The Key Anthology:

Frankie and Aaron

Chapter 4

The Way of Things


Aaron was alone in Jack’s bed, much to his relief, as he was tired from the activities of the previous evening. Jack entered dressed in his robe and carrying two hangers, one with a white polo shirt and the other with a pair of tan, cotton shorts.

“These are for you to wear to lunch with Martin,” Jack said, hanging the clothes on the closet door. He left the room and returned moments later with breakfast. There was toast, scrambled eggs, bacon, and orange juice on a wooden tray that Jack placed over Aaron’s lap after he sat up in the bed.

“Thank you, what a luxury,” Aaron said, then ate some eggs.

“You’re welcome. I guess you’re not used to being waited on… unless some of your clients are into that sort of thing.”

“Mmm… that would be no.” He drank some orange juice before continuing. “When I was young, I used to wait hand and foot on my parents who were alcoholics.”

“So that’s your story,” Jack said. “Most of Martin’s boys have stories. I suppose you were abused, too.”

“I was my parent’s punching bag—but hey… I survived it, and now I’m here. Even the streets were better than living at home, so this is definitely a step up… however long it may all last.”


* * * *


Aaron saw Martin sitting at an outside table in the front patio of Rossini’s restaurant, and he checked himself in the cab mirror before paying the man and exiting. Martin was casually dressed in a red and white striped polo shirt, white shorts, and deck shoes.

“Sit, Aaron. I’ve already ordered for the both of us.”

A waiter walked up to the table with two drinks and set one in front of each of them before leaving.

“I like lemonade when I come here for lunch, so that’s what we’re having,” Martin said. “Now, before lunch gets here let me tell you our plans. After eating we need to go shopping for suitable clothes that you can wear on our trip. I’m assuming you have a passport and identification.”

“Yes,” Aaron said. “But I need to go back to my place to get the passport.”

“You can do that after we’re finished here. Tomorrow we fly into Miami for a major party in South Beach. There will be important people there, and I need to make sure you’re dressed for the occasion since you’ll be going as my date.”

“OK,” Aaron said. “I’m surprised you didn’t mention that I need to know the proper way to act when we get there.”

“All you need to do is what I say to do, and you’ll be fine.”

The waiter returned carrying two chicken salads which Martin and Aaron ate in silence. Once they were finished eating, they walked down the street past fancy clothes and collectibles shops. They finally stopped in front of a shop carrying high-end designer clothing brands. The minute Martin walked through the door, a man dressed in a dark suit approached him. The man was at least in his late fifties, tall, and thin with naturally white hair pulled back in a pony tail. His white hair and blue eyes were accented by a dark tan.

Aaron was looking at the large emerald ring on the man’s pinky finger when he felt Martin tap him on the shoulder.

“Do whatever he wants,” Martin whispered in Aaron’s ear, “and Andre will make sure you’re the best dressed man in South Beach. Plus, you’ll get us at least a twenty percent discount.”

Andre hugged Martin, then turned to Aaron. “You must be Aaron,” he said, as he hugged him. “Come, follow me to the dressing room where I can get a good look at you.” He grabbed Aaron’s hand and whisked him away to the back dressing room of the shop.

Aaron was beyond impressed. The room was large and all white, with mirrored walls, a white sofa with leopard throw, and plush, white shag carpeting.

Andre gave Aaron his hand and helped him onto the raised round platform in the center of the room—where he’d eventually take all the measurements he needed. He walked around Aaron, looking him up and down. “Very nice. Martin’s always had superb taste. It’s a shame your hair is shaved short, but you’ve got wonderful bone structure.” He walked behind Aaron and ran his hands down the young man’s back… then lower. Andre squeezed Aaron’s ass and grabbed him around the waist while pressing and rubbing close behind him. “Now let’s see which way you dress, Aaron.”

“Excuse me?” Aaron said, “I don’t understand.”

“Silly boy,” Andre said, as he walked in front of Aaron and felt the front of his shorts with the palm of his hand. “I want to see which way you tuck your cock… I’d say left.” A smile appeared on his face and he went to sit on the sofa. “I can dress you so that everyone who lays eyes on you wants you… and that’s what I’m going to do, after you do something for me.”

“Whatever you say, Sir,” Aaron said.

“None of that ‘Sir’ bullshit, please,” Andre said. “Save it for Martin. As a matter of fact, don’t say anything at all. Just get slowly out of those clothes and let me see what you’ve got, then we’ll go from there.”

Aaron lifted up his shirt so that Andre could see his smooth six-pack, then his chest and nipples.

“Let me see you pinch those little nipples, Aaron. Make them stand at attention for me.”

So he’s a voyeur… I know how to deal with voyeurs, Aaron thought as he stuck his finger in his mouth getting it wet then traced along one nipple than the other with it. He moaned softly as he pinched each nipple lightly, then harder. As he rolled his nipple between two of his fingers, he looked over at Andre who was rubbing the front of his pants. Aaron took that as his signal to move on. Slowly he moved his hand down his chest and slipped it under the waistband of his shorts. He grabbed his cock and stroked it without pulling his shorts or underwear down.

“Let me see it,” Andre said. “I want to see you stroking it.”

“Oh, yeah,” Aaron said. “Show me how much you want to see it.”

Andre unbuckled his pants and slipped them and his underwear off showing a small erect cock with a large, red, bulbous head.

Aaron gave Andre a mischievous half-grin, kicked off his flip-flops, and began unbuttoning his shorts. He dropped his shorts, kicked them in the corner, and began rubbing his erection through the cotton briefs he was wearing. Reaching in with one hand, he pulled out his cock and balls and began to masturbate for Andre.

“You’re working hard for that twenty percent discount,” Andre said.

“You ain’t seen nuthin yet,” Aaron said. He walked over to Andre and held his hard cock inches from the man’s nose and mouth before dropping to his knees.

Andre gasped as Aaron took the full length of his cock into his warm mouth. This guy really wants a discount, Andre thought. The gasp turned into deep, heavy, breathing as Aaron licked around Andre’s head, and down the shaft while his fingers teased Andre’s hot asshole.


* * * *


Aaron was pleased when Martin told him they were getting a forty percent discount on a whole new wardrobe that would be waiting in Miami when they got there. Martin had things to do in preparation for the trip, and Aaron was in a taxi on the way to his small apartment to get his passport. It seemed like he’d been with more men in the last couple of days than he’d been with in one week. The taxi was nearing Frankie Jr’s sandwich shop and Aaron was tempted to stop for a salad and a drink. No, he thought. I won’t be made to feel guilty or scared. I’m starting a new life and leaving this old one forever. As the taxi passed the sandwich shop, Aaron couldn’t help but feel a little sad. He remembered himself and Frankie as boys. More specifically he remembered Frankie Jr. and his family helping him when his parents were being abusive, and when the other kids picked on him. No matter what, he’d never forget Frankie Jr.’s mom getting him a scholarship to the same private Catholic school Frankie Jr. attended. Guilt and sadness filled his mind for a second but he brushed it aside. Domesticity like Frankie Jr.’s family had doesn’t work for people like me, Aaron thought. His parents hated each other and him—and that kind of living was in the blood. It was in his parents blood and in his, and Aaron wasn’t having it. If he was born to be used, then he’d be paid for it… richly paid. So bring on Miami and bring on Europe! Aaron was on his way.


To be continued


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