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The Order - Chapter 3


The doctor immediately called for Lane who was an excellent sketch artist.  He often worked with various police departments who didn’t have their own artists on staff.  Lane popped up out of his chair like he was on a spring and rushed over when he heard his name called.  He looked both apprehensive and expectant at the same time.

The doctor quickly explained what was needed and Lane ran to his locker to get his sketchbook and pencils.

He came back and pulled a stool over to Brad’s bedside.  The doctor left the room giving Lane strict instructions to call him if he was needed. 

“Hey bro, how are ya.”

Brad’s reply was a weak, “Never better.”

“Damn man you about gave us all a heart attack.  Now you pull this hero shit.  You set the bar pretty high for us peons.  We all know you just don’t want to miss out on that hot package of Ken’s – you aren’t foolin anyone.”

Brad smiled and was grateful for Lane trying to lighten his spirits.  What gave Lane away were the tears in his eyes, which he tried to hide by lowering his head.

Lane’s voice caught in his throat and he said, “Fuck bro, please don’t do that again.  We couldn’t stand to lose you… or Ken.”

Lane pulled himself together, and once he expressed to Brad how much he meant to him, he got down to business.

“Ok start telling me what this fuckhead looks like.”

Brad started on his description.  Long thin face, long salt and pepper hair, more salt than pepper, pulled back into a pony tail.  Goatee.  Dark eyes.  Wrinkles.  Pointy chin, high forehead, thin lips. Thin build.  After about 45 minutes, Lane had portrait of the man that Brad saw.  It was spot on.

“Ok, buddy.  Your job is done for now, let us take over and bring Ken home.  You both need each other.  Once we get him back you both will be as good as new in no time.” Lane reached out and gently squeezed Brad’s forearm and left the room.


Lane came out of the room holding up his sketch.  “Ok Doc, I think we’re good to go.”

Bill said, “Our connection to all major Government Databases is established at all levels; no secrets today kiddo’s.  We should have at least three to four hours before any intrusion is detected.  I’ve got the kill switch ready in case we get any surprises.  Lane, scan that sketch for me buddy and send it over.  We’ll start with facial recognition.”

“Brad also mentioned the smell of pipe tobacco.  I need someone to pull up a record of all the stores in the Metro Atlanta area that sell tobacco and run with that search.   Find the stores, who they bank with, and start pulling purchasing and credit card billing info.  I know it’s a big list, but it’s a start.  We just might get lucky and get a hit.”

“On it!” Darren shouted, and started typing furiously at the terminal he was using.

Partial hits on the facial recognition started coming in after about twenty minutes, but the initial hits were false-positives.  After an hour and a half, Bill shouted out, “I think we got a hit!  It’s going on the Ops board!”

The large screen in the operations room lit up and a black and white photo from a newspaper popped up on the screen.  The quality was horrible.  Before anyone could say anything Bill shouted out, “Yeah, yeah, I know it sucks!  Working on it!”   He ran the photo through a digital enhancement algorithm and after a few seconds the picture came into focus.  The text from the caption under the photo looked Slavic.

“This is from the Kyiv Post online archives.  The photo was taken in 1974.  According to the caption, it’s a congratulatory piece in the paper for a Bohuslav Oleksander who earned his third Ph.D. from the University of Moscow.  His degrees are in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.  Now that we have a name, let’s see what else we can find.”

“It looks like he dropped out of site for quite a few years.”  Bill kept typing and after another minute he continued, “Ahhh, sneaky devil.  He moved to the United States and changed his name.  We next see him in 1994 going by the name of Boris Cromwell.  He seems to be camera shy, but we have a few solid hits with 100% id.

Darren piped in, “Ok I have multiple hits on both Visa and MasterCard under the name of Boris Cromwell.  He seems to make regular purchases of tobacco at The Junkman’s Daughter at Little Five Points.

Bill continued, “Ok fuc…., um Gentlemen….,” as soon as Bill remembered that the Doctor was in the room listening he corrected himself.

“We know the man’s name, we know his home address, and we know his purchasing habits.  There seems to be no information about his current place of employment.  Usually, in a case like this, lack of evidence is evidence in and of itself.  Thank goodness our amazing Government likes to repeat their mistakes.  If he has no record of employment, then he must work someplace that the Government doesn’t want anyone to know about.  Ahhh…. Here we go.  Following the money, Dr. Cromwell receives deposits from the Department of Defense into an offshore account, from which he very unwisely transfers money into his Wells Fargo Checking Account.  Following the rabbit trail…. The Department of Defense leases a few top secret properties in the Atlanta area.  Doc, by the way, this new search engine you have rocks.”

A map of Atlanta popped up on the second wall screen with the properties circled.

“It looks like we are in luck; we have current Satellite imagery in the DoD Database at all three addresses within the last fifteen minutes.  I’m so glad they like to keep tabs on their top secret facilities.”

High altitude images appeared, and then zoomed in to a few hundred feet above the rooftops.  There weren’t many cars in any of the parking lots, but one in particular had a black van.

“Ok there’s a high probability that we just found out where Ken is being held.”

Everyone on the team became laser focused now that they had a solid lead and a direction.  The adrenaline was starting to pump and everyone quickly and efficiently gathered their gear and suited up.  Everyone was quiet, forcing themselves to believe they would get there in time to save Ken.

Bill, Darren, and Lane stayed behind to run the operations remotely, since Brad couldn’t be left alone.  Loy would drive the van.  Normally they would be on-site backup and run the operation from the Van.  Dr. Thomas insisted on accompanying the team; something he had never done before. 

“This is not a warzone, not the type that you were trained in originally.  I feel my presence might be needed.  I will stay in the van and not venture out until you are satisfied that it is safe for me to do so.”

The ride over in the van seemed to take forever. 

Bill managed to pull the original blueprints of the facility before it was repurposed by the Department of Defense.  He marked all the entrances, and calculated the vantage points they needed to cover and was sending the information into the HUD display in the headsets they were using. 

“Ok gentlemen, since it’s already dark we won’t have to wait.  From the satellite imagery we see eleven cars parked at the facility.  Tag registration has been run, and I’m uploading the list of names with photos now.  All of these people have top secret security clearance so I doubt there is anyone in that building that is unaware of what’s going on.”

“It appears that only the front entrance is used, so the other exits must be sealed off.  We’ll need cover on them just in case.”

“Bryan, you’ll need to take care of the security codes and door locks.  We need absolute silence even after we are in the building.  Chances are they have some kind of kill switch hooked up to Ken that can be triggered in case of a rescue attempt.  We need to be invisible and precise.”

“Doc is there anything you want to say?  We have a few minutes before we’ll be on site.”

“Yes, William, thank you.  As I stated before, this is not a war, or more precisely not a conventional war.  I wish no bloodshed tonight.  Injuries are permissible to ensure control, but unless it is unavoidable I do not wish for any man or woman to lose their life tonight.  The type of war that is being waged here is an atrocity and is the first step towards something far more sinister.  The most powerful ally we have is secrecy, and that must remain so.  If our enemy finds this facility filled with bodies it will only further draw attention to us.  I wish to send them a message that is more subtle and that will, at the very least, make them think twice before trying something like this again.  To use a phrase that you all so often employ, I wish them to know who they are fucking with.  I wish them to feel the consequences of their actions and feel fear.  Once you have everyone secured I will need a few minutes alone with them.”

After a short awkward silence Bill continued, “Ohhkayyy…. You are now one click away from the facility.  Loy, there should be a building just to your left you can park behind.”

Loy pulled off and parked behind the building.  There were no lights and it was pitch black.  The back door opened and the four men slipped into the night, silent and invisible in the shadows.  They wore full assault gear – black Kevlar body suits, covered from head to toe.  Their heads and faces were covered, with headsets for communications, HUD, and night vision.  Their suits were covered with small pockets filled with various gadgets the doctor had made or supplied to them; ammunition, C4 with detonators, emergency medical kits… and the suits were wired to monitor their vital signs.  The head covering included filters to protect against gas and chemicals.  The lining of the suits even helped to mask their thermal signatures against infrared detection.

Aside from the anxiety about Ken and what they would find once they were inside, everyone felt the exhilaration of being on a mission again.  Even after eighteen years none of them had lost their edge.  Almost at the same time, all of the men had the same thought – These guys have no idea what is about to come down on their heads.

They all made their way silently and took up their positions to wait for Bryan’s signal that it was safe to continue.

It took Bryan a few minutes to avoid the cameras and get into position.  Not wanting to take the time to pick the locks on the junction box, he used his strength to slowly bend the steel box with his fingers until it opened.  He spliced into the fiber optic lines from the junction box and as soon as he did Loy saw the monitors in the van light up.

Loy’s voice came over the intercom, “Good job Bry.  We’re in.  Stay back and cover the rear entrance in case anyone tries to sneak out on us.”  Bryan found a small spot in deep shadow and knelt down to wait.

The security cameras and door locks were now under their control.  Back in the van the doctor started working on hacking in and taking over their computer system. 

Kevin, Rick, and Patrick appeared like ghosts at the front entrance to the building.  There was a bio-metric panel which normally required a thumbprint in addition to the card, but the panel stayed dark as Kevin swiped his smartcard.  There was a barely discernible click as the magnetic locks released and the door opened.

Kevin swung the door open and moved forward cautiously.  Bright fluorescent lights lit up the short hallway in front of them.  Their night vision headsets immediately turned off and their HUDS switched display format to compensate for the new brightness.  From the blueprints Kevin knew that there was a small cubby right around the corner, which would probably have a desk with a security guard of some type.  They shut the door silently behind them.

Bill’s voice came over the com link, “Sealing the building.  Unless they have some sort of manual override or panic device, no one can get in or out now.”

Kevin pulled out a small fiber optic camera that looked like a length of wire from one of his many pockets.  He straightened it and held it out so the tip was just past the corner of the hallway.  Everyone saw the image of a single security guard sitting at a desk, reviewing the security monitors, oblivious to what was happening.

The guard didn’t see or hear anything.  Kevin moved blindingly fast, knocking the man out cold and catching him before he could fall down.  He sprayed a small aerosol can into the man’s face to make sure he stayed asleep until the doctor wanted him awake.

With the security guard out of the way, they quickly moved down the hallway.  There were two women and a man in the first room.  Rick and Pat moved into the room and the three people stopped cold when the two large figures dressed all in black appeared out of nowhere pointing rifles at them.  Kevin stayed on lookout, just inside the door.   The guy actually fainted when Rick moved towards him.  The women were shaking and holding onto one another.    Rick and Pat sprayed them for good measure and pulled their bodies behind the big island in the middle of the room to keep their bodies out of sight.

There was one more lab, smaller than the first, which held two more technicians.  In no time they were unconscious and out of sight.

Kevin could see and hear movement ahead.  The hallway opened up into a large room, which took up most of the floor plan of the building.  There was a glass chamber in the middle of the room that was brightly lit.  Kevin’s gut wrenched at what he saw.  Ken’s body was laid out spread eagle on the table with large metal bands holding him down.  He was naked and covered in blood and sweat, and his body was twitching.   Kevin could see marks all over Ken’s body; blackened areas that were obviously burns, pieces of skin removed, and his arms and legs were bent at odd angles.  There was a tall thin man in a white lab coat with his back to Kevin’s vantage point.  The pony tail told Kevin it was probably Dr. Cromwell.  It took every ounce of self-control not to lift his rifle and end the man’s miserable existence. 

Everyone back in the van was seeing this over the camera on Kevin’s headset.


Dr. Cromwell was taking skin grafts off of Ken’s legs to freeze them for future study.  He was intentionally keeping Ken awake with stimulants – partially out of scientific curiosity, but mostly out of sheer cruelty.  The boy continually insulted his intelligence at every opportunity.  

One of the technicians saw Kevin step out of the hallway and screamed.  Fear hit Dr. Cromwell fast and hard.  He knew immediately what was happening and bolted out of the room, towards the back of the building.  He paused at the entrance to the rear hallway just long enough to lift a small acrylic casing and press the red button that was on the wall.  Then he fled.

Kevin said in a tight voice, “Bry he’s headed out the back.”

The five assistants were all incapacitated in seconds. 

Dr. Cromwell was angry.  How dare they!  He ran down the hallway and literally threw his body against the panic bar that stretched across the back door.  The door flew open and Dr. Cromwell slammed right into Bryan’s 6’ 425 lb. frame, which felt much harder than the door.  Bryan grabbed the doctor by the front of his lab coat and lifted him off his feet like a rag doll.   Bryan lifted off his headset and pulled the doctor closer so their faces were inches apart.  Bryan’s face was still covered except for his piercing blue eyes.  Bryan had seen the image of Ken on the table through his HUD.  The fury he felt at this man was almost incapacitating and despite all of his training he wanted to crush this man’s skull with his bare hands.  He wanted to slowly and painfully squeeze the life out of the monster he had in his grasp.  The doctor looked into those blue eyes and saw his death.  He was so terrified that he lost control of his bladder and pissed all over himself and then passed out.

Bryan felt the doctor go limp and realized what happened when he smelled the man’s piss.  Bryan let out a low, frustrated growl, and he head-butted the doctor.  He was careful not to break the man’s nose, but he wanted him to feel pain when he woke up.

As soon as Kevin heard Bryan say, “I got him,” Kevin said, “Doc we need you NOW.” 

Loy was already pulling the van up by the front door; as soon as the image of Ken had come across the video feed the doctor told Loy to move out.

Kevin felt so helpless, looking down at his friend - His Captain.  Ken’s face was almost unrecognizable from the swelling and blood.  Kevin had no idea how Ken could still be conscious but he was.  Patrick found the release mechanism for the shackles and all of them retracted.  As soon as they released, Ken’s body started pulling in from all the pain, trying to get in a fetal position.  Kevin was pulling all the electrodes and catheters off, going as fast as he could but trying to be gentle at the same time.

All of them had tears in their eyes, and they kept repeating, “Fuck,” or “Fuck me,” under their breath.

Ken’s body was trembling and shaking uncontrollably from the pain.  He kept trying to say something, and even with his heightened hearing Kevin couldn’t make it out.  He bent over, wanting to give his buddy some kind of comfort but afraid to touch him.  There wasn’t a square inch anywhere on Ken’s body that wasn’t covered with bruises, lacerations, burns, lack of skin, or broken bones.

Kevin leaned over and said, “Ken buddy we’re here man.  You’re safe now.  The doc’ll be here any second and we’re takin you home.  You gotta hang on man, you gotta.”

Ken was still trying to say something.  Kevin put his ear up to Ken’s mouth and finally heard what he was saying. “K... k...kill me  p… puh… please… m... mm… make... it... stop.”  Hot tears started falling down Kevin’s cheeks.  Where the fuck is the doc?


It seemed like forever, but suddenly the doctor rushed into the room, followed by Loy, who was carrying a collapsible stretcher and the doctor’s medical case.

The doctor had seen Ken over the monitor, but seeing him in person and the agony he was in was almost too much to bear.  “Oh my poor boy what have they done?”  The doctor’s voice was choked with grief.  He only paused long enough to whisper those words, and then he moved over to the table.

Opening the medical case Loy had set down on the table; he took out a syringe and plunged it into Ken’s neck.   While he was reaching for another set of syringes, Ken’s trembling stopped and his body went still. 

“Kevin!”  Kevin heard the desperation on the doctor’s voice; shouting his name like a command and a cry for help.  Kevin moved over to the doctor’s side, having to steady the trembling in his own hands.

The doctor pulled out a long black case and unzipped it.  Kevin recognized it as an adrenaline shot.  He realized that Ken’s heart had stopped and that his friend was no longer breathing.

“Kevin, I am not strong enough to get this through his chest plate.  I will hold it in position but you need to push it through.  One three… one… two… three!”  Using the palm of his hand, Kevin pushed down hard.  He felt the resistance as the needle punctured through Ken’s solid chest plate.  The doctor quickly pressed the plunger, forcing adrenaline straight into Ken’s heart.

Ken’s body reacted immediately, his back arching as he sucked air back into his lungs.  He collapsed back onto the table, but he was breathing, and thankfully unconscious.  The doctor finished administering the other syringe’s he had prepared.

They all felt relief flood through them as they realized Ken was breathing again.

None of them could imagine what Brad was going through back at the Lab seeing all of this.

“Kenneth is not out of the woods yet.  The serums I have just given him will hopefully keep him alive until we get him back to the Lab.” 

The doctor pulled out a three small vials from his bag, the kind that had eye droppers as part of the lid.  He gave one each to Kevin, Rick, and Patrick.  “Take these, and place an eye dropper full of the liquid under the tongue of everyone here.    Leave them all in the rooms where you found them.”

Reaching up to activate his own com link, he said “Bryan my boy, please bring the doctor back inside.”

Bryan came down the hallway with the doctor over his shoulder.  He flopped the doctor down hard onto the floor.  It was obvious to everyone that the man had pissed his pants and he had a bloody nose.  They all looked up at Bryan, who shrugged and had an innocent look on his face.  “What?!  HE ran into ME!”

The doctor asked Loy, “Is the program uploaded into their system?”

“Yes sir.”

The doctor sat down at one of the terminals in the room and started quickly typing.  The lights flickered and it looked like the entire facility rebooted.  

“Bryan please put that monster in the first room with the others in there.”  Bryan picked up the man by his lab coat and none to gently drug him into the other room, not caring if his head happened to knock into a few chairs on the way.

The doctor went quickly to each room where unconscious scientists or technicians were piled up on the floor.  He was alone and no one knew exactly what it was he did to them.  He returned after a few minutes.

“That should do the trick.  Now, let us take our brother home.”

Loy had the stretcher extended and Kevin and Rick very carefully moved Ken onto it.  They were as gentle as possible, knowing that every movement could cause more damage to Ken and even though he was unconscious, more pain.

They loaded him securely into the van, cleaned up all evidence that they were ever there, and left.



Brad was on pins and needles.  He had never been so afraid.  Brad felt it when Ken’s heart stopped.  Bill, Darren, and Lane were all with him; holding him and doing their best to support him, but it was like the straw that broke the camel’s back.  Even after Ken started breathing again, Brad’s face was slack and emotionless.  When Ken stopped breathing, his body lifeless even for those few seconds, it broke their connection, and set Brad adrift again – all alone.  His vision started spiraling, he felt like he was falling, and he passed out.  Darren gently picked him up and moved him into one of the beds.

It took about half an hour for the van to get back to the lab in traffic.  The ride back was silent as everyone sat looking at Ken and what had been done to him.

At one point the doctor asked Bill over the com link, “William how is Bradford?”

“Doc he’s unconscious.  Right after you gave Ken the adrenaline shot he passed out.”

The doctor pressed his eyes closed and let out a heavy sigh.  “William, get him into a bed and watch him closely.  Do NOT let him hurt himself, do you understand?”

Bill’s reply sounded a bit panicked as realized what the doc meant, “Yes sir.”

Bill looked over at Darren and Lane, and they all rushed into the room where Brad was laying on the bed.  Brad was awake, but he was staring at the ceiling, completely despondent.  He didn’t seem to hear or register that they were even there.  They were scared for Brad and Ken both.  How could this be happening?



Brad was still despondent when they brought Ken into the Lab.  They took Ken into the critical unit, their version of an ICU.  The doctor quickly had Ken hooked up to his computers, with various tubes and hoses and wires.  He worked quickly and efficiently, asking whoever was closest when he needed certain things from other areas of the lab.  All of the men were trained as EMT’s and assisted him as needed. 

After an hour of attaching the equipment, taking measurements, and multiple injections, the doctor started slowing down.  When he came out of the room everyone stood up quickly and came over to hear what he had to say.

“What was done to Kenneth is horrific beyond words.  That any human being could treat another in such a way… it reminds me of darker times.  I thought such times were behind us, but apparently not.  Kenneth is not out of the woods yet.  His injuries are so severe…. if he makes it through the next twenty four hours his chances will improve dramatically.  Once we get past his physical injuries I’m concerned about his mental state.  I have no idea what condition his mind will be in after what he has experienced.  I have temporarily induced a coma, to let his body recover as it was designed to do.  We will have to wait and see how he progresses, and cross whatever bridges we find as they arise.”

Kevin felt like he had to tell the doc about what Ken said.  The opportunity hadn’t presented itself yet.


“Yes, Kevin?”

“Doc, with what you just said about Ken’s mental state… when we got to him… he…”  Kevin was starting to lose it.  He could hear the pain in Ken’s plea, and it kept repeating over and over in his mind. “He begged me to kill him doc.”  Bill moved over and put his hands on Kevin’s shoulders throwing his support behind his mate.  Kevin took a deep breath to pull himself together.

“I hope we were not too late, and Bradford’s sacrifice was not in vain.  You all know Kenneth and understand the depth of what was done to him and how far he has to recover.  But he is resilient, as is Bradford, and they both have all of us to help them.  We are family and we will have to be as supportive and understanding as we can be in their recovery.”

“I am as fearful for Bradford as I am Kenneth.  Bradford has proven more resourceful than I imagined and has put himself in extreme danger by helping Kenneth.  I am not even sure he is aware of what he did, or how, but he has been badly wounded and drained and he might be beyond our help.”

Everyone stood in stunned silence, letting what the doc said sink in.  They all felt like they just got kicked in the nuts – twice!


“Bryan, would you assist Lane is cleaning Kenneth up?  Be as gentle as you can, and let me know if you need any assistance.”  As they moved by him, he reached out and grabbed their arms and gave them both a reassuring squeeze.  Both of them covered his hand in theirs in a show of gratitude and they moved into the room to carry out their job.

“I must see to Bradford now,” he said as he moved into the other room.  All of them noticed that the doctor seemed older and his shoulders were slumped.  On top of Ken and Brad, that worried them as well.

The doctor went into the room Brad was in.  Brad was lying in bed, his eyes open and staring at the ceiling but not seeing anything.   The sheets were pulled up to his waist, showing the wrap around his ribcage which covered most of his bare torso.  Both his hands were in braces from mid-palm to about mid-forearm.  His face was haggard and his normal tanned complexion was almost grey.  His eyes had dark circles under them and he hadn’t shaved in days.

“Bradford, I know you can hear me, even if it is your subconscious.  My boy, what you did was incredibly heroic.  The others do not understand yet just what it is that you did.  I am not sure how you did it on your own.  You have progressed years beyond what I was expecting at this time.  We cannot afford to lose you, son…  I cannot afford to lose you.  Kenneth, especially, needs you more than ever, even after what you have already done for him.  I will do what I can to help you.  I can give you a beacon to find, but you will have to make the journey back on your own. I wish I was permitted to help you, but for the sake of the others I cannot.  Not yet.”  The doctor’s eyes reflected the sadness and pain he felt for his young charge.

The only reaction Brad had that he heard any of this, were more tears running down his cheeks.


Lane started gathering clean towels, cotton balls, Qtips, rubbing alcohol, and hot water.  Bryan was still in his combat suit. Lane quietly told him, “Dude, go change clothes.  I’ll get this started.”  Bryan was grateful and quickly changed and was back in just a few minutes.

They began the arduous task of cleaning up their buddy.  Even though Ken was in a coma, they knew his body could still feel pain.  The man who did this was cruel and it became more apparent as they worked.  The cuts were deeper than necessary for grafts, and jagged edges were left on purpose to expose raw nerves.  And the burns… it looked like someone had put out cigars all over his body, except for one spot on his shoulder that looked like it had been exposed to an intense flame.  They could see his shoulder bone where the skin was burned off completely.

It took Lane and Bryan nearly three hours to clean Ken up as best they could.  They couldn’t believe how many towels they used and how much blood there was.  Both men cried on and off while they worked, and they periodically had to stop and mentally steel themselves to go on.

Ken made it through the first twenty four hours, which sent a small sigh of relief through everyone, but he was still in the induced coma.  His body was beginning to show small outward signs of improvement.  Ken’s own subconscious was guiding and prioritizing his recovery.  As long as the doctor kept his body supplied with the right nutrients, proteins, vitamins, and hydration, it would eventually return everything to full health.  Scars would be the last thing to heal, so he would still look rough for a while.  The swelling was gone from his face, although there was still some bruising.  Just like Brad, Ken hadn’t shaved since he was taken, and he had a week’s worth of beard growth.  Outwardly he was starting to look like his ruggedly handsome, studly self.

Brad, on the other hand, looked worse than ever.  He hadn’t had anything solid to eat in days.  The doctor was pumping fluids into him to prevent dehydration, and a mild sedative to keep his body relaxed, but he was visibly losing weight.  The doctor decided to induce a coma on Brad as well, for a day or two, to see if his it would lessen his brain activity.  Something was going on in his mind, but so far the doctor had made no headway in reaching him.

With both men in a coma, the doctor sent everyone home for the first night since Ken had been brought back. 

“You have all been through your own ordeal this week.  You need to go spend time with one another and take care of yourselves.  I will stay with Kenneth and Bradford, and rest assured I will contact you all immediately if there is any change.”

All of the couples reluctantly agreed and left the doctor alone.  They went home, got a solid meal, and took comfort in each other’s arms.  That night when their bodies were intertwined, and they made love, they felt a renewed appreciation for each other.  Their love grew deeper and stronger, which replenished their hearts and minds.  The next day they all felt better. 


Shortly after midnight, when the lab was dark, and the doctor was asleep in one of the spare beds, Brad sat up.  His eyes were moving around and his face still looked pale and gaunt.  He slowly removed all the wires and electrodes that were hooked to his body.

He walked into Ken’s room and went over to the bed.  He put his hand out and laid it on Ken’s chest.  He felt the heat of Ken’s body and just left his hand there for a few minutes.  Then he crawled up into the bed and lay down beside his lover.  It was difficult because the bed wasn’t made for two big men.  He put his head on Ken’s chest and with his other hand he gently stroked Ken’s body wherever he could reach.  He could only use only his fingertips because of the braces on his wrists, but it was enough to make some kind of connection.  Ken’s body was hotter than usual because of the healing process, and Brad’s body started sweating lightly where their skin touched.  Brad started crying as he lay there, his tears pooling on Kens chest and running down across his ribcage.  If the doctor could see him this way it wouldn’t be clear if Brad was comforting Ken or trying to be comforted by him.

Lane and Bryan were the first to get to the lab in the morning.  Patrick, Darren, Rick, Loy, Kevin, and Bill all had to head into the office, at least for part of the day. Sally was frantic and they were at risk of losing some clients if they didn’t cover a few jobs.  They didn’t want to do it, but with Ken on the mend and Brad at least stable they felt a bit of the urgency let up.

They stopped at Chic-Fil-A and picked up some chicken biscuits on the way for themselves and the doc.  They got a few extra for Ken and Brad just in case.   When they walked in all the lights were still off.  The doc must have still been asleep; he wasn’t known to be an early riser.

Lane went in to check on Brad and Bryan went to wake up the doc.

Seconds later Lane let out a shout, “Doc!  Doc!  Come quick and check this out!”

The doc shot out of bed in surprise.  Lane’s voice sounded more surprised than panicked, but still sounded urgent.  He rushed into Ken’s room, where Lane was standing at the door with a surprised, almost happy look on his face.  The sight both amazed and baffled him.  Brad was in bed, lying on top of Ken, asleep.


He moved over to examine both of them.  How Bradford could have gotten in here on his own was a mystery.  He was in an induced coma and should not have been able to move let alone walk.  Bryan moved over to the bedside.  He was looking for any signs of sexual activity but he didn’t say that out loud.  It would be just like those studs to figure out how to have sex even in a coma.

Bryan couldn’t help but smile when that thought popped into his head.  It was then he noticed the marks on Ken.  “Oh my God, doc, look.”

Bryan gently moved Brad’s arm off Ken’s chest.  Where Brad’s skin had been touching Ken, he looked completely healed. 

“Quickly, Bryan, take Bradford back to his own bed.”

Bryan picked Brad up like a baby and took him back to the other room.  As Lane and the doctor looked, it was like a stamp of Brad’s body on Ken.  The skin was completely healthy and without scars wherever they had been touching.  Looking more closely they could even make out the tear trails across Ken’s chest and ribs where Brad and been crying.

“This is quite unexpected; and fascinating!”

Whatever happened, Ken’s healing was greatly accelerated.  The doctor stopped the induced coma and Ken entered normal sleep. 

Brad, however, continued to decline both physically and mentally.  Whatever he managed to do, consciously or not, took its toll on him.  He was awake now but very weak and groggy.

Brad’s voice was barely discernible but he managed a, “Hi doc”, when the doctor came in.

“Bradford, thank goodness you are awake.”  There were tears in the doctors eyes, something Brad had never seen before.

Lane and Bryan both came into the room, one on either side of his bed.  They both reached out and grabbed a shoulder and pulled him into a tight embrace.  Lane was the first one to speak.  “Hey bud, you finally decided to join us?”  The doctor went out to get some vials to draw blood and left them alone for a few minutes.

Bryan couldn’t hold back and said, “Fuck me Brad, so help me if you ever do anything like this again I will kill you myself!   You crazy bastard.”  Brad saw the smile on Bryan’s face and the wetness in his eyes and tried to smile back.

“I’m hungry.  Do you women have anything in the kitchen?”  Bryan and Lane were stunned at how weak Brad’s voice sounded.

The best thing they could come up with was a warmed up chicken biscuit from that morning.  Lane said he would go out and get something more appropriate and less greasy.  Bryan told Brad, “Ken is doing much better man.  I bet the doc will let us move you two into the same room now if we ask.  Whatever mojo you seem to have picked up worked wonders on him.”

Brad gave him a curious look but didn’t respond directly.  “Do you think I can see him?  Can you help me in there?”

“Sure buddy.”  Bryan was surprised at how weak Brad was, and ended up mostly carrying him into Ken’s room.  “I need to sit down, man.  Sorry… guess I’m more tired than I thought.”  Bryan pulled a chair over to the bedside for Brad so sit in.

“Bud, you got nothing to be sorry about.  You’re a fuckin hero in all our eyes.”

Brad didn’t say anything.  He just leaned forward and took one of Ken’s hands in between both of his.  The braces still made it awkward but as soon as Brad took Ken’s hand into his own, Ken inhaled deeply and his eyes slowly opened.  For a split second Bryan saw terror there and Ken tried to get up, thinking he was still being held and tortured.

Bryan moved over quickly and grabbed Ken by the shoulders and held him down firmly.  “Whoa Ken, buddy… you’re safe man.  You’re back at the lab.  We got you bro.”

Ken’s eyes came into focus, and he started trembling.  “Ohhh fuck…” and tears of relief started flowing down his handsome face.  Bryan started crying too, and helped him to sit up.  He chuckled to himself and thought, Damn I should buy stock in Kleenex with all the cryin goin on around here.  Brad struggled to stand up, and as soon as Ken realized he was there he grabbed him and pulled him over in a fierce hug.  Brad sucked in his breath in pain as Ken squeezed his broken ribs.  Ken realized instantly that Brad was hurt and stopped squeezing.  When he looked he saw that most of Brad’s naked torso was wrapped, like his ribs were hurt, and he had a wrist brace on each hand.  He was shocked at how horrible his friend looked.  Just last week he was already starting to tan up nice, but now he was pale and pasty looking, he had huge dark circles under his bloodshot eyes, and he looked like he had lost weight.

“God, B what happened to you!?  Who did this to you?”  Brad felt light as a feather in Ken’s hands and he was still weak from his own recovery.  Ken lifted him up and sat Brad down in his lap facing away and hugged him from behind, being extra careful of because of his ribs.  Ken put his chin on Brad’s shoulder and pulled him back against his body, wanting to feel as much skin contact as he could manage.  He was rubbing his cheek against Brad’s, and since both of them had a five plus day growth of beard, it sounded like sandpaper being rubbed together but to both men it was pure bliss.  Brad covered Ken’s hands with his own and leaned back against Ken, feeling the heat from his body.  They were both crying, and Ken just started rocking Brad back and forth, holding him and soaking in his presence.

Bryan felt like he was intruding by this time.  As he was turning to go, he noticed that even though Brad was crying, his face had a flat, faraway look that was completely out of character for him. Well the doc said it was going to take a while.  They’ve been through hell and back for each other this week.  Bryan prayed that both of them could get back to their old selves as soon as possible.

Bryan went to report to the doc what just happened.   The doctor was anxious for them, but gave them some time, and by the time the he went in, they were both asleep again, with Brad spooning up against Ken’s back with one arm crooked under his head.  His other hand was intertwined with Ken’s fingers as much as the brace would allow and Ken had Brad’s hand held against his chest.

Just by being in close proximity to Ken, Brad’s wounds started healing faster.  The doctor kept them both in the Lab a few more days for observation.  The rest of the team went back to their regular schedule at the security firm.  They took turns swinging by the lab a few times a day to drop off food and check on Ken and Brad.  The doc decided he could start going back to his house for the evenings, starting that night, pleased with the physical progress both men were making.

Ken sealed the lab as soon as the doctor left.  The same as when he was at home, he felt any remaining tension from the day flow out of him when he heard the sound of the seals going into place and the slight change in air pressure.

He went back over to Brad’s desk, where Brad was sitting on a stool doing something on his notebook.

“You know B… I love the doc, and all the guys, but I’m glad to finally be alone with you.”

The funk that Brad was in when he first woke up had lifted some, but he still wasn’t back to his old self by a long shot.  Being around Ken seemed to help.

“Yeah, I know what you mean.  When I was growing up, my mom always said the best part about company is when they leave.”

Ken stood behind Brad and started rubbing his neck and shoulders, loving the feel of his lover’s body.  Brad stopped typing, and lowered his head, enjoying the feel of Ken’s strong hands.  Such big strong hands.  Ken kept it up, knowing that Brad needed his love more than ever.  Something was still wrong.  Ken instinctively knew it and he was pretty sure that Brad knew it too.  This was the first time since the rescue that they had any committed alone time and Ken didn’t want to ruin the mood with a heavy conversation.  Not yet anyways.  They both needed each other badly.  It had been nearly two weeks since they had made out. 

Brad was the caretaker in the relationship and always had been, but Ken was more than happy to fill that role for his buddy.  The scary part was that Brad had never needed to be taken care of.  He was always the rock of the relationship from an emotional standpoint.  He was more mature and wise for his years; he always seemed to know the right thing to say in any given situation.  That’s why Ken was so scared for him.  Brad seemed lost right now, and Ken knew he needed to help him find his way back.  He didn’t know how, but he would figure it out.  He had too.

For about ten minutes, Ken kept rubbing his back and shoulders.  Brad let out a heavy sigh of pleasure and leaned forward some, so Ken could move further down his back.  Ken reached down and grabbed the hem of Brad’s t-shirt and pulled it up.  Brad raised his arms so Ken could lift it completely off.

Ken looked down at the man he loved more than anything.  He loved Brad’s back.  Hell I love everything about this stud.  He could tell that Brad had lost some weight and he’d have to help his buddy get back to his old self but his body was still solid muscle.

Once he had Brad’s shirt off, he really started getting turned on.  The feel of Brad’s skin, his hard muscles, was driving Ken crazy.  But this was for his buddy, not him, so he just kept at it, being gentle but firm, wanting Brad to feel how much he loved him through his touch.  He leaned over and every so often he would give Brad a kiss, starting on the back of his neck and moving across his shoulders, from side to side, and then start it all over again, while he kept up the contact.  He started running his hands down Brad’s arms a little, squeezing his biceps.  Brad’s head was still lowered, and he was letting out an almost constant moan of pleasure, letting Ken know how much he was enjoying the sensations.

Ken was so hard he was about to explode.  Touching Brad like this, after all they had been through, was testing his control.  He knew his shorts were wet with all the precum he was leaking.  He kept one hand on Brad’s back, and with his other hand he pulled down his shorts.  He wanted Brad to know how much just touching his lover turned him on.

Brad was feeling overwhelmed.  For a time, he had been so afraid that he would never feel Ken’s touch again.  The agony of that feeling, freezing him down to his soul, was still inside of him.  Ken’s touch was helping to fight it off, right now in this moment.  Ken’s touch; the touch that could light Brad up like nothing else in this world.  The feeling of Ken’s warm hands on his bare skin, rubbing away the loneliness, filling him back up was a balm to his injured soul.

Ken moved forward and pressed his hot dick against Brad’s back.

“This is what you do to me buddy.  This is for you.  I love you B.”

Brad felt Ken’s hot dick press against his back, and then Ken knelt down behind him pulled him back by his shoulders pressing his big strong chest to Brad’s back.  Ken wrapped his thick arms around Brad and squeezed their bodies together.  That sent Brad over the edge and cum started blasting out of him. 

Ken felt Brad tense up; his head slumped forward and his shoulders were shaking like he was crying.

Afraid something was wrong, Ken asked, “B?  What’s wrong buddy?  Talk to me.”

It took another couple of seconds for Brad to catch his breath.  He was crying, but he was also laughing.   “Nothing’s wrong you douche, I’m laughing.  You just made me shoot two weeks of cum in my shorts without even touching my dick!”

Brad slowly spun around on the stool, looking at Ken.  Tears were streaming down his cheeks, which totally confused Ken, but Brad was smiling.  They both stood up and Brad threw his arms around Ken, squeezing with every ounce of strength he could muster, pulling their bodies together.  He rested his chin in the crook of Ken’s neck and shoulder and just stood there feeling their bodies together.  He could feel Ken’s hot throbbing dick against his stomach.  He knew Ken was on the verge of exploding, and didn’t want to leave him hanging any longer, so he pulled back after a few seconds.  They could cuddle after.

Brad turned them both around and put his hands on Ken’s shoulders and pushed him down onto the stool.  Ken’s shorts were still around his ankles, but other than that he was naked.  Brad ran his eyes quickly from head to toe, his eyes filled with lust for the Greek god sitting in front of him, his erection hard as diamonds, slightly curved, dripping precum, and pointing right at him.  Brad put his hands on Ken’s thighs and lowered himself to his knees, so Ken’s crotch was at eye level.   The vision of Ken – his thick chest, deep cut abs, powerful arms – was intoxicating.   With one hand Brad cupped Ken’s balls and just held them firmly.  They were tight and full and ready to unload.  With his other hand he reached up and put his hand around the thick shaft and lowered his head.

Ken watched Brad’s eyes as they raked over his body; he could see the lust in his lover’s eyes.  That alone was enough to send him over the edge, but when Brad grabbed his nuts, every muscle in Ken’s body contracted.  Brad knew Ken was past the point of no return and just as the first shot left the head of Ken’s dick, Brad plunged all eight inches into his mouth and throat.  He started swallowing so his throat would squeeze Ken’s dick, over and over, to make it feel as good as possible for his lover.

Ken couldn’t say anything.  Other than his heavy breathing, his chest heaving from the power of his orgasm, he didn’t make any noise.  His mouth was open and his eyes were shut, his handsome face contorted into a mask of intense pleasure.  His orgasm lasted for almost a minute, and Brad continued to milk his dick with his throat, and gently fondle his balls.

When Ken got his breathing back under control he said, “Fuck I love you B. Come here.”  He leaned over and lifted Brad up and pulled him into another hug.  He pulled back enough to look into Brad’s blue eyes.  Ken had tears in his eyes too.  They both reached up to brush the tears out of each other’s eyes.  Ken said, “Man, here we go again with the water works,” and started laughing.  Brad laughed too.

Brad broke their kiss long enough to say, “Now that we have your hair trigger out of the way it’s time for some serious fucking.  Let’s go to bed.”  Their foreheads were pressed together and they were smiling at one another as they started bantering like their old selves.

“My hair trigger?  What the hell do you call cumming in your shorts without me even touching you?”  Ken was laughing.

“That was all part of my plan bro.  I have mad seduction skills and you completely fell for them.  You, big guy, are such a pussy.”

“So you think in that pea brain of yours that you just seduced me?”

Brad just laughed and said “Dude, shut the fuck up and let’s get into bed!”

Once they were in bed, Ken was held himself up over Brad, his hands on either side of Brad’s head.  He brought his head down and they started kissing.   Brad was stroking Ken’s chest and arms and they were both rock hard again.  Ken broke the kiss and looked into his lovers eyes.  “Hey B… do you wanna…” and before he got any further Brad said “not only yes but hell yes buddy.”   Both of their eyes, Ken’s emerald green and Brad’s crystal blue, turned almost white together for a brief second.  They both felt it immediately.  With huge grins on their faces they spent the entire night making love in every conceivable position in every conceivable place in the lab.


When Bryan and Lane stopped by in the morning with some breakfast, the lab was an absolute wreck and smelled like sex.  They immediately knew what happened and Lane let out a loud, “Holy Fuck!  Hahahahahaha.”

Bryan went to take the food over into the kitchen area and noticed two empty gallons of milk, a huge jar of protein powder, and multiple empty containers of Gator-Ade on the counter and laughed.  Looks like someone needed a recharge last night!

Ken and Brad woke up when they heard the security system open the locks.  They realized they were both still naked so they quickly threw on their shorts.  They breathed a sigh of relief when they heard Lane’s laughter and realized it wasn’t the doc.

Since they knew it wasn’t the doctor, they stepped out of their room, shirtless and barefoot.  They were stunned when they saw the condition the lab was in.  It looked like a tornado had gone through the place.  Papers were everywhere, tables cleared off, and chairs knocked over.

Bryan was holding his nose as he came back over.  He had grabbed a can of air freshener from one of the cabinets and started squirting it everywhere.  “Ok I’m officially impressed by you two fuckers.  Now I know what that earthquake I felt last night was!  You managed to both trash and stink up an entire building!”  

Lane noticed the huge cum stain on Brad’s shorts and started laughing again, “Damn Ken I’m really disappointed in you man. To let a load like that go to waste is criminal.”  He pointed to Brad’s shorts when he said that.

Brad blushed a deep red and both he and Ken busted out laughing.

Lane looked at his watch and said, “Okay ladies, I figure you have about fifteen minutes before the doc shows up.  You better hurry.  Bry we need to hit the road if we are gonna make it to the office on time.”

Bryan gave Brad’s crotch a big shot of air freshener as he walked by.  Lane and Bryan were still laughing as they shut the door on their way out.

Ken and Brad started running around like madmen to get the place straightened up before the doctor arrived.



By the end of the week, and the miracle of his enhanced physiology, along with the doctor’s treatments Ken was physically as good as new.  The strange incident of the night Brad slept in Ken’s room took at least a week off from his recovery time.  The doctor was sure he knew what happened but not how.  It had to be a subconscious reaction on Brad’s part, and what he did bordered on the metaphysical.  Science alone couldn’t explain how he did what he did.  The closest scientific explanation the doctor had was that Brad exchanged something with Ken, along the lines of his life energy, his spirit.  The doctor would continue to look into it, with great urgency.  None of the men should be able to do that yet.  Eventually yes, but not now.

There’s more going on between the two men than the doctor fully realized yet.  Ken was showing remarkable resilience, far quicker than the doctor expected.  Aside from healing faster, his mental state was far better than expected.  After talking with Ken at length, in private, he seemed to recall everything, but in a clinical, detached way that prevented it from affecting his current state of mind and well-being.

For now Brad seemed to be recovering as well.  The doctor knew what would happen when he started leaving them alone at night.  If the smell of air freshener wasn’t enough to clue him in, they kept rearranging his papers when they cleaned up every morning.

He would just have to continue to keep an eye on Brad.  The long term effects of what he did were an unknown and the doctor was a bit apprehensive.  He would just have to wait and see.

At the end of that week the doctor said he thought it would be fine for Ken and Brad to go back home.   The only rule is that if they left the house they went together; even if it was a quick trip to the grocery store, or to get gas.  This rule was in effect with the rest of the team as well, for their protection.

“That’s great doc!” Ken exclaimed. 

“Yes, Kenneth, not only do I think it is time, but I am not sure the Lab can take much more of your ‘recovery.’”

Ken and Brad looked at each other for a second before they both broke out laughing.


They went grocery shopping on the way home.  They had been gone for weeks, and had to throw out a bunch of food and leftovers from the fridge.  The doctor, even though he released them to go home, said they could not go back to work yet.  He would let them know when he thought it was ok.

Ken and Brad settled back into their routines at the house.  Even though they couldn’t officially work, they had lots of time to work out together, and work on their tans.   Brad not only gained his weight back, but seemed to pack on more muscle.

They were both a bit more ‘touchy feely’ for the first few weeks they were back.  They held hands more, and found excuses to touch one another.  The sex was better than ever, and Ken got better at controlling their new bond.  He barely had to think to start and stop it.  The only precaution the doc had given them was to not leave it active unless they were together. 

A month later the doc cleared them to go back to work, and that seemed to be the final piece of the puzzle to get the entire team back and firing on all cylinders. 



A few weeks later, Ken and Brad were home in the evening watching TV.  They were watching ‘Green Lantern’ on pay-per-view.  It was still summer so they were just wearing shorts in the house. They were lying on the couch, their bodies pressed together, and Ken had his arm draped over and across Brad’s chest.  He was absent mindedly running his hand through the hair on Brad’s chest while he watched the movie.  Brad always enjoyed reclining on top of Ken’s warm body, and feeling his strong chest against his back.  Ken periodically moved his hand around, rubbing Brad’s chest or his abs or gently tweaking one of his nipples.  Ken was almost unconscious of what he was doing; he just loved touching Brad’s body.  About twenty minutes into the movie Ken mentioned he was hungry so Brad got up to make them a snack.  Ken paused the movie and started channel surfing until Brad got back.

Brad had made a big fruit salad earlier in the day and brought the bowl over with a couple of forks so they could just eat out of the bowl.  Ken sat up and restarted the movie as soon as Brad was back on the couch. They sat there watching the movie, their shoulders touching, and ate the whole big bowl.  Brad reached forward to put the empty bowl on the coffee table and when he leaned back Ken felt a trembling in Brad’s shoulder.

“You cold bro?”

“Yeah kinda.  All this cold fruit I guess.”

“Well come over here and let me take care of that.”

Brad snuggled back against Ken and let Ken wrap his arms around him.  Ken brought his legs around so Brad was scissored in between them.  “Damn bro you are cold.”  Brad’s whole body was chilled, and he started shivering hard.  Ken was running his hands up and down Brad’s arms, chafing his skin to try and warm him up.

Ken’s normally warm body actually felt hot to Brad.  Brad closed his eyes and snuggled back against Ken trying to soak up his warmth.

Ken picked up the remote and paused the movie just as Ryan Reynolds body was being scanned by the aliens, floating nearly naked.  “I know how to warm you up.”  Brad felt his senses heighten and knew that Ken starting their bonding.  Brad turned over so his chest was pressed against Ken’s.  They starred hugging and kissing and both of them got hard.  Ken kept his arms wrapped around Brad’s back, moving his warm hands up and down, until Brad stopped trembling.  They continued to kiss, occasionally breaking off their tongue wrestling to nibble on each other’s necks or ears.  Their dicks were both hard and Brad started moving his pelvis slowly, pressing them together in a slow grind.  The heads of their dicks were popping out the waistband of their shorts and dripping.  Ken managed to take his hands off Brad long enough to reach down and pull both their shorts down to their knees and they both worked on kicking their legs enough for the shorts to slide off their feet.

Ken pulled his mouth off Brad, and was a little breathless, but managed to say, “Now I got you where I want you buddy; naked, and at my mercy.”  Ken reached down and grabbed ahold of Brad’s hard on and started jacking him off with long slow steady strokes, using their combined precum as lube.  With the bond going, Ken could feel the stroking of his hand on his own cock as well and he started grinding his hips. 

Brad started laughing, “Ken you fuckin perv!  You just wanted to jack yourself off didn’t you?  You are so busted!”

Ken blushed slightly, and then started chuckling, because he knew that’s what it looked like as soon as he started grinding his own hips. “Well that wasn’t my intention, but you gotta admit it’s kinda hot.”  He was grinning like a Cheshire cat when he said that.  “And it kills two birds with one stone… or fist in this case.” 

Brad reached down and started jacking Ken’s cock and it felt like he was jacking himself off; except that someone else’s hand always feels better than your own, and this way that’s exactly what it felt like. “Oh fuck yeah, man.  Yeah that is kinda hot.”  They started kissing again and stroking each other.  Even though Brad was starting to sweat, he pulled his mouth off Ken’s and said with a grin, “What the fuck happened to warming me up?”  Ken flipped Brad over so his back was against Ken’s chest again, and put the head of his cock against Brad’s ass and gently pushed himself up to the hilt in one long, slow thrust. 

Brad loved this position, and Ken knew it.  Brad loved having Ken’s arms wrapped around him so his hands could run over his chest and play with his nipples or jack his cock when he was getting close.  Brad arched his back a little and started pushing his ass back against Ken’s thrusting dick.  Ken wanted this to last, so he kept a steady rhythm going. 

Ken felt his dick rubbing over Brad’s prostrate and it started pushing Brad over the edge after five minutes of constant stimulation.  Brad’s dick started squirting cum in thick ropes all over his abs and chest, and Ken’s arms, which were wrapped around Brad’s chest holding him tight.  This caused Ken to fire off his cum in Brad’s ass as well.  It was so hot, and they were both so turned on that they just stayed hard and kept going at it.  After the first orgasm Brad felt the extra charge, and started clenching his ass muscles around Ken’s cock, rotating, grinding, and pulling mercilessly on the pole that was making him feel so full and complete.  Ken was drenched in sweat, and now that he didn’t have to hold back as much it escalated everything to a new level.  Brad felt it to and it made him squeeze his ass that much harder.

“Oh fuck yeah, B.  Fuck yeah.  That feels amazing.”  Of course Brad knew that because he felt it too; their pleasure was resonating off one another.  Twenty minutes later, in a breathless pile of cum and sweat, they collapsed on the couch.  Ken continued to hold onto Brad, not wanting to let go.  The feel of each other’s hearts beating was comforting.  Ken started kissing the back of Brad’s neck and licking the sweat off.  Brad just lay there in his lovers arms for a few minutes, while they both just enjoyed the physical and emotional intimacy.

They both drifted in and out of sleep for about an hour before the practical side of Brad exerted itself.  With an effort he said, “Alright man, we need to get up.  We need to clean the couch, and the kitchen, and we both need a shower before bed.”  He started peeling their bodies apart and laughed at the noise their skin made as they pulled themselves apart and off the leather couch.

Ken made a huge exaggerated grunt when he pushed himself up to sit on the couch and said, “B, you are such a huge buzz kill dude.”  Ken looked totally relaxed and did a massive full body stretch, which made every muscle and vein in his body pop out for a few seconds, and turned his face beet red.

Even after all the hot sex he just experienced, that sight caused Brad’s dick to stir just a little bit.  Brad reached over and grabbed Ken’s hand and literally pulled the big man to his feet.  “Alright stud, who wants couch cleanup and who wants to clean the dishes?”

Ken said, “You go on back and get in the shower man.  I’ll clean up out here and be back in a few minutes.”

Brad looked at Ken like something was wrong him.  “Seriously bro, it’s the least I can do for the love of my life.”  And with that Ken gave him a quick pec on the cheek and then leaned over and swiped his big hand down and scooped up their shorts.  “Here, take these with you back to the hamper.”  Ken moved around the coffee table and into the kitchen, bare assed naked, and started cleaning up.  Brad stared at Ken’s bubble butt as he strutted over to the kitchen. Knowing that Brad was staring at him he hollered over his shoulder, “Staring at my ass is not taking a shower!”

Brad just smiled and went back to the bathroom and started the hot water running.  When it was ready he stepped into the stall and started soaping up.  He scrubbed all the sweat and cum off his body and enjoyed feeling the hot water running over his body.

The cold hit him out of the blue like a spear in his gut.  It was so severe he couldn’t even make a sound.  His body jerked so hard he slipped and fell on the tiles.   It totally incapacitated him for about a minute.  Every bit of the extra energy from his love making with Ken was gone.  That feeling of isolation from Ken flashed through his mind again.  Oh Fuck… no ….

The freezing sensation in his body started fading, and the hot water slowly warmed him back up.  He knew that Ken was in the kitchen, but in his mind Ken was gone forever.  As the cold finally left him, the thoughts of isolation faded too.  Whatever just happened left him totally drained and scared shitless.

He pulled himself up and shut off the water.  He dried off and brushed his teeth.  He wanted to tell Ken about what just happened but something in the back of his brain told him not to.  He was sure something horrible would happen if he did. 

Brad went and crawled into bed and turned the light out in the bedroom.  He left the light in the bathroom on for Ken so he wouldn’t trip over anything.  He turned on his side and pretended to be asleep.  Ken wasn’t trying to be quiet when he came down the hallway, fully expecting Brad to still be in the bathroom.  When he realized Brad was already in the bed, he let out a quiet, “Oh shit…” and stopped making any noise.    The light from the bathroom went dark as Ken quietly pulled the door shut.  Brad heard Ken taking a shower.  He just lay there in bed, his mind racing with what happened and what he felt.

Ken turned out the light and let his eyes adjust before moving into the bedroom.  His natural night vision was very good, and he navigated to the bed with no trouble.  He gently crawled into the bed so he wouldn’t wake Brad.  He had wanted to snuggle some more.  He loved falling asleep holding Brad but he didn’t want to wake him up.  So he scooted over so their backs were touching.  The contact was enough so send him off to a comfortable contented sleep.

Brad felt Ken’s back against his, but for some reason the heat of Ken’s body was causing him more anxiety than comfort.  His mind was twisting his emotions into feeling what he would lose forever rather than what he had.

Ken woke up about three am.  Brad practically had him in a death grip around his chest and ribs and seemed to be having a bad dream.  He was trembling and sweating heavily.  Ken was immediately worried.  Brad couldn’t be sick; none of them had gotten sick in the last nineteen years.  He put his hand on Brad’s forehead and he felt fine.  He didn’t seem hot or cold, but he was drenched in sweat. He turned on the light on his nightstand, and then put a hand on Brad’s shoulder and gently shook him.

“Hey B wake up man.  You’re dreamin buddy.”

Brad jerked up with a start, his eyes wide with fright.  He was shaking violently and breathing heavy. 

Ken was startled when Brad jumped up.  He scrambled back like he was terrified of something, pushing himself against the headboard, his feet kicking and pushing the sheets back.

“Brad!  Hey man its ok!  It’s ok dude!” 

Brad’s eyes were wide with panic.  He thought he heard Ken’s voice but couldn’t see him, and he sounded far away.

“Brad!  Snap out of it man!  Wake up!”

His breath coming in gasps, he slowly seemed to be calming down.  Ken just sat there staring at him.  He wasn’t sure what to do other than let Brad calm down some.

Brad seemed to be coming out of it slowly.  It took another minute before he seemed to be breathing normally.  He seemed calmer.  His shook his head and rubbed his eyes and looked up with a confused look on his face.  “Ken? What’s going on?”

“You tell me bro.  That must’ve been a mother of a bad dream.  What was it about?”

“I… I don’t remember.”

“Hang on a sec.”  Ken got out of bed and went into the bathroom.  Brad could hear him taking a piss, and then the water running in the sink.  When Ken came back he had a warm washcloth and a towel.  He gave the washcloth to Brad, who used it to wipe the sweat off his face.  Ken took the towel and wiped Brad down, drying him off as best he could.  Ken’s strong hands rubbing him with the towel seemed to calm him down and get him back to normal.

“Thanks man.  And sorry about the scare, I really don’t know where that came from.”

Ken, trying to lighten the mood threw the towel at Brad said, “I didn’t do it for you bro.  I don’t wanna have to sleep next to a stinky pig.”  Ken turned off the light and pulled Brad back against him wrapping his arm around Brad’s chest.  He kissed Brad on the shoulder and said, “G’night man.”

Brad didn’t go back to sleep.  He tried.  Usually he slept like a baby in Ken’s arms.  He heard Ken’s shallow breathing and felt his hot breath on his shoulder.  His love for Ken swelled up inside of him, but instead of being a comfort, his mind was twisting his feelings and all he could think about was losing that love forever.  His mind was racing and he couldn’t force himself to let go of these thoughts.  When the alarm went off at six Brad was still wide awake.



Ken kept a close eye on Brad the next day.  Other than being tired he seemed to be ok so he didn’t say anything to the doctor about it.  Sometimes a bad dream is just a bad dream.  He hoped.

He asked Brad about the nightmare later in the day and he said he really didn’t remember it. 

Ken took care of dinner and cleaned the kitchen so Brad could take it easy.  That night Brad was really tired and he went to bed early.  

Ken woke up a little after two am and realized Brad wasn’t in bed with him.  He got up and went down the hall and saw Brad sitting on the couch in the dark.

“B?  What’re you doin man?”

“Sorry man I can’t seem to get to sleep and I didn’t want to keep you awake by tossin and turning.”

“B, is there something going on we need to talk about?”

“No man I’m good.  It’s nothing.  I’m just a little wired.  I think Sally switched from decalf to regular at the office.”

Ken moved over to the couch and sat next to Brad and took his hand.  It took every ounce of control Brad had to stop his trembling so Ken wouldn’t feel it.

“Will you come back to bed and try to get some sleep?”

“I will if you make me a promise.”

“What’s that?”

“Don’t go running to the doc about this man.  Seriously, I’m fine.”

Brad let Ken pull him up and lead him by the hand back to the bedroom.

When they were in bed Ken pulled Brad back up against him as usual.  He whispered in Brad’s ear, “B?”


“I love you bro.”

“I love you too, even if you are a douche.”  Brad said that in a lighthearted tone to disarm Ken.  It must have worked because he felt Ken squeeze his hand a little and then fall back asleep.  Brad stayed awake the rest of the night, his eyes open but not really seeing anything.  Silent tears were slowly rolling down his cheeks.  God, Ken, I’m going to miss you so much bro.



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