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The Order - Chapter 8

The next morning Ken and Brad got up at their regular time and went for a run and PT at the lab gym.  After Ken’s post workout exam, by the time they got back home, showered, and had some breakfast it was almost 9:00am.  They didn’t have any clients scheduled for the day, so the plan was to stay at the house unless anyone called or needed them.  The house was a wreck and they were going to spend the morning knocking out some chores. 

While they were clearing the table from breakfast, Brad told Ken, “I’m gonna talk to Lane in a few minutes if he’s available.  Do you want ‘pool boy’ duty or ‘clean house’ duty to start?”

“I’ll take pool boy duty cause it’s nice outside.  If you aren’t done talkin to Lane by the time I’m finished I’ll get started inside.”

“Sounds good.  I’ll see if they can be here for a late lunch and dinner.  We’ll need to hit Publix for groceries before they come over.”

“Ok.  Then you better get your mental ass in gear and start talkin while I clean the pool in record time.  We’ve been sloppy and it’s gonna take a little longer to clean this pigsty of a house.”




Ken changed into his swimming trunks and headed outside to clean the pool.

Brad sat down on the couch; leaning his head back, he took a deep breath to relax.  He stilled his thoughts and mentally called out to Lane, careful not to make it to loud this time.


After a slight pause Brad heard Lane’s voice, loud and clear in his own mind.

Hey Brad, how’s it hangin buddy?

Is this a good time?  If you’re busy I can get with you later. 

Naw man I’m good.  Bry and I don’t have any clients til tomorrow so we’re chillin at the house.  We were gonna call you guys in a bit and see if you wanted to get together later.

Great minds think alike buddy.  One of the reasons I wanted to talk to you is to see if you and Bryan wanted to come over for a late lunch and then we can cook out some steaks for dinner once it cools off a little.  The weather is supposed to be nice, so we can eat out by the pool and catch up on stuff.

That sounds great.  So what else has been going on?  You guys’ve been awfully quite lately.  Everything goin ok?

Yeah man; we’re doin better than ever.  We appreciate the space everyone’s been givin us, but we were talkin last night about how much we’ve missed spending time with you two and the other guys, and we want to get back in the loop.   The other reason I want to talk to you specifically is to go over some things I’ve learned to do.  You and I are a little ahead of the curve and we should take advantage of learnin from each other.  I think you and me and the other guys need to start meeting and sharing, and even training together as far as this mental stuff goes.  I’m sure the doc is plannin on this but I’d like to get a jump on it.  Just like Bry and Ken, we need to learn to adjust to our new abilities, and we can help each other over any speed bumps that come up. 

Wow, Brad, you don’t know how happy I am to hear you say that.  Bry is bein super supportive, but some of this new shit he can’t relate to and he’s getting frustrated not bein able to help me like he thinks he should. 

Yeah that’s the kind of stuff I’m talkin about.  Some of the things I’ve learned to do will help everyone a LOT and I’m sure you’ve got some tricks up your sleeve too. And I think it’s time you, me, Ken, and Bryan all merge and completely open up to one another.  If you guys decide you don’t want to we’ll understand, but I really think that if we’re going to move forward together, as a group, we need to do that.  Once the four of us get it done it’ll be easier to convince the other guys to do it.  Honestly I can’t see any of them not wanting to, but I know there’ll be some trepidation. 

Yeah I think you’re right Brad, I really do.  I can’t wait to see what you’ve learned.  I’ve picked up a few things on my own too, so we can compare notes.

Let’s see if we can do that now.  It’ll save time and I’ve wanted to try more than just talking over distance anyways.

Ok bud I’ll let you take the lead on this.  I’m open.

Brad concentrated and imagined his own mind slipping into Lane’s.  Even though Lane was willing he felt mild resistance, but he gently pushed through.  It wasn’t the ‘deep’ merge but it was deeper than Lane had been before with anyone other than Bryan.

As their minds blended together, Brad was in awe of his friend.  Lane’s mind was so beautiful!  For someone who tried to show a tough exterior he was actually a very gentle and caring person on the inside.  And he was so creative!

How’s that feel Lane?

Wow this is amazing Brad.  Damn! You’re a smart fucker! And you’re strong as shit bro… I hope I can do half the shit you can already do.

Brad opened up his thoughts so Lane could see everything that’s happened in the last few weeks; all the details of the bank robbery, and the mental constructs.  He even went back to the Mall of Georgia incident with the little boy, Drew.

Holy shit, you’ve learned a lot! 

Lane opened up his memories but didn’t restrict anything and Brad saw everything from the last few weeks, including he and Bryan making out every night and a few times during the day.

Oh shit! You weren’t supposed to see all that!

Lane’s embarrassment came through loud and clear.

Don’t worry Lane!  Once we merge completely we’ll see all that stuff anyways.  And you guys are fucking hot together just so you know.  Seriously bro don’t be embarrassed.  Here take a look at this.

Brad shared how he and Ken relived the memories of their first time together.

Oh my god man that was beautiful!  Brad could feel Lane starting to tear up from the emotional overspill of the shared experience.  I had no idea you two had such a rough time back then.  When we were goin through those classes together I never had a clue how upset you were.  I wish we would’ve known each other better so I could’ve helped you through that. 

Brad I’m having a hard time putting how I feel into words but I know you can feel what I mean.  This type of sharing is fucking beautiful.  I think this is the way people were meant to be and somehow we fucked it all up.  Even though it stings a little at first, the freedom to be myself is phenomenal.

Yeah man I know what you mean.  As great as it is with me and Ken, or you and Bryan, think of how much better it will be when all of us can have this together.  I feel like we’ll be making a huge step by getting to that point.

There was a lag in their conversation, as they gave themselves a few minutes to rest in each other’s mind and enjoy their friendship and learn more about each other.  Even after a close twenty year friendship there were many things they never knew about one another.   Neither one of them was consciously aware of the wetness in their eyes, an expression of the loving bond they shared as friends and brothers. 

Fuck I could spend all day like this.  To borrow a phrase from Ken, I thought the outside was nice to look at but fuck me Lane your mind is a beautiful place to be.  Alright we need to keep things moving if you guys are going to make it over so let me take a peek at what you’ve been up to.

Brad was really surprised and interested at how different and varied Lane’s development was compared to his own; he tried things Brad hadn’t even considered.

 Lane bud I’m really impressed.  What you’ve accomplished so far is astounding. It’s totally different from what I’ve been doing. This makes me wonder if we can all do the same things or not.  Obviously we can talk to one another, but I bet some of us will be better at certain things than others.  Like that song you wrote, dude that probably saved our lives.  We can never repay you for that.

At the time I didn’t know what I was doing, and it was frustrating as hell.  But the doc said I needed to let my subconscious work it out.  The song might have been a one-time gig, I’m not sure.  I haven’t had anything like that happen since.  It was kinda scary to be honest; I felt like I was a conduit for something that I didn’t have any control over.

Yeah I bet.  Don’t worry though; we’ll figure it out together, bud.  We aren’t in this alone anymore, especially now.  I know if we stick together we’ll be fine. 

Brad continued looking and getting used to Lane’s presence; his mind was so well organized but in an odd creative way.  It was nothing that Brad would ever come up with on his own but once he understood it, everything made perfect sense.

Brad did a double take when he saw the next memory.

Holy shit Lane! You can heal?!

Yeah pretty cool, huh?  A few weeks ago I cut myself pretty bad and it was an instinctive reaction.  It hurt like a mother, and when I’m in pain I don’t like getting fucked by Bry; it’s the only time I don’t like that beast on top of me.  But I know that his juice is lifeblood to me, so I sort of borrowed some mentally.  I can do it intentionally now, and it has its effect on him, but of course he doesn’t mind.  He’s like a mother hen when I get hurt.  For such a big rough lookin stud he’s a real teddy bear on the inside once you know him like I do.

You know man, I think we all are.  Ken and I have been talkin a lot about this stuff.  As partners, and as a Team, we need to be a refuge for one another and protect ourselves.  The doc has given us some great advice on how to handle it all, but it’s hard to be around normal people now.  I hate having to keep barriers up all the time except for when Ken and I are alone.  It’s painful listening and seeing all the lies and ugliness in people out in public.  And to think that was us not so long ago.  It’s humbling to say the least.  But we need to be a shield for one another and keep each other strong.  That’s why I want to start a new training group with you and me, Bill, Darren, and Loy.  Ken and the others will have to be involved too… like with your healing trick we obviously can’t do that alone.  I’ll talk to the doc about all this and see what he thinks before I move forward.

Alright man, sounds like you are on top of things as usual.  I can’t wait to get over there. And while I know you can feel this, I need to say it buddy.  You are an amazing man.  I can see why Ken is head over heels in love with you.  I’m so glad you’re my brother and in my life; and my head!

Thanks Lane.  You know I feel the same way bro.  Now to borrow another phrase from Ken, it’s time to shut off the water works and get things rolling here at the house before you guys come over.

 Lane laughed and thought, Ok man.  Do you want us to bring anything? 

Naw we’re good.  We’re gonna head out to Publix after we clean this pig sty of a house and we’ll get everything.  We’re gonna plan a cookout maybe later in the week or next weekend and have everybody over.  It’s been too long and the last one was a bit to action filled and stressful.

Yeah you can say that again.  Alright buddy, I’m gonna go help Bry in the garage.

Oh yeah!  Bring your guitar man if you don’t mind?

Sure thing dude.  See ya shortly and just give me a holler if you need to until we show up.  Jesus man I love this stuff.  Fuck AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon, I have like five bars in my head all the time and we don’t get dropped!

Brad laughed at that and thought, Ok man, cya in a bit.




Brad went out in the backyard to find Ken finishing up the pool.  It was already hot outside and his dark tanned skin glowed with a fine sheen of sweat in the bright sunshine; just enough to make all his muscles look extra hot and his new sunglasses made him look that much sexier.

Ken looked over and saw Brad coming out of the sliding glass doors.  He noticed two things right away.  Brad’s eyes were red and he had some tear trails still showing on his face, and he had a huge erection tenting his shorts.

Ken immediately reached out with his mind even as he physically moved over to Brad to find out what was going on.  He instinctively wrapped his arms around Brad to comfort him, pulling him into a tight hug.

What’s wrong man? 

Brad kissed him on the cheek and hugged him back, loving the feel of his warm body and rough stubble covered cheek.

Everything’s fine Ken.  Lane and I just shared some stuff and it was awesome but emotional.  I didn’t realize I was cryin until I got up.  Fuck bro he’s got an amazing mind.  I can’t wait for us to merge with him and Bryan completely.

Brad pulled Ken deeper into himself and shared most of what he and Lane talked about.

Ken shook his head and said, “This is all gonna take some getting used to.”  He pulled back a little and gripped Brad’s shoulders in his hands, holding him at arm’s length.  Looking down at Brad’s shorts he asked with a grin, “So what caused that?  I’ll be glad to help but it may have to be a quickie, we need to get moving.”

Brad started laughing and said, “You’ll never guess in a million years bro!  When Lane and I were first sharing things he’s not used to shielding and I saw all of his make out sessions with Bryan for the last few weeks.  Dude they are smoking hot together.”

Ken got that little kid grin on his face and said “No shit!?  You are so sharing that with me!   You can make a movie theater with a bed in it and we can watch them on IMAX and fuck like rabbits while we watch them.”

“Damn Ken, you have a good imagination.  But I think we need to wait until after we’ve gone deeper with them.  I don’t want to hurt their feelings.”

“Yeah you’re right.  But I can’t wait!”

“Me either!” Brad laughed.

“Alright let’s get the house straightened up and head out.”




Just as they were finishing unloading the groceries Bryan and Lane pulled into the driveway.  Bryan, ever the cook, took charge of marinating the steaks and putting together lunch.  Brad stayed in the kitchen to help Bryan, and Lane and Ken went out to the pool.  In no time they were all enjoying good food, beer, and the warm sunshine.  It was another hot day, so after getting all the dishes put away, everybody got into the pool to cool off.  

Brad broke out the net and they played a few sets of water volleyball.  When they got tired of that, Lane wanted to play chicken, so Bryan and Ken were the horses, and Lane and Brad got on their shoulders.  They were laughing and rough housing like teenagers, and they all worked up a serious appetite.  It was a nice relaxing afternoon for all of them. 




                   Around five o’clock they were all lounging around the back yard, still getting some sun or just sitting around being lazy.  Brad went into the house to take a leak and decided it was a good time to move forward with his idea.  He stuck his head out the sliding glass doors and said, “Hey guys!  Can you all come into the kitchen?”

          As they came in, Brad had the chairs around the kitchen table pulled out and the table cleared off.

          “Everybody have a seat.”

          A minute later four tanned, shirtless, handsome, well-built men were seated at the kitchen table. 

          “Alright guys, I think it’s time we got this out of the way.  Ken and I have wanted to take this step with you two for a while now but the opportunity really hasn’t come up.  I say there’s no time like the present.  I think it’s time that the four of us, as two couples, merge completely.  I know we’ve talked about it, but does anyone have any reservations?  It’s going to be a shock, but I think it will be amazing.”

          Lane seemed excited but looked at Bryan to gauge his reaction.

Bryan seemed totally calm and said, “I’m ready if you sissies are.”

          Ken smiled and said, “Ok B start the magic, and hold onto your hats guys.”

          Brad said, “Everybody join hands.  It’s not necessary but it makes it easier the first time.”

          Brad opened up with Ken first and the two of them relaxed into each other’s minds. 

“Lane you and Bry merge next.  You’ve already done this between the two of you, so just go there and give yourselves a minute.”   Brad and Ken could see the expression on their faces change.  As they settled into one another, their faces took on an almost serene quality.  The love and devotion they felt towards one another calmed them; they both had a hint of a smile on their handsome faces as they wrapped their minds around one another relaxing and enjoying the intimacy between them.     

          Brad and Ken immediately felt the strength and love emanating from their friends; it was deep and powerful.  They were surprised it was so apparent, but they had never been around anyone else who was connected in that way.  Brad wondered if he and Ken radiated the same feeling.

          He could hear the smile in his mind as Bryan’s deep gravelly voice said in his head, You do.  You two fuckers are so hot together when you do that.  That’s what made us want to try it. 

          Ok guys here we go.  Brad brought them all together.  It was much gentler than the first time he and Ken merged, when he had no idea what he was doing.

          As expected, it was both harsh and beautiful.  Lane and Bryan shared a beautiful Soul.  Bryan had a strong, deep-seated strength of character and for such a huge, gruff looking man on the exterior he was full of love and compassion for his friends inside.  Of all the team he was the quietest and the shyest, and was by far the most gentle.  Lane was more whimsical, full of laughter and music.  His mind was creative and he filtered everything through the that part of his brain. He and Bryan seemed made for one another, and completely complemented each other. 

          The biggest shock to both Ken and Brad was how much smarter Bryan was than he let on.  He was a quiet but very observant man and contemplative, but he was shy and rarely said what he thought, not wanting to impose his opinion unwanted or unasked onto anyone else.  It caused some hurt inside him, when he wanted to share his thoughts, but people overlooked him, thinking he was dumb or his opinion didn’t matter.  Ken found himself being guilty of that and never realized how much he had hurt his friend in the past. 

There were many other transgressions between all of them, and apologies, and forgiveness, and the bonds between them grew stronger.  The strength of the love they felt for one another as brothers was equally as powerful and deep as the love they shared between their partners; the tears of joy were just as hot and the devotion and support equally as strong.  The intimacy they were sharing was almost excruciating, but at the same time no one wanted it to end.

          All of this took a matter of seconds, and when Brad brought them all back out, staying merged but not quite so deeply, they were all smiling and had tears running down their faces.

          As they opened their eyes, each was making comments under his breath.

          Ken said, “Holy shit guys.”

          Lane said, “You guys are beautiful.”

          Bryan just smiled and gave everyone a mental hug, and squeezed Lane and Ken’s hands tightly.

          Brad said, “That was so much more than I was prepared for guys.  You two are incredible.”

          It took a few minutes for everyone to come down off the emotional high they all just experienced.  Ken made a point to get up and give Bryan a big long bear hug that lasted for nearly a minute.  He pulled Lane in as well and Lane pulled Brad into the mix.  On top of the comfort it brought, it gave them all the extra time they needed to recover.

Brad, ever the practical one, finally said, “I’m starving, let’s get dinner started!”

Reluctantly, they broke apart and started getting everything ready.

None of them knew it, but the bonds they built this day would only get stronger with time and would carry them through trials and tribulations for centuries to come.




For the rest of the evening they all stayed linked together, continuing to deepen their friendship and knowledge of one another.  If the neighbors could see it would have looked strange to see four men moving about the house and the backyard and not saying anything, but occasionally laughing or exchanging facial expressions or gestures.

Bryan took charge of grilling the steaks and the rest of the food.  Ken put a bunch of beers in a big cooler with ice and took it outside so they didn’t have to keep going back into the house.

                It was too hot to use the fire pit, so they lit the bug candles and sat around drinking and going over everything that’s been happening to all of them, and sharing thoughts and expressions of what they just experienced together.    It was a special time and they spent it in each other’s minds, relishing in the closeness and the sense of freedom it brought.

As they sat down to eat, Ken, Brad, and Lane felt a small touch of apprehension and embarrassment coming from Bryan.  Lane reached his hand over and put it on the big ball of Bryan’s shoulder and gently squeezed it.

Bry, what’s the matter?

I’d like to ask you guys somethin but…

Ken piped in, Bryan, buddy after all we’ve just shared you know there’s nothing you can’t ask.

Lane got up and moved behind Bryan’s chair and wrapped his arms around his thick neck and shoulders, pulling Bryans head back against him.  Bry what’s up man?  You’re in the safest place in the entire world.  Let it out.

Would you guys mind if we said Grace before we eat?  After today all this has reminded me how much I have to be thankful for; for Lane being in my life and for you two fuckers.

Ken smiled and thought, Brother I think that is a wonderful idea and I wish I’d thought of it.

Lane leaned over and kissed the top of Bryans head, pulling him back against his chest in another quick hug before sitting back down.

Ken asked gently, “Bryan do you want to lead or would you rather me do it?”

“I’ll lead… let’s hold hands.”  Bryan reached out and grabbed Ken and Lane in a strong forearm grip.  Lane and Ken both reached out to include Brad forming a complete circle.

“I only know the Lord’s Prayer.  I remember it from when I was a boy.”

“That’s perfect.”

Bryan took a deep breath and through their mental touch they all closed their eyes, lowered their heads, and started saying the words together, “Our Father, who art in Heaven….”

Their deep voices spoke in unison and they all shared in Bryan’s expression of thankfulness for their lives together and the depth of love they now felt between their partners, the doctor, and their absent brothers.

As the prayer came to an end they all felt a light brush on their minds, like a warm gentle breeze.  They all felt it and thought it was part of the emotion they were all feeling.  No one could see the large robed figure crouched in the den, looking at them.  A cowl covered most of his face; the only thing visible was a strong square chin.


The corners of his mouth lifted in an almost imperceptible smile of approval and he vanished.

They were all silent for another moment and when they opened their eyes Bryan was smiling and he said, “Thanks guys.  Let’s dig in I’m starving.”




After the dishes were cleaned up, everybody went back outside to sit by the pool and relax.  Lane got his guitar and started tuning it.  Brad noticed that when Lane would close his eyes and strike a chord, he could feel it in his mind.

“Lane?  I’m not sure if you know you’re even doing it but I can hear that in my head.  Actually I can feel it more than I can hear it.”

“Really?  I didn’t realize that bro.  I’ll learn to put a cap on that.”

“No man let it go; I like it.”

Lane took some requests and played for about an hour; Bryan occasionally singing with him if he knew the words.  They could hear Lane’s voice in their minds as well as with their ears, and feel his love of music while he played.  Bryan was already used to it and they could feel how proud he was of Lane and his talent, but Ken and Brad were enthralled with the new sensation.  It was another facet of their friend that made him that much more special to them.

Lane finally said, “I have one more and then we probably need to hit the road.  I’ve been building what I call my Bryan list.  It’s songs I find where the lyrics mean something special to me and how I feel about my man here.”

Bryan turned a little red and said, “You aren’t gonna embarrass me are ya little buddy? Ya got me worried here.”

Lane just laughed and said, “Big guy, if me lovin you embarrasses you then I’m putting you on high alert cause you are about to turn red as a beet.   I’ve got quite a few of these in my head but I want to use them on special occasions.  It’s no secret how we feel about each other, especially after today, so why not express it; and what better place than with our best friends?”

Lane started playing ‘Time in a Bottle’ by Jim Croche. 

He played the song through once with no words and from the second he started playing, Bryan, Ken, and Brad all felt something inside of them stir.  Lane was playing with his eyes closed, and he had an intense look on his face.  Lane’s love for Bryan permeated the music and they felt it inside them, stirring their own emotions.  They all felt like they were flying inside themselves, their souls uplifted and carried by the music.  This was different than the songs Lane played earlier; this one had a special meaning to him and it was far more powerful and deep.

The second time through the song he sang the lyrics, and by the end of the song Bryan was not only beet red, he was crying unashamedly.  Brad and Ken teared up as well.  Lane carried them all with him through the music and he pulled them into his heart, wrapping them in his love for Bryan.

If I could save time in a bottle
The first thing that I'd like to do
Is to save every day
Till Eternity passes away
Just to spend them with you

If I could make days last forever
If words could make wishes come true
I'd save every day like a treasure and then,
Again, I would spend them with you

But there never seems to be enough time
To do the things you want to do
Once you find them
I've looked around enough to know
That you're the one I want to go
Through time with

If I had a box just for wishes
And dreams that had never come true
The box would be empty
Except for the memory
Of how they were answered by you

But there never seems to be enough time
To do the things you want to do
Once you find them
I've looked around enough to know
That you're the one I want to go
Through time with


Just as Lane finished the song, they all heard a voice from the shadows over by the gate, “Pathetic.”  The voice was deep and dripping with contempt.

They all jumped in surprise.  Neither Bryan nor Ken had heard anyone come in through the gate and the alarm system hadn’t chirped from the motion detectors.

A well dressed man, with black slacks and shiny black shoes, and a black sports coat was just inside the gate.  He was standing outside of the light coming through the sliding glass doors, back in the shadows next to the house.  He was wearing a fedora low on his brow and it made it difficult to see his eyes.  Something about him made everyone feel uneasy.

Ken spoke up, “Sir, can I help you?  This is a private party and I think you might have the wrong house.”

“I know exactly where I am and who you are, Captain Habersham, or should I say Captain Dutcher.  I must say you are looking very young and fit for a man of your age.  All of you are.  It’s most unnatural.”

Lane’s emotional sensitivity was still amped up from the song and where it took him and he had a really bad feeling about this man; whoever he was Lane knew that he didn’t have their best interests in his heart. Lane’s iPhone was on the ground near his beer and he started to unobtrusively reach down to call the doctor on speed dial in case they needed help.

“I’m afraid you will find you have no signal at the moment Lane Weaver.  And besides, I’m afraid your good doctor won’t be able to help you.”

Brad spoke up, not liking the man’s tone or the fact that he seemed to know who they were, “Who are you?”

“No need to worry that handsome face of yours Brad Wilson.  Who I am is not important; who I represent is.  You and your other ‘test subjects’ are abominations and your interference with our plans will not be tolerated.  I’m here to warn you now, stay out of our business, or you will be very very sorry.”

Ken had had enough, and started to move towards the man, intending to escort him through the gate and off their property, but as soon as he got within five feet the man made a backhanded motion with his hand, and Ken flew back like he had been struck by a powerful blow.  Bryan literally caught Ken midair or he would have gone straight into the pool.

Brad shouted, “Ken!”

“Foolish, but expected.  I am beyond any of you.”

Brad immediately thought, Are you ok? His concern for Ken flooded their link.

I’m fine bro.  He caught me off guard.  It won’t happen again.  He hits like a girl.

Ken hold back.

Brad sent out a thought to Lane, Lane link with Bryan and then me; come in tight I’m going to need your help. 

Brad felt Lane and Bryan join with him, and he felt their strength flowing into him as their minds all came together, available for him to draw from.  Ken and Brad were both surprised at the anger coming from Bryan.  As gentle as he was, one of the few things that he would not tolerate was someone hurting a friend or loved one.  He was breathing heavy and his eyes had a steely look to them.

Brad’s brain clicked and he was pretty sure he knew what was happening.  What just happened to Ken coupled with the sudden appearance of the man clued him in to what was happening.

Brad looked at the man and said, “That was a cheap shot, and I don’t think it’s going to work again.  You are going to leave.  NOW.  And you aren’t coming back.”

The man’s eyes turned a dark red and he said, “You have no idea who you are dealing with.” 

He raised his hands, and ring of fire erupted from the ground, encircling all of them; they could feel the intense heat on their bare skin.  Within seconds the ring got thicker and higher, until it was a wall around them blocking their view of the man and it started slowly closing in around them.

Brad was ready, and had figured this out, or hoped he had because if he was wrong someone was about to get seriously hurt.  He stretched out his hand, palm open, his face calm and focused; Ken, Lane, and Bryan all felt the wave of power coming off him as the wall of fire vanished.

“Yeah I thought so you bastard.  My turn.”

Brad drew strength from them through the link; they were ready for it and none of them batted at eye or let on that they felt anything.   He felt their surprise and concern at what was happening and he sent out a quick thought, Don’t worry guys let me handle this and I’ll explain in a few.  Lane get ready to back me up if I need it.

          Brad’s eyes turned white and a powerful wind came out of nowhere blowing the man’s hat off his head as lightning flashed across the sky, lighting up the backyard; loud thunder rumbled ominously shaking the house.  Brad turned his face skyward; his handsome features still and calm.  A bolt of lightning, thick and powerful struck the ground right in front of the man, blowing him back off his feet against the brick wall of the house.  The crack of thunder that came with it was deafening, and all their ears were ringing.  Ken and the others could feel the air crackling with electricity.  All of their eyes were wide, looking at Brad and wondering what was going on.

The man picked himself up, his face a mask of anger.  His clothes were smoking.

“You will pay for that insolence!”

“Yeah whatever dude.  I didn’t miss; consider that a warning shot.  The next one will hit you and it will be a lot harder and a lot more powerful.   I don’t think your body would appreciate that, wherever it is. Now get the hell out of here.  Go back to whoever you work for and tell them that we hear your message loud and clear; and tell them to fuck off.”  With that, just for theatrics, Brad caused another huge crack of thunder overhead, causing the man to look up.  He glared at them with hate filled eyes, making eye contact with each one of them.  Brad could feel him reaching out for their minds but he was ready and had a barrier up around all of them.  With a frustrated grunt the man straightened his jacket and literally disappeared.

Lane let out a “Holy fuck, bro!  How did you do that?”

“None of this is real.  We’re in a construct.  I’m not sure when he pulled us in; he’s strong and very smooth, but I figured out what was going on.  Get ready, I can get us out of here but it might sting a bit.”

Lane felt Brad pulling energy from his mind, and Ken and Bryan felt it coming from their bodies.  They all felt tight, like they were under high pressure, and then the backyard shattered like a giant mirror.  For a split second they were disoriented and then they were all sitting where they were moments before, Lane with his guitar in his lap.

Ken looked at Brad and said, “Fuck me dude, I’m so hot for you right now.  You are amazing!  How the hell did you figure out what was happening?”

“As soon as he hit you without touching you, it clicked in my brain that it couldn’t be real; that and his sudden appearance without setting the motion sensors off.  It was a chance, but it felt right.  No one can throw my man around like that in the real world, so it had to be some type of illusion.  I think we caught him by surprise, and he didn’t expect us to be as far along as we are.  I don’t want to think about meeting him again until we’ve had time to brush up on our skills.”

“You are exactly right, my boy.”

Everyone spun around again, to see another man standing inside the gate.  Ken and Bryan took up a defensive posture in front of Lane and Brad.

The man put his hands out in a placating gesture.   “No need for that my friends.  I’m not with Them.  I’m on your side, or I hope I soon will be.  My name is Albrecht.”

          Ken let out a frustrated exclamation, “Is there a convention here that no one told me about?”

Brad was irritated and on edge after what they just experienced.  He said, “Look, I don’t know who you are, but you need to leave now.”

“If you wish me to leave, I most certainly will, but I think we should talk first.  It would be a shame to waste this opportunity.   And I must say, Brad that was most impressive for what little training you’ve had so far; very well done my boy.”

Something about Albrecht’s voice was jogging Ken’s memory.  He could swear that he had heard the man’s voice before.

“B, wait.  I think I know him.”

“Ahhh, so you recognize me do you?  I wasn’t sure if you would.  We’ve met before Ken; a few months ago in fact.  I was in your mind, although you were in a coma at the time.  It was at the laboratory, while you were recovering from your encounter with that nasty vile creature.”

Brad felt a knot in his stomach at the mention of the creature that almost killed him and Ken both.  “How do you know about that?”

“I was in the laboratory that night.  I was not able to see Aaron, but I left him a note.  I cannot break his trust by telling you everything that happened, other than that I was present for a short time.  Just like then, our Enemy has overstepped the Rules, and by doing so they have allowed me to intervene again.  I would not say this is fortunate, except that it allows me to speak with you directly for a short time.  I would have helped you but you didn’t seem to need it.”

It dawned on Ken who this man was, “Oh my God, B, guys, this is the doc’s partner.”

Everyone was stunned when they realized who Albrecht was.  Brad, remembering their conversation with the doctor and how much he missed Albrecht, asked him, “Can you see the doctor now, tonight, even for a little while?  Can we get him over here?”

Albrecht’s eyes betrayed his emotions; they closed tight and he got a pained look on his face.  “No my boy, but thank you for thinking of us.  Aaron and I have some time yet before we can be together again.  We are not permitted to make contact with one another.”

Brad was getting pissed off from the events of the night, but mostly from not understanding everything that was going on.  Letting his anger go he said, “Fuck that, Albrecht!  You won’t make contact; I will.”

Brad closed his eyes and shouted for the doctor.  Doc!

Bradford?!  What is wrong?  Why are you contacting me this way?

Doc, I need you to trust me on this.  Merge with me now …please.

Bradford, I do not understand…

Doc, please. 

Brad concentrated and made a construct of the lab.  The doctor appeared in front of him looking a bit perturbed.

“Doc, I’m sorry but there isn’t a lot of time.  I’ll be right back.”

Brad left the doc and opened his eyes to look at Albrecht.

“Albrecht, can you please join with me?  Just on the surface.  I know you have things I’m not supposed to see or know about, but this is important.”

“I’m not sure…”

Brad reached out and gave Albrecht a gentle, mental pull.  He doubted he could force Albrecht into this if he really didn’t want to do it.  Time wasn’t on their side and Brad felt it had to be now or it wasn’t going to happen.

“Please Albrecht, trust me.”

Brad felt Albrecht enter his mind.  Just like the doctor, he felt how strong and gentle Albrecht was, but at the same time felt an intense loneliness and sorrow.  As soon as he and Albrecht appeared in front of the doctor, the two men stared in shock at one another, not knowing what to say.  Neither of them was prepared for this.  It’s been nearly a hundred years since they have stood face to face, or in this case mind to mind, and they were overwhelmed with the suddenness of it all.

Brad smiled and said, “I’ll give you two some privacy.”  With that Brad opened his eyes to see everyone staring at him.

Ken said, “B, I sure hope you know what you are doing bro.”

“They deserve this.  I don’t care about some old school penance about not being together.  I think this is a technicality about letting them be together, and I don’t want them to get in trouble.  If there’s fallout from this I’m willing to take the blame.”

“B, you continue to amaze me, bro.  I love you so much.”  Ken, standing behind Brad, pulled him back against him in a hug, wrapping his arms around Brad’s chest pulling them tight against one another.

Bryan spoke up for the first time in a while, his eyes wide with amazement after everything he just witnessed, “We need to come over here more often.  It’s boring at our place compared to here.”




Everyone was subdued, thinking about the events that just took place.   After a few minutes Brad felt Albrecht and the doctor leave his construct. Ken had moved Albrecht into the house and put him on the couch.

Brad moved over and knelt beside Albrecht as he opened his eyes, “Sir, are you ok?”

“I’m more than ok, my boy.”  Albrecht sat up and reached out, grabbing ahold of Brad’s hands in a firm grip, squeezing them tightly in gratitude.  “Thank you so much for that.  You should not have done it, and I hope there are no ramifications to either of you.  I do not think there will be.  I still don’t know if there will be for Aaron and myself, but if so I’m willing to face them.”

“Is the doc ok?  Should we head over to the lab?”

“He’s fine.  I think he would appreciate the solitude for the moment.”

“So how is it that you are able to talk to us now?  You said that that guy overstepped his bounds?  I think it’s about time we knew a little more about what is going on.”

          “I wish I could answer your questions more clearly but at this time I cannot disclose too much information.  To put it simply, I belong to a group known as The Order.  We have an Enemy, and you met one of their agents tonight.  There are rules that govern our fight.  The man tonight overstepped himself by attacking you directly, which allowed me to step in for a few moments as a measure of Balance.  If he had not done that I would not be able to converse with you.”

          “What are we involved in?”

          “I’m afraid I’ll have to let Aaron answer your questions; the time I had to spend with you was taken up by my visit with Aaron, and now I must leave.  I have said all I can for the moment, although there is one last thing I wish to leave you with.  Tell Aaron of this and he will know what to do when the time is right.”

          Albrecht raised his hands to the center of his chest and put his forefingers and his thumbs together to form a diamond.  Much to their amazement a small ball of light appeared between his hands.  It floated gently in the air giving off a warm pleasant glow.   Holding out his palm, the ball of light followed his hand and hovered there.  His brow furrowed in concentration and the ball broke into four smaller pieces.  Each ball slowly floated over in front of each of the men and hovered inches from their foreheads.

          “Do not be afraid.”

          The little balls of light went into their foreheads and disappeared; the only sensation was a slight sense of warmth and comfort where it touched their skin.  All of their eyes were wide in surprise.

          Albrecht put his hands down as if nothing out of the ordinary just happened.

“I cannot thank you enough for what you did for Aaron and I tonight.  It was dangerous and there still might be repercussions.”

Brad took a deep breath, clearly not understanding what just happened.  “I’m more than willing to pay that price, sir, if there is one.  I know I don’t understand everything yet, and may not for a while, but I know that you don’t deserve whatever it is that is keeping you apart.”

“That is not for you or me to decide, unfortunately.  Rest assured I will be close at hand.  After what our enemy has done today we cannot take the chance that they will not do so again.   Although you gave them a surprise today, do not count on it again.  Aaron must accelerate your training if you are to remain safe.”

“We’ll see him tomorrow morning, sir.”

Albrecht stood up and one by one he gripped their forearms as he readied himself to depart.  “Until we meet again.”  They didn’t even notice him vanishing, but suddenly he was just gone from the room.

          They all looked at one another, not knowing what to say or how to react.

          Lane gave a heavy sigh and said, “Damn; I feel like we got a visit from Emperor Palpatine and Obi-Wan in the same night.”



                After gathering Lane’s guitar, Bryan and Lane left to go home, and a few minutes later Ken and Brad were sitting on the couch together.  Brad leaned forward and rubbed his face in his hands, looking tired.  Ken scooted back and said, “Hey B, lay down here and put your head in my lap.”

Brad did so and let out a contented sigh as soon as his head was in Ken’s lap.  Ken started gently rubbing his hands through Brad’s short blonde hair, caressing his forehead and temples.

“You’re amazing, B.  I know I’ve said it a lot lately, but you were badass tonight.  I’m so proud of you bro.”

“I just wish I knew what the hell I was doing, or what’s goin on.  I want to know who these guys are, and what we’re caught up in.”

Ken kept up his ministrations on Brad’s head with one hand and with his other he started running his it through the hair on Brad’s tight muscled chest.  Brad moaned and said, “Fuck your hands feel so good Ken.”  Brad took a deep breath, taking in the strong scent of Ken’s body.  Brad’s eyes were closed and he had a lazy smile on his face.

Brad was so relaxed he didn’t want to move and he was content to let Ken touch him however and wherever he wanted.  Ken slid down a little and pulled Brad up, so his back was against his chest.  Ken wrapped his arms tightly around Brad and held their bodies together, nestling his chin over Brad’s shoulder so their cheeks were touching.  He circled his legs around Brad’s lower half so he was completely wrapped up by his lover.

There was no better feeling in the world for either one of them; the touch of their skin, and the feel of their bodies touching, resting against one another. Brad pulled their minds together so they could be intimate on both levels.  The love and support they felt for one another blended in with the physical sensations, turning both of them on even more.

Ken whispered in Brad’s ear, “Fuck, B, I love you so much,” as he started nibbling on Brad’s ear and neck.  Ken started sensually roaming his hands over Brad’s stomach and chest while kissing his thick neck.  Brad let Ken have his way for a few minutes before he rolled over so they were facing one another, their chests pushing tight against one another.  Ken spread his legs wide, positioning himself so their dicks would be pressed together.

Brad started a passionate kiss that stoked the fires already smoldering between them.  Each had his arms wrapped around the other, caressing the muscles up and down their backs, loving the feel of their hands on each other while they slowly rubbed against one another; both their trunks displaying a large wet spot from where they were leaking heavily.  The kiss seemed to go on forever, until Brad finally broke it off saying, “I need to back off a little or I’m gonna shoot.”

“What’s wrong with that B?  Don’t hold back man, we got all night and we both know we got more than one shot in us.”

Ken pulled Brad back into his embrace and reached down to get their trunks off.  Both of them were leaking heavily and as soon as their dicks were released their stomachs soon made a nice slick muscly surface for them to grind against.  They were both letting the sensations build without holding back; their tongues wrestling in union to their grinding, their dicks sliding and moving faster and faster, their breathing almost frantic.  Brad finally pulled back from their kiss and moaned, “Oh fuck Ken, I’m cumming!”  He clung to Ken with all of his strength, his entire body flexed and tight with the pleasure that overtook his body.  He buried his head in the nook of Ken’s shoulder as his big frame shuddered with each blast of cum that was spurting from his dick.

                Ken was on the edge and as soon as he felt his lover start to shoot, he felt his own orgasm start.  The pleasure was so intense it was almost painful.  He held Brad against him, squeezing as tight as he could stand, knowing the limits because of their bond.  Their orgasms went on for almost a minute, and they clung to one another the entire time, lost in their physical and mental closeness.

          Afterwards they lay together, kissing and touching; enjoying the post orgasm pleasure before they continued making love.  Brad started to kiss his way down Ken’s chest to his stomach and licked up all the combined cum that had spread between their bodies.  He felt stronger and stronger as he managed to get all Ken’s cum that wasn’t either on his own body or had dripped off.  Once he was charged up he let Ken take his ass as hard as he wanted for as long as he wanted.  Their bedroom was filled with the smell of sweat and sex so strongly they had to take a shower and change the sheets before they could fall asleep.




Over the next week Brad and Ken started working on a new set of training regimens for the team to follow.  After getting input from the doctor, Brad outlined a series of mental disciplines designed to sharpen their abilities, strengthen them, and to allow them to be used in combat, singly and as a group. 

As couples, their abilities seemed to be enhanced when they were together, which made them realize that the doc’s mandate about them traveling alone wasn’t just for physical protection.  Ken was stronger when Brad was around and vice versa.  It was a side effect they hadn’t noticed before because they were hardly ever apart.

With the new training regimen Bill, Loy, and Darren made good progress, rapidly closing the gap between themselves and Brad and Lane.  It was becoming apparent that they all shared a core group of abilities, like telepathy, merging, reading and moving or removing memories. All of them could make basic constructs inside their minds, but none of them came close to touching Brad on size or complexity.  All of them could heal to some degree, but none of them as well as Lane.  Brad was sure that over time each of them would find their niche as they got stronger and practiced.

By now all of them had completely merged with one another, and as Brad predicted, it made a huge difference in every aspect of their lives and abilities.  They all thrived in the time they spent linked together, and their friendships, strong before, were on an entirely new level.  The love they had for one another as brothers became a haven and sanctuary for each of them to fall back on when needed.




Everyone was surprised and intrigued that Friday when they got an email from the doctor for a mandatory meeting on Saturday morning at 10:00am. He asked them not to eat anything before the meeting but didn’t explain why.

As usual, everyone arrived a little early.  With all of them being ex- military, their work ethic was exemplary and ingrained into them for life.  The mood was generally light hearted and all the guys were joking around as they waited for the meeting to start.   They were all big men and the conference room seemed small once they were all seated around the table.  As soon as the doctor came into the room everyone fell silent.

For a moment he stood quietly at the podium, looking at them; making eye contact with each and every one of them.  He noted how handsome they all were; how perfect.  He had helped with that to some degree, but he selected them carefully based on their DNA and he only improved on what they already were.

          He was quiet long enough for some of the men to look questioningly at one another, wondering what was going on.  Finally he squared his shoulders and with both hands gripping the edge of the podium he broke the silence.

“It has been a long road, my sons, and some years since we started this journey together.  I find myself needing to apologize, because while I have not lied to you, and I never will, there is much still that you do not know or understand.  Recent events have accelerated matters far sooner that I would like.  It was my hope that you would have years yet before facing what we are now being thrust into.  I wanted you all to have many more years of peace and growth to find yourselves.  Your lives are just beginning, and it is always a father’s wish for their son’s not to grow up to fast.”

          He hung his head, his shoulders slumping a little as he paused to collect his thoughts.  With a heavy sigh he continued, “But that is not to be.  Nearly twenty years ago, when I selected you for the Program, you were all in the Military and exemplary soldiers; already the best of the best, and willing to sacrifice your lives for your country.  Because of that I was, perhaps, a bit presumptuous; you see when I chose you all it was, in reality, for a much greater and higher purpose.” 

“Even though you stopped physically aging with the first changes, I have seen you grow and mature into amazing men.  You have all surpassed my wildest hopes and dreams, and I love each and every one of you as much as if you were my own sons and I am so proud of all of you.”

“But after you hear what I am about to say, if you wish to leave I will completely understand.  As I have learned in my own life, everything has a consequence, but I can help mitigate yours if you choose to leave.”

It was deathly silent in the room, and all eyes were on the doctor.  Everyone was looking at him intently, wondering what the doctor could possibly say that would cause any of them to break from the Team and abandon what they all shared.

“If you choose to stay, you will be embarking on a further journey, and one that you cannot walk away from once you have made your choice.”

          He paused again to let the importance of what he was about to say sink in.

          “On the night that Kenneth forced his confrontation with the creature, I told him I was not permitted to be present.  We have never discussed this, and up to this point there has been no need, but I do report to a higher Authority.  It is now time for me to divulge the truth to you about my intent in bringing all of you to this point.”

          “There is a war being waged that few on this earth are aware of; it has been waged for thousands of years over the fate of mankind.   I serve, and am dedicated, to one side of this War.  I am a member of an ancient brotherhood known as The Order and if you choose to stay you will be as well.”

“Our purpose is to guide and protect mankind, and to protect mankind’s Free Will.  Our Enemy, which you have seen a glimpse of recently, wishes to control man, and subjugate his will to their own ends.  The conflict we are engaged in has been going on for countless ages, and over periods of history one or the other of us has held a dominant position.  Currently The Order is in a precarious position, and for the last century has been on the verge of utter destruction.”

“I recruited you to help save The Order, and thereby save mankind, from a horrible fate.  There are not many of us left, and our leadership is forced to stay hidden.  It is my hope, that you will make the difference and bring us back from the brink of destruction, and also be a beacon to rally around and turn the tide against our Enemy.”

“I understand that this must come as a shock to all of you and the burden, if you stay, will be immense.  The abilities you have begun to experience are merely the beginning if you wish to continue down this path.  It will be dangerous and some, or all of us, might not survive.  It is a noble cause, but I cannot ask anyone to go blindly down such a path without their knowledge and consent.  I asked you all too fast this morning out of tradition.  It helps to clear the mind and let you focus when making important decisions.  It also helps to be empty, so you can listen to the voice of our Creator, to help find the answer within you.  This decision, either way, will change your lives forever.  I do not wish you to make your choice lightly, and you may take all the time you need to think it over.”

“If anyone wishes to leave, I will reverse the effects of the Program and you will be reinserted into society with a normal life and you will have no memory of the last twenty years.”

The doctor stood silent, looking at them for some type of reaction.  Brad was about to say something but felt through their link that Ken wanted to respond.  He had always been their leader, and Brad felt it best that he be the spokesperson.

Ken stood and said, “Sir, I can’t speak for everyone, but I can’t imagine not moving forward with you on this.  What we are…  what you’ve helped us to become, and what we’re meant to be… it does seem a bit overwhelming, but I can’t think of a more noble reason to exist and follow the path you have set us all on.  I’ve known, and I think deep down we’ve all known, that we’ve been waiting for something like this; some higher Purpose.  Just living and working at a security firm has been nice, but recently I’ve sensed a lack of direction, and aside from Brad my life has started feeling a bit stale.  I think we’ve all felt this coming but just didn’t realize it until now.”

Ken turned and looked at the rest of the men.  “I understand if anyone wants to back out.  There is, and will be, no shame.  If any of you decide to leave, I want you to know how much of an honor it’s been to know and serve with you.”

All eyes were on Ken, and he scanned across the room making eye contact with every one of the men.  He didn’t need to be linked to them to know their answer; he had been their leader when they were in the Navy and he knew them all as brothers.  And after becoming so much closer and merging with all of them completely, he knows them as well as he knows himself.

Brad stood up and moved over to Ken and put a hand on his shoulder, supporting him as the leader of them all and as his partner.  He closed his eyes and pulled everyone together into a link.  He didn’t bother making a construct of the conference room, he just wanted everyone to be together and open; no one could hide their feelings. 

Neither Ken nor Brad was surprised by what they felt.  Everyone was 100% on board and behind the doctor.  Ever since they left the Navy back in the early 1990’s, all of them felt like something was missing.  The security company was a poor substitute, and this is something they all felt drawn towards; as if this is what they were meant for all along.

Brad looked over at the doctor and said with a grin on his face, “Doc would you care to join us?”

The doctor smoothly entered their link and everyone felt his love and support for all of them.

I cannot tell you how pleased I am that you all wish to continue.  I am so proud of all of you.  I think perhaps you all were meant for this, however our Creator works in mysterious ways, and we must never forget that the Free Will we strive to protect for mankind also applies to us as its Protectors.  Nothing is pre-determined, so I could not be absolutely sure; however I have hoped and dreamed of this moment for many years.

Tomorrow I will begin the last and final phase of your development.  There are rules to follow for joining the Order, and there will be some additional changes that you will all undergo. Tomorrow you will come into your true Heritage.

The doctor left the link gently, and everyone else followed suit.  Brad opened his eyes, and gave Ken’s shoulder an affectionate squeeze.

          As everyone started to get up Ken said, “Since we are all committed to moving forward with this, I have something I need to bring up.”

A few of the guys gave over exaggerated groans as they sat back down, causing a smile to cross Ken’s face.  “Alright ladies, that’s enough.”   Again all eyes focused on Ken.  Brad looked at him, loving it when he took the role as their leader.  He was so well suited for it; he didn’t play the part… he was the part and they all knew it.  Each and every one of them would follow Ken wherever this new path might take them.

“Thanks to the doc, we’ve all been financially comfortable.  The security firm has served a purpose, but I think it’s time we let it go.  We really don’t need the money and I think it will only be a distraction moving forward.  I’d like to take good care of Sally; we could never have done it without her.  Does anyone have any objections to doing that?”

Once Ken brought it up they knew what he said was true.  The company had been a stopgap for them; a Band-Aid to help scratched an itch until they could move on to their true purpose. 

No one shook their head.

“Alright then, Darren I’ll need your help buddy to get things rolling.”

Darren piped up, “You bet boss.”  Darren was the financial guru of the group, outside of the doctor, and kept the books for the company along with Sally’s help.

          “Alright ladies, I can hear your stomachs from a mile away.  Let’s all head out for some food.  I’m starving!”

Even with the rumbling of empty stomachs, everybody ended up hanging out for nearly an hour before they broke up.  Most of the guys went out to eat together but Ken and Brad still needed to work out so they decided to stay along with Lane and Bryan; Ken and Bryan sparred in the ring, while Brad and Lane hit the weights.

                After an hour and a half of heavy exertion, their shirtless bodies were fully pumped up and sweating heavily.  As they were all about ready to hit the shower, the doctor wandered in to the gym area and motioned for them to come over.

“I am glad you are still here; I have something I wish to try.”

 Once they all made it over to where he was standing he continued, “As you know, in the past, I required the Physical partner have a post workout exam.  There were many reasons for this, the most important being to keep the body adjusted through continuing physical changes.  That will continue but after tomorrow that will not be as important as it was in the past.  There will be a new exercise that Bradford and Lane and the others will need to go through, and you Kenneth and Bryan and the other Physical partners will need to facilitate this new exercise.”

“All of you please remove the rest of your workout clothes.  Bradford, you and Lane sit on the matt legs crossed, with your shoulders out and your backs straight.  Kenneth you get behind Bradford, and Bryan you get behind Lane and kneel behind them. “

“This will be easier after tomorrow, but I wish to see how well you adapt today before the next procedure.  This will give me a good indication of how tomorrow will proceed.”

“There are three points in our bodies that are central to the flow of energies we produce.  You are familiar by now with the concept of the Program based on the Body, Mind, and Spirit.  So far you have gone through the first two stages as partners of the Body and Mind.  Kenneth and Bradford correctly surmised that your Spirits, or more appropriately, your Souls are shared between you.”

Brad interrupted, “So doc, do we each only have half a soul?”

The doctor laughed saying, “No not at all Bradford.  You each have two halves, half your own and half your partners.  That is why the love between you is so strong.”

“How could you have possibly done that sir?  No disrespect intended but even for you that’s a stretch!”

“I will be happy to explain it one day but when we have a few months of uninterrupted time.”

As usual the guys didn’t know if he was joking or not.

“To continue; you have all reached a point where you can merge and blend your minds and bodies together, but there is one aspect that until now has been unavailable to you.  The last stage of the Program will allow your souls to actually merge as well.  This will bring about another, final transformation, the last one that is part of the Plan.”

Everyone’s eyes were open wide at what the doc was telling them.

“I will explain this more fully later, but I want you to know the basic concept to help you with this exercise.”

 “Initially it will be helpful for you to touch these points to identify them and begin to feel the energy flow.  Eventually you will not need to do this.  The purpose of this exercise is to identify these points, feel the energy flow in both of you, and make sure the energy is flowing freely and healthily.  These energy flows have been, and will be, the source of all your abilities both physical and mental even though you have been unaware of them up until now.”

“We will start at the forehead, which represents the Mind.  Kenneth and Bryan put both your hands, one atop the other, on their foreheads, gently but firmly.  I want you to feel the warmth of that spot.  Rather than focusing tightly like you have been doing, in this case keep your mind open and remain calm.  Empty your mind of active thoughts and visualize the spot at the center of your forehead where your partner is touching you.  I want you to try and feel the flow of energy in your own body, and if you can, in your partners through their touch emanating from that spot.”

Brad breathed out, emptying his mind.  Ken’s touch always made him feel calm and safe, and in this case it was a clinical touch and not sexual, which helped to not distract him.  After a minute of absolute silence and keeping his mind open and feeling Ken’s warm touch, Brad began to feel a slight sensation.  The darkness behind his closed eyes started to fill with small bursts of a beautiful shade of blue.  The color was taking shape and becoming more tangible as he was more aware of it.  If he tried to focus on it, it eluded him.  It was difficult not to try and chase the color; he was learning to let his mental peripheral vision sense it.  Once he figured that out his mind filled with the color and he felt a tingling sensation where Ken’s hands were touching him.  He followed the flow back through Ken’s hands to his forehead, and he felt Ken’s reaction of surprise and curiosity through their link.

The doctor’s voice came lite and soothing into his thoughts, Very good Bradford.  Link with Lane so that he can see and feel what you are experiencing.

Brad felt Lane join his link, and let Lane explore what he was experiencing and how he did it.  Lane picked up on it immediately and within seconds his mind was flooded with the same brilliant shade of blue.  He heard Lane say, “Badass!” under his breath, and he could feel Lane’s delight at his accomplishment.

          Bryan opened his eyes briefly and let out a quiet exclamation, “Lane, you’re glowing!  We all are!”

          The doctor said, “Yes it’s quite beautiful isn’t it?  You are seeing this through your Mind’s Eye.  If you shift your perception back to the physical realm it is not visible.  If the energy levels are extremely high, a normal person might perceive a slight glow, but with their minds closed they will not see what you are seeing.”

          “Now relax for a few moments and continue to feel the flow of energy, as it passes through you and into your partner and back to you.  Think of it like a circuit between the two of you.  Get used to the feeling and get comfortable with it, so it will be easier to sense the next time.” 

After a few moments the doctor continued, “Now, Kenneth and Bryan move your hand down to the middle of their chest.  This center represents the heart, or metaphorically, the Soul.  This is the center we will focus on opening tomorrow.”

Ken and Bryan moved their hands down, but this time, while Brad could sense something, he couldn’t reach it.  Brad tried harder and could see small spots of a brilliant yellow but it was inconsistent and he couldn’t get a grasp on it.

          “Do not be frustrated.  The fact that you can sense this spot at all is more than I expected.  I am encouraged and it bodes well for the results of tomorrow’s procedure.”

“You are all doing excellent.  Kenneth and Bryan, for this exercise, moving forward, you will want to keep them focused for 5 minutes on each location.  Today there is no need to do that since we are just exploring and discovering.  Now move your hands down to the lower abdominal area, just below the belly button.”

In a few moments both Brad and Lane found the spot and their minds were flooded with a brilliant, deep red, almost the color of blood. Seconds after feeling the energy flow, they all started to feel aroused.

          “This center represents the Body.  Do not be alarmed or ashamed at what you are feeling.  The Bodies energy center represents, among other Aspects, the core of your physical needs and strength.  In the future I’m sure you will find many interesting ways to experiment with that knowledge.”

Brad was suddenly very aware of Ken’s body pressed up against his, and through the link Lane and Bryan’s bodies pressed against one another as well.  Brad started to pull back, not wanting to intrude.

Lane stopped him and said mentally, its fine dude.  There are no secrets between us anymore and we are all big boys here.  He looked down at their erections and laughed.  No pun intended!

          All of them gave a mental chuckle at that statement.  Even the doctor smirked a little.

The doctor said, “Now you have discovered the three centers, see if you can focus on all of them at once.”

It took a moment, but Brad, in his Mind’s Eye, visualized all three centers, and he could sense all three and see the colors emanating from the two centers that were fully open.  He started to control the flow between he and Ken, sharing their energies, and feeling them flow between them.

Ken said with a smile, “That feels strange; amazing, but strange.”

Bryan said, “It’s beautiful.”

“You all have done remarkably well.  This will be even easier after tomorrow.  And I will explain then what the purpose of this exercise is and how it is important to both of you.  Now go home and have … fun”, the doctor said with an uncharacteristic grin.


On the drive home Ken either had his hand on Brad’s leg or was holding his hand and playing with it.  They were both feeling the aftereffects of the test the doctor had just shown them, and were extremely horny.  As soon as they were both in the kitchen, Ken flipped the switch to secure the house.

Almost as soon as Brad hung the keys by the door, Ken grabbed him by the shoulders and turned him around and brought him into a tight hug and a passionate kiss.  Brad was ready and wrapped his arms around Ken’s strong shoulders and hugged him back, his tongue fiercely battling with Ken’s.  They were both fully hard and each could feel their erections pushing against one another through their shorts.

They broke apart just long enough to pull their shirts off and head back to the bedroom.  This was going to be a fast and furious session with one goal – to cum fast and hard!  Ken turned on their physical bond to maximize their pleasure.  This time when Ken activated their physical link, now that they were aware of it, they could feel and see the flow of energy between them. 

Brad climbed on top and straddled Ken’s waist.  He reached over to the nightstand to grab some lube and started covering Ken’s erection.  He grabbed Ken’s hands and pulled his arms up above his head and said, “Don’t move your arms!”  Brad knew Ken would get excited by him taking control, plus he wanted Ken to come in him quickly to get him physically charged up. 

Brad lifted himself up and reached back to guide Ken’s hard on to his tight waiting hole and then pushed back firmly until Ken was buried up to the hilt.  Ken arched his back and moaned loudly as he entered Brad’s tight warm ass.

          “Ohhhh fuck, B.  You feel so good buddy.”

Brad put his hands on Ken’s hard chest, with his fingers splayed out, palming his pecs, so he could use his fingertips to rub his chest and his nipples at the same time.  Brad leaned down hard, making Ken tense his chest to take the full weight of his lover.    Brad started grinding and clenching his ass on Ken’s hard on, stroking it like a nice firm velvety hand, while playing with his chest.  Brad kept his eyes on Ken’s face, loving to watch him as they made out.

With Brad in control and Ken letting him take charge, it drove them both to the edge quickly.  Brad was leaking precum like crazy and his hard dick was slapping against his abs as he bounced up and down on his lover. 

Both of them were soaked in sweat; every muscle taught.  Ken was beside himself, his back arched, pushing his chest out against Brad’s hands which were literally mauling his chest and nipples.  His eyes were clenched shut, his head was thrashing back and forth and his breath was coming in ragged gasps.

Brad read all the signs, and slowed down a little, long stroking Ken’s dick with his ass, being sure to squeeze and rotate his ass trying to milk the cum out of Ken’s dick.  He was in full control and as soon as he felt the first pulse of Ken’ dick he pushed himself all the way down and started clenching his ass for all it was worth to maximize Ken’s pleasure. 

With Ken’s first shot Brad felt strength flooding into his body, which increased his own pleasure, and the strength of his ass muscles.  Ken’s eyes flew open, his face red, and his arms reached up and pulled Brad down against him, one hand on his ass and the other around his lower back.  Ken started thrusting, pounding Brad’s ass and pushing his leaking, throbbing dick against his tight sweaty abs.  He pushed their stomachs together to make a nice sweaty sheath for Brad’s dick, and Brad pushed down hard, grinding himself against Ken.  In just a few strokes he exploded and collapsed on top of Ken, his entire body convulsing with every shot. 

After a minute of just laying their holding each other tight, they both let out a “Fuck me!” causing them both to laugh.

“Damn, B, it just when I think it can’t get any better, it does.”

Brad smiled and held him tighter and said, “Yeah I know, man.  We’re the luckiest men in the world.”  With that he leaned down and gave Ken a long slow passionate kiss that got them both hard again.  They held onto each other with Brad lying on top, snuggling and caressing each other.  After a while Brad lifted himself up and put his arms on either side of Ken’s head and looked down into his eyes with a hungry look on his face.

Ken said, “Oh, oh… I think someone’s about to start playing mad doctor.”

Brad looked into Ken’s eyes, raised his eyebrows, and said with his sexiest smile, “You have no idea mister.”

“Should I be scared?” Ken laughed.

“Never… at least I don’t think so.”




Brad stared intently into Ken’s eyes, as he sat up and moved over to the middle of the bed on his knees. 

He patted the spot in front of him and said, “Move over here, Ken.”  Ken scooted over and sat down.  They were both still semi hard and a little sweaty from the love making that they had just finished.

Brad moved close, so that their chests were touching, and their dicks and thighs.  Their chests were big enough that they both had to arch their middles a little for their abs to touch.  Instead of hugging like normal, Brad leaned forward brought their foreheads together. 

“Now put your arms around me and hold us together really tight.  I want our foreheads, chests, and stomachs all touching.”

“B, what’re you doing?”

“Just go with me on this.  It might take me a few minutes so be patient.  Close your eyes and relax.”

When they were both in position, Brad let out a deep breath and let his mind clear.  The only focus he had was on their foreheads.  It didn’t take as long as it did earlier in the day to feel the energy.  Like a small flare going off in their Minds Eye, Brad and Ken both felt and saw the brilliant blue energy flow between their Minds. 

          They still had their physical connection going so the door was already open, and Brad started the flow between them, reigniting they physical arousal.  Brad amped up the flow of energies between them; in their Mind’s Eye brilliant blue and red ribbons of energy were arcing between their bodies.  Brad took them both deeper together than he ever had.  Ken wasn’t prepared for the depth of emotion and it took his breath away.   Brad anchored him, holding him tight with his arms and his Mind.

          Brad’s voice filled Ken’s mind, Hold me tight man, with your Body and your Mind; as tight as you can.

          From what the doctor said, Ken and Brad had half of each of their Souls in the other.  He knew there had to be a connection, he sensed it earlier in the day but he couldn’t reach it.  Now with he and Ken more fully immersed in one another than ever, he reached for it again.  Just like before he could sense it but not quite reach it.  He kept trying, struggling harder and harder.  Their bodies were tense and sweating.  He could feel Ken holding him; supporting him and lending him his strength.   They belonged together; he felt it with every iota of his being; their Souls belonged together. With that assertion he kept straining to reach that spot with every ounce of his Will.  The energies were swirling around them both, blue and red.  There!  Finally, it was so small he could barely get ahold of it but a little tiny ribbon of yellow started flowing out between their hearts, adding to and completing the flow between them.

          It was like a silent explosion went off between them.  The colors all blended together into a bright white light and it was so intense their bodies were consumed by it.

To Ken, when he and Brad merge mentally, the closeness is nearly overwhelming.  Sharing the absolute and utter truth with someone else about who you are and who they are to you is incredibly intense, and once over the shock, immensely liberating.  This was something completely new.  In addition to just sharing on the mental level, this new connection added a whole new dimension, allowing each of them to feel what it is to be the other person, to know what it’s like to be in their body, and feel the naked skin of the other person against them; not just the sensation but the experience. 

Ken could barely talk and rasped out, “Oh my God, B.  I know what it’s like to be you.  I know what you feel when I touch you, not just the sensation, but the emotion, the connection between us.  I knew it before from our merging, but now I feel it and understand it on a whole new level.”

Their eyes still closed, foreheads pressed together, they could feel each other smile, and their hands slightly tightened where they were touching one another.  Brad controlled the energy flow and one by one he enhanced one flow and let the other two lessen, so they could both get a better feel for the difference, and the purpose of each of the energies. 

Ken felt his mind expand like never before, and he knew this was similar to how Brad got a physical charge from their love making but in reverse.  He didn’t try to do anything, not wanting to interfere with what Brad was doing, but now he could monitor what was going on like had never been able to before.  It was like waking up to a whole new world and seeing things new and fresh for the first time ever.

Ken felt Brad’s pleasure at the realization of what just happened, and the last small piece, the tiniest piece of inequality that was still between them, shattered never to return.  Brad continued down the centers, and just before the last one, he said, “Ok Ken get ready!”

In their Mind’s Eye, red fire erupted between them and they were both unprepared for the wave of pleasure that gripped them.  Both of them let out a, “OH FUCK!” and cum started shooting uncontrollably from their hard dicks, covering their abs and lower chest.  It shocked Brad enough that he lost control and grabbed ahold of Ken and hung on for dear life as shot after shot of cum spurted out of his dick.  Ken felt Brad cling to him and he moved his arms down and around his lover, holding their bodies together, and grinding his dick against Brad’s to maximize the sudden and powerful orgasm that wracked their bodies.  Ken didn’t have to worry about hurting Brad since he was still charged up from their earlier coupling and he squeezed so hard it took Brad’s breath away.

Both men became aware of the tears streaming down their faces as their senses returned to a less heightened state.  Brad’s mind was racing, trying to take in all the ramifications of what just happened.  His body started shaking as he tried to process everything and all that it meant.  He was having a hard time wrapping his mind around the fact that after tomorrow’s procedure it would be even better and stronger.

Ken felt him trembling, and with his arms wrapped tightly around Brad he lowered them both onto the bed, with Brad underneath him.  Brad was clinging to Ken with an almost desperate strength; he didn’t want to let go.  He needed an anchor to keep him grounded; it was like his Mind didn’t want to return to his Body.  He wanted to stay inside of Ken forever and loose himself.

With his mind still opened up, Ken knew what Brad was experiencing.  He felt it too.  It was hard to go back into yourself after experiencing such a bond with your soul mate.  The feeling was like a drug, and the separation after being so close was painful, even being naked and pressed together as intimately as they were.

Ken whispered into Brad’s ear, wanting him to hear it from his own mouth, with his own breath, “Its ok B.  I’m having a hard time with this too buddy.  I could stay like that forever until we both die of starvation.  I didn’t know that humans could have anything like this.  I don’t think we’re entirely human anymore.  But I know that we’re closer than ever, and I hope to God that we live together forever.  I don’t think either one of us could make it alone anymore.  I need you so bad man it hurts like I never knew I could hurt.  And I know you feel the same way.  Not only do I know it I can feel it like you are a part of me.  Just when I think I can’t love you anymore Brad Wilson, something like this blows me away.”

Brad still couldn’t talk, but hearing Ken’s words, feeling the vibrations of his deep voice through his chest, and feeling his hot breath in his ear soothed Brads racing mind and emotions.  He hugged Ken tighter and pressed his face down into the crevice of Ken’s thick neck and shoulders.   They stayed that way for almost an hour, just holding each other close, feeling their bodies together, caressing each other, both wide awake and loving the other.

Brad fell asleep first, feeling safe and protected; wrapped in Ken’s strong arms.  Ken stayed awake most of the night, content to feel Brad’s body against his, and watch his handsome face while he slept.  Occasionally he would tear up, getting overwhelmed with his love for the man beside him.  No matter what tomorrow would bring, Ken knew as long as they were together they could face anything.  Finally he leaned down and gently kissed Brad’s forehead and drifted off for a few hours sleep.


          As each pair of men slept that night, they were unaware of a tall robed being crouched at the foot of their beds.  Even if they had been awake, they would not have seen them.  After tomorrow the Nephelem were unsure if they could still remain Veiled to these men, and they would have to be more careful about revealing themselves.

          The cowled figures were still; focused and intent on the sleeping men, and discussing between their minds the events that were about to unfold.

          Tomorrow will be difficult.  The full strength of the Enemy will come down upon them and Unawakened they will have no chance.

          The Enemy is desperate to keep them from reaching their Heritage.  We must protect them, whatever the cost.  Balance is no longer an issue…

          We have never been instructed to intervene in such a manner.

          Agreed.  But times have never been this Dark.  The Order must be restored.

          It frightens me; what they will eventually become.  When they reach their full potential, they could destroy us.

          That day is too far ahead to see and the path unclear.  Have Faith, that as Unbound and Unfettered as they are, they will make the right choices.  They love as we cannot. That must make the difference.

          Their voices fell silent as the Nephelem continued to watch over the men as they slept.  Waiting for tomorrow and the final changes the doctor had planned.


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