The Backyard

Part of the reason that I accepted my friends offer to be roommates was the size of the house. It is a large 4 bedroom and we are on opposite sides of the house with our own living space. Still not sure how well it work out, but she is nice enough for a temporary arrangement. I did consider the effects it would have on my sex life. I am not out to many people so I normally meet discretely. Being able to host helps that happen, but not if you have a roommate.

Another reason I accepted was the backyard, it is massive for Arizona. There is a large outdoor kitchen area, nice pool (no hot tub though) and it is very well landscaped with a line of trees and bushes beyond the pool that creates several very secluded, private areas. That had some promise.

So I had been horny all weekend, desperate to get some man to man time. An old fuckbuddy sent me an email saying that he was flying back to Phoenix late and would like to hookup, he had been thinking of my mouth and ass all day. Problem is he cannot host. After some back and forth and just getting hotter, I decided, screw it, we could hookup in the yard as my roommate slept.

He finally came over at 2am and I promptly walked him into the backyard to show him around. He was obviously happy with the secluded area to play. There is a comfortable bench beyond the tree line that I had been thinking of using since I moved in. I sat down on it and he stepped up to me rubbing his crotch. I took over for him feeling his cock swell. I opened up his jeans and pushed them down to his knees. Robbing my face on his boxer covered cock, I started nibbling it. He pushed my head back and lowered his shorts allowing that beautiful cock to spring free. It is about 7+ inches and thick with a perfectly cut mushroom head.

I licked all over his hardened cock and retracted balls looking like a starving man who could never get enough. Sucking him deep, I wanted to please him. But I just couldn't take him without gagging. He was getting into it and I wanted to get him off. He said, “Take my cock, jock boy”. I formed my mouth into a wet hole, he grabbed the back of my head and fucked my throat. I stroked his cock and could tell he was close. I had lowered my shorts and was stroking my own cock, playing with my balls and ass. He suddenly pulled back and shot hot cum on my face, then on my cock and balls. It was HOT!

He knew I wanted him to take my ass, which is why I had to make him cum first. So that he would last much longer the second time. He quickly kissed me then dropped to his knees and rubbed his cum into my skin, over my cock and balls. Then getting his fingers slick with his hot juice, he toyed my ass with it. Easily sliding his finger into me – first one then two while looking me in the eyes, obviously seeing the mad lust that I had for him. He lowered his head and licked up his cum, my cock jumped on contact.

Lifting my legs over his shoulder, he sucked my balls then dove in for some serious rimming. His fingers spreading my hole to allow his tongue to enter me. I was sure that my moaning was going to get my roommates attention, but he just kept going. By this point I was begging him for his cock. I could see that he was stroking himself and was as hard as before.

He grabbed the lube that I had positioned out there before he arrived and applied a generous amount to his cock. Lifting my legs back in the air, I could feel that hot, spongy head poking my manpussy. I wanted it desperately but he just teased me a little nudging the head into me slowly then leaving it there to drive me wild. He just smiled at me as I pleaded. Finally he relented and in one smooth stroke he was completely buried inside me. I let out a yelp and a loud moan. He grabbed my own boxers and put them in my mouth. I could taste some of his cum that had landed on it. So I focused on that wonderful taste while I was taken for the ride of my life.

Somehow he had produced a bottle of poppers and held them under my nose. With my mouth occupied, I inhaled VERY deeply. Poppers turn me into the biggest cock whore. My entire being is centered on my ass as my mind spins. He gave me multiple hits getting me extremely high. He knew what he was doing. After taking a couple hits himself, he pulled out of me. Making me almost cry. Turning me over, he placed the poppers next me as he bent across the bench. I took another hit as he slammed his cock back into me. Fuck! I love being opened up and then used mercilessly for his pleasure. And since he had already came, I knew that he would last a LONG time – which he did. He slammed into me repeatedly with long hard strokes. Hitting my prostate every time and making me delirious with pleasure. He started pulling all the way out and then stabbing his way back in. I was in heaven.

After about 20 minutes of loving his manly cock and how he fucked me with it, he was getting close. He pulled out and flipped me back around. Spreading my legs over his shoulders he forced his way deep inside me, pinning my legs back so he could shove his tongue down my throat. I knew I wouldn't last long either. Sensing this he stroked my cock HARD in time with his thrusts and within 3 strokes I came harder than I thought possible, shooting clear over my head, hitting my face and chest. My whole body shuddered as I came and my ass clenched down like a vice grip on his massive cock. That did it, he started spraying my insides with his own hot cum. Pulling his cock out to shoot some on my dick and belly, before burying it deep back inside my ass. He held himself inside me for a while as he shrank slightly and again we made out. More tenderly this time. He told me I was a great little slut and that my ass is exactly what he needed. I told him it couldn't have been nearly as much as I needed his cock.

He withdrew his spent cock and we both did our best to clean the cum from each other. Taking the others slick cock into our mouths. I was glowing as we both regained composure and got dressed. I had heard a nose and that brought be back to reality. I ran around the trees but noone was there. It must have been a neighbor dog I thought. After walking him to his car, we vowed to have a repeat performance soon. He grabbed my ass, kissed me then was on his way.

I went back inside the house to clean myself and go to bed. But the thoughts of the night had me rock hard again. Playing with my cum filled asshole, I stroked myself to another orgasm.... showered then went to bed. The next morning I went to the kitchen to get some coffee. My roommate Jenny gave me a dirty little smile. I asked her what that was about. She then told me how she had heard voices so she came outside to see what it was. I must have turned bright red. I asked how much she saw, and she said everything. But it is okay, my secret is safe with her. Then she added, as long as when I did it again I had to let her know so she could watch everything. She told me that she came as she played with herself while seeing me and my man fuck. Living with a roommate might not be so bad after all.

Let me know if you like my work... or if you are in Scottsdale area and like backyards ;)