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This is a work of fiction – a bit of science fiction and fantasy mixed together in fact.  None of the characters, names or personalities, are based on real people.  Any resemblance to a real person is entirely coincidental and not intentional.  I do live in the Atlanta area and use a lot of places I’ve been in the story. 

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I am not in nor ever have been in the military, so I apologize for getting anything wrong.  The characters are all Navy Seals in the Prologue, where the story starts.
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It’s The Humbling River (duet mix) by Puscifer
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The Order - Prologue 

1992 - Syria


So it’s finally come down to this.  The doc said it would, but I hoped he was wrong.  At least I don’t have to face it alone.  I’m not sure if I could do this without Alan.

Captain Bruce Dutcher looked at his Team waiting for him on the helicopter, and felt proud of each and every one of them.  It was such a shame that things had to come to this, forcing them all to give up their lives and disappear 

He shook his head and thought, the price of being too successful. 

Bruce had tried to prepare everyone for this inevitability months ago, but now that the moment was here, all of them felt apprehensive about where their lives were going and how they would live.  All of them had confidence in the doctor, but starting new lives away from the military and everything they ever knew was… well, daunting to say the least.  At least they had no families to grieve for them when everyone thought them dead.

Bruce pushed aside his own concerns, and focused on the present, needing to feel and appear confident to his men.  He repeated the mantra drilled into him in his training, A good leader should always appear confident.

Bruce had to shout over the noise of the rotors, “Doc, we’re ready!  Let’s get this show on the road!”

Very good, my boy!  You all know what to do!”

“Doc, are you absolutely sure you will be ok on your own!?  I’d feel better if you came with me and Lt. Whetherson!”

“Rest assured Bruce, I will be fine!  I think the phrase you would use is, ‘This is not my first rodeo!’”  

The doc had a slight grin on his face when he said that, which was rare for him.  The doctor never smiled much.

He had a small device in his hand, which he held up.  It was a trigger switch he had rigged for just this moment.  The doctor’s thumb moved over the switch and Bruce saw the light go on; there was no going back now.  All the information about each of them just vanished from all the Military and US Government computers in the world with the flick of that button.  Oddly enough Bruce felt relieved; there could be no more doubts and moving forward was now the only option.

Bruce knew better than to argue with the doctor.  He reached out to shake the doctor’s hand in farewell and said, “See you in a few months, Sir!”  Bruce then turned, and ducking his head, ran back to the waiting helicopter.

He hopped on board, and gave the pilot the thumbs up for takeoff.  He flipped on his com link and said, “Alright ladies, this is it.  Switch to channel 5.”

When everyone was on the secure channel, encrypted by one of the doctor’s devices, Bruce went over the plan one more time.

The wind was picking up and the flight was already getting bumpy.  They were headed out to sea and the sky was dark with heavy clouds, and scattered lightning periodically brightened up the sky.

“Keith, are you good to go on the pilot?”

“Yes sir, Cap.”

“Alright everybody!  Time to suit up!”  Each pair of men started helping each other get into their scuba gear.  Alan had already prepped his and Bruce’s scuba gear, and was ready and waiting.  Alan couldn’t help but admire Bruce’s physique as he stripped off his flight suit.  His body was perfect from head to toe, and heavily muscled.  The genetic alterations the doctor made to Bruce and the rest of the team had transformed all of them into perfect physical specimens. 

Bruce, James, Keith, Paul, and Don were now far stronger than normal men; their bone and muscle density was slightly over four times that of a normal fit adult male.  All of them weighed well over an astounding 400lbs and were solid muscle; however, fully proportioned to their height along with an incredibly low body-fat ratio.   They looked more like Greek statues than body builders.  They had heightened physical abilities including increased agility, speed, dexterity, and balance, as well as enhanced senses.   Alan, Gary, Jim, Dan, and Fred didn’t have the strength and bone density of their counterparts, but the doc had enhanced their minds so they were smarter and more intuitive.  They had a few mental tricks as well, like causing emotional responses in normal humans.  That came in handy on Spec Ops when they could induce fear or overconfidence in the mind of their target. 

The doc designed the pairs to be dependent on one another, one representing the Body and one the Mind; whether it was the doc or nature taking its course, the pairs of men fell in love with one another within months of first meeting.  They were all gay to begin with; the doctor said that was necessary from a genetic standpoint for his procedure to be the most effective, but regardless they all fell deeply in love with their partners in the months after the process that changed them.

When everyone was ready, Bruce switched his com link back to talk to the pilot and gave him the coordinates for their drop.  “Alright guys, let’s execute this like any other mission.  If anyone has any questions or doubts this is your last chance to bring them up.”  No one said a word.  He didn’t expect them too.

The pilot took them down below radar cover and an hour later started to hover at the given coordinates.  He said over the com, “Here we are Captain.  We are in the middle of nowhere but this is the spot.”

“Roger that.”

Bruce nodded to Keith, who moved forward pulling out a syringe that doctor had prepared for just this moment.  The pilot wasn’t expecting anything to happen so he was totally unprepared when Keith’s hand reached around and pulled off his flight helmet and oxygen tube and got him in a choke hold.  He felt a needle go into his neck and panicked; flailing his arms and legs as much as he could in the tight quarters of the cockpit.  Keith, stronger by far than the pilot, held him down for the few seconds it took the serum to take effect.

The pilot calmed down and Keith let him go.  With a face void of any emotion, he put the helicopter on autopilot to hover and moved back and began to change into a wetsuit.  Bruce went to the rear of the helicopter and lowered the rear panel.  The water looked cold and dark.   “Schrader! Shogren! You two first!  Let’s go!” Bruce dropped the inflatable raft for the pilot to use once they got him down.  The doc had said there would be a submarine nearby that would pick up on the rescue beacon.

James and Dan pinched their noses closed and held their regulators steady and jumped, crossing their legs; Bruce saw them splash down.  James bobbed up first and gave a thumbs up to let him know they were down safely.

Don and Jim were next, followed by Paul and Gary, and then Keith and Fred.  Alan pulled out a small portable hard drive that the doctor had given them and went up to the cockpit and hooked it into the navigation system of the helicopter.  He flipped the switch and the little light started to flicker, letting Alan know it was transmitting data.

Alan moved back and shouted to Bruce, “It’s plugged in and working!  Let’s get him down!”

The pilot had drop training and knew what to do, even if he wasn’t in control of himself mentally.  The serum Keith injected into him was controlling his actions, and would keep him from remembering any of what was currently going on.

They got the pilot down safely, and a few of the guys had already inflated the raft and helped get him into the raft safely.  Jim crawled up and into the raft and secured the pilot so he wouldn’t fall out unless the raft actually capsized.   

Bruce and Alan looked at one another and Alan said, “Well, Bruce this is it.  I’m glad it’s you and me together man.”

“Me too Alan, as long as we’re together we’ll make it work.  And I have faith in the doc.”

Alan steeled himself against the cold he was about to plunge into.  He envied Bruce’s warmer body temperature, but then he didn’t envy his extra body mass right now with the swim they were going to have to make.

Bruce said, “On three… One… Two…” and pushed Alan out of the opening.  He heard the beginning of “You fuckkerrrrrrrrr!!!” before the wind ripped Alan’s shout away even from Bruce’s exceptional hearing. Bruce chuckled to himself and jumped after his best friend and lover.

When Bruce surfaced and cleared his mask, he saw the others hanging onto the edge of the raft, which contained the now sleeping pilot.  A few seconds later the helicopter started to move and gain altitude.  They watched it until it was almost out of sight and then saw the ball of fire as it exploded and plummeted into the Mediterranean.

Just as the ball of fire hit the water, it started to rain heavily with lightning rippling across the sky.  Jim reached in and turned on the S.O.S. beacon in the raft and said, “Sleep tight fella.  Hopefully that submarine is close.”  The raft started to drift away from them, helped by a solid push from Keith and Don.

They all formed a circle, arms out and over each other’s shoulders while their powerful legs kept them treading water.  Bruce looked at them and said, “Be careful guys.  We’ll all see each other back in the states in a few months.  Stick to the plan and everything will be fine.”  With that they all put on their masks and started to swim in pairs at slightly different angles, but all making towards the shore, leaving their old lives behind them.

Two months later the team started arriving in pairs at prearranged rendezvous points.  The doctor had arranged for papers and money to get them out of Syria and back to the United States.  By the time they arrived in Atlanta, after taking a very scenic tour of the US just to be sure no one from the Government saw through the accident and tried to trace them, the doctor had houses purchased and vehicles for them and new identities with background stories and family histories.  He also acquired a facility for a new Laboratory and had the building modified according to his needs.

Sitting in the new Lab, Bruce and Alan looked over their new identities.  Bruce’s new name was Ken Habbersham and Alan’s was Brad Wilson. 

The doctor had taken care of everything and they all started their new lives together.



The Order – Chapter 1

18 Years Later - Atlanta, GA


Ken was looking forward to getting home to Brad.  He had a great workout and could really use a good massage.  He was pretty sure it was going to be a late night working security for a new client, and he wanted get the kinks out of his back and shoulders before going to work.  Aside from the massage being a part of his job, he was closer to Brad than any other human being on the planet and wanted to be with him.  They have been together nearly twenty years now, even though they hadn’t aged a day as far as they could tell, and they were closer than ever.  They were best friends and lovers.

Ken gave his usual “Hey B!” greeting as he came into the kitchen.  Brad gave his typical “Hey sissy!” response with a smile on his face.  “What time do you need to head out for work tonight?  Do we have enough time to eat and play?”

He pulled his Explorer into the garage and parked.  When the door opened he saw Brad’s car already there and his handsome face broke into a smile.  He started getting a hard on thinking about what was going to happen in a few minutes but literally willed it down – it had been ingrained on him all these years with his training to keep control at all times.  The only time he could let his guard down was when the house was in the ‘vault’ mode, or if he was with the doctor at the Lab.

Closing the garage door with the remote he went into the house through the laundry room and then into the kitchen.  He saw grocery bags on the island in the kitchen and saw Brad’s legs.  The top half of his body was hidden by the refrigerator door that was open while he was putting everything away.  He was wearing shorts and sandals, so Ken got a good view of his solid legs.  Brad was an exceptional male specimen and worked out religiously to maintain the best body he possibly could.

“Yeah I don’t have to be downtown until 9pm so we should have plenty of time.  In fact I think we need to have a little fun first and then eat.  What do you think?”

“Alright man, just give me a couple of minutes to finish putting the groceries away and I’ll head back.  Is the garage secure?”

“It is… gonna go ahead and flip the switch if you have everything out of the car?”

“Yeah I’m good, go ahead.”

Ken opened a small panel and punched in his code.  Immediately the air pressure changed slightly in the house as all the seals activated, and the slight ‘thunk’ could be both felt and heard as titanium bolts went into every door and window sill in the house.  Even after all these years he could still never totally relax until he heard that noise.

As he squeezed behind Brad, who was still putting food into the fridge, Ken wrapped his big arms around Brad from behind into a quick full body hug, and put his chin on Brad’s shoulder.  He knew that the feel of the stubble on his face turned Brad on, so he rubbed his cheek against Brad’s and blew in his ear.  Brad immediately started to get hard feeling Ken’s hard body pressed up against him and feeling his warm breath in his ear.  That and he took in Ken’s smell… he had gone to work out but he didn’t really sweat much when he worked out unless he really pushed himself; not since the Program.  Brad loved the warmth of Ken’s body and his distinct smell… it’s like he has a natural cologne that it is intoxicating to Brad.

Brad just closed his eyes and put his hands over Kens as they wrapped around his tight stomach.  “You know what you just did to me right?” Brad chuckled under his breath, “You fucker.”

Ken’s whispered his reply in Brad’s ear, “You got that right.  Finish up quick, bro.  I’m horny.”  That was Ken speak for ‘get your ass naked and in the bedroom on the double.’

Ken put his hands up on Brad’s shoulders, giving them a quick squeeze and a pat on the back. He gave Brad a quick peck on his cheek and then moved out from behind him and went through the house to the bedroom. Ken thought to himself like he always does when he comes home, how lucky he is to have Brad as a partner. Not only is he an amazing man, and head over heels in love with Ken, but he is a total stud.  Brad is everything that Ken could ever want… handsome beyond words with an awesome body and the soul of an angel.  He knows Brad works extra hard to keep himself in shape, even though it’s part of his job. There are legitimate reasons Brad has to be physically strong to be with Ken, but the eye candy is still amazing and never gets old. At 6’ 2’’, with golden blond hair and 245 lbs. of solid muscle, Brad is definitely a looker.  His eyes are an amazing blue that Ken could just stare into for hours and never get tired of them.

Beyond his looks, Brad is truly an amazing guy.  He’s a lot of fun to be around, although he tends to be the more serious of the two of them.  He’s very good with group dynamics, and sensitive to the needs of people around him.  He is always kind and compassionate, and goes out of his way to help others, even if it’s to his detriment, and sometimes Ken’s.  Brad is wise for his years, but then none of them really know how old they were anymore.  Ken isn’t sure if they stopped aging in 1992 or if they just slowed down, but none of them look or feel a day older.

Of course Ken knows he is a looker too.  With no conceit or cockiness he knows he is a stud.   Dr. Thomas made him this way – made them all the way they are now.  Ken and the other nine had all been Navy Seals and volunteered for the Program after interviewing with the doctor.  The closest description he can think of is the Steve Rogers transformation into Captain America.  He and the other four guys can easily bench press 700lbs. and if they really push it over 1000lbs.  There were all kinds of changes, and according to Dr. Thomas the changes were still happening, which is why he and the other guys in the program still worked with Dr. Thomas in secret.  After faking their deaths and getting new identities they were still together as friends and workmates, with Dr. Thomas acting as a mentor and surrogate father to them.

Ken thinks Dr. Thomas somehow made them all fall in love with one another, each of the five and their partners.  They were all gay to begin with, which Dr. Thomas said was necessary from a genetic perspective for the Program to work and be the most effective. The Navy didn’t know of course; they had all joined the Navy back in the days of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.  The Black Ops Team they formed was the most successful the Navy had ever seen – possibly too successful.  They were like a Seal Team of Seal Teams.  It’s really unfair to even compare… again not out of arrogance or cockiness.  They were genetically enhanced, and normal guys, no matter how much training and conditioning they have, just can’t compete with that.

There were some drawbacks, if they chose to look at it that way.  None of the guys saw it that way, but there were ramifications to the Program.  Ken thinks that Dr. Thomas planned on them, rather than being surprised by them.  The need for the partners is one, but with the bond between them neither guy sees it as a downside at all.  It’s for their safety and well-being, and the safety and well-being of others.  It kind of sucks that Ken could kill another man if he had sex with him – the fact that he weighs 420 lbs. would be a shock but that isn’t the reason.  He can keep his strength in check and not hurt another guy.  The downside is that if he cums inside another man, or another man swallows his load, that person will die.  Ken’s own DNA will try to overwrite the other persons, and without Dr. Thomas and the proper treatment that person will die a fast and painful death - which brings in Brad and the other partners.  Dr. Thomas has permanently locked their DNA so it can’t be overwritten.  They literally get a physical charge from their partner and get an energy boost after making out with them… nothing on Kens scale and it only lasts for a few hours but it makes for hours and hours of amazing and fun filled sex.

Some of the other benefits are greatly increased senses, which was one of the most difficult changes to adapt too.  Eyesight, hearing, and touch are the most prominent.  Brad and his group were changed mentally more than physically… increased intelligence, intuition and empathy.  There is no telepathy, although Ken always gives the Doc shit about that.  Dr. Thomas never denies it is possible, he just says that was on purpose and ‘maybe later.’  Ken can never tell if he is joking about that or not.

These thoughts were going through his head as they occasionally did.  Every time he walks into the house and sees Brad there and realizes how lucky he is to have such an amazing man in his life, many of the memories of events that led up to this point in his life flash through his mind.

Ken turned his thoughts back to the present, and he took off his jacket and hung it up in the closet.  He went into the bathroom, took a leak, and washed his hands but nothing else.  He knew that Brad would want him to smell of sweat.  Ken always gets a kick out of that and calls Brad a “kinky fucker.”  He left on his underwear and t-shirt knowing that Brad will want to undress him.

Brad came down the hall and as soon as he walked in the room he is struck, as always, by the vision of Ken standing there.  Ken is his dream man from head to toe.  Everything about Ken, every minute detail, makes Brad hard as a rock.  His incredibly handsome face – his hair, eyes, nose, jaw, ears, thick neck, powerful shoulders, big arms, amazing chest, powerful legs and calves, his trim waist, the abs he can’t see at the moment but can see the definition through the tight t-shirt he is wearing – all of it made him want to explode just by looking.  What is even more amazing, and incredibly humbling, is that Brad knows that Ken feels the same way about him.  They have a connection, it’s probably part of their pairing from the Program, but he doesn’t care.  The important thing is that he knows that Ken feels the same way. 

Unfortunately for Brad, he doesn’t have the control over his body that Ken does and his dick became instantly hard, which was easy to spot in the shorts he’s wearing.  He normally has good control of himself, except when it comes to Ken.

Brad walked over to Ken and without saying a word and lifted his shirt up and over his head. He loves to see Ken’s big lats flare out when he raises his arms like that. He can feel the heat coming off of Ken’s body.  Removing his own shirt, Brad let it drop to the floor and closed the gap between them.  He brought his arms up, one across Kens shoulder and behind his neck and the other around his waist, and pulled him into a tight hug.  Chest to chest, they can feel each other’s hard muscles as they press together.   Ken is intentionally letting his defenses down and letting his libido run wild.   He put his arms around Brad the same way, pulling him tight, but instead of kissing they each rested their chins in the crevice between each other’s neck and shoulder; both just basking in the feeling of their bodies touching.   Brad loves the feel of Ken’s strong body and let his hands start roaming a bit.  One of Ken’s hands came up between them and started rubbing Brad’s hard chest, making sure to run his hand over Brad’s sensitive nipples.  They can feel their hard-ons, still in their shorts, pushing out against one another.  They always laugh because each of their dicks tends to pull a different direction, so when they face each other like this they line up together.  This makes grinding and dry humping incredibly easy – they literally seem to be made for one another.

Brad let one of his hands snake down and pop Ken on his hard ass.  He could feel Ken smile when he did that because he knew what it meant.  “Ok stud, before I get lost in this Calgon moment, I need to put the brakes on and take care of you.”  Brad moved back, reluctantly letting his arms fall to his sides.  Ken arched his eyebrows at the mention of being taken care of – same old joke but it always makes them smile at one another.  The eyebrows didn’t go unnoticed by Brad and he said “You know what I mean big guy.  First I get to rape your body with my hands, and then, when I have you at my mercy, I might decide to let you have a happy ending.  If, and I mean, IF, you are a good boy.”

“Ok you know the drill.  Take off your underwear… or better yet let me take it off.”

Brad pulled Ken’s underwear down and let it fall to the floor, revealing his semi hard dick, “Arms out, feet apart.”

Ken knew the drill well, as they do this after every workout, and sometimes just for fun, because it almost always leads to great sex.  He straightened up, put his feet a little more than shoulder width apart, and raised his arms straight out at shoulder height.  It is the Vitruvian Man pose that the Doc taught them.  He said it has a symbolic meaning, but he never seems to take the time to explain what that meaning is.

Brad got out his tablet and started doing his visual exam and measurements.  Dr. Thomas is very meticulous and wants everything recorded – no excuses EVER.  Brad ran his hands all over Ken’s body, almost like he is examining a thoroughbred horse; poking a little here or there, and pressing around his abdomen and around his lower back. 

Brad glanced up at Ken with a grin and said, “I love my job, did I ever tell you that?”

Touching Ken like this, even though it is somewhat clinical, always makes Brad hard.  Ken enjoys it as well, as is obvious by the precum starting to drip down from the head of his eight inch boner.  Ken was never a jock prior to the Program and never really all that into sports as a kid, so he wasn’t used to having anyone touch him like this.  But after his transformation it’s become a normal, almost daily activity.    He is no longer body shy – with his body he doesn’t have to be.  Of course right now he is letting himself go, but when Dr. Thomas does the exam, or one of Brad’s counterparts, Ken doesn’t have any problems keeping himself under control.  The big deal now is that it’s Brad’s hands that are touching him.  He can feel the love and care that Brad has for him with every touch and squeeze, and that turns him on far more than just the physical act of touching.  Brads big strong hands can turn him on quicker than lightning.

“You pushed yourself a little today didn’t you? In particular your upper back and shoulders.”

“Mmm hmmm.”

“Any particular reason?  You trying to impress someone?” Brad chuckled when he asked.

“Naw… I just thought you would like the chance to use your degree and see if you could figure it out without me havin to spill it out for you, you douche.”

“Well the douche comment is gonna cost you bud.  Get into the chair.”

Ken moved over and got in the massage chair in the corner of the bedroom.  It has the hole for his face and the pad to rest his chest against.  He draped his body in the chair and relaxed.  Brad came over and started the massage. 

Over the next hour, while Brad worked on Ken’s body, they talked as only best friends can; shooting the shit and cracking jokes.  They shared the same sense of humor and could laugh at themselves and each other at the drop of a hat.

Brad worked up quite a sweat; Ken’s muscles were like steel cords.  By the time he was finished he was breathing hard and totally drenched.

“Ok bro, time to get on the bed.”  Ken just sat there like he had fallen asleep in the chair.

“Dude, don’t make me nut slap you!”  Ken can sense the smile on Brad’s face when he said that and it got Ken moving.  Ken moved over and laid down on their king sized bed.   Brad had already pulled down the comforter and had the pillows laid out.  Ken crawled over to the middle of the bed, being sure to wiggle his butt at Brad a little as he moved into position.  He got on his back while Brad removed his own shorts and shoes.  Crawling over, he got on top of Ken, straddling his stomach.  Ken put his arms up with his hands behind his head and flexed a little.  Brad almost started to drool looking down at the Greek god in his bed.   He always goes a little off record at this point in the massage, but he told Dr. Thomas a long time ago and was told in return that it would make no difference in the outcome of the record keeping. 

Looking down, Brad stared into Ken’s piercing green eyes.  He slowly started rubbing Ken’s chest, moving up to his neck and shoulders.  Ken closed his eyes and relaxed even more, putting himself into the care of his lover. Fuck his hands feel good.  Leaning over, Brad started kissing Ken on his forehead and started running his fingers through Ken’s hair.  Ken still keeps his hair short and Brad loves to run his hands through it.  Brad loves the feel of Ken’s strong masculine face.  He kissed his way slowly across Ken’s forehead and down his nose, to each cheek and moved down to his neck and earlobes, going slowly from side to side.  Moving his hands to hold Ken’s head gently but firmly, he started using his middle fingers to run slow circles around Ken’s temples and tenderly rub his thumbs across his forehead.  Touching Ken in this way renewed Brad’s hard on and as he leaned over Ken his hard dick was pressing down against the ridges of Ken’s stomach.  Brad was leaking precum like a sieve and Ken’s abs were getting a little slick.

Ken was getting a little overwhelmed with the sensations Brad was causing in him.  Not just physically with the tenderness, but mentally and emotionally with the love that went behind it all.  He immediately got hard and started leaking.  Brad took his time as he slowly moved his mouth down the thick stalk of Ken’s neck and then moved over to one of his armpits and started giving it a royal tongue bath.  This is one of Brad’s specialties and it drives Ken crazy.  Ken never knew how good having your armpits eaten out could be before he met Brad.  Now it was a regular part of their foreplay and both men loved it.  Brad spent a few minutes there and then started moving his tongue down the center of Ken’s chest, outlining the muscles.  He licked and kissed every square inch of Ken’s chest saving his nipples for last.   Brad rose up a little to let Ken’s dick pop up against his stomach so he can rub their dicks together while he is using his tongue on Ken’s chest.  After a few minutes, he moved down, kissing each ridge of Ken’s abs.  With his left hand Brad palmed Ken’s left pec while using his little finger to rub circles around the nipple.  With his right hand he reached down to grab Ken’s throbbing dick and start gently kissing the head.  He only gave it a few kisses before taking the head into the heat of his mouth.

“Ohhhhhh fuck Brad… that feels soooo good man.”

As he moved his body down so he could take more of Ken’s dick in his mouth, Brad made sure his own leaking dick was rubbing against Ken’s leg.   Knowing Ken doesn’t like a gentle blow job so he started using his tongue and throat to get him going even more.

With the pleasure Brad was giving him, Ken thought to himself, God I love this man so much.  He almost started to tear up from the emotions he was feeling.

After about five minutes of Brad working over Ken’s dick he pulled off and said, “Ok buddy you’ve worn me out.  I need a recharge courtesy of Ken Jr.”  With that he got up and straddled Ken’s stomach again and lifted himself up to give Ken access to him.  With one hand on Ken’s chest to keep him balanced, he reached back with his other hand and guided Ken’s dick into his warm waiting hole.

Ken smiled and when he felt the head of his dick touch Brad’s opening he started gently but firmly pressing forward.  Brad felt the initial sting of pain from the big head of Ken’s dick, but that’s why he usually started on top, so he could control the entry at his own pace.  Ken is always gentle and never pushed before Brad was ready.  Ken tightened his abs and pulled himself up slightly so he could reach more of Brad’s body; he loved the feel of Brad’s bare skin, so soft and yet hard with muscle; and right now all sweaty.  His hands roamed up and down Brad’s furry abs and chest, and occasionally reached down to jack his dick a few times, getting it slick with all the precum leaking out.  Ken’s dick was already slick from spit and he was furiously leaking so it wasn’t a problem sliding in.  It only took a couple of minutes before Brad was sitting all the way down and feeling Ken’s pelvis against his butt.  He bounced a few times to make sure the pain was gone, and then he leaned forward and kissed Ken long and hard.  As soon as their tongues touched Ken started to grind his hips, slowly driving himself with long full strokes into his lover. He could feel Brad’s arms shaking a little, and realized how much effort he had put into the massage.  Brad never complained, and gives more than 100% of himself to keep Ken in top shape, regardless of the toll it takes on his own body.  Besides, like Brad always says, his reward is a recharge like nothing he could ever have imagined all those years ago.

“Hey B, let’s flip over bro so I can take care of you now.”  With that he sat up, and put his arms around Brad’s back, while Brad moved his legs around Ken’s waist and locked his ankles together.  Ken effortlessly flipped them about two feet off the mattress and twisted them in the air so Brad landed on his back with Ken on top of him.  He learned early on to brace himself for this maneuver, because even though he is a strong guy having Ken’s heavy frame come down on him could take his breath away if it caught him by surprise.  As soon as they stopped bouncing on the mattress Ken lifted himself by his arms to ease his weight off Brad a little and started full stroking his dick into his lover.  Brad raised his hips and Ken lowered his aim so his dick started to rub itself over Brad’s prostrate with every stroke.

“Ohhhhhh… God Ken.  Buddy… if you only knew how you make me feel when you do that…”

Ken had been having thoughts about extending his physical connection to Brad for a while, and he even brought the idea up to Dr. Thomas a while back, who didn’t say much but didn’t try to talk him out of it either. Brad’s comment sparked the memory, so Ken went to the part of his mind where long ago learned to control his physical abilities.  It doesn’t take as much concentration as it used to… he is definitely getting more accomplished at his control.  He visualized his and Brad’s bodies merging together in his mind and held the image in his brain.

Brad immediately knew that something changed… he felt dizzy for a second and felt some odd sensations.  Ken realized something just happened but wasn’t sure what and he was terrified that he might have hurt his best friend. He shut down immediately and grabbed Brad’s face in his hands he looked him in the eye for some type of reaction.

“Brad are you ok?”

“Yeah what the fuck did you do man?”

“I was tryin somethin new…. When you said if you only knew how you make me feel I wanted to see if I could do that.”

With a smile on his face Brad said, “Well shit dude - a little warning next time you bastard.”

Ken looked embarrassed. “Sorry man didn’t mean to ruin the mood.  It was a stupid idea.”

“Hell no man I think it’s awesome, and now that I know what you were trying to do what I felt makes sense.  Try it again.”

“Are you sure?  I’d never forgive myself if I hurt you.”

Brad laughed and said, “Dude you couldn’t hurt me if you tried; apart of breaking my body in half without breakin a sweat.”

Grinning at his lover, Ken went back to that place in his mind, and he started pumping his dick into Brad again.  This time with both of them aware of what was happening it seemed to be working.

Brad could feel the sensations that Ken was feeling while fucking his ass, and Ken started to feel like it was his prostrate that was getting rubbed, driving them both into a bit of a frenzy.  Both of them started sweating and both their bodies started getting pumped up.  The cords in Ken’s arms were standing out and veins started showing across his upper chest and shoulders.  Brad started running his hands all over Ken’s pumped up muscles… his body now turned into hard smooth marble.  Reaching up, Brad wrapped his arms around Ken’s massive shoulders and hung on for dear life.  Ken kept up his stroking, holding back because he didn’t want to hurt Brad.

Brad hugged Ken as tightly as he could, and pressed his cheek against Kens and whispered over and over in Ken’s ear “God I love you man… don’t stop… don’t ever stop.”  With this new connection Brad felt his own hot breath in Ken’s ear and it turned him on even more.

The sensation of sharing each other’s pleasure in this new way drove both of them over the edge.  It wasn’t like they each had an orgasm… they had the same orgasm.  Their bodies, unable to stand the pleasure anymore, both shot at the same time…Ken into Brad’s ass and Brad shot all over Ken’s chest and abs.   The orgasm seemed to go on for almost a minute.  Brad could feel the heat of Kens cum shooting into his insides; shot after shot.  It always felt hot but this time it was more like molten lava.  Right away his body felt invigorated as strength flooded into him. It always happened after Ken shot into him but never this fast or this hard. 

Ken had never broken out into such a sweat before when they make out… but now he was drenched.  They held tight onto one another… enjoying the post orgasmic euphoria and not wanting the feeling to end.  The emotions they both felt were extremely intense; far more powerful and gut-wrenching than ever before.

After a few minutes both of them said at the same time, “Shit man that was amazing.”  Then they both burst out laughing, and hugged each other tighter.  Their bodies were stuck together with sweat and Brad’s cum.  Brad quietly said, “Hey bro hold on tight for a sec I wanna try something.”  With that he flipped them both over again so he was now on top.  The bed creaked loudly when they landed.  Ken’s eyes went wide and he looked at Brad and said, “Fuck B, how did you do that!?”

“Man I’m rushed right now.  It’s never happened this fast or this strong before.  I always feel charged up, or recharged as the case may be, when you go off in me, but this time with that new trick it was almost overwhelming.  But in a good way.”

Moving over his lover he leaned down to kiss Ken again.  After a long passionate kiss, he looked into Ken’s eyes.  They just lay there staring into each other’s eyes and both of them started to tear up.  That was when Brad noticed a weird gleam in Ken’s eyes.  Not a glow, but his green eyes seemed to get lighter for a brief second, almost white, and then go back to their normal color.

Ken, never one to let a serious situation go to waste, blurted out, “God we are two pansies.  Who ordered the water works.”  Brad couldn’t help but bust out laughing and he let himself collapse onto Ken’s body, to just hold on and hug him as tightly as he could.

After a few minutes Brad rolled off to the side and they just lay there facing one another.  Looking into each other’s eyes they both had one hand propping up their heads while their other hand roamed over the others body, just caressing each other and taking each other in.

After a little while, Brad said “You know we need to talk to the Doc about this, and probably sooner than later.  I might call him and head over to the Lab to meet him when you head out for work.  And speaking of work, I need to get you some dinner before you go, so as much as I wanna lay here and have endless repeat performances of your new found ability, we need to get up.  Let’s jump in the shower quick and then I’ll get the food started while you get ready.”

Brad was always the practical one, and Ken appreciated it.  “Well I don’t know about endless repeat performances, but you are right.  Damn I’m hungry… in fact way hungrier than normal.  I think that might have taken a bit out of me bro.”

Brad sat up and pulled Ken up to.  He had a serious look on his face and seemed concerned.  “Sit here and don’t move.”  He rarely used the stern voice so Ken didn’t move.

“What the fuck bro, I feel fine… that was the most awesome sex we’ve ever had and it just took a little more out of me than usual.  It’s all good.”

Brad grabbed a small black medical bag that was just inside the closet on the floor.  He pulled out a blood pressure sleeve and a stethoscope.  He took Ken’s blood pressure and listened to his heart.

“Just humor me and don’t fuck around okay?  This is new and we don’t know if there will be any side effects.  In fact you should probably get one of the other guys to cover for you tonight and go with me to see the doc.  Everything seems fine now though, so if you are just hungry it’s all probably ok.  Let me test your blood sugar just to be safe.”  Everything seemed to be normal, but his appetite coupled with that funny thing with his eye color had Brad a bit concerned.  He didn’t mention the eye thing to Ken.

“There’s no way I’m calling in sick tonight dude.  I’m already covering for Kev tonight, so I’d look like a douche if I did that.”

“Well you are a douche, so you need to come up with another excuse.”

“Ok fucker, you are askin for it.”  With that Ken stood up and caught Brad completely off guard by picking him up and throwing him over his big shoulder in a fireman’s carry and into the bathroom.  Laughing, Brad called him more names, and let himself be manhandled by his best friend and lover.

They showered together, and although they each got a raging hard on, they knew they didn’t have time to fool around.  So they dried off, and Brad threw on his shorts and headed to the kitchen while Ken started getting ready for work.

Brad threw together an amazing quick meal of stir fried ginger chicken and vegetables.  There was left over brown rice from the night before so he re-heated that and had their plates on the table in about twenty minutes. 

Ken came down the hall in his black dress slacks and shiny black shoes with no shirt on.  He looked like a stripper halfway through his act.  His body still had that ultra-healthy glow from the massage oil, which the shower somehow never washes off.  Brad watched him as he came down the hallway, wishing they had time for another round of sex before Ken had to leave for work.

When Ken walked into the kitchen and saw Brad staring at him, he snickered, “Dude, don’t’ drool, it’s not becoming.  I thought you were a professional.”

Brad laughed and said, “Well, I was expecting a fully dressed drop dead gorgeous hi-powered private security agent not a chip-in-dale stripper…  Sorry bro, my bad.”

“I didn’t want to get any food on my shirt.”

“Dig in.  There’s plenty here.  I warmed up all the rice from last night since you said you were hungry and I threw in another chicken breast since they hadn’t frozen yet from the grocery store.”

Brad had filled his own plate but he really just wanted to sit there and watch Ken eat.  He loved to watch the muscles in his jaw as he chewed and how his throat flexed when he swallowed.  Ken saw him looking again and stopped mid chew.

With his mouth full he tried to say, “Dude wha the fuchh” and started laughing.

“I don’t know Ken.”  Brad looked down at his plate.  He wasn’t sure where this was coming from but he was a suddenly overwhelmed by his emotions.  Something was rapidly coming to the surface he wasn’t prepared for. “Fuck!  I’m sorry...” He lowered his head and his shoulders started to shake and his eyes filled with hot tears.

Ken was shocked and he rushed over to kneel beside Brad’s chair and pull him into a hug.  “B what’s wrong man? Seriously, talk to me buddy.  What’s goin on?”

It took a minute for Brad to get himself under control.  Just holding onto Ken’s strong body and feeling the heat coming off of him helped to calm him down.  There was no safer feeling to him in the world than in those big arms and against that hard chest.  Ken’s hands were comforting… one was rubbing the back of his head and neck and the other one was rubbing up and down his back. 

“Damn I don’t know why I’m crying.  I was just sitting there looking at you and then all of the sudden these emotions just came up out of nowhere.  It’s all a bit jumbled.  I’m already feeling better.  Thanks man, I didn’t mean to be a pansy.”

Ken held him by the shoulders and looked straight into Brad’s eyes, just looking to see if he could sense anything wrong.  He brushed the remaining tears away with his thumbs.

“Alright maybe that new trick was stupid to try.  I should’ve known somethin like this could happen.”

“Don’t blame yourself man, the doc pretty much said to try it.”

“Yeah but its uncharted territory and we all know how that can lead to unforeseen consequences.”

“I think it’s all just a temporary adjustment… I’m sure the doc can explain it better, but I think our nervous systems temporarily kind of linked, and your hunger and this emotional thing with me are like little aftershocks.”

“Oh God you just sounded intelligent, now I know somethin’s wrong!”  Brad couldn’t help but laugh, which made him feel even more normal.

“Alright stud, go finish gettin dressed or you’re going to be late.”

Ken took off down the hall, and Brad took advantage to watch his ass in those slacks.

A few minutes later, while Brad finished getting the plates into the dishwasher and everything cleaned up, Ken came strutting down the hallway fully dressed.

“OK, no jokes, how do I look?”  As he said that he pulled on his aviator sunglasses.

“Like a badass security agent.  I pity the fool who wants to mess with your client with you on the job.”

“Now that’s what I wanted to hear; why can’t you be this supportive all the time shithead.”  Ken had to dodge the dish towel that came flying his way.

“Ok B I gotta hit the road.  I’m not sure when I’ll be home… the club our client wants to go to closes at 4am, and if she decides to stay, and then hit the Waffle House after who knows how late, or early tomorrow, it could be.”

“Alright bro.” Brad moved over and gave Ken a quick parting kiss.  He straightened the jacket more squarely on Ken’s shoulders and said, “Damn you smell great.  Have a good night and be careful. And if the doc clears it I want more of the best sex we’ve ever had tomorrow, so don’t wear yourself out.”  Ken flashed Brad his sexiest smile and did a double eyebrow raise.

Ken flipped the security switch and there was that slight thunk again as the doors and window seals pulled back, and the slight change in air pressure.  Brad felt it far more than he usually did and it surprised him.  As soon as the house was out of ‘vault’ mode Brad could see the subtle shift in Ken’s demeanor.  He started exuding an air of seriousness and had a ‘don’t’ fuck with me attitude.’  The kitchen door shut and Brad was alone in the house.

Brad heard the garage door open and Ken’s Explorer start up and pull out of the driveway.




Brad sent the Doc a text message to call him with a 711 code, which meant it’s urgent to call me back but not life threatening.  The secure phone in the office rang within seconds.


“Yes, Bradford, what is it?”  The doctor always called the men by their formal names.

“I was wondering if we could meet at the Lab tonight.  Something happened that I need to discuss with you.  And I think it needs to be sooner rather than later, if at all possible, sir.”

“Of course, of course. If I leave now I can be there in 20-25 minutes.  If you do not mind, could I beg a favor of you?”

“Yes sir, of course sir, I already think I know what you have in mind.  A number 4 platter, add a chicken plank, extra fries, no slaw, and a large sweet tea?”

“You are truly a remarkable young man, Bradford.”

“No problem, sir.  I wouldn’t mind getting myself some tea as well, I’m a bit parched.”

“Very good, Bradford.  And don’t forget extra ketchup!”

“Never, sir.”  With a smile Brad hung up the phone and headed to the Long John Silver’s just around the corner from the house before heading over to the Lab.




Brad stopped and got Dr. Thomas his food, and then he made his way over to the Lab.  They all called it the Lab, but it was really an old health care facility that the doc had renovated to suit his purposes.  There was a front office with a legitimate business – it ran blood and urine tests for local doctors’ offices that didn’t have their own equipment. 

No one knew how he pulled it off, but there is actually a very large sub-basement in the building that comprises the whole facility they call the Lab. The entrance was through the back via security cards the doc issued everyone.  It’s very private and none of the Team ever saw any of the Lab workers from the front office.  The building has a special gym for Ken and the other enhanced Team members, as well as extra rooms on the medical side for sleeping or in case of physical emergencies if someone got hurt.  The doctor could perform full blown surgery if necessary.

As soon as Brad got there he put the doc’s food in the one open spot on his cluttered desk, and hooked up his tablet to download today’s data.  Typically the Lab wasn’t connected to the internet as the doc doesn’t trust some hacker not to break in.  There is a hi-jacked satellite link to some Government computer systems but the doc doesn’t say much about that and it’s only used when absolutely necessary.  Other than that everyone had their own computers and the doc developed almost all of his own applications and data bases that he used in his research.  He seemed light years ahead of what even the US Military had at its disposal.  From Brad’s time in the Navy he saw some big systems but nothing to match what the Doc put together.

Brad heard the doctor come in and after a minute heard him call out, “Bradford!?”  Brad got up and went back to the Doc’s office.

“Hello sir. Thanks so much for meeting me on such short notice.”

“Not at all Bradford, not at all.  If you do not mind I am starving so I am going to eat, and you can fill me in on what you wish to discuss.”

“Well sir, Ken told me he had discussed this with you at some point, and while you didn’t actually encourage him to go through with it, he said you didn’t prohibit the attempt either.  I was giving him his post workout exam today, which you know can lead to some extra-curricular activities.”

The edge of the doctor’s mouth rose almost imperceptibly in a smile when Brad said that.

“In the heat of the moment I made a comment …. Something to the effect of I wish you could feel what you are doing to me.  Well I got dizzy almost immediately, and Ken noticed and stopped it right away.  He asked me if I was alright and I asked him what he had done.  He told me he tried a new technique, where he wanted us to share our physical experience and sensations.   Once I knew what he was trying I understood better what I was feeling and told him to try again.  Sir, it was the most amazing experience either one of has ever had.  After we finished though, I noticed something odd, and there seemed to be a few physical side effects.”

“Ken, well he didn’t really complain, but he said whatever he did must have taken a lot out of him because he was really hungry; and sir I don’t think he noticed how much he actually ate before he left the house.  I fixed enough dinner for at least four people and he ate everything that I didn’t.  He also began to sweat profusely for a few minutes, which he rarely ever does.  For myself sir, well, as you know I gain some temporary benefits from our activity as well, but this time it happened much faster and quicker than normal, and the effects are both stronger and lasting longer as well.  I also experienced a small emotional rush that was very intense that lasted for a few minutes.  It was very disturbing and unsettling.”

During the debriefing the Doctor didn’t say a word.  He spent most of his time opening packets of ketchup before digging in to his fish and chicken.

“You mentioned something else… something odd.  What was that?”  The doctor sat there taking all this in with not a hint of surprise or concern, which made Brad feel a lot better.

“Well, sir, a few minutes after we finished our activity, I noticed that Ken’s eye color changed briefly.  His eyes, as you know are green, and they very briefly turned a light shade of green, almost white.  It wasn’t a glow like in the movies, or on TV, just a change in color.”

“So we can strike possession by a Goa’uld off our list?”  Brad just looked at him stunned for a second, he had no idea the doctor was a Stargate SG-1 fan!  

“Um... yes sir, I believe we can.”  Brad had to hold in a chuckle, and couldn’t help but crack a brief smile at the doctor’s joke.  He had a very dry sense of humor and half the time no one got his jokes or didn’t know if he was joking or serious.

“This is all very interesting Bradford.  Not unexpected, but interesting.  It seems Kenneth has taken a very big step on his own.  He is starting to unlock another part of himself, which he will have to learn how to deal with just as all the other changes he has dealt with.  I do not think there is anything to necessarily worry about, but there are some precautions I think you should both take.  The next time Kenneth is able to come in, I would like to sit down with you both and have a discussion.  Until then I think you can both explore this as you see fit as long as it is under the protection of your home.”

“Thank you sir, it’s a huge relief to know that this isn’t totally unexpected.  What about the side effects on me?  I still feel pretty charged up and it’s usually about this time that it starts to fade.”

“In the future, when this new ability is employed, after your coupling with Kenneth, you should feel the effects more strongly and for a longer period of time.  It might be necessary for some additional training on your part to cope with the changes.  There is a reason for the increase in the strength and duration for you, and it has to do with your pairing with Kenneth and your role of supporting him both physically and emotionally.  I will not say more at this time, until we have a chance to sit down together.  The only thing I would ask, Bradford, is that you not mention this to any of the others just yet.  They are probably not ready for this step and I do not want to cause them any alarm or anxiety.”

“Of course, sir.  I totally understand and I’ll make sure that Ken doesn’t inadvertently spill the beans.”



 Ken pulled out of the driveway and headed towards the office.  He and the other members of the Program had all started a private security firm together a few years ago.  Originally they all wanted to split up and do their own thing, but Dr. Thomas insisted that they stay together.  As long as they kept a low profile they should be fine.  The US Government, the few members that even knew they ever existed, thought they were all dead.  The doc worked some of his technological voodoo and erased all records of them, so no one even had records of their names, or pictures.  Over time any and all evidence had been erased.  None of them had any family, which is one of the reasons they had been selected to begin with for the Program.

Ken called the office to check in for tonight’s job.  He pushed the phone button on the console of his Explorer and said “Call Sally.”  A few seconds later the phone rang through the speakers.  Sally picked up after two rings “TGH Securities, how may I help you?”

“Hey Sally this is Ken.  I’m headed downtown.  Do I need to stop by the office for anything before I head down to the hotel?”

“Hey Ken, I forgot you were filling in for Kevin tonight.  How are ya honey?”

“I’m actually doing pretty fuckin fantastic.”

“Well we both know what that means.  Is Brad home recovering?”

Laughing loudly, Ken said “Yeah I think I wore him out tonight.  We tried something new and it was over the top.  Best. Sex. Ever.”

“Well it’s nice to know that someone is having good hot sex.  I wish I could say that.”

“Never fear sweetie, your prince charming is out there somewhere!”

“Well tell him to get a move on!  I’m getting tired of waiting.  Don’t you have any straight friends that are as good looking as you and Brad you could hook me up with?”

“Sorry sugar.”

“Story of my life.  Oh well, back to tonight’s job. There’s no reason to come by unless you want to stop by and see me.  I can email you all the information you need for tonight.”

“As much as I would love to come by and snuggle, I’m running on a tight schedule so I’d better not push it.”

“I think the only thing tight about you right now is those fine black slacks I know you are wearing to cover that sweet tush.  I’m getting flushed just thinking about that hot ass.”  Ken definitely had the image of her fanning her face when she said that and he smiled to himself.  All the guys loved Sally – she was a god send to all of them and kept the company running while they were all out in the field.  She knew they were all gay, but she still flirted with all of them.  His phone buzzed, which was probably the email Sally just sent.

“I know I’ve said this a thousand times Sally but thanks for putting up with all our shit, and keeping us straight... err well you know what I mean.  I just got your email so I should be all set.  I’ll call you if I need clarification on anything.”

“Ok Ken.  You take care of yourself tonight.  I know the type of crowd you’ll be in and there just might be some stray hands trying to cop a feel.  And I know these types of events tend to get violent when it gets late after everyone is either drunk or high.”

“I will Sally.  Don’t worry about me.  I’ll check in tomorrow to go over the billing information from tonight.”

“Alright Ken.   Have a good night.”

“You too, Sally.”


Ken pulled up to the valet parking at the Hilton in downtown Atlanta.  He checked in with the hotel security and got everything situated.  He had his earpiece set to listen to the hotel security frequency just in case. 

Tonight’s client was some up and coming wrapper named Lil’B who had managed nearly overnight success.  Personally Ken doesn’t like Rap or Hip Hop; it wasn’t a part of his generation.  He also didn’t like the culture of violence that seemed to go everywhere wrappers performed.  Someone always manages to sneak a few guns in past the hotel security, and when the drinking starts someone always gets insulted and feels like they have to demand respect at gunpoint.

He went to find a bathroom to check himself over.  Looking in the mirror he had to admit he looked intimidating.  And fucking hot.  Black suit, white shirt, purple tie, and the aviator sun glasses topped it all off.  He couldn’t look more like a G-Man if he tried, which for tonight would suit his purposes just fine.

The limo was an hour late, but Ken wasn’t worried because his duties didn’t start until the limo pulled up to the front door.  He just stood around and looked intimidating while he waited.

Ken moved to the door of the limo and introduced himself to the driver and showed his ID.  The Limo driver opened the door and then stood back.  Ken reached out a hand to help the woman out.

As she leaned over he introduced himself. “Good evening ma’am.  My name is Ken Habersham and I’ll be your security escort for this evening.  Please try to stay close to me at all times for your own protection.”

“Damn nigga could you be any more white?”

Ken had to laugh at that, “No ma’am probably not.” 

She looked him up and down… “Mmmm mmmm MMMM Dayumm you are fine!  I won’t have any trouble stayin close to that ass.”  Except for her language, which Ken found mostly obnoxious, this wrapper seemed to be a fairly nice young lady.

Lil’B’s entourage was huge, and so many people showed up there was no way everyone could get to Buckhead and go clubbing, so the party stayed in the Hotel.  The Hotel ended up opening three additional suites adjacent to the one the main party was in.  The evening was actually going pretty smooth until about 1am.  Ken heard the commotion out in the hallway just outside the suite the party was in.  He hoped that hotel security could handle it.  He only would have to deal with the problem if it came into the room and involved his client.  He could hear chatter over hotel security.  Just as he heard, “I’m gonna need some help….!”

Someone out in the hallway shouted, “Lil’B get yo bitch ass out here now!”

Ken leaned over and asked his client, “Ma’am do you know that man yelling out in the hallway?”

Ken read her body language immediately and knew that she was scared.  “He’s my ex.  Nigga thinks he owns me and says I owe him money from my music.”

Ok ma’am.  There’s nothing to worry about.  I’m going to go out and take care of this before he even gets close to you.  What’s his name?”

“Musab.  But if you wanna piss him off call him Tyrone, that’s his real name.”  About that time the unconscious body of one of the hotel security guards flew into the room, hitting a large group of people and knocking most of them down.   There was blood on the guys face.  Drinks went flying everywhere.  Lil’B let out a squeal and literally climbed up on the back of the big overstuffed chair she was sitting in.  A lot of people were screaming and people started generally panicking.

Ken watched Tyrone move into the room, and saw that he brought a few friends.  Tyrone was a big guy, at least 6’ 5” if not a little taller, and pretty muscular.  The goons with him were pretty big too.

Ken stepped up and planted himself in front of Lil’B.  “I’m sorry sir but you are not stepping any closer to my client.  You need to leave.  Now.  Consider this your only warning.”

“Nigga you better git outta my bizness!  I’m here to get what I got cummin to me!  You get outta my face or…”  Ken wasn’t sure if it was a knife or a gun he was going for but it didn’t matter.  Faster than anyone could see Ken’s fist connected right in the solar plexus of Tyrone’s big chest.  All of the air in Tyrone’s lungs exited out of his body in a heartbeat and his body flew back about 5 feet and he landed on his ass.  The goons backing him up comically looked at each other for just a second and then they all leaped for Ken at the same time.  They were quick, Ken gave them that; and moderately strong.  But Ken was… well Ken was a genetically enhanced Navy Seal and there weren’t many men on the planet outside of his unit that could stand up to him - even all three of these goons together.

Two of them had knives and one of them had a gun.  Ken disarmed the gun from the first guy, shattering most, if not all, of the bones in the guys’ hand while doing so.  The two with knives were on him just as the first guys hand was breaking.  To them it felt like they just hit a brick wall.  He could see the surprise on their faces just before they lost consciousness.  The only bad thing is that one of them ripped the sleeve of Ken’s jacket completely off as he fell to the ground, and the other one grabbed at his shirt and ripped it open.  At least they didn’t break his aviator glasses… that would have been too much and he would have been pissed.

Immediately he turned to Lil’B and asked, “Ma’am, are you alright?”  She was shaking all over and her eyes looked like they were about to pop out of her head, but she managed to nod a quick yes.  Ken moved over to the unconscious hotel security guard.  It looked like his nose was definitely broken and some teeth were missing.  That was definitely going to hurt.  He was breathing though and that was a good thing.  Ken reached up and activated the mic in his ear, “Hotel security this is Ken Habersham, the security agent working for the rapper in Suite 11B.  You need to get some people up here pronto.  There’s been a fight and there are 4 unconscious people, one of them is yours and he’s going to need medical attention.  There’s still one perp here that’s about to be unconscious.”

Tyrone was still wheezing on the floor trying to get air back into his lungs.  Ken pulled off his purple tie and tied Tyrone’s hands together.  Tyrone was just getting his breath back and started to shout, “What the fuck nigga!  Let me up or I’m gonna kick yo ass!”  A long string of F-bombs proceeded from his mouth as he started telling Ken what he was going to do to him.

Ken looked back at Lil’B, who still looked shaken up, but she managed to say “Now you see why I dumped his black ass.”  Ken smirked at her comment, and reached down and gave Tyrone quite a thump to his head and knocked him out cold.  Then he moved over and picked up Lil’B just like he would a baby, and moved out of the room, shielding her with his body.  He held Lil’B against his chest and she put her arms around his neck.  She felt the heat from his body, and his strength, and just like he wanted she started to feel safe.  She stopped shaking and by the time he got her to the elevator she wanted to walk on her own.  When she spoke she seemed to have lost a little of her attitude.  “Damn Ken that was some major GI-Joe, Kung-Fu Panda shit you pulled on Tyrone and his boyz.  Thanks white boy.”  And with that she leaned up and kissed him on the cheek and gave him a fiercely strong hug for such a little body.

On the way down the elevator, Ken had security call the limo and by the time they got to the front door of the hotel the limo was just pulling up.

“Ma’am I think you should call it a night.  Tyrone might have a few other friends hanging around.”

“Thanks again white boy.  And sorry about your suit.  At least they didn’t break those cool ass glasses.”

Ken helped her into the limo and it drove off.  He looked over and saw his reflection in the glass lining the front of the hotel.  His suit was in tatters, one sleeve missing and his shirt ripped open.  He realized people were staring.  At first because of the torn clothing and then to try and get a better look at the body that was showing through.

Ken was about to go over and have the valet pull his Explorer up to drive home when he got a call over his ear piece. He forgot he still had to help the cops with the incident report.  “Mr. Habersham this is hotel security, we need to get a statement from you about the incident tonight for insurance purposes.  The police are taking statements on the side entrance at the loading dock.  Please make your way there as soon as you can.”

“Alright I’m on my way.”

“Thank you, sir.”

Being familiar with the hotel, Ken knew where the loading dock was and headed that way.  It was late and the side street was dark.  He thought it was odd that the police would be using that entrance but they probably just wanted to keep the excitement out of the lobby.

Just as he turned the corner he immediately felt something was wrong.  The loading dock was dark and he didn’t see any police cars.  Even as he moved to flatten himself against the wall to try and lessen his exposure, Ken felt three sharp points of pain, one on his arm and two on his back.  Looking down he saw a large dart sticking out of his arm.  His combat instincts kicked in immediately and he tried to move back around the corner of the building.  His body didn’t react fast enough and he realized he was in deep trouble… his vision blurred and he almost passed out.  Down on one knee, he instinctively knew he was in trouble but his mind was getting fuzzier by the second and he was having trouble thinking and reacting.  He heard a voice say, “Shit man there was enough juice in those darts to drop an elephant and he’s till awake.”

“Yeah they said he was badass.  But this should finish him off so we can get him into the van.”  Suddenly pain wracked his body and at least two or three Tasers hit him all at once.  

He felt his aviator glasses fall off and heard them hit the concrete.

The last thing he heard was, “Damn this guy weighs a fucking ton.”

… and then blackness.


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