Ten Years Later V
"Our First 'Date'"
By Joey E

I present you the fifth installment of this story, "Ten Years Later", the story about two guys reunited at their high school reunion. If gay sex and two dudes going at it is not your thing, then you're free to leave at any moment. If you are under 21 (or 18 in some areas), you must leave now. This story is winding down with this being the second to last part. Thanks to all who have responded through email about this story to me. This is a work of fiction, blah blah blah. Copyrighted 2005. All rights reserved. No unauthorized reproduction in any form is permitted.

His hand immediately went down to the bulge in my shorts. Though I had just shot a load less than an hour ago, I was aroused. Being around your fantasy man will do that to you. However, I grabbed his hand and stopped him. This wasn't going to be all about me again.

"What?" he asked.

I got up and immediately knelt down in front of him. "It's time for me to have some fun," I explained as I groped his package.

"Aw, yeah Joey!"

Now, it was my turn to enjoy his whole body. I took my time, being that I had dreamed about this moment time and time again in my wildest fantasies. Sure, I had saw him naked before this, and felt him up too. But this time, I was going to do what I wanted. And Jase didn't look like he minded either.

I pushed him down on his couch and lifted his shirt up over his head, exposing his muscular chest and torso.

"Damn" I whispered as I ran my hand over his smooth chest. I pinched his nipple, which immediately went erect. I swooped down and nibbled on it as he gasped. I licked my way over to the other side and treated the left nipple with the same treatment.

"Yeah, they're sensitive, bud," he whispered.

I grinned up at him and licked my way down his stomach. My right hand drifted up his hairy leg and fell right into his package. I could see the bulge in his boxer briefs and felt it up. It was hard and ready and I had to have it. I licked my way back up to his face and kissed him hard, grinding myself into him. I felt the heat radiating from his body. Yep, this stud was ready to go again. There was a wet spot forming where the head of his cock was.

I slipped my hand down his briefs and pulled on his seven inch cock. It was soaked with precum.

"Yeah, it's always a mess when I'm really turned on..." he said, watching my every move.

"It's cool," I said, pulling his boxer briefs down, exposing his cock and low-hangers.

"Mm..." I said, as I grabbed his smooth ball sack. I dove down again and kissed his balls, and eventually dropping it into my mouth. I had a hard time fitting both in my mouth, so I opted to just suck on one as I stroked his cock.

"Oh fuck yeah, Joey. Suck my balls, dude. Fuck!" he cried.

"Yeah, want more?" I asked.

"Damn, fuck yeah!"

I looked at his hard cock and decided to tease him a little. I licked the head like a lollipop, never taking the whole head in my mouth. I swirled my tongue around it and I got a reward of another drop of precum.

"Aw, come on, Joey, suck me!" he demanded.

I just giggled as I kept licking the head. I licked down the shaft, down to his balls again. I got a bit bolder and licked my way further down. Instinctively, he lifted up his ass a bit without me asking. I licked down to his hole, and gave it a flick with my tongue. I then licked my way back up to the head of his cock.

I felt his hand on the back of my head now and knew what he wanted. But he verbalized it anyway.

"Please, bud, suck my fuckin' cock!"

Teasing no more, I took his head in my mouth and slid my lips down the shaft, taking as much of it as I could.

"Aw, yeah, fucker! That's it, boy!" he yelled out.

I repositioned myself, half on top of him, taking his cock from a different angle above, so I could deep throat him. It took a little while, but soon I had his cock down my throat. My nose was pressed up against his balls. His whole body shivered underneath me as he let out a moan.

"Fuck!" he cried. "Take it all! That's it, Joey! Fuck!"

I kept sucking him, grabbing his balls and stretching them down. He seemed to like that as his moans got louder. Fuck he was one hot fucker, and I was sucking him off.

In the whole heat of the moment, somehow, he got my cock in his face and he was sucking me off. I kept focusing on his cock though and soon enough, he was ready to pop.

"Ah, fuck, yeah, that's it, suck that fucker off, bud. You're gonna make me blow, bud. Keep sucking. I'll feed you my sperm."

And with that, he began unloading. It wasn't exactly a big load, but being that we just shot mega-loads, I wasn't surprised either. I sucked it down my throat, not missing a drop. It still shot out with force though and he shook underneath me as he let go. That to me was a turn on, feeling him shake while he was shooting.

I let his cock fall out of my mouth and turned back around to face him on the couch. His eyes were closed as he sighed. He opened them and smiled at me.

"Bud, that was fuckin' incredible. You fuckin' give awesome head! One of the best blow jobs I've ever had!"

I grinned at him. "Thanks, dude. You've got a sweet tastin' load."

Once he caught his breath, he was all over me again. "Come on, I wanna taste you again," he said.

To make a long story short, in less than probably three minutes, he did the impossible again. He got me off with his mouth and he didn't miss a drop of cum.

"Jase, you know you did the impossible again," I said. "Usually I have to jack it to shoot. But, you just made me cum again with your mouth! Fuck, man."

I jumped up on top of him and we made out again, passionately and just laid there with me on top of him for a moment.

"Well, I guess we should get up so we can get changed to go out," he said, pushing me up gently.

"Shit, I don't have another outfit to go out in," I said. I wasn't planning to stay over two nights, so I didn't really have another change of clothes.

"Who the fuck cares, bro?" he asked. "Fuck that shit, man, you look hot in anything!"

I grinned at him. "I could say the same thing about you!"

We grabbed a quick shower together and we both went into his room while he figured out what to wear. Funny that this was actually the first time I was in his room. It was decorated like a bachelor's room would be decorated. In fact, it looked more like a breeder's single guy bedroom. He had some pennants of his favorite baseball teams on the walls, he had some trophies on a shelf, and of course, some posters on the wall. It was a decent sized bedroom with a queen sized bed in the middle of it. He saw me eyeing up the bed.

"Yeah, that's where we'll sleep tonight," he said with wicked grin on his face.

I threw on my Element T-Shirt again and cargo shorts. He went into his closet and pulled out a shirt. He then stripped off his shorts and was standing there just in his jock.

"So, Jase, do you always wear a jock?"

"Most of the time. Other times I'll go boxer briefs or just commando."

"Nice," I said, thinking it was fuckin' hot!

"So, what do you think? Jock or nothing?"

Looking at his pouch, I said, "Keep the jock on."

He grinned and put on some 501 jeans which seemed to accentuate his ass even more. They were so tight on him and showed him off in all the right places. I licked my lips. He ended up putting on a wife-beater and a button down shirt, which he left open, exposing his built chest. He looked at himself in the mirror.

"Come over here, Joey," he said, softly.

I came over to him and looked at our reflection in the mirror.

"Now, doesn't that look hot?" he asked.

"What? You dressed like that? Fuck yeah!"

"No, dumb ass. Us! Look at us. Don't we look hot together?" he asked, looking at me in the mirror.

He pulled me in front of him, wrapped his arms around me, and rested his chin on my shoulders.

I nodded yes, amazed at how hot we looked together. This big, built guy surrounding this little toned guy. It was a very hot picture. I felt him grinding his cock up against my ass. He kissed me on my neck and looked at me in the reflection. His beautiful pale blue eyes stared into mine.

"Well, we should get ready or else we'll never leave here," he said, letting go of me.

"Yeah," I said, turning around.

He sprayed himself with cologne and grabbed his Abercrombe Baseball cap, which he put on backwards. He grinned at me and adjusted himself ONCE again.

"You ready?"

"Yep!" I answered. We both walked out of his room back into his living room and he grabbed his cell phone and wallet. We were out of his door in no time and into his car once again.

We were there at the pub in about ten minutes. I had seen it before, growing up, but I was never inside it. As usual, I was carded when I went to the door.

"Can I see some ID please?" the bouncer asked.

"Sure," I answered, pulling out my wallet and handing over my license.

He looked at it and handed it back. "Thanks, bud."

When Jason wasn't carded, he said, "Bitch!"

"Hey, I can't help it if I look eighteen with my hat on," I said as we walked into the bar area.

The layout was nothing special. There was a main bar as soon as you walked in and the stage area was in front of it. There also was a bar off to the side. The band was setting up already and there was a decent crowd present.

"Come on, I'll introduce you to the band, bro," he said, grabbing my arm, which was better I suppose than grabbing me by the hand in a breeder pub.

We walked over to the stage where the band was setting up. Sure enough, there was Dave. The drummer looked familiar, though I couldn't quite remember where I knew him from. The rest of the band I didn't recognize.

"Yo, Szymanski!" Jason exclaimed, holding out his hand.

"Hey Jase!" Dave yelled out, shaking his hand. "Glad you could make it."

"Wouldn't miss it, bud. I'd like you to meet my bud, Joe."

"No shit," Dave said, looking at me. "If it isn't Joey E! How the fuck are you?"

I smiled and shook hands with him. "I'm doing well, man. How the fuck are you?"

"Not bad. God, I haven't seen you for ages! Still playin the keys?" he asked.

"Yeah, man..."

"Too bad I didn't know about you earlier. We were looking for someone on the keys about two months ago."

"Wish I knew it too," I said. As we started to talk, Jason walked over to the bar. Dave and I talked about music stuff and how the band was and shit like that. Jason came back and handed me a screwdriver and he had a beer in his other hand.

"Well, we gotta finished settin' up, dudes," Dave said. "I'll talk to you guys later."

Remember the procedure of setting up for a gig, I smiled. At the same time I loved hearing live bands play, I also got annoyed at my own position in life because I used to be a part of it as well.

"God, this brings back memories," I said to Jason as we sat down at the bar. "I wish my band still played out. We were awesome, dude."

"What made you guys split up?"

"Drama! And they're a fuckin' bunch of breeders too! The fuckin' bassist wanted to quit for no reason at all. Then the guitarist decided he didn't want to play with the drummer anymore. The lead singer and I were left holding our cocks while wondering what the hell was going on. It took a matter of a week for this all to happen," I said.

Jason took out a smoke and I did too.

"I'm really trying to quit, dude. But when I drink, I just gotta have a cig," he explained.

"Yeah same here, Jase. Every time I'm at a bar, I gotta have a smoke too. And after a good fuck too," I added.

He laughed and said,"Yeah, I know what you mean, bro!"

He lit my cigarette first and then lit his. He grinned at me in a way that I knew he was still with me. He patted me on the shoulder and whispered, "You turn me on, Joey."

"You too. I just hope I can control myself," I said softly to him.

Just then a big crowd of the band's groupies piled in to the pub.

"Uh oh, here comes the crowd. Don't worry, though, you're safe with me."

"Oh, please," I said, starting to feel a buzz after finishing my drink. "Another one of these and I won't care about anything!"

"Fuck yeah," Jason exclaimed. "Hey Dan, get him another screwdriver."

"You got it," the guy called Dan replied.

"I hang out here sometimes," Jason explained. "He hooks me up with drinks."

"Cool. Doesn't matter to me, dude. I'm still at a three drink maximum...."

Jason laughed. Some of the crowd came over our way and started to talk to Jason. The chicks were abundant and apparently still wanted a piece of him. I just sat back and watched. He did do his best to introduce me to everyone, but I could tell by the way some of the chicks looked at him. They wanted him just as much as I did. He grinned at me a few times and all I could do was grin back.

In a few moments later, the band started to play. They were actually good. They were a five piece band, with a lead singer, a bassist, drummer, keyboard, and guitarist. All dudes and all good looking in their own right. The lead singer was the hottest, and a great front man for the band. He had a great voice with good range too. In fact, I never heard him be off key once. Jason told me his name was Ryan. Being he was the center of attention, I checked him out. He was a short guy, about my height actually, blonde, blue eyed, tan all over, and looked about twenty two. He was built like a shithouse though, big bulging biceps and two distinct mounds on his chest. And the shirt he was wearing accented everything. He could really belt out a song though and I was impressed that a guy his size sounded the way he did. As for the other members of the band, the way I saw it, Dave was the oldest member of the group with the rest of the band only being in their early twenties. Judging from the crowd, they were about five years younger than me. They played a large variety of rock music from Dave Matthews to Van Morrison.

"Aw, dude, I love this song!" Jason said, setting down his empty bottle of beer on the bar. "You finished your drink?"

I nodded yes.

"Let's go up front!" he said, getting up. I followed him up to the stage where there were already people up there dancing and watching the band. This band was good and really knew how to work the crowd.

The song was, "Roadhouse Blues". Jason and I screamed out the lyrics to the song as we stood together watching the band real close up. A chick came up and started swaying her hips in front of Jason. He looked at me and I just grinned back. As it turns out, that song was the last of their set.

We all went to the bar for another drink and Jason said hi to various people he knew. I knew one or two of them, but not many else. I was just about to order my drink when the lead singer came up to the bar. Knowing he wouldn't have much time between sets, I let him go first.

"Thanks, dude," he said.

I don't know what came over me, but I just wanted to talk to this guy.

"Dude, you guys are incredible!" I said, knowing that he probably heard this over and over again.

"Thanks. We were trying some new songs tonight," he explained.

Jason worked his way through the crowd and came up to me while I still talking to the lead singer.

"Hey, Ry!" Jase yelled out over the crowd, coming up behind me. I felt something touch my ass as he came up behind me. I looked over my shoulder and Jason just winked at me.

"I'd like you to meet my bud, Joey!"

"Yeah, we were just talking. Glad to meet you, Joey," He said, shaking my hand.

"Great to meet you, too, Ryan!"

"Joey was asking me if you guys were looking for someone on keys. I told him you were about two months ago..."

"You play too, man?" the little dude asked.

"Oh yeah," Jason answered for me. "He's fuckin' awesome."

"Shit, yeah we were looking for someone. But we found Drew just in the nick of time."

"You should've heard this guy play in high school, man. I remembered you used to play that theme from that video game, uh, Super Mario Brothers! That was awesome!"

I was a little impressed and slightly embarrassed that Jason was showing me off like this. I wasn't quite sure why he was doing it, but it felt good. But then again, It was a little awkward because I was not one to boast about myself in the first place.

"Really dude? I gotta hear this. Can you still play it?"

Not knowing what to say, I just shook my head yes.

"Fuck that's awesome! I gotta here this, bro. Come with me, dude," he said, taking his drink with him. I followed him up on stage. Jason was behind me.

"Yo, Drew, can he play something real quick for me on your keyboard?"

The guy named Drew looked slightly puzzled by this question, but answered, "Sure, man, it's still on."

Okay, this was not what I wanted. Though I have to admit, I can be quite a ham, I feel awkward when I'm crashing in on someone else's territory. But here this hot guy and my fantasy wanted me to play this dumb theme song, so who was I to say no? He had a pretty decent keyboard setup too. I made sure I turned down the volume, selected the piano voice, and started to play the theme from Super Mario Brothers I. I noticed people started to turn their heads when they heard some music from the stage. Now I was really starting to feel strange. I kept going though.

"No shit!" Ryan yelled. "Yo, guys, recognize this song?"

I took a glance over to where the rest of the band was and they smiled. "Hey, that's Super Mario Brothers!" the guitarist yelled.

The crowd sort of lowered its volume as I played on and people recognized what the tune was. I felt strange in the spotlight because it wasn't really my spotlight to be in. Jase looked up at me and smiled. The guys in the band cracked up when I went to the next level's music. I quickly ended it after that.

I looked back at Drew and saw he was cracking up too. I felt more comfortable after that. I quickly stepped away from the keyboard.

"Aw, dude, what else can you play?" Ryan asked.

"Anything you can name or play, he can play," Jason said.

"How the fuck do you know that?" I asked.

"I remember, bro," he said, grinning.

"Why the hell didn't you tell us about him before?" Ry asked.

"Well, I sort of lost contact with him until this past weekend."

"Well, you're awesome, too, bro," Ry said.

"Thanks," I said.

The band needed to get ready for their next set so Jason and I left the stage. We went up to the bar to get a refill on our drinks. A few people who noticed me playing up there came over to us. It was fun to be noticed again. I mean, I don't mean to sound this way, but I do enjoy the attention from playing the keys. It's a rush to me. As soon as the people left, Jason turned his attention to me again.

"You played good, bro. Just the way I remembered."

"I'm surprised you even remembered how I played," I said, taking a sip of my Kettle One Vodka on the rocks.

He took out his smokes and lit one. "I remember an awful lot about you. And seeing you this weekend made them all come back to me. When you were playing up there, I wanted to just come up and kiss you. I remembered watching you in middle school. I forget why you were playing, but I stopped and listened for a while."

Though I didn't admit to him, I did remember that time. I don't exactly remember why or where I was playing, but I do remember him being in the crowd. I was wondering why he was sticking around so long.

"I wish you could've heard my band play, Jason," I said. "I loved being up there on the stage."

"I wish I could have too, bro," he said, putting his hand on my shoulder.

We froze then and there, looking into each other's eyes. We both broke out into a big grin. That moment though was interrupted by a cheap blonde floozy who came over to my date.

"Jase!" she cried as she hugged him.

Jason looked at me and rolled his eyes, but also wrapped his arms around her. She gave him a kiss on the lips. Out of instinct, I just turned away. It wasn't so much out of jealousy than awkwardness.

"Erin, I'd like you to meet an old bud of mine," I heard him say. I turned my head to look at them again.

"Joey this is Erin," he said.

She was cute enough. Typical blonde, maybe around 25 or 26, about 5'8", petite body, perfect face, and bubbly.

"Hi, Joey," she said, holding out here hand. I smiled and said Hi back.

"I knew I'd find you here, Jase," she said, smiling. She grabbed his hand and started to pull on him as she said, "Brian and Megan are over there, so come on over and say Hi."

Jason surprisingly resisted. "Nah, Erin, not now."

"Aw, why not, baby?" she asked in a sweet, but almost whiny voice.

Jason looked at me and rolled his eyes again. He turned back around to her. "I'm here with my bud, Joey. I'll try to come over later."

"Well, okay," she said, not at all pleased with his response.

"Fuckin' women," he muttered. I just cracked up.

"I spent one night with her about two months ago and she's been after me ever since," he said. "I was fuckin' horny, she came on to me...what's dude supposed to do?"

I was amused he was trying to justify himself to me. Though I had feelings for him, and I was sure he had feelings for me, I didn't judge him. I knew he was a sex maniac.

"Dude, it's all right. I understand," I said, smiling.

He leaned down and whispered, "I would've taken you over her anyday."

I laughed and took a sip of my drink. I was feeling great now. I was lit, there was no question about it.

"Hey, as long as I go home with you tonight," I whispered back, "I don't care what the hell else you do."

"Aw, buddy, you can count on that!" he said, holding up his beer.

I hit my glass on his beer bottle and we both took a swig.

The band began to play again and again I was thoroughly amazed with the band's performance. Jason and I walked around the bar too, he saying hi to people he knew. I was amazed at how he tried to include me into every conversation he had. And I'll have to admit, some of his buds were fuckin' hot studs.

After their second set, I was afraid I was wearing down. From the looks of it, so was Jason.

"Well, I don't know about you," I said, "But I'm ready to roll."

"I was just going to ask you that, bro," he said, getting up.

I got up with him and we started walking to the exit.

"Yo, Joey," I heard a voice call out from be hind me. I turned around and saw Ryan, the lead singer, coming towards us.

"Hey, Jase, you guy's leaving?" he asked.

"Yeah, bud, I think we're done for the night. Joey, boy, here is looking pretty shitfaced and I'm beat."

"Aw, well thanks for coming out and seein' us, dudes."

"You guys are fuckin' incredible," I said. "I'll have to see you again the next time I'm up here."

"You're not from around here?" he asked.

"Nah, man, I live in Jersey about 1 hours away."

"If you can play other shit like you did before, I would tell you to grab a keyboard and come up on stage with us for our third set," he said.

"Aw, man, I would love to, but I'd feel a little strange..."

"Yeah, I know, I wish you could though. So you just going home now? Because you're welcome to join us after the gig is over tonight. We're heading back to Szymanski's place," Ry informed.

"Well, we'll think about it, bro," Jason said. "In the meantime, we'll catch you later!"

"Ah, I see," Ry said, smiling as if he knew something was up.

"Shut up, bro," Jason said, turning red but still grinning.

"Well, I guess I'll take it that you guys won't be showing up then," Ry said.

"Probably not," Jason replied.

We walked out of the pub and Jason started to laugh. "Bud, just to let you know, Ry knows about me. And I know about him."

"Ah okay. I figured it was something like that. He is a hot fucker," I said, getting into his car.

"Yeah, he was definitely a hot fuck too!"

"What? Was he looking for a threesome?"

He closed his door and grabbed my arm. I turned to look at him and he planted a kiss on my face. He grabbed the back of my head and we kissed passionately, not caring if anyone was walking past our car.

"I've wanted to do that to you all evening," he said, grinning. His breath smelled like beer, though not repulsive.

"Yeah me too," I answered. "Dude, are you all right to drive?"

"Yeah, I'm okay," he said. He started up the car and we headed back to his place.

"Damn, my ears are ringing," I said as we turned onto the main road.

Jason grabbed my hand and held it. I looked over at him and said, "I had a great time."

He asked, "What? Sorry, dude, my ears are ringing too. That was some loud shit!"

"I said I had a good time!" I yelled, breaking up into laughter.

"Ah, glad you did, bro," he said, lifting my hand up and kissing it.

We rode back with some soft, relaxing music on the radio. I was still amazed that he remembered that I played the piano and also what I played. I didn't think he would be the type to notice that shit about me.

"Dude, I can't believe that you remembered all that shit about me playing the piano."

He grinned at me and took my hand in his hand. "You should know by now that I did pay attention to you back then. I guess I kept it hidden pretty well though, since you didn't even notice that I noticed. I remember in High School you played at one of the Post-Prom parties. And you played that Super Mario Brothers theme. I was watching you, man. I remember that other time I saw you...uh... we were like in sixth grade. In fact, that was the first time I ever noticed you. There was a piano in the hallway and you were just jammin' out...."

I laughed and said, "Jammin' out eh? Well, I'm glad that you noticed. Because I certainly noticed you too throughout the years....."

His grip on my hand tightened. We rode in a comfortable silence for a moment until Jase spoke up again.

I was not prepared to hear what he said next.

"So, you want to feel me inside of you tonight?"


That concludes chapter 5 of "Ten Years Later". The story is coming to a close with the next chapter being the final. I hope you enjoyed it, as always. Please send any comments or questions to Joey E at NEPhillyBoy76@aol.com Thanks Again!