The Key Anthology:

Frankie and Aaron




If someone handed you a key that opened a door to someplace you’d never been, would you take it? What if the key opened a door to unknown countless pleasures? Would you walk through the door? If walking through brought you face to face with your darkest dreams and wildest fantasies, would you dare it? The choice is simple… or is it?

Take the key and the experience it brings, or don’t take it and be left forever wondering—what if?

The stories to come will focus on people who dared to take the key and live with the consequences of their action.


Chapter 1


The Dare



Aaron walked slowly up to the car and tried to peer into the driver’s window. There was a figure in a hoodie, wearing dark glasses, who turned to Aaron and spoke in hushed tones.

“If you dare,” he said, then handed him a key and drove off.

Aaron noticed a piece of paper attached to a string that went through the loop on top of the gold-colored key. He looked at it closely and saw neatly typed directions.

The Gateway Hotel and Suites on the Boulevard

Thursday of this week promptly at 3 p.m.

The key opens the door to suite 9. Once inside, follow the instructions

There was also a typed message on the back of the paper.

Dare to use the key and change your life forever

A car drove by and honked, so Aaron put the key in his jacket pocket as he walked up to the driver’s side.

“What’s your pleasure?” Aaron said.




“You’re crazy if you go, Aaron,” Wanda said, as she put another french fry, laden with ketchup, into her mouth.

Aaron was sitting across from Wanda in the corner booth they were sharing inside Frankie’s sandwich shop. He ate some of his salad before he spoke.

“If I don’t go for it I’ll always wonder… what if? What if it’s some rich recluse looking for a young man to keep… or a rich Hollywood star?

“You’re dreaming now, boy,” Wanda said. “More likely it’s a madman, serial killer, or some kinky mutha.”

Frankie Jr. walked up to them and placed Aaron’s Diet Coke, which was in a takeout cup, on the table in front of him. He then turned and placed Wanda’s strawberry milkshake in front of her.

“Tell him, Frankie,” Wanda said. “Tell Aaron he’s crazy if he goes to that hotel tomorrow.”

“Don’t go,” Frankie Jr. said. “You can come work for me. I can use help managing the shop.”

“I’m sorry I told you two sorry bitches anything,” Aaron said. “Why the hell would I wanna come work in a grease pit like this, Frankie? The salads are good, but for Christ’s sake look at the shit Wanda’s eating.”

“Don’t take Jesus’s name in vain!” Frankie Jr. said.

Aaron held his head down and spoke in a whisper, “I’m sorry, Frankie, I didn’t mean it. You know that.”

“You’re stupid if you go,” Frankie said. “You don’t know what might happen.”

“I don’t know what’s going to happen to me anytime I get in someone’s car or walk out the door of my shit hole apartment,” Aaron said. “Anyway I’ve done all right so far. I’ve had my bruises and scrapes, but no more than I used to get from my fucking parents—so I’m okay.”

Aaron grabbed his Diet Coke and walked out the door. Wanda and Frankie Jr. just looked at each other, neither knowing what to say.

It was dark outside, and time for Aaron to go to work. Tonight he was dressed in denim cut off short-shorts and a thin, white, ribbed, cotton, cropped tank top. Sneakers and short white socks completed his ensemble. Aaron liked dressing with a particular look in mind, it made him feel more like an actor preparing for a role rather than the street whore he was. He was deep in thought about the mysterious key he’d been given when he heard them call his name.

“Look it’s Aaron—the queer freak!” said Matthew Skylar, an ex-high school classmate of Aaron and Frankie Jr’s.

The bully was also the leader of the small group currently approaching Aaron. Matthew was with two other former classmates: Roger, who was obese, and a tall, skinny guy named Clay. Matthew walked up to Aaron and with no warning, pushed him so hard he fell to the ground.

“Stupid queer!” Clay said, as he kicked Aaron before he could get up.

Roger spit on Aaron as the door to Frankie’s sandwich shop flew open hard enough to hit the wall behind it with a loud bang. Aaron got up just in time to see Frankie Jr with a baseball bat running toward the attackers followed by Wanda.

“Leave him alone and get outta here now!” Frankie Jr. said, so fiercely that he scared the three attackers and sent them running.

Frankie chased them down the street while Wanda tended to Aaron.

“Are you okay, Aaron, honey?” Wanda said, brushing the dirt off the back of Aaron’s shorts.

“I’m fine!” Aaron said. “They just caught me by surprise, that’s all.”

Frankie Jr came back, and was about to check on Aaron when he was interrupted.

“I’m fine, damn it!” Aaron said. “I don’t need either of you two! And just because you helped me doesn’t mean shit, Frankie Jr.! I don’t give freebies!”

Aaron ran down the street having finally made up his mind to use the key tomorrow.




It was 2:45 in the afternoon when Aaron arrived at the Gateway Hotel and Suites. He was wearing his tightest jeans, a snug black T-shirt and sneakers—one of his best looks—when he entered the lobby. Aaron’s jaw hung open for a moment as he walked inside the space with its gleaming marble floors and crystal chandeliers. He didn’t know where to look first but composed himself and walked to the information desk. After getting directions to suite 9 Aaron walked outside and past several courtyards featuring pools surrounded by two-story buildings. He’d never seen anything like this hotel… not even in his dreams. The buildings got smaller the further he walked from the lobby. There was a sign with an arrow pointing left for suites 9, 10, and 11. Past a walkway with tall trees on either side, Aaron saw a high, white stucco wall covered with a flowering vine. There was an iron gate and above it was a blue tile sign with Suites 9-11 written on it. Aaron used his key to open the gate and walked into a tiled courtyard filled with large potted plants and palm trees. There was a small pool in the center of the space. On one side were two connected one-story suites with tiled roofs and the numbers 10 and 11 above the doors. On the other side was suite 9 with an open bar area attached to the side. There were two tables with umbrellas and chairs as well as several lounge chairs surrounding the pool. At the far end of the pool were four men in bathing suits talking and having drinks, but Aaron barely gave them a glance. Instead he was focused on opening the door of suite 9.

“Wow,” Aaron said in a low voice as he entered the suite. There was a large white marble and glass fireplace with a plush white rug in front of it. The furniture was simple and modern to match the look of the room. A large crystal chandelier sparkled in the light coming from the windows. As he turned to close the door, Aaron spotted an envelope taped to the back of it with his name on it.

He opened the envelope and read the message.

Go to the bedroom on the right side, put on what’s on the bed, then go for a swim.

Further instructions will be forthcoming. Leave your old clothes and belongings on the


Aaron walked into the bedroom which was all white and filled with mirrored furniture that looked expensive. He’d only seen rooms like this in fancy home or entertainment magazines. He looked on the bed and found a pair of white Speedos, a plush white robe and white flip-flops. Aaron couldn’t tell if he was nervous or excited. Maybe he felt a little of both. He stripped out of his sneakers, jeans, socks, and shirt, then put on the Speedos. They were tight… so tight that when he looked in the mirror he could see his cock and balls clearly outlined. The Speedos were very low and the waistband sat even with where his pubic hair started. Aaron turned around, the suit made his ass look fantastic and showed off the curve of his back and his dimples. He noticed the Speedos were unlined and knew that when he hit the water they would become completely transparent. No time to worry about that, he thought, then grabbed the robe and put it on while he slipped into the flip-flops. Someone wanted him to put on a show, so that’s what he was going to do.

Aaron walked out of the door and into the courtyard area toward a chaise lounge diagonally opposite the table with the four men. Slowly he opened his robe and removed it with his back to the men. His next move was to turn and walk in the men’s direction in order to give them a clear view of the goods. He didn’t need to look at them to know that they were looking at him—he could feel their eyes on his body. When he got to the edge of the small pool he decided it might be too shallow to jump into. Instead, he sat on the edge and slowly lowered himself, arching his body in such a way that he could thrust his crotch out to accentuate what he had. Once in the pool, he swam underwater to the other end of the pool making sure his ass occasionally rose up out of the water. For the return trip he swam on his back making sure his now translucent suit and the package within were in full view above the water. Aaron did this a few times then got out at the far end, walked back to his chaise lounge, and lay down full-length with his legs spread out to give the guys a view of his balls through the sheer suit. He didn’t want his client or clients getting bored, so he closed his eyes and started subtly playing with his nipples. Then he made his way downward, tracing the outline of his cock and balls through the Speedos before slipping his hand inside but leaving it motionless. Aaron felt a gentle tap on his shoulder and looked up to see an attendant dressed in a white button-down shirt and shorts. The man handed Aaron a piece of paper and an envelope then left the area. Aaron read the note.

Nice show so far. Now do it again only lose the suit then come give my friends and me a closer look. The envelope contains only a down payment. Keep me happy and there will be more to come.

Martin Chambers

Aaron looked in the envelope and tried not to be shocked. There was two hundred dollars inside. He put the envelope in the pocket of his robe and entered the pool as before. This time he used his feet to push off the end of the pool and propel himself backwards. He made sure he lost his Speedos halfway to the other end. On the way back, he took a quick glance up at the table of men. There was a short, chubby guy with a black beard and curly hair. He was, of course, wearing tiny Speedos and his hairy belly hung over them. There was a bald man with a great tan and a nicely toned and cut body wearing a tight, and expensive-looking, black business suit. A man sitting in back looked like an aging hippy with long brown hair and a skinny, underdeveloped body. The man next to him had white hair that was balding in the middle, his body was well-kept and he had some white hair on his chest. Not the most attractive group, Aaron thought, but the money was good and there would be more of it to come. He got out of the pool in front of his chaise lounge, threw the wet Speedos he’d retrieved from the water, onto the lounge, then walked toward the table and his clients.

When Aaron arrived at the table, the dark-haired, hairy, fat man was first to speak.

“He’s beautiful, Martin. You sure have a knack for picking them.”

“Thanks,” said the bald man. “Feel free to get up and have a closer look, touch if you want, Jack. You too Mike and Phil. He’s paid for.”

Aaron was used to people talking to or about him like he was a piece of meat. His response was to just smile and spin around slowly.

Jack got up and started feeling Aaron’s smooth chest, the other two men quickly followed his lead. Martin watched his companions as they ran their hands down Aaron’s chest and across his ass. They cupped Aaron’s balls and stroked his cock. Jack got on his knees to suck on Aaron’s now erect cock while Phil, the aging hippy, was kissing Aaron’s neck and Mike moved to kiss Aaron’s mouth.

Then Martin stood up and spoke.

“That’s enough.”

The men quickly stopped and went back to their seats and Martin spoke again.

“Aaron put your Speedos and robe on, then go inside, take a shower, and wait for me.”

Aaron turned and walked back to get his stuff wondering what was in store for him next.


* * * *


To be continued

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