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Note: There are some references in this story and others, to things mentioned in another of my stories, Target Nemesis: The Tentacle Lord’s Revenge, which you can find here: http://www.nifty.org/nifty/gay/sf-fantasy/target-nemesis-the-tentacle-lords-revenge.html. The story itself is about the movie being watched by characters in several of my stories in which an alien warlord bent on revenge, ‘has his way’ with an Earth Forces Brigade hero. While I hope that you would enjoy reading that story, it may be a bit brutal for some readers and you do not need to read that story first in order to understand or to enjoy this story.

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Chapter 10




I did not just call the best friend of my life a cocksucker!

Or—did he?

Yes. He did. Just like those mil guys at the hook up place. He called them ‘cocksucker’ and a few other choice words. They loved it. They got off on it. They sucked harder and deeper and more hungrily. But this was not one of those mil guys. This was his best friend. And, yes—he had just called him ‘cocksucker’. Even as guilt over what he had just said flooded through his being, he continued sliding his cock in and out of Cayce’s mouth, and—Cayce continued to kneel there and take it. Take it. Suck it. Lick it. Slurp on it.

“Cayce….” Shit! He was just so used to using that word when getting his dick sucked by a guy. Except Cayce wasn’t just any guy. Shit! How was he ever going to iron this one out?

Sorry ‘C’, it just slipped out?

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean….”

Cayce Foster pulled away from the thick slab of meat that was jutting out from between the firefighter’s granite thighs with their silken blond hairs. A glob of precum oozed from the winking slit in Reggie’s cock and he leaned back quickly to catch it on his tongue before it could fall to the ground. He licked the cockhead clean, and then pulled back once again. His face clouded briefly as he tried to figure out what Reggie was talking about. Just as quickly, he caught on and his face went scarlet.

Cocksucker? His best friend just called him a cocksucker.

Fuck! That was hot!

Why was that hot?

Is that something you could really say to a best friend? Cayce felt as if he should retaliate. Argue. Bitch and moan all the fuck over that comment. Ball up a fist and punch Reggie’s lights out….

But, he didn’t.

He couldn’t.

To be honest, it ‘was’ kind of hot.

He loved it.

Why the hell did he love his best friend calling him a cocksucker?

He had no idea but his tongue swept across his lips and his butthole twitched and winked. His heart beat a little faster … a little harder. His own throbbing dick danced a little wilder—thump … thump … thumping against his belly.


Reggie had told him to ‘take my dick, cocksucker’ and it sent bolts of lightning down his spine. They erupted in his nuts and his cock went wild in those throbs and goop rivers.

It empowered him.

He fed on it.

“Cayce. Dude, I’m … sorry. I didn’t…. I wasn’t….”

There it was again. More waves of guilt flowing through the man towering over him. At the same time, newly energized waves of lust and hunger flowed through the deputy as he knelt there between those legs. He leaned forward and kissed the dripping head of Reggie’s cock and let his tongue take a complete survey of the velvet smooth tip—a silvery ribbon of juice stuck to it and ribbon’d outward as he pulled back. He savored the tangy sweetness and then he leaned back for more.

“‘s’okay,” Cayce answered huskily just before his lips parted and he sank back down over Reggie’s throbbing bone once again.

He licked.

He slurped.

And, he sucked.

Reggie ran his fingers through his friend’s hair in disbelief. How could he have been so stupid?

“No, ‘C’. Seriously….” Reggie’s hand glided under Cayce’s chin and he tugged upward. “I’m so sorry. I never should have said something like that. Not to you. Especially not to ‘you’.”

Cayce responded with eyes floating up to meet his gaze but never let that cock slip from between his lips. He gazed upward, still sucking. Still slurping. Still feeding his hunger. A few more bobs and a corkscrew move or two and he finally let Reggie’s cock pop out of his mouth.

“I liked it.”

The apologies just kept flowing.

“It just slipped out before I knew it and I….” Reggie’s head tilted. Did Cayce just say that he…? “What?”

Cayce glanced upward once again and offered a sheepish smile and another rising blush. “It was kinda hot, you calling me a cocksucker.” He shrugged and his eyes drifted back down to his friends pulsing cock. “I liked it.”

Incredulous. Just … incre….

“You … liked it … when I called you … ‘cocksucker’?”

Nod. Shrug. The expression on Cayce’s face as Reggie gazed down at him was probably mirroring the confusion and astonishment on his own face just then. Cayce liked it?

“Yeah,” the deputy said with his blush deepening. He shrugged. He broke their stare-a-thon and his eyes took in the sight of Reggie’s throbbing, drooling cock once again. In the last few moments several globs of juice had emerged from the slit and were coating the head and oozing down the underbelly of the shaft of Reggie’s monster. He leaned in without even thinking about it and licked and slurped on it until the ooze was in his mouth … coating his tongue … tantalizing his taste buds.

Reggie Cooke let out a soft chuckle that mixed with a deep groan as Cayce bobbed and slurped around the head and down the shaft of his achingly hard cock—eating the continual flow of nectar. His fingers sifted back into Cayce’s hair and he stepped forward to press his cock back inside his friend’s mouth.

“If you say so,” the firefighter whispered more to himself than to the man on his knees between his legs. He held Cayce’s head more tightly and jab-fucked his mouth in several rapid moves. Surprisingly, Cayce took it without a whimper. Well, maybe he whimpered. But he took it. “You like that? You like me fucking your mouth?”

Cayce nodded his answer—as best he could with Reggie’s monster pinning him in place—unable to get any words to pass around the chunk of meat invading his mouth. Oh fuck did he like it. Hell with liking it. He friggin’ loved it! He wanted more. He wanted it all. He wanted this cock any way that Reggie wanted to deliver it. Just as long as Reggie didn’t stop. He wanted those churning balls that banged his chin every time that Reggie fucked into him to blow their thick load into his mouth and down his throat. Hell, if Reggie wanted to coat his face in it—to claim his territory—that would be fine with him, too. Anything. Anything at all. He just wanted this cock and the reward waiting to be spewed into his mouth.

Reggie gazed downward and watched as if he was in the midst of an otherworldly, out of body experience. He watched his thick, dripping, glistening cock as it repeatedly jabbed and fucked its way into Cayce’s mouth. He watched as his hunk of deputy buddy hungrily took it … yielded to it … submitted to it. He sucked and licked and slurped on it. Hungry? Yeah, that was it. Cayce was hungry for this cock. He’d been hungry for it a long time. Well, if Cayce wanted it, he’d have plenty of opportunity to swallow it from now on.

Reggie wondered, even now—as Cayce willingly received jab after jab of his throbbing mancock—would he want more? Would Cayce want more than to just suck his dick and swallow his load? Yeah, he was obviously one very hungry cocksucker who was finally getting the cock he had dreamed of for so long. But, did he want more than to bob and suck and slurp and swallow? Maybe he wanted fucked, too? Maybe his butthole was itching and twitching and aching to be fucked and fucked hard and deep until it was one thoroughly pulverized and dripping manpussy?

Cayce pulled back. Gasped for air. Corkscrewed his way back down the thick shaft, his tongue slurped and licked everywhere it could reach. He pulled back again. He gasped for air. Again.

“Cum in my mouth,” the deputy said as his eyes floated upward to meet Reggie’s gaze. The firefighter’s brow rose above his right eye. Cayce nodded in answer to that unspoken question. “I want it. Cum in my mouth.”

Yeah. Maybe they’d work on Cayce’s hole. Later. But, right now his best friend just made a request that he had every intention of fulfilling. If Cayce wanted a mouth flooder of cum? He was going to get a fucking deluge.

Reggie offered the faintest of a nod as he pressed his cock against Cayce’s lips; they spread open obediently and closed down around the dripping head.

“That’s it. Open up for it and take it, cocksucker. Take my dick. You fucking better be ready to swallow one hell of a load, buddy. Gonna flood your throat.”

Sucking Reggie, tasting that delicious firepole, having Reggie call him a cocksucker of all things, was hotter than he’d ever imagined it would be. Cayce groaned his appreciation of Reggie’s intent. Oh fuck did he ever want that load. This might be the only opportunity that he would ever have and he had no intention of stopping before his best friend flooded his mouth with cum.

“That’s it. Take it, cocksucker. Gonna blow right down your throat.”

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