The Key Anthology:

Frankie and Aaron

Chapter 5

Alone Time!


Miami was one glamorous party after another for Aaron. And at every one of those parties, Aaron was on Martin’s arm being introduced to the rich and famous. Martin would always tell him the same thing.

“Just sit back and look pretty. Let them admire your youth and looks.”

Aaron had no illusions. Martin wanted to show off to everyone that he could get a young stud. During the day Aaron was free to go to the beach, but he attended a party every night for three days. After the last party, Martin announced to Aaron that he’d had enough and South Beach was getting boring. He told Aaron to pack his bags and be ready to leave in the morning.

To his own surprise, Aaron was more excited than concerned when he awoke the next morning. He packed and dressed in a white, cotton, button-down shirt, khaki shorts, and flip flops. Martin was waiting for him outside their hotel room. He was dressed in a pale blue button-down shirt, white shorts, and white flip-flops with a white Panama hat on his head. Aaron was surprised again when Martin smiled at him, then hugged and kissed him.

“I’m looking forward to a few days of R&R. And have I got a surprise for you, Aaron.”

“What is it?” Aaron said.

“You’ll see,” Martin said.

The two grabbed their bags and got into a waiting taxi in front of their hotel. They arrived at a marina where Martin quickly rushed ahead with his bags. Aaron raced to catch up as Martin boarded a small yacht.

“Welcome aboard my humble yacht,” Martin said.

Aaron boarded the yacht and soon learned that he and Martin were on their way to a friend’s private island. Some time later, they docked at the small island and disembarked carrying their luggage themselves. The main house wasn’t far, and Aaron was stunned when he saw it—a beautiful home overlooking the water. It was almost completely open and surrounded by porches and patios.

“It’s Indonesian-style architecture—perfect for island living,” Martin said, when they entered the home’s expansive open air living room with gleaming wood floors and beams. “I just love the wood floors.”

“It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen,” Aaron said.

“We’ll be on our own for a couple of days but I think we can manage. How’s about I fix us a drink?” Martin said.

Aaron was taken back yet again. It wasn’t like Martin to offer to do anything for anyone. He was usually the one being waited on. “Sure, thanks, Martin.”

Martin went to the kitchen and returned with two colorful drinks, one of which he handed to Aaron.

“A toast to us—Martin and Aaron,” Martin said, lightly clicking his glass with Aaron’s glass. They both took a sip of their drinks then Martin put his drink on the counter and took Aaron’s drink and did the same. He walked close to Aaron, gently held his face between his hands and kissed him softly on the lips. “Come on, let’s change then we can really relax.” He took Aaron’s hand and led him toward the back of the room, down a hallway to the right and past two ornate wood and glass doors into the master bedroom.

“Wow!” Aaron said, “Amazing.” He looked around the room. The entire back wall was open and there was an unobstructed view of the water. “What about when it rains or storms?”

“There’s a strong protective glass wall that retracts completely into the side walls. It closes quickly in the event of a storm,” Martin said, as he walked into a room off to the side and emerged with two colorful, red and orange, sheer sarongs. He handed one to Aaron, who took it. “Our uniforms while we’re here. They’re worn loosely tied on our waists. No one is here, so no underwear is necessary. I’ll show you how to tie it.

Soon they were both out of their clothes and dressed in just sarongs and flip-flops. Martin had given Aaron a tour of the home and they ended up in a small patio surrounded by plants. Aaron was lying in a large, ornately carved, wooden Indian daybed that had sheer curtains all around it and a multitude of pillows. He was watching Martin cook their dinner of grilled steaks and vegetables.

What an unusual man, Aaron thought. While they were in South Beach, Martin was a complete snob trying to show off for his business associates. Now he was someone else—completely different. Aaron looked at the curve of Martin’s back leading to the curve of his nicely shaped ass covered by the thinnest of fabrics. The man’s tanned legs were strong and there was nothing weak or flawed that he could see.

Martin turned to Aaron and smiled. He was oddly at peace here with the boy. It was nice, even though it couldn’t last. Still, it felt pleasant to play make believe for a while. He cut the two steaks into strips, put them on a rectangular platter along with the vegetables he’d grilled, then joined Aaron on the daybed. He put the plate on the bed, jumped on top of Aaron, and hugged and kissed him playfully.

“What’s gotten into you, Martin?”

“I don’t know,” Martin said. “Maybe I’m forgetting who I am for a couple of days. Should I be John Smith instead of Martin Chambers?”

Aaron looked into Martin’s eyes when he said that last line. Most men didn’t mean it when they said something like he’d said. It was just another game people played… but there was something in Martin’s eyes—something Aaron couldn’t read.

“Eat while it’s still warm, Aaron, then later we can stare up at the stars from the hot tub.

The two ate their dinner, after which Martin took Aaron by the hand, to the secluded hot tub. It was outside on a back porch surrounded by tall palms and other plants. They both shed their sarongs and climbed naked into the hot tub. Martin put his head on Aaron’s shoulder and leaned back to look up at the stars.

“What do whores think about when they look up at the stars, Aaron?”

“I suppose the same things as non-whores, if there is such a thing as a non-whore.”

Aaron took his chances with the last statement, but there was a game being played here so he figured why not see where it all led.

Martin looked at Aaron and kissed him before speaking. “Explain that last statement. I’m intrigued.”

Aaron kissed Martin back before answering, “Most people want something from others. Lots of people use sex to get what they want. A woman might seduce a man to land a husband, even after she’s married she might use sex to get her way. How many husbands are paying for sex when they buy their wife a present, or a house or car? Not to mention the wedding rings they buy with the promise of sex.”

Martin laughed. “And what about men with men. Neither one of us is a woman.”

Aaron chuckled, then got serious when he responded, “For men it’s all about power. The john wants power over the whore in the same way most men want power or dominion over other men. Sex is a means of getting that power. In business, men may not always use sex to attain position, but they’ll use everything at their disposal to climb the ladder. Trust me, they’re whoring themselves out to get ahead. The guy on top knows it… and he’s willing to pay to dominate the others.”

“And what about people working together as equals.”

Aaron laughed. “No such thing. There’s always a dominant and a submissive in a relationship… be it in romance or work. Someone always has to be in charge or taking the lead.”

“There are people who are versatile,” Martin said.

“People that are truly versatile are rare. One person has to be dominant—on top or in charge,” Aaron said. “A large company can’t work if everyone’s equal. A leader is necessary to get things done and select ideas or directions for a company. As a leader or man in charge—you know that, Martin.”

“Yes… I do know that,” Martin said. “It’s not easy, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

“I agree, it’s probably not easy,” Aaron said. “That’s why so many of the men who visited a dominatrix I know were executives. They were tired of thinking and wanted someone else to do it for them. I guess it’s safer when you pay for it.”

“Probably,” Martin said. “Do you think that’s why I pay for whores like you? So I can have someone to dominate, or is it so I can have someone to think for me? Maybe I want to be loved with no conditions. I could be just a man looking for love. Do you believe in love? Can someone like you or me even fall in love with someone else? What do you think? Do you think there’s such a thing as love at first sight?”

Aaron wasn’t sure what the correct answer was so he just said, “What is it you want, Martin?”

“I don’t even know,” Martin replied. “I like this, though—honest discourse… at least for right here, right now. Let’s be honest with one another, even if it’s just another game we’re both playing. And we both know this is just another game and it can’t last, so why not play? Let’s play at being lovers a while.” He held Aaron’s face in his hands and kissed him sweetly on the lips.

Aaron relaxed and gave in to the kiss. They both knew where they stood with each other and that none of this was real. There was safety in that for the time being.


To be continued


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