Chapter 20

Jay was awakened several hours later by a knock on the door. "Come in." he yelled.


Kyle cautiously opened the door and asked if he could come in. The memory of Kyle's last visit to his hospital room from when he was stabbed returned. He turned on his side, facing away from the door. "Why, so you can scream at me again about cheating on you?" He asked with a trembling voice.


"No. I understand now why you did what you did. You only did it to protect me. I'm sorrier than you will ever know about how I treated you, never giving you the chance to explain. I love you, Jay, and I want us to be back together. Can you find it in your heart to forgive me for the way I acted and treated you?" There was no doubting the sincerity in his voice.


Jay turned over onto his back and held out his arms. Kyle rushed into them and held onto Jay like he was the only thing in the world that mattered to him, which in truth, he was.

They remained like that for what seemed like hours, when in all actuality it was only twenty minutes. There was a knock on the door and Dr. Foster entered. "Gentlemen, forgive the interruption, I need to talk with Jayson. Kyle, would you mind leaving us alone for about an hour?


"Not at all, Doc" He looked at his watch. Five o'clock. "Can I come back?"


"Sure" said Dr. Foster.


"Okay, I'll just run down to the cafeteria and grab a bite to eat."


Just as he was sitting down to enjoy a leisurely meal he heard a familiar voice from the past. "Hi, babycakes" He felt arms surround him from behind and a tongue being inserted into his left ear. Only one person ever called him `babycakes'. He jumped up and tore the arms from around him. "What the hell do you want?" he asked his former boyfriend Corey.


"Oh, I think you know." He said with a lewd sneer on his face as he moved in to kiss Kyle and reached around to grab his ass.


Kyle pushed Corey away from him. "Yeah, I know what you want, and you're not getting it, not now, not ever!" He growled.


"Excuse me, but I think you have forgotten what I taught you in high school. You are a Twinkie, and as such you are supposed to get fucked in the ass as often as possible, and suck as many dicks as possible. Speaking of which, when I get you home I have about two gallons of cum in my balls that I'm going to shoot deep into your ass. When you walk past people, they're going to think they're next to the ocean from the sound of all that cum moving around inside you."


"I don't think so! There's only one person who I will ever even consider barebacking with, and that person most definitely is not you!"


"So you're thinking now? Damn, but that's gotta be painful. Twinkies aren't supposed to be able to think. They're nothing more than living blow-up sex dolls, but that's neither here nor there. I think it's time I took back what's mine"


"What do you mean? What's yours?"


"I took your cherry, so you and your ass belong to me, and I'm going to take them back."


"Like hell you are. I belong to myself, not you, and my ass belongs to someone else." he said in a voice filled with venom. Corey advanced on Kyle in a threatening manner. "I'm not the shy, na´ve seventeen-year-old virgin you took advantage of back when I was a junior in high school. I'm not afraid of, nor am I intimidated by you anymore, so if you want what's yours, you've got your trusty left hand."


"Ah, but my hand doesn't make me see fireworks like your tight, hot ass does."


"I see. It's fireworks you want? Fine, Tell you what. You get it up and I'll tie a bunch of firecrackers around it and light `em `cause that's the only fireworks you're going to get out of me. There's absolutely no way in hell your dick is going to be anywhere near my ass again, ever. I mean it."


A hospital security guard had just finished paying the cashier for his dinner and turned around in time to see Corey advance on Kyle menacingly. "You little fucking slut. You've obviously forgotten who's in charge here, so I'm going to have to teach you all over again." He punched Kyle in the stomach as hard as he could, knocking him to the floor. Corey stood over him and licked his lips, then said "So, you want to do it the hard way, huh? Fine with me. I've found that I like it rough. I'm so going to enjoy it when I get you home where you belong. We're going to have some fun. Oh, and another thing. I don't use any lubricant anymore. It's much more satisfying to stick it in dry. My sister just had a baby, so I'm going to go say goodbye to her and my brother-in-law then I'll come back and take you home. Don't go anywhere." The last sentence came out as a warning.


As soon as Corey hit Kyle the security guard dropped his tray and ran towards them, calling over his radio for backup. "Code 55, main cafeteria. Code 55, main cafeteria."


Kyle's foot shot out in a vicious kick to Corey's groin. He doubled over in pain and fell to the floor next to Kyle, who spat in his face. "Damn, I've wanted to do that for a very long time. You want it rough, how's this?" He stood up and kicked him in the groin again as the security guard pulled him away. "Calm down, son. It's over."


Within a few minutes, the police arrived. As they took statements from Kyle and the security guard, Dr. Foster arrived just in time to see a handcuffed Corey being led away. "What happened here?" He asked the security guard.


"I had just finished paying for my food when I heard an argument behind me. When I turned around I saw that guy over there" he nodded towards Corey "punch a kid really hard in the stomach. That's when I called for backup, not that it was needed. Kid over there" he jerked his head in Kyle's direction "landed as sweet a kick as I've ever seen right to the balls of his attacker."


"Okay, Kenny. Be sure to file a report as I'm sure the police are going to want it, as well as a copy of the surveillance tapes. Which kid was attacked?" Kenny pointed straight at Kyle, who was sitting in a chair absent-mindedly rubbing his stomach.


Again the security guard pointed to Kyle. Dr. Foster grinned slightly. "He's not a kid. He's thirty years old."


"Damn. I'd swear he was only eighteen."


"I thought he was only sixteen the first time I saw him." Dr. Foster admitted before walking over to Kyle. "Son, are you okay?"


"Oh, hey, Doc. Yeah, I'm fine, thanks for asking." He smiled up at him.


"Are you sure? Who the hell was that?"


"Yes I'm sure. Actually, I'm better than fine. I've wanted to kick that slime ball in the nuts for over ten years. He's my ex, the one I told you about who cheated on the guy he was cheating on me with. He thought I'd go rushing back into his arms like the na´ve seventeen-year-old virgin I was when we first got together. He thought wrong. How's Jay?"


"He's asking for you. Are you sure you're okay? The security guard told me you were hit quite hard in the stomach. I think you should get checked out, just to be on the safe side."


"He just took me by surprise, which he shouldn't have, considering all the times he hit me in the past. Seriously, I'm fine." He raised his shirt and, tightening his abdominal muscles, punched himself hard in the stomach. "See? I'm okay, seriously. But I do appreciate your concern. Can I go up and see Jay?"


"Sure. Did you get a chance to eat?"


"I had just sat down when dickless showed up."


"Well, trays are being passed out, so why don't you take your food upstairs and have dinner with him? I'll let the nurses know that it's okay."


"That would be great, Doc. Thanks." Kyle's face lit up with the excitement of having dinner with Jay, although he would have preferred a different setting than a hospital room. Thanking the doctor again, he almost ran out of the cafeteria in his eagerness to enjoy a meal with his boyfriend.


Jay's door opened and Kyle poked his head in. "Am I in time for dinner?"


"You're just in time. Come on in." He noticed the tray Kyle was carrying as he came through the door. "I thought you were going to eat in the cafeteria?"


"I was, but it seems someone else had different plans. Corey was there."




Kyle rushed to his side and pushed him back down with one hand while balancing his tray in the other. "Jay, calm down. He was arrested and taken away in handcuffs."


"What happened down there?" We heard a page about the cafeteria and Dr. Foster took off out of here like a bat out of hell.


Kyle explained the sequence of events that had unfolded in the cafeteria. Jay's face grew redder and redder with anger until Kyle told him about kicking Corey. He grunted, noticeably calmer, and said "just two kicks? I would have kicked him at least three or four times. Are you sure you're okay? I'd feel better if you got yourself checked out."


"I'm fine. Besides, I didn't come here to talk about me. I came to talk about you. I can't even begin to imagine what you went through, but I want to help you get past it all. I want to be here for you. I love you, Jay. God I missed you so much. I was so horrible to you. You didn't deserve that treatment and know that I'll regret it for the rest of my life. I want you to come back. I want us to be together again." He hung his head. "But I'll understand if you don't want to get back together." He said quietly, then raising his head to look Jay straight in the eyes. "But please, at least let me help you get through this."


Jay looked up at him. "Are you finished eating?"


"Yeah, why?"


"Then get your ass into this bed and let me hold you." Kyle quickly complied. As Jay wrapped his arms around him, he said "I can understand your initial reaction when you found me cheating on you."


"You weren't cheating. " Kyle interrupted. "You were doing what you had to do in order to protect me, and for that I will always be grateful."


"I know. It took me awhile to understand and believe that. Dr. Foster was able to finally get it through my thick head. He said that cheating is when someone willingly has sex with another person who is not their spouse. I was anything but willing. I hated every minute of it. It hurt so badly that I wanted to literally kill the bastard, but not as much as it did when I saw the look on your face. I'll never be able to get that image out of my mind."


"How about replacing that image with this one?" Kyle looked at him trying to put all of his love, caring and compassion into his facial expression.


"God you look so beautiful. I've missed you so much. Can we really do it? I mean can we really put all of this behind us and pick up our lives where we left off?"


"We made tragedy work for us once. I see no reason why we can't do it again."


"What do you mean?"


"How did we first meet?"


"I was helping to investigate the disappearance of your parents."


"That turned out to be a mob-related double homicide."


"I see what you're getting at. The tragedy of that is what brought us together. I don't think I ever told you how much I wanted to take you into my arms and comfort you the very first time I met you. You looked so lost, scared, alone and very vulnerable."


"Why didn't you?"


"I was convinced that you were straight. There were all those pictures in the living room of you and all kinds of women and I didn't know how you would react."


Kyle laughed. "They were just classmates. Actually, they were my harem of fag hags. I knew I was gay since I was twelve. I came out to my parents when I was sixteen. They were cool about it. Tell me something. You really didn't need to find the bathroom that day, did you?"


"Actually, I did. I was about three seconds away from compromising the investigation."


"Compromising it how?"


"By making love to you, which you know as well as I do that it was something we both wanted from the moment we made eye contact."


"You're right about that. Why do you think I put on that little show for you?"


"What little show?"


"When you came back and I was lying on my stomach with my legs spread, then I stuck my ass up in the air pretending to stretch before turning over and showing you that I was rock hard."


"Oh, you mean that little show. Tell you what, I enjoyed every minute of it. I had all I could do to keep myself from ripping your clothes off and fucking your brains out."


"You could have, you know. Nobody would have known. I certainly wouldn't have said anything. I wanted you to screw me so badly I would have done anything to make it happen."


"I know, baby. I wanted it too, but I couldn't take the chance."


"You know, we never really talked about this. What difference would it have made if we had made love? You told me yourself I was never considered to be a suspect."


"That's true, you weren't. But if the prosecuting attorneys found out that I had sex with you they would have argued that I was personally involved with a possible suspect and would have covered up any evidence that might have implicated you."


"But you wouldn't do such a thing. You have too much integrity and honesty."


"It wouldn't have mattered. All they'd have to do is bring that up, and in the Jury's mind, it would be enough to cast doubt on the integrity and validity of the evidence I had gathered. They would wonder if I had tampered with it in order to protect you."


"Doink-doink for real."


Jay snickered at Kyle's use of the slang term for the Law and Order TV series, which was one of their shared favorites. "Pretty much. If that had happened, I doubt we could have gotten the conviction that sent your parent's murderers to prison for the rest of their lives. I wish I could have met them."


"I wish you could have too. But what about us? Where do you see us?"


"I don't know. I mean, I want more than anything for us to get back together and pick up where we left off, but given what's happened to both of us, can we?"


"I like to think we can, but we won't know for sure unless we try. Do you want to try?"


Jay's vehement response was instantaneous. "Oh God yes. YES!" He pulled Kyle into him as close as he could.


" that a roll of quarters in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?" He reached under the covers and into Jay's pajama bottoms. "Yep, just as I thought. A roll of quarters, but it's wet for some reason. Well I need to do laundry, so I'm just going to take these." He slid his head under the covers found Jay's leaking hardon and quickly sucked him off, swallowing every drop of his sweet, creamy white nectar. "Strange. I could have sworn there was a roll of quarters here, but all I found was a roll of pennies." He snickered.


"Bitch" Jay exclaimed. "Roll of pennies my ass!"


"I guess that proves that we can pick up where we left off."


"Attention all visitors, attention please. Visiting hours are now over. All visitors must leave at this time. Visiting hours are from ten am to eight pm. Have a good evening."


"I have to go. Can I come back tomorrow?" Kyle asked, his eyes pleading.


"Do you even need to ask?" Jay responded, slightly wounded.


"Yes, because, even though I know you want me here, I don't know how much Dr. Foster will allow me to be here, and I don't know what plans he might have for you."


"Oh. I thought you might have thought that I..."


Kyle quickly interrupted. "I know what you thought I thought, but you thought wrong. I want to be here. If I could I'd be here 24/7/365." He planted a tender kiss on Jay's lips. "We both know I can't, but I'll be here as much as they'll let me. I'm going to get you through this. We're going to be together for the rest of our lives. The sooner we get you home, the better."


"You don't know how much that means to me, baby. I can't bear the thought of being without you. You complete me. Shit. You are me. I'm nothing without you." Tears started flowing.


"And you are me. I'm nothing without you."


Just then a nurse poked his head in the door. "I'm sorry, but you have to leave now."


"Okay." Kyle gave Jay a passion-filled kiss. "I'll see you tomorrow, honey. Oh, but before I go, I have something I want to show you."


"What's that?"


Checking to make sure the coast was clear Kyle turned his back on Jay, dropped his pants and mooned him. "This is still yours for the taking anytime you want it." He wiggled his butt suggestively.


Surprisingly, Jay found himself getting hard again. Before Kyle could pull up his pants, Jay shot out of the bed and bit him lightly on the ass. "Mmm...tasty." Jay grabbed him around the waist and slid his pajama bottoms down, rested his erection between Kyle's ass cheeks. He pushed Kyle into the bathroom, searched through the cabinets to find some lotion or lubricant, followed Kyle into the bathroom and quickly made love to him, both men being very careful not to make too much noise. With his feet not quite touching the ground, Kyle left with a promise to return after phoning the doctor to find out what time he could come.


The male nurse, who came in shortly after Kyle left to take Jay's vital signs, discovered his pulse rate was elevated. Noting the huge smile on his face, he gave Jay a knowing wink and recorded that all vital signs were normal. "Next time, your boyfriend is here, let me know and I'll make sure there's an `Examination in Progress. Do Not Disturb' sign on your door so you don't have to do it in the bathroom, and I'll get you any supplies you might need." He grinned at Jay's furious blushing. He turned and left as Jay crawled back into bed, sated and happy. "I love you, Kyle." He whispered, knowing that Kyle would hear him in his heart. Soon he was fast asleep.


To be continued