The Key Anthology:

Frankie and Aaron

Chapter 3

Friendly Times Part 2


Phil walked in wearing a white bathrobe, then Aaron saw Mike walk in dressed the same way. He saw the men remove their robes and enter the shower. They both greeted Jack with a kiss on the lips before turning their attention to him. Phil grabbed his face and kissed him on the lips, inserting his tongue as he did so. Then Mike went over and kissed him and Phil.

The three engaged in sloppy French kissing while Jack knelt down in front of them and started sucking on all three cocks—going from one to the other until he finally took all three into his mouth. Phil and Mike stopped kissing Aaron and began sucking hard on his nipples. Phil lowered Aaron’s head, then stuck his long, skinny cock into Aaron’s mouth and began thrusting.

Mike got behind Aaron and started playing with his ass before he spread his cheeks and stuck his tongue inside. Jack positioned himself below Aaron and sucked on his balls before moving on to his cock.

“Why don’t we take this party to the bedroom,” Phil said.

Without anyone saying a word, they all left the shower.

Jack grabbed two towels and handed Aaron one. “Follow my lead,” he said, as he started drying Phil’s feet.

Aaron got on his knees, dried Mike’s feet and kissed them. Seconds later, he worked his way up Mike’s legs until he was face to face with the man’s large, dark, uncut cock. He sucked on it a couple of times, pushing back the foreskin with his tongue, then continued drying him. When he reached Mike’s face, he was drawn in for a kiss and he felt Mike’s hand on his ass.

“You’re still wet, Aaron,” Mike said, then started to dry him off.

Jack and Phil also moved to Aaron to dry him off. As they dried him, they took turns sucking on his cock and nipples. They each moved to kiss him until all four naked and dry men were french kissing. Eventually, they moved to Jack’s bedroom.

“Jack, lie down on the bed,” Mike said. “And you, Aaron, blow him.”

The two did as Mike said.

Aaron grabbed Jack’s cock and teased the head of it with his tongue before sliding his tongue inside Jack’s foreskin. The thick pubic hair tickled his nose and once or twice he had to take a stray hair out of his mouth. He was reaching up tweaking and pinching Jack’s nipples when he saw Phil stick his cock in Jack’s mouth. Suddenly he let out a painful groan. He’d been so busy watching Phil that he hadn’t noticed Mike until he’d roughly entered him from behind. Mikes hands were under him pinching his nipples hard as he fucked him faster and faster. Aaron collapsed for a moment, but got up when he felt a hard slap on his ass.

“Keep sucking him, boy,” Mike said.

Aaron grabbed Jack’s cock in his hand and started sucking again. He went down hard and fast on the cock trying to keep rhythm with Mike.

“Oh, shit! I’m gonna cum!” Jack said.

“Don’t let him. Not yet,” said a new voice in the room.

Aaron grabbed and held the base of Jack’s cock tightly in his fist to keep him from cumming.

Everyone stopped to look at who’d entered the room.

It was Martin, wearing his robe and flip-flops. He smiled as he walked over to Aaron and Jack.

“Nice ass,” Martin said, as he walked by and slapped Aaron’s ass. “Enjoying it, Mike.”

“Yes, Martin. Thank you.” Mike said, while he continued to fuck Aaron. “We’ll have him well broken in for you.”

“Looks like he could fit another cock in that ass,” Martin said. “What do you say, Phil? Switch places with Jack so you can enter Aaron from underneath. Jack, you go where Phil is so you can get your rocks off.”

Martin watched Phil switched places with Jack and he helped Jack steady himself against the headboard. He then took Jack’s cock , kissed the head and put it in Aaron’s mouth. “Hang on a minute, Phil, till I say go.” Martin reached into his robe pocket, pulled out a small brown bottle of Poppers and held it under Aaron’s nose. “Take a hit of this. It’s all right. You’ll need it.”

Aaron knew what Poppers were, but he’d never used them and was apprehensive.

“Do as I say, boy,” Martin said.

Aaron inhaled deeply and felt a rush in his body. It left him feeling incredibly horny and he started sucking hard and fast on Jack’s cock. He reached out for Martin but saw him move back a step.

Martin reached down under his robe, grabbed hold of his cock and started stroking it. He stepped forward, gave Aaron another hit from the bottle, then spoke to Phil.

“Now, Phil.”

Martin walked to the other end of the bed and saw Phil trying to stick his cock into Aaron’s ass. He heard Aaron moaning loudly.

“Fuck me!” Aaron said.

Martin grabbed Phil’s cock, put it at the entrance to Aaron’s hole, and saw Phil push until he was inside beside Mike’s cock. Martin watched a few seconds while stroking his cock then, while still stroking his cock, he walked back to where Aaron was sucking off Jack. He heard Jack moaning wildly and knew he was close to cumming, so he reached over and began pinching Jack’s nipples hard enough to make them red.

“I’m cumming!” Jack said.

“Don’t lose a drop, Aaron,” Martin said.

Aaron still felt hot from the Poppers and was sucking hard. He tasted the first spurt of hot thick cum, couldn’t get enough and started sucking it out of the head—devouring it as it came out.

Jack groaned loudly, trembling from the force of his eruption.

Martin was stroking his cock hard with one hand, while pinching his nipple with the other hand. He let out a low moan before cumming on Aaron’s face. “Lick it off, will you, Jack.”

Jack hungrily attacked Aaron’s face with his mouth.

The two men fucking Aaron let out loud groans.

“Cum on his ass and back,” Martin said. “I want to see it.”

Mike pulled out of Aaron’s ass, took his condom off and started stroking his cock.

Phil got out from under Aaron then got on his knees over him, took off his condom, and, like Mike, started stroking his cock.

In no time the two men were grunting loudly and shooting hot cum all over Aaron’s ass and back.

“When you’re through with Aaron’s face come lick up Phil and Mike’s mess, Jack,” Martin said.

“Yes, Sir,” Jack said.

“And boys, if Aaron’s really good, make sure he gets off too,” Martin said, then he left the room and went back to his own suite.


To be continued

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