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The Fantasticks

I enjoy performing on stage but I don't pursue acting as a rule. My friends who are the performance directors usually talk me into it. "Oh, I have just the part for you," they'll gush. "Come read for me." OK, it doesn't take much talking but still... Two months later, I'm on stage performing some part in a show and loving it!

Such was the case for the production of The Fantasticks by a community theater group. I got the part of the Aged English Thespian. Now mind you, I was 24 at the time. I learned how to put on 'old man' makeup and didn't really like what I saw but that is a separate issue.

My sidekick in the play is an Indian and who should get the part but the guy who won the Mr. Jacksonville contest the previous year. Phil was a handsome guy, a corpsman in the Navy, a blue-eyed blond who stood about five-eight and loved to show off his body. Boy, did he have a body! Slim, trim, it probably would be called a swimmer's body today but he got his from dancing and that man loved to dance. This compact hunk was something to look at but when he opened his mouth, he destroyed all the fantasies. The poor guy had this feminine, nasally voice that just didn't match the body. We had known each other for several years as I had run the only gay bar in town for a while and he was a regular. We were friendly but not friends particularly.

Our entrance onto the stage was about 20 minutes into the show BUT we entered through a large treasure chest that was already on stage at the start of the play. During rehearsals, we just entered from the wing and I didn't really think much about it. It wasn't until dress rehearsal where the fun began.

Because of the way the stage was built, we had to be in place behind the scenery before the show started. That gave us 20 minutes with nothing to do but lie there and be quiet. At our first dress rehearsal, we got into our places (which involved us laying side-by-side on the floor, in the back, left corner of the stage) and the show began. After a moment, he turns his head my way and whispers, "We've got nothing to do until our entrance. Want a blowjob?"

If I weren't lying on the floor already, they would've had to pick me up off of it. There hadn't been anything sexual between us up to this point and it caught me off-guard. Being the quick-thinking, horny guy I am, I shifted up onto my left elbow so that the front of my body was facing him. He shifted onto his right side and both his hands breaching the small distance between us. He reached into my costume with his right hand and fondled me. I was rapidly expanding to my full 6 inches. Phil drew my dick out into the space between us. I slid up a little which gave him room to scrunch his legs down so he could move lower.

In a flash, his tongue snaked out and caressed the head as he licked up the precum oozing from my piss slit. Then, I felt his soft lips encircle my glands and locked on behind the head. Slowly, his warm, moist mouth sank down to my pubes. His throat was working me into a frenzy and a soft moan escaped my lips.

Quickly, I realized where I was and I brought my left hand up and clamped my mouth onto the web of skin between my thumb and forefinger in an effort to prevent further sounds from escaping. I am not overly noisy as a rule, but I definitely didn't want to be caught in this situation!

Phil drew back off my cock stopping at the head and then reverses direction. His hands were on my hips, holding me steady as his head moved back and forth. There was no place for me to go because my back was smashed up against the concrete wall and Phil's head was in my crotch. Its not like I wanted to go anywhere anyway but working my hips to fuck his face was out of the question. Phil set a steady pace and worked my dick in and out of his face.

I gave in to the pleasure Phil was coercing me into and as I felt cum shoot up my shaft. His lips locked onto the head as his tongue got bathed in the white nectar as it shot out of my cock. My left arm collapsed under my head and I extended the arm above my head. I laid there in a daze as I came down from the pinnacle of euphoria to which I had been driven.

Phil let my dick slip from his mouth as it softened and he placed it back into the pouch of my costume. After a moment, he pushed to straighten his legs and slid up beside me. As I felt him move up beside me, I opened my eyes and saw him looking at me. After a moment, I whispered, "Thanks," closed my eyes and reached out my right hand to lay it on his left bicep.

When I opened my eyes again, Phil was still looking at me and he hadn't said a word. It dawned on me that he was waiting for me to offer to return the favor. Without another thought, I let my right hand slide down his side and come to rest on his hip.

In typical stereotyping of the play, Phil was dressed in a brown G-string that had a brown leather panel pinned over the front and back. This covered his goodies but made it look like he was naked underneath. It only took a second to draw his pulsing cock out of his garb and I slid down to take it into my mouth. I figured he was already worked up and it wasn't going to take much so I sank down on his 6-inch shaft until his blond pubes tickled my nose. I let my mouth do its magic and then, I started to piston my head on his dick.

The first time I drew my head back to the head of his dick, **whack** I smacked my head on the concrete wall behind me. We both tensed and froze in place to listen. We wanted to be sure nobody was going to come and check on us. We relaxed a little and I heard him giggle softly.

He brought his hands up to grasp my head and gently pressed forward with his body, which caused his prick to slide into my mouth. He did this slowly a few times then picked up the pace until he was rapidly fucking my mouth. His movements got shorter as I felt his balls draw up toward the base of his cock. In no time at all, he was releasing his salty-sweet treasure for me to enjoy.

Phil's body relaxed some after the climax had passed and I worked my mouth on his member being careful to clean up appropriately and not leave any telltale signs on his skin. I had a costume to hide in but he certainly did not. After his prick softened, I guided it back into place in the pouch of his G-string.

It was then that I began listening to the lines and realized we only had another minute or two before we had to make our entrance. I hated to spoil his moment but we were out of time.

I slid up some and Phil moved back to make room for me. His eyes were closed and he had this peaceful look on his face. I whispered to him, "Are you ready to go on stage?" and he got this startled 'deer in the headlights' look on his face like he had completely forgotten where he was. It took him a moment to determine where we were in the dialog. He leaned toward me and pecked a kiss on my nose, smiled at me and whispered "Thanks!" Then, he slid down some so I could get into position in the treasure chest because I went on stage first. Just in time, I popped the lid up and made my entrance with Phil right behind me.

Phil and I repeated this at every performance including the one were we staged the play at a local country club. We almost got caught that time because the back wall was a curtain and it shifted as my back moved against it. The director came around behind us, tapped me through the curtain and whispered for me to be still. I thought we were goners for sure!

It wasn't until the cast party when we were all done with the play that we confessed what we were doing back there every night. The cast and crew all got a good laugh out of it. Everybody knew we were gay (as was a large majority of those in attendance at the party) so nobody had a problem.


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