This is the story of Kyle and Jayson and as such, is a work of total fiction. Any resemblance to real people, dead or alive, is purely coincidental.

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Chapter 8


Tommy and Andy contemplated the events of the evening as they relaxed at home.


"I wish I knew what to do or say to help him. I know he's hurting, but..." Tommy said, sadly, shrugging his shoulders to indicate his helplessness.


"I do too. I wonder why Jay did it. He's so much in love with Kyle that he's all he could talk about." Andy responded, puzzled. "I only know of one way to find out." He grabbed the phone and dialed Jay's number. "Strange."


"What's strange?"


"No answer. His voicemail didn't pick up. I got a recording saying that the subscriber was temporarily unavailable. What's going on?"


"I don't know, but I don't like the sound of it. It's not like him to just drop off the face of the earth. I hope something hasn't happened to him." Tommy said, a note of worry creeping into his voice.


"Well, I'm sure he'll turn up eventually."


"I hope so. I'd really like to know what happened. He must have had a very compelling reason for having sex with that guy. He's not the type to cheat on someone he loves so much, unless he doesn't love Kyle as much as he says he does."


"Possibly, but I find that hard it believe. Maybe he's on a case undercover somewhere."


"Hmmm, it's not beyond the realm of possibility. Wherever he is, I hope he doesn't do anything stupid."


"You don't think..." Andy began.


"I'm just thinking worse case scenario. Frankly, I'm more worried about Kyle. I've never seen him so distraught. We need to do something to snap him out of this funk he's in."


"Got any ideas?"


"I'm clueless. Wait a minute! His birthday is next week. We should plan a surprise party."


"Good idea."


Tommy glanced at the shelf full of board and card games in the corner of their apartment. "And I know just what to get him." He picked up his cell phone and dialed Kim's number. "Hello?"


"Hey, Kim, it's Tommy. Andy and I were just sitting here talking about Kyle's situation and..."


"What situation?" Kim interrupted.


"Yesterday he got home from work early and walked in on Jay having sex with another guy in the middle of the living room floor."


"You've got to be shitting me. Jay? Cheating on Kyle? That's not possible. I don't believe it."


"Believe it. Kyle's a basket case over it. He's blaming it all on himself."


"Damn! I've got to head over there."


"Before you go, let me ask you something. We want to throw him a surprise birthday party. How do you think it will affect him?"


"I don't know. Let me feel him out and I'll get back to you."


"Okay. We'll plan it, but won't call anybody until we hear back from you. Thanks, Kim."


"You're welcome, Tommy. I'll call you as soon as I see him. Later."


"Hasta la pizza!"


Kim called outside to her husband, who was raking the lawn. "Bryan, can you come in for a minute?"


As he came into the house, she indicated that he should sit down. "I just got a call from Tommy. Apparently, yesterday Kyle got home early and found Jay having sex with another guy. According to him, Kyle's pretty messed up about it."

"Oh my God, Kim, what in hell could have gotten into Jayson?" He replied, shocked.


"I don't know, but I intend to find out and ream him a new asshole or three or four. How dare he do that to my little brother?" Big sister protective instincts kicked into high gear. "I'm heading over there to see him. I'll see you later."


Shortly thereafter she arrived at Kyle's. She walked in on him curled up in the fetal position on the couch, staring off into nothingness. She noted the puffiness of his eyes and the dark circles that were starting to form under them. The sight of her normally wild and crazy, fun-loving, animated little brother like this broke her heart into a million pieces. She approached him, softly calling his name. No response. She knelt at his side and put her hand on his arm. "Ky-Ky" she called him by his childhood nickname.


He was up like a shot, wrapping his arms around her and crying huge, wracking sobs. Without letting go of him, she rose up and sat on the couch, holding him tighter. When the tears finally subsided, she gently pushed him away so she could wipe away his tears. "Tommy just told me. Baby brother, I'm so, so, so sorry. What happened? Do you want to talk about it?" He just shook his head. She pulled him closer and rocked him gently, a feeling of total helplessness engulfing her. When they were children, she had always looked after him, being older, rougher and tougher than the almost delicate Kyle until he came into his own. Again, the protective big sister wanted to find and kick the shit out of Jayson. She was so pissed at him for what he did to her beloved little brother she couldn't see straight. "Where is he now?"


"I don't know. I threw him out and told him never to return except to get his things out of MY house."


"Well, God help him if I ever get my hands on him. He will pay dearly for what he's done to you."


He pulled away so he could look directly at her. "You're going to give him the Mickey Myers treatment?" He laughed in spite of himself, referring to the time when he was ten years old and she beat up the neighborhood bully who had given him one too many bloody noses.


"You laughed! Actually, what I have planned for him is a thousand times worse. I'm going to castrate him and have his dick over-stuffed. Then I'm going to shove it up his ass without any lubrication!" This made Kyle laugh even more. "That's better. We're all going to help you get through this."


"That means more to me than you can imagine. I feel so alone."


"You're not alone. All you have to do is pick up the phone and call me, Bryan, Tommy, Andy, Denise or Karin and we'll be here as quickly as we possibly can. You know that. You've always dropped everything and come running whenever any of us needed you. Now it's our turn."


"Thanks, Kim. Even though I'm so thoroughly pissed at him that I could chew nails and spit out thumbtacks, I miss him terribly."


"I know you do, sweetie." She gathered him in her arms again and continued to rock him. A few minutes later, Bryan walked in, sat down and wrapped his arms around Kyle and Kim.


"I'm so sorry you're going through this, Kyle, but know that you're not alone." He said softly to his much loved brother-in-law. "We'll help you get through this. We're here for you. Anytime you need us, you call us, night or day, I don't care. You need us, you call us."


"Thanks, Bryan, but I'm okay."


"No, you're not. Nobody can go through what you just did and be okay. Go look at yourself in a mirror and tell me you're okay."


"I can't."


"My point exactly."


They all sat silently for about an hour until Kyle relaxed. "You guys don't need to stay. I'm sure you have better things to do."


"What we have to do is be here for you. Your needs are the most important right now."


"Seriously, it's going on midnight. You have the twins to take care of."


"They're fine." Bryan interjected. "My mother is taking care of them. She's deeply concerned about you. She considers you another son, you know."


"No, I didn't know." He knew she liked and accepted him, but didn't know she considered him another son.


"Yes, she does. She wants me to find Jayson so she can string him up by his balls and shove a cattle prod up his ass." Kyle laughed at the mental vision of her tiny body stringing the big guy up and the glee on her face as she hit the button on the cattle prod up his ass. "That's much, much better." Kyle laughed until he cried, hugging his hurting sides.


When the laughter subsided he hugged them both. "Thanks. I needed that." He said, wiping the tears of laughter from his eyes.


"We're going to head out and let you get some sleep. I meant what I said earlier. You call us anytime day or night if you need anything!"


"Okay, I will." Kyle hugged his sister and brother-in-law one more time as they left to go home.


The following morning, Kim called Tommy. "I went to see Kyle last night and I think the birthday party is exactly what he needs right now. He needs to be surrounded by family and friends. Bryan and I will take care of the cake and the drinks, if you'll take care of the decorations."


"You got it. Let's plan on everyone getting there around three-thirty."


"Okay. See you then."


A few days later...


"Well, I've contacted everyone. They'll be there. If everyone brings what they say they're bringing, we'll have more food than we can possibly eat." Andy said, grinning, returning home from work.


"Cool. I picked up his present today. He's going to totally flip over it."


"I hope so, Baby." Andy bent down and gave him a kiss. "I'd like for the three of us to be alone when we give it to him."


"Why?" Tommy asked, puzzled.


"If I know him he's going to want to play as soon as he opens it. He told me his students talk about it all the time and it's piqued his curiosity."


"Then it's perfect." He got up and walked over to where Andy was standing, looking though the mail. "I have something for you."


"What's that?"


He took Andy's hand and placed it up against his crotch. "This." He responded, nuzzling Andy's ear.


Andy moved to place his butt up against Tommy's crotch and pulled Tommy's arms around him. "That feels good." he said, pushing his butt hard against Tommy's growing erection.


"If you think this feels good, wait until I'm inside you."


Andy turned around, kissed him hungrily, took him by the hand and led him into the bedroom.


Later, basking in the afterglow, Tommy picked up the phone and dialed.




"Hey. It's me. Just wanted to call and see how you are doing."


"I'm doing okay, I guess. You caught me on the way out the door. Kim and Bryan invited me to dinner."


"I won't keep you, then. Just wanted to make sure you're okay. Do you need anything?"


"The only thing I need right now is the one thing you can't give me."


"What's that, Kyle?"


"I need the answer to the only question in my mind right now.


"And that is?" Tommy asked, already knowing the answer.


"Why?" whispered Kyle.


"I'm afraid there's only one person who can answer that question."


"I know."


"Have you heard from him?"


"No, and I'm not sure I want to, either."


"Well, hang in there and have a good time at your sister's."


"I will, and thanks for calling."


"We love you and we're here for you. Call us anytime, day or night and I mean ANYTIME."


"Thanks. Give my love to Andy."


"I will. Bye, Kyle. Talk to you soon."