Straight Boys on Vacation: Chapter 3

by Andrew J

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Disclaimers: This story is pure fiction. Any resemblance to real life events or people is co-incidental and unintended.

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If wanting Eric meant I was gay, then there was no doubt in my mind. I was gay.

Until, of course, I managed to get some from Stephanie the next day.

Julie, Eric, Steph and I were shopping at the Mercado in the afternoon. It was a gruesomely hot and humid day, and I was glad the Mercado was indoors. Steph looked particularly beautiful. Her long, brown hair tumbled over her shoulders and her light green top did little to conceal the shape and movement of her breasts and nipples underneath. She was wearing short, white shorts that showed off her sexy, slender legs. Her tan had reached perfection after a week under the Puerto Vallarta sun. She was in an exceptionally good mood, and every time she smiled, my heart melted.

“So, uh… Steph?” I whispered sheepishly into my girlfriend’s ear when noone else was around. “It’s been a week and we’re on vacation, and umm… could we maybe…”

She noticed the lustful sound in my voice and knew exactly what I wanted. I gently put one arm around her waist, and looked as pleaful as I could.

“We could lose Eric and Julie for a while. They’ll be fine on their own,” I persisted.

Stephanie thought about it for a split second, and then gently put her hand over mine.

“Let’s go,” she said.

I practically ran all the way back to the hotel, dragging Stephanie by the hand.

It felt wonderful to be back in bed with Steph. It was like I’d come home again. As we lay next to each other, naked, and our mouths locked together hungrily, I held her as tightly as I could. Her large, firm breasts pressed up against my chest, and every feminine curve of her body fit perfectly into me, just the way I had grown accustomed to all these years.

I reached down and slowly licked her left nipple. She moaned in pleasure as I continued my sucking and gentle biting. I loved Steph’s chest. She had large breasts with the smallest of triangle-shaped tan lines over her nipples. Her nipples were large, and extremely sensitive. Her cleavage was deep, and as I nuzzled it with my nose and tongue, I reveled in the softness and smoothness of her skin. Steph kept her body completely hair-free. I can’t remember the last time I encountered a hair on her body, anywhere, which was just the way I liked it. I had enough hair for the both of us.

I recalled how rough Eric’s face and chest had been the night before, and failed to remember how or why it excited me. All I wanted right now was Steph’s silky, feminine softness. And the curves of her body… each gentle, undulating curve. My cock was rock hard and throbbing. I moved down her body, grazing my cheek against her breasts, her waist and her hips, leaving a generous trail of fresh pre-cum trailing down her thighs and legs, where my cock touched them.

When my tongue made contact with the sensitive folds of her labia, Steph let out a moan of pleasure. I darted my tongue in and out of her moist entrance, and gently parted her sweet lips with my fingers to give myself deeper access. I was aware and slightly embarrassed at how rough my fingers felt against her tenderness.

Steph grabbed the back of my head as she writhed to my tongue action. I made slow, tight circles around her clit, and alternated them with long, deliberately broad-tongued licks. It took me no time at all to find her G-spot. I knew Steph’s body like a map. I knew that when I managed to excite her just the right way, she would lose control and reward me with an orgasm. And my plan was to give her my all.

“Ahh…” Steph cried as she came, clamping my head tightly in place with her legs. Her smooth, milky soft inner thighs felt so delicate against my stubbled cheeks. So completely the opposite of Eric’s rough, muscular thighs, I thought.

My intention was to bring her off again, and I continued my tongue action, but Steph had different plans. She pulled me up to her, and we kissed more. Our favorite sexual position was sitting upright, facing each other, with her legs over mine. Coincidentally, I recalled, this was exactly how Eric and I had ended up last night.

As we kissed, my erection throbbed and pulsated between us. It stood straight up, unassisted, by the strength of its own root and muscles, and reached my belly button. The shaft flared into a large, shiny helmet-shaped head. The veins gave it an almost angry, animalistic appearance. My larger-than-average balls hung tightly against the base of my shaft. I looked down to see my cock framed against Steph’s genitalia, which were soft and feminine. She was wet, and the juices of her first orgasm were oozing over the base of my cock and balls. The perfect union, I thought to myself. My stiff, proud cock against the tender, inviting folds of her vagina.

Stephanie rarely touched my cock or balls. Don’t get me wrong, she gave great head, and she touched me in any way I asked her to. But somehow, it wasn’t a natural thing. Particularly when I was aroused and throbbing. She avoided my cock, unless it was to guide it inside her. It was almost like she was a bit uncomfortable, or a bit intimidated by it. To be completely honest, I didn’t mind this too much. It enhanced my own sexual prowess, giving me the feeling that my cock was a dangerous weapon to be held in awe.

Strangely, this hadn’t been the case at all with Eric last night. We couldn’t get enough of each other’s cocks. We groped and pulled and clutched and squeezed each other as much as we could.

Steph got up on her knees and pushed me back to a lying position. She saddled my hips, and the helmet head of my cock, which was operating on auto-pilot, hungrily disappeared into her. I then felt more and more of my shaft being engulfed by the wet, soft warmth. My hands felt upwards for her breasts, and I craned my head upwards so I could kiss her.

I moaned and half-closed my eyes. I’ve come home, I thought. There was no need for nervous exploration, for uncertainty, for questioning or fear. Inside Stephanie, I was in safety. I was home.

I was in bliss. We found our special rhythm, our own special David-Stephanie rhythm, and my hips bucked and rocked to perfectly match my girl’s movements. It didn’t take long before I came. I hadn’t felt this good in over a week, and my orgasm was a strong and powerful.

“Mmmhhh…” I shouted as I shot my semen deeply into my girlfriend. Through the pleasure-filled haze of my own orgasmic waves I could hear her cries, and felt her own orgasmic contractions against my cock as we both came in unison.

In perfect, natural, harmonious, man-woman unison.

She collapsed on top of me, and I held her tightly. I stroked her long brown hair as my breathing slowly returned to normal and our bodies started relaxing into one another. Taking a deep breath, I inhaled the familiar, very comforting, very personal aroma of us enmeshed together in post-coital afterglow. It was a scent I loved more than anything, a scent that completed me. A scent I hoped would stay with me all my life.

If wanting Stephanie forever and ever meant I was straight, then there was no doubt in my mind whatsoever. I was straight.

And deep down, at this realization, I felt a tidal wave of relief.

(to be continued...)

Feedback, comments, thoughts, criticism are all welcome. It’s always a pleasure to hear from readers. Leave a comment, or read what others had to say here, or email me at :

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