Chapter 28


Andy set their iced teas down on the coffee table and snuggled up to Tommy in front of the TV.


"Andy, I really hate this feeling of helplessness. I want so badly to help Kyle and Jay, but there's nothing I can do. If I thought for one minute that Jay purposely manipulated the situation so he could fuck Kyle I'd beat the shit out of him, FBI Agent or no FBI Agent."


"You think he did it on purpose?"


"No, not at all. Jay would rather take cold showers or whack off than do anything to hurt him. Those two can't seem to get a break, can they?"


"Apparently not. Talk about star-crossed lovers!"


"I wonder how Kyle's doing."


"There's one way to find out." Tommy grabbed the phone and called Jay. "Hey, it's Tommy. How's he doing?"


"Not good. He won't talk to anyone. He just lies in bed on his stomach crying as if he's being raped over and over again. I really blew it this time. I'm scared he might be committed." Jay's voice broke. "Why did I ever let him talk me into going to bed with him?" His voice filled with self-recrimination. "Everything was perfect up to the point where we started wrestling and I ended up on top of him."


"With his wresting background, I can't imagine why it would have affected him that way."


"My lying on top of him with him on his stomach was the position we were both raped in. Plus I was hard, and my erection was pressed between his ass cheeks. We were naked."


"What in hell was going on? Why, of all things, were you naked?"


"He wanted to take care of my needs. I guess he figured out how many times I whacked off in the bathroom. I refused to fuck him, but I let him blow me. I wanted to reciprocate. Would you believe he topped me?"




"Well, he did. I wanted to know what it felt like to be fucked by someone who loves me, not someone who was just using me for their own sexual gratification."


"Holy sheepshit, Jay, no wonder he freaked out. I know this sounds trite and cliché, but it wasn't your fault. You didn't plan on it happening. It just did." Andy said, grabbing the phone from Tommy as he repeated Jay's words.


"I know, but if I had exercised more self control, he wouldn't be back in that fucking hospital."


"Instead of beating yourself up over it why don't you come over for dinner?"


"Thanks, but I need to stay by the phone in case Doctor Foster calls. Being Kyle's best friends, I'm surprised you and Andy want anything to do with me considering what has happened."


"Okay, look. We're your best friends as well, and we're just as concerned about you as we are about Kyle. More so, because he has Doctor Foster and the nurses looking after him, and you don't have anyone looking after for you. So now you have a choice. Either you forward your phone to our number and get your ass over here for dinner, or I come over there, forward the phone myself and drag you here."


"Just my ass?"


"Well, I suppose the rest of you can come along with it." Tommy replied, deadpan.


"I don't care where he comes, as long as he cleans it up." Andy yelled, which made all three of them bust out laughing.


"Okay, let me take a quick shower, change and I'll be over in about a half hour."


"See you then. Perhaps we can interest you in a game of Killer Bunnies?"


"You know, you just gave me an idea. Maybe we can talk Doctor Foster into letting us bring Bunnies to Kyle. You know how much he loves the game. Perhaps it might bring him around."


"It's worth a try. It can't hurt."


"Let me call the doctor and find out."


"Okay. Let us know what he says. See you in a few." He hung up and called Kyle's Doctor


"Doctor Foster speaking."


"Hey Doc. It's Jayson Williams. How's he doing?"


"About the same. He still won't talk to anyone. What's up?"


"Tommy came up with an idea. There's this wacky card game that Kyle really, really loves. What if Tommy, Andy and I came over with the game to play with him?


"How long does it take to play?"


"About an hour or so."


"I see. Well, bring it over tomorrow around four and I'll consider it after I've looked it over. I could sit in and keep an eye on his reactions. I may have to cut the game short if he starts to get upset, in which case everyone will have to leave without discussion."


"Great. We'll see you tomorrow at four.