The Key Anthology:

Frankie and Aaron

Chapter 15



Peering into the rearview mirror, Aaron took a last look back at Thomas and Wanda as Frankie Jr. drove out of the motel parking lot. He then patted Frankie Jr’s shoulder and pointed toward Thomas.

“Oh, so you finally want to know about him, huh/” Frankie Jr. said. “Well, it’ll make an interesting story for the ride. You just sit back and relax.”

Aaron did as he was told and Frankie focused on the road as he spoke. “I bet you didn’t think anyone as handsome as Dr. Thomas would be interested in someone like me.”

Frankie Jr. felt Aaron’s hand on his knee trying to be reassuring.

“OK, I get it,” Frankie Jr. said. “No need to get all emotional. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you this sentimental. It’s odd… but nice.”

Aaron raised his hand and motioned for Frankie Jr. to continue.

“Don’t rush me, Aaron. It’s not like I ask you about all your business, you know. Thomas came into the sandwich shop one day when I was talking to Wanda about joining a gym. He was picking up an order to take back to the clinic where he works. Anyway, he invited me to check out his gym on a visitor’s pass. I wasn’t too sure about it, but Wanda sort of pushed me into it. She said working out would take my mind off you. And I remembered how you always said I should take better care of my body.”

A mumbling sound came from Aaron.

“I know you were teasing me half the time,” Frankie Jr. said, then patted his stomach. “But, the truth is I did need to do something to get in shape.”

He pulled into McDonald’s and ordered them both Cokes.

“I’m trying to wean myself off these things.” He made sure Aaron could drink his soda easily before driving out of the parking lot. “I remember my first day at the gym. Thomas was waiting for me and he looked pretty damn good. He was wearing tiny shorts and a tank top. Don’t worry—I prefer you Aaron. Even you would’ve appreciated Thomas’s tight and toned body.”

Frankie Jr’s mind drifted as he remembered that day. He and Thomas had worked up a sweat and walked to the changing rooms after their workout. Feeling insecure, especially next to Thomas, he was ready to leave and shower at home.

Aaron slapped Frankie Jr’s knee. He’d been silent too long.

“Sorry about that, Aaron. Well, you know how shy I am about showering in public because of my weight. Having perfect Thomas there next to me made it one-hundred times worse. The man took off his tank top and you should’ve seen his abs. Then he stripped out of his shorts and jockstrap. Every inch of the guy was tan, right down to his dick—and he was uncut, too.”

He heard Aaron mumble again.

“Yeah, I know I probably looked stupid standing there. Thomas could tell I was shy and started joking with me and telling me to hit the showers with him, so I did. Afterward, we weighed and he told me he’d help me lose some weight and get in shape. He needed a workout partner and thought we’d make a great team.”

Frankie Jr. stopped when he heard Aaron snoring. Thomas had mentioned that the pills he’d prescribed would make Aaron sleep a lot. For a second, Frankie Jr. took a look at Aaron. He always looked so sweet sleeping… like an angel. Reaching to turn on the radio, he changed his mind. Instead, his thoughts returned to the gym and Thomas in the shower.

Thomas almost made him forget Aaron. Frankie Jr remembered watching Thomas washing his dark brown hair and standing with his back arched in a way that made his tan, full ass stand out. His leg muscles were large and looking down, Frankie Jr. could see even his feet were tan. Frankie Jr. then recalled feeling embarrassed and trying to hurry and exit the shower before Thomas could get a good look at his out-of-shape body. He was busy drying himself outside the shower when he felt a towel slap on his butt.

“Time to hit the steam room,” Thomas said.

Frankie Jr. turned to see Thomas completely nude behind him. He quickly wrapped the towel around his waist and started thinking of excuses to leave. But, Thomas walked up to him and put his arm around his shoulder.

“You’ll love the steam room, Frankie, it’ll feel like a bit of Heaven after our workout.”

The steam room was to the right of the showers and was an enclosed room of glass and tile. Inside were rows of tiled benches to sit on. It was foggy and Thoms grabbed Frankie Jr’s wrist for a moment to lead him to a corner section where they sat alone in the room.

After he sat down, Thomas stretched out his legs and leaned back. Then he untied his towel and let it fall open, while still sitting on it. Frankie Jr. watched the man run his hand through his thick, curly, black pubic hair and give his cock a quick stroke before cupping his balls.

When Frankie Jr. lifted his head up he was met by Thomas’s gaze.

“Relax, Frankie, friend. You are so nervous. Only men can come in here; it’s no big deal to be nude. Just be sure to sit on your towel, the tiles can be hot.”

“It’s easy to be naked when you have a body like you do, Thomas. But when you’re pudgy like I am—” He grabbed at the fat around his middle.

“That’s nothing,” Thomas said, sliding his hand over Frankie’s stomach. “I can help you lose this in no time. It’s just a matter of proper diet and exercise. First though, you need to learn to relax.” He reached down and undid Frankie Jr.’s tightly tied towel letting it hang open.

Instinctively, Frankie Jr.’s hand moved to cover his exposed cock and balls. Thomas got up and stood in front of Frankie Jr.. He put his hands on either side of Frankie Jr’s face. Then slowly he moved them down his chest until he got to his hands. He removed Frankie Jr’s hands from the front of his cock and balls, then gave Frankie Jr.’s cock a playful tug.

“Beautiful,” Thomas said, before getting down on his knees and giving Frankie Jr.’s cock a quick taste. “Yum—you taste good too.” He stood and leaned in to suck Frankie Jr.’s nipple, then kissed him on the lips. Hearing someone walk toward the steam room door, he quickly sat back down.”

A tall, slender man with streaked brown hair entered. He removed his towel in full view of Thomas and Frankie Jr., flung it over his shoulder then set it down on a bench directly across from them.

The shock of what Thomas had done was still with Frankie Jr. when he got another shock. The man across from them was looking their way and had started playing with himself. When Frankie Jr. looked at Thomas, he was staring straight ahead and starting to rub his cock. He leaned in to whisper in Frankie Jr.’s ear.

“It’s OK. The guy likes to put on a show and enjoys seeing one in return.” He reached over and started stroking Frankie Jr.’s cock.

Frankie Jr. had never experienced anything like this and was working hard trying to control his breathing. He tried not to get hard but Thomas’s hand felt so good and the guy jacking off for them was exciting. Thomas grabbed Frankie Jr.’s hand and put it on his cock. Frankie Jr. enjoyed the feel of its slick foreskin which he puled back and forth.

The man across from them was now in the center of the room on his knees jacking off. He started heading toward Frankie Jr. but when he got close Frankie Jr. shook his head no. The man kept his distance and Frankie Jr. knew he was safe with Thomas watching out for him.

“Come on boys, lets cum together,” the stranger said.

The three all picked up pace and in a matter of seconds were cumming into their towels. Having finished his show, the stranger left. Frankie Jr. looked at Thomas with a mixture of confusion and excitement on his face and Thomas kissed him quickly.

“Time for another shower,” Thomas said. “Then how’s about I treat us to an early dinner, Frankie.”


* * * *


They had decided It was too early to eat so instead went to Thomas’s downtown apartment.

“Wow!” Frankie Jr. said upon entering the home. It was modern and very rich looking with a balcony and a view.

Thomas took Frankie Jr. by the hand and led him to the bedroom. The walls were painted a warm, chocolate brown. And there was a king-size bed with gold satin comforter which Thomas threw off the bed. He then turned his attention to Frankie Jr.

First he unbuttoned Frankie Jr.’s shirt and ran his hands on his bare shirt and stomach. Then he took off Frankie Jr.’s pants and underwear while Frankie Jr. took off his shoes. Once he’d gotten him nude Thomas began kissing Frankie Jr.’s neck, nipples, and stomach before kneeling to suck on his cock a few times. He then stood and held his hands open.

“Why?” Frankie Jr. said.

“Because I want to be naked too. It’s more fun that way.”

“No, Thomas. Why me… I’m nothing special? Look at me.”

Thomas took Frankie Jr.’s hands in his, then kissed them before moving them to his chest. “You are special. I’ve been to your shop before and noticed you, lusted after you, wanted you. I’ve also seen how you treat people. You’re a sexy man with a good soul. Do you find me attractive?”

“Yes,” Frankie Jr. said.

“Then undress me and let’s go to bed. When we’re done we can get dinner.”

Frankie Jr. undressed Thomas, admiring his body as he went along. Soon their naked bodies were intertwined in bed. Their warm mouths locked together when not exploring each other’s bodies. The most amazing thing to Frankie Jr. was how much someone like Thomas could want him.


* * * *


Hearing a groan from Aaron, Frankie Jr. turned to look his way. He was still fast asleep. Frankie Jr. had spent weeks with Thomas and managed to lose a lot of weight. Their time together felt good and he learned a lot from him. Thomas taught him to feel good about himself and to be self confident.

But in Frankie Jr.’s heart Thomas came second to Aaron. And Thomas deserved to be first in someone’s life. Still, he made Frankie Jr. feel like he was coming into his relationship with Aaron, stronger then he’d ever been. And he knew he’d have to be the strong one now.


To be continued.


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