This is the story of Kyle and Jayson and as such, is a work of total fiction. Any resemblance to real people, dead or alive, is purely coincidental.

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Chapter 7


Jayson sat on the park bench, his head in his hands, hot tears burning his cheeks. "Oh, God, what have I done?" His heart broke. "If only I hadn't taken that fucking job, then I never would have gotten myself into this mess."


He remembered the day he took the job with the FBI. It was a risk, he knew. If his sexuality had been known, his security clearance would never have been granted and he wouldn't have the job he loved more than anything in the world. Or used to until Kyle entered his life.


His mind wandered back. Back eight years when he was fresh out of the FBI academy working on his first case, the disappearance of a high-profile federal lawyer and his wife, also a high-profile federal lawyer.


Accompanying the senior field agent to interview the family members of the missing couple, he couldn't take his eyes of the couple's son. He was absolutely the hottest guy he had ever seen in his life. He seemed so lost, so vulnerable, so scared that he wanted to take him into his arms and comfort him, but he suspected any moves on his part would be rebuffed. Looking around the living room, there were numerous photos of him with various women. Score one for their side he thought, somewhat disappointed.


Wandering through the house looking for clues as to who might have kidnapped the parents and how, he came across the son's bedroom. Even though he knew the guy was straight, he couldn't resist peeking in. The first thing that caught his eye was a shelf full of books. He glanced at the titles. "The Front Runner[1]"..."Daytime Drama[2]"..."Last Summer[3]" and one that really surprised him, "The Joy of Gay Sex[4]." Puzzled, he continued to look around the room and found a small gay pride rainbow flag on the desk. His heart soared. Obviously the son was gay, and about his age. So how do I proceed? He wondered.


"Looking for something in particular?" A soft, melodic voice came from behind him, startling him.


"I'm sorry. I was looking for the bathroom and walking by the door I noticed the bookshelf." He said. "You have a very nice collection. I've always wanted to read Last Summer. I've heard a lot about it."


"It's my favorite. Would you like to borrow it?" And screw my brains out while you're at it. Kyle thought.


What I'd really like is to fuck your brains out. He said to himself. Aloud he said "Yes, I would, if that's okay with you."


Kyle got the book and gave it to Jay. "Sure. Here you go." Giving him an appraising look, eyes lingering momentarily on his crotch, he sat back on the bed in a very provocative position, his posture and facial expression challenging Jay to make a move on him. "Any idea what might have happened to my parents?"


"Not at the moment." He replied, sitting on the edge of the bed, close, but not too close, and setting the book on the desk. Put the brakes on, Jay. He admonished himself. He had to be careful. This was a federal investigation, and the last thing he needed was to get personally - and romantically - involved with a possible suspect. "But I assure you we'll do everything we can." He patted Kyle on the ankle before standing up. "If you don't mind, I'll stop by later and pick up the book."




"Now if you would be so kind as to point me in the direction of the bathroom..."


"It's third door on the right."


"Thanks." Jay beat a hasty retreat, hoping that Kyle wouldn't notice his raging hardon. Kyle, on the other hand, had noticed it, and was hoping the hot young FBI Agent would notice his arousal, but apparently he hadn't. Kyle, you idiot! He's an FBI Agent investigating the disappearance of your parents, and most likely you're a possible suspect. Interested or not, he can't get involved with you until after the investigation. Go take a cold shower or beat off or something. Better, yet, he has to come back this way so give him a glimpse of what could be his if he wants it. He rolled over onto his stomach and spread his legs slightly apart, giving anyone who passed by his room a good view of his butt.


Passing back by the bedroom door, Jay peeked in and saw Kyle lying on his stomach, legs spread as if challenging him to make a move. He looked him over carefully, eyes lingering on his butt. He never saw such tight jeans on a man before. Cursing his growing erection, it took all of his control to keep from lying down on top of him, from caressing him, from making love to him, which is obviously what they both wanted. He wanted him so badly he couldn't stand it, but he couldn't make a move for fear of compromising the investigation. However, he could give him his business card. That was innocent enough, perhaps even expected. Maybe after the investigation was over, the son would call him. The possibility that Kyle could have had anything to do with his parents' disappearance never even entered his mind.


Jay knocked on the door frame. Kyle raised himself to his hands and knees, imitating a stretch, butt high in the air. He slowly lay back down, turned over and sat up, not even trying to hide his erection. There was no point. The gorgeous FBI Agent was most definitely gay. "I must have fallen asleep."


"I'm sorry to wake you. We've finished up here." Jay entered his room, holding his business card in his outstretched hand. "Here's my card. If you can think of anything, anything at all, no matter how trivial or unimportant it might seem, please call me."


Kyle took the business card. An electric shock passed between them as their fingers briefly touched. They locked eyes with each other. "I will. Please call me if you find out anything." Please call me, period.


"I will let you know as soon as we have any information." Believe me I most definitely will call you as soon as this investigation is over." But since Kyle left for college the following month in another state, the call was never made.


Bringing his thoughts back to present time, he pondered his situation. What made things worse was that his immediate supervisor was homophobic to the point of violence. It made his life a living hell. He couldn't go anywhere with Kyle without looking over his shoulder, let alone be seen in public holding hands, hugging or kissing the man he loved more than life itself. Kyle, who was totally out and didn't care who knew he was gay, was very understanding of his situation and did his best to help Jay maintain his secret other life. It wasn't difficult as Kyle was the type that you would never suspect would be gay. He didn't flame, nor wear outrageous clothing or gay-themed t-shirts, and was very athletic. He didn't fit any of the stereotypes typically associated with homosexual men. He was careful not to give anyone any reason to suspect that he was gay, so very careful. Then one day he slipped.

His truck was in the shop having new brakes installed, so Kyle had given him a ride to work. After looking around to make sure nobody saw them, he gave Kyle a goodbye kiss, the kiss lingering longer than it should have. One of his co-workers pulled up just as he broke the kiss. They separated quickly, but not quickly enough to avoid being seen. He believed -hoped- that they weren't seen. He was to find out a few weeks later how wrong he was.


One day at home while checking his personal email, he received a message that was destined to change his life. The anonymous message stated simply:


"I know about you and your secret lover boy. If you don't want your secret revealed to the entire FBI organization, call the following number at one pm on Friday, May twenty-ninth: 555-1540. Failure to call this number and follow the instructions will result in an FBI investigation into you and your lover."


His eyes bulged from their sockets as he saw pictures of the two of them kissing, holding hands, and making love on the beach. His throat closed. How did they find out about me and Kyle? That thought occupied his mind for the rest of the week. Finally the appointed time arrived. He dialed the number as instructed. A man's voice answered.


"Ah Jayson, you're right on time. I like that. I like you. I bet you're incredible in bed."


"You'll never find out."


"Oh trust me. I fully intend to, and soon."


"Fuck you!"


"No, I'm the one who will be fucking you, unless you want your boyfriend to disappear. It would be very easy to arrange his disappearance. Never to be seen or heard from again. His remains would never be found."


"You wouldn't."


"Ah, but I would, with one simple phone call."


Jay sighed, helplessly. Having been in the FBI for almost nine years, he knew how easy it would be to make that threat a reality. This he would never allow to happen.


"What to you want?"


"What I want is to fuck you, pure and simple. I want to shove my dick so far up your ass that it will come out your mouth."


"When and where?"


"I'll be at your place two hours from now."


"There's one condition. After you finish fucking me, you'll leave us alone."


"Well, now that depends on you. If you are as good in bed as I think you are, I may decide I want to fuck you whenever I'm horny, which is most of the time."


"You fucking bastard!"


A lewd chuckle was heard. "I'll see you in two hours."


Two-and-a-half hours later, Kyle walked in on them. He felt the strange man pulled off of him. He laid there crying for a few moments, relieved that the sex was over. He got up and rushed over to Kyle, afraid for him, wanting to explain, but Kyle punched him in the stomach, knocking him to the floor.


What was worse was that Kyle threw him out without giving him a chance to explain. What was he going to do now? Kyle was his entire world, his whole life. He refused to answer or return any of his calls, a sure indication that it was over between them. Five years down the drain. Try as he might, he couldn't blame him. Kyle had been cheated on before, and Jay swore he would never cheat on him. He loved him too much. But he wasn't given a choice. Letting the stranger fuck him was the only way to protect him, since he didn't even know who the guy was. He had the number traced, but it led, not surprisingly, to a payphone. The email message was also a dead end, leading back to an internet café account.


What was he to do? He couldn't bear the thought of living without him. He got up and started walking. Suddenly several men and a woman jumped out of the bushes and surrounded him.


"We meet at long last" the woman snarled. "I've been waiting a long time for this, Mr. Undercover FBI Agent. You just couldn't leave things alone, could you? You had to stick your nose where it didn't belong. Because of you, my father and brother are in prison for the rest of their lives."


"What are you talking about?" he asked, a note of fear creeping into his voice.


"I'm talking about the investigation in to the death of those two lawyers...Michaels...Morehouse...something along those lines."




"That's them. They led the investigation into my family's organization and prosecuted my father and brother. They would never have been convicted if it hadn't been for you. You destroyed my family. Now I've destroyed yours. I'm the one who followed you and your lover and took all of those pictures, then passed them onto my cousin, who took more than a slight interest in you." Her smile was full of satisfied malice, as evil as Jay had even seen on even the most hardened of criminals. "But if you think I'm going to simply rob you of the love of your life, you're sadly mistaken. I'm going to rob you of everything, including your life." She nodded to her henchmen. Jay was suddenly restrained by several men as he was stabbed over and over again.


"I will love you forever, Kyle." Jay said as he lost consciousness.


[1] The Front Runner was written by and is copyright © by Patricia Nell Harris

2 Daytime Drama was written by and is copyright © by Toby Benbow

3 Last Summer was written by and is copyright © by Michael Thomas Ford

4 The Joy of Gay Sex was written by and is copyright © by Michael Thomas Ford