Chapter 14


Kyle pulled into the driveway and saw Jay sitting on the steps. "What are you doing here?" he asked, getting out of the jeep.


"I just came to pick up some things. I didn't want to do it without you being here."


"I appreciate the courtesy." He hit the button on the garage door opener. "I boxed everything up except your work clothes. They're hanging in the guestroom closet. I didn't want them to get wrinkled or anything. Your socks, t-shirts, shorts and underwear are in those two boxes over there." He pointed to the boxes. "Your laptop is in the closet as well. Everything from the studio is still up there."


"Kyle, I..." he started.


"You what" Kyle asked.


"Never mind" He grabbed the two boxes and put them into the back of his truck. "I just want my clothes. You can do what you want with everything else." He followed his ex-lover into the house, got his clothes and walked to the door. "For whatever it's worth, I still love you. I always have and always will." He left.


"If you really love me, then why did you cheat on me?" He said to the closed door.


Weary, he stripped and stepped into the shower. The day had started out fine but ended badly. He had sent a final, pleading letter to the Board of Education asking them to reconsider, and also sent letters home to the parents of the club members, but to no avail. The school board refused to budge. His only consolation was that his wasn't the only extra-curricular program to be terminated. He even offered to continue the program at his house at his own expense, but the board refused.


As the warm water caressed his body, his mind wandered back to happier times when Jay shared the shower with him. "I miss you so much, Jay. Why did you have to do it?" he said aloud. His body ached, longing for Jay's touch. They had a wonderfully intense sex life, and he missed it terribly. No man had ever made him feel so loved, so desired. None of his other sex partners, what few there were, ever made love to him like Jay did. The only thing they seemed to want from him was to get their rocks off. When Jay made love to him, it was like they were the only two people in the universe. He made sure that Kyle got as much pleasure out of sex as he did, if not more.


He felt a familiar stirring between his legs and quickly switched the water to cold, lest he be tempted to go out and try to get picked up. He didn't want to have sex with anyone but Jay. Is there something wrong with me? He wondered. There must be. Gay men are supposed to screw like rabbits. It's our job keep the condom manufacturers in business. We're not supposed to care who we screw or get screwed by, just as long as we screw every chance we get.


Stepping out of the shower and drying off, he slipped on a pair of boxers and padded to the kitchen in search of supper. After fixing a bowl of pasta, he went into the living room to eat in front of the TV, settling for Stargate SG-1[1] when the phone rang. Not really wanting to talk with anyone, he allowed the answering machine to pick up. "Hi, this is Kyle. I'm not available to take your call, so please leave me a message. Thanks." BEEP.


"Hey bro, are you up to going out tonight? Give us a call. Later." Tommy hung up.


Kyle looked at the answering machine for a moment, then threw his half-eaten bowl of pasta against the wall and collapsed into tears. He pulled himself into a fetal position and cried himself to sleep.



[1] Stargate SG-1 is copyright by MGM and SciFi Channel

To be continued