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This is a work of fiction – a bit of science fiction and fantasy mixed together in fact.  None of the characters, names or personalities, are based on real people.  Any resemblance to a real person is entirely coincidental and not intentional.  I do live in the Atlanta area and use a lot of places I’ve been in the story. 

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The Order - Chapter 7


The next morning Ken and Brad got up early and headed to the lab for their workout.  Sally texted them their daily schedule and they had a job lined up at noon with a new client.  Between Ken’s post-workout exam, having to head home and shower, change, and grab some lunch, they weren’t going to have time to fool around.   

After his exam, while they were getting ready to head back home Ken laughed and said, “Damn, B, we’re spoiled from havin all that time off.  I got used to foolin around whenever we wanted.  This is gonna be tough.”

Brad chose that time to pull his underwear off and bend over.  He squeezed his ass cheeks together and said, “Hey Ken look.”

“You fucker!”

“I just don’t want you to forget what you’re missing out on.  That’ll have to hold you til we get home tonight.”

“You’re so gonna pay for that later bud.”

“Promises, promises big guy!”



It was a long drive over to Alpharetta from the house, and while Brad drove Ken reviewed the details of the job that were attached to Sally’s email.  Sally also attached a ‘Welcome back!’ e-card to both of them.  They were linked and Brad picked up everything he needed to know from Ken as he read through the details.

Luckily traffic wasn’t bad and they got to the hotel a little early.  They were sitting in the car with the AC going full blast, but it was nearly one hundred degree’s outside and the AC was fighting a losing battle.

They were both sweating in the heat and Brad said, “Man I can’t wait til winter.  I hate wearing a suit in the summer.”

Ken got that cocky grin on his handsome face and said, “I think you can’t wait for winter cause you wanna snuggle up against me.”

“Oh yeah, that too.  Douche,” Brad said with a smile.

“Here ya go buddy, lean over and look at me.”

Brad leaned over and Ken reached up, using his thumb to wipe off a little trickle of sweat that was running down Brad’s temple.  He stuck his thumb in his mouth and licked it off, “Ahhh essence of Brad Wilson, my favorite.”

“Dude if you give me a boner I’m gonna kick your ass.”

“Promises, promises, B.”

“Let’s head on in.  I need to hit the head.”



They went into the lobby of the hotel and headed straight to the men’s room.  Today’s client ran some type of get rich quick seminar involving real estate.  As hired private security, their roles would be to watch out for previous disgruntled customers and allow no one to interrupt or interfere with the presentation.  After the presentation they were to escort whoever was carrying the day’s proceeds to the bank for deposit.  Apparently the speaker could pull in quite a load of cash on a good day, which is the reason he hired Ken and Brad; their rates weren’t exactly cheap.

The staffers that worked for this guy were already in the ballroom setting up, so Ken and Brad went in to introduce themselves.  Sheri, the personal assistant to the speaker, was very demanding, and downright bitchy. 

Over the years Ken and Brad had dealt with countless clients like her, so they found it easy enough to ignore her attitude.  She gave them strict instructions on how she thought they should do their job, and made it very clear that she would put up with no nonsense from either one of them.

With almost half an hour left before the seminar was supposed to start Brad and Ken took up their positions at the entrance to the ballroom and did their best to look the part they were there to play.  Once the seminar actually started, Ken would move in and stay close to the speaker, and Brad would remain at the entrance to the ballroom.

Ken wasn’t surprised at all when he heard Brad’s thoughts in his head.

This is gonna be harder than I thought.  I already feel like I need another shower after being around bitchy.

 Yeah I know what you mean.  With the mix of smells from her skin lotion, shampoo, and perfume plus her attitude I’m surprised she hasn’t already spontaneously combusted.

I’m gonna have to shut things down before this gets started.  We’ll be close enough that you can talk to me if you need too.  Just say the magic words.

What’re the magic words?  Brad’s a hot stud muffin?

No but I like that!  Just say I’mma douche.

Ken laughed inside his head and his face broke into a smile, You Fucker!

For the next few minutes they passed the time bullshitting with one another, enjoying being together in their own little world, until people started to arrive for the seminar.

Ok Ken, looks like folks are starting to arrive.  Ken felt Brad take the mental equivalent of a deep breath.  Time to put our game faces on.  I’m gonna go dark now.

Ok buddy.  This will be a good time to put into practice what the doc told us.  No time like the present I guess.  Stay strong, B, and chin up bro.  If you need to step out for a few just say so.

He felt bad for Brad; the ballroom was about to be full of financially desperate people, and the con man running this operation was going to milk them out of money that most of them couldn’t afford to lose.  Emotions were going to be strong, harsh and on the surface during the entire affair, and he knew that while Brad could block most of it out, some would leak through. 

When he and Brad were talking with Sheri, since they were so close, Ken read her like a book without even meaning too; he knew she was a snake, so it had to be worse for Brad.  This was a horrible environment for Brad to be in right now.  I need to be extra good to him tonight.  He doesn’t deserve this.

Once the presentation started, Ken had to admit the speaker had his formula down to a science.  He played on every hope and dream these people had.  Nearly a third of the attendee’s signed up by the end of the session, which if Ken calculated correctly would be nearly one hundred thousand dollars.  Sheri was ecstatic and took their checks with a smile, making sure to hug each and every person or couple that paid them. 

The crowd was well behaved, and Ken didn’t sense or hear any trouble so it was an easy afternoon as far as their job was concerned.  The last task was to escort Sheri to the bank to deposit the money and then they would be done for the day and could get back home to the pool and relax.

There was a Well’s Fargo Bank close to the hotel, but Sheri insisted on going to the main branch downtown.  Today she was the client so to avoid any troubles, and in hopes of repeat business for the company, neither one of them said a word.  Ken accompanied Sheri in her car, and Brad followed in Ken’s Explorer. 

Once they were in her car, Sheri was overly flirty with Ken and kept finding little excuses to touch his arm or his hand.  He acted oblivious to her attentions, and easily diverted the conversation when necessary.  By the time they were close to the bank, Sheri was one very frustrated woman.    


Brad did his best to shield himself from the emotional turmoil and desperation the crowd was broadcasting, but some of it managed to get through his shield, and by the time the seminar was over he was in a foul mood and had a blinding headache.   His heart ached for the some of the people that were there today; in the rough financial economy, their emotional distress blinded them to the con they were falling for, and many of them were risking what retirement money they managed to save to buy into the scam.     

The path Brad’s mind was going down was a dark one.  It was days like today when he outright didn’t like having his abilities.  What was the point of being able to do what he could and not act on it?  He knew he couldn’t play God, in fact that thought was utterly detestable to him, but he felt like he should show these people the truth about the presenter and his scam.  Instead he was forced to keep his mouth shut and watch them get ripped off, and on top of that he had to feel their emotional pain and distress while they did it.  What was the point?  Merging with Ken made it all worthwhile in the moment, but surely that wasn’t all there was to this.  If only he and Ken could get stranded on some deserted island and live together peacefully… Fuck that would be wonderful.  Instead he was trapped in this world full of blind people, and he had the ability to make them see, and he wasn’t allowed to make that happen.  Brad admired the doctor more and more for what he did and how he was able to cope with these types of things.

By the time they got to the bank Brad’s mood was even worse.  Sheri was a horrible driver and gave no consideration to the fact that he was following her and needed to stay close for her protection.  He made it to the nearest parking deck close to the bank and headed to the front entrance to wait for Ken and Sheri.  He could feel Ken through their link so he knew they weren’t far away.

A few minutes later Ken and Sheri made it to the bank.  Brad’s mood lightened a little when he saw Ken walking towards him.  Ken had on his work face, but Brad could sense what was going on underneath his exterior.  Ken was able to put a better face on all this than he was. Granted he didn’t feel everything as acutely as Brad, but Ken’s general personality was better suited to handle uncomfortable and unwanted situations.  Brad would rather just remove himself and not deal with it.


The bank was busy, and the teller line was long.  Sheri was filled with self-importance, and having two handsome escorts made her downright obnoxious. 

Since they were standing close, Ken reached out to Brad through their link.  He could tell that Brad was in a bad mood; he was doing his best not to show it, but Ken could feel his tension.  He looked totally calm on the exterior; anyone but Ken probably couldn’t tell that anything was wrong. 

How you holdin up B?  Ken could talk, but Brad was shielding himself from anything deeper.

I’ll live.  I want to get this over as soon as possible and head out.  Brad’s mental voice was flat and expressionless. 

Yeah I’m with ya buddy.  I think if Sheri touched my arm one more time on the drive down my dick would have fallen off.  But it’s almost over man; remember what we have and use it as a shield.

Even in his current mood, Brad smiled at Ken’s comment.  Ken always made him feel better just by being around him.  Brad took a deep breath, wanting to smell Ken’s cologne but all he got was an overpowering whiff of Sheri’s perfume and hand lotion.

The line was moving slowly, and they were almost to the front when Brad picked up the sudden tension around him.  He gave no outward indication that anything was wrong, but he said loud and clear into Ken’s mind, Ken get Sheri out of here NOW!  Something’s up!

Without question, Ken grabbed Sheri by the arm, gently but firmly, and pulled her out of line.  He leaned down and said quietly in her ear, “Sheri we need to leave now.  I’ll explain when you’re safe.”

Sheri tried to jerk her arm out of his hand and she dug in her heels and screeched loudly, “Let go of me!”, causing every eye nearby to look right at them.  The security guards might have had time to react if their attention wasn’t diverted by her shout, but as it was they totally missed the six men pulling masks over their faces and openly drawing firearms.

One of the men was just inside and facing the front door and Ken heard an audible click as some kind of lock snapped in place.  The man turned around and shouted, “Nobody move!  This is a robbery!  Everybody get down on the floor now!”

Another one of the men shouted, “Pull out your cell phones and hand’em to me!  If anyone tries to video this or send a text they will be shot!  Hand me your wallets and jewelry along with your phones!”

Sheri screamed and Ken pulled her close, covering her body with his own, and pulled her down to the floor.  He was irritated at her attitude and her behavior but his exasperation lessened some when he felt the trembling of her body. 

Two of the robbers were holding the security guards at gunpoint disarming them and cuffing their hands behind their backs.

Ken, how do you want to handle this?  Do you want to try to take these guys or just see how it plays out and hopefully no one gets hurt?

As much as I hate it, let’s just see how it goes.  This whole thing should be over in a few minutes. I don’t want anyone to get shot if we try to jump these guys and one of them panics.


The robbery would have lasted less than five to six minutes except for two things.  One of the tellers tripped the silent alarm, and there happened to be two Atlanta PD Black and White units a few blocks away. 

Before the man collecting the cell phones and wallets made it as far as Brad, the police cars skidded to a halt in front of the bank with their lights on.

The leader let out a “Fuck me!  How the hell did they get here so quick?”

He pointed his gun at one of the bank employee’s and said, “Pull the blinds down NOW!”

The young man was terrified but he got up quickly and did as he was told.

“Alright people!  This situation just changed for the worse!  You’re now all hostages, thanks to the Atlanta Police Department!  Everybody move back over to the far corner and let the nice man finish getting your wallets and phones.”

Brad thought, Fuck me is right.  This just went from bad to worse.

Ken replied, Alright, B, let’s just sit tight a few more minutes and we can come up with a plan.  We need to figure out how to get everyone out of here alive, without giving ourselves away and preferably without you or me getting shot.  Do your best to try and keep everybody calm.



Brad waited until the man collected his wallet and then he closed his eyes; he needed a few seconds to concentrate.

Brad sent a mental shout out to Lane. 

Lane!  Can you hear me!?

Damn, Brad!  Tone it down some brother! 

Sorry, man.  I guess it’s the adrenaline talkin.  Ken and I are with a client at the Wells Fargo Bank downtown and the bank is being robbed.  We’re inside with twenty eight hostages, plus the bank employee’s.

Fuck dude! 

Yeah, tell me about it.  Are you and Bryan at the lab?

We just left but we can be back there in no time.

Alright.  I need you to get back there pronto, and see if Bryan can break into the computer system; specifically the surveillance cameras.  Ken and I can probably take care of this but it can’t be on camera.  I’m not sure how we can do this with so many witnesses and not give ourselves away, but at least that’s start.

Ok buddy, you guys hang tight.  I’ll get everyone else here a.s.a.p.  I’ll holler back at ya in a few.


Ken, I just talked with Lane.  He and Bryan are close to the lab. Bryan is going to try and hack into the bank computer system and see if he can disable the security cameras.  We still need to figure out how to do this without giving ourselves away, but at least it won’t be on camera.

B, you’re amazing bro.  Have I ever told you that?

Not often enough. Douche.

I love you too, B.  Let me know when you hear back from Lane.


Brad was wracking his brain, trying to think of something he could do to get them out of this mess without him or Ken getting shot.  He could take them out one by one with no trouble, but he’d never tried anything with so many before at the same time. 

His headache made it more difficult, but Brad amped up the wave of calm he was broadcasting. He could feel it working on the hostages, but trying to influence over thirty people by himself was a strain.  The bank robbers were high strung but he could tell it was working on them, just not as effectively. 

At least they won’t be likely to have a hair trigger and shoot somebody.

The corner of Ken’s mouth raised in the hint of a grin when he felt Brad’s ability amp up.   Brad gave him a little wink back, but didn’t want to draw any attention so he left it at that.


The leader was peeking through the blinds and didn’t like what he was seeing.  The street was filled with police cars and there were cops everywhere.  He saw a SWAT van and cursed under his breath.  He knew the cops would try to make contact with him soon to find out his demands.   He needed time to think and plan this out… this isn’t how today was supposed to go down.  He didn’t mind killing a few hostages as long as he was sure he could get away.  Screw the rest of the guys at this point.


A few minutes later, Brad heard Lane’s voice in his head.

How are you guy’s doin?  How’re the hostages?

So far no one’s hurt and I’m keepin everyone calm.  I have a plan but I’m not sure if I’m strong enough to do it on my own.

Brad, don’t doubt yourself.  You are fucking Professor X!  You almost blew my mental eardrums off when you called me earlier.  You are way stronger than you know man; you just need to stay focused.  I wish I was there to help, just so you two pervs don’t take all the glory.

How is Bryan comin with those cameras?

My man has the situation in hand.  The cameras are offline and video is looped as of a few seconds ago.

Ok Lane thanks.  Ken and I will take it from here.

Brad, everyone except me and Bry are headed down there now.  I doubt they’ll make it in time but they’ll be there in about fifteen minutes, barring traffic. Bill, Darren, and Loy don’t have the range you and I do quite yet, but they’ll be there to help if things go bad.  Do what you have to do to keep everyone safe, but if you can wait they’ll be there soon to support you.

Ok buddy, thanks.



Yeah, B?

I have a plan but I need you to be ready.  How long will you need to take all six of them out if they’re immobilized?

Immobilized?  What are you gonna do?

I’m going to make a construct of the bank in my head and invite them in for a talk.  I’m not sure if I’ll be able to keep all six of them immobile inside my head, but I can keep ‘em occupied.  Honestly I think it depends on how smart they are, or more likely how dumb.  The dumber they are the easier it’ll be to hold them.  Anyways I’m going to grab them but I’m not sure how much I can do with all six of them at once, so it will be easier if you just knock them out rather than me trying to go Freddy Kruger on all of them.  You just need to be quick; with the time differential it will be minutes for me with them in my head.

B, you’re badass. 

Let’s wait until we’re all out of this safe and sound before I agree with you.  I’m still not sure how we’re gonna handle the hostages. I can erase their memories but it will take some time, and I’m probably gonna be exhausted after this.

B, don’t stress about it.  Let’s take things one step at a time and not overcomplicate it.  Our first priority is to get everyone out safe… except maybe Sheri.  Brad felt Ken’s mental grin when he said that.

Ok bro, I need a few minutes to get my thoughts in order and I’ll let you know when I’m ready.


It only took Brad thirty seconds to memorize the interior of the bank.  He wanted to keep it simple; it would be just him and the six men, without their weapons.  Lowering his head and closing his eyes, he got everything set up and ready and got his mental ‘hooks’ into all of them.

Ok Ken, NOW!

Brad pulled their minds into his own.

He said it would take him a few minutes and Ken was surprised when he heard Brad’s voice in his mind so quickly.  Ken sprang into action, moving towards the closest of the robbers.


Suddenly the six men were standing in the bank, and all the hostages but one were gone.  They started to train their weapons on Brad, but realized their guns were gone.

The leader shouted, “What the fuck?  What just happened?”

Brad stood up and started brushing off his pants.  He said, “That’s a good question Tyler.  You and your boys picked a bad day to rob this particular bank.”

All of them were scared and confused, so they resorted to the one thing that has gotten through life, and often rough situations in jail – violence.

“I don’t know who you are, mother fucker, but there are six of us and one of you.  I don’t know how you pulled this shit off, or what you’ve done to us, but we’re about to teach you a lesson.  I’m gonna break that pretty face of yours. Get’em!”

Brad was waiting for them but he hadn’t decided on his best course of action.  He knew the more complicated he made things the harder it would be.  It would be best to just keep them occupied and let Ken do his job.  The temptation to literally fry them with fireballs or lightning bolts was almost overwhelming, but he knew that their bodies would be damaged if he did that, and it might even kill them, and trying to remember what the doctor said about loving them, Brad opted out for a simple game of cat and mouse.

Just as they all tried to tackle him, he jumped and rolled off the back of the closest one, and landed on feet.  He continued his momentum and vaulted over the counter so he was on the other side.

Just as he landed, the guy who he rolled over yelled loudly, grabbed his hand in pain, crumpled to the floor, and vanished.  As soon as the guy disappeared Brad felt him drop out of the construct and the pressure of keeping everyone here lightened a little with one less mind to hold on to.

Tyler let out another, “What the fuck?!”   

Brad said, “That would be my badass partner, out in the real world, taking you guys out.  Don’t try to figure it out boys you’ll only get a headache.  Just know that you’re all going to disappear like that… one by one.”

“Ty, what the fuck is he talkin about man?  I didn’t sign up for any shit like this!” 

“That’s right Buck.  You didn’t sign up for this.  But neither did all those people you’re holding hostage.  How the hell can you sit here and whine about what’s happening to you when they’re on the other end of your gun, and I know you don’t have any qualms about killing any one of them? ”

Tyler knew he was losing control of the situation and interjected, “Buck don’t listen to him!  I don’t know what the fuck’s goin on but he’s just one guy and there are five of us!  He’s goin down as soon as we get our hands on him!”

Even as Tyler said that, another one of them fell to the floor and disappeared.

“Did you say five Tyler?  Did you even bother learning to count when you were in school?”  Brad felt the pressure ease a little more as another one of them fell unconscious. 

He had some breathing room now, although this whole thing was easier than he thought it would be.  Lane and Ken were right; he was stronger than he gave himself credit for. 

Out of the blue, Brad had a sudden realization.  His subconscious had been processing these thoughts for months now and chose this moment to throw them to the surface. He knew that his attitude towards his abilities was going downhill, even bordering on self-pity.  Ken tried to explain to him that all those years ago, how long it took for he and the other guys to adjust to their new physical abilities after their change, but Brad, in his ego, didn’t think that same adjustment would, or should apply to him. 

Success always came so easily to him; he excelled at anything he applied himself too… except these damned mental abilities.  They were more of a matter of will than intellect and they didn’t always do what he wanted when he wanted them to.  He felt inadequate because he hadn’t mastered them immediately.  It was ok for Lane and the others to struggle and learn slowly, but not him; not Alan Whetherson, Valedictorian at his high school, Magna Cum Laude in College, top of his class in the Naval Academy, first run BUD/S graduate, and a genetically perfect man with an enhanced intellect.  Failure to grasp and understand difficult concepts were for others; not for him.

As much as he didn’t want to admit it to himself, and as humble as he came across to others, Brad had a huge ego.  The most humbling thing about his life was Ken; who loved Brad above everything else in the world.  With all the ugliness about Brad on the inside, Ken saw through it all and loved him unconditionally.  Ken saw all of that when they merged but he saw all the wonderful things as well.  Ken saw the beautiful train wreck that was his lover.

The most difficult thought that struck Brad in the moment was that even with his intellect and ego, he didn’t think he was worthy of Ken’s love; and the understanding  that Ken knew that about him made him feel like he just got punched in the gut.   He realized he didn’t love himself unconditionally, so he didn’t feel worthy of Ken’s love.

When the doctor said that the answer to their predicament was both simple and extremely difficult at the same time, he wasn’t lying.  It made him love Ken all the more, because every time they merge deeply Ken had to see all this, and has been giving Brad space to realize that he is worthy.  Ken could tell him over and over until he was blue in the face, but until Brad realized it on his own, he would never truly believe it. 

Fuck me I’ve been an absolute fucking idiot!  Ken knows me better than I know myself.  He’s been telling me, and I know we can’t lie to one another, but now I know it’s true.  God I love you Ken Habersham.  If you can accept me for who I am, I can accept myself.

          With that sudden epiphany the self-imposed barriers Brad was placing on himself shattered.   Letting his ego go, he surrendered himself to Ken’s love, finally feeling worthy of the man who loved him more than anything.  Brad felt the power that he had been holding back flood into his mind.

          With only three of them left, they were starting to panic. Suddenly they couldn’t move their feet, and handcuff’s appeared out of nowhere.  Brad now held them in place, effortlessly, until Ken had them all knocked out.  Tyler was the last one standing, and he was cussing Brad out fiercely.  As soon as Tyler disappeared, Brad left the construct.  He opened his eyes and stood up to see Tyler lying at Ken’s feet.


Brad flooded everyone’s mind with a surge of calmness and all the hostages slumped unconscious on the floor. 

Ken’s eyes went wide in surprise.  When he looked at Brad, he saw a single tear running down his cheek and his eyes were red and bright.  The power emanating from Brad was almost palpable.   

Brad could see the concern on Ken’s face and hear it in his voice as he asked, “B, are you ok man?”

His voice caught a little in his throat as he said, “Never better, Ken.”

“Are you sure man?  I can’t read you.”

Brad sniffed and shook his head slightly, needing to focus on the moment after all the emotions that just flew through his mind.  He brought his hands up and rubbed them roughly across his face and said, “Sorry bro.  I’m shielding you so you didn’t go to sleep with everyone else.”

Ken knew something just happened but had no idea what it might be.  He saw Brad focus and push aside whatever just happened, at least temporarily, so as much as he wanted to express his concern and make sure Brad was ok, out of love and respect for his partner he held himself in check.

 “What are we going to tell the cops?”

“That they started to fight among themselves and we took advantage of the situation and got the jump on them.  We need to remain anonymous, but we can tell them we’re ex-Navy Seals, and I can keep any reporters away that get nosey.”

Brad could feel Ken’s concern for him and loved him for it, but he was glad Ken didn’t push him about what just happed in the middle of all this.   Actually he could hardly wait until they could be alone so he could apologize for being such a jerk and make mad passionate love to him all night long.


Lane?  We’re all good man.  Everyone is safe and all the bank robbers are unconscious.  We’ll be opening the doors in just a few minutes.

Damn the guys were all hoping for some action, but you two studs did it all by yourselves! 

Just pass the word on to the guys you dork, and we’ll see them all outside in a few minutes.



Ken retrieved the bag with the cell phones and wallets, pulling out his and Brad’s and Sheri’s deposit bag, which he tucked under her arm.  Ken laughed to himself when he pulled their wallets out of the bag.

Brad looked over and said, “What’s so funny?”

“I wish your wallet said ‘bad mother fucker’ on it.”

Brad gave him a smirk but didn’t laugh.  He was still a little wound up from everything that just happened.

“Come on B, you have to admit it’s funny.”

Brad let himself relax and laughed as he said “Alright, it’s funny.  Sorry bud, I’m a little wound up still.  Should we go walk the earth like Cain now?”

Ken did his best Samuel Jackson impression and said, “Check out the big brain on Brad!”

“Dude, just shut up and call 911 before the SWAT team breaks down the door and shoots us.”

Ken called 911 and explained that he was inside the bank and that all the bank robbers had been neutralized.  He waited a minute to make sure the message had time to be relayed to the men outside, and then he raised the blinds on the door and motioned for the police to move forward.  Ken had gotten the key off one of the bank robbers and unlocked the padlock that they had put on the door.

Brad woke everyone up just as Ken opened the door.

The next two hours was a blur as the police moved in, got the hostages out safe, and took statements from everyone.  Ken got most of the recognition because people saw him disarm the robbers.  Ken was emphatic with the police that he and Brad wanted to remain anonymous to the public.  Brad had to enforce that idea in Sheri’s mind because he knew she would try to figure out a way to take advantage of the situation.

The Team was waiting for them to get finished making their statements with the police, and after they were done Ken and Brad moved over to where they were gathered.  After fist pumping their buddies, all of the guys gave them big hugs or backslaps in relief that they were safe. 

Brad was in a bit of a fog, his mind going over everything that just happened.  His emotions were raw, and his love for Ken was as strong as ever.  Ken always told him to go back to that love and use it as a shield.  He sought the comfort of that feeling inside himself, letting his mind and heart sink into that special place the two of them shared.  He let himself be filled with the love Ken had for him, letting it restore him and lift him up.

As they were standing there talking Bill, Loy, and Darren all started staring at Brad.

Bill said, “Brad, what the hell?  What…” In their Mind’s Eye, they felt and saw Brad getting brighter, to the point where he was getting hard to look at.

Brad closed his eyes and focused, pulling back into himself and putting his shield back up.  The emotional intensity he was feeling was powerful and he didn’t realize he was broadcasting.  His mind was wandering with thoughts of how much he loved Ken for putting up with him and all the things he wanted to say.

He mentally said to the three of them, I’m sorry guys.  I’m still a little on edge.

Are you sure you’re ok?

Seriously guys I’m fine… in fact I’m better than fine.  I’ll explain soon, I promise.


Ken felt most of what just happened, and because he was so close to Brad he heard the mental conversation between them.  He couldn’t wait to get Brad out of here so he could find out what the hell was going on.

Kevin, Pat, and Rick didn’t see anything but heard Bill’s comment. They looked questioningly at Ken, who gave them a slight shake of his head, indicating he didn’t want them to talk about it.

Ken wanted to bring some normalcy back to the weirdness that was going on and said, “Sorry you losers didn’t get to help out, but we knew ya’ll had our backs.  Maybe next time we’ll save some bad guys for ya!”

That broke the ice and they continued to bullshit with each other until the police finally gave them the ok to leave the scene.  They guys took off and Brad and Ken made their way back to the parking deck where Brad parked the Explorer to head back to the house.



They were both quiet as they got in the car and started to head home.  As usual, Ken took Brad’s hand into his and played with it while he was driving, rubbing his thumb across the back of Brad’s hand, or holding it tight in his own.  Because they were touching, and his senses were heightened by the physical contact, Ken was reading Brad pretty strongly on the surface, but there was a barrier up he couldn’t see past and he didn’t like it.  As hard as it was, Ken was giving Brad his space, and knew that he would bring it up when he was ready, and in the meantime he masked his concern with positive feelings of support and confidence. 

It was late enough in the day that traffic on I85 was already backed up north of the perimeter.   I85 was practically a parking lot and people were being assholes, and Brad was getting more and more irritated. 

         Out of the blue, Brad asked Ken, “Hey Ken would you mind if we stopped for dinner somewhere on the way home?  I really want to get out of this traffic for a bit and let it clear out.  Plus I’m starving.”

         “Sure, B.  That sounds good to me too.  We’ve had a long day.  How about catching a movie on the couch later since we won’t have to cook?”

          Brad sighed and with a smile said, “God, you have no idea how good that sounds to me right now.”

          “Hey, B, Papadeaux’s is just up ahead if you can make it over.”  Brad put his blinker on but no one was letting him over. 

          Ken felt the hair on the back of his neck rise up for a second as he felt a powerful surge of energy emanating out from Brad.  Immediately the cars in both lanes that were blocking them slowed down to let them over.

Ken let out a low, “Holy shit, bro, what’d you just do?”

“Sorry man but I’m hungry, my head is still killin me, and I’m not in the mood to fuck around with rudeness.  Letting us over cost them all of 5 seconds and 20 feet of pavement.”

Ken raised his eyebrows but didn’t say a word.

They got off on the exit ramp and turned left towards the restaurant.  It was just over the interstate and to the right.  The parking lot was already crowded but Brad saw an open spot and headed towards it.  Just as he was halfway down the row with his blinker on just to be sure, a guy in a convertible zipped up and took the spot.  He even smoked his tires a little to get there before Brad, so it was obvious he did it on purpose.

In a very uncharacteristic display of anger, Brad slammed his hand on the steering wheel and shouted, “Son of a BITCH!”

Startled, Ken jumped a little from his outburst and said, “It’s ok B, he’s just bein a jerk.  Let it go bro, we’ll find another spot.  He’s not worth it.”

“Sorry man but not today.  I’ve had it up to fuckin here with assholes today.”

Brad shoved the gear shift into Park and hopped out of the car. “I’ll be right back.”

Ken wasn’t sure if he should intervene or not.  Brad was acting so far outside his norm right now Ken wasn’t sure what he might do.  He was still shielding himself so Ken couldn’t read deep enough to see what was going on inside him.  He was leery but at the same time he had to show his trust that Brad could keep himself under control or it could make his lack of confidence worse.  Ken stayed in the car but was ready to move if necessary.  

Brad was normally so laid back and easy going it was easy to forget how intimidating he can be when he wants to be, and right now his face was a mask of anger.  The little guy that jumped out of the convertible didn’t have a clue what he was up against.

Ken couldn’t hear any of the conversation, but he saw the guy try to run past Brad and make for the entrance to the restaurant.  Brad held out his hand and the guy froze.  Brad pointed his finger on the ground in front of him and the guy literally spun back around and headed right over to where Brad was pointing.  Brad crossed his arms over his chest and just looked down at the guy and was talking to him.  The little guy looked like he was about to shit his pants.

The conversation was over quickly and the guy took off towards the restaurant.  Brad got back in the car and didn’t say a word.  He put the Explorer back in drive and circled around and until he found another spot near the back of the lot.

“Are you seriously not going to tell me what just happened back there?”

Brad gave a heavy sigh and said, “You were right Ken.  He wasn’t worth it.  He had what he thought was a legitimate excuse for bein a jerk.  I let him know that I didn’t appreciate it, and all he had to do was ask and I would’ve let him have the spot.”

“That’s all?”

“Well, I want to get inside; for the next few minutes he’s compelled to tell the truth and I want to see what happens.  He’s getting married tomorrow and he’s headed inside to his rehearsal dinner.”

Ken’s stomach let out a huge rumble as soon as the seafood smells hit them as they walked up to the door.  When they got inside the restaurant they were seated immediately.  Even with the parking lot full, it was a big restaurant and the hostess led them to a nice table by the window overlooking the fountain.  They took off their coats and draped them over the back of their chairs, loosened their ties, and rolled up their sleeves.

While they waited for their server to come over to take their drink orders, they heard a commotion from the back where the private dining room is located.  Ken heard the sound of someone getting slapped and a woman crying.

Brad said, “Well that went about like I expected.  He slept with his fiancÚ’s sister and her best friend just this week.  He had it coming.”

“B, should you…”

“Wait Ken, before you say anything.  I know I shouldn’t have interfered.  But in the long run I probably saved them both a lot of anger, grief, and money.  Their relationship is a recipe for disaster.”

Brad let out a heavy sigh and lowered his head and said a bit sheepishly, “Yeah I know I should have stayed out of it.”  Before Ken could say anything else their server came back to go over the specials for the night and take their drink orders.


Brad ordered a nice bottle of white wine to go with their dinner.  Papadeaux’s is a fantastic seafood restaurant and he wanted to take advantage of being in a nice place with Ken.  As they made their choices the server was amazed at how much food Ken ordered.

They started with calamari for an appetizer, and while they were eating, Brad lifted his glass and said, “To you and me bro, and the doc and all our brothers in arms.” 

Ken tapped his glass and said, “To us, B.  You and me and the others.  But especially you and me.  I love you buddy.”  Ken reached over and took Brad’s hand when he said that. 

Their server stopped by to refill their water glasses and saw them holding hands.  Ken made it clear that he didn’t want Brad to pull back.  The server got an eyeful; she never in a million years would have thought these two gorgeous hunks could be gay.  Just my luck! She thought as she moved to another table.

Brad heard her stray thought, and told Ken with a smile, “We just dashed her hopes buddy.”

“B, I’m not gonna press you on anythin that happened today, but I do want you to know how fuckin proud of you I am.  You took a seriously eff’d up situation with the hostages and because of you everyone including you and me made it out safe and uninjured.  You were amazing.”

“We make a good team Ken.  More than I ever thought we could when this whole thing started.  But I couldn’t have done it without you, at least not without hurting some of them, and maybe killing them.  I didn’t want to do that no matter what.”

“Well whenever you want to share I want the mental play by play.  And now on to more important matters like what the hell were you thinking going all fried clams on me tonight?  You never eat fried stuff.”

“It’s all a part of my master plan for tonight.  Remember those mad seduction skills I was telling you about?”

“You mean the ones where I seduce you and you try to take credit for it? Yeah I remember those nonexistent skills.”

“Well they’re at work this very moment, and you’ve already fallen for the first part of tonight’s agenda.”

“Dude you better not make me pop a boner.  I don’t wanna turn the table over.”



Even though the restaurant was filled with people, Brad and Ken felt like they had the place to themselves.  Ken kept the conversation going, and Brad felt more and more like his old self.  Spending time with Ken did that to him, especially these days.  The anger and tension of the day flowed out of him.  The wine probably helped, but in Brad’s mind it was all Ken.  And with his new confidence and strength, he effortlessly put up a barrier that kept out the thoughts and emotions of everyone in the restaurant.  He extended the barrier to include Ken and it made him feel even more like they were in their own little world.

Neither Ken nor Brad saw the well-dressed man staring at them across the restaurant, along with two other large men.  When Brad put up the barrier around them, the man frowned and put his hand up to his temple.  After a moment his face went livid, and without saying a word, he got up and walked out followed by the other two men.  They hadn’t settled their bill yet and their server started to move after them, but he man lifted his finger and the server stopped in her tracks, turned around and walked away as thought nothing happened.  No one nearby seemed to hear or see anything out of the ordinary.  Tonight Brad and Ken only had eyes for each other; they had no reason to be suspicious of anyone in the restaurant.

By the time they were through eating, the sun was starting to go down.  It was a warm night and when they got back to the car, Ken started to unbutton his shirt.  He was wearing a white t-shirt underneath his dress shirt that fit snug against his big frame, and he looked sexy as hell to Brad. 

“I’ll drive B.  You had too much wine to drive home. And besides I know you’re horny and won’t be able to keep your hands off me after eating all those clams, so I don’t want us to end up in a ditch.”

When they got in and bucked up, Ken reached over and put his hand behind Brad’s neck pulling him into a long, passionate, loving kiss.  Brad’s hand reached over around Ken’s neck and shoulder and they got as close as they could in the car seats.

When they broke the kiss, they were both breathing hard.  Ken looked at Brad and asked, “B, do you have any special teleportation powers I don’t know about?  Can you make us, like, appear in the garage so we can go inside and fuck like rabbits right now?”

“Sorry to disappoint you stud, but I haven’t mastered that one yet.”  Brad gave Ken his sexiest smile and said, “But I can clear any traffic that might get in our way.”


As soon as they got home they went back to the bedroom to get out of their suits.  They both put on shorts and left their shirts and shoes off.  While Brad was hanging up his suit, Ken came up behind Brad and wrapped his arms around him pulling him back against his hard warm body.  He ran his hands seductively over Brad’s chest and abs, loving the feel of his hard muscles, and especially his broad back pressing against Ken’s chest.

Ken’s voice was low with passion and he breathed hotly into Brad’s ear, “How are those seduction skills comin along, B?”

Brad let his head fall back so he could feel his cheek against Ken’s.  Sighing contentedly he said, “Just fine man.  You are falling for them hook, line, and sinker, as usual.”

Ken’s hands went lower and into Brad’s shorts.  One hand cupped his balls, and the other hand grabbed his rapidly hardening dick and started slowly jacking it.

“B, there’s not much in this world I love more than feeling you against me and having your big hard dick in my hand.”

“Does this mean we’re skipping the movie?”  Brad asked with a chuckle.

“No talking.  This one’s for you hero.  This is your reward for being so macho and studly and making me so hot for you today I could hardly stand it.  Do you know how hard it was to kick those guys’ asses with a raging hard on the entire time?”

Ken got down on his knees and took Brad into his mouth.  His hands roamed all over Brad’s hard body while he worked on his dick, playing with his nipples and feeling every muscle within reach.  Ken was very talented when he put his mind to it, and after a few minutes Brad was already getting close. 

Ken pulled off and said, “Let’s get on the bed.”

Ken crawled on the bed and got on his back, his own throbbing erection, leaking precum, stretched across his abs.  He patted his stomach and said, “Get up here, but face the door and lean back against me.”

Brad loved this position and as soon as he reclined he felt one of Ken’s big strong arms wrap around his chest.  His other hand reached down and around to guide his hard dick to the entrance of Brad’s waiting hole.  When he was in position he pushed gently but firmly, and he slowly entered Brad until he was up to the hilt.

Brad moaned in pleasure, “Oh fuck Ken.  Damn you feel good.”

Ken wanted to take it slow and make Brad feel as good as possible.  He cupped Brad’s chin and brought his face around so they could kiss, while he slowly moved in and out of his lover.  Both his hands were roaming over Brad’s body, from his chest down to his balls, occasionally jacking his rock hard erection.

Every time Ken’s dick rubbed across Brad’s prostate, his hips would jerk slightly.  Ken kept it slow and steady, wanting this to last for a while.  All the while, when they weren’t kissing, Ken kept up a running dialogue about how hot Brad’s body was, and how good he felt, and how much he loved him.

After half an hour they were both sweating heavily and breathing hard.  Brad was grinding his hips back in time to Ken’s thrusts and his movements were starting to get a little frantic as his pleasure was building.

Ken kept one hand wrapped around Brad’s chest, squeezing his pecs tightly, and with his other hand he started to jack Brad off with a tight firm grip.  It only took a minute for Brad to start shooting cum all over his chest and abs.  As he came his ass started contracting and squeezing Ken’s dick, sending him over the edge.

Ken’s deep voice rumbled in his chest, “Ohhhh fuuuuckkkkk, B!”

As soon as they both stopped shooting Brad turned over and they wrapped their arms around each other and held on tight.  Brad whispered in his ear, “Squeeze me tight Ken.  I want to feel how much you love me.”

With the charge Brad just got from Ken, he didn’t have to worry about hurting him, so Ken squeezed as hard as he could, and Brad hugged him back just as tight.  They had their faces nuzzled down against each other’s neck and shoulders.

After a few minutes Brad murmured, “Ken that was hot and amazing.  Thank you.”

“If you ever thank me for loving you again B, I’m gonna kick your ass.”

“Don’t be a douche.”

“Apparently being a douche is what I do best.”

“I have something else in mind as a thank you.  Part two of tonight’s seduction.”

“How’s that seduction workin there buddy?”

Brad gave a huge sigh of contentment and nuzzled his face tighter against Ken’s neck and shoulder.  “Great!  It’s all under control.”

“Alright Romeo, you just lay here and recover and let me know when you are strong enough to continue seducing me.”

“You got it.”



              Brad was happy to lie in Ken’s arms and just be quiet.  He would be content to lay there rest of the night and not even sleep.  He could feel through their connection that Ken was as happy to be holding him as he was to be held. 

                Brad waited a little while longer before he raised his head up to look at Ken.  He couldn’t help but nibble on Ken’s neck and upper chest a little before he pushed himself up.

                “Alright studly, I got something I wanna try.  Are you up for a trip down memory lane?”

                “If it involves more wild hot sex with the sexiest man in the world I’m all for it.”

                “Well since you’re the sexiest man on the planet that might present a problem.  I don’t think you could pull this off by yourself.”

                “Alright, I’ll admit I’m the sexiest man alive to you, but you are to me, so does that let us get on to the sex part?”

                “I think I just got defeated by Ken logic.”

                “I don’t want anythin to come between me and having sex with the most awesome stud in the universe.  The man that I love more than anything, except myself.”

                “What’s that vinegary fresh scent I smell?  Oh yeah, it’s a douche!”

               Ken laughed and said, “Fuck you, B.”

                “Dude you’re starting to get the idea!”


          Brad was quiet for a few minutes.  He wasn’t nervous about trying this, not after today, but he wanted to make sure he did it right.  He was going to have to dig deep into both he and Ken to find the memories and get the details. 

          “Alright Ken.  I need you to relax and open up.  Instead of just watching this, I want us to go back and relive it.  Here we go.”

          Ken had a slight sensation of falling into himself and…





          Bruce was having a great day.  He finally felt like he was making progress towards getting his strength under control.  He was tired of breaking glasses and coffee mugs every time he tried to take a drink of water or sip of coffee, or bending the silverware when he ate.  The doc had metal cups in the meantime, but Bruce was determined to get enough control and sensitivity to stop using those; they felt too much like training wheels.

          Every time he really stopped to think about his life these days he could hardly believe how much had changed in the last few months.  He joined the Navy out of a sense of adventure, but little did he realize what he was in for! 

          He heard a key in the door to their quarters and figured Alan must be back early.  He and Alan had really hit it off and became great friends in the first few weeks after becoming roommates.  As soon as he met Alan they were really comfortable around each other; like they had known each other their whole lives.  But lately, Bruce found himself in the position of having to keep himself in check around his new buddy.  No one knew about his preference for men, and if that cat got out of the bag his life in the Navy would be over.   Alan had an awesome personality, was incredibly handsome, and had an amazing body on him; he was everything that Bruce would ever desire in a partner.  But Bruce had gotten really adept at building a wall around that part of himself and was careful to keep things nice and friendly on the surface. 

          When the door opened, Alan’s face appeared through the doorway, his key’s hanging from his mouth.  He had to kick the door open with his foot because his hands were full.  He had stopped by the cleaners and picked up his uniforms and had a bag from the PX.

          His handsome face lit up in a smile when he saw Bruce.  He put the bags down on the kitchen counter and dropped his keys into his hand so he could talk. “Hey buddy!  I wasn’t sure if you would be in yet or not.  How’d things go today?”

          “Hey Alan.  Pretty good!  I only broke a dozen coffee mugs today!”

          As soon as Alan saw Bruce sitting on the couch in his workout shorts and tank top, he had to put a clamp on his libido.  This was getting to be a problem.  He and Bruce had become such good friends so fast; it was amazing how much they clicked together, and Alan realized if he wasn’t careful those feelings could get out of hand and he couldn’t afford to let that happen.  If he was honest with himself, he knew they were already getting out of hand.  Bruce was such a stud and everything Alan could ever want in a partner; he needed to reign in his feelings and put a lid on them, and bury that box so far down inside himself he could never find it again.

          Alan laughed at Bruce’s running joke.  He really did break coffee mugs all the time, and glasses and plates; the other four guys who were physically enhanced were going through the same adjustments.  Alan’s adjustments were much easier to deal with; he was just a lot smarter than he was before.

          “Well that’s better than last week!  Your’re makin progress.”

          “Hey bud, I checked the paper and the theater on base is showing ‘Field of Dreams’ tonight, you wanna go see it?”

          “Yea that sounds good.  I need to catch a shower and drop by the doc’s office for a short meeting.  When I get back we can grab some food if you want and head out.”

          “Sounds good.  I’m gonna take a nap.  If I’m still snoring when you get back wake me up.”


          Alan put the uniforms in his closet and the personal items he bought away and went into the bathroom to start the hot water running.  He had to be extra careful around Bruce; aside from his strength Alan knew Bruce’s hearing and smell and all his other senses were extremely acute.  As soon as he shut the bathroom door he let his libido go and popped an instant hard on.  The sight of Bruce on the couch, his tan muscled body in his shorts and tank top, coupled with his smell, was too much to resist.  He turned on the water in the sink just to be extra sure that Bruce wouldn’t hear him jack off. He even kept a small can of Lysol hidden to mask the smell of his cum.

          Half an hour later, clean and in uniform, he knocked on Dr. Thomas office door.

          “Come in Alan!  Come in, my boy.”

          The doc was always so polite and upbeat.  For such a brilliant man he didn’t seem to have an ego about himself or the top secret work he did the government.  And he never called any of them by their rank, always by their first names. 

          “Reporting as ordered, Sir.”

          “Come in and have a seat.  I wish to discuss something with you.”

          Alan took off his hat and moved into one of the chairs in front of the doctor’s desk and sat down.

          “First of all, how are things going with you?  Is there anything you wish to discuss?  Any issue’s you are having adjusting?”

          “No sir, none.  I’m enjoying the changes immensely to be honest.”  He couldn’t help but add to himself, More in Bruce than in myself!

          “Excellent.  I am pleased to hear that.”  The doctor opened a folder on his desk and was scanning a few documents.  After a short pause, he continued “I am enrolling you in some specialized training.  This will be an entirely new area of study for you, but I am sure you will pick it up quickly, given your new aptitude and retention.”

          “What kind of training, Sir?”

          “Basic and advanced First Aid, certified EMT Training, Chiropractic Care, and Massage Therapy.”

          Alan looked at him with a blank stare, thinking this was some kind of joke.  When the doctor didn’t smile he asked, “Sir, are you serious?  That’s completely outside of any core competency I currently have.”

          “I understand, but it is necessary for your role in the Program.  It will become clear in time why I need you to have these skills.  Lt.’s Brennan, Shogren, Barton, and Bolin will be joining you.  As with all your training associated with the Program, you will keep this confidential and no one outside of the Program is to know.  Your other duties will be temporarily suspended until this new training is completed.”

          “Yes sir.  When do I start?”

          “First thing Monday morning.  I will send the information on where you are to report to your quarters over the weekend.

          “Yes sir.  Is that all?”

          “Yes, my boy.”


          When Alan got back to his quarters, Bruce was sound asleep on the couch.  He had taken off his tank top, and Alan took the opportunity to stare openly at his body.  He started getting hard again almost immediately.  Bruce must have sensed him standing there, because he slowly started to stretch as he was waking up, flexing his whole body.  Alan turned away quickly and hoped Bruce didn’t see him staring or his pants tenting out.

          He groggily looked up and asked “Hey man, what time is it?”

          “Almost 1900.  I’m going to change and we can head out for food and the movie.”

          Bruce got up off the couch, absentmindedly scratching the sparse hair on his chest, heading back to the bathroom.  Brad caught part of the view in the mirror from their small living room and said to himself, Fuck!  He’s too damn hot.  Keep a lid on it Alan.  Don’t go there!


          For the next four weeks Alan started a very intense training program outlined by the doctor.  The instructors were private, and the doctor even taught some of the material himself.  Alan and the other four Lieutenants learned the material easily and quickly.  It was nice to spend time and get to know the other guys a little better.  They were all part of the Program and he was sure they would be working together more as time went on.


          Alan and Bruce started spending more and more time together when they were off duty.  Their friendship grew stronger every day and they really seemed to bond on all levels.  Bruce was one of those guys who is very physical, and is always grabbing an arm or patting a shoulder.   One of the physical changes in Bruce and the others, besides their strength, was their core body temperature was higher than normal.  Their bodies were warm to the touch, and when they would go out to movies or to eat, Alan could feel the warmth of being near his friend.  It was such a nice sensation, especially if their shoulders were touching at the movie, or if Bruce came up behind him and grabbed him by his shoulders; he found himself getting hard whenever Bruce touched him.



          At the end of their training, the doctor called the five men together for a short meeting.

          “You all did exemplary in your new training, as I knew you would.  I am sure you are still wondering why it was necessary to learn these new skills.”

          “As you know the physical changes in Lt.’s Dutcher, Abrams, Schrader, Elenburg, and Tibedeaux were extreme.  Their bodies are still adjusting to the alternations from the process that changed them.  If you wish to think of their bodies as machines, they need regular maintenance to keep them in top condition.  Moving forward, part of your new duties will be to oversee and administer a physical exam on a daily basis as part of their training regimen.  I have modified a gymnasium for them to work out in, where they can push their new bodies to their physical limits.  It will be necessary for you to assist in their body’s recovery, and to shorten that time and maximize their efforts.  You will collect this data for me daily, so I can monitor their physical status and changes over time.  You will also make any skeletal or muscular corrections needed to keep their bodies in good alignment.”

          Alan’s outward expression didn’t change, but inside he blanched at what the doctor said.  There was no way he would be able to keep his secret if he had to touch Ken’s body every day.  He was going to have to figure out some way to deal with this.  He didn’t want to get discharged from the Navy, and more importantly, as much as he was afraid to admit it to himself, the possibility of losing his best friend.

          “I will help administer the first exam to show you exactly how I want them performed, and how to collect the data.  I will warn you that this will take its toll on you physically, so you may want to increase your own workout regimen to make it easier on yourselves.  We will start this new schedule in one week.”


          Alan was in a panic.  He and Bruce had become good friends from the time they started sharing quarters together, but in the last month his feelings for Bruce were getting out of control.  No matter how hard he fought it, everything about Bruce attracted him.  His sense of humor, his personality, the way he treated people, and of course his amazing body and handsome face.  Fuck!  And the way he smells!  Alan was starting to resort to planning his schedule around when and how often he could jack off, so he could control himself better when he was around Bruce.  He had no idea how he was going to be able to handle touching him for an exam and maintain his composure.  He was terrified of how Bruce would react if he found out Alan was gay, convinced that it would ruin their friendship. 

Alan had very limited experience with other men, and had not been with a man since he joined the Navy.  He messed around a little in high school but the fear of getting caught kept him from experimenting.  As he got older he learned to bury it, not even secretly looking at porn but being around Just being around Bruce was shattering the self-protection barriers he spent years building up around himself.



          When Bruce found out that Alan would be administering his physical exams his stomach knotted in a cold ball of fear.  Fuck!  There was no way he was going to be able to maintain his composure if he had to feel Alan’s hands touching him.  What the fuck am I gonna do?

          As much as he was trying to fight off his feelings, he knew was falling for Alan.  The grip Alan’s presence had him was too strong to ignore.  He felt like a kid when Alan was around; his heart jumped at Alan’s smile, and he always wanted to reach out and touch him.  He looked forward to seeing him come through the door when he got off duty, and their shoulders touching when they were at the theater together.

These thoughts forced Bruce to look back and reflect; he realized that he had been gay his entire adult life, but he only consciously admitted it to himself just before joining the Navy, and he had never acted on it.  No one knew and no one could ever know, or his career would be over.

He knew Alan couldn’t feel the same way about him; he was such a stud, and he acted so straight, Bruce was terrified of what Alan would do if he found out.  He was convinced that he would lose his best friend, and they were going to have to work together in the Program for who knows how long.  Bruce’s mind was spinning out of control with all the ‘what if’s’ and he was a nervous wreck by the time he got back to their quarters.


          Alan resorted to doing the only thing he thought might have a chance of working.  As painful as it would be, he had to start withdrawing and distancing himself from Bruce.  Starting that night, he made an excuse not to eat with him or go out to a movie.  The disappointment on Bruce’s face was obvious when Alan said he couldn’t go, but he steeled himself and stuck to his plan, feeling completely and totally miserable about it.

          The next day he got up early and went for his PT run by himself, and all during the day he did everything he could to avoid being around Bruce.  He didn’t realize how much it was going to hurt and how hard it would be, but he shored up his defenses against the emotional pain and convinced himself it was the only way to move forward.  He had to get some detachment back.


          Bruce was disappointed when Alan couldn’t go out to get some food and see a movie.  It had become such a part of their roommate routine, and he looked forward to it, now more than ever.  The next morning when he got up for PT, Alan was already gone.    And over the next few days, where before he and Alan palled around all the time, Alan was conspicuously absent.  It was like he was intentionally avoiding Bruce, and he always seemed to have an excuse.  The emotional distress was causing Bruce to start unintentionally break things again, and he felt like he had regressed months on his control.  He was getting depressed and had an anxious knot in his stomach anytime he thought about Alan, which seemed to be most of the time.


          Alan made it through the rest of the week but internally he was a basket case.  He wasn’t sleeping well and he was irritable with everyone around him.  One afternoon that week, Alan forgot his wallet and had to run back to their quarters to get it.  When he walked in the door he saw Bruce coming out of the bathroom and his eyes were red.  If he could believe it he would have thought Bruce had been crying.  As much as he wanted to ignore what he saw, and knowing it was the wrong thing to do to keep his resolve, he asked, “Hey Bruce, is everything alright?”

          Bruce’s face lit up with a smile when he saw Alan standing there in his uniform, looking as hot as ever.  He sniffed and wiped at his face and said with a lie, “Yeah man, I just washed my face and got soap in my eyes.  Hey you wanna go grab some grub?”

          “Sorry man I can’t.  I just forgot my wallet and need to head back or I’ll be late.”

          Alan had to get out of there quick. Just being in same room with Bruce was shattering what little resolve he had managed to build up.  He could smell Bruce from where he stood and despite his best efforts he could feel himself getting hard.

          He felt the heat from Bruce’s body as he moved by him to go down the hall to his room.  He stopped at his dresser and looked in the mirror.  His hands gripped the edge of the wood and his arms were tight from the tension that was running through his body.  He was breathing hard and his chest was cold and tight inside.

          Fuck!  What am I gonna do?

          He practically ran out of their quarters, moving by Bruce as quickly as he could.  As he moved by Bruce reached out to grab his arm in that friendly way he had about him.  “Hey man you wanna catch a movie later tonight?”

          Alan couldn’t let Bruce touch him so he twisted his torso as he walked by so his arm was out of reach.  He knew it looked intentional but he didn’t care.  He had to get out of there now.

          He said over his shoulder as he literally ran out the door, “Sorry man I can’t.”  He slammed the door after him and took off at a run, needing to get out of the barracks as quickly as he could.

          He didn’t see the hurt look on Bruce’s face, or the fresh tear falling out of the corner of his eye as the door slammed shut.  It took Bruce almost an hour to get himself under control enough to leave the room.  For the rest of the day he was like a zombie.


          The next day Bruce was determined to try and figure out what was wrong.  He was afraid that maybe he had done something to offend or piss off his friend.  As soon as he got off duty he went looking for Alan but couldn’t find him.  There was no sign he had been back to their quarters since that morning.  He saw some of his buddies and asked them if they had seen Alan around and one of them said he was in the mess hall a few minutes ago.

          Bruce headed over right away.  It was the middle of the afternoon, so why Alan would be there this time of day was a mystery, but he wanted to sit down to talk with him and figure out what was going on.


          Alan wasn’t hungry but he had to keep his food intake up because of his workout schedule.  He was by himself at a table when a small group of guys came in.  They sat at a bigger table not too far from him.  He recognized most of them, and one of them in particular, Ensign Hampton, was a known trouble maker.  As he got up to leave Hampton made a snide remark, “Hey Whetherson, where’s your boyfriend?”

          Alan paused, going white as a sheet.  Anyone who didn’t know him would think he was furious from the remark, but the truth of Hampton’s statement, or the fact that Alan wanted so badly for it to be true, shook him to his core.  He had to maintain control of himself.  The doctor impressed on all of them the need not to draw attention to themselves while they were in their training.  As much as he wanted to say something, he had to let it go and he moved on.

          He heard one of them say, “Chicken shit” as he took his tray over to the clearing stage.  There was nothing more he would love to do right then than take out every ounce of his frustration on that group of guys and kick all their asses.  Alan was not usually a violent man, but sometimes if he was pushed far enough he could explode.   He decided to head to the gym to try and work the anxiety and tension out of his system.


          An hour later his body felt better, but his mind was still a wreck.  He was just wearing his PT shorts and shoes.  His body was drenched in sweat and his body was pumped.  He still had energy to burn off, so he started a full body routine on the rings.

          He saw Hampton, the jerk from the mess hall, come in with his buddies and start working out.  They were lazy and were more interested in joking around than really lifting.  It didn’t take long before one of them saw Alan and mentioned it to Hampton, who came over.

          “I see your boyfriend’s still missin Whetherson.  What’s the matter, lovers quarrel?”

          “Hampton, you need to shut your trap.  I was willing to overlook your comment in the mess hall, but you’re pushing your luck.  You and your pals need to leave now.”

          “Or what, Whetherson?”

          “That’s Lt. Whetherson, Ensign.”

          “Or what, Lt.?”

          Alan felt something inside him snap.  The tension inside of him needed an outlet, and if Hampton wanted a fight he was going to get one.

          “Alright Hampton.  You win.  Get your ass in the ring if you think you can take me.  No repercussions on you if I lose.”

          Hampton got a big smile on his face and stripped off his shirt as he moved over to the ring.

          All Hampton’s goons had gathered around the edge of the ring and were starting their shit talk.

          “Do you want to use gloves or not?  Up to you.”

          “No gloves, I want to feel your nose break on my fist when I punch you in the face.”

          Alan didn’t say a word.  He stepped up into the ring and ducked between the ropes.

          Hampton got in the ring with a cocky grin on his face and said, “I’ve been waitin for this for a while now.  You think you’re better’n me Whetherson.  I’m tired of your stuck up attitude.”

          Alan wasn’t in the mood to play around.  He wanted to get his frustrations out and Hampton was an easy target.  He had no idea what Hampton was even talking about.  Apparently his shallow brain felt some perceived slight.

          “I have no idea what you’re talkin about Hampton, but since you seem to have a problem with me, now’s your chance.”

          Hampton tried to rush him and Alan easily sidestepped, not even taking advantage of his overbalanced stance.  He let Hampton take a few more swings and kept moving out of the way, easily dodging his uncoordinated attacks.  Hampton had a lot of raw power, but was unfocused.  He had some training but nowhere near what Alan had.  He was already breathing hard, making it apparent he had no real conditioning.

          “Quit running like a girl Whetherson!  Stand still and fight!”

          “Alright Hampton, you asked for it.”  On Hampton’s next lunge, Alan grabbed his wrist and pulled him forward and totally off balance and drove his knee up and into the center of Hampton’s chest right into his solar plexus.  Hampton dropped like a rock, curling up into a ball on the floor of the ring, wheezing and gasping for air.

          Alan stepped back to let him recover.  He slowly got up, clutching his chest.  His face was red as a beet and he was furious.  With a loud roar he charged Alan, wanting nothing more than to beat him to a bloody pulp. 

          Alan cut loose with a multiple blows to his chest, abdomen, and neck.  Hampton’s body stopped moving forward from the force of the first few punches to his ribs and stomach, and then proceeded to twitch and spasm with each impact of Alan’s fists on his body.  Hampton stood still for a second, just long enough for his eyes to glaze over, and then his head fell back and he collapsed onto the mat unconscious.

          Alan looked down at Hampton’s buddies and said, “If any of you pussies want a shot, now’s your chance.”

          As one, all five of them launched themselves up and into the ring.  For a few seconds Alan held his ground, but one of them brought a folded metal chair into the ring.  Alan saw it and tried to dodge but it clipped him on his back right shoulder.  He didn’t hear anything break, but the pain was excruciating and he went down to one knee, and once he was down they all jumped on him.  Two of them pinned his arms and the others started to land punches on his face and stomach.


          Bruce went to the mess hall but didn’t see any sign of Alan.  Where the fuck was he?

          Dejected and upset, he left the building and started walking back towards their quarters.  As he was walking back he passed the base gym, and it dawned on him Alan might be there.   Bruce hadn’t thought about the gym because he couldn’t work out there anymore.  In fact he was under orders not to even go in the building.  He would take a quick glance inside just to check.

          He heard the commotion as soon as he walked in.  When he entered the main room and saw what was going on, his blood run cold.  He saw Alan, his face bloody, being held down and beaten by five other guys.  There was one guy lying unconscious in the ring.  He had no time for thought, and his reaction was pure instinct.

          He shouted, “Get the fuck off him!”  The ring was a good 30 feet away, but Bruce took off blindingly fast, and after only a few strides he launched himself, sailing through the air and over the top rope, landing on his feet in the ring.  The entire structure of the boxing ring shook as his weight hit matt.  He heard the mat split and nearly break apart with the impact.  The shockwave knocked a few of the men down.  He was there so fast the men beating Alan hardly had time to react.  They scattered quickly, letting go of Alan and running as fast as they could.  Without them to hold him up, Alan’s body collapsed beside Hampton’s in the ring, his face and torso a bloody mess.

          Bruce saw the folded metal chair lying on the mat.  It was easy enough to figure out that the cowards hit Alan with the chair… there was no other way they could have gotten him down like they did.  He swiped up the chair in his big hand and pulled it apart like it was paper.  In his anger he wadded up the seat into the semblance of a ball, cutting his hands on the sharp edges from where he ripped it apart, and he threw it as hard as he could at the last of the fleeing men he could still see.  The ragged ball of metal hit the wooden door and broke through it like a cannonball, splintering the wood, sending slivers flying everywhere.  Luckily he missed, realizing that he could have just killed the guy.

          That thought snapped him out of his anger, and he quickly knelt beside Alan.

          “Alan, can you hear me bro!?”  Fuck! Please be ok!

          Bruce was afraid to touch him.  He was so worked up his control was shot, and he didn’t want to hurt his friend.  It was obvious Alan probably had a broken nose and maybe some ribs.  Both eyes were swollen shut and his bottom lip was torn.

          Bruce hated feeling helpless; he had to learn to get this shit under control!  Shaking with anger, fear, and concern for Alan, and from the effort to keep himself in check so he wouldn’t hurt Alan, he tried to check his friend as best he could. 

          Bruce’s eyes were bright with hot tears of frustration and anger.  Fuck!  I need to learn to fucking control myself!  If I hurt him I’ll never forgive myself!  As gently as he possibly could, he picked up Alan and cradled his body against his chest.  Alan was covered in sweat and blood and Bruce’s white uniform was ruined as soon as Bruce picked him up.

          Alan was moaning in pain from the movement.  Bruce got him out of the ring and into the locker room, where he got some towels and as gently as he could manage, started cleaning his buddy up.  He was concentrating so hard his forehead broke out in a sweat as he lightly ran his fingertips over Alan’s ribcage trying to see if he could tell if his ribs were broken.  His hands were shaking from the effort to focus on a light touch; it was difficult to tell, but he didn’t seem to feel anything broken; hopefully his ribs were only bruised.

          Alan moaned again, and was starting to come too.

          “Alan, man can you hear me?  Its Bruce!  Talk to me!”

          With his split lip his words came out fuzzy.  “Bruce?  Oh fuck…”

          “Damn Alan, what the hell is going on?  I need to get you some help right away.  I need to get ahold of the doc, I’m not supposed to take you to the dispensary.”

          “You cut your hands.”


          “You’re hands are bleeding.”

          “Fuck my hands!  I’m worried about you buddy.  Who were those guys?”

          “Hampton and his goon squad.”

          While Alan was starting to talk Bruce was trying to clean him up with the wet towels as best he could, still afraid he was going to hurt Alan even more.

          “Thanks man.”

          “It’s nothing.  I wish I could have kicked their asses for doing this.  I need to clean up the mess I made out there.  That chair will be hard to explain.”

          “Go and do that man.  I’ll be ok here.  And check on Hampton too.  I knocked him out before the others joined in.  He should be ok but I want to make sure.”    

          “Are you sure?  I don’t like leavin you like this.”

          “I’m not a baby man.  I’ll be fine.  Take care of that.”

          Bruce reluctantly left the locker room.  When he got back to the ring Hampton was gone.  He assumed Hampton’s buddies came back for him.  He picked up the remnants of the metal chair.  There was nothing he could do about the hole in the door and the splintered wood.  He would have to fess up and tell the doc what happened.  He doubted that the guys responsible would say anything out of fear of getting thrown into the brig.

          When he got back to the locker room Alan was gone.  Bruce felt like he got punched in the gut again.  He realized Alan wanted him to leave so he could take off.  What the hell is going on with him?


          Bruce managed to get back to their quarters without getting into any trouble or drawing to much attention to his blood stained uniform.  He immediately went to the doc and told him what happened.

          “Bruce, as soon as Alan comes back to your room I want you to bring him straight to me, do you understand?  I do not care how late it is.”

          “Yes sir.  He’s been actin so strange the last week, I don’t know what’s goin on with him.  I thought we were friends but lately it’s like he can’t stand to be around me.”

          “Do not worry Bruce.  I have an idea what the problem might be.  I did not think the adjustment would be so difficult for him.”



          It was Friday and Alan didn’t come back to their room that night.  Bruce stayed up all night worrying.  Fuck where is he?  What’s he doin?

          The feelings Bruce had for Alan were getting stronger, and he didn’t know what he was going to do.   The fear of losing Alan completely was still too much to risk telling him how he felt.  This whole situation was killing him inside, and Alan’s behavior wasn’t making any sense and just causing Bruce to feel worse.   But he’d rather have Alan as a friend and in his life than not in his life at all, so he would do whatever it took, no matter how hard, to keep himself under control.

          Alan didn’t come back on Saturday or Sunday either.  Bruce was a total wreck and just stayed on the couch in their quarters, waiting for Alan to come back.  

          Bruce finally got a few hours of sleep before getting up early Monday for his PT session at the lab.  He was scheduled to have his first exam by Alan this morning at 10:00 hours.  He was nervous and his workout went horrible, his control completely shot.  He was nervous for Alan, and what it would mean if he didn’t show.  If he went AWOL it would be a disaster.

          Exactly at 10:00, Bruce and the doctor were in the lab and they saw Alan come in.  He was in a clean freshly pressed uniform, but his face was a wreck.  His eyes were still heavily swollen, and his whole face was bruised.  His lip was scabbed over and he had tape over his nose.

          He was trying to act like everything was perfectly normal.

          “Reporting for duty, doc.”

          “Alan, I’m not sure that you are in any condition to perform today’s duties.”

          “I’m fine doc.  I apologize for my appearance.  I had a little mishap at the gym a few days ago.  But I feel much better sir, not nearly as bad as I look.  I’d like to proceed as planned.”

          The doctor looked at him for a moment and with a sigh said, “Very well.  We will see how you proceed.  If I have the slightest doubt about your ability to continue I will stop this and put you on medical leave for a few days.”

          “I understand, and thank you sir.  Let’s get started.”

          From the moment Alan came into the lab, Bruce had been trying to make eye contact, but Alan kept his eyes diverted.  Whatever it was that he was feeling or that Bruce had done, it seemed that Alan didn’t want to move past it.  Bruce was starting to get pissed off about the entire situation.

          They proceeded into one of the exam rooms for privacy and the doctor asked Ken to strip.  Fuck!  Here we go…   Thinking to his dick, You’d better not betray me you fucker or I’ll cut you off along with my nuts!

          The doctor had Bruce stand up straight, with his leg’s wide apart and his arms straight out at shoulder height.  Using a tape measure and calipers, he proceeded to have Alan take full body measurement on the size of each major muscle and body fat measures via the calipers.   The doctor had pre-printed sheets where every number should go and in what order so it was easy enough to do.  So far Alan was keeping himself under control.  If he even felt the slightest twinge below the belt he bit down on his sore lip and the pain would help distract him.

          The measurements took about twenty minutes.   For the next step the doctor had Bruce get into a specially designed ergonomic massage chair.  “For the first part Bruce will stay in the chair.  For the second part, he will need to get onto the bed.”

          The doctor had a vial of lotion he pulled out from one of the cabinets. 

“Alan you should change into your workout clothes for this next part.”

Bruce got into the chair, which was quite comfortable, and put his face over the hole and draped his arms on the forward pads.  His broad shoulders and back were fully exposed and most of the major muscle groups on his arms and legs were available from various angles.  The bed for the last part would be to cover his chest and abdominals.

Alan changed quickly, trying hard not to wince in pain when he changed into his tank top.  His ribs were black and blue and extremely tender and his shoulder was badly bruised where the chair hit him.

“Now Alan, just as we went over in your training, begin at his neck and shoulders and work your way down to his legs.  It will be harder with Bruce because of the density of his muscle tissue, and you will have to use quite a bit of pressure to get the deep tissue movement required.  The lotion will help some with elasticity once his skin has absorbed it.  While you do this you will need to make any adjustments necessary to keep his body in alignment.”

As soon as Bruce felt Alan’s hands on his bare shoulders his body tensed up.  It was like an electric shock went through his system.  Despite his anger, he felt his dick start to plump some.  It took every ounce of will power he had to stop it and keep it from getting any bigger.  The next hour was sheer torture as Bruce fought his body every second to keep his composure.

As soon as Alan felt his hands on Bruce’s shoulders he wasn’t sure if he could continue.    Bruce’s muscles were like rocks under his warm soft skin, and it took all the strength in his fingers, hands, and forearms to move the muscles.   In no time he was drenched in sweat and his arms were shaking, which helped to cover the trembling in his hands.  His ribs and shoulder were killing him every time he used the full weight of his upper body to push down against the muscles in Bruce’s back.

Alan’s emotions were spinning out of control.  The feelings he had for Bruce were raw and on the surface, and touching him like this, like he’d been dreaming about were almost too much to bear.  Feeling the heat of his body, and smelling his natural scent was pushing the limits of his control and resolve.

When Bruce got on the bed on his back, he wasn’t hard but he wasn’t completely soft either.  He did his best to ignore it and continued his internal struggle to keep it down.

The only thing that allowed both of them make it through the exam was the doctor’s presence and him periodically stopping and correcting Alan’s motion or position.

When they were finished, the doctor said, “Well done Alan, well done.  As always you do not disappoint me.   You can go shower now, if you wish, and take the rest of the afternoon off.”

          Bruce got up to get dressed and when he went to the shower to look for Alan his locker was closed and he was already gone.  Bruce went back to their quarters hoping to find him there but again he was disappointed when there was no sign of Alan.

          Bruce sat down on the couch, trying to go over everything in his mind, trying desperately to figure out what he might have done or said to make Alan act the way he has been.  He missed Alan’s friendship, and didn’t realize how much he had come to look forward to their time together.  Over the next few hours his mind was on a rollercoaster of emotions.  By that evening, Bruce was mentally exhausted he passed out on the couch.

          Alan was as quiet as he could possibly be when he got home.  It took him over a minute to put his key in the lock and open the door trying to be quite.  Knowing how sensitive Bruce’s hearing was he didn’t want to let him know he was back.  He saw Bruce sleeping on the couch and found it odd that the television was off.  He was hoping it would have been on to make it easier to cover the noise.

          He slowly and quietly made his way down the hall to his bedroom and shut the door.  He turned on the lamp on his nightstand and undressed, putting on some shorts to sleep in.

          He lay down on top of the covers and turned off the lamp, but was wide awake.  His mind was racing out of control.  After today he knew he couldn’t continue; something had to give.  There was no way he could touch Bruce’s naked body again tomorrow and not completely loose it.  He would have to go talk to the doc in the morning and try to resign from his position.  How the hell do you resign from a program that has altered your genetic structure?  With all the money the government has in this program they weren’t going to let him just walk away.  He was stuck between a rock and a hard place.

          He couldn’t hold it in anymore, and he started to cry.  He tried to be quiet, but once he let the emotional box inside himself open it was like opening Hoover Dam.  Sobs wracked his big frame, and hot tears drenched his pillow.  His chest was so tight he could hardly breathe, and his body was icy cold trembling with uncontrolled anxiety.

          Bruce woke up with a start.  Sad and despondent he took off his shirt as he moved towards his bedroom.  He felt like he wanted to throw up.  The pain inside him was getting to be too much to deal with, and he didn’t know what he could do about it.  It seemed like a no win situation.

          As he moved down the hall towards the door to his bedroom he heard a noise from Alan’s room.  He hadn’t heard him come in.  His chest tightened even more; all he wanted was for Alan to come home so they could talk, but now that he was here, Bruce was even more terrified.  He didn’t have a clue as to what he was going to say.

          He went to Alan’s door and listened for a second.  No way!  He could hear Alan sobbing uncontrollably.

          He knocked on the door and tried the handle but it was locked.  “Hey Alan, open the door buddy.  I want to talk to you.”

          Alan heard the knock and panicked.   There was no way he could talk to Bruce right now.

          He throat was so thick with emotion he tried to talk and couldn’t.  Swallowing hard and clearing his throat he managed to squeak out, “I’m already in bed man.  We can talk in the morning.”

          Bruce had enough and twisted the doorknob off completely and pushed the door open.

          With Bruce’s enhanced eyesight there was plenty of light coming in from the hallway for him to make it over to Alan’s bedside.  He turned on the light on the nightstand and was shocked when he saw Alan’s face.  The bruises were still dark and most of the swelling was down but where there was no discoloration his skin was white as a sheet and his face was covered in tears and his nose was running.  His whole body was taught as a wire, and he was sweating slightly and breathing heavy.  His blue eyes were completely bloodshot and glassy.

          Bruce’s heart was breaking seeing his friend in this condition.  He wanted nothing more than to comfort him and make him feel better, but he knew he couldn’t do that.

          “If you try to leave I’ll break your legs.  Stay put.”

          Bruce went down to the hall to the bathroom, turned on the hot water, and got a hot washcloth and a hand towel.  He went back in and knelt down on the floor, knowing that Alan’s bed wouldn’t hold his weight.  Alan tried to shirk back away from Bruce when he knelt down by his bedside but Bruce looked at him and said, “I said stay put.”

          Bruce took the warm washcloth and started to wipe Alan’s face off, like he would a child’s.  Next he used the hand towel to dry his face and wipe down his chest and shoulders. 

          “That’s a little better.  Alright bro, we are going to have a chat.  I wanna know what I’ve done that’s makin you act the way you’ve been.  I thought we were good friends… actually I thought you were my best friend, until a few days ago.”  Bruce started to tear up a little as he continued, his emotions building as his thoughts formed into words.  He felt like his chest was about to explode.

          His head dropped and he quietly said, “Whatever I did man I apologize.  I want our friendship back.  I need it back.”

          Alan lost it and started to cry again.  His thoughts were almost incoherent because of his emotional distress.  All he could manage to say was, “Fuck Bruce, I’m so sorry.”  He just kept repeating how sorry he was over and over.  He put his arm over his eyes and couldn’t stop crying.

          Bruce put a hand on Alan’s chest to try and comfort him, and was shocked at how wound up Alan was; his whole body was shaking and trembling and every muscle was tight as a wire.

          “Alan buddy please tell me what’s wrong.  What’re you sorry about.”  He started to rub his hand in little circles on Alan’s chest, trying to sooth his distress.  Alan’s body was still having little jerks as his breath caught between sobs.

          “I’m so sorry Bruce.  Things are so out of control right now.  I don’t want to hurt you man, but I’m scared as hell to tell you what’s wrong.  I don’t know what I’d do if I lost your friendship.”

          “What the hell are you talkin about buddy?  There isn’t anything you could say or do that would affect our friendship like that.”

          “I’m not so sure.”

          There was a short pause as Bruce collected his thoughts and tried to give Alan a minute to calm down.  He moved his hand up from Alan’s chest and gripped his neck and shoulder loosely, just wanting Alan to feel his support.

          “Well buddy, here’s the way I see it.  You’ve backed yourself into a corner and you’re in a place you can’t stay at.  In my leadership training, they taught us that if you ever get in a spot like that you have to make a decision and move forward and live with the consequences.  You can’t keep on livin like this.  I miss my best friend, and I don’t like seein you like this.  It hurts me too man.  I might not show it as much but I’ve been a wreck this last week.  I’ve been cryin like a baby on the couch for a few nights now, waiting for your sorry ass to come back so we could talk.”

          “I’m sorry man.  I’m just terrified of what’s going to happen if I tell you the truth.”

          “Alan I’m gonna kick your ass if you keep saying you’re sorry without telling me what you are sorry about.  I’m gonna make you a promise bud.  No matter what you tell me, I swear to the Big Man upstairs, it will not come between us.  You need to trust me on this.”

          Alan looked at Bruce and made eye contact for the first time in almost a week.  It only took a brief second and he was lost in those green eyes.  Bruce was right; he had backed himself into a corner and couldn’t keep on doing what he was doing.  Something had to give.

          “I’ve never really had a friend like you Bruce.  Growing up, moving from foster home to foster home after my parents were killed, kept me from having any lasting friendships.  Once I got out of high school I focused on the Navy and my career.  This wasn’t supposed to happen.  I don’t know how the fuck to handle it.”

          “Handle what buddy?
          “I love you man, like a brother.”

          “I love you too buddy.  We are brothers.  I feel closer to you than I’ve ever felt with anybody.  Is that what all this is about?”

          “No you don’t understand.  I’m not saying this very well.  I don’t just love you…”  Alan’s throat was tightening back up.  Once he said the words there was no turning back.  He had to take a leap of faith and trust that Bruce meant what he said… “I’m in love with you.”

          Bruce was stunned beyond belief; his mind reeling with the words he just heard Alan say; I’m in love with you.

          The pressure that Bruce felt in his chest, the tightness that was almost incapacitating, broke loose and it was more than he could take it.  His shoulders started shaking, whether from joy or relief he wasn’t sure.  He leaned over the edge of the bed and put his head on Alan’s chest, and wrapped his arms around his best friend and the man he loved.  Bruce’s tears started flowing again, and Alan could feel them on his bare chest.  He could also feel Bruce’s hot breath on his skin and the warmth of his body.  Bruce wanted to squeeze Alan as hard as he could but knew that was impossible.  Not trusting his control he just sort of lay his body down, and tried to hold himself up so he wouldn’t hurt Alan’s bruised ribs.

          Why was Bruce crying?  What had he done?  Alan started to panic, thinking the worst.  All he could think of to say was “I’m so sorry Bruce.  I’ll talk to the doc in the morning and see about getting transferred to different quarters.”

          Alan realized that Bruce hid his big arms around him and was trying to hug him, but couldn’t because he was afraid of hurting him.


          Bruce looked up, his own face a mess now, but he was smiling.

          His voice caught in his throat, but he finally managed to ask “Can I tell ya a secret man?”

          Alan wasn’t sure if he could talk so he just nodded his head yes.

          “I feel the same way about you Alan. I wasn’t sure what I was gonna do because having you touch me in that exam was about to kill me.  I didn’t think I could take it and I was afraid if I told you how I feel you’d hate me.”

          “God Bruce, I could never hate you buddy.”  Alan put his arms around Bruce’s head and pulled his face against his chest and squeezed as tight as his bruised ribs would allow.

          They lay like that together for a while, until they both stopped crying.  The warmth and feel of Ken’s body against his had Alan hard as a rock.

          “Hey Bruce.”


          “I got another problem.”


          Alan started laughing.  He took one of Bruce’s hands and put in down onto his crotch so Bruce could feel how hard he was.  “This is what you do to me buddy.”

          Bruce got a sheepish, almost embarrassed look on his face.

          “What’s wrong man?”

          “Well, you might find this hard to believe… but I… well… I’ve never been with a guy.”

          “Never?  How many women?”

          “Only a couple and that didn’t go very well.  I tried hard but nothing happened.  I used the excuse of too much beer and pretended to pass out.”

          “You don’t know how happy that makes me man.  I want to make your first time as special as possible.  It’s been a rough week on both of us.  Are you sure you want to do this now? Tonight?  I don’t want to pressure you.  We can wait if you want.”

          “Alan my dick is so hard for you I could use it to jack up a car.  If you touch me I’m gonna shoot.   I want this more than I’ve ever wanted anything.”

          “Ok man.  Here’s what I want to do.  I want you to cut loose with the first one, so we can take our time after.  Now that we’re together we’ll have all the time in the world.”

          “Let’s go to my bed.  Yours can’t hold both of us.”

          When Bruce stood up, Alan could see his erection tenting his shorts and could see the big wet spot where he was leaking.

          When they got to Bruce’s bed, Alan took his shorts off and reached over to take Bruce’s off as well.  Bruce was letting him take the lead.  The cold anxious feeling in his chest and stomach from earlier was now a hot fire.  His body was flush with excitement and his dick was so hard it almost hurt.

          “I want you to lay down on your back Bruce.” 

          Bruce got on the bed and Alan sat down on the edge not getting on top just yet.  He put his hands out on Bruce’s hard chest, wanting to feel his heartbeat and how excited he was.  Sure enough, he could feel Bruce’s heart pounding in his chest and when he looked down he could see Bruce’s hard eight inches throbbing to match it.  The head was shiny from precum and there was a small puddle starting to form on his stomach.

          Alan reached over and firmly grabbed the lower part of Bruce’s shaft down by his balls.  His balls were already drawn up tight, and Alan knew he could shoot any second.  He left his hand there for a minute, to get Bruce used to the feeling.  Once he sensed a little bit of his urgency had passed, he started to move his hand up to the head and back down, giving him just a few strokes before he stopped again.

          Bruce was raising his hips and had his eyes shut tight and his head thrown back.  His whole body was tight and flexed and trembling but this time from anticipation.  Alan leaned over and put the head of Bruce’s dick in his mouth and surrounded the head with hot wetness.  His wrapped his tongue around the head and he started bobbing his head up and down slowly on just the first few inches, while using his hand to jack the lower part.

          As soon as the head of his dick went into Alan’s mouth Bruce moaned loudly, “Oh Fuck!  My God, Alan that feels good.  Oh man I’m gonna shoot buddy!”

          It only took a few strokes before he felt Bruce’s hot sperm flooding into his mouth.  God I’ve wanted this so bad.

          He knew it was going to taste good, only because it was from Bruce.  It could have tasted like battery acid, but because it was from the man he loved, it would taste sweeter than anything to Alan.

          Alan kept on sucking gently and stroking Bruce through his orgasm, letting him ride out the pleasure as long as he could.

          As Alan sat there stroking Bruce he felt a strange sensation wash over him.  He felt a sense of wholeness permeate his body.  He felt like he just had a great workout and his body was full of energy.  The last of the tension from all the emotional turmoil of the night seemed to flow out of him.

          Bruce lay there with a smile on his handsome face and looked at Alan.   They made eye contact and just sat there for a minute, staring at one another and smiling.  

Bruce broke the silence and said, “Fuck Alan, I can’t stand not touching you man.  He reached down and pulled Alan over on top of him saying “Come here stud.”

          The feeling of his body against Bruce’s was better than anything he had ever fantasized about.  He felt their chests and their dicks rubbing against one another.   Alan put his arms around Bruce’s shoulders and brought their faces together for a gentle kiss.  He has swallowed Bruce’s cum, but the taste was still heavy in his mouth.  He wasn’t sure how Bruce would like it, so he took it slow in case he wasn’t ready for that.

          Bruce found the taste odd but not bad.  He wanted to feel Brad’s tongue in his mouth and wasn’t going to let his own cum get it the way of that.  What started as a gentle kiss became a long passionate session that lasted a few minutes.  Bruce was rock hard again and Alan could feel him, hot and hard against his stomach.

          Alan broke off the kiss and smiled, saying “Time for round two.  I want you inside of me.”

          Bruce had an apprehensive look on his face again.

          “What’s the matter?”
          “I don’t wanna hurt you Alan.  I’m still not in control and if I get to wound up I might not be able to control myself, and I’d never forgive myself if I hurt you.”

          “Bruce, I trust you.  What better way to learn control than by playin around with each other?  For starters let me stay on top and guide things along.  The more we do this the more you can be in charge.  How’s that?”

          “If you’re sure.  I’m nervous as hell for all kinda reasons.”

          “There’s no reason for you to be scared or nervous Bruce.  I love you bro and there’s no right or wrong in what we are about to do.  We need to learn how to make each other feel good.  I don’t’ have much experience either.  I just know that I feel more for you than any other human being ever in my life, and I want to make you feel amazing.”

          Bruce averted his eyes and quietly said, “I don’t know how to make you feel good Alan.”

          “But you already have, man.  And you do.  Just being with you is making me feel more alive than I’ve ever been.  I want us to go slow and easy.  And don’t be afraid to tell me what you like or don’t like.  You can touch me any way you want to; in fact I want you to.  I can’t tell you how good your touch makes me feel.”

          “Like right now I want to do something to you.  There’s something about you that drives me absolutely bonkers, and it was one of the reasons I was havin such a hard time being around you.”

          “What’s that?”

          “Your smell.  And I don’t mean you stink bro, nothing like that.  You can be fresh out of the shower and you have this distinct smell that drives me crazy.  It’s like you have this natural cologne; I think you were made just for me, and I bet I’m the only one who ever picks up on it.”

          Bruce smiled and said, “Dude that’s a little weird, and a little kinky, but it’s hot.”

          “You can’t believe how fuckin hot you are to me buddy.  Put your arms over your head.”

          Bruce did as he was told, and Alan grabbed his hands intertwining their fingers.  Alan just stared at Bruce’s broad chest and armpits.  He didn’t have a lot of hair under his arms, in fact Bruce wasn’t a very hairy man, but where he did have hair it was perfect and in all the right places.

          Alan leaned over and started to kiss and lick Bruce’s armpit.

          “Ohhhhhh fuck Alan that feels amazing bro.  Fuck that is making me hard!”

          Alan kept at it, moving back and forth between his armpits, taking his time.

          “You better not do that much longer or you are gonna make me shoot.”

          “Ok man; let’s cool down for a second.  I’m leakin like a sieve too.  Just touchin you is about to make me explode.”

          Alan straddled Bruce’s waist and started running his hands over Bruce’s amazing body, caressing his chest and rubbing his nipples, moving his hands up to his shoulders and down his strong arms.  Bruce did the same; the sight of Alan’s hot body, his hot furry chest and stomach, was driving him crazy and he couldn’t keep his hands off him.  His touch was a little awkward and unsure, but none of that mattered to Alan; they were Bruce’s hands and that was he cared about.

          They just kept staring at one another and smiling, not believing where they were after all the turmoil of the last week.  Both of them felt like they were meant to be together, and all the stress and strain was gone between them.

          “Ok man I can’t wait any longer.  I have to feel you inside of me.  You aren’t small so this might take a while.  Let me get some lotion to use as lube from the bathroom.  We’ll have to get some real lube tomorrow.”

          Alan ran down to the bathroom and was back in a flash.  He used lots of lotion on Bruce’s dick and a liberal amount in his own ass.  He sat up a little and put the head of Bruce’s dick against his opening and slowly lowered himself.  He read enough to know to push out to make going in easier, but that was easier said than done.  He felt a sharp pain when the big head of Bruce’s dick popped past his sphincter.

          Bruce was watching Alan’s body for signs of pleasure or discomfort.  He could tell it hurt and he asked, “Are you sure you want to do this Alan?  We can wait man.  Fuck it feels amazing but it has to hurt you.  I don’t wanna hurt you.”

          “No way in hell I’m waiting buddy.  I want this more than anything in the world.”

          Alan’s body was starting to sweat.  He leaned forward and put his hands on Bruce’s rock hard chest to hold himself up.  He kept pushing down slowly, a fraction of an inch at a time, occasionally going back up.  After five minutes or so he was starting to loosen up a little and he pushed down firmly until he felt Bruce’s hairy balls against his ass.  He was sweating hard now and breathing heavily.

          “Sorry man, I sweat a lot when I get excited.”

          Bruce just grinned and said, “It’s sexy as hell man.  I love it.  It lets me know you’re feeling me.  I wanna see you get all worked up.”

          The heat and tightness of Alan’s ass was more than Bruce was expecting.  It was taking all his willpower not to start thrusting madly in and out of Alan’s hot tight ass. 

          Alan sat there for a few more minutes to get used to Bruce’s size. “Fuck you are big, Bruce.  I love feeling you inside of me.  Here we go buddy, hold on.”

          Alan started to slide up and down, starting with short strokes and getting longer and longer as he got more comfortable.   He angled forward a little and started to feel Ken’s erection rubbing across his prostate, and he let out a, “Oh Fuck!” when he found the spot.

          “What’s wrong!?”

          “Nothing’s wrong buddy, I just found my love nut.  Fuck!  That feels unbelievable!”

          Alan started grinding his ass on Bruce’s dick and bumping his prostate with every thrust.  It only took him a few minutes before he was past the point of no return.

          “Oh fuck Bruce, I’m gonna shoot buddy.  You feel too good inside me.  Shit I can’t hold off any longer!”

          The orgasm that hit Alan was the most powerful one of his life.  He had never felt this way about anyone and the emotional feeling was just as powerful as the physical.  His whole body started to contract in pleasure, and his first shot of cum flew over Bruce’s chest and hit the headboard.  The next few volleys covered Bruce’s chest and abs.  His ass started to spasm with the rest of his body, and it drove Bruce over the edge again, flooding Alan’s insides with is hot seed.

          Alan collapsed on top of Bruce, nuzzling his face in the crook of Bruce’s heavy shoulder and thick neck, breathing in his scent and feeling his hot smooth skin and hard body against his own.  Bruce brought his arms up and around Alan’s back, rubbing up and down; caressing the man he loved.

          Alan started to tear up again and he said, “I love you Bruce.  Man I can’t believe I can say that now.  I was so scared I was gonna lose you!”

          Alan rolled off to one side and propped his head up on one hand.  His other hand had free reign to roam and caress Bruce’s body wherever he could reach.  Bruce was still recovering from what just happened between them.  He never thought he would be able to be with another man; he had resigned himself to shutting off that part him a long time ago.  Now that he didn’t have to live that lie anymore he felt a sense of inner freedom.  No one else could ever know, but he and Alan could be together and that was more than he had ever hoped for.

          He felt Alan’s hand on his cheek, angling his face over to look at him. 

          “God I love your face.  I love the feel of your rough cheeks; the feel of a man.”  Alan was running the backs of his knuckles over the five o’clock shadow on Bruce’s face.  He leaned over and rubbed his own cheek against Bruce’s and then rolled his body back over and on top, wrapping his arms around Bruce.  Their chins fit perfectly in the crook of each other’s neck and shoulder.

          Bruce took a chance and hugged Alan back and whispered into his ear, “I love you to Alan.  I can’t believe how all this worked out.  I’m so happy buddy.  I didn’t want to lose you either.  I think we were meant to be together.  We’re like two pieces of a puzzle and we fit together perfect.  It just took us a little time to figure out the right way for the pieces to fit together.”

          After a few minutes of cuddling, Alan rolled over and said, “Spoon up against me and put your arm over me.  I want to fall asleep feeling you against me.”

          Bruce pulled him close, with one arm draped over Alan, putting his hand on Alan’s chest and pulling them close.

          Alan was totally relaxed.  Just shooting off with Bruce and openly and unashamedly lying with him, after all the fear and emotional turmoil of the last week was amazing.  He felt like he was dreaming.  A thought popped into his head as he was drifting off to sleep.

          “Hey Bruce?”

          “Yeah man?”

          “Did you notice that your control was a lot better tonight?  I think you just needed the right motivation.”

          Bruce smiled sleepily and said, “Hell yeah.  You definitely motivate me.”  He kissed Alan on the shoulder.  “Fuck this feels good.  I can’t believe an hour ago we were ready to give up everything, and now here we are sleepin together.”

          “Yeah I know.  Funny how things work out.”

          “I can’t wait for tomorrow’s exam.”

          “Me either.”

          Alan fell asleep feeling Bruce’s warm breath against his neck and shoulder, and their bodies touching.  There was no better feeling in the world.  It felt perfect.


          The next morning when they got up Alan went into the bathroom to take a piss.  He did a double take when he looked in the mirror.

          “Shit!  Hey Bruce, come in here man!  You gotta see this!”

          Bruce was there in a flash, thinking something was wrong.


          Alan was running his hands over his handsome face, now void of all the bruising and swelling.  There was the slightest trace of his lip still healing but other than that his face was back to normal.  He ran his hands across his ribcage and they didn’t feel the slightest bit tender.

          His handsome face broke out into a huge smile and Bruce pulled him back against his own body and wrapped his arms around him in a hug.

          “What’cha think could have happened?”

          “You know I felt something last night when we were together but we were both so wound up I didn’t think much about it at the time.”

          “I’m sure the doc can explain it.”

          “Hey Alan?”


          “We need to set the alarm for earlier tomorrow.”

          “We’ll just have to be a few minutes late today.  Come here stud.”


          They did their PT run together and then they went to the Lab.  The doctor was in his office already.  As soon as they knocked on his door, the doctor’s face looked up and the corner of his mouth gave the barest hint of a smile.

          “Good morning, my boys.”

          “Doc something strange is goin on.”

          “And what might that be?”
          “All my bruises are gone and my ribs are totally healed!”

          “Yes I can see that.”

          “You don’t’ look surprised!”

          “My only surprise is how long it took you two to realize your feelings for one another.  I was about to have to intervene and lock you both in a room until you figured it out.  You two are very stubborn!”

          Bruce and Alan looked at each other in shock for a minute and then both of their faces broke into big smiles, their faces turning red.

          “No need to be embarrassed my boys.   And rest assured that no one will ever find out that can harm you or your future careers.  Now that you have taken that step I need to explain a few things to you both.  I have been waiting for you to discover this on your own.  Knowing ahead of time not only takes the fun out of it, but it might also keep you from discovering everything about yourselves.  You have just taken a first step on a marvelous journey together.  I am happy for you both!”


Ken felt the sensation of falling into himself again and….


          They both had tears streaming down their faces.  The emotion was thick between them, and they hugged each other physically with their minds. 

          Remembering that time, and reliving it, reinforced just how much he loved Brad, and how far they’ve come together.

           “Oh my God B; that was incredible!  I am so hot for you right now I can hardly stand it.”

          “Looking back, it’s hard to believe the journey we’ve had together.  I love you Ken.”

“I love you to Brad.  If you can believe it, I think I love you a little bit more every day we are together.  I want to make love to you.”  Brad rolled over onto his back and Ken crawled up over him.  They started kissing and Ken was so passionate Brad got hard immediately. 

They kept some lube in the nightstand and Brad wasn’t sure when but Ken had lubed up his dick in anticipation of making out.  Ken reached down and guided his rock hard eight inches against Brad’s ass and slowly and gently pushed forward.

The next half hour was an intimate and tender time together.  Ken got down on his elbows so their bodies were in as much contact as possible.  Brad kept his arms wrapped around Ken’s big back and shoulders, their chests and abs pressed together while Ken slowly ground their bodies together while he stroked in and out of Brad.

Ken opened up his mind and flooded Brad with the emotions he was feeling.  Brad was overwhelmed again by how much Ken loved him and how much he loved the man on top of him.  All the while Ken was stroking himself inside Brad, when they weren’t kissing, they were hugging or nibbling on ears, necks, and shoulders.  The feel of their hot breath on each other turned them on even more.

Ken was the more vocal of the two of them and was always interjecting how good Brad felt, and how much he loved him, and what a great lover he was.

With the two of them merged they shared their orgasm when they finally couldn’t hold off any longer.  It was so powerful neither one of them could talk for a few minutes.  Ken stayed on top of Brad and they just held each other while they kissed and their hands roamed over each other.

When they finally separated they shifted a little so Brad was being spooned by Ken again, with Ken’s arm draped over him, holding onto one of Brad’s hands, their fingers intertwined.

They were quiet for a few more minutes, just basking in each other’s presence.

Brad finally broke the silence and asked quietly, “Ken do you mind if we talk about some things from today or do you want to go to sleep?  It can wait til tomorrow if you want to.”

“B, there’s nothing I would rather do right now that talk with you bud.  Tell me what happened.”

“Well, first off, I owe you a huge apology for the past few months.”

“Why do you think that?”

“Because you kept tellin me that this is all new and how long it takes to adjust, and I didn’t believe you.  That’s one reason I wanted to look at those memories.  I’ve been frustrated and filled with self-pity because control over my abilities didn’t just come to me.  I felt stupid and inadequate and not equipped to handle it.  My ego was in the way, which is something I came to grips with today.  And you’ve borne the brunt of my attitude and selfishness through this entire time and never complained.  You were with me the entire time, supporting me.  I just want to tell you how sorry I am for you having to put up with me.”

“B, there’s nothing to apologize for, man.  I did try and tell you how things were for me after the Program changed me.  But you learn different than I do, and to be honest, what I told you might not be relevant to what you’re goin through.  Some of the underlying principles might be the same but it’s mental versus physical, so I might have been steering you wrong.”

“No man, everything you said was spot on.  I was just too stubborn and too proud to listen and take what you said to heart.  But I had a bit of an Epiphany today.  I stopped trying to fight what’s been happening to me, and feeling sorry for myself, and for lack of a better way to say it I sort of … surrendered to it.  In the back of my mind I still felt like I didn’t deserve your love.  Everything kind of came together in my head right in the middle of the bank robbery.  As soon as I accepted your love and pushed my ego out of the way it was like this switch went off in my head all these things fell into place.”

“That’s why I chose those memories to relive with you tonight; it makes tonight even more special to me.  Nearly twenty years ago you told me you loved me, and tonight I finally, fully, completely accepted that love.  I can’t believe all the years we’ve already been together since that night.”

“See man I knew you would figure it out.  You are to fuckin smart for your own good sometimes.  You tend to over analyze things, which can shake your confidence.  Even the doc says you’re one of the smartest people he knows bro.  I still don’t know why you felt like you didn’t deserve my love.  Are you sure you’re ok with that now?  Cause I can prove it to you over and over again if I need too!”  Ken smiled when he said that and held him tighter.

“Honestly man I’m good with it now.  But I can have a memory lapse every now and then if you need me to.”  Brad grinned when he said that.

“How come you’re so smart, Ken?  How were you so confident that I’d figure all this out?”

“I may not be as smart as you are about some things, but when it comes to Brad Wilson I have a fuckin PhD bro.  You’re my brother, who I love more than anything.  I’ve been with you for almost twenty years now.  When it comes to you I’m a genius.  I think I know you better than you know yourself sometimes.  Because of that I knew the stages you’d go through to figure it out.  You just had to get to the point to let you believe in yourself enough to accept all these changes.”

“I know I said this earlier but I’m really proud of you for how you handled things today.  I knew the minute we cleaned house with those bank robbers that something was different.  You had a new look of confidence.  I could physically see the difference in you.  And when we were driving in traffic, your brain was still working.  I think the hardest thing for you to adjust too will be the restraint you’ll have to exercise.  Dude you can kill someone with a thought just like I can physically kill someone if I’m not careful.  We are two sides of the same coin; Mind and Body.”


As Brad was listening to Ken say all this it just reinforced to Brad how much Ken loved and supported him.  He knew Brad was struggling, and Ken was there every second to support him without smothering him, and he gave Brad time to work it out without rushing him. 

“I know this is gonna sound mushy Ken, but thanks for believing in me and supporting me.  I know I haven’t been the easiest person to be around.”

“B, even at your fuckin worst you are the easiest person in the world for me to be with.  With you it’s not an effort, cause I love you so much.”  Ken squeezed his arm around Brad when he said that and kissed his shoulder.

Brad continued, “So, yeah when things clicked in to place I realized I was the one holding myself back.  The power I have is a bit of a rush.  I know I was a little out of control while we were driving back.  I can’t let that happen again.  But I have some more ideas after tonight’s play time.”

“Oh yeah?  Do you wanna tell me what you’ve got in mind?  No pun intended of course.”

“Well, when I get more practice and as I get stronger, my constructs can be bigger and more elaborate.  With you I don’t have to be as careful because you know what’s goin on, and your brain won’t fight me to try and figure out what you’re seeing isn’t real.  So I was thinkin when things get really stressful I can make us a getaway where you and I can be by ourselves.  We’ll have all the time in the world to enjoy ourselves, whether it’s a cabin in the mountains, or a villa on the beach, wherever we want to go I can take us there.  And we can have as much hot passionate, wild sex as we can imagine.”

“Hell ya, man I like that part.  The more time we can have together the happier I’ll be.  Because I’ve been thinkin B.”

“Oh oh.”

Ken chuckled and said, “Shut it punk, I’m being serious for a change.”

Brad turned his head around and kissed Ken as an apology.

“As I was sayin before I was so rudely interrupted… we need to take care of each other more than ever.  With the way we are now, except for the Team, we’re more isolated than ever.  If we’re gonna help them, in whatever way the doc has planned, we need to keep ourselves strong and sane.  Does that make sense?”

“It makes perfect sense.  Almost as perfect as that handsome face of yours.”

“B, I’m being serious.”

“So am I.”

“So are you good now, bro?  Is there anything else you want to tell me?”

“I think that’s the gist of it.  I needed to tell you how sorry I am and how much I love you for supporting me and putting up with my sorry ass.”

Ken reached down and ran his hand over Brad’s rock hard ass and said, “I don’t think your ass is sorry at all man.  It’s a nice ass.”

Brad couldn’t help but laugh and said, “You douche. I love you Ken Habbersham.”

“I love you to, B.”

There was another quiet pause for a minute.

“Hey B?”

“Yeah man?”

“This is totally shifting gears, but I think we need to have Bryan and Lane over for dinner in the next few nights, and maybe next week we can have everyone over for a big cookout.  We haven’t seen much of them outside of work in a while.  They’ve been givin us our space, and I appreciate that, but they’re our extended family.  I hate sharin you with anyone else, but I can make the sacrifice if you can.”

“That sounds like a plan.  I’ll talk to Lane tomorrow.  He and I need to have a mental chat about some things now that I’m getting a better grip on this stuff.  He’s ahead of the others by a good bit and maybe I can prevent him from havin any heartache like I did.”

“Now that’s the Brad Wilson, I know and love; always puttin others before yourself.”  Ken tightened his grip in a quick hug, and then they were quiet again.  After a few minutes Brad heard Ken’s steady breathing and knew he was asleep.  Brad drifted off to sleep in Ken’s arms, his favorite place in the world, feeling his warm steady breath on his neck.


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