This story is a complete work of fiction and does not include any real life incidents in it. It contains depiction of bonds between two men and if reading or possessing such matter is illegal where you live or if you are under the age of 21 then please visit some other site.

This was it. The moment had arrived. The moment he had cherished and dreaded. With mixed feelings, he walked dazedly towards the door with the word 'administrator' written on it. The busy people, beeping fax machines, ringing telephones and office clerks were all in a frenzy. After all it was just a typical Monday morning in iis-infotech and here was the president, Mr. Aryan Vaid their known big boss walking through their quarters. Was it a surprise check-up? No. He walked straight past. What senseless commotion, he thought. Someone would think a volcano was erupting somewhere. Anyway his eyes gleamed mischievously as he neared that ADMINISTRATOR'S" door. Taking a deep breath he knocked...

A shuffle of papers and a voice reverberated.

"Come on in" it said.

"A million dollars" muttered Mr. Aryan Vaid senselessly to himself... "a million dollars!" he repeated as he turned the knob and swung the door open...

Aryan Vaid had lived his entire 26 years of life in the most luxurious way possible. Being born with a silver spoon in his mouth, he had enjoyed the cream delacies of life. At the tender age of about 11, Aryan had known that he was different from all the other boys in the respect that while they all dug beautiful chicks, he had a soft corner for cute boys.

It had happened long before when he was just 9 years old. Swimming was Aryan's favorite pass-time and the weekend evenings were spent with long hours at the club.

He remembered how he had excitedly jumped in the pool and splashed the water frivolently around at his younger sister Angels who at that time was only 6 years old and was padded with all kinds of 'floating-devices' that kept her bobbing over the water. He remembered how he had made her cry while splashing great squirts of water at her (Now he failed to understand what joy he possibly had in that) and Aryan remembered how Mrs. Vaid had screamed hysterically at him for making Angela cry and how he had hurried out of the pool thinking it would be best if his mother did not see him for a while and was given some time to cool down. He ran to the changing rooms reluctantly for he would have enjoyed more time in the pool but he had to stay out of the sight of his mother. He ran with small strides, his gentle feet pattering away leaving 'alien'-wet footprints on the carpet. He charged towards the gents changing room, turned the knob and had swung the door open noiselessly and what he saw there had left him shocked...

Two men were busy making love with one of them 'servicing' the other. At first he felt that they were doing something completely different from what he thought they were. And than his tender mind realized the harsh fact. His brain was stung! He closed the door as swiftly as he had opened it. Apparently they had not seen him.

Aryan was frightened, not knowing what to do. He looked around hoping to tell someone what he had just visualized. But then a few more seconds... his mind began to relax and he thought better of it.

Still shaken from his viewing experience he felt a strange feeling tinkering deep within him. A feeling Aryan never knew had existed. He wanted to know what was going on in there. His conscience battled against his desires but ultimately the former lost when the mind reasoned that he had probably thought was wrong and had either jumped to conclusions or had had a hallucination. He peeped through the keyhole.

Yes. Undoubtedly. Those two men were doing things he never knew could be done...

That was that... the events stopped flashing before his eyes and he heard that suave voice...

"Uh... Mr. Vaid... what an unexpected surprise... I... er... I was not quite anticipating your visit. Err... please have a seat.

"It's quite ok" said Mr. Aryan Vaid. "I wanted my visit to be personal and totally uninformed."

"Oh!" said the administrator, his blonde hair in a mess - his mind not even absorbing what his big boss had just said. "Please be seated."

Mr. Aryan sat down on the offered chair, his crispy suit rustling a bit as he lowered himself onto the soft executive chair.

"So, what is your motive behind this visit Mr. Vaid" questioned the nervous administrator quizzically.

"I wanted to spend a million dollars! Blurted out Mr. Vaid, not knowing how to express himself.

"Uh... what?" returned the administrator - "could you run that by me again?"

Aryan looked into his deep blue eyes and then again - he was lost in déjà vu.

Events flashed by his eyes. He remembered how at the age of 11 he had decided that girls were really no good. His sister Angela was the only girl he liked but she could be such a pain at times, especially when she was only 8 years old. He recalled how he used to stare longingly at his schoolmates and how he had been so secretive about it. He recalled how he had liked a boy called 'Cameron Mathison' and how he had dreamed late nights of him being his imaginary best friend.

Cameron was a great athlete making it easily onto the school basketball and football teams. His sparkling blue eyes, platinum blonde hair and smart blazer made him look so irresistible.

Aryan recalled how he had once made it to the swimming team and he had become suddenly extremely conscious when Cameron had appeared in briefs. Aryan was highly distracted and his eyes could not keep off that attraction. He recalled how his concentration had shattered during the race as his mind had flirted shamelessly with it.

He recalled how he was not able to swim at all when he entered the water and how Cameron won the gold medal and how Aryan himself had finished last.

He did not understand it then...

That night he had not been able to sleep for long and lay awake wondering what had gone wrong with him. He felt that maybe it was because Cameron was his friend that he felt... no - flimsy excuse. And then it dawned upon him. He liked Cameron a lot and he craved for him. He desired Cameron and only him....

Aryan recalled how the next day he had avoided Cameron so as to save himself from any embarrassing talks between them he remembered how he had slipped into class and not entered along with his usual circle of friends. Bell had rung and the other students had come loitering in. he lifted his gaze but was not greeted by Cameron's pleasant face.

The teacher had come in. She had started lecturing and no Cameron.

15 minutes up and there was a faint knock on the door and a barely audible "may I come in?" followed. Aryan had lifted his gaze this time to be horrified to see Cameron in a disheveled state with his tie half tied, is hair uncombed and his uniform unkempt. The teacher had scowled and beckoned Cameron to stand next to her. Then she did something horrifying...

"Coming late" she has said "and that also in such a state"

...And twack - down came the cane - twack, twack - 3 times.

Aryan felt an ouch and a cry rang out in his heart. He felt angered. His blood had boiled and he clenched his teeth and fists to keep himself under control. One more time the cane would have struck Cameron and Aryan was sure that he would have got up and flung his pencil-box at the teacher!

The following night had been even worse than the previous one for Aryan. Why had he felt so possessive for Cameron's sake? It was true than. He was in love with another boy.

He was a homosexual!

Aryan had always managed to keep himself and his desires in control after that. He never dared to confront Cameron and tell him how he felt about him. He lacked the guts but worse, how would Cameron feel when he would know that he was gay. He did not want immediate refusal of the acknowledgement of Cameron being his friend. Hence he decided to keep mum.

As Aryan had grown he was different in his hobbies from others. Not only on the matter that he was gay but also that while at the age of 16 to 17 they all loved secretly watching 'porn-videos' and hideously looking at skin magazines - he was the least interested.

Apparently it was not strange that he had been nicknamed 'the saint' by his friends.

Aryan did not even like to 'check-out-guys' like other homosexual boys of his age would have done, nor discreetly visit gay bars.

Aryan was totally different. He could not understand why other gays (he had actually never interacted with one) or even other boys always made such a big fuss about penis-size and it's beauty. He was a person who's outlook for look barely depended on outward appearances and focused more on inner character. However, he did have a certain craving for men's torso's and liked the way the Renaissance man was sculpted. For digging men's chests, he had always called himself a 'chest-nut'.

But then above all, he loved Cameron.

Over the past 5-6 years Cameron had developed into handsome youth (beautiful as Aryan termed it)) with ALL the girls at college mooning longingly over him.

Cameron's well-chiseled face and soft features gave him a suavity that was unmatchable (especially for Aryan).

Aryan thought himself to be extremely lucky that Cameron had got admission in the same college as him. But he damn well knew that Cameron would prove to be a distraction for his studies. He had seen on more than one occasion, Cameron without hit tee and each time he found something new to appreciate on Cameron's well sculpted body. Cameron was more than a chocolate boy. He was more than any girl or gay could desire but with half of the college at his heels, Aryan never dared to reveal his crush and his sexuality which remained confined in his mind.

Aryan was an amazingly good-looking guy himself and many of the girls regarded him to be the 'candy--boy' or the boy-next-door. He was very much concerned about his looks, only for Cameron and when he had seen Cameron's terrific body, he himself started regular visit to a gym to pump iron and push his torso to perfection and tone his abs. Today, he could say that he had an athlete's body, resembling very much to Cameron's.

Later on in life, coming from a very wealthy and aristocratic family, Aryan had 'inherited' his father's post as the president of iis-infotech - a multinational software company whose foundations lay in the Information Technology Boom and slowly Aryan had evolved from 'the saint' to Mr. Aryan Vaid - President of iis-infotech.

But what was more surprising was this...

The post of administrator had been vacant and had been applied for by some people...

It had been a tiring day and Aryan himself had to interview the person who was aspiring for such a high post.

It had been a musty evening, he remembered and he was way too tired to take up an interview and then he saw the applicant...

It was Cameron... Mr. Cameron Mathison...

His heart had skipped a beat...

Needless to say... Cameron had got the job...

And now he was staring at those same intense blue eyes. Cameron Mathison, the Administrator was who he was confronting and he had just blurted out some gibberish...

It had been just two days back that Aryan had been watching television where something he saw had made him think. It had been a late-night movie titled INDECENT PROPOSAL (starring Demi Moore) and had dealt with how a woman and her husband agree to accept a million dollars if the woman spent a night with another man.

This had made Aryan think of about how he could spend maybe a weekend with Cameron.

He had listed out the pros and cons of this proposal and everything had seemed to be against him except the fact that both he and Cameron were unmarried. But then Cameron had no need of a million dollars. He was working at quite a high post and earned quite a handsome salary with perks thrown in. then again... Cameron had always been very ambitious and aspiring person...

"What the hell!" thought Aryan. "I'm gonna give it a try!"

And 'now' was 2-days later with him staring into those intense blue eyes of the man he had doted upon for 15 years.

Both he and Cameron were presently 26 and they had been the best of friends for 15 years and now Aryan wanted to turn that friendship into a real relationship. He looked back at Cameron's face and stated...

"Cam, I want you to spend the weekend with me."

"Some project coming up?" Asked Cameron innocently.

"no... It's something else."

"Do go on," he continued, "don't leave me in suspense," he said with a grin.

"Oh no" tohught Aryan. "his smile is the last thing I want right now. Oh God." He thought. His voice was stifling.

His mind was having a debate on whether he should continue s Cameron asked him to or not.

"Oh god" he repeated over and over again to himself. He had planned and revised and practiced what he would say to Cameron for 2 whole days and now his mind was a complete blank.

"Oh damn!" he thought. What happens when Cameron comes to know I am queer. I surely don't wanna lose his friendship. How will he feel when... when another man proposes to him? But then again... it's now or never...

"Cam I am in love with you and want to spend this weekend and the nights with you... " He blurted out.

Silence prevailed.

"... And ... " he continued "I am ready to pay you one million dollars for it!"

Aryan lifted his gaze and looked at Cameron who looked visibly shaken and confused. This was it. Aryan had finally said what he had not been able to say for 15 whole years. He finally had told the person he craved about his real feelings and desires and now all he wanted was to get out of that room. A mixture of weird feelings was igniting his soul and made Aryan feel uncomfortable and uneasy.

Aryan got up briskly.

"It's ok," he said... "Take your time to think. And in no way accept my offer while taking me to be your big boss into consideration. I'll never hamper your career even if you refuse straight away... I truly love you."

He quickly turned and walked towards the door not wanting his eyes to Cameron's. He stopped abruptly at the door and said...

"Yes Cameron, I am gay" he said and left the room as if that explained it all! be continued

This story as you must have judged by now is totally fictitious. The name Cameron Mathison is the name of a supermodel that stars in daytime's soaps. He is pretty hunky and I am really in love with him. The other name Aryan Vaid is that of an Indian supermodel who this year won the Grasim's Mr. International. But the story only uses their names and nothing else...