Eric and Dave on Vacation (a.k.a. straight-boys-on-vacation)

by Andrew J

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Eric and I had to be the luckiest guys in the world. Our girlfriends Steph and Julie had been best friends since college (or was it high school? I can never remember). Eric and I had a lot in common, enjoyed the same sports, and just got along really well. I’d probably say Eric was one of my best buds. And the girls encouraged us to spend time together, as it meant they could do their thing without worrying about us.

This was the first vacation for the four of us together. The girls arranged the whole thing: a week in Puerto Vallarta, where Steph and I would share an executive suite in one of the best resorts with Eric and Julie.

It was our second day there, and the girls were waiting for us at the beach.

"Dave, if you’re gonna wear those speedos, at least have the decency to trim the hair around your stuff,” Eric said, gesturing at my crotch. He was right. The white speedos fit me really well, maybe even a little too well for my tastes, but highlighted the fact that I had way too much hair around my crotch.

It was Steph’s idea that I get a pair of speedos. The first day I wore baggy trunks to the beach. When she saw Eric in speedos, not to mention most of the other men here who all seemed to be in speedos, she asked me to get a pair. I figured what the hell. Do in Rome, right?

“Take my clippers and go clean up in the bathroom,” he said. “We’re not going down to the beach with you looking like a caveman.”

So I did as I was told, and trimmed the hair below my navel, and the hair on my legs around my crotch down to nothing. While I was at it I trimmed my chest hair too. It felt funny, but oddly liberating, and very sensuous to be so devoid of the body hair since I was a teenager 10 years ago.

“Much better,” Eric said, glancing at my body again. The speedos showed off my considerable package to maximum effect, and the trim job highlighted the work I’d been doing at the gym recently.

We went down to the beach, where the girls had already found us a good spot and ordered us beers. Steph did a double take when she saw me, and smiled approvingly.

The girls were both wearing very skimpy bikinis that left little to the imagination. They both looked incredibly hot, and were getting a lot of attention from other men. Neither Eric nor I minded in the least, and secretly, I was getting off on all the lustful looks Stephanie was getting from all the guys on the beach.

We lounged in the sun all afternoon, drinking our cocktails and chatting. As the day progressed, so did the number of beers we had, and I noticed Julie eyeing me quite a bit. More specifically, I noticed her eyeing my package. This was peculiar because we’ve known each other for years and she’d never paid me much attention before.

Eric noticed her gazes and started getting a little uncomfortable. He was a handsome guy, and had a great body that he took great care of. He worked out religiously, kept tanned all year round, and was very well groomed. Very much the pretty-boy, unlike myself.

The one thing was he was nowhere near as hung as I was. I remember his dick from a few months ago, and knew it was pretty small: It was probably about 3 or 4 inches erect, and much shorter flaccid. What I didn’t know was how much of a complex he had about the size of his dick.

His speedos underscored his lack of size, and now with Julie staring at my bulge, he was becoming increasingly aware of our difference. This was not a good thing, because Eric was one of my best buds, and I didn’t want to jeopardize our friendship in any way.

At the end of the day the four of us returned to our suite. The suite had a single bedroom, and a king size bed in the living room. The plan was that Eric and Julie would get the bedroom and Steph and I would stay in the living room for the first half of the trip, and then we’d swap.

We took quick showers and naps, and headed out to dinner. During dinner, the girls were in great moods. I could tell by the way Steph was glowing that she was having an amazing time. Eric, however, was a bit irritable and sullen, particularly with me. His bad mood continued after dinner, when the girls decided to head back to the hotel and I suggested that he and I go grab a drink at one of the local sports bars.

“So what’s on your mind bro?” I asked as we sipped our beers.


“You sure? You’ve been kind of sullen all evening.”

“Jesus, man, it’s nothing!”

“Whoa… whatever!” I said, backing off. After that, we sat in silence, and only spoke to order more beer. Not very fun.

Fuck Eric, I thought to myself. I was on vacation, and was going to have a good time. The girls at the bar were all really nice, and out to party. I got a lot of attention, and talked to a lot of people, mostly other American girls, including one from San Francisco.

Eric watched all this with increasing discomfort. After a while, he got up and announced he was going back to the hotel. He was a bit wobbly from all the beer he’d put away, and had a scowl on his face.

I figured it would be a good idea to go back with him. I was pretty wasted at this point too, and didn’t feel like partying alone.

We managed to stumble back to the hotel. Both Steph and Julie were fast asleep in the bed in the bedroom, and the TV was on.

“Looks like they fell asleep watching TV,” I said to Eric.

We both stood at the door of the bedroom and watched them sleep. They looked angelic, not to mention hot as hell. Steph, as usual, was wearing a pair of my boxer shorts, while Julie slept beside her in a satin thing that covered almost nothing.

“God your girlfriend’s hot.” I blurted out.

Shit I can't believe I said that out loud. I must have been really wasted.

Eric glared at me, and I saw his jaw clench.

“I guess we have to fucking share the bed over here,” he said, undressing. Once he was completely naked, he fell on the bed in the living room.

I followed suit. As I started undressing, I felt Eric’s eyes on my body. I also sensed a field of tension and anger around him, and began to feel a bit uneasy. I pulled off my underwear and lay on my side of the bed.

“What the fuck is that thing anyways? Are you some fucking freak?!” Eric said acidly, staring down at my crotch.

I was completely taken aback. I figured this was coming but didn’t expect it quite like this.

“Hey bro, calm down! You’re –”

“You think you’re so fucking superior because you’re hung? You’re not. Face it. You’re ugly and a fucking freak!” Eric spat out.

Wow. I’d never seen this side of Eric in the few years we’d known each other, and was completely at a loss for words. Other people's anger has the effect of bringing out the calm and rational side in me, and I figured I could talk him back to reason.

“Eric,” I said calmly, “like I said –”

I was completely unprepared for what happened next. He jumped on me and hurled his fist into my stomach, knocking the wind out of me. He then lunged at my neck.

My self-defence skills kicked in instantaneously. I jumped up, grabbed him and slammed him down on his stomach and twisted his arm behind his back. Eric was no match for me physically. I had several inches in height and several pounds in weight over him, and had much more street smarts.

We were both panting heavily as I held him down with my entire body weight. I had his arms behind his back, immobilizing him. We were both drunk, and I felt the room spinning as my gut throbbed from his blow.

I don’t know how long I held him like that, but his resistance slowly started subsiding, and his body began relaxing into submission. I wasn’t sure how long I could keep up the hold either, as I was getting exhausted, and my body was aching. I began to sweat, as did Eric.

“I… I’m sorry, man.” Eric said eventually, in a calmer, less angry voice. I loosened my grip on his arm. My legs and lower torso were pressed right up against Eric’s legs and backside, and the sweat off our bodies was making our skin slippery.

“I don’t know what happened.” he said, slowly turning around under me. I held his wrist tightly as he turned, instinctively ready to lock him down again if needed. I wasn’t going to let him take me again.

But then something changed.

I suddenly realized how soft and delicate Eric’s wrist felt in my grasp. Almost tender. The soft tips of his fingers, which were curled in a loose fist, grazed my hand. His green eyes were gazing submissively into mine, and he was on the verge of tears. His legs, where they touched mine, felt long and smooth and firm. His body, underneath me, no longer felt like that of an opponent or attacker, rather, it felt warm and soft, and, well, sexy. It’s hard to explain, but a powerful hunger stirred within me.

A hunger for Eric, my best buddy.

I grabbed the back of his head and pulled it up close to mine. My lips urgently found his and I gave him a passionate kiss. He responded with more urgency than me, and we started kissing in earnest. Eric wrapped his arms and legs around me.

“Uhh...” we both grunted as we rolled around on the bed, groping, grabbing and wrestling each other, almost animal like in desperation. We kicked over the lamp on the night table. I had no idea where this passion was coming from but it was alive and consuming us.

Our eyes were both shut, and we thrashed around. My cock lengthened to full mast, as did my buddy’s. We were both steel hard and sword-crossed. The hair on my torso and legs felt rough against his body, and the stubble on his recently shaved chest was abrasive against my skin. We kissed and bit each other and wrestled our tongues down each others throats. My hands grabbed and groped at any part of his body I could. His arms, his back, his thighs. My fingers dug into the hard mounds of flesh of his ass… roughly kneading his cheeks and spreading them apart.

“Mmmhh….” Eric, choking from our kissing, came up for breath for a second. “Fuck me.”

Damn, I didn’t need a second invitation. I stumbled with his legs, and threw them over my shoulders. His hole was dry and tight.

“Fuck me, man...”

I clumsily reached for my toilet-bag on the nightstand, and grabbed the bottle of lubricant, which, up to this point I’d only ever used with Stephanie.

I lubed up my rock-hard cock and squirted more lube all over Eric’s ass. As I entered him with the same frenetic, urgent pace this whole thing was going at, he let out a loud shout.

“Ahhh… fuck that hurts!” Eric winced.

I didn’t stop. I shoved my entire cock inside him relentlessly, all the way to the hilt in one go. I let out a loud growl as I felt it bottom out. My pubes were up against the entrance of his asshole.

Eric was still wincing, and his face was flush and contorted with pain. I held him down, and gave him a few seconds to adjust. Then, slowly pulling out, I looked into his eyes.

“You want that?”

Eric nodded submissively, his eyes shut tight.

“You want that cock back inside you?”

“Yeah…” was all Eric could muster.

“Say it, dammit!” I said, grabbing his jaw with my free hand.

“Fuck me… fuck me with your huge cock! Fuck me all the way!!”

I started fucking him. Fast and furious. I pounded his ass like an animal. My instincts took over, and there was no holding back. I grabbed his fully erect and started jerking him off. With my other hand on his clenched jaw, I held him down.

“Umphhhhh... uhhhh…”

Eric wasn’t far from cumming now. I could tell. When he let go, his jizz landed all over his chest. It sprayed us both, as he shouted loudly. For a split second I thought he’d wake everyone up in the hotel.

My orgasm drowned out any thoughts I could have had. I came right after Eric started shooting. I grunted and panted, deeply inside my buddy. His hole was tighter than anything I’d ever fucked, and the intensity of my orgasm was beyond any I could remember.

I collapsed on top of Eric, exhausted, spent, still sweating, and trying to catch my breath. My head hit the pillow face down, right beside his, our bodies still locked in full embrace.

My last thought before completely passing out was how strange the stubble on my buddy’s face felt against my cheek.


I woke up with one of the worst headaches of my adult life. The blurry numbers on the clock read 10:04 AM. Sunlight streamed painfully through the window, and I barely knew where I was.


I jumped off of Eric in complete horror, waking him as I disentangled myself from his embrace and his legs twined around mine.

Eric groggily sat up. His face registered a horror equal to my own as he came to.


Eric looked around in confusion. We were both naked, our clothes were strewn around, and the lamp had been knocked off nightstand onto the floor. The bottle of lube was lying on its side on the bed, its contents in a huge wet puddle on the bedcover. Flakes of dried cum all over my chest and Eric's.

“The girls….” I said with dread. Their room was empty, and their bed was made.

I found a note on the table near the door. At Las Palmas. Join us. J & S. Steph’s beautiful, cursive handwriting.

There was no mistaking that Julie and Steph had seen it all. The empty lube bottle, the lamp, and the worst of it: us lying together like a picture from a fucking gay porno mag.

We were fucked. What happens to guys found in bed with their best buds? And worse, when it's their girl's best friend’s boyfriend?

“What are we going to do?” Eric said softly. His face was pale as a ghost.

My first instinct was to beat the shit out of Eric. This must have registered on my face because he recoiled at my glare. Not being a violent person in general (I’d had more violence in the last ten hours than in the last ten years), I quickly checked myself and my temper. Eric was still my best buddy and beating him up would get us nowhere.

I flung the note at him and went to the bathroom. I sat on the toilet and buried my head in my hands.

Jesus H. Christ... I was fucked. Eric and I were both fucked.

(to be continued…)

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