Taking Raines’ Mouth

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Chapter 1

Luke Weatherford lifted the bottle of BHM’s “Hanging Horn Beer” to his lips and swigged. It was definitely one of his favorites from the good selection of craft beers produced by the Bent Horn Microbrewery. A town as small as this and they had their own microbrewery that made some high quality—award-winning—beers right smack dab in the heart of the Texas Hill Country. How cool was that?

An amazing and somewhat mystifying enterprise, BHM was the brainchild of the unlikely partnership of two of their classmates—Donovan ’Vanny’ Burmeister, a former All-State, All-American athlete and Hanfeld ’D-Boi’ Dombrowski, openly gay and more inclined to make-up artistry and New York Fashion Week and its glittering runways than ‘beer’ in such a rural area. Or, so everyone thought. Whatever the reasoning behind their partnership in the microbrewery, it worked. Oh man did it work. Folks drove a hundred miles or more just to stock up on the select varieties of award-winning beer, sometimes snatching up a new brew before it even got reviewed.

Luke swallowed slowly, allowing the drink to massage its way down his throat. A slow burn spread. He nodded his approval. And, he swigged again.

He stole a quick glance to his side and studied his best friend. Chestnut hair with streaks of copper was illuminated by the big screen television across the room. His near emerald green eyes sparkled with the movement on the TV. High cheekbones and a square jaw were set—confident and strong in a mellow resolve. Twin dimples deepened when he grinned at an observation coming from one of the commentators for the game that they were watching. Raines’ beautifully proportioned pecs rose and fell in gentle accord with his breathing.

God—he was beautiful. Straight as he was, Luke had to admit it without question. Raines was truly beautiful. There was simply no denying the fact.

A commercial during one of the breaks in the game was showing two guys—lovers, boyfriends, partners, husbands, whatever—buying their first home together through a realtor who looked, acted, and talked like he knew first-hard where the guys were coming from, or—headed. It brought his thoughts back to a series of conversations and text messages that he had over the last year or so with his and Raines’ other two closest friends—Mace and Tegan.

The guys were strongly inclined to believe that Raines was gay. Not only that he was gay, but that he was into dick. Not only ‘into’ dick but was hungry to have dick ‘in’ him. Ergo, they believed that Raines was a closet case bottom waiting to be brought out into the open.

Luke had been quick to jump to his closest friend’s defense in these discussions. There was no way. No friggin’ way that Raines could be gay and that he didn’t know. That he didn’t pick up on it.

They had nearly come to blows once over that ludicrous idea. Raines gay? Not a chance in hell. They had been best friends since, well, forever. Grew up together, did everything together, practically lived at each other’s home’s as kids and even now as adults. School, sports, pretty much everything. Even double dates and the like. Commiserated with each other over what a bitch last week’s girl was. They shared everything with each other and had no secrets from each other. None. Nada. If you found one, the other wasn’t far. Luke was absolutely positive he’d know if his closest friend, tightest, best buddy was hiding such a huge whopper of a secret. Nuh uh.

Try as he might though, Luke was never able to dissuade the guys of their feelings about his best buddy. Try as ‘they’ might, they were never able to convince him that they were right.

He would never admit it to them. Never. Admit. It. To. Them.



There was an inkling in the pit of his stomach that he could not seem to purge.

During this ‘two guys buy a house together’ commercial, Luke took occasion to shoot sideways glances toward Raines. His friend was very still. Very quiet. Breathing? He was unsure. There went the ‘inkles’ again.

Was it possible?

Could the guys be right?

Was he that clueless?

He could feel it boiling and bubbling in the very core of his balls. And, he could feel it as it began its trek upward toward his mouth and headed for his lips. Luke knew that at this particular moment there was no way that he could hold back the comment that was kicking at the backdoor of his teeth and refused to be held in check any longer.

“Are you a dick slurper?”

Raines Dalkowitz slowly shifted his focus from the television to his best friend’s handsome face. Luke was the hottest guy around. Everyone knew it. Everyone said it. Even Raines had to silently admit it; emphasis on ‘silently’. He knew that he would never hear the end of it if Luke found out that he thought he was hot as fuck. Even hotter than fuck, if that was possible.

“I don’t have to be gay to give you some fashion tips, dude,” Raines said finally with a snort-n-chuckle. He reached over and flicked at the sleeveless tee that his friend was wearing. “As much as I love Conan Doyle’s creations, a midnight blue The Hound of the Baskervilles tee does not go with purple and yellow checkered basketball shorts.”

The swigs stopped abruptly and Luke looked down. He examined his wardrobe. He frowned. His free hand smoothed over his chest; the massive hound with a head that looked to be the size of a SUV stared up at him. He could almost feel the animal eyeing him, licking its chops … he could almost hear the low rumble that started deep within its guts and then grew as it passed through its chest and up into its throat. A bark that could shake the bolts out of a Hummer would follow.

What the hell was wrong with his ‘Hounds’ tee?

Nice way to avoid the question there, buddy.

Luke shrugged and shot a look across the couch; his expression was a mix of a slightly perturbed glare and a rather adorable pout.

“What can I say? I’m ‘the’ All-American jock. ‘I’ dress for success, Dude.”

“‘You’ dress for shit,” Raines said, continuing his sarcastic tone. “You’re the best looking, hottest guy around. Ever wondered why you don’t get laid ‘every’ weekend? ‘Every’ day? Hell, ‘every’ … friggin’ … hour?” He flicked at his friend’s tee once more and his brow shot upward as if to emphasize the point. “‘This’ is not a fuck me or blow me now look.”

He paused for one … two … three. His brow arched and he threw out a smirk that somehow only deepened the handsomeness of his face. “Dude”.

Luke’s head tilted. He squinted back to the television for a moment. He studied the last play as it was rewound from a billion different angles. He nodded his approval of the choice the coach had made. He swigged at his beer. He considered the words that had come from his best friend’s mouth.

“You think I’m hot?”

Raines snorted.

“What?” Luke’s question was defensive.


“What?” Luke shifted in place as he prepared for the next ambush on his looks or, more specifically—his wardrobe choices.

Raines snorted again. He leaned back into the plush cushions of the ‘L-shaped’ nine-foot couch and looked back to the big 60” screen across the room. Should he really go there? He knew it would make for a long, drawn out back-n-forth with his friend. Worse—no matter what, he would end up on the wrong end of the stick. He swigged at his bottle and sighed. Oh well, what the hell. They were already mid-quick sand here.

“That’s all you got out of my critique of your style? The fact that you … sizzle?”

Luke’s head tilted as he considered the question. He nodded. Yeah—that about covered it.

“You’re right. You said best looking ‘and’ hottest, now that I think about it.”

Raines shook his head. Yep—shouldn’t have gone there.

“Yeah … yeah. You ‘are’ the hottest guy around. But you could turn up the heat megatemperatureally and melt granite and tungsten if you dressed the part.”



Long, ear crushing silence filled the room like a thick fog moving inland off the San Francisco Bay. Of course, that would be an epic event since they were in the Texas Hill Country, but still….

Wait. Good looking? Hot? Sizzle? Megawhatever?

Luke drained his bottle and twirled it in his long, strong fingers. Fingers that had been clocked releasing a baseball and sending it hurtling at more than 100 mph during his athletic career. Why had he turned down a gazillion dollar contract with the Major Leagues? He could run. He could hit. He had a delivery that left the catcher’s mitts smoking. He had been MVP on 3 out of 4 College World Series Championships….

Oh. Yeah. Because he had other dreams that went beyond the curve of a ball and the tip of a baseball bat. A twisted hand dealt by the gods of irony?


All four of them—Raines, Mason ‘Mace’ Braun, Tegan Everly and him—raced out of here after high school to take the world by storm. And, in their own ways, they had done just that. Mace put in four years in the military, served his country well, rose rapidly through the ranks and then got out to come home and take the reins of the family business after his dad’s crippling accident. Under Mace’s astute leadership, it had really flourished.

Raines was the hottest QB in college football for four years. The NFL was chomping at the bit for a shot at him. But Raines wanted something else. Something more than money and fame. He kind of hated the limelight anyway. Always had. He wanted to be a firefighter just like his Uncle Reggie Cooke.

Raines finished first in his Fire Sciences class, and had offers from Fire Departments all over the state. But his home and his heart had always lain in Bent Horn County and it’s Fire Department where he was currently a ‘probie’. His Uncle Reggie was extremely proud of him as were his parents and siblings, grandparents and friends.

He even did Fire Safety lectures at the local schools and always had female school staff sending him home with every sort of casserole, food dish and baked goods imaginable. Most trying to curry favor with one of the hottest young firestuds to come along in a while. Well, after his Uncle Reggie anyway.

Tegan? He had the prowess and talent to make #87 look like a bench warmer up there in New England. He and Raines had blown the college football world apart in their accomplishments. But no. Strike two for the NFL. Tegan came home once he had his degrees in hand. Elementary and Secondary Education and Kinesiology. He wanted to teach at one of the Middle Schools in the Bent Horn County Independent School District. They happily snapped him up. The local boy made good and now returning hero. A teacher and soccer coach not only well qualified but very familiar with the local traditions and school rivalries. Turns out he had reached his dream but really had no idea what he’d gotten himself into.

And, now?

All of them. Each and every one. Was back home in Bent Horn County, Texas.



“You think I’m good looking ‘and’ hot. You said it yourself.”

Raines’ eyes rolled. Sigh.

Feed a piranha and it just wants more friggin’ flesh to….

“Why did I even go there?”

Another deafening silence filled the room. Finally, Luke smirked into the short space between the two of them.

“Are you gay?”

Raines face scrunched. Talk about bewildered…. His mouth opened. A garble of gnarled words attempted to escape his lips before his mouth snapped shut like a bear trap; considering the obscure direction of this conversation, Raines decided that maybe this would be a good time to redirect the subject.

“Dream on.”

Swig—1. Swig—2. Swig—3. Okay, he couldn’t redirect. Redirect, or—let it go. He had to know what Luke meant by that ‘gay’ question.

“How did we go from the topic of your ‘for shit’ wardrobe to the idea of me being gay, anyway?”

“Well, you said….”

“Oh for bejeebers’ fuck,” Raines said with a groan of frustration. “Yes. You’re good looking. Yes. You’re hot as fuck. You have the body that girls drool over and guys envy and wish they had.” He turned his full attention to his best friend. “I’m intimidated by your looks whenever we go out because everyone falls at your feet in full-on worship mode.” He took a deep breath and sighed. “There. Satisfied?”

Luke grinned and nodded. Sounded good to him.

Of course, his beyond clueless friend was also a complete moron. Nearly all of those oohs and aahs and goo bombs and salivating tongue-across-lips moves were not for him. Not … ‘entirely’. He was well aware of the fact that his friend was the true killer in the looks department. Raines was seriously hot. All the food and baked goods women showered him with could attest to that. He was serious hot but also cute as fuck in that boy next door with muscles and abs way of his. Luke hated to admit it, even silently … the fire fightin’ stud puppy had a monster of a cock. Not as monstrous as his, mind you, but a good back up.

“No,” he said finally. “But … it’s a start.”

“That’s all you’re gonna get out of me.”

Luke reached for the remote and flipped to one of the other games. He frowned when a soft chuckle drifted between them.

“What now?”

“Your head is big enough as it is.”

Luke reached down and stroked the thick cock currently resting beneath the silk of his basketball shorts and snickered.

“Yeah—it is kinda big, huh? You should see it when it’s bonerized to the max.”

“I’ve seen more than enough of it through the years. We’ve been naked around each other practically since our baby powder days. Even during our 3-way with that girl—Allie—at the beach fling during break, if you can remember that far back.” Yeah, as if. It wasn’t ‘that’ far back. Just a few months before their college graduation. “I’ll pass on a private showing, thank you very much.”

“I’m just saying,” Luke offered as he gave his cock a few more strokes. It was responding to the attention and he knew it was too late to back off now. He could feel it yawn, start to stretch, begin to raise its head and look around to see what had awoken it. Luke’d just have to play off whatever came up in the next few minutes. Minutes? With his cock history, hours was more like it. He shot another glance in his friend’s direction, just in time to see a throat bob. He noted that Raines’ eyes were glued to his hand as it continued the slow, almost leisurely massage of his cock.

Maybe the guys are right after all?

“You know, considering….” Luke said as he continued to stroke his lengthening cock. There it was. Another throat bob. Huh. Go figure.

Raines pulled in a deep breath and let it sizzle back out through his clenched teeth, grumbling to himself. He knew better than to go there but he bit on it anyway. And just like that, he plunged into the deep end of the pool.

“You’re just saying…?”

“I’m just saying that if you ‘are’ gay, it’s cool. I’m okay with that,” Luke said as he felt his cock twitch and flutter and start it’s trek toward full bonehood. He spread his legs, casually adjusted himself on the couch and then continued stroking his ever lengthening cock. “I mean, hell, a best friend that’s a cock slurper could be a really beneficial thing for both of us.”

Cock slurper? Me? A cock slur…. What the hell…?

Raines’ eyes darted toward the television momentarily and then dropped back to study the still growing bulge in those purple checkered basketball shorts. A bulge that was increasing in girth by the nanosecond. He looked up—into his best friend’s eyes. Eyes that he had known his entire life. Eyes that he ‘knew’ better than anyone else’s—even better than his own staring back at him from the mirror in the morning, at night, in the rearview….

Or, so he thought. Right now those eyes were boring into him. Into his head. Into his brain. Into his soul.

Raines felt his face clouding. Talk about bewildered. What in the name of Hell was Luke talking about? Where did he suddenly come up with the idea that he was gay? What the hell? He was a firefighter for crying out loud. Firefighters were certainly not allowed to be gay, were they? No, of course not. It said so in the official firefighters bible on page 243. Didn’t it?

Hell-squared … he even had a girlfriend! How many times had they ‘shared’ a girl over the years? Well, okay. You could count that on less than four fingers. Bad example.

Raines rolled his shoulders and put on his fightin’ face. He was thrilled that his voice followed suit with a threatening tone as it drifted between them. Well, as threatening as he could sound with his lifelong best friend.

“If you pull that slab of kielbasa out and start pumping it in front of me, I’m outta here,” he warned.

Luke grinned. Amusement. And, more. He loved a challenge.

“No. You won’t leave. You can’t leave. You’ll sit right there and you’ll watch me stroke it. You’ll ‘stare’ at it. You’ll ‘study’ it. You’ll ‘memorize’ every curve, every vein, every ‘anything’ about it. As if you were seeing it, really seeing it for the very first time. You’ll ‘listen’ to it gurgle and squish between my fingers. You’ll concentrate on the living, throbbing, goo-oozing beast that it transforms into and you will focus on it so completely that you will find the rest of the world evaporating from your thoughts. Everything else will just fade into the background.”

“You will focus on the beast. Completely. You will concentrate on the beast. You will ‘live’ … for … the beast. You’ll find yourself intoxicated by the musky scent as it swirls inside your nostrils. So thick. So powerful. Taste … the … scent. Taste it. Savor it. Breathe it in. Hunger … for … it.”

“Yes. That’s what it is—‘intoxicating’. You’ll become ‘mesmerized’ by the glistening velvetiness of it, by the monster ‘shroom, by the sheath ‘sliding’ back and forth. Up and ‘down’. Going up and ‘down’ and back and….”

What the hell was Luke droning on about? Why was he emphasizing certain words in that slow, lazy drawl of his? His rich masculine voice was so soothing somehow. So melodic. Syrupy honey and the silkiest bourbon. Always had been. But tonight? He was outdoing himself in ‘silky’ and ‘smooth’.

Raines’ mind was saying get up and walk out before Luke completely went over the edge of whatever cliff he was standing on and took Raines with him—plummeting into the crashing torrents far below….

Okay—edit that. Don’t ‘walk’ out. Run! Run for his life!

And, yet—his feet took no notice of the slowly rising panic. They weren’t going anywhere. His body was still snuggled into the comfy cushions of the luxurious couch at Luke’s place. It was like he was pinned to the spot, unable to move. Transfixed. Indeed, mesmerized. Held prisoner. Unable to do what his sense of good judgment was telling him—move!—get the fuck outta here. Now!

“You’ll become so fully focused on it that you’ll hardly realize that you’re ‘sinking’ closer and closer to it by the second. You may be surprised but at the same time … ‘hungry’ for it … as it slips between those pouty ‘lips’ of yours and you ‘take’ your first delicious ‘taste’ of it. Your mind will say back off and run for your life while your body says no, ‘stay’, get what you ‘need’ from Luke. From Luke’s cock…. You will ‘surrender’ to the beast that is the focus of your growing hunger. Even now. Your lips will slurp their way farther ‘down on it’ and the shaft will ‘sink deeper’ into your mouth and press against your throat … knocking for it to ‘open up to it’ and take it inside and make itself at home.”


Raines swallowed hard.

His eyes focused more intently even as they rolled up into his brain, only to be pushed back out where they belonged and focused harder … more completely. His brain. Yeah, his tornadic brain tried to fathom what was happening. How?

Like a magician, Luke manipulated his shorts down. He began to stroke his burgeoning cock. The massive head was already leaking its precious juice. His thumb slid up and over and then his fingers clenched lovingly into a slick-n-slide down his shaft … echoing their progress along the way.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. That cock is so perfect. So beautiful. So….

“You’ll automatically ‘start breathing deeply’ and pulling in as much of ‘my’ dick and ball ‘scent’ as you can get. ‘My dick’ in ‘your mouth’ will feel amazing … ‘natural’ … and ‘right’. It will feel like ‘your mouth’ was ‘meant to be stuffed with’ my ‘dick’. Like that is the way that it should be … ‘now’, and—‘always’. Then ‘you’ll come’ to the realization that ‘this is’ where you are ‘meant to be’. Where you were always meant to be. Here. Now. Completely focused on my beautiful cock.”

Luke’s hand made another full circle and then up and over and down….

Throat bob.

Luke smirked. Amused. Lust rising. Dominance skyrocketing from deep inside. This impromptu monolog seemed to be working even better than he’d imagined when he came up with the spur of the moment idea. Remembering how one of his college psychology professors had spoken in a similar fashion, showing them the power words can have, with the proper delivery, and no one had caught on to what he was demonstrating until he had them look around the room at some of their more susceptible classmates.

“Right here, Rainey. Right now. This is where you want to be. Where you need to be. Here. With a dick in your mouth. A dick owning you and possessing you and giving you what you need for that growing hunger deep inside that you never realized had been there all this time. But you’re beginning to realize it now.”

Throat bob. And, another. And, his eyes were blinking faster. Pupils enlarged slightly. A lip lick. Another. Raines was licking his lips. His throat bobbed again.

Holy. Fuck. The guys ‘are’ right!

How was it that he had never picked up on it? Was he that clueless? Was Rainey that good an actor? Fuck! They were right! Rainey was into cock! Rainey was into cock and Luke’s cock would be ‘in’ Raines before long.

“Right here … where ‘you belong’—those lips ‘wrapped around my cock’. It’s … just … the way it is. ‘Accept’ it. Acknowledge ‘it’. ‘Let go’ and release the ‘hungry’ beast that is ‘deep inside’. Get … what … ‘you’ … ‘hunger’ … for.”


Luke’s voice seemed even slower than before. Even more melodic.

And, there ‘it’ was. Every thick, throbbing, dripping inch of Luke’s enormous cock. Right there in front of him. So very close to his face.


That weird cadence of Luke’s words was doing something to his brain, but what? The TV, heck the entire room had ceased to exist. His cotton wrapped brain had only one focus.


Luke’s cock.

He’d been listening so closely and had been so attentive to Luke’s words slicing their way into his brain that he never noticed them being shucked down his friend’s powerful legs but those disgusting purple checkered basketball shorts were down below Luke’s knees, shimmering in the light being thrown off the big screen.

When had he done that?

‘How’ had he done that?

And, Luke’s cock. Every fucking massive, commanding inch of Luke’s dominant cock.

Right there.

In front of him.

Shimmering. Dancing. Waving. Throbbing.

Luke’s cock glistened. Drawing him in. Glistening. Squishing. Glistening. Squishing….

He ‘did’ feel the hunger. He had held it in check for so long. He had battled it since…. Since…. Fuck—since middle school? Luke … and … Mace and … Tegan. Yes—Luke’s cock. Mace’s cock. Tegan’s….

He felt his armor loosen. He could almost hear plates of that armor crashing to the floor around them.



When had the fingers of Luke’s left hand sifted their way into his hair? Gently combing from spike and bangs to spike and then taking a confident, firm hold to guide him closer, closer … closer.

“Luke, what are you….”

“Shh…. It’s okay, Rainey. Just relax. It’s okay,” Luke said softly as he took a firmer hold of his best friend’s thick chestnut hair. “It’s okay…. Let go and go down on it. I know you want it. I know you need it. I want you to go down on it for me.”

Raines half-heartedly attempted to pull back just before the glistening tip of Luke’s cock brushed his lips. It left a trail of goo behind it as it went left to right … right to left … left to…. His eyes rolled into his head as the potent aroma sailed through his nostrils and blasted straight into his brain.

“Yeah, that’s it, buddy,” Luke cooed in response. “Snort on that sweet, thick, musky scent.”

Raines didn’t understand it. He couldn’t fathom it. But—he obeyed. He breathed it in. He held it deep. And then, he breathed more. And more. And….


All Luke.

Pure Luke.

Nothing … but … Luke.

Those basketball shorts hit the floor at Luke’s feet just before his glistening cock pressed against Raines’ lips.

“Open your mouth, Rainey.”

What the hell?

“Open your mouth.”

How the hell is this happening?

Raines breathed in. Another thick mass of Lukeroma sailed into his lungs … spread throughout his being … flooded his senses—permeated his soul.

“That’s it. Feed that growing hunger. Open up for me, buddy..”

How the hell is this happen….

“That’s it,” Luke crooned seductively. “Just open up for it. Get what you need….” Luke applied more pressure … held Raines’ head more firmly in place. “Kiss it. Kiss it … and open up … for it.”

And, Raines did just that. His brain was suddenly lost in a vortex of swirling thoughts, he obediently kissed the huge head of Luke’s throbbing cock. He kissed it once. He kissed it again. He kissed it a third time, and then Luke’s cock made its move. It spread his lips wide and began to slide into his mouth….

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