The Key Anthology:

Frankie and Aaron

Chapter 7

Mile High


Aaron was turning to leave when a young, obviously pregnant woman entered and looked around. She had long, blonde hair and was wearing an ankle-length, loose sarong dress.

“Hi, I’m Amber,” she said. “I’m Roberto’s wife. He’s the Cuban guy who just got hired as a model by Riley Smythe.”

Aaron looked at Martin to see if he wanted him to stay, but all he saw was a look of total fury on the man’s face. Turning from Martin, Aaron glanced to the side and saw a guard, dressed similar to Allen and with the same build but with blond hair, running toward them.

“What’s a woman doing on this island!” Martin said.

“I’ll take care of it, Sir,” The guard said, reaching for the woman—who responded by slapping his face.

Amber slipped and fell while backing away from the man.

“The woman’s clearly high,” Martin said. “Aaron, help her up.”

Aaron moved forward, but the guard put his hand out to stop him.

Amber got off the floor, reached under her sarong, and pulled out a jagged knife. “I’m not going anywhere with you—ha! You can’t touch me. My husband’s going to be a famous model!”

The guard charged at her, getting his arm cut in the process, but the girl just laughed. He grabbed her from behind and in one move twisted her neck, breaking it. Her limp body fell to the ground with a thud.

Aaron covered his mouth with his hand, trying to stay calm.

“Did I tell you to kill the druggie bitch?” Martin said.

“No, Sir,” the guard said.

“Take care of this mess,” Martin said. “All of it.” He grabbed Aaron’s arm and walked him quickly into and through the house.

Aaron fought back a tear, and tried to remain strong as he was dragged into the master bedroom. He had to have a plan. Time to think fast. The two were alone.

“You didn’t see anything,” Martin said. “Do you understand me?”

Something clicked inside Aaron’s mind and he knew what to do. “We’re alone now in this room,” Aaron said. “That means I’m in charge. Get dressed, Martin, and do it quickly.”

Martin stood in shock.

“Do what I say now, boy!” Aaron said.

“Yes, Sir,” Martin said and he got his clothes out of the dresser and started getting dressed.

Aaron quickly dressed in khakis and a Polo shirt. He grabbed some slip on shoes and put them on. He was steadying his racing heart when he looked up to see Martin in front of him. Stay in control, Aaron, he thought.

“I’m dressed, Sir,” Martin said.

“Good,” Aaron said. “Get our passports, then you and I are leaving. On the way out you tell the guards to handle things as they see fit. I don’t want you giving any orders, so neither of us will know anything what’s gonna happen. When we leave here, we don’t look back or talk about any of this even to each other—understood?”

“Yes,” Martin said.

“Good, now let’s go.”Aaron said, following Martin to where their passports were kept.

The two left the house and while on the dock, they passed a small group of men Aaron recognized as models from one of the South Beach parties he’d attended. Aaron saw Martin walk up to Allen and heard him say just what he’d told him to say. It felt like a lifetime to Aaron, but soon he and Martin were boating across the water, then riding in the car to the airport where they boarded Martin’s company jet.

The inside of the jet featured plush seats and a sofa. There was a bar area with shiny wood cabinets and a small refrigerator. Aaron couldn’t appreciate any of it. He was busy looking for the bathroom.

“I need to take a piss,” Aaron said, then went into the bathroom in back. He pissed, washed his hands, then looked into the ornate mirror above the raised clear bowl sink. Thank God… he looked composed, although he didn’t feel it. He splashed cold water in his face and took a deep breath before going back out to the main cabin where Martin was standing next to a chair and looking back his way.

“Come here and put your seat belt on, Aaron,” Martin said. “The pilot came in while you were in the bathroom and said we’re ready for take off.” He sat down and pointed to the seat next to him for Aaron. Martin reached in his pocket and pulled out a package of gum which he handed to Aaron. “Put your seatbelt on and chew the gum when we take off. It will help your ears.”

Aaron took a piece of gum then closed his eyes and chewed. He felt Martin’s hand on his when they started their ascent. Twenty minutes or so later, the pilot’s voice came over a speaker and announced they could unfasten their seatbelts and roam the cabin.

Martin let go of Aaron’s hand. “Taking off always makes me nervous,” he said. “Now you know another one of my secrets.”

“I think taking off makes everyone nervous,” Aaron said, then turned and kissed Martin on the lips. “How’d you get the plane ready so quickly. I thought flight plans had to be pre-approved?”

“The secret to that is simple,” Martin said. “Money talks.” He unbuckled his seatbelt.

Aaron felt his nerves were still wound up and he needed release. He grabbed Martin’s collar, brought him close and kissed him hard on the lips before standing up and giving Martin his hand to help him up.

Martin took it and followed Aaron to the sofa in back. Good, he knows how to think fast on his feet, Martin thought. He acted like a pro on the island taking care of not only himself, but both of them. The way he made sure they wouldn’t know details of what would go down was smart. Surely on some level Aaron must know what would have to be happening back in Florida. But he was right, if either of them were ever questioned both could honestly say they had no knowledge of what happened. His thoughts were interrupted by the sound of Aaron barking orders in a low, but commanding voice. Low enough that the cockpit wouldn’t hear.

Take your clothes off and sit on the sofa, I think it’s time I join the mile high clubAaron said.

Martin started to quickly take off his clothes, but Aaron stopped him.

“Slowly so I can watch,” Aaron said as he sat on the floor.

Martin slowly lifted his Polo shirt, exposing his tight, tan stomach, then his chest, and nipples. He unbuckled his belt and pants, let them slip to the floor and kicked them off into the corner. His hands slipped into the elastic waistband of his briefs and he started to lower them.

“Stop and turn around,” Aaron said. “I wanna see your sweet ass.”

Martin turned his back to Aaron and slowly lowered his briefs to expose his tan ass.

“Bend over the sofa and spread your ass so I can see your tight hole,” Aaron said.

Martin did as he was told, spreading his ass with his hands.

Aaron scooted forward and shoved his face into Martin’s ass licking and chewing on it. His tongue darted in and out of the man’s hole and he could hear him moaning. Aaron lost himself in the moment and tried to forget the crazy woman on the island. He reached under Martin and grabbed hold of his cock. Then he stood and said, “Get up and undress me, boy.”

Martin got up, his hard cock bobbing in the air. He lifted Aaron’s shirt off over his head, then pulled Aaron’s shorts and briefs down in one move. He got on his knees and leaned in to take Aaron’s cock in his mouth, but was pushed back onto the floor with a firm hand.

“Did I say you could suck my cock?”

“No, Sir,” Martin said, getting up on his knees.

Aaron slipped off his shoes. “Tell me you’re sorry, then show me you’re sorry by kissing my feet.”

“I’m sorry, Sir,” Martin said, kissing Aaron’s feet.

“Don’t let it happen again,” Aaron said. “Go sit on the sofa. I’m hungry for cock.”

Martin sat back on the sofa and Aaron got on his knees in front of the man. Aaron took Martin’s cock in his hand, squeezed the base of it tightly and ran his tongue across the engorged head, sending shivers of pleasure down Martin’s spine. He licked down the sides of the thick, veined cock and went at it like he was licking a lollipop. Then Aaron took it all in his mouth and sucked on it moving up and down, careful not to use his teeth. Reaching up, he squeezed then pinched Martin’s nipples until he heard him moaning. “No,” Aaron said. “This isn’t the way to join the mile high club.” He stood up and pointed his ass in Martin’s direction spreading his cheeks. “I’m going to give you the privilege of eating my ass… don’t let me down.” Just then Aaron felt it coming but could do nothing to stop it. It was from the stress of the day. He let out a huge noisy fart right in Martin’s face.

Both men laughed uncontrollably for a moment. The fart clearly helped them both get rid of stress through laughter. Aaron felt the need to take control again quickly.

“Get your face back in there boy and inhale deeply,” Aaron said. “Smell that stink I gifted to you.”

Martin licked around Aaron’s hole then inserted his tongue and began pushing it in and out.

“Get it really wet,” Aaron said, spreading his cheeks wide with his hands.

Martin went wild licking and chewing on Aaron’s ass. Sex was a great stress reliever for him. It always had been and he was once again enjoying being given orders instead of giving them.

Aaron stood up and pushed Martin back on the sofa. He got on top of Martin, straddling him as he slowly lowered his ass onto the man’s stiff cock. It felt hard and hurt a little going in, but Aaron needed this badly. He slowly bounced up and down then picked up speed before getting up and laying back on the sofa. “Fuck me, Martin. Fuck me hard.”

“Yes, Sir,” Martin said, turning to face Aaron. He placed Aaron’s legs over his shoulders then hoisted the boy’s ass up and entered him in one quick move making him moan. He began thrusting in and out, hard and fast.

“Kiss me,” Aaron said.

Martin bent over and kissed Aaron, sucking roughly on his tongue.

“Suck hard on my nipples, and bite them,” Aaron said.

Martin once again did as he was told, sucking and biting Aaron’s nipples before turning his attention back to fucking him.

Aaron grabbed Martin’s hands and put them on his nipples squeezing them.

“I’m going to cum soon, Sir,” Martin said.

“We cum together,” Aaron said. “And I want to feel your hot cum shooting in my ass. Don’t pull out.”

“Yes, Sir,” Martin said.

As Martin thrust in and out of his ass, Aaron stroked his cock to the rhythm. In just minutes, Aaron felt Martin’s cum filling his hole. At the same time, Aaron’s own cum was shooting on his stomach.

“Lick the cum off my stomach,” Aaron said.

Martin did so, then lay on top of Aaron. Both men kissed passionately for a while before drifting off to sleep from sheer exhaustion.

Aaron was deep in sleep when someone’s strong arms shook him awake.

“Forgive me for waking you, Sir,” Martin said. “But I thought you’d like to see Paris.”

Aaron jumped up and looked out the window behind the sofa. He could see the city below.

“We’re in Paris,” Aaron said, kissing Martin. “You’re forgiven. Now why don’t we help each other take care of our morning wood.”

“Yes, Sir,” Martin said.

The men managed to get in a sixty-nine position where they hungrily sucked on each other’s cocks. They finished, cleaned up in the bathroom, then dressed in preparation for their landing into Paris, France.


To be continued

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