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Chapter 11

Cayce pulled back and let Reggie’s cock slip from his mouth. He gazed at it for several moments. It throbbed and dripped and oozed and glistened in the soft lights surrounding the pool area. It was as though it was begging him to get back down on it. He leaned forward and licked at the swollen purple head and then pulled back once again.

He studied the blond trail that rose up to Reggie’s navel, and—ab #7. Oh yeah. Ab #7. He rose higher and kissed his favorite ab several times … let his tongue snake out and rake over it. He felt bad for ab #8 and licked his way across hard muscle and kissed the forgotten ab. Nice. Really nice. #8 was a good partner for #7. They complimented one another. He kissed it again and it undulated against his lips.

“Suck my balls, ‘C’.”

Back to #7. Yeah. He still really liked #7. It was a perfect twin with #8 but there was just something…. Back to #8. Okay yeah, well—#8 wasn’t bad at all. Who knew? He had a thing going on with two abs, here.

“C’mon ‘C’. I know you’re gettin’ off on worshiping my titanium abs right now but they’re not in need of your tongue at the moment. Get busy on my balls. Lick ’em and suck ’em for me.”

Cayce pulled back from his ab kisses and licks. He followed that trail downward once again. He didn’t even realize that the whole time he’d been kissing and licking Reggie’s abs, he had been gently tugging on and slowly stroking his cock. He looked lower. Reggie’s balls were thick, plump, and looked really full. He liked ‘full’. He wanted ‘full’. Oh … did … he … want those ‘full’ balls along with the delicious treat they held.

“You sure?” He shot a quick teasing grin up to meet Reggie’s eyes. His best friend nodded impatiently and took a lustful step forward. “You ‘sure’ you want me to…?”

“Fuck ‘C’! You’re killing me here. Yes! Get to work on my balls. Now!”

Chuckling softly, Cayce leaned in and obediently swirled his tongue around the head of Reggie’s cock—lapping up a tremendous amount of his friend’s juice—swallowing and smacking his lips as he went. He dove lower and licked at Reggie’s balls. He licked again. He leaned farther and licked the base of his balls and down along the satiny smooth skin of his taint. Back up and he licked those smooth as glass balls. He had always loved that Reggie kept them free of hair. He had loved that Reggie didn’t tease him when he started doing the same—copying him in those details. Now, he loved Reggie’s manscaping technique even more. It made them so much more fun to suck and lick and lave.

“Mmm. Yeah. That’s it,” Reggie cooed as his best friend’s tongue sliding over his taint sent shivers throughout his body. His toes curled under as Cayce went back for another round with his balls. “That’s it. Just like that. Suck ’em for me, ‘C’.”

Cayce let out a soft moan of his own. Even though they were both just showered, Reggie smelled incredible down here. This was the spot where all that rich, wonderful ‘Reggie scent’ was so intense, it made him want to suck in lungsful. Fuck, he smelled great. He hoped that he’d get a chance for the full on pre-shower scents sometime soon. Yeah, he really want the scent overload. And—he tasted so good. Fuck. He wanted it all. He zeroed in more fully—licking hungrily at his best friend’s nuts. Huge. Low hanging. Full and plump—like a couple of nice and ripe lemons stretching the bottom of a balloon. His lips parted and he sucked Reggie’s left nut into his mouth. They were way too big to get both in his mouth at once. His tongue worked its way around and he slurped and sucked on it.

“Oh … oh … ooohhh…. Fuck … yesss….” Reggie whimpered and moaned and his toes curled under even more. Fuck this was good. This was so good. He was a little ticked even in this state of sex heat and lust. How had this slipped past him for all these years? Cayce Foster wanted dick? His best friend? If only he’d known, they could have been doing this years ago. They had a lot of time to make up here. “That’s it, ‘C’.”

Cayce gripped Reggie’s cock and tugged on it. Tugged. Tugged. Tugged. He continued to lick and suck his friend’s plump nut. Finally, he let it slip from his mouth and he moved in on the right side. Couldn’t let that nut go unloved, right? He gave it the same attention—licks, plenty of tongue action, a nibble or three. All the while, his fingers kept a firm grasp of his prize and he continued the gentle tugs on Reggie’s thick shaft. The heat and solid weight of it felt good in his hand.

The throbbing was driving Reggie insane. He was unsure how much longer he could hold out before he exploded all over Cayce’s face. He hoped his friend would get back to sucking his cock before that eruption came along. As hot as fuck as it would be to unload all over Cayce’s handsome face, Reggie ‘really’ wanted to flood his best friend’s mouth and coat his throat.

The deputy must have felt the urgency building in his friend’s cock and balls, too. He reluctantly allowed Reggie’s ball sac to swing free of his mouth—one last series of nibbles and licks and then he began tonguing his way up and around the thick cock shaft toward that purple monster ‘shroom. Every half dozen or so licks on his trek upward, he stopped and gazed, kissed it and then continued licking his way upward.

Cayce stole a glance upward and studied Reggie’s face. It was cloaked in so many things right now—most prominently—lust, desire … need. A surging sense of the inevitable maybe. Reggie’s cock was swelling even more. His balls were pulling up and tightening. Cayce leaned in and swirled his tongue around the swollen head and he lapped at the thick goo dripping from its slit. Copious. Thick. Pungent. Tasty. So, so addictive.

Cayce pulled back and looked up—again.

Reggie reached out for his best friend’s head. His fingers sifted into his thick hair and took a vice hold.


“Fuck my face.”

“Fuck I’m clo…. What?”



Tip suck.

Slit lick.

“Fuck my face.”

Reggie’s fingers grasped more tightly. Fuck—he wished he had known that Cayce wanted his dick. Mike’s too? Fuck—that would be hot watching Mike take Cayce’s mouth. He wondered again—would Cayce ever want more than to suck cock? Would he ever want to get fucked? He wondered why he wondered that. He wondered why he hoped Cayce ‘would’ want fucked. He wondered why he wanted to fuck Cayce. To see his cock sliding home—spreading Cayce’s hole wide—slamming deep. His balls crashing into that muscular upturned ass. To flood Cayce with his cum. To breed him.

Cayce adjusted his position as Reggie held his head still. That throbbing chunk of meat began its final assault.







Deep thrust.

Balls smacking his chin.

“That’s it,” Reggie grunted. “Take it. Take that dick, cocksucker.”





“You’re really hungry for it, huh?”




“Suck it. Take my dick, cocksucker. Suck it for me.”

Cayce tried to focus on his breathing as Reggie’s cock went deeper into his mouth with each series of thrusts. All at once, he felt his throat relax and open. Reggie’s cock took the opportunity and sank partially into the velvety smoothness of Cayce’s throat.

Reggie pushed in. He thrust. He thrust. He thrust. His cock slid into Cayce’s throat. Sealed it. He froze. His cock was in his best friend’s throat! He knew some of the mil guys who sucked him at that hook up spot could take it, but sweet, innocent Cayce? He watched as Cayce’s eyes bugged out.

“Easy, ‘C’. Relax. Take it for me. You can take it. You know you want it.”


“Shhh…. Relax. You can take it.”

Reggie pulled back. Cayce took several deep breaths and then leaned forward. The stud muffin firefighter felt his best friend’s tongue work along the shaft of his cock. He held Cayce’s head still and he pushed forward again.

“Mmph … mmm….”

“Relax. That’s it. Take it for me, ‘C’. You can do it,” Reggie cooed as he stroked his best friend’s hair.

That thick, throbbing, drooling chunk of mancock slid deep once more. It slowly entered Cayce’s throat. Fucked its way inside. Made itself at home. Reggie took two steps forward, nearly straddling his best friend’s shoulders. He stood dominantly over Cayce as he pulled back and pushed in. Pulled back and pushed in. Pulled back and pushed in. His balls slapped his handsome friend’s chin with each thrust.

“Mmph. Mmph.”

“Yeah. That’s it, cocksucker. Take it. Take all of my cock.”

Reggie let loose with his thrusts. Cayce ‘was’ taking it. Cayce ‘wanted’ it. Cayce ‘loved’ it. He felt his toes curling under again. His knees were shaking. His balls were boiling.

“Mmph … mmm….”

The first thick wad went straight down Cayce’s throat. Reggie pulled back so that his ‘shroom’d head was barely inside those perfect lips. He exploded in torrents of cum. He was filling his best friend’s mouth with his load. He was blowing his wad into Cayce’s mouth.


Deputy Cayce Foster was taking it. Hungrily. Sucking and lapping and swallowing.

“Take it, cocksucker. Take my fucking load. That’s it, cocksucker. Take it. Eat my fucking cum, cocksucker.”

And, he did.

Cayce took it.

He savored it.

He feasted on it.

He swallowed it.

And his own cock exploded all over his abs and geysers shot up and out and splattered against Reggie’s thighs and knee caps.

“Take it, cocksucker. That’s it. Take my load for me.”

Cayce somehow managed to gaze upward into his best friend’s eyes as Reggie’s cock continued to spasm and erupt in his mouth. Eyes locked. Cayce felt his balls begin to cook up another load of his own. Reggie gripped his head tighter. He stroked his cock in and out of his mouth several times. His balls tightened again.

“Here it comes, cocksucker. Another load for you.”

Reggie’s cock erupted a second time. Another thick, creamy load. He pulled back after the third volley went down Cayce’s waiting throat. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Cayce stopped counting as the remainder of his best friend’s orgasm coated his face and dripped from his chin to his chest.

Fuck he hoped this wasn’t the one and only time.

Fuck he hoped Reggie would want more blow jobs.

Fuck he hoped Reggie wanted to fuck him. If not now—tonight—then soon. Very soon.

Reggie’s eyes slowly rolled back into their proper place and he gazed down on his best friend. Cayce’s handsome face was dripping with cum from the second load that he had let loose moments earlier.

Fuck, what a hot sight that was!

Fuck, he hoped Cayce would want to suck his cock more.

Fuck, he wanted to watch Cayce go down on Mike.

Fuck, he wanted to watch Mike blast his load down Cayce’s throat and then leave his face dripping.

Fuck, he hoped Cayce would want fucked. If not now—tonight—then soon. Very soon.

Reggie slowly pressed his cock back between Cayce’s lips. He gently stroked it in and out … in and out.

“Lick it clean, cocksucker.”




Very soon.

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