The Key Anthology:

Frankie and Aaron

Chapter 9 Part 2

Downward Spiral


“Hello, stranger,” Angelo said, when Aaron walked into the apartment. He was wearing a black leather jacket with a mesh tank top, leather pants, and a leather cap.

“Is it leather night somewhere?” Aaron said.

“Something like that,” Angelo said.

Martin emerged from the bedroom wearing a black T-shirt, jeans, and a jacket. “Good, you’re here, Aaron. Now we can leave.”

“Do I need to change,” Aaron said.

“No need,” Angelo said. “I have your change of clothes in the bag by the door.”

Aaron looked back toward the door and saw a medium-sized, black, duffle bag. Oh joy, he thought sarcastically.

The three left the apartment and hailed a cab. No one seemed very talkative, so Aaron just looked out the window at the lights of the city and the people going by on the sidewalks. In no time they arrived in front of a nondescript multi-story building. They exited the cab, walked through the steel front door of the windowless building, and into a very small, plain, lobby that contained two chairs and a booth with a window. Angelo walked up to the booth’s elderly male attendant, pointed back toward Aaron and Martin, then paid the man. A door to the left of the booth opened and Angelo waved them forward.

They walked into a dimly lit locker-room that had several benches in front of rows of lockers.

A sex club… great, Aaron thought. He really wasn’t in the mood for this stuff anymore.

Martin put his hand on Aaron’s shoulder. “I thought we might try something new and different tonight. Now go put on your costume for the evening.”

Aaron and Martin both walked to Angelo who was looking through his duffle bag.

“Here,” Angelo said, handing them each a key. “These are for your lockers. Your clothes and belongings will be safe in there. When he saw that Martin and Aaron had completely undressed, he handed each a leather thong to wear.

Aaron held the thong up to his nose and inhaled. He loved the smell of new leather, though he had no interest in the “leather lifestyle”.

Once the men had their thongs on, Angelo walked up to them. “On your knees, boys,” he said, then put a collar and leash around each man’s neck. Grabbing their leashes, he led them out of the locker into a dimly lit hall, which branched out at the end.

The floor was cool under Aaron’s bare feet, but not too cool. He followed Angelo up some industrial looking metal stairs to the second floor where there was a group of men dressed in various types of leather outfits. Some of them stared at him, but Aaron put a disinterested look on his face.

Angelo took them into a room on the left side of the hall. There were leather slings hanging from metal chains suspended from metal beams in the ceiling.

Looking in the far corner, Aaron saw a man—ass up in a sling. Two men were behind him taking turns shoving their fists into his waiting asshole. He tried not to look, and concentrated on steadying his nerves. This was something he’d never done before and didn’t want to try now.

A large man over six-feet tall walked over to Angelo. He was wearing a leather thong and black leather chaps with shiny black boots. His bare, muscular, chest was covered with thick black hair which matched his beard and mustache, and his head was bald and smooth.

“So did you bring me a present, Angelo,” The man said. “Maybe two by the looks of it.”

“At least one to start,” Angelo said, yanking on Martin’s leash. “Show the man some respect, Martin.” He pushed Martin’s face down onto the man’s shiny boots. “Lick em clean.”

“Yes, Sir,” Martin said, then started to lick the man’s boots.

The man reached down with a gloved hand and shoved two fingers into Martin’s ass like they were a hook. “Nice ass. I’ll take it.” He grabbed Martin by the collar, dragging him across the floor to a sling in front of him. His height and size allowed him to pick up Martin and place him face up in the sling. Once the man had him situated to his liking in the sling, with his ass angled upwards, he grabbed Martin’s hands and chained them to a metal ring above Martin’s head. Then he lifted Martin by the ankles, and attached a metal restraint to each ankle, took hold of the chains on the ends of the restraints, and put them through another metal loop above Martin’s head..

“Not your thing, huh,” Angelo said to Aaron, seeing how nervous he looked. “Have you ever been fisted?”

“No,” Aaron said. “Am I going to be?”

“No,” Angelo said. “This is Martin’s deal. No one gets raped here. Humiliated and punished if they want, but not raped. Don’t worry.”

The man addressed Martin. “You can call me Master Don and I’ll call you my worthless bitch boy.” He turned to face Angelo and Aaron. “You two little bitches can come over here and do some of the grunt work. Eat his ass and get him ready while I get the lube to use on my hands.”

Angelo and Aaron went over to Martin and began licking and eating his ass. Master Don returned with his hands covered in lube. He pushed Angelo and Aaron out of the way and began slowly inserting his hand into Martin’s ass.

Angelo took Aaron’s arm and moved him back out of the way. The two sat at a bench across from Martin who groaned loudly. The groaning became louder as the man went deeper into Martin’s ass. Aaron felt himself shudder involuntarily.

“Let me help get you more relaxed,” Angelo said. He got down on his knees and lowered Aaron’s jockstrap to the floor then began licking his balls and cock.

Aaron’s cock had a mind of its own and began to rise even though its owner’s mind was elsewhere. He couldn’t believe Martin was allowing himself to be humiliated and fisted by Master Don. How did such a powerful man come to this point in his life?

“Let’s get out of here,” Angelo said, grabbing Aaron’s leash and leading him—naked and hard, out of the room.

They walked back into the hall and found a quiet corner where there was a large sofa for them to sit on. Angelo looked at Aaron and began kissing him. Aaron happily returned the kisses then stopped and positioned Angelo so his cock was right above his mouth and he could suck on it. Both men got each other off while others walked by and watched. Some men fondled them, but left when they were ignored by the two. Once they were done, they lay in each other’s arms.

“You’re a good guy down deep, Aaron,” Angelo said. “Your parents really messed up for you to be here and in this business.”

“It’s called life,” Aaron said.

“Well,” Angelo said. “If the chance to get out of here and back to your old life comes up. Take it and don’t look back. Tonight was just the start of things getting ugly for your john back there. His physical pain is real and so is his mental anguish. He’ll do what he has to in order to block it all out. Martin will choose which type of pain he feels. And he’s chosen this here.”

“I guess with me out of the way there’s more for you,” Aaron said.

Angelo laughed. “You can be cold, but you’re smart—had to be to survive. This guy won’t give any of us much don’t kid yourself. What’d you get so far… a couple of thousand.”

“Maybe,” Aaron said. “Yeah—but this guys worth millions.”

“Neither one of us will see that much,” Angelo said. “I’ve been with people like him before at the end of their lives. Things get dark… and like you, I’m pretty fucked up. I told myself I did things for the money, but the truth is I never thought I deserved better. Don’t end up like me or him, Aaron. You’ve got a chance to do something else.”

“There’s nothing much I can do,” Aaron said. “Hell, I guess I can always work the sandwich shop with my friend Frankie Jr. Oh yeah, I can just picture that.” He laughed, but on one level he wanted to cry.

“Nothing wrong with good, honest, work,” Angelo said. “If you don’t do that, you can always stay with me. You don’t look at me the way others do—like I’m half a man. We’d be able to survive together. Maybe find a circus to join. You’re strong and good-looking.”

“Thanks,” Aaron said. “I think maybe I’d like to go back home. Somehow, it doesn’t seem so bad right now. But if I decide not to do that, I might take you up on your offer. It sounds pretty good to me right now.”

They walked back to where Martin was and saw he was still in the sling. Aaron felt sick to his stomach as he watched Master Don punching his fists in and out of Martin’s ass.

The next night the three visited the establishment again, and Aaron watched Martin getting pissed on by several different men while they called him humiliating names and slapped him hard enough to leave red marks. The evening ended with not only Master Don fisting Martin again but also another man joining in.

Aaron grew more and more apprehensive and thought about Angelo’s advice about looking for a way out and how he needed to be ready to go when the way out presented itself. The final night with Master Don further strengthened Aaron’s desire to leave. This time Master Don led the three men into a different room where there was a wooden x-shaped structure large enough to hold a man.

Angelo pulled Aaron down to the floor where he sat and whispered in his ear. “Be strong.”

Martin was face down on the x with his legs spread and his feet bound. Master Don tied some elastic around Martin’s balls, then attached some weights. He walked to the corner and returned with a whip which he used on Martin’s back so harshly that it broke the skin.

Martin screamed out, but Master Don struck him again. “Tell me what you want, you worthless bitch! Do you want me to stop?”

“No, Sir,” Martin said. “Please, Sir. I deserve it. I’m a worthless slug. I deserve to be punished for the piece of shit I am.”

Angelo saw a tear roll down Aaron’s face. The young man could still feel. It wasn’t too late for him.

The two watched as Martin’s back became covered with bloody marks from the whip, which was soon replace by a cat o’nine tails. Martin’s body grew limp and still Master Don didn’t stop. After what seemed like an eternity, Martin’s body and balls were released from their confinement. Before his weakened body could fall to the ground, Master Don picked him up and held him in his arms. Martin thanked him and slowly sobbed. The master held his boy lovingly and securely in his arms, kissing him gently.

Aaron looked at the scene thinking how eerily similar it looked to paintings and statues— pietas depicting Mary holding Jesus’s limp body. He wanted to be rescued… saved from all this. Frankie Jr., where are you? he thought. Come save me.


To be continued

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