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Chapter 12

Reggie held back a chuckle. His best friend was blowing his mind, here.

First—Cayce had admitted to being curious about sucking dick. Next—Cayce got down on his knees and actually ‘sucked’ his dick. Then, let the astounding series of events keep on rollin’—Cayce wants him to fuck his face. On top of that, he wants Reggie to cum in his mouth. And—he swallowed!

Now—Cayce was kneeling beside the chaise lounge that Reggie had sunk into when his knees felt too weak to hold him up any longer after that incredible orgasm. His best friend had been so turned on by Reggie blowing his load in his mouth that his own cock had erupted like a volcano on steroids. Erupted. Like a volcano. Boom and spooge. Yeah, no question after that hands-free wad blow—his best friend the super-hot hunk of a Sheriff’s Deputy was a natural. Cayce was a cocksucker.

Cayce had cum all over himself—and—he had blown huge ribbons of cum all over Reggie’s thighs and knees. Yeah, Cayce was tossing one eye-roller revelation after another here.

The firefighter shook his head even now as he watched Cayce lean in, bend down over him and start licking his own cum off Reggie’s knee and then his right thigh. The head shake was joined by a whole new round of eye rolls when Reggie realized that his cock was rock hard—again. Again? Had it ever gone ‘down’ in the first place? No. Come to think of it, he didn’t think that it had. If anything, it just got harder and harder as the night progressed.

“You don’t have to do that, ‘C’.”

Cayce finished his tongue cleaning of Reggie’s thigh and glanced up. His friend was tilted back in the lounge but was staring right at him. His brow was furrowed as if he was conjuring the greatest equation in the history of the universe. His lips were caught in a half smirk. His eyes? Oh those eyes. Reggie seemed completely, totally, undeniably … bewildered.

Cayce shrugged in response while he searched for words. He felt a blush rise from his neck and spread across his face.

“I wanted to.”

Cayce paused for a moment as that blush continued to flood his face. He seemed to drift off into a memory for a moment before he offered the faintest, shyest smile.

“I usually eat it all anyway when I’m home alone. Been doin’ that for years. No messes for Mama to find, no embarrassing towels or tees that could stand in the corner by themselves or that could walk away by themselves. Besides you know how she would scour my room for the used underwear and stuff the little ones would scatter after raiding my hamper. You know how it is. It’s, um….” He blushed. Again. His mouth just would not shut up tonight. “It’s fast. It’s easy. And, it’s a safe, secret cleanup.”

He let his eyes roll away from his best friend’s face—those eyes—and they skated down his chest and abs to once again rest on that beautiful cock. A new stream of juice was bubbling up and out and beginning to dribble from the slit. He swooped … he tongue scooped … he swallowed.

Reggie reached up to finger through his short cropped blond hair. No reason for that move, really. But an internal need to ‘do something’ before he grabbed Cayce by the back of his neck and pulled his face back into his crotch for Round #2 of however many more they could both handle before the dawn. Wait. He’d already cum twice. So would it be Round #3? Did twice in one time count as two rounds? Personally Reggie was good for at least another 5 or 6 volcanic cums. Tonight though—tonight … wow. He was so turned on, it being the best friend of his life and all, that number would probably go a lot higher.

“Are you sure that we’re good here, ‘C’?”

Cayce’s head tilted slightly. He was unsure that he understood the question. He was soaring right now. He just sucked one of the two preeminent cocks that starred in thousands of his fantasies. Good? Hell with good. He was great! But the question shadowed his ecstasy somewhat. Was Reggie saying it wasn’t good for him? He didn’t like it? He regretted it? Shit! He hoped not. If Reggie was ashamed of him….

Okay. This was the first time that he ever sucked a cock. Maybe he sucked at blow jobs?

He guessed there was only one way to find out. As much as he feared that he would receive a less than favorable review, he had to ask. And pray that Reggie didn’t hate him now for what he’d just done. Pray that he somehow did NOT just totally fuck up the tight bond they shared since before they could crawl. If he did … oh man that was too horrible to think about. He’d have to leave town. He’d have to leave the county. The state. The….

Okay pard’ner settle down. He doesn’t ‘look’ freaked out so maybe there’s hope. Ask. Yeah, that’s it. Ask….

“What do you mean?”

Reggie adjusted his position on the chaise lounge. He felt—sensed—Cayce’s body going rigid. The cloak sliding down over him in less than a second. Shit! He asked the question the wrong way. Cayce was going to panic. Cayce was going to think he was embarrassed by him. Ashamed of him. Hated him. He adjusted his position again and planted his feet on either side of the chaise. He pointed to where his legs had been and he snapped his fingers at his best friend like he was a labradoodle or something. He waited as Cayce sighed and glanced away for a moment—probably fighting that panic mode—and then he watched as his friend straddled the lower half of the chaise lounge and faced him.

“I mean, I called you a cocksucker, ‘C’. More than once.” Was Cayce breathing right now? Was ‘he’ breathing right now? He must have been. He was talking. You had to ‘breathe’ to ‘talk’. Right? “‘C’, I never meant to hurt you or … I’m sorry if….”

There it was again. The blush was on the rise. Yeah, Reggie did call him a cocksucker. He felt his cock twitch and his balls pump and his hole wink.

“I told you it was kinda hot,” Cayce said with an almost shy smile. “You calling me ‘cocksucker’ and you fucking my mouth? I liked it. I ‘really’ liked it.”

He liked it? Wow. He liked it? Okay, yeah. It ‘was’ kinda hot.

“So, um….” Cayce wanted to know but he was afraid to ask. But he wanted to know. Wanted and ‘needed’ to know. But…. “So, did you, you know. Um, like it? I mean I know I’ve never done that before and I probably get a minus twenty-seven points for technique and all but….”

Reggie realized that he had broken the eye contact and was watching his rock hard cock as it tapped against his abs with each beat of his heart. He successfully held back a laugh. Did he like it? Did he ‘like’ it? He just got an infuckincredible blow job. A blow job from his best friend. He came more than he thought he had ever cum in his life. Twice. He blew two loads of thick hot cum in Cayce’s mouth and all over Cayce’s face.

Did he ‘like’ it?




Not only did he ‘like’ it. It had to be ‘the’ hottest thing he’d ever seen in his life. Ever.

“It was the best blow job that I ever got, ‘C’.”

Cayce’s head rocked slightly upon hearing Reggie’s assessment. He had not expected that. Not in the least. It was the first time that he ever had a cock in his mouth. Ever sucked a cock. He doubted that his technique was anything to write home about.

“You don’t have to say that just because we’re….”

“‘C’?” Another swallowed laugh as Reggie watched—actually ‘heard’—Cayce’s mouth snap shut. He hoped he didn’t break a dozen teeth with that snap. “It was the best blow job I ever got. My best friend just sucked my dick. He ‘swallowed’ it. Trust me. It was incredible.” He pointed toward his throbbing cock. “Obviously, the Cookeinator enjoyed the hell out of it, too.”

Cayce felt a grin spread across his face. Wow. That really felt good. Reggie liked the blow job! Reggie liked the blow job! Reggie liked the….

“Let me ask you a question.”

Cayce sucked in air. Great. Here it comes. The elephant under the waterfall over yonder. Finally, he nodded.

“Did ‘you’ like it? Sucking cock?”


“So, did that blow job satisfy your curiosity or do you want more? Are you curious about … you know … ah … anything else?”

Cayce stared out over the waters of the pool for several moments. He considered each of those rapid-fire questions. Yeah—it satisfied the curiosity … but … not the hunger. He wanted to have this cock … Mike’s cock … probably a few others in his mouth whenever possible. Hell, he’d even love to get on his knees for those two new assistant coaches at the high school, Bates and Donny.

“I really liked it. To be honest? I loved it. I’m hoping you’ll let me suck you again. A lot.”

Reggie chuckled at that. Even as the words came out of Cayce’s mouth, Reggie could see the cringe that he might have said too much. Might have admitted too much.


“Trust me. Your mouth and my dick are going to be very close friends from now on.”

Cayce liked the sound of that. He nodded in silent agreement.

“Sheah,” Reggie chortled. “Your mouth belongs to my cock now. I’m gonna see to it that it belongs to Mike’s cock, too. Guaranteed. Get used to it.”

Cayce looked down and took several moments to watch Reggie’s hard-on throb against his abs. His tongue slid across his lips and he bit his lower lip. That hunger. Yeah. That hunger was still there. They may have unleashed a beast. He could still taste Reggie on his lips. In his mouth. He could still smell Reggie’s scent in his nostrils. He was so mesmerized by Reggie’s throbbing chunk of meat, he barely realized a question was spilling out of his mouth.

“You said, um…. You mentioned Mike several times.” He was still staring at that cock but he caught a glimpse of Reggie’s nod. “Do you think that, um…. Do you think that Mike would, you know…?”

Reggie grinned at the barely contained excitement … the obvious … ravenous hunger … the intense ‘want’ … no, ‘want’ wasn’t quite right was it … the driving ‘need’ in Cayce’s question. He could see it in Cayce’s eyes. In his beautiful face. It was almost palpable.

“I think Mike would go insane at the idea of sliding his dick in your mouth. He’d be stoked to the max if you let him fuck your mouth like I just did.” He nodded in response to Cayce’s upturned brow. “Let me know when you’re ready for it. I’ll set it up for you.” He paused. He thought about it. He grinned devilishly. “On one condition, of course.”

Cayce broke his almost unblinking, mesmerized stare at that delicious cock between his best friend’s legs and gazed up into Reggie’s dancing eyes. Dancing and twinkling in the reflection of the pool and walk lights.

“What, um…. What … ‘condition’?”

“I want to watch,” Reggie answered with a wink.

Fuck! How hot would that be? Reggie watching me go down on Mike? Fuck that’s hot!

Before he could respond, Reggie had another question.

“So, was that the total of your curiosity? Sucking dick? Or, you know … do you want to … um, get … fucked?”

Friggin’ elephant. It just fell off the ledge in the waterfall and hit the water like a meteor and there was a tidal wave crashing toward them. Okay. So to speak. Like an elephant could climb up on a ledge under a waterfall in the first place. How did he answer that? If truthful, yes. He wanted fucked. But if he gave that answer, did that bridge the river of doubt to the next question? Is he gay? But if he didn’t answer truthfully—if he lied—to Reggie…? To himself?


This was Reggie.

His best friend.

He could not. He would not lie to Reggie. He looked at his lifelong best friend and took a deep breath before he offered a nod.



Reggie felt like he could have been knocked over by that proverbial feather. The level of trust and honesty in that one word answer was captivating. Empowering. Stunning. He didn’t think he had ever felt more proud of having Cayce as his best friend as just now—with that simple, pretty damn brave response.

One word.

No more was needed.

Of course, that wasn’t going to stop him. Not Reggie Cooke. Not now. Not since he started finding out ‘this’ piece of the puzzle that made up Cayce Foster.

What the Hell, Cooke. Plunge into the big kids pool.

“Do you want ‘me’ to fuck you?”

Cayce let his eyes drift down to study Reggie’s massive cock. Still rock hard. Still throbbing. It had started to drool again. His tongue ignored his silent warning to stand down. It made an around the world pass over his lips.


Reggie’s heart was in his throat all of a sudden. That level of trust again. That honestly. No bush beating. No evasive tactical maneuvers. No candy coating. No … anything. Just an honest answer. And his cock throbbed harder. Oh. Hell. Yeah! He was so gonna fuck Cayce into the dirt at some point.

“Do you want Mike to fuck you?”



Much more honesty and Reggie wasn’t sure he could keep from cumming right here … right now. Hands free.

He smiled softly as he reached down to grab his cock and give it a few tugs, knowing Cayce would be laser focused on his every move up and down that beauty.

“What about Donny? Bates? They’re pretty hot. We’ve seen them in the showers. Maybe you should consider them, too.”

Nod. Entranced. Lip licks. Cayce was nearly hypnotized watching Reggie stroke and tug on his cock.

“Maybe Mike and I will spit roast you sometime.”

Cayce nodded. Still mesmerized by the sight of Reggie’s hand slowly tugging and stroking its way up and down his glistening chunk of meat. Yeah, he was juicing again. He could even hear the soft squishes under his fingers.

His brow knit several moments into his revelry of his best friend’s cock. Head tilting slightly he looked upward into Reggie’s focused gaze.

Spit roast?

“What do you mean, spit roast?”

Reggie fought a chuckle. That would embarrass and humiliate Cayce after the innocent question. This wasn’t about embarrassment or humiliation. Yes—he was going to make Cayce his bitch. ‘Mike’ and he were going to make Cayce their bitch. Obviously Cayce wanted it. But becoming their bitch was something to take great pride in. To savor. To hunger.

“You would, for instance, be on your hands and knees. Or, on your back with your legs up and spread and your head maybe hanging off the edge of the bed or a table, or—whatever. My cock would be fucking your mouth while Mike would be fucking your hole. Or, the other way around. We would both ‘spit roast’ you mouth and hole simultaneously.”

Cayce returned his focus to Reggie’s incredible cock. Throbbing. Drooling. Coating itself in another thin layer of his juice. He considered that idea. His throat bobbed. His pucker winked and pulsed. Fuck that was a hot idea. Reggie and Mike spit roasting him.

He offered a soft nod as he leaned close and licked at Reggie’s dripping cock head.


Wow. Did he just say that? Did he just agree to being spit roasted? Yeah. He did. And yeah, that might be hot, too.

Like fuck am I gonna turn down an offer like that!

“I mean, if you think Mike would want to do me.”

“I’ll feel him out. See if we can arrange it before too long. I got you, ‘C’.” Eye contact. Total lock. “Whatever you need. Whatever you want. We’ll make it happen. I got you.”

Cayce nodded.

“Yeah. I want it. If you two want me at the same time somewhere down the road…. Yeah, I can go for that.”

Reggie nodded. He stopped stroking his cock and held it straight up in the air.

“Yeah. If you want fucked or spit roasted—round robin’d—you’re gonna get that sweet ass of yours fucked into the dirt. That mouth is gonna get flooded on a regular basis. Guaranteed. Later. Maybe that will be the next ‘verse’ in this dance somewhere down the road. But, right now?”


“Get over here and slide your lips around my dick, cocksucker. I’m ready for another blow job.”


Reggie wanted more!

Cayce nodded and then slipped off the chaise lounge. He got down on his knees and bent over Reggie’s throbbing cock. His hand moved in, gripped tight and pulled it toward his face. His lips parted and his tongue swirled over its ‘shroom. He lapped at the goo flowing from the tip of that monstrous head and then he parted his lips and slid down the length of his best friend’s shaft.

As Reggie’s cock sank deeper into his mouth Cayce thought about his best friend’s questions again. Did he want to be fucked? Did he want Reggie to fuck him? Did he want Mike to fuck him? Did he want spit roasted? What about Donny and Bates?

Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.

Hell, he now found himself wondering if Donny and Bates would want his mouth or ass. They were hot guys. He could go for some of that.

Okay. Okay. One step at a time. For now? He should probably get as much ‘cocksucker’ duty in as possible.

“Yeah, that’s it ‘cocksucker’. Just like that. Take it for me, ‘C’. Go down on it, cocksucker.”

“Mmph. Mmph. Mmph.”


He wanted this.

He fucking needed this.

He wondered if Mike would want it. He wondered about Bates and Donny. Well, even if they weren’t interested or even if they wanted just a blow job now and then, he figured he would be emptying Reggie’s balls regularly from now on.

Yeah, from what he’d seen and swallowed tonight—so far tonight, anyway—he had the idea Reggie could keep him well and thoroughly stuffed any time … anywhere.

Yeah, he wanted this. This. ‘This’ took their tight bond and incredible lifelong friendship to a whole new … and very exciting … level. He would definitely be looking forward to the coming days, weeks, months … heck, years … spent with Reggie at his side, along with their friends who would hopefully become much closer, much more intimate.

He sucked.

He swirled.

He licked.

He swallowed.

He went back for more.

Yeah, this part of his life—so deeply hidden until tonight—was looking way more than good.

Simultaneously both best friends harbored the same thought. Yeah, learn to be the consummate cocksucker for Reggie and Mike. Then, Reggie and Mike would make Cayce their bitch.


Fucking incredible.

But that would be the next ‘volume’ in their story.

“That’s it. Take it cocksucker.”


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