The Key Anthology:

Frankie and Aaron

Chapter 8 Part 1

Parisian Daze


Aaron’s first few days in Paris were exhilarating. Martin’s apartment was large and modern. It had three bedrooms but the two men slept together in the master bedroom’s king-size bed. They often opened the French doors leading out to the small balcony just off the bedroom. The noise of the city below would fill the room and Aaron enjoyed listening to it. Their first night in the city they’d stopped and eaten French onion soup in a small corner café and it was the best soup Aaron had ever tasted. He gave Martin a good laugh when they ate at their next restaurant, the famous Les Deux Magots. The name had almost put Aaron off eating there until Martin explained it didn’t mean what he thought it meant. Les Deux Magots actually referred to the two Asian statues inside the restaurant.

One morning when he walked to the corner newsstand alone, Aaron spotted a headline on an English language newspaper. He glanced at the details. Multiple murders on a private island near Miami were mentioned as well as a crazed man who took the life of his wife and friends before taking his own life. He also noticed the phrases “wife pregnant”, and “friends cooked alive in the hot tub”. The article stated that drugs were found in the bloodstream of the friends and police guessed the killer got them very high, then closed the cover of the hot tub over them—leaving them to cook. Gruesome, Aaron thought, shaking his head to clear his mind of it all. He walked a while wondering what he was doing here so far from home. Martin could kick him out at any time and then what would happen? Aaron was glad he’d made enough money to at least be able to afford a flight back home, if need be.

Riding around Paris in a taxi with Martin the next day kept Aaron’s mind busy. He noticed all the monumental size gold gilt structures and statues as well as the graceful Art Nouveau buildings.

“It’s so beautiful, Martin,” Aaron said, “all of it is so beautiful.”

“That’s why people always refer to Paris in the feminine saying she is beautiful never he, him or it,” Martin said, then gave Aaron’s hand a squeeze. “I’m glad you can appreciate her.”

The taxi let them off at the Louvre and they spent the day there looking at its many wonders. Afterward, they walked around a bit and Martin surprised Aaron by putting his arm around him. When Martin complained of a bad headache and said he needed food, they decided to eat outdoors at a café so they could people watch.

“I love hearing the people speak,” Aaron said. “Their accents are so sexy, and the French are handsome and fashionable.”

“I do like the accent, and the language itself is smooth and flows nicely,” Martin said. “But looks get boring after a while. Just one pretty boy after another gets tiresome. Sometimes you want something different.”

“Not getting tired of me, are you?” Aaron said, as he took a bite of his sandwich.

Martin laughed before replying. “Not yet, but you’re much more than a pretty boy. I like the way your mind works. You remind me of someone I think very highly of—myself.”

Now both of them laughed. They finished their dinner and took a taxi home. Once there, they stripped and took a shower together in the large stall shower that Martin had installed in the apartment when he’d first bought it. They kissed as their hands explored each other’s familiar naked bodies. When they finished, they dried each other off and Martin opened the French doors to the balcony while Aaron got in bed and pulled the gray, satin comforter over himself.

Martin pulled the comforter off Aaron and looked at him appreciatively. Then he lay on top of Aaron, rested his head on the young man’s chest and looked up into his eyes. “Tomorrow we go to Versailles. That’s if you’re up to it, Aaron.”

Aaron smiled. “I’m up to it, but why all the rush?”

Martin wrapped his arms around Aaron. “I’ve got an appointment with my Paris doctor the next day,” Martin said. “Sometimes I feel like I have a limited amount of time to fit everything in, and I want to show you so much.”

“OK, then,” Aaron said. “Versailles tomorrow, the Eiffel Tower tomorrow night, and Notre Dame the next day.”

Martin laughed and sat up. “You’re a clever boy. Too clever to be what you are.”

“A street hustler is not who I am,” Aaron said. “It’s just a job I have to do.”

“Good answer,” Martin said. “But I’m sure someone as smart as you has many other choices. It’s just a matter of believing it.”

“Anyway,” Aaron said, “You’re the clever one, sending that key that got me to your hotel and the note daring me to come.”

“I sent the key and the note sounds like it was a good idea, but I didn’t write that one. It wasn’t mine,” Martin said. “I used an agency that specializes in a lot of different things. They found you and I gave them the key to deliver. So, they must’ve written that particular note.” He scooted up until he was even with Aaron’s mouth, then kissed him. The two had sex that night… as they’d done every night since arriving in Paris.




Aaron and Martin stared out the window of the train looking at the passing scenery until they arrived at Versailles station, which was a short walk from the palace. They did the walk easily, then walked through the enormous palace. Martin pointed out several details and other things while keeping his arm warmly—almost lovingly, around Aaron’s shoulders. They exited the main palace, went to the Petite Triannon, and finally to Marie Antoinette’s small hamlet. There weren’t many people walking around, so Martin took the opportunity to grab Aaron and hug and kiss him before dragging him behind one of the buildings.

Martin slowly unzipped his pants, pulled out his cock, then pushed Aaron onto his knees. Aaron didn’t hesitate to go down on Martin’s cock.

“Be quick,” Martin said.

Aaron’s mouth slid quickly up and down the hard cock and minutes later streams of cum filled his mouth. After making sure to get every drop of cum and leaving Martin’s cock clean, Aaron stood up and wiped his mouth with his handkerchief. He saw Martin smile, then felt his arms around him.

When they returned to Paris, they showered and dressed in their suits for an evening out. Martin was taking Aaron to the Eiffel Tower for dinner.

The glittering tower, with all its lights, was much larger than Aaron expected it to be and the dinner was romantic as well as delicious. When they walked to the outdoor observation point Aaron thought he could feel the tower sway a little. He felt Martin’s arms around his waist, steadying him.

“We’re basically on an enormous radio tower and it will sway slightly in the wind,” Martin said. “I read somewhere that people used to joke the design of this tower was based on a woman’s fishnet stocking.”

Aaron smiled. He and Martin looked at the view a while before leaving and going to walk along the riverbank where Martin pointed out Notre Dame Cathedral across the Seine, on an island.

“That’s funny,” Aaron said.

“What is?” Martin said.

“The Eiffel Tower was much larger than I expected,” Aaron said, “but Notre Dame is much smaller.”

Martin put his arm around Aaron’s waist as they continued walking, then he stopped and stood intently watching a small man juggling. The little person had tan skin, dark eyes, a brown beard and mustache, and wavy, shoulder-length, streaked, brown hair.

“What do you think?” Martin said.

“He’s a good juggler,” Aaron said.

“No, not the juggling,” Martin said. “Have you ever been with a little person, Aaron?”

“No,” Aaron said, and he watched Martin walk to the juggler and whisper something in his ear.

The three of them walked back to Martin’s apartment and into the master bedroom.

“You—on the bed,” Martin said, to the little person who spoke and understood English. “Aaron help me undress.”

Aaron helped Martin out of his jacket, then placed it on the bench in front of the bed. He unbuttoned Martin’s shirt and pants. Getting down on his knees, he slipped Martin’s shoes off before lowering Martin’s pants and briefs. He gave Martin’s growing cock a quick lick, then stood and started undressing but was stopped by Martin.

Martin put his hand on Aaron’s chest to stop him. He stood behind Aaron, helped him out of his jacket and kissed the back of his neck lightly. Martin liked the way Aaron’s body shivered slightly whenever he kissed the back of his neck. Quickly, he unbuttoned Aaron’s shirt and pants then walked over to the juggler who was sitting on the bed. He reached out and tore open the man’s shirt causing him to jump and protest. “No worries, I’ll buy you some new clothes.” He grabbed the man, pulled him close, and kissed his lips while watching Aaron finish undressing from the corner of his eye. When Aaron was done, he motioned him over with his hand.

When Martin saw Aaron walk over he pulled him in close. He put his hand on the back of Aaron’s neck and pushed his head down so that soon all of them were kissing.

Three sets of lips kissed and three wet tongues explored one another. Martin pulled the juggler’s pants down, then pushed him back onto the bed. As Martin and Aaron kissed, the juggler finished undressing.

Aaron looked down at the juggler Martin had hired for the evening. He was small, but nicely proportioned. His chest had some hair and he had thick brown pubic hair surrounding a thick, uncut cock. Aaron watched as Martin began fondling and sucking on the man’s cock.

Martin caught Aaron’s eye and mouthed for him to join in.

Both Aaron and Martin took turns sucking on the juggler’s cock and balls. Without warning, Martin shoved his cock up the man’s ass causing the juggler to yell out.

“Shut him up with your cock, Aaron,” Martin said.

Aaron put his cock gently into the juggler’s mouth while looking into his brown eyes. He soon heard the juggler moaning from pleasure, the pain having subsided.

Martin pulled out, shot a load onto the juggler’s stomach, and instructed Aaron to do the same.

Aaron began jacking off over the juggler as the juggler jacked off and both came—almost in unison.

“Time for bed,” Martin said. “I see the doctor in the morning. Juggler, stay till I come back. You and Aaron fuck each other silly, and when I return I’ll bring you some new clothes.”

“Do you want me to go with you to the doctor?” Aaron said.


By the time Aaron woke up the next morning, Martin was gone. He looked to his left and saw the juggler fast asleep and snoring. The man was handsome with a sharp, angular face and nicely built chest and arms. Aaron put the palm of his hand gently on the juggler’s heaving chest and saw the man’s eyes open.

“Sorry,” Aaron said. “I didn’t mean to wake you.”

“No problem,” the juggler said. “I was awake and faking being asleep.”

“Why were you pretending to be asleep?” Aaron said.

“I was watching you watching me,” the juggler said. “It was your first time with a little person, huh.”

“Yeah,” Aaron said, “but I wasn’t looking because of that… well, not just because of that. You’re really good-looking and you have a killer body.”

“For a small person,” the juggler said.

“For a person of any size,” Aaron said. “I’m Aaron, what’s your name?”

“Angelo,” the man said. “And thanks for the last comment. I think you actually meant it.” He put his hand on Aaron’s shoulder. “You’re cute yourself.” He leaned over and kissed Aaron on the mouth. “Yum, you taste good too. Nice set up you and your lover have here.”

“Are you gay or just gay for pay?” Aaron said.

“As it happens, I am gay,” Angelo said. “I took your man’s money but I would’ve done all this for free. It was fun.”

“Yeah,” Aaron said, “My man likes to pay for it. I think he gets off on it.”

“Oh, I see,” Angelo said. “He pays you too. Well it’s a nice setup. It sure beats where I’m living these days.”

“It’s nice for as long as it lasts,” Aaron said. “He found me on the streets and I’m sure that’s where I’ll be again when he’s bored with me.”

“You’ll just have to keep him from getting bored,” Angelo said. “That’s easy enough to do. Speaking of doing, didn’t we have orders to fuck each other silly.”

“I seem to remember something like that,” Aaron said, as he leaned over and kissed Angelo, inserting his tongue into the man’s mouth as he did so.

They took turns sucking on each other’s cocks then Angelo sat on top of Aaron and rode his cock. They were in the middle of having sex when Martin entered the room and undressed. He joined the two men, entering Angelo’s ass from the top so that there were now two cocks inside the juggler. When they were done, Martin got up and addressed Angelo, while pointing at him.

“You can go. There are bags of clothes in the hall for you. Get dressed out there and leave your number on the table. I left a pad and pen there for you to use. I’ll call you tomorrow.”

“Goodbye, Aaron, Martin. It was fun,” Angelo said as he got up from bed.

Martin grabbed him around the waist then hugged and kissed him hard. “You can use the guest bath off the hall if you want. We’ll see you again soon.”

Angelo smiled at the men and left the room.

Aaron looked at Martin and noticed he was upset. The doctor visit hadn’t gone well and he needed to say or do something. “Martin do you need to talk or anything?”

Martin looked at Aaron silently and helplessly for a moment. The fierce lion sounded defeated. “I stepped down from my position at work today and put someone else in charge—had to be done. Those damn pain pills I’m taking keep me off my game, and I won’t have the company go down on my watch. Nobody gave a shit about a son of a bitch like me leaving. Don’t you worry. It’s still my company and the money will keep coming my way.”

“I wasn’t worried about that,” Aaron said.

“Then you’re not being good at your job,” Martin said. “A whore should always be worried about the john being able to pay.”

Both men were silent for a moment. Martin walked up to Aaron, grabbed his face with both his hands and kissed him hard on the lips, then broke off.

“I didn’t feel anything, Aaron. Not a damn thing! When I walked out of that boardroom I felt nothing. Shouldn’t a man feel something when he steps down from a top position in a business he built from scratch.” He sat on the edge of the bed looking confused and frustrated.

Aaron could see the problem. Martin was thinking too much and he needed relief.

“We’re alone, Martin,” Aaron said. “I just heard the front door shut. Angelo’s gone which means you’re mine now, boy.” He saw Martin’s face beginning to relax. Aaron got up from bed and walked over to Martin. “When we’re alone, I’m in charge… remember.”

“Yes, Sir.” Martin said.

Aaron stood in front of Martin and spoke authoritatively, “On your knees, boy.”

Martin got down on his knees in front of Aaron.

“Suck my cock and get it good and hard,” Aaron said. “Then you know what I’m gonna do.”

“What, Sir?” Martin said.

“I’m going to give you the good, hard, fucking you need,” Aaron said.

Aaron did as he said, and when it was over they lay in each others arms for a long time.

“I got us tickets to the Moulin Rouge for tonight, Sir,” Martin said. “If that’s OK with you, Sir. We’ll need to start getting ready.”

“That’s fine,” Aaron said. “I’ll even let you bathe and dress me.”

“Thank you, Sir,” Martin said.


To be continued


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