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(The following event actually happened, but it was long before
the days when safe sex was a life and death concern. Enjoy the
story, but when you have sex PLEASE make sure you PLAY SAFE.
Remember: SAFE SEX means more sex in the long run.)

THREE WAY -by Lance Kester

One weekend I was a house guest of a friend and fellow cocksucker, Paul.
Paul was letting a young man, Billy, stay with him while looking for a job.
Billy was about twenty six, very much the country boy, and hung like a horse.
Paul had once been infatuated with Billy, and we had both shared his delights
previously. That evening I had invited my ex-roommate, Phil, over for the
evening. Phil is twenty two, good looking, city wise, and dynamite in bed.
The four of us had dinner.
About ten thirty Paul announced he had a big day coming up and that he
was retiring leaving me with the two young men. I was in the throes of greed.
Which of the two should I go for? Billy had that huge dick that never failed
to fire a hot load of cum in my eager mouth. Phil on the other hand could
fuck me right into paradise and if I got him hot enough sucking his ass would
let me put about half of my dick up his tight little asshole.
It never occurred to me that shy Billy would let Phil see me sucking him.
And since Phil had earlier made a derogatory remark on Billy's country
bumpkin manners, I could not think he would be interested in a threesome.
As we watched television, Billy wanted to smoke pot. The three of us got
high, and I put on a video of two guys fucking, and we watched it without
comment. When Billy passed the joint to me, I noticed that big joint of his
was hard pressed against his pants. I gave the pot a pull and then put my
hand on his dick and pulled it, too. I thought he would push me away, but he
did not. When I passed Phil the joint, I likewise gave his dick a good
rubbing. Back to Billy I played with his dick to full erection and then took
it out of his pants for a few sucks, while Phil kept his eyes on the
television. I went over to Phil and did the same thing while Billy kept his
eyes on the television.
Tired of travelling back and forth across the room, I told Phil to sit
beside Billy on the sofa. When Phil sat down beside Billy, he still had his
dick out of his pants. Then Billy did something that shocked me almost
speechless. He reached over and grabbed Phil's dick. I could not believe it.
Never in our times together had Billy ever done anything other than lay back
and let me suck him dry. I got on my knees between them. First, I gave
Billy's dick a few sucks and then went for Phil's. As soon as I stopped
sucking Phil, Billy again reached for Phil's wet dick fresh from my mouth.
Then Phil leaned over and started giving first class head to Billy. I smiled
and decided that the city boy had just discovered the joys of country dick.
I stood up and made bold to put Billy's hand on my dick. He took it
gladly. I eased it toward his mouth and he began licking first my piss hole
and then the head of my hard prick. I put my hand on the back of his head and
gave it the traditional push. He took about half of my dick in his mouth and
gave a very satisfactory sucking. I could not believe it. Phil was sucking
Billy and Billy was sucking me.
I took charge and told the them to lie on the carpet. We stretched out
in front of the TV, and Billy asked that all lights be turned out. We formed
a triangle on the rug. In the light of the TV where two guys were sucking
each other, the three of us were having at one another. Phil was sucking with
nearly a death grip on Billy's huge dick. Billy was sucking me, and I was
sucking Phil. I did not think Phil even knew I was between his legs because
of his attentions to Billy's cock, but when I moved my mouth to his balls,
Phil spread his legs inviting me to explore his ass which I immediately did.
if he does not have the sweetest asshole I've ever got my tongue in. Just
then I had another surprise from Billy. He left off sucking my cock and went
for my ass with his tongue. What a night of wonders! I spread my cheeks and
gave him all he cared to eat. I could not get over Billy's going for my ass.
Until that night, he had never so much as touched my dick. I had often wanted
him to plunge his monstrous dick in my ass, but even that he had never done.
About that time the three of us came up for air. We had another hit on a
joint, and I directed the next undertaking. I put Billy on his back and told
Phil to climb on his chest and dick him in the mouth. When Phil got over
Billy's mouth, Billy's hard dick still wet with Phil's suck juice was exposed
for my use. I went for it with open mouth and worked it hard, looking up now
and then to see Phil pumping his dick in and out of Billy's mouth. I wondered
how Phil was now thinking of the country bumpkin who could give and take dick
as good as any city fellow.
Just then Billy's dick harden, he made a noise, and I knew I was about to
be rewarded for my efforts with that warm creamy stuff that climaxes the sex
act. It came in torrents. At the same time Billy pushed Phil off and sat up
gasping for both air and in sweet pain. As soon as I had licked the last
drops from his prick, Billy retreated to the bathroom with his clothes. That's
one dick fired, and two to go, I thought. I then took up on Phil's dick where
I had left off on Billy's. After a while I wanted some more of that sweet
ass, so I pick his legs up and he willing spread his cheeks. What a sucking I
gave his twat. I can eat a good ass as much as any straight guy can eat
pussy, and maybe for the same reason. I've found if you eat a guy's
ass for a long time, he may start wanting something bigger than a tongue in
there, maybe at first just a finger and then something even bigger, and I have
something bigger than a tongue or a finger to put in there, something a lot
Billy returned to the room fully clothed and watched us. Phil was on his
back with his legs pushed over his face and I was rimming his ass with
dedication. Phil started moaning with pleasure and I decided to make my move.
His body was already in the right position and I just put my dick where my
mouth had been. The head eased in his tight ass, but then it would not go any
farther. I cursed not having any lubricant, but the heat of the moment could
not be broken to get some. I was just going to have to settle for a dry fuck,
and I was so hot that climax number two, mine, was near.
I told Billy to stand close so I could get to his dick. I unzipped his
pants and pulled out a semi erected cock and stuffed it all the way down my
throat. It was the only time I had had that big thing completely swallowed.
Usually, he's either hard and too big or spent and finished.
Phil could not take any more fucking so I pulled out and, with me leaning
over him, the two of us jerked on our dicks. I started cumming and pulled my
mouth away from Billy's cock so I could watch as my cum squirted all over
Phil. I can really cum when I'm hot. I've had guys tell me they thought I
was pissing on them when I shot off. Well this was a real "pisser" I put on
Phil. The first shots hit his neck, then his chest, next his stomach, and
finally I aimed for his dick to give lubrication to his masturbation. Two
Phil, breathing heavy, told me to put my finger in his ass. I stuck a
finger in where my dick had failed to go. I sometimes regret having a big
dick. Guys with smaller ones are bound to get more ass fucking. I gave
Phil's ass a good finger fucking, and it wasn't but a minute until his body
began to wither around on the rug and his spurts of cum joined mine on his
flat little tummy. Three down.
While I was cleaning up in the bathroom, Billy came in and asked that I
not tell Paul what we had done. I lied and said I would not. It would be a
crime to keep secret so good a time from your best friend. He left and then
came back and explained that he had never done anything like what we had just
done and that while it was a lot of fun, he probably would not ever do it
again. (Another lie, of course. See THREE WAY II)
When I got Phil alone, I asked him what he thought of the country dick.
He just smiled. I smiled, too, -for several days.

(To be continued in THREE WAY II)

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