Taking Raines’ Mouth

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Jonathan Longhorn

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Chapter 2


Raines’ best friend’s cock slipped between his lips. Spreading them wide as it sank inside. His tongue shifted into auto-lick mode as the fat, drooling head carved a path across it.


Luke’s goo.





Luke’s goo. Spreading over his tongue. Coating the roof of his mouth. Inviting him to taste … to savor … to feast on it.

“Suck it, Rainey,” Luke said as he gripped his friend’s hair more fully. Holding his head in place. “Suck it, man.”

“Mmph.” Swirl. “Mmph.” Suck. “Mmph.” Bob and twist and swirl. “Mmph…. Mmph…. Mmph….”

“Yeah, that’s it, Rainey. Show me what a good cocksucker you are.”

Cocksucker? Me? What the fuck?

The head slipped from Raines’ lips and he looked up into Luke’s eyes. Luke’s eyes, boring hotly into his soul—just like his scent—as it began sweeping through his brain.

What was the question?

There was a question.

He was sure he had a question. He was going to ask Luke…. He was going to ask Luke…. What the fuck was he going to ask Luke? Oh, yeah. It was something about…? Wait. What was the question?


He couldn’t remember. His brain had gone blank. All he could think about, all he could focus on was Luke’s intoxicating masculine scent. That scent and that slick, thick, pungent goo. That scent and that goo, and—that cock.

Oh fuck, that long, thick, gorgeous cock.

Winking at him.

Shimmering. Throbbing. Drooling.

His best friend’s cock.

Luke’s cock.

Why was he doing this? Why was he sucking Luke’s cock? He had no fucking idea. They were watching the game. They were putting down a drink or two. They were barbing and jawing at each other like always. And, then—boom ‘n wham. Here he was. With Luke’s cock pressing against his lips once more and he was opening for it. Opening for it and taking it back in his mouth—his lips sliding down the thick shaft … his tongue, swirling and licking….

“Mmm, yeah,” Luke moaned as he pumped his hips upward and drove another inch of his thick shaft into Raines’ mouth. “Fuck, Rainey. You’ve … ugh … been holding out on me.”

Raines tried to pull off Luke’s cock but his friend had a firm grasp of his hair. His fingers were locked tight. He wasn’t going anywhere. Not anytime soon. Nowhere but farther down on that throbbing shaft of meat. He drew in another lung bursting snort of Luke scent and his brain swirled farther out of synch … more completely out of control. He snorted again. And again. And again.

“Deep breath, buddy,” Luke directed as he rose to his feet. “Take it all in, man.” His cock never left Raines’ sucking, swirling, bobbing mouth as he pulled his buddy off the couch with him. He rose to his feet … he pulled Raines from his nearly prone position to his knees.


He was on his knees!

He was on his knees between Luke’s legs!

That beautiful, throbbing, dripping cock was driving deeper into his mouth. So deep, in fact—it was banging against the door of his throat. No way. No fucking way! Surely Luke wasn’t planning on taking his throat with this monster meat slab?

His thought evaporated as he glanced up and connected with Luke’s eyes. His gaze intent. Confident. Lust fueled. Their eyes locked and Luke pumped and pumped into his mouth, and—smacked over and over against his throat.

“Yeah, that’s it, Rainey,” Luke gasped out. “Open up for it. Show me how much you want it. Relax your throat and let me in all the way. I know you want to. Show me that you’re a cocksucker. A really good cocksucker who can take all of it.”


“Breathe, Rainey.”







“That’s it. Relax your throat. Open up for me. All the way.”








“That’s it,” Luke said as he gripped his best friend’s hair even tighter. “That’s it, cocksucker.”


Again with the ‘cocksucker’ comments?

“That’s it, cocksucker. You want it, huh? You want it fucking its way down your throat, don’t you?”


Holy fuck!

Was Luke really going to…?

He was, wasn’t he? Luke ‘did’ want to take Raines’ throat. He wanted him to swallow this battering ram of a cock. He wanted him, his best friend to be his cocksucker. To take it. To swallow it. To feast on and savor his load. And, more. He wanted to fuck that beautiful ass. He wanted Rains to be his bitch. That was where this was going. Right?

Luke wanted to take his ass. Luke wanted to fuck him. To make him his personal bitch. Maybe his and only his. Or, maybe—he wanted to share him with Mace and Tegan? Was that where Luke was going to take this? Turn him into a bitch for his three best friends of his life? Maybe even some of their other buddies like their ‘brewery buddies—Dombrowski and Burmeister?

His cock throbbed and his pucker lips tingled at those thoughts.

Another piece of armor banged to the floor.

Fuck! Is that what he wanted, too?

As he gazed up into his friend’s eyes, Raines felt his entire body fall into a fevered hunger. He didn’t recognize. He couldn’t identify. He was unable to wrap his brain around. Raines had never felt it before. Or at least, he didn’t think he had ever…. Or, maybe he had just kept it locked and guarded so tightly that even ‘he’ didn’t recognize its existence. Yeah. Maybe that was it?

But, it was here.



A growing hunger.

An ever increasing need.

He wanted it.

Oh. Fucking. Hell! He wanted it.

Oh, fuck—he wanted it!

Luke felt it, too. He felt Raines submitting to him. Holy fuck what a total power rush! Raines was submitting to him. Yielding. Offering himself to be taken any way that Luke chose. He could feel it. He could see it in his eyes. He could feel it in his body easing up under his touch.

Rainey was submitting.

Submitting … to … him.

“Tell me, Rainey,” he said with a soft and tender, yet powerful air of dominant authority. The focus of power in their relationship was definitely shifting. “Tell me you want my cock. Tell me you’re hungry for it.”

Raines couldn’t think straight. Hell—he couldn’t think at all. And, he couldn’t say a word because his mouth was suddenly stuffed once more and was being fucked into total submission.

Thick. Throbbing. Drooling. Cock. Luke’s cock. Taking his mouth. Dominating his mouth. Owning his mouth. Making his mouth its new home.

“Yeah, that’s it,” Luke purred. “Suck it. Suck my dick. Take it, cocksucker. Yeah, I knew you wanted my cock. You wanna be my cocksucker, don’t you. Say it, Rainey. Tell me what you want.”

Luke pulled his cock back and allowed it to ‘pop’ from Raines’ mouth. He held it firm and slapped his best friend’s face … his chin … those luscious lips. He slapped Raines’ face and he smeared it with glob after glob of his streaming goo. Almost as if he was permanently marking his new territory.

“Say it,” he said more forcefully. The dominance of his best friend clearly evident in his voice now. His right hand slid back into that thick chestnut hair and took firm hold. He pressed his cock back into Raines’ mouth and stroked. And stroked. And stroked. And then, he pulled it back out with another ‘pop’. “Say it, cocksucker.”

What the fucking hell is going on here?

There was no fucking way that Raines would ever admit that he wanted….

“I want it,” Raines choked out. Hoarse. Barely audible. “I want it.”

Wait. Where the Hell did that come from?

Luke grinned and slapped his friend’s face several more times with his throbbing cock. He pressed it into Raines’ mouth and pumped a good, solid, commanding dozen times and then, ‘pop’ it was back out and drooling over Raines’ chin and lips.

“Tell me,” he said—his cock slaps harder … more commanding … taking a firmer control of the moment. Of Raines. “Tell me what you want. What you need.”

Raines gazed upward beyond that massive slab of cock that was leaking rivers of Luke’s juices over his face. Juices running down his chin. Rivers … dripping down his chest. He gazed upward, still and was pulled into his handsome best friend’s eyes. Eyes that were enveloping him. Possessing him. Owning him.

“I want your cock.”

“Why? Tell me why you want my dick?”

Fuck if I know! I just know I want it. I’ve wanted it for so long….


Luke took a stronger hold on his best friend’s head. He felt time stop. Hell—the Earth stopped spinning.


Raines felt the Earth groan to a stop on its axis. He felt Time itself hold its breath. Here it was. Here was the defining moment. And the last plate of armor fell to the floor.

“Because … I’m … a … cocksucker.”

Luke grinned. Triumphant. Confident. Preparing to do just that.

“Open your mouth.”

Raines’ lips parted and his mouth opened for Luke’s cock to take complete ownership.

“Good boy.”

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