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The Order – Chapter 2

Brad woke up right before the alarm went off at 6am.  He hadn’t slept well.  He never did when Ken wasn’t there.  Man I bet he’s going to be in a bad mood when he gets home… he hates the all-nighters.

Brad continued his morning routine of going to the gym, running, showering, and then getting something to eat.  Brad hoped Ken would be back at the house by the time he was through, but when he opened the garage door Ken’s Explorer was still gone.

He started worrying after lunch when he still hadn’t heard anything.  Brad wasn’t one to be a mother hen; he didn’t like to be treated that way and he knew Ken didn’t either.  He was, however, starting to get a little pissed that he hadn’t even gotten a text message.  He tried to call Ken and his phone went straight to voice mail.  He didn’t leave a message, figuring Ken would see the missed call and get back to him.

By three o’clock Brad decided to call Kevin.  He remembered Ken saying he was filling in for Kevin last night so maybe they might have talked.  Kevin didn’t pick up so Brad left him a voice message, “Hey Kev, this is Brad.  Have you heard from Ken today?  He’s still not back from last night’s job and I haven’t heard a word.  Give me a call as soon as you can bro.  Later.”

Brad tried lying out by the pool to take his mind off worrying.  He was listening to music on his iPod but he couldn’t relax; his anxiety was just getting worse.  He got the net out and started to clean the pool even though it didn’t need it.  With his ear buds in he didn’t hear Kevin opening the gate.

At that second a whole series of things happened all at once.   Brad felt a sharp pain in his arm and two places on his back.  He jerked his arm up and dropped the pole and his back arched from the pain causing him to stumble and drop down on one knee.  He saw Kevin running over to him from the gate; his mouth was moving but Brad couldn’t hear him.  It dawned on him he couldn’t hear his iPod anymore either.   His body exploded in pain and he started convulsing in agony.

And then blackness…



Something was definitely wrong.  Brad’s awareness was coming back but everything was dark and quiet.  He was sure his eyes were open.  He could feel his heartbeat.  He tried to talk but couldn’t move his mouth. 

He had this overwhelming sense of being disconnected from everything; he had never felt so alone and isolated.  It wasn’t just the darkness, it was the feeling of being totally and completely alone pervading his entire being; filling his mind.  He desperately wanted Ken.  

He was sure he was in a bed of some kind… it felt like he was lying on sheets and had a pillow under his head.  He felt his swimming trunks.  He could feel air moving over the skin on his legs, arms, and chest.   He remembered being worried about Ken and then massive pain, seeing Kevin and then… here… but everything felt wrong.  He was starting to panic. Hot tears formed in his eyes and started to run down his cheeks.

Kevin stood beside the bed Brad was lying in.  “Doc!  Something’s happening!  He’s crying!”  Kevin felt helpless standing there watching over his friend.  He wanted to at least hold his hand to try and bring him some comfort, but the Doc insisted that no one have any skin contact with Brad until he said so. 

Kevin was confused by what he saw as he came through the gate at Brad and Ken’s house.  He had just gotten off work and got Brad’s voice message, and since he and Bill lived so close he figured he’s just run by their house to see what was up. 

When he got to the house the garage door was closed and no one answered the front door so he figured Brad was out back at the pool.  He went around the side of the house and practically being family, didn’t hesitate to open the gate and head on back.  If he was lucky maybe Brad was working on his tan – a ‘natural.   Although he was deeply in love with Bill, just like any hot blooded gay man Kevin loved to see a beautiful naked male body full of muscles and Brad was definitely a looker.  As soon as he saw Brad standing there cleaning the pool in his shorts he felt a little disappointed, chuckled to himself, and thought,  I’m such a whore.

At that moment he saw Brad jerk his arm and arch his back, and out of nowhere three dark pronounced bruises appeared on his body.  From the way he reacted it looked like he got.  Brad’s face showed surprise for a split second and then Kevin got a shock as Brad’s bright blue eyes turned white and then rolled up into his head.  Kevin moved as fast as he could towards Brad as he went down to one knee. Just as Kevin as closing the gap between them he saw Brad’s body convulse like he was being electrocuted and then he just hit the ground unconscious.


Dr. Thomas came over quickly to Brad’s bedside.  His voice was quiet and he looked both sad and concerned.  “Ah, my poor boy.  I know you cannot hear me yet but I am so sorry.  It will be better soon.” 

Dr. Thomas picked up a syringe he had prepared earlier and put it in the catheter attached to the back of Brad’s hand.  “Kevin, help me strap him down.  He is going to wake up soon and he might panic.  We need to restrain him so he cannot hurt himself.  He may be confused and might not make sense so do not be alarmed.”

Brad was near the limit of his control.  The agonizing loneliness and isolation was more than he could take.  He had never been overtly conscious of his connection to Ken until it wasn’t there anymore.  The profundity of his love for Ken hit him like a Mack truck, and not feeling Ken’s presence, as though he never even existed, was a hole inside him that was about to kill him.  As much as he cared for his military brothers and Dr. Thomas, life without Ken wasn’t worth living.  His mind kept racing out of control with these thoughts.  How long had he been here?  Days? Weeks?  The loneliness seemed to go on forever…

The slightest whisper of a sound in the utter silence jolted him.  All his thoughts stopped to listen; every iota of his being straining to feel or hear anything.  He heard it again, but it was so faint he couldn’t make it out.  He felt his body break out into a sweat with the strain of wanting to hear that sound again, to have some proof that he wasn’t alone….

Dr. Thomas’ face was full of compassion as he looked down at his young charge.  He knew what Brad was experiencing and he deeply regretted being the source of such emotional distress.  How strange that this entire affair was occurring now, the day after Ken unlocked another of his abilities.  It was almost enough to convince him that coincidence existed.  Even though the doctor didn’t have all the facts yet his impressive intellect was already piecing together parts of this puzzle… and he didn’t like the picture that was forming in the slightest.

“Kevin, I need you to get everyone together immediately.  This is extremely important and time critical.  While you take care of that I will see what information Bradford has that might shed some light on what is happening.”

“Yes, Sir.  Right away.” 

Again Dr. Thomas felt a twinge of regret at having to conceal information from Kevin, but he needed to talk to Brad alone.  He was still unsure about revealing the new development between Ken and Brad.  It was a very important step towards what they were becoming, but it could be dangerous if they weren’t ready.  Brad and Ken had always been a little more advanced than the rest physically, emotionally, and mentally.  The others will reach this stage as well, eventually, but in this path he has set all these amazing young men on, his philosophy was that it was often best to let nature take its course and not interfere more than he already had.

With Kevin gone, the doctor took Brad’s hand in his and said, “Bradford.  Come back, my boy.  It is time to wake up.”

The whispers that Brad heard were getting louder and he was on the verge of making out words.  He sensed motion, and almost felt seasick.  His heart leapt inside his chest when he felt someone take his hand and squeeze it firmly.  Ken!? That touch was like an anchor and he fought with every ounce of his will to grab onto it and pull himself towards it.  

The darkness was starting to lift...  the feeling of movement was getting stronger and he could make out a little pinpoint of light in the midst of all the darkness.  The light was getting slowly bigger and he was sure he could hear noise but it was like the volume on his hearing was turned down. 

Suddenly he woke up; in an instant his vision and hearing and all his other senses became active again.

Dr. Thomas was looking into Brad’s eyes and saw immediately when there was recognition.

“Hello Bradford, welcome back my boy.”

Brad wasn’t able to speak right away.  He felt relieved that he was out of that place, wherever it was, but the void inside of him, the absence of Ken, was still there.  The hot tears started falling down his cheeks again and all he could bring himself to say was, “Doc, he’s gone.”  He closed his eyes, his body shaking with grief. 

The doctor leaned over and placed his hands on Brad’s shoulders.  “Bradford, look at me son.”

Brad looked up, his eyes red and filled with tears.  When he made eye contact with the doctor he saw many things; compassion first and foremost, and concern, but also uncertainty and fear.

“We do not know that.  I will not lie to you.  He is not with us and I assume he is in great danger, but you are the best chance we have of finding him.  I need you to focus on that.”

“Why can’t I feel him Doc?  I never even realized there was this type of connection until it’s not there.  I’ve never felt so alone.”

“That is my fault, Bradford, and I am deeply sorry.  Normally after the trauma you have been through I would handle things very differently.  In this instance, because of what you experienced, I have temporarily suppressed the connection you have with Kenneth.  It was necessary for multiple reasons.  First and foremost it probably saved your life… your new connection to Kenneth is still developing and it is my belief that you were experiencing whatever happened to him.  I had to stop it before it killed you.”

“Do you think he was killed!? Doc you have to undo whatever you did!”  Brad sounded desperate, almost hysterical and he grabbed the doctor’s arms.  “Please Doc,” he pleaded.

“I will son, I will, but we have to be careful and move with some caution. No I do not think Kenneth is dead.  You have to remember how hard it would be to kill any of the five, but you, while very tough in your own right, could be killed by what would simply incapacitate one of them.  This is new and I do not want to cause you or Kenneth any permanent damage by rushing in blindly.  Kevin is gathering everyone here, and in a few minutes you and I are going in to meet with them and we will start formulating a plan.  Let us get you cleaned up and into some clothes.”




Brad went and took a hot shower and put on some spare clothes from of his locker; just jeans and a t-shirt and some sandals.  The doctor came in and gave him a shot – he said it was to continue the suppression of his connection to Ken.  He didn’t like it but he understood.

Not long after, everyone arrived and was seated at the conference room table.  They were all stunned by Brad’s haggard appearance when they first came in.  Every one of them came over and gave him an encouraging hug or pat on the back and asked how he was holding up.

When Dr. Thomas came in everyone stopped talking and focused on him.

“As you all know, Kenneth appears to be missing.  Most likely he has been abducted.  No one has attempted to contact us, so we must assume it is not a ransom; which means that they want something from him, and we have a limited amount of time to rescue him before they succeed in getting whatever it is they want from him.”

“Bradford, go over all of the events starting from yesterday afternoon to present.”

Brad glanced at him, “Everything, Sir?”

“Yes, Bradford.  The timing for this is terrible but secrets only serve to cause suspicion and doubt.  We will have none of that here.”

Brad took a deep breath and said, “Ok… well, Ken got home about five o’clock yesterday afternoon from his workout.  I was putting groceries away when he got home.  After I was finished I gave him his usual post workout exam, which lead to…”

Trying to lighten the mood, a few of the guys chimed in with a “Boom chica bow wow,” which caused Brad to blush and even crack a small smile. 

“Alright you fuckers.  Yes, we started making out. Sorry about the F-Bomb, doc.”  Dr. Thomas didn’t like cursing.

Brad recounted the events again, telling them everything…

“…and what happened next was the most amazing, mind blowing, over the top sex we’ve ever had.  And the charge I got was unbelievable.  I was able to lift both of us off the bed without that much effort.”

While there were various looks of “Oh, shit” as this sunk in with them, Kevin blurted out, “Brad, wait a second.  When I got to your place and I saw you experience whatever that was, your eyes changed color just like you said Ken’s did.” 

The doctor interjected,   “What Kenneth succeeded in doing was linking the nervous systems of he and Bradford.  This is what allowed them to feel the sensations of each other.  It is truly a remarkable thing.  When it is fully under control by both parties, what is currently happening will not be an issue.  The timing of Kenneth in uncovering this is bad, but at the same time it might be the key in rescuing him, if our other attempts fail.”

“Although I do not know who is behind Kenneth’s abduction, I believe I have pieced together some of what happened to him, from evidence exhibited by Bradford’s injuries.”

“Whoever did this was aware that Kenneth, and most likely you other four, are physically exceptional.  They knew they needed to ambush him in order to incapacitate him, and carefully planned their assault.  Somehow they orchestrated getting him alone and shot him with three heavy tranquilizer darts following up almost immediately with multiple Tasers.”

“The neural pairing between Kenneth and Bradford is still working.  This is dangerous, and in the future, when the ability is completely understood and in control, it should not be kept active as it is now.   As soon as I stop the suppression, the connection will be active, but it puts Bradford at risk, depending on Kenneth’s current condition.  There is no way that whoever has taken him will know of this, so we might be able to use it to our advantage.”

“I believe that the tranquilizers used to knock Kenneth out, were enough to almost kill him.  Fortunately this did not happen, and his metabolism burned through the sedatives earlier today.  When this happened the link was reestablished with Bradford, which happened just as Kevin arrived at their house.  It was a delayed reaction, and Kenneth inadvertently broadcast what happened to him onto Bradford as his mind woke back up.  Bradford’s body received the same injuries – it was as if it happened to both of them simultaneously, but with a time delay caused by the tranquilizers.”

“I believe that if Kenneth were in control of his faculties, he would realize what is happening and stop it.  I do not think he would risk Bradford’s wellbeing, even if it meant his own demise.  So we have to assume that he is still incapacitated in some way, which is why I am reluctant to stop the suppression.”

“Before I will consider taking that route, we need to exhaust all other, more conventional means of investigation.  Richard and Loy, you will lead the on-site investigation.  You all have your areas of expertise.  Bradford, if he is up to it will stay here and run the operation.  If he is unable for any reason to continue, then William can take over.  Gentlemen, you are the most elite group of men in the world.  We know that whoever took Kenneth had the knowledge and skill to take him out unaware.  We are not unaware.  From now on none of you goes anywhere alone.  Stay sharp and alert and we will prevail.”

Rick and Loy left immediately to head downtown to the hotel and Pat and Darren went with them.  Kevin and Bill went back to the office to talk with Sally.  Kevin said he had some ideas that might pan out.  Bryan and Lane stayed in the Lab ready to do whatever was needed as more information became available.

Bryan and Lane stayed close to Brad, trying to keep him occupied and keeping an eye on him.  Bryan’s solid presence was comforting and Lane’s chatter kept him from withdrawing further into himself.




Dr. Cromwell looked into the holding cell where the subject was being restrained.  The man was one of the most magnificent male specimens he had ever seen… his creator had outdone himself.  The name on his driver’s license and credit cards found in his wallet said Kenneth Habersham, but he knew those were fake.  Despite his best efforts he could not discover this man’s former identity.  Someone had gone to incredible lengths to make sure this man’s past could not be uncovered.

The first blood and tissue samples he had taken showed the man to be in perfect health.  The DNA results were phenomenal – and obviously not natural.  There were genetic markers he had never seen before.  The full MRI and CAT Scans revealed an uncanny muscle and bone density

That was not unexpected, based on the information he had been given from General Burgess.  There did seem to be a high level of brain activity, which was extremely intriguing, given the sedatives in his system. 

His body was burning through the tranquilizers much faster than expected, so he switched to something less lethal and more mentally disabling.  The new mixture was powerful and would keep his brain in a fog, and make him extremely susceptible to suggestion.

As Ken came to his first realization was that he felt awful.  The bruises and lacerations on his arm and back hurt like hell.  He was sore all over and felt like he needed to throw up.  He tried to be still and calm himself but he was having trouble finding his center.  The place in his mind where he went to do these things was there but unavailable. It was like there was an invisible wall around them that he couldn’t get through.  Surprisingly he wasn’t upset about it, even though he knew he should be worried.  He couldn’t see anything – he was blindfolded.  He was mostly naked except for some underwear or shorts and he was sitting in a metal chair of some kind.  He didn’t seem to be able to move.  The only other thought he had before he lost consciousness again was “Man, Brad is gonna be pissed I’m late….”

Dr. Cromwell called for Robert to come up to the command center. 

“Dr. Cromwell sir?  You called?”  Robert sounded nervous.  He rarely had any interaction with Dr. Cromwell and was both scared and intimidated by the man.

“Yes, Robert.  I need your assistance.”

“Of course sir, whatever you need I’ll be more than happy to help with.”

“I’m sure you are aware of our guest, the center of my current research project. We are running a series of tests, and I need a new sample from him.  I thought you would be well suited for this task.”

Robert was confused, “What type of sample do you need, sir?”

“I need a semen sample.  There are things I am looking for that did not show up in the standard urine sample we acquired.  I am aware of your personal tastes in men, and I thought you would be well suited to gather this sample for me.  He might be difficult to arouse because of the mental state we are keeping him in to prevent his escape.  Can you do this for me?”

Robert was stunned.  He had no idea the doctor knew he was gay.  He stammered a bit, “uh uh of course sir.  I’ll do my best.”

“And, Robert, you haven’t seen our test subject yet.  I think you will be pleased, and there will be no need to restrain yourself.  Do whatever you find necessary to get that sample, multiple samples if you can manage it.  We will give you privacy from the other technicians while you perform this task, however we will need to record everything for the sake of our research.”

Now Robert was getting excited. “Of course sir, I’ll head down to the holding cell immediately.  I won’t disappoint you sir.”

“No, my boy, I’m sure you won’t.  I’m sure the information you are helping us gather will be invaluable to our research.”

When Robert arrived at the door to the holding cell, the glass had already been polarized and was black.  The guard swiped his smartcard and the there was a heavy thunk as the door bolts pulled back, and a slight hiss as the seals opened.

Robert stepped into the room and stopped in his tracks, awestruck at what he saw.  He had never gotten so hard so fast.  This most perfect man of the planet was sitting there in front of him, blindfolded and strapped to a chair.  His physique was beyond words; he looked like a comic book superhero.  He couldn’t imagine how much time this man had to spend at the gym to look he did.

As soon as the door closed behind Robert, Ken’s head snapped around in Roberts’s direction.  When the thunk and hiss of the door stopped, some of the tension seemed to go out of his posture.  Robert was lost in a daze, staring at the hunk in front on him, with his hard on straining to break out of his pants. 

Robert just stared, his eyes slowly going over every inch of the tanned muscle and he started noticing more and more detail about his man that was driving him wild.  He had just the right amount of hair on his chest.  He couldn’t see the color of the man’s eyes because of the blindfold, but in his fantasy his eyes were a dark, dark brown, almost black.  His hair was dark brown and short, cut very close on the back and sides and a little longer on the top; he looked military.  He hadn’t been able to shave for a few days and the scruff on his face made him that much more ruggedly handsome.

The man’s voice was rich and deep, resonating and vibrating through his massive chest.  But his words were slurred, like he was drunk.  “B, is that you bro?”

Robert seized the opportunity and replied, “Yeah, it’s me.”

“Oh God, B.  I was so worried you’d be pissed cause I was late.  I can’t see you man.  I can hear you but I can’t see you.  Can you let me up.”

“No I can’t… not yet.  This is part of the game.”


“Oh yeah… I think you are going to like it.”  Robert took the sample containers he brought with him and set them on the small table in the room.  He took off his Lab coat and loosened his tie.  He walked over behind this man and reached out his hands.  He could already feel the heat emanating from the man’s body.


As soon as Robert’s hands touched Ken’s skin he was like a wild man.  He wanted to feel each and every muscle all at the same time.  Robert ran his hands though the sparse hair on his chest, squeezing his biceps and shoulders, touching everything he could reach from his vantage point behind the chair.  Robert looked down and saw that the guy’s shorts were starting to tent.

“Oh God, B… your hands feel so damn good bro.  Ohhhh….Don’t stop.” He threw his head back in pleasure, causing his neck to thicken, which made Robert even harder.

Robert moved around to the front and almost tore the clothes off his body.  He was thin, and pale, with a little hair on his chest.  He wasn’t muscular at all, and any definition he had was because he was so thin and bony.  He was sweating from his excitement.

He knelt down and starting running his hands across Ken’s chest and started playing with his nipples.  He was like a kid in candy store.  He wasn’t very experienced, and this was a dream come true, to have a hunk like this tied up and blind folded and at his mercy.

Ken was hard and throbbing, leaking precum like a faucet, waiting for Brad’s hands and mouth to work their magic on him.  Robert saw the wet spot and reached down and freed that monster through the slit in the shorts.  It felt so good in his hands, hot and velvety and hard enough to cut diamonds.  Robert couldn’t wait any longer and leaned over and took as much of the head and shaft into his mouth as he could manage.  He had only sucked a few men off so he didn’t have much practice, but he didn’t have much of a gag reflex so he was hopeful he could manage to get all of that down his throat.  He put one hand on each massive thigh and started bobbing his head up and down, and using his tongue as much as possible. 

Ken was moaning and throwing his head from side to side…. Brad was such a good cocksucker.  The best in the world… the way his tongue danced all over the head of his dick was driving him wild.  Ken didn’t realize the deception… and his drug hazed mind was causing his own senses to betray him. 

Robert looked up and saw all the muscles, squirming as much as the straps allowed, sweating in the pleasure that he, Robert was giving him. Robert’s excitement was overwhelming and he started shooting all over Ken’s leg.  When Ken felt Robert’s hot cum squirt on his leg it sent him to the point of no return.

“Oh fuck man I’m gonna cum… don’t stop buddy... don’t stop!”

Robert knew that this man was going to be a gusher… there was no way such a stud couldn’t shoot a gallon of cum and probably cum ten times a day.  He knew he should get one of the sample cups but he was too caught up in the moment and the power he felt of being in control of this big stud’s orgasm.  He pulled up so just the head was in his mouth while his hand stroked the spit slick shaft with long, steady, firm strokes. 

“UH, UH,  Ohhhhhh Fuckkkkkkkkk!”  Ken’s entire body tensed, causing all his muscles to flex and contract, showing his amazing definition.  He was drenched in sweat and the dark room with the extreme spotlight over Ken cast sharp shadows across his muscles that made him look, if possible, even more sexy to Robert.

Robert thought he was prepared for the flood of cum, but his eyes popped open in surprise.  Ken’s dick, if possible, went even harder and the head flared out as Ken started squirting his cum into Roberts waiting mouth.  Robert tried to swallow as much as he could but it still ran out of his mouth and down his chin.

Ken’s chest was heaving and he kept moaning, “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck….” with every stroke.

Dr. Cromwell was watching from his office.  As soon as he saw Ken start to cum he flipped a switch that caused Ken to lose consciousness again almost immediately.  He sat back and continued his observations.

Robert was in heaven.  He just sucked off the stud of all studs, and the guy was still his to play with.  He still needed to get a sample so he would have to work this guy up again right away.  The man came enough to fill up one of the cups so if he shot almost as much the next two times he would have plenty for Dr. Cromwell.

He noticed that Ken had stopped moving, and was breathing deeply.  “Damn, he fell back asleep.”  Robert stood up and put his hands on Ken’s shoulders and tried to shake him.  Kens body barely budged.  “Holy crap this guy is solid.”

Robert tried harder, but suddenly he felt a little light headed.  He started to straighten up just as the most excruciating pain hit his entire body.  He couldn’t even scream.  Robert’s back arched and he fell onto the floor in some type of massive seizure.  After a few seconds he collapsed on the floor, lifeless, his face a mask of horrible pain.


Dr. Cromwell watched Robert have his seizure and fall to the floor as if he expected it.  He wasn’t sure how the genetic markers he found in Ken’s DNA worked, or how they got there.  He was sure that the autopsy results on Robert would shed some light on this.  He would learn the secrets of this man and how to duplicate them.  General Burgess was paying a high price for this research and expected results.  Dr. Cromwell was not one to disappoint powerful allies. 

The autopsy showed a massive cellular breakdown in Robert’s body.  It was as if his DNA was blanked out and with no pattern his cells simply started to come apart.  If the process had been slower Robert most likely would have been a big puddle of plasma.  As it was the process happened blindingly fast and Robert’s body could not stand the assault on his cellular structure and died almost instantly.

Dr. Cromwell knew he was going to have to accelerate things to achieve results.  It’s a pity that the man could not be spared.  “Let us see what you can do, my friend, before that magnificent body gives out.”

As Ken regained consciousness, he realized that he was now lying on a metal table, spread eagle.  Metal holdings replaced the leather straps – wrists, ankles, chest, biceps, thighs, and abdomen.  His head was in a padded leather device that allowed for some movement and was actually quite comfortable.  He was still blindfolded.  He was naked and he felt dozens of small stinging sensations all over his body. 

He could hear movement all around him.  Ken immediately tried to go to that place in his mind to focus but found it still unavailable.  Ken gave no outward sign of his frustration or worry but he knew he was in trouble.  His memory was foggy but he remembered being shot with some type of tranquilizer.  He remembered some type of make out session with Brad, which really confused him – maybe that was a dream, but damn it seemed real.  Now he was on this table.  He normally had a good sense of time, but his internal clock was confused from being unconscious and drugged.  He had no idea how long he had been here but it was long enough for him to be incredibly hungry.   His stomach rumbled loudly.

Dr. Cromwell was watching him and knew that Ken was now awake.  With the test results so far, he had been able to produce much more effective serums to use against Ken’s physiology and advanced metabolism.

“Ahhh…. I see you are awake.  And famished!  Let me see what I can do about that.”  Dr. Cromwell flipped a switch and a concentrated protein solution started pumping into Ken at multiple points in his body through various catheters.   Additional liquids to prevent dehydration and restore electrolytes started feeding into his body.  Ken felt an almost immediate boost in his energy level.

Even though his mental faculties were still blocked, his physical senses seemed to be working.  He counted 52 points on his body that hurt.  Some of them were catheters, but others felt like needles or electrodes. 

“We were just finishing getting you ready.  Just a few more minutes and we can begin.”

With his enhanced senses, Ken could almost visualize the man talking to him.  He heard the cloth of the starched Lab coat move, and the slight, practically inaudible squeak of a Lab stool that was rotating as the man moved.  He smelled pipe tobacco.  The man’s English was very fluent but Ken could detect the trace of an accent underneath but he wasn’t sure where from yet.  If he could figure that out he might start to build some type of understanding of who this man was and what he wanted.

Ken heard typing on a keyboard and then a faint Beep.  After a slight delay he felt a burning sensation on the back of his hand as some type of chemical was going through the catheter.  He felt warm and flush, and he started to get hard.  Ken tried as hard as possible to will his erection down, but he couldn’t do it.  In seconds his dick was rock hard.

He heard the man get up and move over towards him.  He felt the man grip his dick… he was wearing rubber gloves that were cool against the heat of his skin.  Suddenly he felt a sharp sting just under the head of his dick, then another on his shaft, and then another, and then two on each of his balls.

Ken decided to break his stoic silence. “What the fuck do you want from me?”

“Nothing you can give me voluntarily.  I’m sure you could tell me quite a bit about yourself if you were so inclined, but I could never be sure about the truthfulness of your information.  Therefore I have no choice but to gather the information I need through… other means.”

Ken didn’t like the sound of that.

“We have already gathered much.  Although I’m a bit upset about losing one of my up and coming researchers.  At least Robert died happy.”

Ken knew immediately what he was talking about… that dream about Brad was a hallucination and Ken killed some poor guy without even meaning too.

“This first part you will find most pleasurable, at least at first.  Later… not so much.  There is nothing you can about it.  Fight it all you wish, but it will not matter.  I’ve learned enough already to shut down your brain activity.  I intend to learn everything I can from your body while you are still alive and then the rest from your brain after you are dead.”

Ken felt totally helpless, and totally pissed.  If they wanted a fight he would give them one.  He knew that Brad and the others would be looking for him.  He had to give them time, and hold out as long as he could.  Just thinking of Brad gave his inner resolve a boost.  He couldn’t help thinking how much he loved the man who was his best friend and lover.   He sucked in a deep breath.

“Ok you fucker, quit playin with my dick and get on with it.”

“Bravo, my boy.  That’s the spirit!  I want you to fight as long as you can… the longer you last the more information I will be able to gather.”

Ken heard the man move away and type on the keyboard again.  Beep.

He felt flush again and his body broke out in a light sweat.  He heard some fans start up and felt a slight breeze brushing over his skin causing a nice sensation.  He was suddenly horny as hell.  He heard someone else come over and felt them grab his dick.  They just held it firmly. 

The orgasm hit him hard and totally from left field.  Every muscle in his body tightened and he would have come off the table if he hadn’t been held down.  Cum started blasting out of his cock, and he heard it splatter into some kind of plastic container.  He could barely breathe, his whole body was flexed and went beet red, and he was instantly drenched in sweat. 

Dr. Cromwell’s eyes opened a little in surprise when Ken’s body erupted.  The musculature was truly incredible and he found himself getting a little excited, despite his clinical detachment.  He would have to review the recordings later.

Ken couldn’t help himself and let out a, “Oohhhhh Fuck!  Uh, Uh, Uh.”  He was breathing heavily, his chest heaving, and his abs kept contracting with each pulse of his dick.  The orgasm lasted a little over a minute.  As he was recovering from the unexpected barrage on his libido he heard the technician moving around a bit and then they grabbed his dick again and held it.  Beep.

Ken didn’t say anything but he braced himself.  Almost before he was ready another orgasm hit him just as hard as the first.  This time he forced himself to keep quiet.  He felt his body recovering as fluids and proteins were being pumped into him to help him recover.  The orgasms were so hard they bordered on painful, but they still didn’t hold a candle to the last time he made out with Brad.  But that was a one-time event so far.  He wasn’t sure how long he would hold up if they kept doing this.  He hoped they got all the cum they wanted for their research quickly. Beep.

Ken lost track of time and how many orgasms they forced him to endure.  He was hurting bad but he didn’t want to let it show.  They kept pumping fluids and protein into his body, and his body was doing what it was designed to do… recover as quickly as possible. 

After an hour, and dozens of orgasms, Ken lost consciousness.  His body continued to twitch and spasm even after he lost consciousness.


Dr. Cromwell was more than impressed.  The next run he would stop the fluid and protein intake and see how long Ken could last and how his body tried to recover.  He was interested in how Ken’s physiology would prioritize its recovery.

He forced Ken back to consciousness after only a few minutes.  When he came too, Ken was struck by the strong smell in the room.  Even though they were capturing his cum, some splattered on him and he must have sweated out a gallon.  His mind drifted to Brad to find strength for the next round. Breathing deep and smelling his own sweat and cum he thought “Brad would so love this….”

Ken lost consciousness again after nine orgasms without the replenishment of the fluids and proteins.  He stopped sweating at five and from then on the amount of semen steadily dropped until his last orgasm was practically dry.  Ken never said a word; he didn’t want to give them any satisfaction.

Dr. Cromwell was in awe of the Kens physiology.  The way his body controlled and monitored itself, without his conscious control, the way it redirected resources and repaired itself was something he never even thought possible.  Whoever created this man was a biological Einstein.  He felt like he was only scratching the surface, and it would take him years to process all the data he had already collected.  He was getting excited to move on to the next stage.

They gave Ken thirty minutes to recover.  They started the flow of fluids and proteins again and let his body regenerate.  Someone wiped him down, cleaning off the cum that had splattered out of the containers, and they swabbed him down with some type of antiseptic.

Ken felt like he could sleep for days to recover from all the orgasms.  He kept thinking of Brad and the guys looking for him; willing them to move faster.  He had a really bad feeling about what was coming next.

He smelled pipe tobacco again and knew that the doctor was back.  “Well my boy, you are exceeding anything I could have imagined.  Whoever made you is a genius.  I am jealous of his intellect and his vision.  I am going to make it my life’s work to duplicate and even improve upon what he has done.”

Ken knew he shouldn’t say anything but his intuition was telling him that he was not going to survive this.  Instead of prolonging the pain, he would rather have it over sooner.  I’m so sorry Brad, I think I’ve failed you and the guys.  I guess I’m being a coward but I don’t know if I’m up to this.  I love you so much bro, I hope you know that.

“You stupid fucker.  Compared to him you are in diapers, sucking on your mom’s tit and shitting out guacamole into your huggies.  You’ll never figure this out.  Just get it over with.”

Dr. Cromwell’s long thin face went stony.  His lips pursed a little.  “We shall see.”

Ken could hear the change in the doctor’s tone.  His plan worked but he knew he was going to pay for it.  Ken heard more typing on the keyboard.  He could hear the attitude in the way the keys were being hit harder than usual.  Ken started the countdown.  Three.  Two.  One.  Beep.

Ken heard a slight hiss.  It sounded hydraulic.  He felt the shackle holding his right wrist raise up about a quarter of an inch.  Not nearly enough to pull his hand through.  It slammed back down hard catching him by surprise.   Ken didn’t know it but that was enough force to break a normal man’s wrist.

Ken steeled himself and other than letting out a “Oomph” of surprise he put on a stoic face.

Beep.  Again it slammed down, this time much harder.  Ken tensed his whole body getting ready for the next one.  He started to sweat.

Beep.  Ken felt his wrist start to splinter.  It took everything he had not to yell.  His breath was coming in gasps now from dealing with the pain.

Beep.  Ken felt the bone snap.  This time he did yell.

Beep.  He felt the shackle on his left wrist rise up.

Oh Fuck!

By the time his left wrist snapped his voice was hoarse from screaming.  His body was straining and his body tried to arch from the pain, pushing his chest up.  He pushed so hard he actually bent the metal piece that went across his chest, and he felt a few ribs break.  His body raised just enough so that the blindfold caught on the corner of the leather headpiece he was in.  He saw the man who was doing this to him.  They made eye contact for a brief second before the pain pushed him over the edge into unconsciousness.

Dr. Cromwell ignored the screams, just watching Ken’s body react to the pain and damage he was inflicting.  He glanced over towards his monitors and saw them recording everything.  The neurological data was off the charts. 

He increased the flow of nutrients, and added a highly concentrated mix of vitamins, as well as some antibiotics.  He would have included some pain killers if they boy had kept his mouth shut.  He kept Ken unconscious for a few more minutes while he set the bones.  He wanted them to heal properly so he could break them again if he had to.   Next time, he thought, it will be his thigh bones… something bigger and more traumatic to his body.  He didn’t like the boy’s attitude.

Dr. Cromwell was thrilled with the results.  Almost before he could set the bones they started knitting themselves back together.  At this rate in a matter of hours they would be completely healed.

Next time he would hold back on the nutrients and see how long it takes.




Rick, Loy, Pat, and Darren all drove down town to the Hilton where Ken worked the previous night.  They talked with Hotel security, and reviewed the security footage that was available.  Tyrone and his goons were still being held by the Atlanta Police, and Lil’B was pressing charges as well as the Hilton.   Ken was actually in a little trouble with the Atlanta Police because he never showed up for his incident report.  Pat and Darren checked and Ken’s Explorer was still in the Parking Garage where the valet had parked it.

None of this was good news.  Rick and Loy traced the route that Ken should have taken from the front of the building around to the side street.  When they got to the corner Rick scanned the area.  They found a broken pair of aviator sunglasses against the curb that looked like they had been run over by multiple cars. 

Everyone was getting frustrated.  Rick said, “Fuck!  If it happened it had to be right here at this corner.  At night this spot is out of sight of any of the security cameras, and there are at least two vantage points that someone could have gotten an easy shot off.”  He pointed to the two side streets about half a block down in either direction.  “Let’s check ‘em both out.” 

Rick led the way to the first one with Loy right behind him.  The first side street didn’t show anything unusual at all.  The second side street was more of an alley.  It had a large dumpster and a bunch of trash cans. A little further in was a big pile of cardboard boxes. One of them was pretty large, like something an appliance might come in.   Loy noticed some movement and signaled Rick. 

Both men got into position close to the boxes, with their guns ready.  As soon as Rick got a little closer he could smell the guy in the box.  Someone who hasn’t bathed in a long time and drinks alcohol isn’t hard to miss, especially when your sense of smell if superior.   The recent heat wave just made the smell worse.   Even Loy made a face.

Rick relaxed a little and put his gun away, but was still alert in case whoever was here made a run for it.  He tapped the big box with his foot and said, “Hey, come out buddy.  I need to talk with you.”  There was no answer.  They saw the box move again and heard snoring.  Rick smacked the box hard with the flat of his hand making a loud pop when it hit.  The guy inside let out a startled scream and shouted, “I.E.D!,  I.E.D.!,  Take cover!”  There was a lot of movement in the box as the guy scrambled down to one corner.

Loy looked at Rick and said, “Nice move dickhead.”  Rick gave him a ‘how the fuck should I have known’ look.  Loy leaned down at the open end of the box, “Hey bro, its cool.  You’re safe man.  What’s your name?”

“Who da fuck are you?”

“I’m Lt. Loy Barton, retired Navy.  The dickhead here who is makin all the noise is Lt. Rick Crawford, also retired Navy.  Can you please come out?  We really want to talk with you.”  It was obvious the man was a vet, so Loy used their old rank in hopes of getting him to cooperate.

It took the man a minute to crawl out and once he did a pile of crumpled up newspapers came out with him.  He had a prosthetic leg below one knee. 

When he stood up it took him a second to get his balance but he waived off any help.

“So what’s your name soldier?”  Loy put out his hand in greeting.

He still looked leery but he shook Loy’s hand, and Rick’s.   “Specialist Taggart Keenan, Army, served with the 197th Infantry.  Tag for short.”

Tag didn’t look good at all.  He was African-American, and pretty dark skinned, but his complexion was almost grey.  His eyes were bloodshot, and his teeth were yellow.  His breath was ungodly and his body odor was worse. 

“Tag, were you here last night?”

“Why?  Am I in some kind’a trouble?”

“No, not at all.  You see, a buddy of ours, another Navy guy, went missing last night.  We think someone jumped him right over there,” Loy pointed half a block down to the street corner.

“If you were here, did you see or hear anything strange last night?”

“Maybe.”  They could see where this was going. 

“Look, Tag.  This is really important and you would be doing us a huge favor if you can give us anything at all.  I’m not going to give you any money because I know what you would do with it.  I’ll be happy to get you something to eat in exchange for your help.  Are you hungry?”

Tag nodded his head. 

“There’s a McDonald’s a few blocks down.  Does that sound good?”

Tag nodded again.  “Gimme a sec.”  He leaned over and started fiddling with the harness on his leg that held on the prosthesis.  It was loose, which is why he was having trouble standing up.  He probably lost so much weight after his original fitting that it no longer gripped properly. His hands were shaking so bad he was having trouble.  Without making a big deal about it so as not to embarrass Tag, Loy squatted down and said “Here bro let me do this.”  Tag just kind of stood there while Loy tightened up the harness so it was more stable.  “Good to go, now.”

Tag’s thank you was barely a murmur.  He was confused as to who these guys were or what they wanted; some bullshit story about a friend that was in trouble.  But for some reason he didn’t understand he trusted both of them… especially Rick, and he was the dickhead who banged on his box!  For the first time in days he seemed to have a little mental clarity. The fog his brain had been in for god knows how long seemed to be unraveling a little.   And he was starving.

They walked down to the McDonald’s and Loy let Tag order what he wanted.  The shift Manager didn’t want Tag there and came out from behind the counter once someone complained that a homeless guy had come into the store.  Rick and Loy both were as intimidating as possible with the Manager and said they would sit over in a corner and not disturb anyone, but they needed to talk with their friend.  Loy went full on mental with the Manager and almost scared him so bad he came close to peeing in is pants.  In hindsight be might have gone a little overboard, but he felt defensive on behalf of Tag on top of the urgency to find Ken.

Once Tag was full and drinking his shake, Loy broached the subject of Ken again.  “So Tag, did you see or hear anything last night.”

“Mmmm hmmm.” Slurp.

“I’ll be straight wit ya… I was majorly fucked up last night.  But I heard someone right outside where I was tryin ta sleep.  I was scared so I was bein quiet.  I took a look out and saw a few guys.  Big, but not as big as you two.  They was dressed all in black and I know they was wearin night vision goggles.  Two of them had pretty nasty lookin rifles.   They was drivin a black van and had it backed up right off the street.  I thought I was just trippin at first, so I shut up and closed my eyes.”

“A few minutes later I heard them makin some noise.  They was bitchin about how heavy some dude was.   Sounds like they threw him in the back of the van and then they took off.  Didn’t think no mo about it til you two showed up. Thought it must have just been a dream, or some sucker got what was comin to him.  Now I ain’t so sure.”

“Thanks Tag, that is a huge help.  You gonna be ok if we take off now?”

“Yeah.  Thanks for the chow.”

Loy took out one of his business cards and handed it to Tag.  “Look, Tag.  I’m not sure if you are in a place right now where you want any help.  I have no idea what your story is brother, but if you want some help, and you wanna get out of that box, call this number and ask for me or Rick.  No pressure, just think it over.”  Tag stuffed the card into his pocket and slurped the last of his shake.

Rick and Loy left to meet back up with Pat and Darren.  Darren wanted to check with some of the banks in the area to see if their ATM cameras might have caught anything useful.  Rick and Loy headed back.

When they got back, Kevin and Bill were already there as well.  Kevin’s lead back at the agency didn’t pan out.

Brad was looking rough, but was holding his shit together for Ken’s sake.

Pat and Darren called in on their way back.  The banks were cooperative and the Wells Fargo ATM picked up some images.  They saw footage of a black van, but didn’t get the license plate or anything significant, not even the make or model.  The timestamp on the footage from the first bank was 2:13am which fit the timeline of when Ken was taken.  So now they knew when, where, and how Ken had been taken but very little else.

The next few days were frustrating for everyone.  Brad needed to stay in the Lab with Dr. Thomas and the others left only when absolutely necessary.  Sally was trying to sub out as many of their appointments as possible to give them all time to focus on finding Ken. 

On the third day, Brad called everyone into the conference room.   He looked like death warmed over.  He hardly had any sleep the last three days and his eyes were bloodshot with dark circles under them.  He hadn’t shaved and his blond beard was thick and unkempt.  Because of the suppression serum he couldn’t take normal sedatives that would help him sleep.

Everyone was quiet; many eyes were downcast in frustration.  All of them, especially Brad, felt like they were failing Ken.

Brad’s voice as flat and he said, “Before I start, I just want to ask one more time if anyone has any new ideas.  I appreciate the efforts you have all put in so far.  I want you to know that.”

No one spoke up.  Brad felt like Ken was slipping further and further away. 

“Doc, you said you would consider stopping the suppression only after we exhausted all the normal means of investigation.  I think it’s time, don’t you?”

“I know the answer to this already, but my conscious tells me I must ask anyways, Bradford.  This is very dangerous and it could prove fatal.  You know that Kenneth would not want your death.  Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Pardon the expression Doc, my life isn’t worth shit if Ken’s not in it.  He means everything to me.  I’ll gladly lie down my life to save his.  Please do this… for both of us.”

The doctor’s face was solemn when and he said “Alright Bradford.  Follow me.  Everyone else stay in the Lab until further notice.”  As Brad and the doctor were leaving the room everyone stood up.  Kevin called out, “Brad!”  Brad stopped and looked back.  “No one is dying here, you got that?  Not you and not Ken.  Do you understand?”  Everyone stood by Kevin, so it was obvious that he was the one that said the words, but they were from everyone.  Brad could see the love and support in their faces.  He managed a nod, and headed out to follow the doctor.

“Take off all your clothes and lie down on the table.  I need to be able to see as much of your body as possible, in case any further bruising or marks appear.  This will give us an indication of what condition Kenneth is in physically.  I am going to strap you down so you will not be able to hurt yourself if something goes wrong.”

Brad watched as the doctor filled the syringe and put it into the catheter to administer it to him.  He watched the liquid run through the tube and into his body. 

“How long, Doc?”

“Just a few more seconds and you should start to feel it.  Bradford, you must realize at the physical distance you are at right now, Kenneth will not feel your presence or have any awareness of you. It is different when you are together and in physical contact.”

It started out as a slight tickle in the back of his brain.  Brad’s eyes went wide, and he suddenly felt Ken’s presence flooding back into him.

Brad felt all the wires and electrodes connected to Ken’s body.  His mind felt funny.  Not foggy but… strange.  His vision went dark, and he had a slight panic attack that he was going back to that lonely void without Ken.  But this was different… he felt the blindfold and realized why he couldn’t see.

“Doc! Its working!”  Thank god Ken, you’re alive!  Tears of relief filled Brad’s eyes.

“He’s blindfolded, and strapped down to some sort of table.”

Dr. Thomas let out a sigh of relief as well.  They had confirmation Kenneth was still alive, which would rekindle the desire to find and rescue him.

Brad blurted out, “Ok you fucker, quit playin with my dick and get on with it.” 

Dr. Thomas could see all the little red spots appearing over Brad’s body where Ken had electrodes and catheters attached.

He felt flush again and his body broke out in a light sweat.  He heard some fans start up and felt a slight breeze brushing over his skin causing a nice sensation.  He was suddenly horny as hell.  He heard someone else come over and felt them grab his dick.  They just held it firmly. 

Suddenly Brad’s body tensed up, and flushed, and he broke out into a sweat.  He was immediately hard and then cum started flying from his manhood.  It caught both he and Dr. Thomas by surprise. 

Brad realized that Dr. Thomas was talking to him… it was hard to hear him.  He was lost in what was happening to Ken and it was like couldn’t be in two places at once.

“Bradford!  Listen!  Can you hear me?”

“I… I… can hear… you. It’s hard to focus…. When I’m there I’m not here… not so much.”

“Good.  Bradford listen to me carefully.  I am not sure how long it will be safe to continue this.  If you try you should be able to hear what he is hearing as well, not just what he is feeling.  The tactile sense is always the strongest… you should be able to hear and smell everything that he is experiencing.  Try to focus and see if you can find a clue as to where he is or who he is with.”

“Oohhhhh Fuck!  Uh, Uh, Uh.”

“Sorry Doc that wasn’t me!”

Someone grabbed his dick again and then his body spasm’d as another powerful orgasm hit him.  The first shot flew over his shoulder.  His chest and abs were covered with cum.

“Bradford I do not like this…. Maybe I should stop this before you are injured.”

“Doc, no!”

Brad felt somebody wiping the cum off his body and cleaning him up.  He tried to change his vision and as the blackness slowly faded he saw Bill holding a towel.  He had a concerned look on his face.  “Jeez Doc, what’re they doin to him?”

“They are testing him; trying to find his limits.”

Brad felt renewed energy flooding through Ken’s body.

“Ken just got a surge of energy from something.  I’m not sure how but he feels a little better.”

Just then another orgasm hit; the third one in three minutes.  Every muscle in Brad body spasm’d again.  The orgasm was just as powerful as the first, but Brad didn’t have the benefit of Ken’s enhanced physiology.  By the fifth orgasm, Brad was about to pass out and his dick was dry shooting.

“Bradford, I am not breaking the link completely, but I need to lessen the connection.  You cannot keep this up.”

Brad was too weak to argue.  He felt Bill cleaning him up again with a warm damp towel.  When he was done, Bill put a hand on Brad’s shoulder and squeezed it hard, trying to convey his concern and give him strength.  Brad knew that Bill supported him in this one hundred percent.  Bill would do the same for Kevin if the roles were reversed.

As Dr. Thomas started the solution again, Brad felt Ken slipping away, but this time not completely.  Ken was still there but now the sensations were different… it was more like looking at Ken from a distance rather than being in his body.

The orgasms continued for an hour.  Brad was crying most of the time.  Not because it was painful for him, which is was, but because of what Ken was going through.   Brad realized that when the orgasms stopped that Ken had lost consciousness.

“Doc, he passed out.”

“Thank God!  That was barbaric!”  Dr. Thomas sounded angry.  The contempt he had for whoever was doing this to Ken was apparent.

“Please let me stay connected, Doc.  I hate what they are doing to him, but if I share it at least in part, it makes me feel like I’m helping.”

Five minutes went by and Brad could tell that Ken was awake again.  One of Ken’s first sensations was the smell of all the sweat and cum on his body.  Brad breathed in that smell through Kens senses and relished in the smell of his partner.   Then the orgasms started again, but this time Brad didn’t feel that surge of energy.  Ken had nine more orgasms before he passed out again.

Brad lay there in the bed, grateful for the connection to Ken, but in agony over what he was going through.  He felt helpless because he couldn’t comfort Ken in any way.  Ken couldn’t feel him and didn’t know he was there for him.  He had to know that Brad and the others wouldn’t stop until they find him!  He had too!

Half an hour went by when Brad realized Ken was awake.  “Doc, he’s awake.  Can you amp up the connection for a few minutes?  I need to try and get something that will help us.”

“I will Bradford, but at the first sign of anything extreme let me know.  Remember it takes a few seconds for the serum to work if something horrific happens.”

“I smell pipe tobacco.”  It started a little fuzzy but Brad was starting to tune in on what Ken was hearing.  He heard movement… like someone moving closer.  “I can hear someone talking.”

“Well my boy, you are exceeding anything I could have imagined.  Whoever made you is a genius.  I am jealous of his intellect and his vision.  I am going to make it my life’s work to duplicate and even improve upon what he has done.”

“You stupid fucker.  Compared to him you are in diapers, sucking on your mom’s tit and shitting out guacamole into your huggies.  You’ll never figure this out.  Just get it over with.”

“We shall see, my boy.”

Brad could hear the change in the doctor’s tone.  He heard more typing on the keyboard.  He could hear the attitude in the way the keys were being hit harder than usual.  There was a slight pause and then Brad heard a Beep.

Brad heard a slight hiss.  It sounded hydraulic.  He felt the shackle holding Ken’s right wrist raise slightly.  It slammed back down hard.  It hurt a little but not bad.

Brad felt Ken steeling himself for another blow.  He held his silence because he knew the Doc would sever the connection at this point.  He had to hold on for Ken.  He had to find out something that would help.

Beep.  Again it slammed down, this time much harder.  Brad started to sweat from the pain and the effort of holding back what was happening.

The doctor could see that Brad was reacting to something and asked, “Bradford what is happening?”

Beep.  Brad felt his wrist bone splinter.  His breath was coming in gasps now from dealing with the pain.  “Bradford!”

Beep.  Brad felt his wrist bone snap.  This time he did yell.

Bill heard the bone in Brad’s wrist snap just as Brad screamed out in agony.  His body was straining against the straps holding him down, trying to curl up from the pain.

Beep.  He felt the shackle on his left wrist rise up.

Dr. Thomas plunged the syringe down as soon as he heard Brad’s wrist break.  The seconds before the serum took effect seemed like an eternity.  Brad’s other wrist snapped and he screamed uncontrollably.  Everybody heard the screaming and ran to the room where Brad, the doctor, and Bill were at.  Dr. Thomas heard another pop and looked down and saw a blood on Brad’s chest and could see the protrusion of at least one broken rib pushing up through the skin.

Brad’s voice was almost gone from screaming his throat raw, but just as he fell unconscious everyone heard him whisper, “gotcha you fucker….”



It had been centuries since he had been so scared.  It had also been centuries since he had cared so much for anyone.  These young men were like sons to him.  When The Order finally decided to intervene in the direction mankind was taking, he never realized the path would lead here.  He almost lost two of his children tonight.  He still might lose one.  Brad would live, but that was far too close.  Yet at the same time he could not be more proud.  Brad, without the direct benefits of Transformation, was willing to hold on through any agony, even at the cost of his own life, for another human being he loved. 

Dr. Thomas was as gentle as possible with Brad’s hands and ribs.  He set the bones, and wrapped his wounds, doing everything he could to ease his pain and make him as comfortable as possible.  He would soon have to have a conversation with Bill and the others; knowing that they would be confused and disturbed by what they saw, and what it could mean for them.  He did not want this experience to mar what should be a wondrous part of their lives.  He might have to break a rule and take them on this next step, rather than letting them reach it on their own.

Based on his knowledge of what Ken should be able to deal with, even though it was tearing at his soul to know what Ken would have to endure, he had a close estimate of how much time they had to find Ken before he would most likely be dead.

Brad was unconscious for almost five hours.  His condition was more serious than Dr. Thomas let on to the others; his body was drained far beyond any measure of safety.  He slipped into a coma for a short time before showing a small improvement and then entering a normal sleep.  The doctor did everything he could to assist Brad’s body without endangering him further. 


Brad was having the strangest dream.  He remembered horrible pain and blacking out, and then he woke up in this strange place.  It seemed to be dark but he could see himself.  Looking down he saw he was dressed in his favorite workout shorts, a sleeveless t-shirt, his favorite zip up hoodie that Ken gave him as a gift, and his tennis shoes. The darkness extended in all directions.   He felt like he was in a cheap sci-fi movie set that didn’t have much of a budget.

He shouted a “Hello!?”  This place was quiet and creepy.  There was no echo.

Brad began moving slowly away from where he started, uncertain of the direction since he had no point of reference. At first he moved slowly, but the floor seemed smooth and after a little while he trusted that it would stay that way and he started picking up his pace.  What’s the worst that can happen besides I fall and bust my ass?

It was hard to keep a sense of time.  There was so little to this place it didn’t give him much to go on.   After what seemed like at least an hour Brad was pretty sure he saw a light of some kind ahead.  He slowed down and started moving forward cautiously.

As he got closer, it looked like a table of some kind with someone laying on it.  There was a bright light shining down onto the table, like a spotlight.  Brad started feeling a sense of urgency in the pit of his stomach.  Something was wrong …

As soon as he got within a few feet of the table it was like he hit an invisible barrier.  As he looked more closely the man on the table was being held down by thick metal bands.  He was in bad shape – his body covered with burns, and lacerations, and his arms and legs were at odd angles and obviously broken in multiple places.  His whole body was soaked from blood and sweat.   The face that slowly turned to face him was puffy and swollen, but as soon as they make eye contact Brad felt like he was struck by lightning and recognition flooded into him.   

“KEN!  OH FUCK! KEN!”  Brad started pounding against the invisible barrier.

Ken just looked at him, but either didn’t see him or didn’t recognize him for some reason.  Brad was panicking as he started slamming his fists against the invisible barrier.  Ken’s eyes were glazed over, but the longer he stared the more he seemed to be trying to focus.

Brad saw Ken’s mouth move but he couldn’t hear anything.  Ken was now starting to move a little, his broken and tortured body struggling against the metal bonds.  It had to be agonizing but with his wrist shattered and bloody he was able to pull his hand through the shackle.

As Brad continued to throw his entire body against the barrier, punching it and kicking it with all his strength, he felt it give ever so slightly.

Ken continued to struggle and pulled his arm up and through the shackle holding it down.  His body was wracked with pain, and Brad could see veins in his body popping out from the strain.  His face was beet red.  Inch by inch his he pulled his arm up.  As Brad watched him it seemed everything was in slow motion. 

As Ken’s arm pulled free, Brad could see the spit and blood flying out of his mouth as he screamed in pain.  His normally white teeth were covered in blood and his nostrils were flaring with deep breaths as he tried to fight off the pain.

Brad was now a few inches closer.  He was slowly punching a hole through the barrier. 

Brad continued to punch his way through.  His hand felt broken from punching at the barrier, but he knew he couldn’t stop.  The pain was about to make him black out when he suddenly felt his right fist break through. 

Ken’s outstretched arm was straining with the effort to reach Brad, but he couldn’t straighten his arm out all the way.  He was shaking all over with the effort.

Their fingertips finally touched, and Ken’s voice flooded into Brad’s mind.

Brad!  Oh god B!  Get me outta here!  I can’t hold on any more... I.. I… I tried man, but I c…c…can’t take this anymore.  Ken broke down and started sobbing.

“Ken! Oh fuck, oh fuck!”  Looking at his best friend and lover, and what they had done to him, the agony he was in, set fire to Brad.  Terrified for his lover, he didn’t know what to do to save him.  Through the tiny connection of their fingertips Brad took all of that fire, all the anger and hatred, and stoking it with his love for the man in front of him, he pushed all of what was in him into Ken, trying to give him hope and love and strength.

“You gotta hold on Ken, you gotta!  I can’t lose you, man!”  Brad was sobbing so hard he could hardly talk.  “We know how to find you!  You gotta hang on!  We’re coming!”

Brad woke up with a slight jerk.  He was confused and disoriented for a second.  He felt some lingering emotions from the dream but couldn’t remember what it was about.  He was still strapped down to the bed and in the Lab.  He was exhausted.

Dr. Thomas saw Brad move, and quickly went over to his bedside. “Bradford? How are you feeling?”

He tried to smile and his reply was barely audible, “Like crap.”  His throat was still raw from the screaming.  The small effort of laughter chaffed his throat and he started coughing, which wracked his body with pain.  It still wasn’t safe yet to give him any powerful sedatives because of the lingering effects of the suppression serum. 

The doctor gave him a rare smile, and he reached down and cupped his hand in the curve of Brad’s neck and shoulder, and gently squeezed.  To anyone who knew the doctor, it was a surprising overt show of affection.

“You were incredibly brave tonight Bradford.  Foolish, but brave beyond words, my boy.  I am very proud of you.”

“Doc,” Brad whispered, “I saw him…  I saw the bastard that has Ken.”





Ok that’s it for Chapter 2… I hope you enjoyed it!  Was that just a dream that Brad had or was it something more?

Chapter 3 is soon to follow so stay tuned to find out if the team can find Ken and rescue him in time!

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