Chapter 3


A few months later, Kyle's cell phone rang. "Hey, tall, hung and hopefully horny!


"Not right now, but I'm sure I will be later." Jay joked. "When you get home, can you come up to the studio?"


"I'm just walking through the door. I'll be right up." He hung up, took his shoes off changed quickly in the bedroom then ran up the stairs.


Jay got up from the desk and went over to Kyle as he came through the door and gave him a hug and a kiss. "How was your day?"


"Not so good. I've been sick to my stomach and throwing up every day for a couple of weeks now."


Jay looked at him with concern. "That's not good. I see that your stomach is bulging a little. You should go see the Dr."


"I did yesterday."


"And" Jay prompted.


"He said it was perfectly normal and will pass"


"What do you mean, perfectly normal?"


"Well, do you remember Christmas day when we barebacked and I refused to get rid of the cum you left inside me?"


"Yeah, but what does that have to do with you being sick?" He asked worriedly, a thousand things going through his mind.


"Jay, I'm pregnant." Kyle said straight-faced but with his eyes twinkling.


Jay grabbed a pillow off the couch and threw it at him. "You shit-head, you had me going!"


Kyle was laughing so hard he could hardly speak. "You...should have...seen the look...on your...face."


Jay looked at him coldly. "That's it. I've had enough of your practical jokes. No sex for you for a week." It was Jay's turn to be the joker.


"We'll see about that." Kyle threatened. "Remember that when you have a bad case of blue balls" He rubbed Jay's crotch teasingly.


"You can't go long enough for me to get even a slight case of it." Jay countered. Jay couldn't either, but he wasn't going to admit that to Kyle when he was trying to get the upper hand.


"In this case, watch me." Kyle growled in a serious tone.


"Bitch, I can't seem to get one up on you, can I?"


"Nope, let's face it. I'm the pro and you're the amateur. So how was your day off?"


"I got the grade back on my first composition assignment. It was an A."


"That's awesome, Jay. I knew you could do it. You've always been a great photographer. You just need to believe in yourself as much as the rest of us believe in you. Can I see the picture?"


"Sure." He handed Kyle a portfolio full of pictures he'd been taking for his classes.


"Wow! These are really awesome. Have you showed them to Bryan?"


"No. Why, do you think I should?"


"Absolutely, let me give him a call."


"Hey, Kyle, what's up?" Bryan answered after glancing at the caller ID display.


"Not much. Listen, are you busy tomorrow?"


"I have an assignment for the paper that's going to take most of the afternoon, but I'm free tomorrow night. Why? What's going on?"


"I've just seen the pictures Jay's been taking for his classes and they're awesome. I'd like for you to see them."


"I'd love to. How about I come over around seven?"


"Great. See you then." He hung up. "So what else have you been doing?"


"I've been playing around with the editing equipment and came up with what I think is an awesome photograph that I would love to have you make into a painting, if you're willing."


"I can try. Where's the picture," Kyle asked, his interest piqued.


Looking a little sheepish, Jay produced a photograph of Kyle, a look of deep concentration on his face.


With a puzzled look on his face, Kyle asked "When did you take this?"


"I took it last weekend when you and Tommy were playing Quoridor[1]."


"Why would you want a painting of a picture of me?""


"Why not?"


"It's redundant. Why not just blow this picture up?"


"Then I wouldn't get to see you paint. I love watching you paint. You are so relaxed, yet so intense at the same time. It's extremely sexy.


"But why take a picture of me? I could paint pretty much anything you wanted."


"Take a good look at the picture. What do you see?"


"I see me trying to figure out how to avoid getting my ass kicked by Tommy."


"No, I mean really look at it. Pretend you're looking at a picture in a magazine, perhaps of a model."


"Are you trying to compare me to a professional model?" Kyle asked, quizzically.


"No, but that's not a bad idea. Would you model for me?"


"Naked, I suppose?"


"Well, if you insist..." Jay put his arm around Kyle and squeezed his butt.


"Don't start something you can't finish." Kyle threatened.


Jay reached up and started unbuttoning his shirt. "Who says I can't finish what I'm starting?"


"Uh, did you forget we're going to the movies with Tommy, Andy, Karin and Denise? The show starts in an hour."


Jay stood behind Kyle, pulling him into him and pressing his crotch up against Kyle's butt while he nuzzled his neck.


"Mmmmm, it's been a long time since you've held me like this."


"What do you mean, a long time?"


"Jay, when was the last time we made love?"


"Ah, I believe it was last night."


Kyle reached behind Jay, grabbed his butt with both hands and pulled him in even closer. "It's been too long."


"And it's going to be even longer."




"Uh, because you're pregnant and I don't want to take any chances with the baby until it's born."


Kyle suddenly grabbed his abdomen and doubled-over, seemingly in great pain. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" he screamed.


"Kyle, what's wrong?" Jay asked, deeply concerned at Kyle's uncharacteristic behavior.


Kyle fell to the floor in the fetal position. He screamed once more and pulled the pillow out of his pants. He rolled onto his back, put the pillow under his head and held out his arms to Jay. "Ok, the baby's born and I'm no longer pregnant. Now get down here and pound my ass into oblivion."


"We don't have enough time."


"We have enough time for a quickie." Kyle responded as he pulled his shorts and underwear off. Raising his legs he told Jay "Forget the foreplay, just stick it in me and start pounding."


"Bitch, you had this planned all along, didn't you?" Jay responded sliding his pants down to freeing his erection and putting on the condom Kyle handed to him.


"I'm sure I don't know what you're talking about." Kyle said, trying to maintain an air of innocence.


As he inserted himself into the eagerly awaiting body of his lover he asked Kyle if he always went around with lubricant spread all over his butt.


"Of course, how else can I be ready for sex at a moment's notice? Who wouldn't want a perfect dick like yours in their ass as often as they could?"


"You're insatiable!" Jay laughed as he quickly finished. "You know we're going to be late picking up Tommy and Andy."


"I called them this afternoon and told them we might be a little late and to meet us at the theater."


"I'll bet that not only were they not surprised, but, knowing how you are, probably expected it." Jay replied as they got up and got dressed.


"Let's find out." He called Tommy.


"Kyle. Are you two finished fucking and on your way? We just got here and got your tickets so you guys won't have to stand in line."


"How did you know we were having sex?"


"Knowing you as well as I do, I would have been surprised if you weren't."

"So you think you know me that well? What would you say if I were to tell you that I was the top and Jay was the bottom and it was the best sex I ever had in my life?"


"I'd say that you were as full of shit as a Thanksgiving turkey."


"If I told you that you were wrong would you believe me?"


"Not in this lifetime or the next."


"Okay Tommy, you got me this time. We'll be there in a few."


During the short drive to the movie theater, Jay was unusually quiet. "You're so quiet, Jay. Is something wrong?"


"Your conversation with Tommy got me to thinking. Do you want to top me? I've never been a bottom before, and I'm not sure I could."


As they pulled into a parking spot at the theater and he shut off the jeep, Kyle turned to look at Jay. "Baby, look at me." Jay turned to face Kyle, who took his face in both of his hands. "The only way I want our bodies to be joined together is by having your dick so far up my ass that it comes out of my mouth. I do not now, nor have I ever had, any desire to be the top. I was just busting Tommy's chops."


"Okay. If that is what you really, really wanted, I would try. I can't say I'd be any good at being a bottom, though. You're a tough act to follow in that department."


"Trust me when I say that I can't get enough of you inside me. In fact..." he let the sentence trail off as he reached over and started rubbing Jay's crotch. "Shall we go again?"


"Ah, the movie starts in about five minutes. By the time we get our tickets, popcorn and stuff, we'll have missed the beginning of the movie."


Kyle gave Jay's crotch a final rub. "Tommy already has our tickets and I'd bet that Andy has our seats and our food."


"You're probably right, but we should go. There'll be plenty of time later for sex."


"There's never enough time for sex with you." Kyle replied slyly as they got out of Kyle's jeep and walked to the theater entrance where Tommy was waiting with their tickets.


Jay rolled his eyes. "How did I know you were going to say that?"


"Did you honestly expect me to say anything different? If I could, I'd have you inside me all day and all night, every day."


"I can believe that. I've woken up a number of times to find myself inside you."


"Of course, your dick is my wobbie."


"That's something I really didn't want to know." Tommy chided them as he handed them their tickets. "Andy has your popcorn and drinks and has saved us seats."


Kyle stuck his tongue out at Jay. "I told you we had enough time for a quickie. The only thing we'd miss is the previews, which we never watch anyway."


"Yeah...yeah...yeah...blah...blah...blah. Let's go and get our seats." Jay gave Kyle a gentle shove towards the doors.


"Well, it took you guys long enough to get here. What'd you guys do, decide to have a quickie in the parking lot?" Andy pretended to be annoyed.


"I wanted to, but..."


"Kyle, this insatiability of yours is going to kill Jay someday." Andy interrupted.


"You've got a whole lot of room to talk, Andy. You can be just as insatiable at times." Tommy retorted.


Jay covered his ears. " I don't need to know any of this."


"Ask Jay how many times he's come home from work and without any warning would grab me, pull me into the bedroom and screw my brains out. Shit. Half the time we never even made it as far as the bedroom."


As everyone got comfortable Jay looked over at Andy snuggling up against Tommy. Kyle's cousin Karin and her lover Denise were doing the same. He sighed with envy and bitter disappointment. If only Kyle could snuggle up to me like that. But it would be my job if anyone saw us.


After the movie they went out for a bite to eat. "You know, I really envy you guys." Jay commented.


"Why's that?" Tommy asked.


"I wish Kyle and I could cuddle and hold hands in public like you guys do." He said, wistfully.


"Why can't you?"


"It would cost me my job if I were to be seen showing any kind of affection to Kyle."


"I thought homosexuality was in the government non-discrimination clause."


"I don't know if it is or not, but it doesn't matter. My stupidvisor is so homophobic he'd do anything he could to get rid of me."


"That really sucks." Karin said emphatically.


"Oh, believe me, sucks doesn't even begin to cover how I feel about it. You don't know how much I wish I could snuggle up to Jay right now, or even hold his hand." Kyle responded with a deep, sad sigh.


"Believe me, baby, so do I."


"Have you ever thought about transferring to a different department or field office" Denise inquired.


"I have, but I don't have any grounds for the request. I can't tell them that I want to transfer out because my supervisor is creating a hostile working environment. I have no proof. Who do you think the higher-ups are going to believe, a supervisor who's been with the FBI for almost twenty years, or a lowly field agent who has only been there nine years?"


"You are not a lowly field agent. You were the one who cracked the case of my parent's murder. No one else could be bothered to follow the `cold lead' as they called it. You're case closure rate is higher than most of them, from what you said."


Jay reached under the table and gave Kyle's hand a quick, grateful squeeze. "Thanks, baby, but that's just not enough to go to EEO with."


"EEO" Karen asked.


"Equal Employment Opportunity, they make sure that the non-discrimination policy is followed and resolve any problems between employees."


"But surely this would fall under their jurisdiction." Tommy chimed in.


"It's a catch-22. If I were out, then I MIGHT be able to file a complaint against him, but I'm not. If I were to come out, then I'd be fired and my security clearance would be revoked. Once a clearance is revoked, it's damned near impossible to get it reinstated. Having a security clearance revocation on my record would pretty much insure that I'll never get another law-enforcement job."


"Really, surely you could do something else rather than deal with that shit." Denise said.


"It's all I know. I went into the FBI Academy right after high school. It's all I ever wanted to do, other than spending as much time with my baby as possible." He gave Kyle a warm, loving smile, which was immediately returned."


"Aw, kiss and get it over with." Karin teased.


Kyle offered his cheek to Jay, tapping it with his finger. Jay looked around the pretty-much deserted all-night diner to make sure they weren't seen then moved in to give him a quick kiss on the cheek. Just as his lips were about to touch his cheek, Kyle quickly and unexpectedly turned his head so that their lips met.


The other two couples decided that this would be a good time to kiss as well.


Later that night as they lay in bed after making love, a very serious look crossed Kyle's face. "If you're that unhappy with the FBI, perhaps you should start considering another career."


Jay looked at him with surprise. "It's not that I'm unhappy with my job. I love my job. I just don't like having to hide who I am. It'd be hard to find another job that pays as well, and has the benefits."


"Baby, I'd rather have you take a lower-paying job and be able to be out than keep a higher-paying job and be unhappy."


"I know, but that would put an unfair burden on you financially. I can't do that to you."


"Just think about it." Kyle suggested as he snuggled closer.


Jay stroked his hair gently. "I will. I can't promise anything."


"Did I ask you for a promise?"


"No, but..."


"But nothing" Kyle interrupted. "I don't want a promise from you. I just want you to be happy."


"Okay, baby. Let's get some sleep."


to be continued...

[1] Quoridor is copyright by Gigamic Games, all rights reserved.