Chapter 33


As they left the airport terminal building, Kyle and Jay took a long, appreciative look around, inhaling the clean, flower-scented air. "I could really get used to this" Jay said to Kyle.


"So could I. I never thought I'd get to see Hawaii, let alone honeymoon there. It sure is beautiful. I love you so much, Jay. I just can't believe that we're actually married and that we're here in Hawaii on our honeymoon."


"Do you want me to pinch you to convince you that it's real?"


"I'd rather get to our hotel and show you my appreciation, doing what honeymooners do best."


Jay let out an exaggerated sigh. "Kyle, don't you think about anything else besides sex?"


"Not when you're around." He responded with a devilish grin.


"I swear your insatiability is going to be the death of me."


"Perhaps, but can you think of a better way to go than being deep inside me making mad passionate love?"


"No, but I'm just not ready to go yet."


Kyle looked around to see if anyone is looking, then grabbed Jay's crotch. "True, but in about an hour you'll be ready to come."


Jay playfully slapped his hand away. "Here's the hotel shuttle. Let's go get checked in."


"Here we are room 1103." Jay opened the door, and propped it open with his suitcase. He turned to Kyle with a sly look on his face.


"You're not going to do what I..." was all Kyle could get out before Jay scooped him up into his strong arms and carried him into the room, kicking the suitcase away from the door, allowing it to close. Carefully laying Kyle down on the bed, he laid down on top of him, kissing him gently, but with increasing passion. Kyle spread his legs slightly and wrapped his ankles around Jay's.


Finally they broke the kiss and looked deep into each other's eyes. "Jay, I have a problem with you lying on top of me like this."


Jay's expression of love and happiness changed to one of concern. "It's never bothered you before. What's wrong?" he asked as he propped himself up on his elbows.


Kyle reached up and started to unbutton his shirt. "We're not naked." he said as he slid Jay's shirt off is broad shoulders, revealing his powerful chest.


"Oh, I see. In order for me to lie on top of you, we both have to be naked. Is that it?"


"No, I just prefer it that way. And I think you do too."


"Very true. Let's get naked then." Jay got up and removed the rest of his clothing, at the same time preventing Kyle from removing anything other than his shirt and shoes. "I want to do it."


Kyle lay back with his arms outstretched as Jay unfastened his belt and jeans. He tugged at Kyle's jeans. "You know, these incredibly tight jeans that you pour yourself into are a bitch to get off."


"Yeah, but having what's hidden within them is worth the hassle."


"No argument here." Jay laughed as he finally got the jeans off. Pausing a moment to nibble on Kyle's nipples, he removed his boxers, exposing Kyle's generous endowment. But before he could turn his attention to it, Kyle rolled over onto his stomach, spread his legs wide and wiggled his butt provocatively.


"What, no foreplay?"


"Screw me first, then foreplay."


"Don't you have it backwards? Foreplay usually goes first."


"Ah, but by the time foreplay is finished, you'll be ready to screw me again."


Jay rolled his eyes towards the ceiling and laughed. "I should have known." He said as he put a condom on and lubricated himself and Kyle.


As Jay penetrated his lover, Kyle let out a huge sigh of contentment. This is where Jay belonged, deep inside him. He is Jay's, and Jay is his, now and until the end of time. Once Jay had penetrated Kyle as deeply as possible, he laid down across Kyle's back and proceeded to thrust slowly and gently.


"Am I too heavy for you?"


"Have ohhhhh I ever complained be-ohhhhh yeahhhhh just like that. Before?"


"No. Never."


"Just keep doing what you're doing."


Jay did just that, continuing to thrust deep into Kyle, eventually picking up the pace before exploding inside him with such force that he wondered if the condom had broken.


As he tried to withdraw, Kyle clamped down. "You're not going anywhere just yet." He clenched and unclenched his sphincter muscle to make sure every drop was milked out of Jay.


"Kyle, I think the condom broke. It may be leaking semen inside you."


"If it does, then it was meant to be."


"Come on, Kyle, let me go. I have to pee."


"Okay, but hurry back. Besides, the sheets need to be changed where I just came all over them."


Reluctantly, he released his grip on Jay, who gently withdrew himself from the body of his beloved Kyle. Carefully examining the condom, he breathed a sigh of relief. It was full and stretched almost to the breaking point, but still intact. Removing it carefully, he gave it a burial at sea, peed and cleaned himself up.


Returning, he found Kyle lying on his back, arms and legs spread. "Come here, you sexy beast."


"You want more? That wasn't enough for you?"


Kyle gave him a "yeah, right!" look. "I spent the better part of a year without you inside me. We need to make up for lost time."


"You just totally drained me, and you want more. You're going to kill me yet!" he said with a grin as he lay back down on top of Kyle and kissed him deeply.


"Ahhhh. This is more like it, Jay. This is how we were meant to be, naked and in each other's arms."


"Mmmmmm. I could go to sleep just like this."


Kyle grabbed Jay's butt with both hands and squeezed hard. "Oh, no you don't. I need you to screw me again."


"And again and again and again, if I know you."


"Well, if you insist." Kyle reached in between them, grabbed Jay's dick and positioned it between his legs, which he proceeded to wrap around Jay's back. Placing the tip against his pulsating sphincter he again grabbed Jay's butt and pulled, trying to force Jay into him.


"Uh, hello? In case you didn't notice, I'm not hard, nor do I have a condom on. As a matter of fact, I just used the last one."


"Then you'll just have to screw me without one."


"No Kyle. I'm not taking any chances with you."


"But you're negative, as am I."


"And we're going to stay that way. Besides, I'm hungry."


"So am I. And I know just what I want to eat." Before Jay realized Kyle's intention, Kyle flipped him over onto his back and took his dick into his mouth, sucking gently as Jay's dick hardened in his mouth.




"Shut up, lay back, and enjoy it." He said as he returned to his ministrations. He turned around to be more comfortable and felt something warm and moist engulf his dick. Suddenly, his mouth was filled with Jay's ball juice. Swallowing furiously, not wanting to lose a single drop, he exploded into Jay's mouth.


"Ahh, very tasty. My favorite meal, Cream of Jay."


Jay laughed, which turned to coughing as some of Kyle's semen went down the wrong pipe. "Jay, are you okay?" Kyle cried as he pounded Jay on his back.


"I'm okay." He gasped between breaths. "It's just that you've never come that much before. I had a hard time swallowing it all."


"Gee, could the prostate massage I just received have anything to do with it?" He asked devilishly.


"Not beyond the realm of possibility. Let's take a shower, get dressed and go get something to eat."


"Okay, I'm not too hungry though. I just had a huge helping of Cream of Jay and it kind of filled me up." He says, giggling.


"Okay, wise-ass"


"Sorry, my ass isn't wise. But it is a well-screwed ass. Get it right."


"Okay, okay. I'm going to take a shower."


"Want some company."


"No, we'll never get showered and down to the restaurant before it closes."


"We'll just have to order room-service."


"And pay twice as much? No thanks. Besides after dinner I want to take a long, moonlight walk on the beach."


"Sounds heavenly, but I have a better idea. Instead of going to the restaurant, let's go to the hotel's luau instead. I'd love to see you in a grass skirt."


"The luau sounds great, but don't hold your breath on the grass skirt."


Later, walking along the moonlit beach, hand-in-hand...


"I can't remember when I've eaten so much. The food was unbelievable! I still wish you would have put on a grass skirt and joined us for the hula lesson. It was a lot of fun."


"I probably would have, if you hadn't worn me out earlier. But you looked cute in your grass skirt. You should wear one more often." Jay teased.


"You'd love that, wouldn't you?" Kyle teased back.


They walked along the beach for a few minutes more when Kyle suddenly stopped. "What's wrong, Baby?" Jay asked softly, not wanting to disturb the magic of the waves crashing on the beach.


"Shh. Listen. What do you hear?"


"Nothing except the sound of the waves and a few seagulls."


"That's exactly what I mean. Nobody screaming or shouting, no TV's or radios blaring, no sirens, car alarms, no nothing. Nothing but quiet. Isn't it wonderful for a change?"


"It sure is. It's made all the more wonderful because I'm sharing it with you."


The next morning the boys were suddenly awakened by waves crashing over them. Spitting and sputtering, they sat up, looked at each other and laughed. "Let's go back to the hotel and get cleaned up."


"You know, I think last night was one of the best nights we've ever spent together."


Jay reached over and placed his hand on Kyle's forehead. "Strange. You're not running a fever."


"What are you talking about?"


"Kyle, we just spent the night alone on a Hawaiian beach without having sex, and you said it was one of the best nights we've ever spend together."


"I said that? I must be slipping!"


"Either that, or it's true what they say."


"And what is that?"


"That once you get married you stop having sex."


"I DON'T THINK SO! You're not getting out of it that easy!"


"Getting out of what?"


"Sex. The only way that's going to happen is when one of us passes away."


Jay snapped his fingers. "Damn! I was hoping!"


"Bitch!" Kyle cried as he tossed a handful of sand in Jay's direction. He ducked under Kyle's arm to steal a kiss. "Mmmmmm. That's more like it."


"Let's go back to the hotel, get cleaned up and do some sight-seeing."


"Okay. Where do you want to go first?"


"Let's play it by ear."


Later that afternoon...


"Wow. That was intense." Jay said in a hushed voice.


"I think the one thing that had the most impact was that painting of the memorial superimposed on the Arizona going down in flames." Kyle shuddered.


"It's certainly something I won't forget. I remember seeing that same picture without the memorial in the movie `The Final Countdown'."


"That's it! I knew I saw that image before, I just couldn't remember where."


"You know, Kyle, I wonder if they'll erect a similar memorial for the victims of 9/11?" Jay pondered as they walked into the Kamehameha Shopping Center to buy another memory card for Jay's camera.


"I hope so. How about we get a bite to eat and go out somewhere. "


"Sounds great."


"The Steak House. This looks like a good place to eat."


"Works for me."


After dinner...


"Wow that was a great meal. I'm stuffed."


"I am too. Did you happen to notice the rainbow flag hanging over there?"


"No, Baby, I didn't. How cool is that?"


"Way cool. I wonder..." Kyle reached into his backpack and pulled out the Gay Traveler's Guide to Hawaii. Looking through it, he found what he was looking for. "It's right here in the guidebook, Jay. I wish I had thought about looking at it earlier."


"Any night clubs around here?"


"Let me look...yep! Nighttown Waikiki. Hey, it's Karaoke night! Are you up for it?"


"As long as you don't embarrass me by making me cry!"


"Let me pay the bill and we'll head over there."


"I'm right behind you, Kyle."


A few minutes later, as they entered the nightclub...


"Wow. This place is fabulous. I love it! Hey, that guy that's singing is good."


"Not as good as you, baby."


"Yeah right. Look there's something I've never seen before."


"What's that?"


"A place where you can preview the music."


"Cool. I'll be right back. I have to pee."




While Jay attended to nature, Kyle walked over to the preview station and saw a pile of sheet music. Looking through it, he picked up one that was unfamiliar to him. He put the headphones on and punched the name of the song into the computer. As the music played, he sang quietly to himself, following along with the sheet music. Great song. I've got to sing it to Jay. He said to himself as he wrote his name down on the waiting list of performers. He returned to the spot he and Jay were previously standing in just as Jay came out of the men's room.


"Have I got a surprise for you!"


"And what would that be?"


"You'll just have to wait and see." They sat at a table and ordered their drinks from the cocktail waiter. Shortly, the emcee got up on the stage.


"Okay, everyone, please welcome our next performer, Kyle Matthews-Williams to the stage." Kyle got up on the stage and held up his hands to quell the applause.


"I'd like to dedicate this song to Jay, my husband of three days." After the applause died down, Kyle hit the button on the CD player. Music filled the air. Judging from the smiles on the audiences' faces, it was a popular song. He smiled as he noticed that the prompter not only shows the words, but the sheet music as well. Guess I don't need this. He said to himself as he placed the sheet music on the table beside him and started to sing. Amidst the standing ovation after he finished the song, Kyle scanned the audience for Jay. Damn! He said to himself. Jay is going to be pissed at me. I made him cry again.


The emcee got up on the stage and took the microphone. "Well, everyone, what did you think of that performance?" A loud, standing ovation gave him the answer to his question. "I think we have a winner here. Kyle, is it?" He nodded affirmative "A newlywed at that. Bring your new husband up here. What's his name?"


"Jayson. Jayson Matthews-Williams."


"Jayson, come on up here." Jay held up his hands and shook his head. "Aw, he's shy. Come on, I won't bite. I'll just nibble a little." Laughter erupted from the audience. "Come on." Jay finally gave in and climbed up on the stage. "As the owner for Nighttown Waikiki, it is my pleasure, first to welcome you to the club, secondly to congratulate you on your marriage, and third, to award Kyle with tonight's grand prize of one-thousand dollars!" More applause as he handed the check to Kyle. "You both have a drink coming, on the house. That was a fabulous performance."


"Thank you. I've never heard that song before."


"It's the theme from the new Star Trek series, Enterprise. You both have a great time tonight, and an even greater time later!" He said with a wink.


Kyle and Jay left the stage and were greeted and congratulated by the patrons. As they were sipping their drinks, another patron approached them. "Forgive the intrusion, but didn't I see you on `You Can Be the Next Music Superstar' a couple of years ago?"


Kyle turned every shade of red. "Possibly" He replied, embarrassed as introductions were made.


"My God! Kyle Matthews! I have both of your CD's. They're incredible!"




"Excuse me for a moment." He got up, went over to the bar and said something to the bartender, who motioned the owner over. The three of them entered into a lively conversation, with several looks towards Kyle and Jay as Kyle began to reminisce.