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This is a work of fiction – a bit of science fiction and fantasy mixed together in fact.  None of the characters, names or personalities, are based on real people.  Any resemblance to a real person is entirely coincidental and not intentional.  I do live in the Atlanta area and use a lot of places I’ve been in the story. 

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I am not in nor ever have been in the military, so I apologize for getting anything wrong.  The characters are all Navy Seals in the Prologue, where the story starts.

The Humbling River (duet mix) by Puscifer doesn't show up in the story again.  It might play a role further down the road but I'm not sure about that yet.  It's one of those songs that can mean so many different things depending on the perspective and the place in life you are at when you hear it.  Everyone has a river to cross in one way or another and the lyrics really speak to me.

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Jim Croce - Time in a Bottle

Ok just a few comments about Chapter 6.  The first 5 chapters involved the thread about Ken getting abducted and the struggle of Brad and Ken to overcome and survive the ordeal.  The next few chapters aren't nearly as intense as the first 5, but I hope you will find them entertaining and enjoyable.  There are some plot ideas and character development that I need to get established before events start ramping up again.  There's a little more sex in the next few chapters as well, which I hope don't come across as frivilous.   At this point everything that happens in the story is for a reason.

I also have to make a comment in general about Ken and how dense his bones and muscles are.  I actually covered this in the original version of the story with pages and pages of microscopic detail about the Program and what the doctor did to the guys.  It was suggested that I take that out and let the information show up in the story over time.  I took that advice, and I think it was a good thing.  I got an email from someone that said people with higher bone density sink in water... so Ken and the other guys should have a hard time swimming as Seals or in the pool in their back yard.  That is certainly true, but the clever Dr. Aaron Thomas knew that would be the case!  Ken and the other four guys who are so much heavier have a much higher oxygen level in their bodies, which greatly increases their buoyancy.   Just a little FYI in case anyone else was wondering!

And now on to Chapter 6!  I truly hope you enjoy the story!

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The Order - Chapter 6

Brad and Ken showered together, which was fun but difficult in the tiny shower stalls at the lab.  As soon as their soapy hands started running over each other they both got hard again, but they were trying to hurry to appease the constant rumbling of Ken’s empty stomach.  Every time Brad heard that cavernous rumble, he laughed and rubbed his soapy hands over Ken’s tight stomach. 

The best clothes they had in their lockers were jeans and t-shirts, but Brad thought that would be good enough for the restaurant he wanted to take Ken to.

As they finished dressing, Ken asked, “Ok B, where are we gonna eat man, cause I could eat a fuckin horse right now.” 

“It’ll take us a few minutes to get there but I think I’ve got the perfect place.”  Brad put his arm around Ken’s shoulder as they walked to the car, not wanting to end the physical contact just yet.  He leaned over and kissed Ken’s rough cheek, whispering in his ear, “No peeking, I want it to be a surprise.”  Ken had his hand around Brad’s waist and he squeezed him tight and smiled.

They got in Ken’s explorer, and Brad drove.  It felt nice just to be together, shooting the shit and making small talk; neither of them brought up the events of the last few months.  There was nothing to hide, but they both wanted to move past that dark time and not dwell on it.  There would be plenty of time to remember, but for today they wanted a semblance of normalcy back in their lives. 

Looking over at his partner, Brad was struck again at how handsome and studly Ken looked; the way he filled out his jeans and t-shirt, his clothes hinting at the body underneath but not so tight as to be showing off; and the sunglasses pushed him over the top.  Ken was one of those men who had a perpetual five o’clock shadow, and the scruff on his face made him look that much sexier.  It was such a huge turn on, and a testament to his character, that Ken was so casual and unassuming about his looks.  He was so drop dead ruggedly handsome, and combined with his body, everyone around him always looked twice.  Brad seldom paid attention, but people often reacted the same way towards him.

Seeing Ken in those hot glasses reminded Brad he needed to make a point to replace the broken and shattered aviator glasses Ken lost the night he was abducted.  They were Ken’s favorite pair and he looked so good in them.

Shortly after they pulled out of the lab, Ken reached over and took Brad’s hand into his own and played with it the entire trip; fiddling with his fingers, rubbing his thumb across the back of Brad’s hand, or just holding it tight.

As soon as they turned onto Hwy 141, Ken had a pretty good idea where they were going and his face broke out into a big smile, squeezing Brad’s hand tight.  He leaned forward with excitement and blurted out, “Oh fuck yeah, B! Man you always pick the best places!”  The smile on Ken’s face was worth it; Brad loved to see the little kid in Ken come out when he was happy.  In another few minutes they pulled into the parking lot of The Stony River Steakhouse, one of Ken’s all-time favorite restaurants. 

After a huge lunch of salad, steak, baked potato, bread, beer, and even cheesecake for desert Brad was stuffed.  Ken was still hungry and ordered another Ribeye, much to the amazement of their server.   Even with their minds linked, all during the meal Ken kept rubbing their legs together under the table, wanting to feel the physical contact between them.  They rarely made overt shows of affection in public, but after all the recent events, and their newfound closeness, neither of them was overly concerned about keeping their relationship on the lowdown. 

On the drive home, Ken stretched out his arm and cupped his hand on the back of Brad’s neck;  tenderly, almost absentmindedly running his thumb and fingers through Brad’s short blonde hair.  Periodically he would move his hand lower and rub his neck or run the back of his finger through the growth on Brad’s unshaven cheek. 

When they pulled into the garage, before Ken could pull his hand back, Brad grabbed it and pulled Ken closer into a long kiss.  As they were separating, Brad pulled Ken’s head down a little and gave him a quick kiss on the forehead before getting out of the car. 

“It feels good to be home, Ken, just you and me for a change.  I love everyone but I need me some Ken time, and right now I don’t feel like sharing.”

“Yeah man I know what you mean.  Let’s get changed and go out by the pool for a bit.”

“That sounds awesome.”


Minutes later, both in their swim trunks, they jumped into the water.  It was still summer and the temperature was in the upper 90’s, so the water felt cool and refreshing.  They both had a float of some kind, or in Ken’s case a couple to support his extra body weight, so they could relax and recline in the water.  They stayed close, and Brad had his legs loosely wrapped around Ken’s waist so they could face one another, be lazy and soak up the sunshine.  Ken reached out and took one of Brad’s hands, just like he did when they drove.  For over an hour they floated in silence, relaxing in each other’s presence, their minds touching just like their bodies.  The backyard was completely silent except for the occasional breeze and the lapping of the water against the floats.  The only time they broke apart was to take turns going into the house to get more beer.  It was a much needed quiet and peaceful time for both of them.

On Ken’s next beer run he decided it was time to shake things up a little.  As he came out of the house, a devilish grin on his handsome face, he started running and leapt about twelve feet into the air, doing a full 360 and landed in a cannonball right beside Brad with his 420 lb. body, completely capsizing him.  Ken did a good job of hiding his intent, but his excitement leaked through, giving Brad just enough warning to take a quick breath, and he popped up out of the water, laughing and ready to retaliate.  They were just starting to roughhouse a little when Brad said, “Wait a minute!  Come over here.”

Ken stopped splashing him and moved over to the edge of the pool.  Brad patted his hand on the concrete and said, “Get your hot ass up here, buddy.”  Ken turned around and hopped up backwards, catching the edge of the pool and lifting himself up causing his arms and chest to tighten.  The sight of his tanned taut body, muscles glistening from the water, gave Brad an instant hard on.

Brad moved over between Ken’s legs, and while keeping eye contact, started to untie Ken’s bathing suit.

Ken laughed and said, “B, what are you doing man?  It’s broad daylight!”

Brad grinned and asked, “So what’s your point?”

As Brad fished Ken’s dick out of his trunks, Ken said, “I think you are about to find out

 “Just lean back and relax.”

Ken lifted his hips up so Brad could pull his swim trunks completely off.  He tossed them up on the pavement by the edge of the pool, and then reached out and started fondling Ken’s hardening member.

Brad eyed Ken’s growing dick, grinning as he said, “Mmmmmm chlorine dick, my fave!”

Even with the sex they had earlier, Ken was ready, and with Brad’s touch he reached full eight inches in a matter of seconds. 

Brad put his hands on Ken’s hips to steady himself as he took Ken’s hardness into his mouth and down his throat.  He felt how tight it was and started to swallow and stroke Ken’s dick with his throat, bobbing up and down slow and steady. 

Ken threw his head back in pleasure and moaned, “Oh fuck yeah, B that feels good.  Ohhhhh fuck yeah man….”

Ken continued moaning in pleasure and let Brad work him over.  Brad was breathing hard, and starting to sweat from the hot sun on his shoulders and the effort he was putting into the blow job.  Ken leaned forward and started running his hands over Brad’s heavy shoulders and traps, caressing and squeezing his muscles, continuing to moan letting Brad know how good he was making him feel. 

Brad’s throat was relentless, forming a tight sheath wrapping and massaging Ken’s hardness.  After just a few minutes, Ken’s balls started pulling up tight against the bottom of his shaft.

Between their connection and knowing Ken’s body language, Brad took Ken to the edge and kept him there.  He wanted a big load from Ken; he would need it for what he had planned a later in the evening.

Brad didn’t want to pull off so he thought, Hey douche bag are you forgettin somethin?

Ken smiled and their eyes turned almost white for a brief second.  As Brad continued to work on Ken, he now felt the pleasure on his own raging hard on.  He kept both of them on edge for another ten minutes, wanting Ken’s load to build up.  Once he felt it was time, Brad started bobbing his head faster, and used his tongue on the head with every upstroke, continuing to stroke Ken’s dick faster and faster.

Just as Ken reached the point of no return, Brad pushed all the way down and stuck his tongue out as far as he could and wrapped it around as much of Ken’s tight, tender balls as he could reach.  Knowing Ken would arch his back and push his chest out in pleasure, Brad reached up and grabbed each of Ken’s big hard pecs, one in each hand, using his finger tips to firmly rub Ken’s nipples.

Ken’s head was thrown back, his eyes shut tight, and his breath was coming in short gasps of pleasure, “Oh fuck B, fuck buddy, AHHHHHH… I’m gonna shoot!”

With the first shot of Ken’s white hot cum down Brad’s throat, Brad felt his own dick start spurting into his swimming trunks.  He let Ken’s first few volleys shoot straight down his throat, and then he pulled up to work his tongue over the head for the rest of Ken’s orgasm.  Ken’s entire body was rigid, muscles taught, and he was pushing his chest against Brad’s big hands.  He was sweating in the hot sun, and Brad got off on watching his magnificent sweaty body tight and flexed in pleasure.

Brad continued to suck Ken’s softening dick until he rode out the last waves of his orgasm.  With a contented sigh Ken said, “Fuck, B, no one can do that to me like you can bro.”  Ken reached down, putting his hands under Brad’s arms, and lifted Brad out of the pool and on top of him.   As he felt Brad’s tight muscled body against his own, Ken could feel the warm spot on Brad’s shorts where he shot off in his trunks.  He wrapped his arms tightly around Brad’s back hugging him close, and they kissed and cuddled in the hot sun, until they were both getting uncomfortable in the heat and on the hard concrete.

As they stood up Ken reached for Brad’s swim trunks but Brad stopped him saying, “Let’s wait a bit man.  I got off with you.  Besides, I have a plan for a little later, so promise me you won’t peek.”  Brad tapped his temple when he said that.

Ken’s gaze raked over Brad’s amazing body, dripping wet, and with a lewd grin on his handsome face he said, “Fuck, B, I don’t need to look on the inside, the outside is plenty good enough to keep me occupied.”

Going into the house, they rinsed off in the shower, and put on some dry shorts.  It was a warm day so they both went shirtless. 

After fixing a big lunch, Ken found a good movie on Pay- Per-View and lay down on the couch to get it started.  Brad lay down with him, so the back of his head was resting on Ken’s chest and his lower half was wrapped up by Ken’s legs. 

By the end of the movie they had both gotten up at least once to go to the bathroom and to get drinks, so their positions ended up reversed with Ken’s head and shoulders on Brad’s lap.  Normally Ken would be far too heavy but Brad was still amped up from their last round of sex, and Brad loved feeling the weight of Ken’s body on top of him.  As they lay together, finishing the movie, Brad gently ran his hands through Ken’s hair and massaged his forehead and temples.

When the movie was over, Ken wasn’t tired but he was so relaxed from Brad’s ministrations, he almost slurred the words, “Fuck B, that feels so nice.  You are too good to me.” 

“Don’t get too relaxed man; I still have a surprise for you!”

“Dude, you are makin me feel horrible.  All you’ve done today is take care of me and I’ve just been a big slug.  I need to take care of you now.”

“We aren’t keepin score Ken; you know that.  After all we’ve both been through…  I feel the need to let you know how much you mean to me.  We never have to doubt each other ever again.  The only reason we aren’t any deeper inside each other’s heads right now is because I want to surprise you tonight.”  Brad leaned over and kissed Ken on his forehead and said, “After that, I have a date inside this handsome head of yours.”

Ken lookup up so he could make eye contact and said, “B, I thought I was happy bein with you before, but now… I don’t know… I feel like we were stumblin around in the dark.  I don’t know how normal people make it day in and day out bein so closed off from each other.”

Brad continued slowly brushing the hair back on Ken’s forehead while they were talking. 

“Don’t think too much about it, Ken; at least not right now.  I have a feelin the doctor planned this out from the beginning.  It would be a totally different world if there were no lies; if there couldn’t be any lies.  It would still be harsh, and sad; people would still be assholes, just honest assholes.  But I think if everyone could feel what we feel it would bring humanity up to a new level, and give us a real chance at a future.”

Ken grinned and said, “Fuck me you are talkin smart again.  Should I be worried?”

Brad reached down and pinched one of Ken’s nipples and said, “You are such a douche man.”

Ken’s smile got even bigger and looked up at Brad, melting his heart, and said, “But I’m a lovable douche, right?”

“God, I hate to admit it, but you are.  And you’re all mine.”

They stayed together on the couch, quiet and content to be together and touching.  After a few minutes their breathing became slow and steady as they both drifted off to sleep for a few hours.

Brad woke up first and saw how late it was getting, so he gently woke Ken up and they went into the kitchen to start making dinner.  Brad cooked and Ken cleaned; another part of their routine they were thrilled to get back into.


When the last of the pots and pans were dried and put away Ken asked, “Ok, so what’s this about a surprise.”

Brad moved over and put his arms around Ken’s shoulders bringing them together for a kiss.  When he broke it off he took one of Ken’s hands in his and said, “Come with me.”

Brad led him down the hall to the spare bedroom which was mostly empty, except for some shelves, some free weights on a rack, and a floor standing punching bag.

With a solemn look on his face, he turned to face Ken, and put his hands on Ken’s bare shoulders, squeezing them gently. 

With a nervous smile, Ken asked, “Should I be worried?”

Brad was quiet for a few more seconds before he said, “No.  I think you’ll like this.” There was another short pause while Brad just looked into Ken’s eyes.

“Ken you trust me right?”

“Of course I do, B.  With my life bro, you know that.”

“And you know that I would never do anything to hurt you right?”

“B, what are you getting at?  You’re scarin me bud.”

“When we merged that first time, it caught us both by surprise; it was painful, and wonderful, and I fell in love with you all over again.  While I was in your mind… well I saw some things that were very private; we both did.  You had them tucked away pretty far in your mind, and I think I know why you put them there.  Seeing those thoughts hurt, because I know now that I haven’t been able to meet some of your needs.  I think you were keeping them hidden, even from yourself, because you never thought they could be a possibility.  But now things are different, and I can take you to that place and be the person you need me to be, when you need me too.”

Brad moved his hands off Ken’s shoulders and cupped his face gently but firmly with both hands, running his thumbs across Ken’s rough cheeks in a gentle caress.

“If you really don’t want me to do this, I’ll stop.  If at any point you want me to stop, just think it and I’ll know.  But I think if you go with me on this, I’m going to fulfill a need in you that you never thought possible. ”

“I don’t want you to say anything, just nod your head if you want me to continue, yes or no.  And know that I won’t be disappointed or hurt if you say no.  You know how much I love you, Ken, and nothing can or will ever change that, now or ever.”

Ken felt nervous, and he had butterflies in his stomach like a kid who knows he is about to get laid for the first time and is so scared and excited he can hardly stand it.  He nodded his head yes.  He was hard as a rock.

Brad smiled.

“Alright, this is what is going to happen. First we’re gonna have a little wrestling match.  If you pin me, you can do whatever you want to me, but if I win, I get to do whatever I want to you.  And you better not hold back, fucker, or I’ll know.”

Ken noticed the change in Brad’s demeanor; his back seemed straighter and his broad shoulders were squared back and he had a confident, almost commanding look on his face.  Brad lifted off his shirt and tossed it on the floor, leaving on his shorts.  He nodded for Ken to do the same; they were both already barefoot.

Brad stepped back and planted his legs in a balanced stance, and held his hands up.  Ken was still unsure and hesitated because he didn’t want to hurt his lover, but he put his hands up so their fingers could intertwine.

Brad jerked Ken forward fast and hard and got him into a side headlock, plastering Ken’s face against his ribcage.  Ken’s combat instincts took over and he tried to sweep Brad’s leg to get him onto the floor.  But Brad had been a Navy Seal as well, and was fully trained in close combat, and right now he was charged up from the sex they had earlier by the pool.  Brad easily blocked the sweep and spun around, lifting Ken up in the air and slamming him down onto the carpet.  The whole house felt the impact as 420lbs. of rock solid muscle hit floor.  Ken let out a loud “Ooomph!” as his back hit the floor.

“Come on Ken, I’m gonna kick your ass anyways but don’t let me!  Make me!  Come on buddy!”

Brad backed off so Ken could get up.  Ken stood up and shrugged his shoulders and cracked his neck, loosening himself up.  With a grin on his face and his shorts tenting out he said, “Ok B, you are asking for it fucker.  No more mister nice guy.”

Brad glanced down and saw Ken was hard and realized his plan was already working.

The match lasted for nearly half an hour.  Ken realized early on that with Brad charged up like he was, so much more than he used to be, he was very likely his equal.  Ken loved the feel of muscle on muscle, and he was getting turned on more and more as they both started to sweat heavily from their exertions.  The closet doors were mirrored and he kept catching glimpses of the two of them locked together, muscles straining, cords and veins showing all over, and their bodies shining with sweat.

Ken realized that Brad was right about him wanting this.  No, not wanting… he needed to feel Brad as his equal; even his superior.  Brad was an excellent fighter, and right now not only was he as strong as Ken, but he was motivated to win.  Both men were breathing hard and looking for the opening they needed to pin the other. 

They were so evenly matched Ken finally decided that he would just have to try and overpower Brad, so when they were apart and circling each other, he raised his hands up with his fingers out, nodding to Brad to do the same; it was a classic test of strength.  Without hesitating Brad locked hands with Ken, and immediately both of their bodies began to flex and strain.  At first their hands were high up but after their fingers locked together their arms moved down, both trying and get better leverage.  Ken wanted to force Brad down on his knees, and he was surprised when Brad stayed up; he was shaking, and straining from the effort, but he held his ground.  As their hands lowered, their bodies moved closer together.  Brad inched his way forward and pressed his straining chest against Ken’s and started rubbing himself slowly up and down.  They made eye contact and Brad grinned.

Ken was so turned he was on the verge of exploding, and had been for the entire match.  To be able to pit himself against Brad like this was something he had never dreamed possible.  It wasn’t about dominating Brad, it was about being dominated by Brad, which was something he never, ever thought could happen.

When he felt Brad’s rock hard, sweaty, hairy chest rubbing against his own it sent him over the edge and his dick started shooting in his shorts.  Brad felt the distraction as Ken started shooting and he pulled back quickly, head-butting Ken in his solar plexus, and knocking the wind out of him as he was momentarily overcome by the pleasure of his orgasm.

Brad was on top of him in a flash and pinned Ken’s shoulders to the carpet.

Brad put his hands on either side of Ken’s face and he leaned over.  Sweat was dripping off of his body onto Ken and mixing with his own.  They were both breathing heavy.  Brad smiled and leaning down, whispered hotly into Ken’s ear, “Got you fucker.  I know that was something you’ve wanted, but this is only the beginning.  Now the fun really starts. Get up and take off your shorts.”

Ken got up and stripped off his shorts.  His dick, still hard as a rock even after he just came, slapped up against his tight stomach.  Brad went over and got a small futon out of the closet that they kept for guests to sleep on.  He threw it on the floor and said, “Get on your knees in the middle.”

Brad pulled out some silk rope he had put in the closet earlier.  

“Spread your legs further out and put your hands behind your back, and cross your ankles.”  Ken did as he was told; his dick diamond hard and throbbing with every heartbeat.  His excitement wasn’t centered only on his erection; his whole body was aroused and trembling in anticipation.  Brad went behind him and started tying his hands together, then his feet, and finally linked the knots between his hands and ankles, forcing a slight arch in his back pushing his chest out. 

Brad put his hands on Ken’s shoulders and leaned over so Ken could feel his hot breath against his ear and neck and he whispered; “Now I get to do whatever I want to you, buddy.  Your body is mine, and your pleasure is mine.  If I want to get you off I can, or I can tease you until you beg me to let you cum.”  Brad could literally feel the heat coming off Ken’s body in waves and he knew how much this was affecting him; he’s never seen Ken react like this before.  He could feel the anticipation, need, and desire building inside Ken’s mind, and knew he was on the right track.

Brad stood up and moved around in front. 

“Yeah, I know this turns you on.  You can’t hide it.”  Brad reached down and slid his fingertip from the base of Ken’s hard throbbing eight inches slowly up to the head which was dripping precum.

Ken didn’t make a sound, but he was more excited than he had ever been in his entire life.  His whole body was flushed and his stomach had that cold ball of fire from the anticipation of what was coming next.  Brad reached down and scooped a big drop of precum off the end of Ken’s dick and held it up for Ken to lick off.  He almost shot again when Brad’s fingers rubbed over the head of his dick.

“You see, Ken, it’s not just about getting you off buddy.  It’s about giving you want you need.  You want to test your body.  You have all this strength and power, and all these big beautiful muscles, and yet you hardly ever get tested; you always have to hold back.  There are only a few men on the planet that even have a chance against you, and right now I’m one of them.   The wrestling was fun, but that was just the beginning.”

As Brad was talking, he walked over to the shelves and picked up a pair of padded leather boxing gloves.  He put them on and secured them with the Velcro straps to his wrists.  He moved back around in front of Ken, and looked down at his muscular body, dripping with sweat, and his eight inch hard on sticking straight up and throbbing against his stomach.

Brad lifted up his hands and rubbed the back of the gloves across Ken’s nipples.  Ken sucked in his breath and arched his back a little, pushing his chest out against Brad’s touch.

“I know you think you are tough, buddy.  Let’s see what you got.”  Brad stepped back and punched Ken hard on his chest.  Ken jerked in surprise.  He saw the next blow coming and he instinctively tightened his muscles to absorb the blow.   If Brad wasn’t amped up he might have hurt his hand from the impact on Ken’s chest; it felt like he punched a steel plate.  But he was amped up, both physically from their earlier lovemaking, and emotionally because knew he was meeting a need within his lover that he could never have given him before.

Brad started using Ken’s chest and body like a punching bag, raining down blows, constantly pounding his chest and abs.  With the impact of every blow, sweat was flying off both of them.  Every punch against his hard taught muscles was getting Ken more and more excited. 

Brad had never seen Ken’s body so pumped before.  Looking into Ken’s mind he realized he had taken Ken to a state of unparalleled arousal; his thoughts were almost incoherent from the feelings that were overpowering him.  Ken was pushing his chest out and leaning in to the blows, pushing himself past whatever limits he thought he had before.  He had shot off at least once already and when Brad stopped to rub the soft backside of the gloves against his hard shaft, he shot again.  Ken couldn’t stop moaning or grunting pleasure through all of it.  Brad kept it up for about forty minutes, until he had to stop and catch his breath.  His hands were really starting to hurt from the impact on Ken’s dense body, and he was tiring himself out, even with all his extra energy.

Ken’s head was thrown back and his eyes were closed, his mouth open.  His chest and stomach were red from all the blows and his breath was coming in ragged gasps; his body shaking from the effort of keeping his muscles tensed for so long.  With every exhale his abs contracted so tight all ten abdominal ridges were clearly and deeply defined.  He was fully pumped; his muscles swollen like he just finished with an intense workout; veins visible all across his sweaty body.

Brad cupped Ken’s head in between his gloved hands, forcing Ken to look up at him and he said, “Fuck yeah Ken.  Your chest is like fuckin armor man.  It’s like hittin a steel plate.  And you are gettin off on it aren’t ya buddy?”

Ken felt Brad’s hands on his face and he opened his eyes but they were glazed and unfocused; he was overwhelmed with the emotion and sensations Brad was causing him to experience, and his he was having a hard time coming back from the place Brad took him.

Brad was incredibly turned on by seeing and feeling Ken’s reaction to this.  He wanted to make sure Ken was aware how much he was getting out of this as well.   Seeing Ken, naked and tied up, and shooting multiple orgasms without Brad even touching his dick, was about to send Brad over the top himself.  The most exciting thing to Brad, above the physical reaction, was knowing he was able to be who Ken needed him to be.

Brad pulled Ken’s face hard against his own hot chest, hugging him tight, squeezing with all the strength that was left in his amped up body.   The heat and excitement between them was almost unbearable.  Brad backed off before he shot again, kissing the top of Ken’s head as he did.

“Now for the last part buddy.  If you want your revenge this is the time.”   Brad stripped off the gloves, and untied the ropes, and dropped his shorts to the floor, showing Ken how hard he was.  He slapped the palms of his hands hard against Ken’s chest and was roughly kneading his pecs, and using his fingers to firmly rub over Ken’s nipples.

“I know you always have to hold back when you fuck me.  Well no more buddy, at least not when you don’t want too.  I want you to pound my ass and my body as hard and fast as you have ever wanted to.  You won’t hurt me bro, not tonight.   Squeeze my body as tight as you have ever wanted too.  I want to feel how strong you are and I’m not afraid.   I want you to cut loose on me like you’ve always wanted to but never have because you were afraid of hurting me.”

Brad moved back up and looked directly into Ken’s green eyes, looking for a sign that everything was ok.  Ken’s mind was still reeling from the overpowering sensations Brad was bringing out in him. His eyes were bright, and bloodshot from all the sweat that had run down into them.   His short brown hair was plastered against his head.  Looking intently into Ken’s eyes Brad quietly asked, “Are you ok buddy?  Is this ok?”

Ken could barely talk his throat was so tight with emotion, and his voice cracked as he whispered, “B, I’ve never been more ok in my entire life.”

With that Brad threw his arms around Ken’s shoulders and jumping up he wrapped his legs around Ken’s waist.  Ken caught him like he was a child, cupping his ass cheeks with his hands to support his weight.  He felt his cock sitting at the entrance to Brad’s waiting ass and thrust forward.  Ken was so wound up that he shot off immediately as soon he felt his dick slide up into Brad.  The hot velvety glove was just too much, and his whole body tensed and flexed and he squeezed Brad so hard it would have cracked his spine if he wasn’t charged up.  Brad started clenching his ass around Ken’s dick as he was firing off volley after volley of molten cum inside of him.  To Ken it felt like a tight silken hand milking his dick.  Brad felt new energy spreading into him with Ken’s orgasm.

Ken held the embrace long enough to stop shooting, and then he started thrusting into Brad, lifting him up by his ass cheeks with every stroke.  Ken’s body was still fully pumped; every muscle in his body was straining and flexing, feeling the pleasure.  Brad was letting himself go in the pleasure too… Ken was pounding his prostrate mercilessly and the feel of Ken’s body holding him up and flexing as he thrust into Brad, sweat flying off both of them with every smack of Ken’s pelvis against his ass, was hotter than he ever imagined. 

Ken proceeded to plow Brad for hours, and had at least three more orgasms before he finally exhausted himself.   After the first thirty minutes he lowered them both onto the futon, and he had Brad in every conceivable position over the next three hours.   Brad shot off two more times, covering both of them with cum.

Through all of this, Ken felt more alive and full of love for Brad than he ever had. Finally spent, he collapsed on top of Brad, pulling their hot, sweaty, cum covered bodies together.  Neither one of them had ever sweated or cum so much at one time.  Brad’s eyes were shut tight, and he inhaled the musky smell of Ken’s sweat, nuzzling his face against his thick neck.  Ken rubbed his stubble covered cheek against Brad’s as he hugged his lover back.

There was total silence for about five minutes while they both caught their breath, hugging one another tight, and then they both let out a, “Ohhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk” at the same time, which started them laughing.

Ken’s whole body was shaking from exhaustion and for the first time, maybe ever since the Program, he was as weak as a kitten.  Brad whispered, “Stay here”, and he got up and left the room.  He quickly came back with two bottles of Gatorade.  He set one down for Ken and then plopped down beside him on the futon.

Brad sat there in silence, gently stroking Ken’s chest, giving him time to recover and come back to himself.  After a few minutes he broke the silence.

“Fuck Ken, I don’t know about you bro but for me THAT was EPIC.  If I ever have any doubts about your virility ever again just remind me of tonight.”  Ken was on his back with his arms and legs sprawled out; his eyes were open but he was looking up at nothing, his mind still coming back from the place Brad took him inside himself.  Brad lay down beside him and propped his head up on one hand and he let his other hand roam all over Ken’s chest and abs, caressing his sweaty, trembling muscles.

Ken looked over at Brad and tried to talk but his throat closed up, and tears started streaming down his face as he lay on the futon.  He reached for Brad with his mind and thought; I love you with all my heart and soul Brad Wilson.  I thank God every day for you being in my life. I can’t believe what you just did for me.  That was the most amazing thing EVER buddy. 

Ken opened his mind and heart, filling Brad with all of him.  Brad opened up as well and embraced Ken with his heart and soul, merging them completely. They lay like that for hours, in each other’s arms and minds, awake and content, before they finally drifted off to sleep.




The doctor didn’t want either Ken or Brad to go back to work at the security firm yet.  He wanted them both to take at least three to four weeks to relax, and start learning how to adjust to their newfound abilities.  Unless they had any concerns or questions, he would wait to talk to them about everything that happened after that.  The only thing he specifically asked them not to do was to try anything mental with any of the other team members if they came by to visit.  They would still be at the gym nearly every day and the doctor would be available if anything came up they needed to talk with him about.


Over the next few weeks, Ken and Brad got up every morning and went for their morning run.  Brad went with Ken to do his workout routine at the gym attached to the lab; that part of the lab was specifically equipped for Ken and the others who were so much stronger.  Brad actually belonged to a gym closer to their house, since he worked out with normal weights, but for now he made do at the lab to stay close to Ken.  He didn’t want Ken to have to go with him for his workout after his own; it would have taken a big chunk of time out of their day.

Brad loved getting back into the routine of giving Ken his post workout exams almost as much as Ken.  The regular, mid-morning sex always got the rest of their day off to a great start!

When they got back from their run and Ken was getting dressed after their shower, he noticed his tennis shoes were coming apart on the sides. Being so heavy, Ken goes through shoes quickly; they just aren’t designed to carry his kind of weight around.   So they decided to swing by the Mall of Georgia up in Buford and look for some new shoes.  They hadn’t been shopping in a while and Brad thought it might be nice to pick out some new clothes for both of them while they were there.

When they got to the mall it was horribly crowded.  School was still out, so even in the middle of the day it was wall to wall teenagers.  The mom’s with baby strollers were out in force as always.  Ken and Brad both got a lot of looks from the girls and the moms and many from the guys too, as they walked around the mall.

Ken didn’t notice it at first, but Brad was getting quieter as they moved through the mall.   He seemed a bit distracted while they were looking at shoes in The Foot Locker, and said, “Hey Ken, I gotta go hit the head.  I’ll meet you back down by the carousel at the food court.”  He didn’t wait for a reply and walked out quickly.  Ken reached out with his mind to see what was wrong, but either Brad was out of his range quickly or he had dampened their link for some reason.  It was still there, but turned down to a bare minimum.  Maybe he just had to pee really badly and didn’t want the feeling to spill over into Ken. They learned early on that each of them could send echo’s to the other without meaning too.  If one of them was really hungry, or had to go to the bathroom, the other could mirror the sensation.  They were getting better at controlling that type of side effect, but it still happened on occasion.  His intuition wasn’t picking up any physical danger so Ken didn’t think too much about it.

It was taking him longer to find a pair shoes than he expected.  They never seemed to have his size in the shoes he liked, so he had to keep looking for another pair that would work for jogging and felt comfortable.

He finally settled on a pair, and just as he was finishing at the cash register, Ken felt his connection to Brad sever completely.  He was so used to it by now that it was second nature, and when it suddenly disappeared it was like he had a hole inside him.  They didn’t stay in each other’s minds, or even talk to one another mentally all the time, but there was still that feeling of being connected that both of them had come to rely on.  He felt like he had just gotten punched in the gut when Brad’s presence disappeared. 

Ken nearly bowled over a couple of teenage kids as he rushed out of the store.  The bathrooms were at the food court on the lower level, and there was a carousel for kids to ride at the bottom of the escalators they use as a meeting place if they ever have to split up.  Brad said he would meet him there.

Ken scanned the area, bustling with people, but didn’t see Brad anywhere.  The noise level with all the people was outrageous, so calling out wouldn’t do any good.  He ran down the hallway that led to the bathrooms and as soon as he turned the corner into the Men’s Room, he saw Brad sitting down on the floor with his back against the wall at the far end of the room.  He had his knees pulled up against his chest and his head was down on his forearms.  Ken’s first thought was thank God he’s here, and his second that was that while something was obviously wrong, he appeared to be physically ok.

He rushed over and, kneeling down, put a hand on Brad’s shoulder.  Brad flinched from the contact, not even looking up.  His body was taught as a wire, and his t-shirt was soaked with sweat and he was white as a sheet.

Ken tried to keep his voice steady and said, “B, what’s goin on?  What’s the matter buddy?”

Brad slowly raised his head up and he had a confused, distant look on his face.  He was staring right through Ken like he didn’t even see him.

Not knowing what else to do, he firmly took Brad’s face between his hands, and forced him to look directly at Ken.  “B, focus man.  You are scaring the shit out of me bro!  It’s me, Ken!”

He whispered, “Ken?  Oh fuck! Thank God it’s you,” and he launched himself into Ken’s arms, grabbing ahold and squeezing desperately.

“It’s ok B, I got you bro, I got you.”  Ken grabbed him and held him close, wrapping him up so he would feel safe and protected.  He started rubbing his hand up and down Brad’s back, giving him time to snap out of whatever was going on.  Ken reached out with his mind, now that they were touching; he felt some resistance, but he pushed against it and was stunned as thousands of loud voices, all jumbled and talking over one another filled his mind.  He was seeing through all their eyes at the same time and it was so chaotic he couldn’t focus.  The emotions and feelings were there too, and overwhelming.   The pain in his head from that sudden influx was piercingly sharp and he rebounded out of Brad’s mind in shock and surprise. He was breathing hard and seeing spots in his eyes from just a brief exposure; he knew Brad felt everything far stronger than he did so what Brad was experiencing had to be almost unbearable.   “Fuck, B!  I gotta get you out of here!”

Ken was sure he knew what was going on but he didn’t know or understand how it could have happened; for some reason the thoughts and feelings of all the people in the Mall were flooding into Brad all at once.  The problem was that there were so many people he would have to get Brad through them to get him out of here, and he wasn’t even sure if Brad could walk right now, and he didn’t want to draw attention by carrying him over his shoulder.

“Ken, I can’t hold ‘em off, there’s too many.  They’re so loud!  Fuck man, the lies and the hate and the cruelty all under the surface… it’s… really… painful!  I’m not sure how much more I can take.”

“B, buddy, look at me bro.  Look at me!”  Ken had to shake Brad and he even slapped him to try to get him to snap out it enough to focus.

“Listen to me B!  Listen to my voice, and focus on me.  I got an idea buddy.  Look at me and focus, and we are gonna figure this shit out.”

Brad’s eyes lost a little of their detachment, and he seemed to be trying to look at Ken.  “There are so many, Ken, it’s hard to hear you… all the voices…”

Ken knew that Brad was the one that their mental connection came from, just as Ken was responsible for the physical connection.  He remembered how Brad had made the construct of the river, that small piece of reality that he used to imprison the creature that almost destroyed them both.  Ken didn’t have the power to do something that big, but after being connected to Brad, his mind has grown some.  He could initiate the connection when they were close, and touching, like they were now.

Ken could hear some teenagers coming down the hallway to the bathroom, talking loudly among themselves.

Fuck!  Well there’s nothing for it.  If they see us they see us.

Ken closed his eyes and started forming a picture in his mind, of a small, sound proof room, with solid walls that no one could see in or out of sitting out in the middle of the food court at the mall.  The only two people allowed in that room were Ken and Brad.  He imagined all the people, milling about and shopping, and talking, but inside that little glass room it was deathly quiet. 

It was difficult to hold that image in his mind and then start pushing against Brad’s resistance.  Desperation and adrenaline can work wonders, and he literally punched through into Brad’s mind.  Opening his eyes he found himself in the food court.  His construct wasn’t nearly as defined as Brad’s and it seemed a little hazy and distorted, like a dream episode from The Twilight Zone or The Outer Limits.

Brad was at his feet, bent over in pain, holding his head.  Picking him up, he threw Brad over his shoulder in a fireman’s carry.  In the construct, no one was paying any attention to them; it was as if everyone was so wrapped up in themselves that they couldn’t see what was happening right in front of them.

Ken rushed inside the room with Brad and closed the door behind him.  As soon as the seal was shut, all the voices stopped.  He could feel the pressure on his own mind and saw the walls bowing from the pressure but it seemed to be holding for now.

He set Brad gently down on the floor and admonished himself for not thinking to put a couch or a bed to put Brad on.  Brad was breathing heavily, and he was still holding his head, and he kept repeating, “Oh fuck, oh fuck…,” over and over.  Ken got behind him and pulled Brad up into a sitting position and wrapped his arms tightly around him and put his chin on Brad’s shoulder and started rocking him gently.

“Shhhhhh just be quiet for a minute bro and relax.  Just relax and be still...” Ken kept whispering encouragement, wanting Brad to continue to hear his voice so he could focus and relax.  Ken moved one of his hands up and starting brushing the hair back from Brad’s forehead, continuing to rock him back and forth in a soothing motion.  He was scared for Brad and couldn’t imagine what had set this off.  He knew that Brad had been practicing to keep this type of thing from happening so something must have triggered it.

After a few minutes Brad’s breathing was back to normal and he grabbed ahold of Ken’s forearm that was wrapped around his middle.  He whispered a quiet, “Thanks man.  Fuck my head hurts.  Where are we?”

“To be honest B I’m not sure if we’re in my head or yours right now.  I didn’t have much time so I put this together on the fly hoping it would work.  You and I are still in the men’s bathroom.”

Brad gave a surprised, “No shit?”

“So what happened, B?  I mean I think I know what happened, but how and why?”

“I went to the bathroom and everything was fine.  I haven’t been around this many people yet, but I was doing fine until out of the blue this scream tore right through my mind and it broke the shield I had up.  I’ve been practicing on keeping up a barrier to keep people’s thoughts out; most of what they think is seriously fucked up and I need to shut it out.  But that scream cut through me like a knife, and suddenly it was like everyone in the mall was inside my head, with all their fucked up shit.  The anger, and lies, and jealousies, and self-centeredness…  It physically hurts if I let it in.  And it hurts like hell to try and look through a thousand pairs of eyes at the same time.  But Ken, I think some little kid is in trouble.  It was his scream that broke through.  He’s terrified of something, and I think he might even be hurt.”

“Ok B, first we need to get out of here.  Are you ok now?”

“Yeah I think I’m good.  Thanks man, you pulled my ass out of the fire.”

Ken pulled him into a quick tight hug and said, “Yeah that’s what badass boyfriends are supposed to do.”

“I just wish you didn’t have to do it quite so often.  I’m beginnin to wonder if I’m ever gonna get a grip on this mental stuff.”

“Whoa, B, stop right there.”  Ken grabbed Brad firmly by his shoulders and held him at arm’s length.  “First off, do you remember how long it took me and the others to adjust to our bodies after the change?  Yeah, that’s right it was months.  And we were all in good shape physically before the change.  This is no different, bro.  You are dealin with this shit way better than I ever could, and you are doin fuckin great.  It’s all new territory and it sucks but you are learnin as you go.  There isn’t a manual for this type of thing.”

“Yeah, I guess you are right.”

“No guessing about it, B.  Look in here and I’ll prove it.”  Ken took Brad’s hand and placed it over his heart.

Brad merged with Ken and let himself get lost for a moment in the bond they shared.  The love and support they had for one another was like a healing balm and a shot of adrenaline at the same time, lifting him up.  Brad drew strength from Ken’s physical presence; feeling the heat of Ken’s body, and breathing in his scent.

B, use us as a shield bro.  What we have is strong enough to get us through anythin as long as we are together.  If you feel yourself slippin, just come back to this, to what we have, and let it be a barrier that nothin can get through.

Hey Ken.


I’m supposed to be the smart one, you know that right?

Hey buddy, I’m just holdin you up til you get back on your feet.  Remember that’s what badass boyfriends do for one another. Remember that the next time I get knocked on my ass ok?

Alright, we’ve been here long enough; let’s get back to our bodies.


 Neither one of them noticed a well-dressed man sitting in the food court in Ken’s construct, watching them.  To him, the walls of Ken’s room were like glass and he could hear everything they were saying and thinking.  He had a contemptuous look on his face as he listed to their thoughts, and he vanished just before Brad took them back into their bodies.

Brad opened his eyes and he was sitting on the floor of the men’s bathroom. Ken was kneeling beside him with one of his hand on his shoulder.   Ken stood up and held out a hand to help Brad up.

Even with everything that transpired in the construct, only a few seconds at most had passed in the real world.  Just as Brad stood up, the teenagers rounded the corner and came into the bathroom.

Brad looked at himself in the mirror; he was still a bit pale and drenched in sweat.  Ken was holding their shopping bags, and Brad said, “Hey Ken, would you mind handing me one of the new shirts?  I don’t wanna go back out there lookin like this.  And remind me to burn these clothes, I’m not sure I can wear them again knowing that they were on the floor of a public bathroom.”

One of the teenagers, a young Hispanic kid, looked over at Brad and asked, “Hey man, you ok?  You need some help?”

Brad felt his concern was legitimate and it made him feel just a little bit better.  His honest concern for a stranger and willingness to help was uplifting.

“Thanks for asking, man but I’m ok.  Something I ate didn’t agree with me.” 

The kid nodded and went over to a urinal to take a piss.

Brad washed his face and wet his short hair, wiping off his face and the excess water out of his hair with some paper towels.  He changed shirts quickly and taking a deep breath, he looked and felt better, except for the pain in his head.

The kids were starting to head out and Ken heard one of them say, “Shit did you see that guy?  He was built!”  Ken smiled to himself at hearing their comments about Brad.  He couldn’t agree more!

Ken noticed Brad’s eyes were really red and asked if he was ok.

“Yeah, I have a pounding headache, but I’m good.  I’m ready if that happens again.  Ken we need to find that kid.”

“Don’t you think we should at least call the doc and see if he has an opinion on what just happened?”

“We don’t have time.  We can after, but I have a bad feeling about what’s goin on with this kid.  We can call the doc after, man, I promise.”

“Alright, so you heard this kid scream, but did you see him? Do we know who we’re lookin for?”

“It’s a little boy, but I didn’t see his face.  He’s young, maybe three or four I think.  I got a brief glimpse through his eyes, before he got jumbled into everyone else.  He was in the food court and I could see the Dairy Queen sign from where he was sittin.  There’s a man and a woman sittin with him.  The man has some serious tats on his arms.  He’s big and the kid is scared shitless of him.  He did somethin to the kid that triggered this.  It had to be pretty bad for him to react like he did.”

“Ok, we’re going out there and take a look.  If they’re still there we need to identify them and hold tight for a few minutes.  We can’t just barge in and tell them you had a vision of their terrified son.  If the kid’s in trouble we’ll need some kind of proof to really help him.”

Brad and Ken left the bathroom and headed over towards the Dairy Queen counter.  A movie must have just gotten out at the upstairs theater and people were flooding into the food court off the escalators.  The noise level was louder than ever and the place was packed.

Even with all the noise, Ken heard a few kids crying nearby, and he immediately honed in on the little boy.  He had on an Iron Man t-shirt, shorts, and tennis shoes.  His face was bright red from crying, and tears were streaming down his little face.  He was hysterical from sobbing so hard, and his nose was running and he had spittle all over his chin, dripping down onto his shirt.  He had made quite a mess of the kid’s meal in front of him. His little fingers were still holding a soggy half eaten ketchup covered french-fry, but he was crying so hard he couldn’t finish it.

The boy’s mother was trying to calm him down, but the father, a big man, muscular and covered with tattoo’s looked furious.  He grabbed the little boy, each of his big fists gripping one of his small arms, and he jerked the boy harshly into his lap.  Ken winced for the kid, knowing the man could easily break his arms if he wasn’t careful. 

Ken turned to Brad and said, “Hey B go get mall security pronto.”

Brad felt Ken’s reaction when he saw the man jerk the boy into his lap and his head snapped around and he saw them.  Brad’s voice turned steely and he said, “You call ‘em bro.  He’s not touching that kid again.  In fact you better call an ambulance.”

          Ken wasn’t worried about Brad getting hurt, but he was worried about what Brad might do to the guy.  Ken could feel white hot waves of anger literally radiating out from Brad through their link.  Ken was startled at the burst of raw power Brad was emitting.

          Ken muttered an, “Oh Shit,” under his breath.   

          Brad felt his concern and said, “Don’t worry Ken I’m in control.”

Ken hoped he or Brad knew some of the mall cops on duty.  It would make whatever was about to happen easier to smooth over.

When Brad got close he could hear the man screaming into the kid’s ear, “Why the fuck can’t you ever listen you little shit?  Do you know how much that food costs?”

The mother was trying to diffuse the situation, but she was obviously scared. Brad could see her hands trembling.  “Doug baby, you know he didn’t mean it!  He’s just a baby!  Here let me take him...” She reached over to take the boy from him and he slammed the boy down in the chair next to him away from her.  The boy was so hysterical all he could do was cry, and the pitch of his scream just went a little higher as he was slammed down into the hard wooden chair.  His little legs were kicking and he was squirming from the pain of the impact onto the hard wood.   His cries were mostly drowned out in the noise level of the mall, and only a few people right next to them could see what was going on, and most of them were trying to ignore the situation.  The mother cringed, and the man reached over and grabbed her wrist.  Brad could see traces of bruises on her arms.

The guy was big and had broad shoulders and huge arms, but he was redneck fat and had a slight paunch to his gut from all the beer.  He looked mean, but Brad was 6’ 2” and 245 lbs. of solid muscle and a trained Navy Seal.  People around Doug were starting to stare and point, but he was oblivious to them.

The anger inside Brad snapped when he saw the bruises on her arms and the little boy’s legs kicking from the pain.  He reached down and grabbed the man by his wrist and squeezed hard enough to break his grip on his wife’s arm.  He said calmly but loud enough to be heard, “Let go of her.”

The man jerked his head up, furious. “You let go of me right now mother fucker or I’ll rip your arm off!”  The man stood up fast enough to knock his chair back and over.  The people who were staring all started backing away quickly, seeing that a fight was about to break out.   It was obvious by his posture and body language that he was trying to intimidate Brad.

Brad kept his grip, and twisted his arm behind his back, putting him in a very painful arm lock and shoved his face down onto the table, purposefully aiming for the ketchup covered napkin sitting on the table.  The woman’s eyes went wide as saucers.  Brad calmly looked at her and said, “Ma’am you see that man over there in the blue t-shirt talking with mall security?”

The woman just nodded her head.  She was starting to shake.

“You need to take your little boy and go over to him.  He’s going to make sure you and your son are safe, while I have a talk with Doug here.”

Doug was livid, his face turning purple with rage, “You fuckin bastard! How the hell do you know my name? I’m gonna kill you!  Liz, get your ass back over here bitch if you know what’s good for you!”

Liz picked up Drew and hugged him tight against her and moved quickly over to Ken.

“Doug, I’m going to let you go so we can have a little chat.  If you are smart, which I doubt, you’ll pick up your chair and sit your ass down.  But I hope you are a dumbshit just like you look, and that you’ll take a swing at me.”

He let go of Doug’s arm and quickly moved back out of his reach.  Brad looked calm and relaxed, but he was anything but; he was completely prepared for Doug to rush him.

Doug’s face was almost purple with rage and he was breathing hard, his nostrils flaring, as he looked around; everyone was staring at him, making him feel foolish and angry.  Brad could feel the flow of emotions running through his shallow brain.

Ken was dealing with mall security about twenty feet away, but he was keeping an eye on the situation.  He saw Doug telegraph what he was going to do a mile away, and he said under his breath, “Don’t do it man.”

Just as he said that Doug lunged at Brad, trying to catch him off guard.  Five seconds later, Doug was on the ground semi-conscious.  Brad, extremely efficient at dirty infighting from his combat training, hit Doug no less than a dozen times, reigning blows down on his chest, stomach, and neck.  Doug never had a clue as to what hit him.

Brad knelt down and acted like he was checking on Doug.  He touched Doug’s temple and said, “Time for a little chat, you sorry piece of shit.” 

Doug had no idea what was happening, but suddenly he found himself sitting on his couch in his trailer, with duct tape wrapped around his hands and feet.  A very intimidating Brad was standing in front of him, his arms crossed across his chest.

“Alright Doug, I only have a few minutes so I’m going to cut right to the chase.  Don’t lie to me.  In fact you can’t lie to me here.  And don’t try to hold anything back, because I can force you to talk if I have to.”

“What is your son’s name?”

“I ain’t tellin you shit!  What the fuck’s goin on?  How’d I get here?  You better untie me you bastard or…”

“Or what Doug?  Are you gonna hit me like you do your wife and son?  I’m asking you one more time.  What is your son’s name?”

“Fuck you, you son of a bitch!”

“Alright Doug, I’m going to try and put this into some type of terms your dumb ass can understand.  We’re in your mind right now.  Your body is lying unconscious on the floor of the food court at the Mall of Georgia, where I just kicked your redneck ass.  While we are in your head, you can think of me just like Freddy Kruger.  In this place I’m your worst nightmare, and I can pretty much do whatever I want to you.  If I kill you here your body is going to die on the floor of the mall.”

Doug just struggled against the tape, trying to break free.

Brad’s anger at Doug was building.  This stupid, ignorant, man, was a wife beater and child abuser, and he was too dumb to realize how much trouble he was in. 

“Alright Doug, you asked for it.”  Brad opened up Doug’s mind like he was peeling an onion.  He did it harshly, on purpose, causing Doug a good deal of pain.  He wasn’t proud of that, but he was angry.  He sifted through Doug’s very unintelligent and unorganized mind.  He saw all of the experiences through his childhood that led him to be the person he is.  He saw Doug and Liz get married, and he saw the birth of Drew, his son.  He saw the rage, and resentment, and the desire to feel powerful and in control.  He saw Doug burning Drew with cigarettes, and beating his wife.  He even broke Drew’s leg when he was only two years old, and managed to lie his way out of it and fool Child and Family Services.

Doug screamed in pain as he felt Brad tear into his memories, and he was aware of everything that Brad saw.  He was so terrified that he shit his pants.  Unfortunately his body followed suit much to everyone’s dismay around him in the food court.

Brad went ballistic when he saw the beatings and the burns and the broken leg.  His face went beet red, and his whole body tensed and the veins started showing at his temples, neck, and arms.  He grabbed Doug around the throat and started screaming , “YOU SON OF A BITCH!  HE’S JUST A LITTLE BOY!  WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU THINKING?!  TELL ME!  TELL ME RIGHT NOW WHY I SHOULDN’T RIP YOUR MIND TO SHREDS AND LEAVE YOU A VEGETABLE FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE?!”

Doug was crying in fear and pain and started begging Brad, “Please man, don’t kill me!  I can change!  I swear it!  I promise!  I’ll do whatever you tell me, but don’t hurt me!”  Doug was sobbing and almost incoherent with fear.

Brad had seen and heard all this before, in Doug’s memories.  He would lose his temper and beat Liz or hurt Drew, and then promise to change… and he would until the next time he was drunk or in a bad mood, and then Drew would start making too much noise.  Brad could see there was no way Doug would change his behavior. 

Brad’s voice was filled with contempt and he said, “You’re a fuckin animal, Doug.  You know and I know that you aren’t going to change.  You’re too weak and lazy.”

Brad leaned down and put his face just inches away from Doug’s, who was crying like a baby, afraid that Brad was going to kill him.  “So should I get out a blowtorch and burn you because you are crying?  Like you burned Drew with your cigarettes when he made to much noise?  How does it feel to be helpless and afraid Doug?  To feel like you make your son feel?  You’re scared shitless right now, but as soon as you get Drew and Liz back home you’ll make this their fault and take it out on them.  You can’t hide it from me, Doug.  I’m inside your head remember?”

Brad was having a hard time keeping his anger in check.  Once he really dug deep and saw what kind of person Doug was, he wasn’t sure what to do.  He could rip out the bad memories that made Doug this way, but that would change him too much and be too hard to explain, and there was no way to tell what type of person he would turn into.  He could literally kill him, which would be the easiest choice and probably the best for everyone involved, especially Drew, but that wasn’t an option, or at least one that he could consider right now.  No, the only thing a man like Doug understands is fear and control.

“Ok Doug, here’s what’s going to happen.  You are probably going to jail.  In fact I’m going to make sure of it.  You are never going to see Drew again.  EVER.   You can communicate with Liz, but you will never go near her person again.  EVER.   When you get out of jail, you are going to make it your life’s work to make theirs better.  You will get a job and send them money.  You will put Drew through college if he wants to go.  You will pay their rent.  I don’t care how miserable your life becomes; you are going to make it up to them.  And you will never get married or have any more children.  If you ever hit another woman or abuse another child, I will know about it and I will hunt you down and I will flay your fuckin brain inside out and leave you a mindless corpse.  Do you understand me?”

Doug was shaking so hard and still crying all he could do what nod his head yes.

“I’m so glad we were able to have this little chat, Doug.  I’m going to knock you out now; painfully.”


There was no outward sign of what happened to Doug, other than he passed out with a grunt, and crapped in his pants as he did so.  Brad looked up and saw Ken with Liz, who was holding Drew. 

One of the mall cops moved over to keep everyone away from Doug, and told him, “Gwinnett PD is on their way.  You need to stay put until they get here for a statement.”

Brad nodded to him and went over to where Ken was standing with Liz and Drew.  Drew was still crying.  Brad looked at Liz and asked her, “Are you ok?”

Liz’s voice was shaky and she started to cry as she said, “Thank you, but you have no idea what you just did.  He’s going to be so mad when he wakes up.”

“Liz, it’s going to be ok.  He’s not going to hurt you or Drew ever again.  I know you may not believe it now.  I’ll have to talk with you about it later, but believe me everything is going to be fine.”

Not wanting her to ask any questions right now, Brad gave her his most disarming smile and asked, “So how’s your little Iron Man doing?”

“He’s settled down a little, but I can’t get him to stop crying.”

Brad sent a thought to Ken, Hey bro could you do me a huge favor?  The Disney Store is right around the corner on this level.  When we walked by earlier they had Iron Man hoodies for kids.  Could you go get one?  Size 3 in Little Boys.

Are you gonna tell me what’s going on?  What the hell did you to do him Brad?  I saw you kick his ass but that doesn’t make a guy crap his pants.

I’ll show you everything later.  I was harsh, I won’t deny it, but hopefully you’ll understand and agree with me once you see it all.

Alright bro, you know I trust you; one Iron Man hoodie coming up.

Ken motioned for one of the mall cops to come over and quietly told him where he was going out of earshot of Liz and Drew.

“Liz, if you don’t mind, could I hold Drew for a minute?  Maybe I can get him to stop crying.  I know I’m a stranger, but I’d like to try.”

Liz looked at Drew, and asked him, “Drew, do you mind if this nice man holds you for a minute?  You are such a big boy and you’re getting heavy and mommy needs a rest.”

Brad wasn’t used to being around kids, and after all the abuse this little boy had been through, Brad was afraid of hurting him more. 

Drew seemed ambivalent to the exchange and didn’t put up a fuss when Brad took ahold of him.  Brad cradled him gently, one arm under his butt to hold him up and one around his back.  He gently rubbed Drew’s back, hoping it would help calm him down and talked soothingly, “Hey Drew.  My name’s Brad.  That sure is a nice Iron Man shirt you got there.  Did your mommy get it for you?”

Drew put his head down against Brad’s chest and put his arms up as far around his thick neck as he could.  His nod was barely discernible but he didn’t say anything. 

Brad closed his eyes and sent gentle, soothing thoughts of comfort and safety into Drew’s young mind.  In seconds, Drew stopped crying.  He wasn’t sleepy; he was just content to let Brad hold him. For the first time that day, and probably for far longer, he felt safe.

Liz sniffed and wiped her eyes with her sleeve.  She was amazed when Drew stopped crying and said, “He must really like you.  He’s not usually too warm to strangers.”

Brad just said, “I think he knows I’m a friend.  Don’t you buddy?”

While Brad was working on calming Drew down, the Gwinnett Police showed up and started taking statements.  Brad and Ken were in luck, because one of the officers worked with them on a regular basis as extra security at Wild Bill’s down in Duluth.  While the cops were taking statements, Ken came back and had a Disney Store bag in hand.

Brad said, “Hey Drew!  Look here buddy, I got somethin for ya.  Check this out little man!”

As soon as Ken pulled the hoodie out of the bag, Drew perked up.  It definitely caught his attention.  “Wow!  You’ll look even more like Iron Man wearing this!  Do you want to put it on?”

His little cheeks were still bright red and tear streaked, but Drew was actually smiling, and he nodded his head yes.

Brad set Drew on the floor and knelt down so they were at eye level.  “Here buddy it’s really hot outside today, so let’s take off this t-shirt before we put this on ok?”  Drew raised his arms and before Liz realized what he was doing, Brad had his t-shirt up and off.

Ken went white with anger when he saw all the burn scars and the bruises.  The cops saw it too.  Brad quickly put the hoodie on Drew and picked him back up.  Liz started crying quietly again.  Brad told her, “Liz, don’t worry.”

The cop they knew told them “You know we have to call a case worker on this.”

Brad said, “I know Frank, but Liz here is a good mom.  That Fu...”  Brad stopped himself from cussing in front of Drew, “guy over there is responsible.”

It didn’t take long before someone from Child Services showed up.  While they were interviewing Liz, Drew was getting a little restless.

“Hey Drew I want you to meet my friend, Ken.”

Ken held out his hand and Drew tentatively took it.  “Pleased to meet you little man.”

“Drew can I tell you a secret?”  Drew still wasn’t talking, but he nodded his head yes.

Brad motioned for Ken to come closer, and he whispered into Drew’s ear, “Can you keep a secret?”  Drew nodded his head, his eyes big and solemn.

“Ken is really Iron Man, but we have to keep his secret.  He’s here to keep you and your mom safe.”

Ken looked at Brad like he was crazy.  “B?  What are you doing man?”

Drew got a frown on his face and let out a, “uh uh.”

“Yeah, Drew he really is and I can prove it to you.  He’s wearing his armor underneath his clothes.  But he doesn’t want anyone here to know who he is.  Do you believe me?”

Drew shook his head no.

“Ok buddy, here’s what I want you to do.  I want you to stick your finger out and poke him really hard right on his chest and you’ll feel the armor under his shirt.  Here, watch this.”

Brad stuck out his finger and poked Ken hard on his upper chest, and then shook his hand and said, “Ow!  That hurt! ”

Ken caught on and was ready for Drew’s finger to poke him.  Drew had a look on his face like he knew they were lying to him, but he stuck his little finger out and poked hard.  Ken tensed, and to Drew it did feel hard as steel.  His eyes went wide and he looked at Brad, “See Drew I told you!  But we have to keep it a secret ok?”

Drew whispered in Brad’s ear, “Ok.”  The rest of the time Drew couldn’t keep his eyes off Ken.


After the police were finished and Doug was hauled away to jail, Brad pulled Liz off to the side.  Ken was holding Drew, who kept poking him in the chest and giggling.

“Liz, I know this is all a surprise, but I want to let you know again that everything is going to be ok.  I can’t explain right now, and I might never be able too, but Doug is out of your life as of today.  You will hear from him at some point but he will never see you in person ever again.  When he gets out of jail he will start sending you money.  My concern is how Drew is going to do through all of this; you know he’s going to have issues to deal with.”

Liz’s eyes were still red from crying all afternoon, but she managed a “Thank you Mr. Wilson.  I can’t thank you enough.  I really don’t understand any of this.  I was so scared for Drew, and me.  I’ve tried to leave Doug before and it ended up with Drew getting hurt.”

“Well he can’t hurt you anymore.  I’ll make sure of that.  And when things settle down, I’d like you to get in touch with me.  I know this great doctor who can help Drew.  There won’t be any charge so don’t worry about money.  I’d hate for Drew to grow into someone like Doug, but after what he’s been through, you know it’s a possibility.”

“I know.  I hope he’s young enough to get past this.  I’ll give you a call about that doctor if you will answer one question.”

“What’s that?”

“Why did you do this? I mean why did you get involved and how did you know what was going on?”

“All I can tell you Liz is that I heard Drew cry.  I heard him through all these people and all the noise, and I knew he needed my help.  I know that sounds crazy, but it’s the only answer I have.”

“Well, angels come in all shapes and sizes.”

Brad gave her his most handsome, charming smile and said, “I think I’m more like a knight in shining armor than an angel. That’s a little manlier image.”

“Thanks again, Brad; for everything.”  She got up on her tip toes and kissed his cheek.


There was a PF Chang’s in the Mall, so they picked up some food to go; they both really wanted to get home.  Brad was quiet, and Ken left him alone, except for holding his hand on the drive home.  Their link was up but Ken didn’t pry, he just made sure Brad felt his love and support.

They got home, parked the car in the garage, went inside, and activated the security protocols.  As always Ken felt better when he heard and felt the security system kick in. Brad was still quiet, and Ken knew something was bothering him, but he didn’t push or try to ‘peek’ knowing Brad would share everything with him soon enough.

They were both starving, so Ken got the food unpacked while Brad put out the plates, and they had dinner together.  Ken was a master at small talk, and kept the conversation lite and unobtrusive.

After dinner the phone rang, and Ken picked up it.  It was Lane, checking in to see how things were going.  While Ken was talking, Brad started clearing off the table and rinsing off the dishes.  He took off his new shirt, so he wouldn’t splash any soapy water on it.

Ken was pacing around the den, talking with Lane, and expertly dodging the seriousness of the day.  He promised that they would get together with him and Bryan in the next few nights and then hung up.  Ken put the phone back on the charger, and then stopped to stare at Brad; watching his thick back muscles flex and stretch under his skin as he rinsed the dishes and put them into the dishwasher.

Brad noticed the silence after Ken hung up the phone and glanced over his shoulder to see Ken sitting on the back of the couch staring at him.  He had his arms crossed over his chest and his legs out and crossed at the ankles.

Brad froze in mid motion as he was reaching down to close the dishwasher and stared back.  After an awkward silence of a few seconds, Brad said, “What?”

Ken said in a low voice, “I can’t tell you how hot I am for you right now, B.  Come here.”

Brad moved over and Ken spread his legs wide but stayed perched on the back of the couch.  He pulled Brad close and pressed his face against Brad’s chest, reaching his arms around Brad’s back and holding him tight.  Brad put his arms around Ken’s head and shoulders and hugged him back squeezing Ken’s face against him.

“It’s been a long day, B; and not an easy one for you.  I want you to share with me what happened, but first I want to take care of you.  I want to de-stress you.  I want you to feel how much I love you.  And I want to feel you getting off either in my hand, my mouth, or my ass, at least a few times.  Like NOW.”

Brad chuckled, kissed Ken on the top of his head, and said, “Damn, Ken, when did you learn foreplay?”


Ken took Brad by the hand and led him back to their bedroom. Lifting up Brad’s hand and kissing it he said, “mmmmm the fresh taste of Dawn dishwashing liquid.  Take your shorts off and lay down on the bed.”

Brad dropped his shorts and crawled over to the middle of the bed and got on his back.  Ken stripped off his shirt and shorts and moved over to the bed.  He got on top, straddling Brad’s waist, and intertwined his fingers with both of Brad’s hands, pushing his arms up over his head.  Ken loved having Brad’s awesome physique stretched out, his arms over his head and his chest bare and defenseless.  Brad was instantly hard, and Ken could feel his erection pushing against him.

Ken leaned forward and started rubbing his chest against Brad’s.  Ken’s skin was so warm and soft over the rock hard muscle it felt amazing.  His dick was rock hard and he let it rub against the ridges in Brad’s stomach while he rocked his body slowly back and forth.

Ken put his head down and started eating out Brad’s left armpit.  He went slow and gave Brad a real tongue bath.  Brad was moaning softly with the pleasure.  After a while Ken moved over, kissing Brad’s thick neck and upper chest while he made his way across to the other armpit.  While he was using his tongue he made sure to rub his stubble covered chin and cheeks against Brad wherever he could.

Ken continued his licking, and starting moving down a little so he could cover every square inch of Brad’s chest and nipples.  As he moved further down Brad’s body he started rubbing their dicks together.  Both of them were leaking precum like mad and they quickly had a nice slick action going.

Brad couldn’t stand not touching Ken anymore, and started roaming his hands over Ken’s chest, shoulders, and arms, loving the tension in his muscles from holding his body up.

Ken moved down until he was between Brad’s knees, and leaned up to hold both their hard dicks in his hand and started jacking them slowly at the same time.  Brad started thrusting his hips to match the motion of Ken’s hand.

Brad loved getting jacked off my Ken.  He had the most amazing hands, and the fact that they were Ken’s hands made it feel that much better.

“God, B, I love the feel of your hard dick in my hand.  It’s amazing bro.  You’re amazing, and you deserve more than I can ever possibly give you.”

Ken reached down with his other hand and started fingering Brad’s tight hole, while he continued to jack them off.   Ken worked his finger in until he found Brad’s prostate and started gently rubbing it.  This sent Brad crazy with lust and he started grinding his ass back into one hand and thrusting his hard dick into the other.  Ken was getting off watching Brad’s body twist and writhe in pleasure, flexing his chest and arms out and contracting his abs with every thrust.

“Fuck yeah B, work it up bro.  I love it when you get all pumped and sweaty for me.  I wanna feel this hard dick of yours squirting.”

Brad was so into the sensations he was feeling he couldn’t talk.  He was getting really close, and Ken read the signs of his imminent orgasm as he continued to stroke his lover.  Just as Brad was at the point of no return, Ken leaned over and took the head of Brad’s dick into his mouth and started swirling his tongue all over the head and jacking Brad’s dick with a tight grip, and he started fluttering his finger over Brad’s prostate.

“Oh, Oh, OH, fuck Ken, I’m cumin!  Uhhhhhh!”

Ken continued to stroke Brad through his orgasm, and swallowed his entire load, and kept licking the head until he knew Brad was finished.  He crawled back up on top of Brad, holding most of his weight up, but pressing as much of his body down against Brad as he could.  Brad wrapped his big arms around Ken’s back and his legs around Ken’s waist and squeezed their bodies together.  He was breathing heavy and Ken started giving him kisses all over his forehead, nose, cheeks, finally stopping at his mouth for a long passionate kiss.  Ken began grinding his hard, dripping dick against Brad’s abs and in less than a minute he started shooting hot strings of cum between their stomachs.  When he was done shooting, he rolled them over so Brad was on top and let his hands roam over Brad’s back and shoulders while they kissed.

They continued to cuddle, and enjoy each other’s bodies for a few minutes, and then Ken whispered into Brad’s ear, “That was one.”  He raised his head up slightly so they could make eye contact.  They both just stared at each other, their eyes roaming over each other’s face. 

After a minute Ken broke the silence, “You know what B?”

Brad let out a lazy and very relaxed, “What?”

“I love you bro.”

“Yeah I know.”


Brad grinned and said, “Ken you need to use more syllables man, I can’t understand you.”

“Dude, don’t you know what the proper response is when someone says ‘I love you bro?’”

“Yeah but you’re a douche.”

Ken chuckled under his breath and asked,“What the fuck does me being a douche have to do with you not using the proper designated response to ‘I love you bro.’”

Brad’s grin got bigger and he said, “Nothin.  I just wanted to piss you off.”

“Are you ever gonna grow up?”

Ken reached down and started fondling Brad’s semi hard dick and said, “Speakin of growin… how do you want the next one?”

“Hmmmm you know what I really want?”


“I want you to plow my ass til we both shoot, so I can get really charged up, and then I want you to continue to plow my ass as hard as you can while I try to pinch your dick off with my ass.  I want to see every muscle in your body pumped and dripping sweat all over me.  I want to see veins popping.  I want every ounce of your weight down on top of me and I want you to squeeze me so hard I can’t breathe.”

“But I want this to be about you getting off not me.”

“Ken the last time you did that to me, do you remember the word I used to describe it?  Think hard because it has more than one syllable.”

“Fuck you asshole.”

Brad laughed and said, “Now you’re getting it!”

“The word, Mr. Habbersham, was EPIC.  When you get that way it drives me over the edge.  Believe me this is not just about you… I have a selfish interest in wanting it.  I want you to know how much I get off on you when you get like that.  When you start this I want you to turn on that physical thing you do with us.”

“Alright, Mr. Wilson.”  As Brad was talking, Ken was getting more and more turned on by the thought of what he wanted to do.  Both their eyes flashed nearly white for a brief second and Ken got a devilish grin on his handsome face.

Ken turned Brad over on the bed and stared at Brad’s big frame, full of muscle, waiting for him to get on top.  He started rubbing Brad’s back firmly and then got down and pulled his legs apart, spread his ass cheeks, and started eating him out.

As good as it felt, Brad was getting impatient, and started pushing back hard against Ken’s tongue.  Ken was enjoying the sensations in his own ass as he ate out Brad.

“Damn, B.  You are a hungry fucker tonight.”

“Just shut up and put your dick where your mouth is.”

“Alright, B, you asked for it.”

Ken moved his body up and forward so he was mounted over Brad in just the right position.  He put the head of his hard dick against Brad’s wet tight hole, and slowly shoved it in up to the hilt.  Brad said he wanted them both to come quick for the first one and he took Brad at his word.  He hit Brad’s ass hard and fast.  Brad was already starting to sweat heavily, and Ken leaned down and started rubbing his hard chest against Brad’s heavily muscled back.  He held himself up with one arm and he wrapped his other arm around Brad’s abs and pulled their bodies together hard with every thrust.   The sharing of their physical sensations, and the intensity that Ken was putting into getting them both off quickly, made for a short fused orgasm.  Just as Ken flooded Brad’s ass with his cum, he grabbed Brad’s hard dick and started stroking him as he shot rope after rope of cum across his abs.

Immediately Brad felt the surge of energy through his body.  Waiting until Ken almost pulled out of him, with just the head still in, Brad clamped down with all his new strength on the head of Ken’s dick.  It was like a hot, moist, vice-grip, on the sensitive head of his dick.  Ken couldn’t help but let out an, “Ohhhhh fuck!” as the sudden intense sensation on the head of his cock caused his whole body to spasm.

Brad’s ass wouldn’t let go of Ken’s dick, and he tried his best to keep clenching and grinding his ass to suck Ken’s cock all the way back up to the hilt.  “Holy shit, B, I think my dick just got an ass whooping!”

“That’s nothing compared to what’s comin next stud.  Let me turn over and let’s amp things up a bit.”

Ken pulled out long enough for Brad to twist around and was immediately back inside his lover.  Brad looked him in the eye and said, “Ok buddy, let’s see who can make the other shoot first.”

Ken put on his sexiest grin and said, “I am gonna pound your ass to mush, B, and drain those big balls of yours dry.”

Brad smiled back and said, “Give it your best shot tough stuff.”

With that they went at each other with everything they had.  Both bodies were pumped up, and in seconds veins started showing all over them.  Brad loved seeing the veins in Ken’s shoulders, arms, and across his chest when he was really pumped up.  Ken started to sweat, and they were both breathing hard.  True to his word, Ken cut loose completely, just like Brad wanted.  He pounded hard and squeezed Brad with all his strength and it drove them both crazy.

Ken widened his legs a little and leaned forward so Brad’s hard dick was gliding along the center ridge of his abs while he pounded mercilessly on Brad’s prostate, sweat flying off their bodies with every smack of their hips together.  Brad was clenching Ken’s dick, and grinding his ass in circles, trying to milk the cum out of his lover.  Brad reached up between them and palmed Ken’s big chest, covering his chest with fingers splayed out and started digging his fingers into the hard muscle, making sure to grind Ken’s nipples with every squeeze.

The two men locked eyes, while they battled each other with their bodies.  They were both trying to hold back to make it last longer, but both trying to drive the other one over the edge to orgasm, and both were feeling all the sensations of the other.  After about twenty minutes, Brad changed tactics and started punching and kneading Ken’s hard chest and rubbing his nipples harder with his hands.  Brad knew he had Ken after a few minutes because Ken broke their eye contact and threw his head back with a groan.  If possible his whole body flexed harder, and his muscles went from concrete to steel.  Ken shot first, and with every spurt out of Ken’s dick he squeezed Ken’s chest hard.  Ken’s orgasm took over his body and he fell on top of Brad.  Brad pulled Ken’s huge chest down against his own, and wrapped his arms around Ken’s back and squeezed their sweat drenched bodies together.  Ken had his face pressed down against Brads, cheek to cheek, and Brad could feel his hot breath coming in gasps of pleasure, with little, “oh fuck’s” repeated with every breath.  Brad continued to squeeze and milk Ken’s thick eight inches through his orgasm.   Seeing Ken pushed over the edge, and knowing that he was responsible, sent Brad over the edge and even as he was pulling Ken down against him he started shooting hot ropes of cum between their stomachs.

Ken’s orgasm was so intense all he could do was lay on top of Brad, letting himself be held tight while his lover rubbed and caressed his big sweaty, muscular body.  Brad kept on squeezing his ass, and he had his legs wrapped around Ken’s waist pulling him harder and tighter against him.  The feel of their sweaty bodies sent Brad into his own state of bliss, as he just lay there comforting his lover.  It was almost twenty minutes before Ken rolled off onto his back.  Brad rolled over with him and lay his head on Ken’s chest, wanting to feel and hear Ken’s heartbeat.  He kept gently stroking Ken’s body wherever his hands could reach.  Ken put one hand behind his head and he had his other arm wrapped around Brad, hugging him hard and tight, almost desperately, like he never wanted to let go.

After a few minutes, Brad got up on one elbow, and with his other hand he started gently brushing the hair back off Ken’s forehead.  Ken’s green eyes were bright and a little teary.

He finally broke the silence, “B, I said it before, but it scares the shit out of me how much I love you; how much you mean to me.  I can so lose myself in you bro; how much better we are together after everything that’s happened.  It baffles me how you can feel the same way about me.  I so don’t deserve you, B, but I’m so grateful to be with you.”

“You totally deserve me Ken; never doubt that.  I’m the one who feels like he got the better end of the deal.  We deserve each other, and we both know it.  We can’t stay merged all the time, and to be honest I don’t think we should, but for times like this, it reminds our hearts how much we love each other when our minds start to forget while we are apart.  And just for the record, I’m grateful to be with you too.  I can’t imagine life without your ugly mug in my life.”

Ken was totally relaxed, and was enjoying Brad’s roaming hands.  He lazily said, “So am I ugly, or am I a douche, cause I can’t possibly be both.”

“You’re the most handsome, courageous, studly, ugly, douche in the world.  And you’re all mine.”

“Speakin of ugly douche’s, why don’t you share what happened today?  I wanna get the whole picture.”

Ken opened his mind and Brad slipped in.  For a few minutes they stayed together in silence, amazed again at how much they loved each other, and how beautiful it was to be together with no barriers between them.

Brad took Ken back to earlier in the day and led him through the events.  Ken’s anger flared again when he saw the memories of how Doug had hurt Drew so much; how he terrified his wife and son.  Ken had seen the burn marks as scars on the boy and it upset him, but to see the fresh memories and relive it made him furious.

It only took a few seconds for Brad to share everything with Ken.  When they broke apart, and each went back to his own body, Ken was breathing hard from anger.

That muther fuckin son of a bitch!

Yeah, but Ken, it scared me how close I came to destroying his mind.  I could have done it so easily, and the world would probably be a better place if I had. 

I wouldn’t have blamed you if you did B, but I’m really proud of you for not doin it.  I know the doc didn’t make us this way to be killers.  When we ran missions it was different… that was a part of being in the military.  But the doc knew that was only temporary, and even though we could kill off piece of shit dirtbags like him, I don’t think we should.

I’m glad you said that, Ken. 



          If you’re Freddy Kruger, can I be Jason X?

Brad couldn’t help but laugh.  They both lay quiet after that. Ken rolled over on his side and pulled Brad close against him.  With one arm under his head and the other wrapped around the man he loved most in the world, Ken drifted off to sleep.  Brad was in his favorite spot, naked and being spooned by Ken.  The place he felt the safest and most loved.  He fell asleep feeling Ken’s steady heartbeat and warm breath on his neck, and holding onto the arm Ken had draped over him.


The next few weeks were nice and peaceful.  Ken and Brad went back to work and the entire Team went back to their normal routines.  The only rule the doctor still insisted they keep was always to travel with someone, preferably with their partners.

                Since their workout schedules were so extreme, the doctor modified the gym at the lab so Brad and the other Mentalists, as they now liked to call themselves, would have everything they needed to work out alongside Ken and the stronger guys.  This saved them all a huge amount of time, and the guys liked it much better. 

                The doctor started holding regular counseling sessions with all of the couples about their new developing abilities.  By now all of them had successfully tried the basic physical connection that Ken and Brad discovered, and Land and Bryan and completely merged.  After what Brad did to try and save Ken, and what Lane was able to do, the other partners were starting to experiment, and the doctor needed to set some guidelines.  As far as ‘merging’ with anyone else outside of their partners, the doctor would leave it up to the individuals.  He warned them that it could cause any number of problems between them if they didn’t approach it in a mature manner. 



                Over time, Brad started to notice a change in his and Ken’s attitude towards normals.  It was happening gradually, but now that he thought about it consciously, he could see a pattern developing.  They were both starting to go out less, and in general disliked dealing with most people, except for the doc and the rest of the team.  Except for the necessities of grocery shopping and work, they stopped going out to movies or out drinking with the guys.  He brought it up with Ken, they both wanted to talk to the doctor about it at their next session.

                It turned out that their next session was delayed until later in the afternoon, close to dinner time, so they picked up dinner for the doctor and themselves on the way over; no one else was scheduled to be in the lab at that time, so they could all eat in the kitchen area and have the place practically to themselves.  It still baffled Ken and Brad how the doctor could eat such greasy fried food and stay looking as good as he did.

                Just as they were sitting down to eat, the doctor, perceptive as always, asked them, “So I think you both have something specific to talk about this evening.”

                Brad said, “Yeah doc, we talked about this last night and it’s something that’s been happening slowly over the last few months.  It’s been so gradual I didn’t notice it at first, but I can see it becoming a real problem if we don’t nip it in the bud.”

          “And what is this problem?”

                “Well sir…. from the first time Ken and I merged, our lives together have been better than ever.  Neither one of us ever thought we could be closer than we were before all this started, but when we’re truly together, without all the lies and prejudices and pettiness, we realize, and wonder, how we ever really made it.  It’s amazing how blind we were, all the while thinking we were blissfully happy.  Now we can hardly imagine not being together like we are, which leads me to our current conundrum.”

“I’ve noticed that both of us want to be out with people less and less.  Ken is starting to pick up, for lack of a better word, an echo from me of what is going on around us.  When we’re apart it’s not so bad for him.  It’s really strong when we’re touching or holding hands.  All of those things we shed in our relationship, the lies, etc. are distasteful and sometimes even painful to be around.  We’re startin to not want to be around anyone else.  It’s fine with you and the other guys.  We still haven’t taken the full plunge with anyone else yet, although we’d like to try it with Bryan and Lane first.  Mental communication isn’t the same as merging but you still can’t lie that way and it’s brought our friendship with them to a much closer level than we were before.  I’ll be glad when we can be at that place with the rest of the Team.  We’re confident that it won’t be a problem long term, even if there are some bumps along the way.”

                “I want to be clear that we aren’t approaching this from any sense of ego, or superiority over normal people.  It’s just getting harder and harder to be around them, and seeing how the world works; how fragile things are between people and how the world really does run on deception.”

                Brad had been doing all the talking up to this point, and the doctor looked over at Ken with a questioning look on his face.  Ken replied with a grin, “What he said doc.  Like B said, we talked it over while we were together last night.  I’m still gettin used to the idea of a few hours of conversation only takin a minute or two.  But yeah, basically I think we have a purpose in this world that still isn’t clear, and we’re concerned that we won’t be able to accomplish whatever that purpose ends up bein, if we can’t be out in the world.”

                The doctor leaned back in his chair and wiped his mouth off with a napkin, still chewing and thinking.  After a short pause he said, “As always, you two are my star pupils.  It was my intention to bring this matter up with you soon enough, but I am glad that you have recognized the danger on your own.  I have always known that your development would reach this level, but honestly I did not expect it for a number of years yet.  It does present a problem for you.”

                An idea that had been floating around in the back of Ken’s mind for a while suddenly popped to the surface and he asked, “Doc how did you learn to deal with it?”  Brad almost spit out the mouthful of water he just took from his glass.

                The doctor didn’t bat an eye or react as Ken hoped he would and asked, “My boy, whatever do you mean?”

                Ken grinned and said, “Oh come on doc, I think you know exactly what I mean.  But I’m guessin you aren’t ‘permitted’ to talk about it.  So let me throw a few ideas out for you.  We’ve often wondered how you know so much about, like, everything.  There isn’t a field of science or medicine or philosophy that you aren’t top man on the planet in.  I don’t think you are like us”, Ken pointed to Brad and himself, “but you are something different.  I don’t think I’d be surprised at anything you might be able to do.  If you are supposed to be our guide, that means you must have some experience with all of this stuff.”

                “I’m not gonna push you on this doc.  I think that would be a bad idea for everybody, and I don’t want to cause you any grief or complications.  I just want you to know that I feel we need you more than ever, and we love you and support you like a father.  But we do need to know how to cope with this new part of our development and I think you figured out how to do that out a long long time ago.”

                Much to Ken’s surprise, the doctor seemed to shrink down into himself as Ken was talking.  A single tear fell down his cheek and he had to take off his glasses and wipe his eyes. 

                Ken was shocked, and Brad could feel his panic at the doc’s reaction.  Ken jumped out of his chair and moved over, taking the doctor’s hand in his own.  Brad was right there with him.

                “Doc I’m so sorry, sir.  Just forget what I said.  It’s not important.”

                The doctor was quiet for another minute while he got himself under control.  His voice was almost a whisper when he replied, “On the contrary, Kenneth it is extremely important.  There is so much I wish to tell you that I cannot.  Not yet anyways.  It breaks my heart to have to keep anything from you but I have no choice.  I love you like my own sons, and I am so proud of you.”

                Brad said, “Sir I’m sorry too.  We don’t mean to cause you any pain.”

                “Non-sense Bradford, it is neither you nor Kenneth that is causing me pain.”

                “With all due respect sir, I think I’m starting to understand even more.  I know you aren’t like us, but we are modeled after you, at least in a way.  You have a partner somewhere that you used to be able to share things with.  Just us talkin about this is reminding you of what you no longer have.  Doc, would you like to share just a small part of yourself with us that way?  I know you have things you can’t show us, but would you find it a comfort to communicate again in that way with us?”

                Tears starting leaking out of the corner of the doctor’s eyes, and he wasn’t able to speak.  He squeezed Ken’s hand and he reached out and put his other hand on Brad’s shoulder.  Brad felt the opening and he gently took Ken and himself, and entered the doctor’s mind.

                I am not sure this is a good idea Bradford.  I would never have presumed to ask; in fact I am not allowed to, but since you offered I must admit to a moment of weakness.  Thank you, both of you, for this.  It will make things easier in so many ways.

                Brad and Ken were almost overwhelmed inside the doctor’s mind.  They could feel his intellect, and strength, far superior to their own.  They had a sense of light, and strength of character, and deep sadness.

                You are correct in that I do have a partner, my boy.  He is still alive, but we have not been together for many many years.  We are both paying the price for a transgression we made years ago.  It is our hope that one day we will be together again.  In the meantime, I am here with you, to guide and prepare you, and love you.

                Brad and Ken both felt his sorrow when he spoke of his partner.  The loneliness he must feel every day!  It was humbling to think that all these years he’s been with them he’s had someone he cares about more than life itself and not been allowed to be with him.

             Doc, how can you stand it?

                At first it was unbearable.  But over time the pain lessens, and I have our memories together.  I have proof, recently that he is still alive and well, which gives me hope that we will one day again be together.  And do not for one second think that being with you two, or any of the others, brings me pain.  You and the others are what make my life bearable!  Never, ever, think otherwise my boy.

               So doc, what does make it bearable; your situation and ours?  How do you cope with the world?  How did you cope with us before all of this?  Sir, I can’t imagine how difficult we must have been to deal with, especially this Bradford yahoo.

          They both felt the humor coming from the doctor at Ken’s comment.

                The answer, Kenneth, is both extremely simple, and very profound.  It is simple to say, but very, very difficult to follow.  The answer, my boy is love; unconditional love.  I know it sounds simple, and probably foolish, but you need to remember that you were once as they are, and realize what they can be.  Never think of yourself as above them.  We should never judge them.

          Ken brought up the man, Doug, at the Mall of Georgia who brutalized his wife and child, Doc what about Doug and what he did to Drew?  How can I love someone like that?

          I never said it would be easy, but Bradford saw in that man’s memories the events that led him to that point.  He did not have to be that man, and could still choose not to be that man.  Sometimes life takes people to a point where they can no longer change, but it is very rare.  Think of the first time the two of you merged, and how painful it was, even as it was joyous.  Even with the benefit of seeing each other’s soul laid bare before the other, you still had to forgive one another for transgressions neither realized you had even committed against the other. You never realized how much you hurt one another other even at the time you felt you were totally and completely in love.  You must never forget what that was like, because that is how everyone else you meet exists.  One day, perhaps, the world will be for everyone as it is for us.

          I cannot tell you more yet other than it will be our jobs to make sure that they have that chance.


Ken and Brad were quiet on the drive back to the house.  Brad drove and Ken reached over and grabbed his hand and just held it, gently playing with his fingers while they drove in silence.

When they got home and went in to the kitchen and activated the security protocols, Ken let out a heavy, “Aye Karamba.”

“You can say that again.  I’d say we have our emotional work cut out for us bro.  What the doc said is definitely easier said than done.”

Ken was in the den and looked over at Brad who was still in the kitchen and said, “Hey B, come over here a sec.”

Brad moved over to where Ken was standing, and as soon as he was within arm’s reach Ken brought him into a firm full body hug, and gave Brad a quick kiss on his neck before putting his chin on Brad’s shoulder.  Brad instinctively reached around Ken, hugging him back and nestling his chin in the crook of Ken’s heavy shoulder and neck.  They could feel each other’s warm breath on their necks.  Brad squeezed tighter, lightly rubbing one hand up and down Ken’s back.

Neither man said anything.  They were content to just feel each other and soak up the physical connection.  After a few minutes, Ken pulled back just enough to untuck Brad’s t-shirt from his jeans and lift his shirt up.  Brad lifted his arms up and Ken got to see what he wanted… Brad’s wide lats flare out and his heavy pecs come back down when he lowered his arms.  Brad returned the favor, taking in the sight of Ken’s amazing physique.  Ken brought them back together, so they could feel their skin touching.  They resumed their hug, both with their eyes closed, their heads resting on each other’s shoulders, relishing the closeness and the comfort of their bodies pressed together and their minds touching.

They stayed that way, slightly swaying like they were slow dancing, for almost twenty minutes.  They were both hard but neither one wanted the feeling to end.  Eventually Brad broke the embrace and took Ken by the hand and led him down the hallway to their bedroom.  Neither one of them said a word, as they each finished undressing the other.  Once they were both naked, they lay down on the bed facing one another.  Ken leaned forward and started the kiss.  The passion had been building between them since they started the hug in the den, but instead of the normal frenzied love making that usually followed, this was more like a bonfire that started with kindling in the den and they were slowly adding wood and building up the heat.

They weren’t deeply merged, but their awareness of one another was in full effect.  Ken hadn’t started the physical bond yet, not wanting to push things along too quickly.  They both thought at the same time…

Ken I want you to make love to me.

B, I want to make love to you so bad.

As usual, they smiled at each other and laughed softly when they had the same thought at the same time.  Brad merged them then, so they could feel the love they had for one another, with no barriers, no secrets, just total honestly.  The respect and love they had for one another, the pride, the joy they shared in one another, all fueled the touches and kisses, and the caresses between them.  It would have been easy to get lost in the depths of one another, but they both managed to stay just on the edge, each wanting to bring the utmost pleasure to the other in an act of pure physical love.

After what seemed like forever, with both of them leaking precum like a sieve, Ken gently pushed Brad’s legs up and apart and entered him.  Ken could feel Brad’s amazing body, hot with lust, grab onto his own.  Brad’s ankles locked around Ken’s waist and his arms wrapped around Ken’s heavy shoulders, as Ken slowly stroked his thick eight inches in and out of his lover. 

In all the time they have been together, neither one of them had ever felt the intensity of emotion that they were experiencing right now.  Their physical lovemaking was always great, but their connection was so deep between their minds and bodies this time, that the pleasure was almost unbearable.   Ken kept his forehead pressed against Brad’s; their arms were wrapped around one another, and they were kissing the entire time.  After an hour, they were both drenched in sweat. 

Ken muttered the first words in over two hours.  His body shaking and trembling in pleasure, he whispered in Brad’s ear, “Oh god, B I can’t hold off any longer man.”

Brad didn’t say anything and just squeezed his body harder against Ken’s, clenching and rotating his ass around Ken’s thrusting hardness.  They both exploded at the same time and stopped all movement; their bodies taught, every muscle flexed, holding each other tight as they both shot volley after volley of cum, Ken into Brad and Brad between their bodies.  Brad felt the rush as Ken’s cum flooded his insides.  Ken felt it through their link and when he knew it was safe he hugged Brad as tight as he could with his arms and legs.  It was the most intense, long lasting, emotional orgasm either man had ever had in his entire life.  Both of them were carried away on the waves of pleasure and emotion and other than some small moans and heavy breathing, they were unable to talk. 

It was nearly half an hour before they broke apart.  Ken rolled off to the side and pulled Brad back up against him, wrapping one arm over him with a hand on his chest pulling him back snugly against his body, and one leg thrown over, so Brad’s body was wrapped up by his.  Brad intertwined his fingers with Ken’s hand against his chest and he put his other arm up under the pillow to support his head.  Ken was still semi hard and had his erection pressed against the small of Brad’s back, and he kept kissing his way with little pecks across Brad’s shoulders and the back of his neck.

They both fell asleep after a few minutes, their minds one.  Neither man had ever felt so content and at peace with themselves and each other.


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