Chapter 17


Jay quickly covered his eyes as light poured into the dark room. Rough hands jerked him to his feet, dragged him from the room and threw him down on the bed. Emaciated, he had not the strength to fight off what he was sure to follow. But to his surprise, the sadistic man simply pulled up a chair and sat down.


"I don't know if you realize what a lucky man you used to be." He said with a lewd chuckle.


"Yeah, how's that?" he whispered, not having the strength to speak aloud.


"Your ex-boyfriend is one hell of a hot fuck. Much tighter and hotter than you, which surprises me, considering how often you must have fucked that beautiful ass of his. He put up one hell of a fight." He said rubbing his crotch.


"What did you do to him?"


"Why, I fucked his brains out, of course. Not that he could have done anything but lay there since both his arms and legs were handcuffed to the bed. But boy did he struggle and scream. I can't remember when I ever came that hard or that much. I filled his ass so full of cum that it will be leaking out of him for a week. I'm getting hard just thinking about it. I definitely have to fuck him a lot more. He's just too hot of a fuck to be ignored."


"You sadistic fucking prick, if I ever get out of here, I'll kill you!" Jay spat, which earned him a backhand across the face.


The man started removing his clothing. I'm too horny to stand the long drive back to his place. He laid on Jay's back, penetrated him and raped him savagely. When he was finished he looked Jay directly in the eyes. "You know, I don't need you anymore. I found someone so much better." He proceeded to beat Jay brutally into unconsciousness, laughing with every blow.


I'm so sorry, Kyle, this is my fault. He thought as he lost consciousness.


Several hours later, a couple of joggers spotted a hand poking out from underneath a park bush. Shortly thereafter, the police extracted the naked body of a man, unconscious and near death.


Later, after extensive emergency surgery and treatment, John Doe was transferred to the Intensive Care ward in a coma. His chances of survival were slim, between the severity of his injuries, malnutrition and the massive infection running rampant through his body that so far the antibiotics have been ineffective against. Although his injuries were repaired, there seemed to be no desire on his part to live. Since this was a "John Doe" case, the authorities were notified. Unbeknownst to Dr. Foster, the FBI had instructed the local police to notify their closest field office should any unidentified adult male victim be admitted to any of the area hospitals or morgues.


A few days later, Special Agent Hunter contacted Dr. Foster. "I understand you have a John Doe in your hospital."


"Yes. He was admitted last week with extensive trauma to his entire torso, malnutrition and severe septicemia He was found in the park by some joggers, naked under a bush."


"Dr. Foster, would your patient be approximately thirty years of age, have dark brown hair, hazel eyes, be about six feet tall and weigh somewhere between one-hundred-eighty-five and one-hundred-ninety pounds?"


"I don't know about the height and weight, but he matches the rest of your description."


"Dr., please post security outside his room. I believe your patient may be Jayson Williams, our missing field agent. I'll get there as soon as I can."


"Are you sure it's Jayson?"


"I'm as sure as I can be without actually seeing him."


"Kyle Matthews is here in the hospital. I can get him to make a positive identification."


"Why is he in the hospital?"


"He was raped and beaten in his home a few days ago."


"I'd rather not get him involved until we know for sure. I wouldn't want to get his hopes up. I've known Jay for a long time. I'll know if it's him. If he is Jay, then we can tell Matthews."


"Okay. I'll let the ICU know to expect you and that you're authorized to see him."


"Thank you, Dr. I'll be there within the hour.


Shortly thereafter Agent Hunter showed his ID to the nurse in the ICU ward. "I'm Special Agent Hunter, FBI. I'm here to possibly identify your John Doe. Dr. Foster knows I'm coming."


"Of course, Agent Hunter, we've been expecting you. He's right over there." The nurse pointed to the appropriate cubicle. "I hope you can identify him. He must have some family somewhere that we could get in touch with." She said hopefully.


"We'll soon find out. Thank you Nurse." He went into the indicated cubicle and sure enough, found Jay lying there unconscious. He immediately returned to the Nurse's station.


"Nurse, please page Dr. Foster. Your John Doe is FBI Special Agent Jayson Williams."


"Of course" She picked up the phone and dialed. "Dr. Foster, ICU. Dr. Foster, ICU." She turned to Agent Hunter. "Thank you. Do you know if he has any family?"


"No. His parents are dead and he was an only child. However, he does have a boyfriend, who is also a patient of Dr. Foster."


At that moment, Dr. Foster rushed into the ICU. "You paged me?"


"Yes, Dr. Agent Hunter has identified our John Doe as Special Agent Jayson Williams."


"Thank God! You're sure?" He asked the FBI agent, who looked visibly relived that the lost had finally been found and was alive.


"Dr., I've known Jay for years. It's him."


Dr. Foster picked up the phone and dialed. "Janet, its Dr. Foster. I want Kyle Matthews brought to ICU immediately. His missing boyfriend has been found and is here. Thank you."


Ten minutes later, Kyle was wheeled into the ICU, looking apprehensive. "Dr. Foster? What's going on? Is something more wrong with me?" He asked, scared.


"No, Kyle, nothing's wrong. Actually something's right." He took Kyle's wheelchair and wheeled him towards Jay's cubicle. "There's someone here I think you would like to see." He pulled back the curtain, revealing Jay.


"JAYSON" Kyle screamed, rushing to the bed as fast as he could in his weakened condition and falling on him, crying.


"Easy, Kyle, he's been through a lot."


"Why won't he wake up?"


"He's in a coma. Sometimes the mind shuts down completely so it can concentrate on healing the body. Talk to him. He knows you're here. Look at his eyes."


Sure enough, a tear leaked from the left eye.


"Jay, it's me, Kyle. I love you so much. Please come back to me. I'm so very, very sorry for what has happened. Please wake up. As soon as I get home, I'm moving all of your stuff back into our house. Please forgive me for hitting you. I was so very angry. I'm so sorry for not listening to you and giving you the benefit of the doubt. I know you were telling me the truth. Please, Jay. I love you so much. I can't live without you." The tears totally overcame him and he was unable to continue. Dr. Foster gently lifted him back into the wheelchair.


"Let's get you back to your room, Kyle. He needs all the rest he can get. You can visit him later. We'll set up a regular visitation schedule for you to see him. Now you need to get back to your room. You're going to need all of your strength once he's released into your care. You said you were a teacher?"


"Yes, high school science." Kyle replied.


"When does summer vacation start?"


"Next month."


"Good. He needs you now more than ever. Were you serious about moving his stuff back into your house?"


"I've never been more serious about anything in my life. Could I have just a couple more minutes with him?"


"Just a couple of minutes, no more." Dr. Foster said, sternly.


Kyle moved over to Jay's bed. "Hi, Baby. It's me. I have some good news. Dr. Foster did some checking and sexual orientation is in the FBI's non-discrimination policy. Also, the Justice Department has ruled that gays are no more a threat to national security than straight people are. You know what that means? No more hiding. You can come out and we can be together the way we were meant to be, the way we want to be. I love you so much. I want to make love with you over and over and over again, at least once every single night.


"" Jay's voice came out in a hoarse whisper.




"Talk to me, Jay. Say something else."




"There's nothing to forgive. You were only doing what you had to do in order to protect me. I know and understand that now. Rest now. The sooner you get better, the sooner you can get out of here and we can be together again."


Jay finally opened his eyes fully and saw Kyle in hospital pajamas with an IV tube coming out of his sleeve. His eyes widened.


"What happened to you, honey?" He asked.


"Nothing serious, I'm fine."


He closed his eyes as he remembered what he had been told. "You were raped, weren't you?" He said quietly, feeling as guilty as if he had raped Kyle himself.


Caught off guard, Kyle couldn't think of a way to evade the question. "Yes" was his quiet reply.


Jay groaned and covered his face. "I'm so sorry you went through that. I'd give my life to have spared you that horror." He said.


"What I went through is nothing compared to what you must have gone through."


Jay lay there silently, not saying a word or looking at Kyle.


"You need to get some rest. I'll stop by and see you later."


"Are you sure you want to, after all you've been through on account of me?"


"Excuse me, but I'm the one who initiated things that morning that got us caught, so if anyone's to blame for what happened it's me."


"Nonsense, Kyle!" Dr. Foster interrupted. "Let's get one thing straight, right here, right now. Neither of you are to blame. End of story."


Jay simply nodded, and Kyle started to argue, but a huge yawn stopped him. "That's it. You're going back to your room!" Dr. Foster ordered. Kyle complied, too exhausted from everything that had happened to resist.


To be continued