Chapter 32


The following weeks were extremely busy for the happy couple making their wedding plans. Even though it was a hectic time, things slowly returned to normal. Lovemaking was even better than before, each man realizing how close they came to losing the other, which deepened their love for each other. Finally, the big day arrived.


"Welcome to St. Stephens. Are you a friend of Kyle's or Jayson's?" Andy and Bryan, as ushers, greeted arriving guests.




"This way please."


Jay stood at the altar and looked around nervously for Kyle. Where is he? He wondered. I hope he isn't going to stand me up.


"Breathe, Jay, breathe. Relax. You're so nervous that if you fart, you'll be on the other side of the galaxy in six seconds flat." Erik joked, trying to calm him down. On the other side of the aisle, Tommy surreptitiously checked his watch and wondered the same thing.


Just then, Kyle rushed in. Jay breathed a sigh of relief as a big smile lit up his entire face. "I'm sorry to be late, got stuck in traffic." Kyle whispered.


"Let us begin", whispered the priest to the happy, but nervous couple. "Friends and family, today we celebrate a milestone in the lives of Kyle and Jayson. For today, they will enter into a joyous union. Let us hear what they have to say to each other. Jayson?" The priest stepped back away from them as they turned and looked deep into each other's eyes.


"Kyle, every time I look into your eyes, my heart races. You are the core of my very existence. Words cannot express how much I love you with all my heart. Whatever life has in store for me, I want to share it with you. I want to be your soul mate, your constant companion, your lover, for all eternity. As I place this ring on your finger, I pledge my undying love and devotion to you. I promise to be faithful to you, and will be by your side in sickness and in health, no matter what happens." Jay, eyes moist, placed the ring on Kyle's finger as Kyle's eyes began to glisten.


"Jayson, through the darkest of times, you were there, by my side. Your love brought me back from the very edge of hell itself. For that I will forever be grateful. Every moment we're together is complete and utter bliss. Every moment we're apart is sheer agony. My love for you knows no bounds, and I want to share each and every moment of my life with you. Everything I have, everything I have been, everything I am and everything I will become, is yours and yours alone for all eternity. I willingly give you my heart, mind, spirit, soul, devotion and body without any hesitation. This ring I place on your finger is a symbol of my love and devotion to you. The circle is never-ending, and so is my love."


Music started softly as Kyle placed the ring on Jay's finger. A look of pure serenity mixed with deep happiness crossed Jay's face as he recognized the song "Cherish" by Kool and the Gang, one of his favorite love songs. His love for Kyle grew even deeper. Kyle wiped the tears from his eyes as he looked at Jayson. He started to sing with a beautiful, sweet, soulful voice. He sang a few verses then stopped, and as the music continued, he hugged Jay. They started swaying slowly to the music. After a few moments, he stepped away again and continued to sing again, finishing the song.


As the music faded away, the priest stepped up to Kyle and Jay. "You have both pledged yourself to each other today with words of great love and beauty. I am deeply honored to declare you united for all time."


Kyle and Jay looked at each other, both with tears running down their faces. They kissed tenderly, hugged as if they were afraid to let go of each other, then turned and faced their friends and families hand in hand.


"Ladies and gentlemen, it is my great privilege to present Kyle and Jayson Matthews-Williams."


As Kyle and Jayson walked up the aisle, arms around each other, and headed towards their new life together, they couldn't help but notice that there wasn't a dry eye in the place, including theirs.


As they seated themselves at the head table in the reception hall, Kyle was surprised to see a lot of his present and former students there as well as most of his fellow teachers. Jay was equally surprised to see a number of his coworkers there.


Standing up, Tommy tapped his spoon to the side of his glass for attention. "As the best man it is customary for me to give a speech." He began, looking out over the mass of people. He turned to the happy couple. "However, there are actually two best men here tonight, neither of which is myself. I give you the two best men and friends a guy could ever have." He raised his glass. "To Kyle and Jayson, may your love know no boundaries and your lives be from this day forth, all that you could possibly wish for, and ever so much more."


"To Kyle and Jayson" the crowd echoed.


The DJ started playing `Everything I Do (I Do It for You)'. "Well, I guess that's our cue." Jay took Kyle's hand and led him to the dance floor for the traditional first dance. He whispered in Kyle's ear "I had begun to believe that we would never see this day. I love you so much."


"But we did make it, and I thank God for you every day. I love you."


Several dances later, Jay grabbed Kyle and took him aside to talk with the DJ. A few seconds later, the DJ called for everyone to stand and form a line on the side of the room where they were. Kyle then stood at the head of one line, Jay at the head of the other. The music started, as did not one but two conga lines. Both lines weaved in and around the tables on their respective sides of the room, until eventually moving to the center of the room. As Kyle and Jay came face to face, they suddenly switched lines and weaved them in and around the tables on the opposite side of the room where they started. Finally they met again in the middle of the room and formed two dance lines just like the ones they saw in the movie "Grease."


At last the time to cut the cake came. The cake was cut without incident, Jay gently feeding his piece to Kyle. Kyle, ever the fun-loving joker, decided to something different. Instead of putting the cake into Jay's mouth, he put a piece of it into Jay's ear and began to lick out, which caused all those watching to erupt in howls of laughter.


About an hour later, they were at the airport, having said goodbye to family and friends as they boarded the plane, neither man knowing that their honeymoon would bring about a life-changing experience.