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Chapter 9


The following week, a weary Kyle returned home from a very long, hard day at work. Within five minutes of arriving home there was a knock on the door. Wonderful he said to himself just what I needed, someone going door-to-door trying to sell stuff or get money for some cause. All attempts to get the school board to reinstate his club were in vain. He pointed out to them that some of the students' grades had dropped since the cancellation of the club. A member of the school board even had the audacity to blame him for the decline in grades, inferring that he was a totally incompetent teacher. But that wasn't the only thing on his mind. It would be the first time in five years that nobody was waiting for him at home to wish him a happy birthday. He never felt so alone in his life. He pictured is thirtieth birthday to be a fun-filled evening, ending with a night of really hot sex with Jay. Irritated, he stormed over to the door and threw it open.


"HAPPY BIRTHDAY" the crowd of people outside his house screamed. Tommy and Andy stood in the doorway, holding out a large, brightly wrapped package, both with shit-eating grins on their faces. "Well, aren't you going to let us in?" Andy asked the stunned man.


"O-of course" Kyle stammered in shock as he stood aside. Party guests flowed into his house, bearing food, drink, presents and decorations. Up went the decorations. Food and drink were spread out on the dining room table along with paper plates, cups and plastic utensils. Within a half-hour the party was in full swing. The cloud of depression that hung over him since the day he caught his lover with another man lifted and he was able to enjoy himself fully. The loneliness abated, even if it was just for a few hours.


Several hours later, all of the guests had departed and the house was once again immaculate. Outside of a refrigerator crammed full of food, Pepsi and the unconsumed remains of a huge birthday cake, there was no evidence that a party had ever taken place. The only guests remaining were Tommy and Andy.


He stretched out on the couch, tired but happy. "I can't thank you guys enough for the party. I really needed it. Are you guys coming to the opening of my exhibit tomorrow?"


"We wouldn't miss it. You know, you never did open our present."


"Hmm, I thought I opened them all." Kyle responded, confused. He sat up and began searching the mountain of gifts on the coffee table for an unopened package.


"We hid it on you. We wanted to be alone with you when you opened it." Tommy went over to the dining room table, reached under it and pulled out the present. He returned to the living room and handed it to Kyle, who raised his eyebrows questioningly.


He opened the package and looked in. "Wow!" He exclaimed in astonished delight "Killer Bunnies and the Quest for the Magic Carrot[1]. My students talk about it all the time like it's the greatest game on earth. I've wanted to try it, but I haven't been able to find it."


"I found it in a comic book store. Every Saturday night they play, and the owner said they'd be more than happy to have us join them and teach us how to play."


"That would be awesome. Let's do it this Saturday. We can get the whole gang to go." Andy said, enthusiastically.


"Sounds like a plan." The three friends spend the rest of the evening reading the rules, opening all of the expansion sets and looking through all of the cards.


Somewhere around eleven Andy yawned and stretched. "I really hate to do this, but we should get going. You must have a ton of shit to do for tomorrow."


"Not really. Everything is being taken care of by the art gallery. All I have to do is show up and look pretty. Again, I can't thank you guys enough for the party and the wonderful present. This would have been the first time in over five years that I would have spent my birthday alone." The tears started flowing. Tommy moved to the couch, gathered Kyle into his arms and let him cry.


"Shh. It will be okay. You will never be alone as long as Andy and I are around."


Kyle tightened his grip around Tommy's neck and cried hard. "I don't know what to do. I can't handle being alone." He sobbed.


Tommy looked at Andy helplessly. Andy walked over to the couch and squatted down. He placed a gentle hand on Kyle's knee. "Would you like us to stay here with you tonight?"


Kyle sniffled then wiped his eyes. "I'm sorry to break down like that." He said, ashamed. "I can't ask you guys to do that. It's too much of an imposition."


"Bullshit!" Andy exclaimed. "It's settled. We're staying. If the situation was reversed, you'd do the same, wouldn't you?"


Kyle sighed deeply. "Yeah, I would. You guys mean everything to me." He shuddered and sighed again.


Tommy helped him up. "Let's get you into bed. He helped Kyle to the master bedroom. Giving him a fierce hug he said goodnight.


Kyle performed his nightly rituals then came back into the living room to set the security alarm clad only in a pair of old gym shorts, which drew wolf-whistles from Tommy and Andy. He stopped, noticing his two closest friends trying to get comfortable on the couch. "What are you guys doing?"


"We're trying to get comfortable."


"Hello? There is the guest room."


"I know. We didn't want to mess it up by sleeping in the bed."


"Shit. I don't care if you have a wild orgy and leave cum and lubricant all over the sheets. It's a guest room. It's for guests to sleep in. Get your asses in there. Just please keep the moaning and groaning down to a dull roar!" He winked at them then set the alarm. Seeing that neither man had moved off of the couch, he grabbed them both by the ears and dragged them to the guest room laughing. "Good night and thanks." He gave each of them a bear hug and a kiss on the cheek.


"Good night, Kyle. Sleep well." Tommy and Andy chorused.


"Good night, my friends."


Two weeks later, on a Saturday, Kyle was awoken from his nap by the doorbell. He glanced at his watch. Five o'clock. I wonder who that could be. It's almost dinner time. He dragged himself off the couch and opened the door to reveal Andy. Looking past him he spotted Tommy sitting in his car.


"Well, are you ready?" He asked.


"Ready for what" Kyle answered his question with a question.


"Did you forget we were going to Alternate Universe Family Games tonight for Killer Bunnies? We thought we'd go early and grab a bite to eat first.


"Thanks, but I'm really not up to it."


"Kyle, you haven't set foot out of this house in weeks except to go to work and the gallery. Don't you think it's time you rejoined the human race?" When he didn't respond, Andy motioned to Tommy who shut off the car, got out and walked up the sidewalk. "He's decided not to go." Andy told his lover.


"Not an option. You grab one arm and leg, I'll grab the other and we'll drag his ass there if we have to." He looked at Andy, and then they both grabbed Kyle by the arms and legs before he even realized what was happening and started carrying him to the car.


"Guys, put me down, please. I'm really not up to it."


"We agreed, remember? You need to get out of that house. You can't stay holed up forever."


"I get out."


"Going to work or the art gallery is not getting out. You need to start having some fun again." He caught the look in Kyle's eyes. "Okay, what are you afraid of?"


"Excuse me?"


"Why are you hiding? What are you afraid of?"


"I'm not hiding."


Andy decided that now would be a good time to blast him. "Oh, really, is that why you never call us to go out? Every time we call you to ask to go somewhere with us you don't return our calls. I'm beginning to think that you don't want anything more to do with us, that our friendship is gone. We've done our absolute best to be there for you and this is how you repay us? By turning your back on us? Let's go, Tommy. We can still have fun." He stormed off towards the car. Tommy just shrugged his shoulders and followed Andy.


Kyle stood there, stunned by Andy's words. Just as Tommy started to pull away from the curb, he ran after them. "GUYS WAIT" He yelled. Tommy pulled up to the curb. "You guys are right. I've been a total self-absorbed ass and I'm sorry. I'm just not sure how much fun I'd be."


"There's one way to find out. Go lock up and get in.


Kyle ran back, locked to door and climbed into the back seat of Tommy's car. "So where are we going?"


"We're treating you to Ruby Tuesday's. We know how much you love their salad bar."


"Yeah, I do. Whenever they see me coming, they close it down. I've been known to do serious damage to it."


"We'll just have to make sure they don't have the chance to."


"Do we have time? You know how crowded that place can get on a Saturday night."


"Relax. I called the store and the game doesn't start until seven, and I made reservations.


After a wonderful dinner in which Kyle went back to the salad bar three times, they arrived at their destination for the evening.


"Hi, Welcome to Alternate Universe Family Games. How can I help you guys?"


"We're here for the Killer Bunnies game."


"Cool. You're a little early. It doesn't start for another half hour, but you're welcome to hang out. How long have you been playing Bunnies?"


"Actually," Kyle said, "we never have. I got a set for my birthday and I've studied the rules, but they're a little confusing."


"Just the starter set, or did you read the rules for all of the expansions as well?"


"All of them." Kyle answered.


"Did you read them in order?"


"There's an order?"


"Ah, that's why you're confused. If you don't read them in the right order, it can get confusing. KATIE!" the store manager yelled.


A tall woman came up to the counter. "Yes Zack?"


"These three gentlemen are here for Bunnies tonight."


"Cool! Welcome. I'm Katie. I'm a representative of the publisher and I will be hosting the event tonight." The boys took turns introducing themselves to Zack and Katie.


Zack reached under the counter and withdrew a box, handing it to Katie. "Can you take them into the back room and give them a quick rundown on how to play? They've read all of the instructions, but not in the proper order so they're a little confused."


Katie glanced at the time. "Sure. We've got plenty of time for a quick lesson. Guys want to come with me?" She led them into the back room and quickly taught them how to play. Shortly thereafter, Kyle was surprised to hear a familiar voice behind him.


"Hey Mr. Matthews, What brings you here?"


"Hello Sherry, Jamie." He greeted two of his students. "I've heard you guys talk about Killer Bunnies so much, my friends and I decided to check it out. This is Tommy and Andy. Guys, these are two of my students, Sherry and Jamie." Handshakes followed.


As he took a seat, Jamie asked them "So what do you think of the game, Mr. Matthews?"


"At school it's Mr. Matthews. Here it's Kyle. I've only played a quick learning game, but it seems pretty awesome." He gave them a genuine smile, the first one anyone had seen in a long time. As the evening progressed, Kyle came out of his shell more and more, and really enjoyed himself. By the end of the evening, he was so hooked on the game that he became a regular fixture there on Saturday nights, and eventually started hosting parties for his friends and family on Friday nights. Tommy and Andy had both become equally hooked on it and bought a complete set for themselves.


At home later that night, as they performed their nightly rituals, Tommy gazed upon Andy with a bemused look. "Who'd have thought a card game would have brought Kyle out of his funk?"


"Yeah, who'da thunk it." Andy replied, quoting Erica Eleniak as Ellie May Clampett from the Beverly Hillbillies movie.


"Thank God it did. It's nice to have him back." He said as they crawled into bed and snuggled up to each other. "Good night, baby."


"Good night."


Without even thinking about it, in unison they both said goodnight to Kyle.

[1] Killer Bunnies and the Quest for the Magic Carrot is copyrightę Jeffrey Neil Bellinger.