

Justin got quiet. "Sorry, but I think I misjudged your hubby last night. I saw him as a muscle-head, but he's great with your nephews and really has a love of nature. Have you guys ever thought about adopting?"

"I'm not sure right now. I'm away with business all too often. I know we could do fine on my salary if Paul wanted to stay home, I am not sure if he is there just yet. How about you and Derek?"

"We really haven't discussed it. I think I might like it, but I can't even seem to get any headway on him making a commitment to me. I think that needs to be first before we even consider adopting. And even then, I think I'd rather have our kid have some of our DNA, preferably Derek's. Quite a bloodline they have there."

"Ain't that the truth. I couldn't believe the story when Kyle told it to me. But when you see the two of them together you know the acorn didn't fall too far from that mighty oak."


Rudy glanced through the fridge in his upstairs apartment. The "Rudy will be back at 12:30" sign hanging on the door gave him just enough time for a quick sandwich and pop. He quickly grabbed the sliced Italian roast beef from Lou's deli, lettuce, cheese and condiments, then stacked the fixings high on the Italian bread. He walked into his living room and sat down while he contemplated his clients for the day.

First there was Lou, the handsome owner of the Italian Deli. For the first time ever Rudy had noticed the wisp of black fur that poked out of his collar, and the thick stubble that was a pleasure to shave. Then there was Bub, a gay farmer who went out of his way to make an appointment with him every two weeks. Each man had caused Rudy to pause and notice their masculinity, their strength, their scent. A few days before men like Lou and Bub would have passed unnoticed. However, since his time with Kyle, and the man at the sauna, he felt the need to be with a man.

And later on he would have his dream client in his chair. He had seen Al around town, quite often at the car shows, and Al was still the masculine man that he remembered from his youth, The Cruncher.

Rudy looked at the barber chair that sat next to the balcony and immediately got hard. "Down boy" he said. "Do you want me to tell Al the same lie about the air conditioner so I can get him up here and naked?" Rudy contemplated it for a minute. His dick throbbed as he thought of Al in the same way as he thought about Kyle and The Man from the sauna. "Who's saying he'd even let me get him naked, much less blow him."

Rudy recoiled at that thought. He was imagining himself taking the bull by the horns, and Al was a legendary bull. He was no longer thinking about having some anonymous guy blow him, but about him blowing a legend, and possibly more. The other times were about getting off, but suddenly he thought of Al in a completely different way.

However, Al was Al, and he was well known in West Duluth for being a lady's man. Peanut would keep a running tally on who Al was dating and fucking. Rudy would just have to face the facts that Al was off limits, and he'd be cutting his flat top downstairs.

Rudy downed the last of the sandwich and pop, then headed downstairs to retrieve his sign. With the door unlocked, he perused his appointment book looking for the rest of the day's clients. Who else would join Al in fueling his future jerk off fantasies?


"I know you guys have to be busy, I'm glad you took some time away from your busy week for your big sister."

I looked across the booth at Patty. "Anytime. I just wish there weren't so many people at the bar last night. It would have been a great time to talk then."

"Don't worry, I could see you guys were having fun. I'm so introverted, parties like that aren't my forte." She picked up the paper bag that was on the floor, put it on the table, then pushed it towards me. "Besides I think this is a better place to give you this from Dad."

I could tell from the heft of the package, and the solid thump of it landing on the table, that whatever was in the bag was sturdy. When I saw the enamel grey-green of the case inside, I knew it was my Dad's surveying transit.

Pete couldn't figure out why I was suddenly crying. I wasn't sure myself. But there was something in that finely engineered instrument that connected me with my dad. Though he worked for the Department of Transportation, he would sometimes do part time consultation as a surveyor. One or more of the kids would join him on a Saturday morning holding the stake while he would make the fine calculations. He tried his best to teach us how to work the transit, but he'd be working in his head, in his zone as he pulled out his slide rule and made calculations and notes. This was before electronic calculators, and definitely before personal GPS, so he relied on experience, his slide rule, and most of all his transit.

I looked at my sister. "Why me Pat? Why now?"

"We all remembered how you would connect with him about his MnDOT job. I think it was your love of cars. You need something in the house you will be sharing with your husband to remind you of the first man in your life."

Pete started to tear up. "Pat, I promise you I will do my best, in loving your brother, that our house is worthy of the gift."

"I can tell you are doing that already."


Rolf watched John and Kate as they planned and planted each of the beds he had set aside for them. At first he was specific at what he wanted in each bed, but soon gave over the reins to Kyle's brother, and sister-in-law. John quickly came up with formula for dividing the available plants, and Kate's intuition about how to plant them let Rolf know he had made a wise decision.

Rolf also noticed that even though things weren't always smooth between them, they got shit done. "Damn you two, if I didn't know better I'd say one minute you're on the cusp of a divorce, the next you are in your honeymoon phase."

"That's what you get with a Hansen" Kate chuckled. "Just be counting your lucky stars that one isn't available for you."

"Oh I got my eyes on a man, my heart too... I'm working on getting him back."

"Does he want to be back?" John asked.

"His words tell me he does, but I have to see those words in action. I can see in your actions that you two will be together forever. I want to see the same from him. I want to see the love that will carry me through those times when it looks like he is ready to dump me. I want to see something like you guys have, where you can disagree, yet keep on working. I mean look at you. Two out of five beds are done and better than I envisioned."

"Well we are doing this for Kyle and Pete, so we have high standards. They wouldn't allow any presents, well, other than the one that Patty is giving to them now. But that one is from Dad, so that doesn't count."

"I can only hope that my job as an officiant on Friday night lives up to your high standards."

"We trust you Rolf. After all you have trusted us so far" Kate added.


The light tapping on his door woke Frank. "Come in."

Jason entered. "Sorry Frank, I know you've been trying to catch up on some sleep, but I need your help."

"What's up? Need some help following up on those kids last night? You know it's lucky they are all eighteen. It keeps them out of juvenile court."

"No, it's not that, but it is related to the case. Do you think I am really needed at the wedding now that we caught the kids responsible for the hate crime?"

"I'd like to have you there, both Randy and Carl will be there so it's not like you won't know anybody. But if you don't think you should go, I suppose I could be there without you."

"It's just... It's just..." Jason hesitated. "It's just that I still haven't figured out how to act around Fred. I know it's stupid, and I should just forget it, but I can't."

"Grab a chair Jase. This sounds a bit more complicated than you are owning up to." Jason sat down. "Pull that chair closer Jason. I think it's time we talk, off the record." When Jason maneuvered the chair closer, Frank put his hand on Jason's knee, then looked him in his eyes. "Is there something special about Fred that makes it tough for you to see him? Does he look like the man you love?"

"Who says I love a man?"

"You did, earlier today, and even if you didn't I could tell that you did weeks ago."

"Really?" Again Jason's tears were evident.

"Really! And Jason, there is no shame in love. Listen buddy, I get you. You are dealing with a lot right now. You love two people, one of whom is carrying your unborn child, and the other is a man. It's a lot to think about, I can understand why you might want to avoid someone who even reminds you of this man."

"Do you think that is it? That I am avoiding Fred because he looks like Bu... I mean the man I love? Except for age they aren't even alike."

"But you had a connection with Fred that went beyond a quick blow job. That happens. It's probably what made your bisexual side come out."

"And I trashed him Captain. I arrested him even though we both were wrong about meeting up there. Damn you are right. I'll probably continue to screw up every relationship I am in. If it wasn't for baby Patrick I probably would have screwed up what I have with Ashley. I guess it is lucky I had to dump the man in my life before I screwed him up too."

"Jason, you just need time to figure this out. I don't need you at the wedding. Take the weekend off and work on what you have with Ashley. Just remember that those other needs will always be there. I don't want to give you any false hope, but I've heard of couples who have an understanding when it comes to the bi-needs of a spouse. Maybe you should read up on that."

"I dunno Captain, how would I explain that to Patrick years down the line? I think I just have to play the hand that was dealt to me when I married Ashley."



I'm down by the lake working on the shed. Grab the keys to the four wheeler and meet me there. You know where they are.


It had been a while since Chase had visited his brother, but he knew where to look for the keys. Yep, they were right where he expected them to be. He had taken the day off after the bust at the Thompson Hill rest stop the previous night, and his brother Bub had told him he might put him to work, so he was dressed for the dairy barn, not the lake.

He grabbed dinner from his car and drove the four wheeler down to the lake. Along the route he remembered his many years working the farm. At a young age he realized he wasn't ready to take over the family business, so he left that to Bub. His job as a Highway Patrolman was a perfect fit for him, even giving him a long-standing nickname. In ten more years he could retire early with his wife and buy an RV in which to roam the country. His brother had the land in his blood, Chase had pavement.

But he knew that somewhere below the surface, Bub had harbored some resentment towards him. Was it because Bub didn't feel comfortable coming out to him? There was only one way to find out, ask him point blank.

As Chase parked the four-wheeler, Bub exited the shed. There was a stack of cedar planks near the shed which was partially covered by a blue tarp. "Chase" Bub yelled out. "Come see my handiwork."

Upon entering the shed, Chase remarked "Only my brother would pick a mid-eighty-degree day in May to work on a sauna. Ain't it hot enough for you? Or are you just too cheap to pay the fees to meet your tricks downtown?

Bub threw his brother a sharp glare. "What I do with my private life is no matter for you."

"Sorry Bub, maybe Sean is right. Let me start over. Nice looking sauna Bub. I'm sure you will enjoy it and get a lot of use out of it."

"Thanks, it will help with my tight muscles after working a marathon day on the farm. Now who is this Sean, and what is he right about?"

"Bub, Sean is my Highway Patrol partner. And sometimes I think he knows me, more than I do. He is the one that convinced me that maybe I haven't always been the most supportive brother to you Bub."

"If he doesn't even know me, how could he say that?"

"Well, don't you think a supportive brother would be one you could talk to about any subject, including the fact that you are gay?"

Bub collapsed onto the bench. He looked up to Chase. "D'ya mean you know?"

"Yes. Bub, who do you think you were kidding about all those young male "friends" of yours? Sean helped me see that even if I am okay with you being gay. I haven't given you any reasons to trust that I am."

"Well... you are using the term faggot a lot less lately..."

"Am I that bad? Damn, no wonder you didn't tell me."

"And I didn't tell you because all of those guys were just toys. I never had a good reason to tell you I was gay until recently. And now Jason is out of my life due to a baby on the way. He's the reason I'm making this sauna, in case things change."

Chase sat down by his brother. He was usually the stronger brother but Chase saw the cracks in this façade. "What is Jason like if I can ask? Why is he different from the other boy toys?"

"Chase, he's strong, stronger than you, maybe stronger than me. He spent a day out here and kept up with the old man. I could see myself growing old with him. All of the boy toys as you call them, had sell-by dates. Once they got a bit older, they reminded me of how old I really am. Jason reminds me of how young and strong I can be."

"He sounds pretty great? What does he look like, what does he do for a living? Is he a twink like your other guys?"

"Damn, I do date twinks don't I?" Bub shook his head. "He is handsome, tall, well-muscled and hairy. He is not a twink, but he will be a bear down the road. He's almost in the same line of work as you. He's a Bear cop in fact."

"A Bear cop? What is he a forest ranger?"

"No, he is a Bear who is a Cop. A Bear is a gay guy who is usually larger and furry. You'd be a bear if you liked to suck dicks. Jason is a bear who happens to be a Duluth policeman."

"Oh I get it, I'm a straight bear because I am large and furry, but have no desire to suck dicks. What does that make you?"

"I'm still a bear in some people's eyes because I am larger even though I don't have the fur. I know, it's complicated, but so is my relationship with Jason."

"Bub, I have a question if I can ask it. I'm kinda new to this so forgive me if this seems wrong, but when you have sex, are you the man or the woman?"

"Chase, do I look like a woman in any sense of the word? C'mon brother, I'm gay because I like sex with men. I know not every gay man has the same taste as me, but that is mine. But to put it in words we use, I am a top, 100% a top. Or at least I used to be 100% a top. Jason showed me I can be more than that."

"Wait, Jason's fucked you? I can't imagine anything entering my ass. Exit only here Bub."

"To be honest I used to be that way, but once you find a guy who knows how to fuck you, it's easy to change your tune."

"TMI Brother TMI. But damn Bro, we've gone skinny dipping before. Right in this very lake. You mean that cop Jason can take that big ol' hog of yours?"

"Like no one else has. Chase, I fell in love with him the first time we ever made love. And now I can't have him and yet I'm still building this sauna for him. I got it bad bro."

"Lucky for you to have a brother who will help win him back, and if not, maybe help you find someone comparable. I gotta make up for all those years you didn't feel my support. It may sound funny, but I believe that is what Mom and Dad would've wanted for you."

Bub started crying. Chase pulled Bub into his arms to comfort him. "I hope you are right brother, because I've never felt love this powerfully before, and I doubt I will again."

"We'll make it happen Bub. We'll make it happen."


Rudy swept the last bit of hair from his bare pine flooring. He could hear the rumble of Al's hot rod as it turned the corner on Grand, and parked in the barbershop lot. The screen door was open so Rudy could hear the thud of Al's boots as he walked towards his shop. The spring on the screen door squeaked heralding his entrance, but Rudy could barely hear it over the buzzing in his head.

There he stood, slightly shorter than Rudy's own six-feet three-inches. Rudy appraised him from bottom to top. Black Redwing boots met the cuffs of his crisp dark indigo jeans. The jeans were molded to every thick inch of his calves and thighs as they continued towards his crotch. The ample crotch caught his eye as it was capped with a black leather belt and silver buckle. A white, v-neck t-shirt hugged his thick gut and pecs, revealing a forest of silver fur at the collar and fore-arms. Everything was capped by a pure white goatee, and unruly flat top.

A wide tooled-leather watchband adorned the thick wrist as Al offered his hand and a card. "Al Prdczynzki. Certified Public Accountant. But you might know me as The Cruncher."

"Pleased to meet you Al. My name's Rudy. It's about time you come to a real barber, looks like it's long overdue. Here, put this on, then have a seat."

Al put on the smock, then sat in the offered seat. "Glad you could fit me in today bud. I've been too busy to get this taken care of, and my usual hair dresser retired."

"That was your first mistake. A guy like you shouldn't go to a hair dresser. Next thing I know you'll be telling me you like quiche."

Rudy started to size up Al's hair as Al spoke. "Hey, there's nothing wrong with liking quiche or anything that isn't what makes you a man. But I gotta admit that I only went to the salon because my ex-old-lady made me go there. I think a barber shop fits me better. Boy Rudy, you sure know how to massage a man's scalp. You'd better watch what you're doing or Al Jr. is gonna rise up if you know what I mean."

"Oh sorry bud. I was just checking and massaging your scalp, it's part of my professional services." Rudy stood back, hoping that the angle and the mirror wouldn't show Al that he too was getting a reaction from the scalp massage. Rudy was harder than he had been in a long time. Harder than when he blew his load on Kyle. Harder than when The Man was chowing down on his ass. Rudy was hard because he was massaging the scalp of a man he idolized.

"No problem Rudy. Dicks have a mind of their own you know. If it feels good, they react. No harm, no foul. It's good to know the old man can still get it up without a little blue pill" Al said. His voice was gravelly, reflecting a tinge of his Cruncher persona.

The Cruncher voice was enough for Rudy. His hard-on flexed in his shorts. He had to save face by readjusting himself, so he went to his work station and grabbed the first of the clippers. With his back to Al, he quickly adjusted himself. A glance in the mirror revealed a small pre-cum stain. It took every ounce of his professionalism to start cutting Al's hair. However, he wasn't going to allow his horniness to take over and cause him to lose a new client.

"So I'm guessing you'll stay with the flat top, but just have it done by a pro this time?"

"If you give me a cut as great as Kyle's I'll be happy, and back as often as possible. I'll let you know I go away to Florida in the winter, but other than that I am loyal to my stylist."

Rudy put down his clippers then grabbed Al by the head once again. "Before I start you gotta do me a favor and refer to me as a barber. Understood?" Rudy shook Al's head up and down in agreement. "Good, so we agree. Remember, I am the guy with the sharp objects. You may be the one in charge in the wrestling ring, or even during an IRS audit, but here, I'm in charge."

"You got it Rudy, as long as you let me take over your accounting. It's a two-way street bud. You scratch my scalp, I'll scratch yours."

"Got it. Now that we agree, it's time to get down to business."

With a flick of a switch on his clippers, Rudy did just that. The sexual tension from a few minutes earlier evaporated as he masterfully used his clippers to sculpt a flat-top that complemented Al's scalp. He quickly trimmed Al's goatee, then used the straight razor to clean up the beard, scalp line, and five o'clock shadow. When he was done to his standards, Rudy lightly coated his palms with a scented oil of his own concoction, and rubbed it through Al's goatee and flat-top.

With a flourish, he spun the barber chair around towards the mirror. "Voila! I dare any stylist to do that."

"Damn buddy. You are a genius. I'm gonna have to step up my game with your books."

Al started to get out of the chair, Rudy held him down. "I'm not done yet." Rudy grabbed the brush off his work station and expertly removed the clipped hair from the smock. "Can't have any of that fur rub you the wrong way bud. Gotta make sure I leave you with a good impression."

With a nod from Rudy, Al got up from the chair and removed his smock. Rudy watched the sturdy ex-wrestler appraise himself in the mirror. His professionalism faded as his horniness returned. "Damn, look at that ass" he thought to himself. Like Kyle, most of Rudy's own six-feet, three-inch bulk was in his sturdy legs, while Al carried his in a longer torso. That longer torso, and broad shoulders turned to face Rudy.

"This is perfect. You got a client for life." The smile on Al's face melted most of the remains of Rudy's professionalism. He grasped for the last by offering his hand. Al grabbed it forcefully, then pulled Rudy in for a hug. Their packed crotches met as the hug lasted longer than normal.

"Whoa bud, I told ya dicks have a mind of their own. But sometimes a hug is just a hug" Al laughed.

"I get ya. Didn't Freud say something about a cigar being just a cigar?"

"Yep, just because I like a stogie once in a while..." Al let the sentence trail off, looked at himself in the mirror again, then pulled out his wallet. He threw a twenty on the work station, then turned to Rudy. "Thanks for fitting me in. You got my card, just call me to tell me when my next appointment is. You keep this up I'll be fighting off the ladies."

"See ya Al. I'll look over my appointment book and call you sometime before Friday."

"Okay, done deal." Al nodded to Rudy then walked out, letting the screen door slam.

Rudy quickly latched the screen door, then locked the front door to his shop. He looked down at his still throbbing hard-on. "You almost got me into trouble buddy. Damn I gotta do something about this. I can't be getting hard every time I deal with a hot client."


The rumble and vibrations of Al's '34 Ford hot rod did little to alleviate the hard-on he had. "Damn, I musta read him wrong. I thought for a second there Rudy was gonna be giving me a blow job." It was impossible for Al to miss Rudy's own hard dick, and the pre-cum stain it left on his hiking shorts.

As Al drove towards his Denfeld neighborhood home, he admitted something he had failed to acknowledge before. The real reason he cut his hair at a salon was not that his ex-girlfriend forced him too, it was that barbershops held a strangely erotic lure to him. Of course it didn't help that Rudy was masculine. For some reason Al was attracted to very feminine women, and men who were totally masculine.

There was something beyond that this time. They both got hard, he couldn't deny it. But when Rudy got down to business Al was even more attracted to him. By the end of the haircut Al wanted nothing more than to jump his bones but he didn't want to ruin his new professional arrangement. If something was to happen, he wanted it to be more than a blow job. And other than Rudy's own hard dick, Al had no evidence that their attraction was mutual.


"Sean buddy... Glad I could get ahold of you. I'm doing good... Yeah, I finally got some rest. The reason I called you is this, what was the name of the Duluth cop that helped us out last night? Jason? I thought so. Why do I ask? Well, I am just following up on something. A hunch you might call it... Oh I know; I get into trouble when I follow my hunches. By the way, I gotta thank you. I'm just leaving Bub's place and he finally came out to me. You know, I love the big guy, and I hate to have anything bad happen to him. Hopefully he can see how I feel about him... Thanks Sean, I hope your trust isn't misplaced. See ya tomorrow."

Chase hung up on his partner, then started his engine. In his rearview mirror he saw his brother return to the dairy barn on his four-wheeler. With a honk of his horn, and a quick wave, Chase's tires crunched the gravel road as he sped off.

So the cop that helped them last night was his brother's dream man. He had to be a couple decades younger than Bub, that worried him, but the way Bub talked about Jason, Chase knew it was love. There was something deeper between them than any of the young men he had casually met before. Chase had promised to help his brother, but worried that the situation was too complex for his abilities. Maybe his wife Jen would have some insight. As he pulled onto the main highway, he knew he was twenty minutes closer to her arms, and her level head. He turned up the radio to lose himself in thought `til he got home.


After a quiet dinner alone, and an energizing evening nap on his sofa, Rudy needed to get out. The night sky was clear, allowing the crescent moon to provide some light. The air was fragrant with apple blossoms so Rudy hesitated lighting his cigar. His feelings in the last few days went against years of experience and upbringing. He was walking trying to clear his head of such thoughts.

As he walked down the gravel alleyway a few blocks from is shop, he heard the rich tenor of someone he knew. He couldn't quite place the song, but the voice belonged to the man who lived in the church, Rolf. Rudy stopped to listen. He could barely see through the thick brush that shielded Rolf's yard from the alley. Rolf was back there, singing in his chaise. A bottle of wine and two glasses sat by him on a table.

As Rolf finished singing, Rudy clapped. "Bravo!" he said, then ducked between the trees into Rolf's side yard.

"Rudy, m'man. What brings you out on such a night?"

"I had to clear the cobwebs. Your singing helped. What was that song?

"Have I Told You Lately. It's a Van Morrison song I will be singing at a wedding in a few days."

"D'ya mean Pete and Kyle's? Am I the only one not going to this wedding?"

"Sometimes I think that is the case. It was supposed to be a small gathering, but I hear of more and more attending it. C'mon Rudy take a seat, I've got a bottle and two glasses, but only one of me to drink it. Maybe the vino will help you clear the cobwebs, it helps me."

"I think I will, if you don't mind me lighting this up."

In the moonlight Rolf saw the cigar. "Looks like a good one, they used to be one of my vices, but I had to give `em up. It'll go well with the wine. C'mon, grab a seat and tell me about those cobwebs. You've listened to me so many times while cutting my hair, it's time to pay you back."

Rudy sat on the second chaise. Rolf grabbed the wine bottle from the table between the lounges, poured a glass, then leaned over to offer it to Rudy. He then poured one for himself. "To getting rid of cobwebs" he said, clinking his glass with Rudy's.

"Amen to that brother... Oops. Sorry, I let that slip."

"Oh, I'm over that, it is so far in the past. I think that is why I bought this church. But enough about me, what's on your mind tonight?"

"I'm not sure I can talk about it yet." He took a sip of wine, then lit his cigar.

Rolf watched his barber in the light of the flame. The strength he saw was in contrast to the weakness of his words. "When you feel that you can talk, I got the time, and the wine, and we don't need to worry about a designated driver."

"Yeah, give me a glass or two and I might be in a mood, but right now I am just enjoying a quiet night with a friend." Rudy puffed his cigar, the ember lighting his face. He looked over at his client. "Rolf, have you given more thought to my idea for you? You have the perfect head to shave. And you're not fooling anyone with that bald spot."

"Thanks to you I don't do the comb-over anymore" Rolf chuckled. "I'm not sure if my man would like that."

"So you're seeing someone?" Rudy whispered.

"Well I was, and hopefully will be, and you don't have to whisper. Most people know about me."

"Well I... Well I..." Rudy went quiet. "Rolf, when did you know?"

"Know what?"

"Know that you liked men, know that you were gay?"

"I've known for years, and tried to avoid it, but you know how that ended up. Why do you ask?" Rudy took a gulp of wine, then puffed on his cigar. Rolf could tell he was screwing up the nerve. "Go ahead, ask way. I'm here for you buddy."

"Fuck it" Rudy said under his breath. "I think I'm bi."

"What makes you think that now?"

"Rolf, I played with two men in the last few days. I've done it before, but this time it went deeper. I even kissed both of them."

Rolf chuckled.

"Fuck you Rolf, I tell you my biggest secret and all you can do is laugh? I thought you were gonna pay me back by listening to me."

"Sorry Rudy, slow down. I only laughed because I knew what it meant that you kissed a man. Many a straight man has gotten a blow job from a guy and remained straight. Hell some straight men will even reciprocate and remain straight. But kissing a man passionately feels more taboo. That's the problem isn't it? These two men illuminated something about you that you've never seen before."

"Damn, you're absolutely right. And now I am feeling something I have never felt before about anyone, man or woman. It's like I would do anything for him or with him. Rolf, I was looking at a man's ass today and thinking how I'd like to lick it and fuck it even. Then I wondered what it would be like to have him do the same to me."

"Powerful feeling innit? Let me ask you, is the man available, would he reciprocate?"

"That I don't know. We both got hard, but as far as I know he is straight. Look at me, even talking about him has me hard."

"That it has. But talking about it is has done the same to me."

"Damn Rolf, whoever your boyfriend is he is lucky. You're a great guy, and look at the bulge."

"Looks like you're packing too buddy. Y'know... it's dark, no one can see us. I'm saving myself for my boyfriend but there's no harm if we unzip and give these dicks come air." He breathed in deeply and unzipped. He pulled out his hard dick, then spoke quietly. "Nothing's stopping us from stroking our own dicks together and blow those cobwebs out completely."

"Are you sure no one can see?"

Rolf could tell by the sound of the zipper that Rudy was giving in to his idea. Rolf slowly stroked his dick while Rudy gave his own hard-on some air. Rolf lifted his ass off the chaise and pushed his shorts down, Rudy did the same. Rolf took a sip of wine, then laid back. In the moonlight Rudy could make out a bead of pre-cum clinging to the tip of Rolf's dick. Rolf thwacked his hard dick three time, allowing it to bob and causing the pre-cum to spray on his belly.

Rudy took a few short puffs of his cigar, then slowly started to stroke his dick. "Yeah, that's how a man does it" he said between clenched teeth. He got quiet. "You know, I had a man rim me the other night. Can't get over how good it feels. He almost made me cum by his tongue alone."

"Oh fuck yeah, I know that feeling" Rolf said as he stroked. "I taught my guy how to rim and now he is almost as good as me. He can fuck with the best of them too."

"What's it like getting fucked? What if the other man wants to take my cherry? I mean I tried slipping a finger up it earlier tonight and it hurt."

"If your man cares about you, he will take his time. Here let me show you." Rolf took his index finger and slowly wetted it between his lips. "He'll slowly tease your hole like this." Rolf took the wet finger and placed it between his legs. He lifted his ass off the chaise, allowing Rudy to see him as he teased his own hole with his finger. "See how I'm opening it slowly? The anus is a muscle; you just have to exercise it."

"Boy that's hot Rolf, I wish I was rimming your hole now." Rudy caught himself "Oops sorry bud."

"If I wasn't committed to someone, I might take you up on it. I'd be proud to be your first. Someone else will be the lucky one." Rolf continued to finger his ass. "See how easily I'm taking this, it feels good, you should try it. You know pre-cum is a great lube and you are producing a lot right now."

"Damn, I am." Rudy dipped his finger into the slit of his dick. "That guy had me oozing pre-cum today, I hope he didn't see it."

"The way you produce it, how could he miss it Rudy? Go ahead, scoop up some of that sap and play with your butt. It feels damn good, try it."

Rudy mimicked Rolf by lifting his legs and started to tease his rosebud with his own copious pre-cum. "Oh hell yeah, tease that butt, let it slip in, you're ready for it" Rolf pleaded.

"Damn it's in, and it feels good. But this is just a finger, I could tell by his bulge that his dick is about as thick as yours is."

"I tell ya, the anus is a muscle, and so is your brain, it just has to be exercised to make it work. You ease into it. Here, let me show you."

Rudy took his finger out of his ass and watched while Rolf wetted two fingers with his spit. Rudy started to stroke his dick again, coating the head with his pre-cum while Rolf slowly inserted the two fingers knuckle deep into his furry ass. "Rolf that is so sexy. Your body reminds me of the guy. Broad shoulders, long torso, nice meaty ass. Damn I want that."

"Are you sure you're bi and not gay? Rolf said while he plunged the two fingers deeper and deeper. "I'm not judging you, but it sounds like you are ready to take a major plunge into your gay side, if you know what I mean. Go ahead, try this, try two fingers and see how good it feels, while you are in there thump on your prostate."

Rudy coated his two fingers with a combo of spit and pre-cum. He slowly eased one and then the other into his tight butt. "Oh god I'm taking two fingers and it feels good." Rolf watched with amusement at Rudy finger fucked himself. "But what about the UNGHHH, or damn that feels great."

"Rudy, that's your prostate. If you think that feels good, imagine your lover's thick dick hitting it repeatedly." Rolf stroked his dick rapidly and got short of breath. "Whoever gets your cherry is gonna be one lucky man. Oh... Fuck!"

Rudy watched as Rolf's dick erupted like a fountain. He quickly pulled the fingers out of his ass and stroked himself to a mind blowing orgasm. "Damn, you were right Rolf?" he finally said as he caught his breath.

"Right about what?"

"You not only helped me blow away some cobwebs, you helped me see things clearly."

"Rudy, If I wasn't going through things right now, I'd probably kiss you, but I want the next man that I kiss, to be my man, hopefully the man who will devote his life to me."

"I don't know if I can say the same about the guy I want to kiss, but I know exactly who it is. Just have to be in the right frame of mind when it happens. I might also have to exercise my ass just in case."

"Exercise your mind too Rudy. I have an extra training dildo in storage if you need it buddy. C'mon, let's polish off this wine, then I can take you inside."


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