The Key Anthology:

Frankie and Aaron



Getting to Know Him


(Author note - Sorry found glaring mistake in last chapter- Martin was wearing a bathing suit - NOT a business suit)


Aaron stepped out of the warm, luxurious shower and dried himself with one of the plush towels he found on the rack next to the stall. Then he put on the terrycloth robe he’d worn earlier. Reaching into the pocket of the robe, Aaron felt his newly earned money and walked over to where his pants were. He took out his wallet, put the money securely inside, then put the wallet back in the pants pocket. After folding his pants, he set them back on the bed again.

Wearing just the robe and flip-flops, Aaron explored the suite. It was large and had two bedrooms which were replicas of one another in size and style, except the one on the left side had an indoor/outdoor bathroom with a large outdoor tub. There was a living room between the two bedrooms as well as a small, but well-appointed kitchen. Aaron walked around careful not to disturb anything, until he stopped and sat on the low back sofa in front of the fireplace waiting for his customer to enter.

Martin Chambers isn’t a bad looking man, Aaron thought as he sat back on the sofa. He assumed that the man was his client and wondered what his plans for him would include. Martin already had his friends feel him up by the pool, but then stopped them abruptly. Just then, Aaron heard the door close behind him… but he didn’t turn around. He could tell only one person had entered because there was the sound of only one set of footsteps. The sound of a click filled the air and the fireplace turned on. Red and yellow flames danced over small pieces of clear glass that filled the hearth of the fireplace.

“Nice,” Aaron said.

The short hairs on the back of his neck stood up as he felt someone behind him. A strong arm slid around Aaron’s neck and squeezed slightly.

“You didn’t even turn around when I walked inside,” Martin Chambers said, whispering in Aaron’s ear. “I could easily kill you.”

“Maybe,” Aaron said, as the arm around his neck got much looser—allowing him to speak. “But, you wouldn’t get your money’s worth that way.”

“That’s true,” Martin said, moving his arm away from Aaron’s neck. While still standing behind Aaron, he slipped his hand into the thick robe feeling the whore’s warm chest and flat stomach before stopping. Without saying a word, he walked around and stood in front of Aaron… silently looking down at him.

He’s checking me out, Aaron thought. Well two can play that game. It was his turn to do an inspection with his eyes.

Martin had to be in his late forties judging from the deep lines around his mouth, but he had a handsome face. His body looked even better up close. The man was solid with a slender, but tightly muscled look, and six pack abs. He had a dark, golden tan from the top of his bald head to the bottom of his feet and his bright green eyes made his face come alive.

“Not that it matters, but do you like what you see, Aaron?”

“You take good care of yourself, Mr. Chambers.”

“Yes, but you’re not answering my question. I asked if you like what you see?”

So he’s one of those types—a control freak, thought Aaron before replying.

“Yes, Sir. I do like what I see.”

“Well, like I said, it doesn’t matter what you think. Stand up and take off that robe.”

Aaron did as he was told.

Martin walked up to Aaron, held his jaw with one hand, then turned Aaron’s head to look at his profile. “You’ve got a nice face and profile, Aaron.” He squeezed Aaron’s pecs and pinched his nipples before he made his way downward. After he twirled some of Aaron’s thick pubic hair around his index finger, he pulled it hard.

Aaron let out a low gasp and Martin smiled a wicked smile.

“Some manscaping is in order down there,” Martin said. “Those pubes are out of control. Nice cut cock though… and large balls. I like that. Turn around and bend over with your hands on the sofa.”

The man liked giving orders, but the customer was always right—so Aaron did as he was told. He felt Martin’s hands on his ass, then spreading his cheeks. A finger traced around his asshole and the tip went just barely inside.

“Hairless ass, just the way I like them,” Martin said. “And you feel pretty tight for a man whore. Turn around and sit back down on the sofa. You don’t usually bottom do you?

Aaron placed his robe on the sofa, then sat down on it before replying.“No, sir. I’ve only bottomed twice—and it was extra for that. I only practice safe sex.”

“That’s enough of the Sir business unless I ask you to call me that. And don’t think you can figure me out… because you can’t. While you’re with me I’ll pay you enough to do whatever I ask, however I ask. Now come along, Aaron.”

Aaron followed Martin into the bedroom on the far left side and outside to the large bathtub he’d seen earlier. It sat in a small tiled courtyard decorated with large potted plants surrounding it and an ornate bench to the side of it.

“Fill the tub, Aaron, then come and take off my bathing suit. You may call me Mr. Chambers.”

“Yes, Mr. Chambers,” Aaron said.

Aaron turned the water on in the deep bathtub, making sure it was a comfortable lukewarm temperature. He then turned to Martin who was standing behind him.

“Use your mouth to remove my bathing suit,” Martin said.

Aaron stood in front of Martin and lowered himself so his face was even with the square cut bathing suit. Martin pushed his crotch up against Aaron’s face.

Acting on that hint, Aaron used his tongue to trace along the outline of Martin’s cock and balls beneath the snug swimsuit. He could feel the man’s cock growing hard beneath the thin fabric. Slowly Aaron worked his way up the swimsuit until he got to the waistband where he used his teeth to slowly pull them down to the ground.

Martin placed his hand firmly on the top of Aaron’s head, to balance himself, then stepped out of his swimsuit and into the tub.

“That’s enough water, Aaron. Shut it off and join me in the tub.”

Aaron shut off the water and got in the far right side of the tub where Martin handed him a washcloth and bar of soap.

“Wash me and don’t miss a spot,” Martin said, as he leaned back against the back of the tub and raised his foot out of the water for Aaron to wash.

Aaron Leaned forward, held Martin’s foot, and began washing it.

Martin pulled his foot away and rinsed it in the water before lifting it back up and pushing his big toe into Aaron’s mouth. Aaron sucked up and down on Martin’s toe like it was a cock, then he moved on to the other digits. He moved closer to Martin and washed his hard legs, then using his washcloth, he moved between Martin’s legs. That’s when Martin grabbed him, pulled him close so that they were face to face, then kissed him hard on the lips.

The men tightly embraced. While they kissed, Martin would occasionally suck hard on Aaron’s tongue. He pushed Aaron back, then began to suck and bite hard on Aaron’s small nipples.

It hurt when Martin bit his nipples, but Aaron dealt with the pain and suppressed any groans. The man was rough. Martin turned around in front of him so that his smooth, firm ass was practically in Aaron’s face.

“Wash it really good then eat it,” Martin said.

Aaron took the washcloth and washed Martin’s ass, on the outside first then around the asshole and finally inside it. He began by kissing and gently nipping at Martin’s ass cheeks before moving on. He gently blew on Martin’s crack, then used his hands to spread Martin’s ass. Aaron ran his nose up and down the crack which smelled clean and like citrus from the soap, before returning his lips to Martin’s ass. Slowly he traced around Martin’s hairless, quivering asshole with his tongue. He teased the hole by darting his tongue just inside and out of it.

“Fuck my hole with your tongue, boy!” Martin said.

Aaron stuck out his tongue stiffly and entered Martin’s asshole, exploring it’s tight interior.

Martin turned around abruptly, grabbed Aaron’s head, then shoved it against his hard cock. His fingers roughly opened Aaron’s mouth and he put his hard cock in it. Aaron gagged a couple of times until he got used to the hard thrusting of Martin fucking his face. A few moments later, Martin let out a loud moan then filled Aaron’s mouth with load after load of hot cum. He grabbed Aaron’s face and kissed him with an open mouth, licking and eating his own cum that was inside it. Once he was done, Martin got out of the tub.

“My cum is too good for you, Aaron, spit out the rest on the ground then dry me off.”

Aaron was glad to spit the rest out. He exited the tub, grabbed a large towel from the bench to the side of the tub, and dried Martin off.

“Stay, clean yourself off, and rest for a bit. Your night’s not over yet.”

Martin threw the towel over his shoulder and walked back inside.

Aaron got back in the tub and washed himself thoroughly before exiting and drying himself with the other towel on the bench. Upon walking back inside, he saw Martin lying face down on the bed.

Martin turned his head, looked at Aaron with those incredible green eyes, then patted the space on the bed beside him. Aaron walked over and lay beside Martin who put his arm around him and pulled him close so they were spooning. He felt Martin gently kissing his neck.

“How long will you want me for?” Aaron said.

Martin sat up and ran his hand down Aaron’s side as he spoke. “In a way, that’s up to you, my boy. I’ll keep you around as long as you interest me. Once you start to bore me, you’re out.” He bent down and kissed Aaron. “I get bored so easily, you see. Do you think you’re up to the task, Aaron? Will you do what I ask… and what it takes to keep me from being bored and unhappy?” He kissed Aaron again.

“Yes, Mr. Chambers, I’m definitely up to the task. And I can assure you I have what it takes. I’ll be your dream boy.”

Martin bent over Aaron and kissed his ass several times before speaking. “Oh, I’m not looking for a dream boy. I don’t believe there is such a thing. All I want is a whore to do my bidding, that’s why my people found you. Just keep in mind this is a business deal, and I’m the boss you have to keep happy. That way there will be no misunderstandings. OK?”

“OK, Mr. Chambers,” Aaron said.


To be continued



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