The Poker Game


The Poker Game
It all started one night when Ray, Mike and I were having our weekly poker game. We were joking around, a little high from the beer we'd drank and, of course, the conversation turned to sex. Surprising myself, I confessed to being turned on by the thought of jacking off another man. It was the first time I'd admitted that to anyone but what surprised me even more was that Mike was nodding his gray head in agreement.
"I remember this one guy in prison," Ray said with a wicked gleam in his root beer brown eyes.
"You were raped?" I cut in, my cock twitching at the thought.
Ray laughed and shook his head, his black face shining in the light. "My cell mate caught me whacking off so he did it for me. To return the favor I took care of him."
At this point Mike and I were listening intently, my dick paying particularly close attention.
"One thing led to another and we started sucking each other off."
"Did you fuck his ass?" Mike croaked.
Ray just laughed again but I saw his hand slip under the table.
"Damn!" Mike breathed.
Suddenly my jeans were uncomfortably tight and I adjusted my growing meat.
"Man, I've had many a good jerk off sessions remembering that guy's mouth," Ray said. He had both hands under the table now.
"I can imagine," I managed to whisper.
We returned to our game but no one was able to concentrate.
Finally, Ray threw down his cards. "Shit, I can't play cards with a hard dick!"
The next thing I knew we were in the living room, Mike and I on     the sofa, Ray standing in front of us. My own shaft was thumping steadily as I realized that my fantasy was about to come to life.
"All that talk got me hard!" Ray said, rubbing his full basket.
Without another word, he shucked out of his jeans and briefs to reveal the biggest, blackest prick I've ever seen in my life. Standing in the middle of the room, he was naked from the waist down, his prick was throbbing and looked as big around as my arm. His fingers curled around the shaft and he stroked it gently.
"Let me help," I croaked.
Ray planted his feet wide apart as I reached for his meaty snake, wrapped my fingers around the thick shaft and stroked it slowly. It was hot and pulsing and my fingers barely reached around it.
"Damn!" Mike muttered behind me.
A big grin spread across Ray's face as he stood proudly in front of us. I spit on my hand and smeared the warm liquid up and down his shaft making it shine like polished black jewels. My strokes grew quicker, steadier and he moaned softly.
"Damn!" Mike said again, his breath quickening.
My own cock was hard as a rock and I squeezed it . Keeping my eyes on the slit in the end of Ray's fuck pole, I fondled his balls with my free hand. He moaned again and the tight muscles in his ass flexed as he fucked my fist.
Mike unzipped his pants and little slapping sounds coming from his direction got my attention. Our eyes met and he moved closer so I could wrap my hand around his short, meaty pecker.
He groaned and bit his lower lip when I began stroking him. My own prick was ready to explode and I knew that when Mike and Ray shot off, I was going to blow my wad in my pants.
Then suddenly, Mike's hands were at my zipper and he freed my pounding length. I'm no slouch in the size department but not nearly as big as Ray, who had closed his eyes and was thoroughly enjoying the hand job. I heard myself moan when Mike began beating my meat steadily. The situation was making me super horny. I could think of nothing but the hard, ready-to-explode meat in my hands and the firm, male hand whipping my cream into a frenzy.
Ray groaned again, humped my hand, and pearly drops of pre- cum oozed out of his piss     slit to coat the black velvet head of his cock. I paused in my stroking to smear the copious flow over the swollen knob and up and down the heavily veined shaft. Mike was oozing pre-cum, too, and, after greasing him up good, I began stroking again using the same rhythm on both men.
Ray groaned, bent his knees slightly and squeezed his balls, which looked like big, ripe plums between his legs. With its continuous flow of lubrication, my hand flew easily up and down his shaft.
"Damn!" Mike hissed as Ray's hand replaced mine on Mike's meaty rod. His eyes were glued to the big hand pumping his rod furiously, causing the pre-cum to bubble and ooze.
Mike's hand was working wonders on my spit-slick rod. As the pre-cum dribbled out of the slit, he scooped it up and massaged it into my skin.
All of us were engrossed in our own private sexual fantasy and the heavy smell of sex invaded the room as we made a strange triangle. Ray had begun a     low, guttural growl as my hand flew up and down his shaft. Mike's pre-cum was flowing steadily, coating Ray's hand. As Mike worked my meat, my own cum was boiling in my balls. Somehow I managed to keep myself under control, wanting to prolong this ecstasy as long as possible.
Suddenly Mike grunted, his prick jerked and swelled in Ray's hand and the first stream of thick, white cream blasted out of the engorged head and landed with a wet splat on the coffee table in front of me. He continued to pump me even as I watched his second and third powerful spurts. Suddenly, my control vanished and I groaned in release as Mike worked my cum through my shaft. Finally, it erupted, mingling with Mike's on the table.
To my surprise, I was still able to pound Ray's hard meat. From the sound of his breathing I knew he couldn't last much longer. I wanted to take his cock in my mouth and suck him dry but with one last, throaty growl it swelled and quivered and he began shooting stream after stream of thick goo onto the table and carpet.
After they left I began cleaning up the mess. Swirling my finger in the mixture of cum, I brought it to my nose and sniffed. It had a heady, musky scent that made me groan.
Without a thought I licked my finger. That did it! I knew what I wanted next time.
During the next week, I saw both Ray and Mike but none of us mentioned what had happened. However, I thought about it often and jacked off a couple of times while imagining Ray's cock erupting in my mouth or Mike's lips sliding up and down my own shaft.
One thing was certain; I wanted to be sure it happened again. I waited out the week in eager anticipation and rented two of the sexiest videos I could find for our card game. My buddies arrived right on time and the first thing I did was hold up the movies and wink.
"Alright!" Ray rubbed his big hands together.
Mike smiled and held up two six packs. I wondered if they'd been as anxious as I for this evening.
About halfway through the first movie, I was as hard as a rock. Not really sure of how to get the action started between us, I just watched and waited for an opening.
"Man, look at Hoover lips," Ray said, his eyes glued to the screen where a fresh-faced young man was swallowing a black sausage.
"He sure loves that stuff," Mike said a few moments later when the actor caught spurt after spurt of cum in his mouth and sucked greedily for more.
The three of us were absently rubbing our crotches. Ray's looked pretty full and mine felt like it was ready to explode.
"Blow jobs are my favorite," I said hoarsely.
To my surprise, Mike led off the action this time. He just quietly unzipped his jeans, pulled out his short, fat pecker and began stroking it. Ray finished off his beer, stood up and shimmied out of his pants and shorts. His prick seemed even bigger than before and my mouth watered. I'm not sure if the movie had turned him on or if, like me, he was thrilled with the idea of what might eventually happen.
Undressing quickly, I dropped to my knees in front of Ray and licked his thick head. It quivered, jerked and grew harder instantly.
"Oh, yeah!" he breathed.
I flattened my tongue and licked my way up and down the underside of his fat penis. Then I made a circle of my lips and slid them slowly down his shaft. The salty taste made me moan around his meat. He sat down on the edge of the chair and drew my head between his wide spread thighs.
"Yeah, man!" he breathed again. The big man gasped when the head of his cock touched the back of my throat.
Mike came closer, knelt down beside me and began pumping his meat. I spit in my hand, reached for Mike and began stroking his rod to match my sucking rhythm.
Ray's hands were on the back of my head and he leaned back into the cushions and spread his legs wider. I sucked him deep into my throat, teasing him with my tongue. Mike's prick quivered and swelled as I massaged the warm, slick spit up and down his shaft.
"Sweet Jesus!" Ray hissed and began fucking my face.
The movie forgotten, I worked my lips up and down Ray's shiny wand. I was pumping Mike steadily, his erection quivering and jumping, when he suddenly squeezed my rod and removed my hand from his prick.
My own hard prick jerked and excitement ripped through me when Mike lay down on his back and scooted between my legs. He tongued my balls and then wrapped his fingers around my meat and brought it to his lips. One quick kiss on the swollen knob and I was engulfed in the hot cavern of his mouth. Wet sucking sounds reached my ears.
"Suck it! Suck it!" Ray whispered. His voice was husky, his hips bucked into my face wildly. Sweat beaded on his upper lip and the thick length looked like a black snake glistening in the lamp light. Tangy pre-cum formed     on the head and I lapped it up eagerly and probed into his piss slit for more.
I snatched a look at Mike's head      on the floor between my legs. His lips were stretched around my meat, his eyes closed.
I groaned and fucked his face gently.
Ray was groaning steadily, his legs wide apart, my free hand cupping his balls while my mouth coaxed more and more pre- cum out of his piss slit. My own oozings were copious as Mike covered the head of my prick with his mouth and teased me     with his tongue expertly.
"Uh! Uh!" Ray grunted, bucked his hips upward into my mouth and the first hot spurt hit     the back of my throat.
I swallowed quickly, greedily and milked him dry. Before Ray caught his breath, my own climax hit and I groaned in release and emptied my balls into Mike's sucking mouth. Mike, still on his back between my legs, growled. Somehow I managed to turn around, grab his swollen cock and direct the jetting streams of cum to my open mouth.
Our weekly poker game has been going on for years. For the last few months, though, we've discovered this one safe way to satisfy our sexual needs.
Owen Burke
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