This story is fiction and contains sexual situations between men. It shouldn't be read if this type of thing is illegal in your part of the world, or if you are underage. Some of the places mentioned are real. Some of the people are, too. The use of public figures in this story by no means is any indication of their private and personal lives. While everyone should practice safe sex out there in the real world, the characters in this story will not. It's a fantasy, boys. Just keep that in mind!



By Geoff Chassen





Damien Chandler's hands were a blur as he nimbly ran them over the keys of the Steinway, making the instrument sing in perfect sync with the San Francisco Symphony. Rachmaninoff's "Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini" ended with two soft, staccato notes and the cheering audience rose to their feet. Damien walked to the conductor and shook his hand and then repeated the gesture with the concert master.


He then stepped to the front of the piano and began a series of deep bows. His full head of long blond hair fell forward and he pushed it away from his face as he rose from the bow. He walked off the stage of the concert hall and returned three times as the audience showered him with cheers and applause for his flawless performance.


After four sets of bows Damien went upstairs to his dressing room and began changing out of his standard white tie and tails and into the jeans and t-shirt he wore whenever he was not on stage. His reputation as the bad boy of the classical music scene came partly from his showing up at post-concert receptions in his Levis and black V-neck t-shirt. The music snobs belonging to the symphony societies around the world always seemed shocked at his casual appearance and ironically, that never stopped at least twenty men and women from requesting some "private time" after the reception.


As Damien zipped up the garment bag holding his tails, there was a knock on the door. "Come in!" Michael Tilson Thomas, the symphony's conductor walked into the dressing room. "Wonderful job, Damien. It was a joy to have you with us this week. And I'm here to accompany you to the reception at the Fairmont. The limo is waiting at the stage door." Damien let out a sigh. He hated the receptions as much as he loved playing the music. But he knew that it was all part of the contract that gave him his sizable fee.


As Michael led Damien to the stage door he quietly admired that the talented pianist had the balls to wear what he wanted to the reception. He wished he could do the same thing but knew that the snobs that ran the symphony would have a cow if he did. As the two men walked outside, the limo driver opened the door and the two men climbed in and took their seats. They arrived at the Fairmont Hotel and the limo pulled into the VIP entrance around the back. They were met by a small group of people from the symphony organization.


After handshakes and pleasantries were exchanged, they entered the private elevator for the trip up to the outdoor terrace for the reception. Damien and Michael stood in the reception line shaking hands and gracefully accepting accolades for the evening's concert. Damien had done this routine countless times and went through the ritual on auto-pilot. Once he was finished with the reception line he made the requisite rounds of the party and then excused himself so he could head up to his suite.


As he was riding the elevator to his room, Damien pulled out his cell phone and auto-dialed Tran, his Vietnamese muscle-boy masseuse he met up with on every trip to the Bay Area. "Hi Tran. It's Damien. You available this evening? Yeah, it'll be an overnighter. Great. See you soon. Suite 1220 at the Fairmont. Later."


Tran was already crossing the bridge to Alameda Island to head home after the concert when Damien called. When he saw Damien's name on the screen, his heart skipped a beat or two. He collected himself before he answered so he would sound as professional as he possibly could. Once arrangements were made, his already hard cock twitched when he heard the word "overnighter." Tran ended the call on his end and smiled.


He had known Damien was in town and had scored a seat in the mezzanine to watch his favorite client perform. When Damien and the orchestra got to the section that everyone knows from the film "Somewhere in Time," tears came to Tran's eyes. It was at that moment he let the walls around his heart fall. It was at that moment he realized that he was in love with the man on the stage. As he loaded his massage table into his car, Tran decided that tonight he was going to take control and finally let Damien know how he felt.


Back at the Fairmont, Damien put the iPhone back in his pocket and sighed. He loved coming to the Bay area for the simple reason he loved spending time with Tran. What started out as a pure business transaction had turned into one of the only times that Damien could enjoy the company of another man and not think about the world of classical music and touring. The fact that Tran was incredibly hot was mere icing on the cake. What truly attracted Damien to his masseuse was his wit, his smile, his intelligence, and his sense of adventure... all things he felt he lacked.


It was about 11:15 when Tran walked into the lobby of the Fairmont Hotel, massage table in its case and slung over his broad shoulders. He knew the routine... a key card would be waiting for him at the desk. He would then ride up to the room, quietly walk in and set up his table.

Only this time, Tran walked into the room and was surprised to see Damien sitting on the sofa in his plush, white bathrobe. There was an ice bucket with a bottle of champagne on the table and a bowl of fresh strawberries next to it.


Damien looked up at Tran and smiled. He stood and opened his arms to his guest as he set the portable table down in the foyer. "Tran! God, it's good to see you!" "Damien." The two men embraced, only this time Tran noticed that Damien was holding on a bit longer than usual. Tran relaxed into the hug and then the two men pulled back enough to look into each other's eyes. Time seemed to stand still for each of them as they experienced feelings neither was quite used to. They held their gaze for what seemed an eternity, yet it was only seconds.


Damien moved his right hand up to Tran's face and gently caressed it. "I don't think I need a massage tonight. I would really like to spend some time with you and talk a bit. Of course I'll pay you for the service, but tonight..."


"Damien, it's okay, you really don't have to pay me. In fact, I came here hoping we could talk some as well." "Champagne?" "Sure." The two men kept looking into each other's eyes and smiled. Damien finally broke away and led Tran to the sofa. He poured each of them a glass of champagne and dropped a plump, ripe strawberry into each of the fizzing glasses. They took a seat, clicked their glasses and enjoyed a taste of the expensive beverage.


Both men were facing each other on the sofa when they each spoke at the same time. "Tran..." "Damien..." "I'm sorry, you go first Damien." Damien took another swallow of champagne and followed it with a deep breath.


"Well, as you know I've been touring for the last four months... which was the last time I was in town." "Yes..." "Well, this has been a very difficult tour for me. I mean, musically I've never played better. Artistically, I couldn't be more pleased. But, for the first time I've not just been alone... I've been lonely... terribly lonely." "Funny you sh...." "Wait, let me finish before I lose the courage to say what I need to say."


Damien took another swallow and finished off the glass. "Tran, in some strange way, you are the closest thing I have to a relationship. You are the most consistent man in my life. On my last visit, something was different. I didn't feel like you were providing me with a massage and sex. I felt something... I don't know... some kind of strange connection. Not that I know what it feels like, but it almost seemed as if we were making love instead of just getting our rocks off." Damien sighed and turned his attention away from Tran so he could refill his champagne. This time he drank the entire glass before looking back at the beautiful man sitting with him. Tran was deep in thought and that caused Damien to panic a bit. "Oh God, I'm sorry Tran. I should have never said... I mean, if I made you feel... I mean, you can leave if you want, I mean..."


Damien was interrupted by a smiling Tran... not with words but the softest, most tender kiss he had ever experienced. Just lips gently kissing before Tran broke away and began to caress Damien's strong and smooth face. "Damien. My dear, sweet Damien. Tonight I was able to score a ticket to your concert. There were times when your playing was so incredibly beautiful, I truly believed I was in the presence of God."


"You were there? Why didn't you..." "Shhh, now it's my turn to talk. Yes, I've been developing feelings for you for the last year. It has killed me that I only get to see you when you are in the area. But tonight, when I heard you play for the first time... I completely fell in love with you. I want to be with you Damien. Not just when you are here, but always. I don't know how that's going to work, or exactly if it can even happen... but that's what I want in my life. And tonight, I intend to make love to you in a way that will leave you with no doubt about what it feels like."


A stunned Damien looked at the man who was looking in his eyes as they began to fill with tears. "Tran, I had no idea..." "Shhhhh." Tran took his thumb and wiped away a tear that was falling down Damien's cheek. "How long are you in town?" "I fly back to my place in New York the day after tomorrow." "Wonderful. Would you like some company until you have to leave?" "Honestly, I would like some company for much longer than that. But I don't know how that can happen. You have your classes, your clients, your life. I can't ask you to leave all that at the spur of the moment."


Tran smiled at Damien and looked down. "Damien, there's something you don't know about me. I teach and have clients so I don't go crazy from boredom. The truth is I don't need the money at all. When my parents came to the States from Vietnam, they settled in the Seattle area. He got a job with Boeing building electronic components for the airline cockpits. A couple of years later he met Bill Gates at a science hobbyists meeting and the two of them hit it off. Dad started working with Gates on the development of the early DOS systems and then later helped design the first Windows software. Needless to say, by the time he retired, Dad was quite well off... well, let's just say, I don't have to work a day in my life, but I choose to do things I enjoy."


Damien was stunned to hear that the beautiful man in front of him didn't have to come to him, but chose to. "So you're saying that if someone calls you for a massage... or whatever... you only agree to it if you're interested in the client?" "Well, not necessarily interested in, but only if I find the client interesting." "I see... Well, I'm glad you found me interesting." "Are you kidding? My mother was a classical music lover and she passed that interest on to me. Four years ago, when People Magazine put you in the Sexiest Man Alive issue, I was hooked. I went out and got every one of your CD's." "No way! Really?" Tran laughed. "Yes, really. That's not all, that picture they had of you walking on the beach in the Hamptons? I jacked off to that pic for at least a year... until it finally dissolved into nothing!" Tran blushed and looked down at the floor. "I'm sorry, Damien. You probably think I'm nothing more than a star-struck schoolgirl now."


"Not at all, Tran! In fact, I think that's charming... and honestly, the image I have of you right now is really hot!" Damien leaned in and placed a gentle kiss on Tran's lips. "Look, I haven't showered yet. Would you like to join me?" Tran continued the gentle kissing, enjoying the taste of champagne and strawberries. He looked into Damien's eyes with an evil grin and said, "Well, I may not need a shower, but I could definitely help you, wash your back for you, maybe take care of anything that might come up..."


Damien stood up and pulled Tran up into his arms and kissed him deeply. "Let's go."



To be continued...


Awwwww.... no sex in the first chapter! I wanted to introduce my characters to you. Things will heat up in the next chapter, I promise!


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