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Chapter 4


Reggie completed a slow circle as the steaming hot jets pummeled his body. He leaned forward, the fingers of both hands spread wide and his forehead gently kissed the stone wall. “Yeah, that’s it.”

Each stone—hand selected by Mike Stoneleigh and approved by Reggie. Some faint pink and an almost ruby red grapefruit pallet mixed with deeper shades of red that veined their way through the subtle, rich tones of browns and gold. The moment that Mike showed the slabs of granite to him, he had fallen in love. Yeah, he had to have them for the walls and floors of all the bathrooms in the house remodel.

“Soooo … good.”

After such a long day, this was perfect. It had been hell at work. He loved his job. He really loved his job. He couldn’t think of much else he would ever be happy doing. But today? Today had been a bitch. Almost immediately after he had gone on duty, he could tell that the shift was going to spiral downhill. There had been the dispatch before he had barely stowed his gear about the deadly head-on out on the highway. Then they had taken the call for the fire out at the McKettrick place. He shook his head slowly. By the time they got the call and got out there, well…. They saved the out buildings. Nobody got hurt. Everyone accounted for. That was the true value. Even the dogs got out safe and sound.

Next up, they had provided backup and crowd control for Cayce and the other law boys on that domestic violence call. Go figure, she’d beat the shit out of her husband. Seemed 99 out of 100 of ‘those’ calls were the other way around. Worst of all—it happened in front of the kids. He had to let out a soft chuckle. The eldest of the three children—Mason—handed Cayce his cell phone and a folded sheet of paper with a link—It is all here, Coach Cayce Mr. Deputy Foster, Sir. You will want to take it with you to support the accuracy of your report, Sir.

They had exchanged glances and eye rolls. The kid had been filming his Mom and her antics? The kid had filmed her beating the husband? The kid was ‘7-years-old’?

Finally, they had to hit a grass fire out alongside the interstate. At least that had gone without any hitches and they were actually backing into the station with 90 minutes to go before the end of shift. Time to take care of clean up, put down equipment, shower and get ready for the game.

The ball game. What a way to turn around a day like this had been. They had clicked on all cylinders from the moment they hit the field and they had buried the team from Brannigan’s Corner. Everyone played exceptionally well but Cayce had shone brighter than them all. Three homeruns, including a massive grand slam, 5 stolen bases, a mega-magnificent horizontal flying catch that obliterated any hope of the opponents making a coming back….

Cayce was usually one of the stars of a game. Nine times out of ten, ‘he’ was responsible for the check mark going into the ‘W’ column. Him, or—Mike. But the game today? It had been all Cayce Foster … all the way. Yeah, it was a good game. Naturally, Cayce ‘aw shucked’ his way from the limelight, but….

The game—another ‘W’, thank you very much—and then dinner with Cayce. Dinner, and the blushed confession about Cayce’s cock slurpage curiosity, and their talk. Wow, was he ever clueless. Reggie had known there was ‘something’ eating Cayce. It had been eating him for a long time. Apparently, it had been eating him a lot longer than he ever would have guessed, ‘if’ he had guessed at all.


His best friend?

Cayce Foster?

A cock bobber?

Holy shit.

Yeah, he never would have guessed that one. Not in a million years.

Pushing away from the mosaic of colors and hues in that stone wall, Reggie turned again—his left hand sailing to the side … to the motion detecting dispenser … pumping a thick gob of shampoo into his palm—he glanced through the glass shower door to the slightly open door of the bathroom. His mind’s eye took over at that point. It gave him a steamy view of Cayce in the guest bathroom down the hall. Okay, more like a second master suite bathroom that was a perfect mirror of this one. No one used that second suite. No one but Cayce. Well, at Cayce’s insistence, Reggie did ‘allow’ his younger brother, Robbie to use it. But under strict threat of an over the knee, bare butt spanking if the bathroom or the bedroom and sitting area were not left ‘exactly’ as clean and tidy as Robbie had found them.


Standing there—under the jets and streams, the rains and pulses of the multi-heads.



Glistening with water as it cascaded down his body. Shampoo holding on for dear life to that coal black hair, and—losing. Always losing. Following the paths created by the water. Flowing down that chest and those rippling abs. Caressing its way down the deep-cut ‘V’ of shoulders and back and whooshing off those two granite half-cut basketball mounds of his ass. Streaming down the length of his cock. His long … very thick … mega-mushroom headed cock that nestled above very low-hanging, large balls. Streaming. Dripping. Cascading. A free fall at that point to the tile floor only to be sucked into the swirling waters before spinning helplessly down the drain….


Deputy Sheriff Cayce Foster.

God, he loved Cayce.

He’d do anything for Cayce. ‘Anything’ for his lifelong best friend.

Even ‘this’.

‘If’ they did ‘this’.

He frowned as his fingers raked and scrubbed … raked … scrubbed … raked, and—scrubbed through his hair. He let out a disgusted harrumph. Some friend he was turning out to be after all these years. Supposedly Cayce’s ‘best’ friend. Yeah, and—fucking clueless. How had he not realized how deeply this … this … whatever this was … had gone? He should have realized it. He should have been on top of it. He should have been there for Cayce. He’d let him down on this over the years. By duck fuck, he wasn’t going to let him down on this again. He was going to ‘do’ … ‘be’ … whatever Cayce needed. Even ‘this’.

Hell, he’d even proposition Mike to join in with them at some point. Well, if Cayce wanted, needed, more than one dick. He doubted Mike would turn down a proposal like that. And, it was Mike Stoneleigh, one of their closest, most trusted friends. Mike would be safe for Cayce. Mike’d protect Cayce to the death, just like he would. ‘If’ Cayce wanted it, of course. Yeah. ‘If’ Cayce wanted it.

It was all about Cayce.

God—the hot water pummeling him felt good. He hated to get out but he knew he better—soon—or, he’d start looking like the neck of a turtle. Everywhere. But, fuck—this felt good. It was just the deep relaxation he needed right now. He desperately wanted this to be good. Yeah—good for him, but—so much more for Cayce.

If this went south?

If this blew up in their faces…?

No! It wouldn’t. It couldn’t go bad. Reggie wouldn’t allow it to be anything but perfect. He was nervous. Not because of the subject. No way. Not because of what they were going to do. Fat chance on that one. A blow job? From his best friend? Oh, hell yeah. This was going to be righteous to the max. No doubt. But. He was nervous. Nervous for one reason and only one reason.


He didn’t want Cayce to think he had any qualms about what they were going to do or that he was the least bit uncomfortable about it. Even if he was nervous as shit right now. This was huge. This was way huge! But, this was all about Cayce after all. Of course ‘he’ also got a nice benefit out of the deal. Definitely a ‘win-win’ situation—like he had told Cayce earlier.

He smiled thinking about the possibilities. He’d made sure to thoroughly scrub every inch of his hard body with his signature body wash. He knew Cayce liked that on him. Best to be ‘all over’ clean, since one just never knew where something like this might go. It would, in all likelihood, just be an awesome blow job assuming it all went as planned, but, he was never one to rule out more if Cayce wanted it, and—could handle it.

Another soft chuckle to himself. Any straight guy that turned down a blow job, just because it was from a guy, really was nuts and not very secure in his own masculinity. A mouth really was just a mouth and heck if your dick could tell the difference. He could just close his eyes if it bothered him that much. Sheesh. Didn’t everyone know that guys, especially gay guys, gave ‘the’ best blow jobs? Damn right they did, bar none. Hell, even some ‘straight’ guys gave some fucking serious good head. The BDU boys proved that on a semi-regular basis.

Yeah, most women really didn’t go the distance when it came to giving head. At least, not in his experience. They usually finished it off with their hand rather than taking it to the goal post with their mouth. Of course, that was all dependent on one crucial point. The big ‘if’. ‘If’ you could even convince a gal to suck you off in the first place. Sheah, right. Good luck with that one most of the time. Especially for uncut guys, something he had heard a few of the guys at the fire station complaining about even though they kept their favorite toy scrupulously clean. Especially prior to any sex. A pick up for the night? A girlfriend? A wife? A blow job? The way those guys talked it was ‘forget about it’ and that was all she wrote. Of course, they didn’t seem to mind having the man go down on them.

No blow job he ever got from a woman, at any time—high school, college, even the gals he dated now and then around here—could ever come close to the mind blowing orgasms he had from the incredibly talented mouth of another guy. And, go figure—most guys swallowed. Top that one. Just try. Amazing. Really amazing how fantastic it felt to not have to pull out before he came. That was probably the best part—shooting his load while still in a hot, wet, sucking mouth—and most straight guys never got to experience it. Well too bad for them. Their loss.

Gals had no idea how to really handle a dick, and they got seriously grossed out if the tiniest bit of cum found its way into their pretty little mouths. What a crock, that. Talk about a date killer. The door was hitting you in the ass before you finished stuffing the anaconda back into its denim cage….


A guy sucking on another guy’s cock just made perfect sense. A guy knows exactly what another guy is feeling—lick here, swirl there, bob and corkscrew all the way down and back … how to hold a cock with a good grip, when and where to be rougher, grip tighter and what things would please another guy the most. Some guys even asked just to be sure you were totally down with what they were doing. You like this? Is this okay? Harder? Faster? Tighter? More? Less?

As nervous as Cayce might be about this, Reggie was also relatively sure that he was super eager to wrap his hot mouth around his ‘beautiful cock’. Wow. Cayce thought his dick was beautiful? He had actually ‘said’ that? No girl had ever told him that. He had received a gasp or two and an appreciative ‘oh fuck, look at this monster’ from some of the BDU boys at the military installation … but…. Wow. He had to smile when Cayce said that. At least inwardly. Okay—maybe on the outside, too. Along with what he was sure was a very nice blush.

When it came right down to it, there wasn’t anything he wouldn’t do for his lifelong best friend and well, this was just one of those things that needed to be done. Better it be Reggie—whom he knew Cayce trusted with his life, and—his secret cock suck curiosity—than heavens knows who else.

Reggie couldn’t say that when he was getting his cock sucked by one of those hot milstuds over at that hookup site by the military installation, that he’d never thought about what it might be like looking down and seeing Cayce’s handsome face looking back up at him or Cayce bobbing and swirling as he sucked and slurped on his thick dick. Reggie wondered, would Cayce cum when he blew his load down his throat? Would he swallow every drop? Or, maybe he’d swallow the first few volleys and then let Reggie blow the rest all over his face.

Marking his territory.

What a hot thought! Some of the military guys ‘really’ loved it when he did that.

Yeah—maybe not.

That might be more than Cayce was ready for. Would he ever be ready for that? It was okay if not. Maybe they’d just make it a post-game tradition every week. He wondered, too—would Cayce be bold enough to pull out his own throbber and jack it while he was sucking Reggie?

Reggie wondered how many loads had Cayce rubbed out over the years as he thought and dreamed about his cock? How many stolen glances in the locker rooms, showers, pools, each of their bedrooms … the skinny dips in the river … the pool? Well now, he was going to find out just what those lush lips felt like around his cock.

Well, the curiosity was about to be satisfied. If Cayce wanted it? Cayce was gonna get it.

He grinned remembering the shocked look on his buddy’s face when he offered up his throbbing snake to work out that curiosity. It was priceless. He should have pulled out his phone and snapped a shot for posterity. No way could Cayce ever have anticipated ‘that’ offer coming from Reggie. Not in a million years.

Just thinking about that hot wet mouth and tongue action on his dick, he was starting to chub. He could feel his dick pulsing and his nuts were churning. He glanced down and noted his shaft thickening with every beat of his heart. It was Cayce. He wondered if he should try to control the moment or should he let Cayce take the lead? Or—would that scare the fuck out of him before they even got started? Better be safe and think about dead possums for a while.

One dead possum. Two dead possums. Three dead pos….

Reggie’s left hand sailed across the shower once again and waved under another motion activated spout. A thick glob of gel filled his hand; he moved immediately to working it across his face, chin, upper lip and then reached for the shower-safe shaver. Probably unnecessary, but … again … this was all for Cayce. He wanted everything to be as perfect as possible. Even him. If that was possible. He was honored Cayce wanted to do this with him but he was still kinda bewildered. Mike Stoneleigh was so much hotter in so many different categories. Oh well, Cayce wanted him and he was going to let him have anything … any part … of him that he wanted.

His shower, shave, shampoo and rinse complete, Reggie reached behind him and flipped the brushed stainless lever. The water stopped flowing and spraying and pouring from all of the jets and spickets and rain heads simultaneously.




Deep breath.

“Show time.”

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