Bart and Chris

By E. Walk

(Copyrighted by the Author)

Edited by Radio Rancher

Chapter 1- The Eye Exam

Author's Notes: When I ended Tip and Ty, Tip and Ty had taken Chris to a baseball game with Ty's children. Bart was laying in Mark and Zack's bed listening to music on Mark's IPOD. Mark was fixing dinner and Zack was molesting Mark.

For our new readers, and some older readers who have short memories, here is a short explanation of who the main characters are:

Mark Leavitt - Age 24, just received his Master's Degree in early childhood education from Northwest Missouri State University. Mark was hired as a nanny for Tyler Jefferson's four children; Bobby age 10, Becky age 8, Billy age 6 and Barbie age 4. Mark and his partner live in the garage apartment at the Jefferson House.

Zack Jackson - Age 24, is Mark's partner and has more skin pigmentation than Mark. He is going to be receiving his Master's Degree from The University of Kansas in May. He is the foster brother of Ty and is home on Spring Break. He already has a job lined up to work for Beau and Becca Benson when he gets his degree.

Chris Winters - Age 8 arrived unannounced at the Jefferson house because his brother was threatening to make him do things that Chris didn't want to do. He had met Mark when Mark was volunteering in his school. Mark took him in and the authorities were notified.

Bart Winters - Age 16 arrived at the Jefferson house when the boys' father demanded that Chris be turned over to him immediately. Mr. Winters was arrested because of some things that had happened and Mark and Zack and had another young man to take care of, much to Chris' chagrin.

Ty Jefferson - Age 33 played professional football for 10 years and is now a lawyer on the rise in the Kansas City area. He is the foster brother of Zack and his partner Tip Washington. He was the result of a mixed marriage and he had been married ten years and thus the four children who needed a nanny.

Tip Washington - Age 33, is an obstetrician in the Kansas City area and took Ty and his children in to live with him and Zack in the condo before they bought the house. He also came from a mixed marriage. Oh yeah, Tip and Ty are life partners.

Enough of this background stuff; let's get on with the story. This story will be different from Tip and Ty in that Mark will be telling the story since he will be the leading role player. It picks up where Tip and Ty stopped.

Zack and I had decided that we would have baked pork chops with oven fries and we were fixing them when the gang arrived back from the ball park. Zack and I were practically knocked over by an exuberant Chris. "Dads, we had a great time. Look at this hat that Uncle Tip bought me. We had a hot dog and a pretzel and a coke. One of the Royals gave us each a baseball with some autographs on it. Dads, it was so cool."

I looked at Chris, "I hope you thanked Uncle Tip and Uncle Ty for taking you and spoiling you."

Tip answered before Chris could say anything, "Only about a 100 times."

I looked at everyone, "Dinner will be in 45 minutes. Bobby, why don't you and Chris go tell Bart that he needs to get down here and set the table? He`s up in the apartment."

Chris looked at me, like do I have to? I looked at them, "Just go together and do it. We have some other things for you to do too. So don't waste any time."

Bobby and Chris returned and Bobby announced, "Bart will be right here. He had to go to the bathroom."

I looked at them, "Would you two gentlemen go see what everyone wants to drink for dinner?" The two guys went to do as I had asked.

Bart came and fell against Zack and me, "Nano Mark and Zack, I'm so embarrassed. Bobby and Chris caught me jacking off."

Zack reacted immediately, "Bart, where were you were relieving your needs?"

Bart looked confused, "I was laying in your and Mark's bed listening to music and I felt the sudden need to relieve the pressure in my balls."

Zack pushed, "So, when you were relieving the pressure in your testicles, was the door closed?"

Bart looked like he didn't understand the question, "I guess the door was open. My parents would never permit us to close a door."

I took over, "Bart, Zack just gave you several important lessons. First, as long as you are living with us, you will use the proper terms for the parts of your body. Secondly, if you feel the need to do something that should not be seen by preadolescents, you need to shut the door, because they have been taught to knock. Thirdly, you need to set the table."

As we were eating, Bart was having trouble seeing how to cut the meat off of the bones. I took his plate and whispered, "I'll cut the meat and get rid of the bones."

As I was cutting the meat for Bart, Billy looked at me, "Nano Mark, why are you doing that for Bart? Can't he see?"

I looked around the table, "Billy, thanks for noticing. Bart does have difficulty seeing some things. We're going to take him to an eye doctor after we get your bottoms to school tomorrow. He and Chris are going to be checked to make sure they aren't contagious and give the rest of you the Mad Kid Disease."

Nothing further was said as everyone ate. Bart leaned over to me, "Thanks, Nano Dad."

The young children cleared the table and we sent Bart to the apartment, since he couldn't see to do much. Tip and Ty stayed to talk to us. I looked at Tip, "We need to get the boys physicals and have Bart tested for aids. I am really concerned about Bart's vision problems. He claims that everything is shades of gray. Could you see if there is someone at your clinic who could see them tomorrow? They need to get on with the rest of their lives. I think Chris will be fine, but I'm really concerned about Bart, especially because of his vision problems."

Tip put up his hands, "Guys, I'll check first thing in the morning and see if I can get them an appointment. The ophthalmologist and other doctors are extremely busy. I'll take the first available appointments, but I can't promise miracles."

I nodded my head, "Tip, just do what you can, please."

Everyone was tired and we got the children settled and Chris wanted to sleep with Billy and Bobby. We had no problem with that. That made our life simpler because Bart could have the extra bedroom in the apartment by himself and Zack and I could be alone for a change.

After we took our shower, Zack and I were getting into bed and there was a knock on the bathroom door. Zack called out, "Come in Bart."

Bart didn't hesitate. He came in and sat down on the bed, "Guys, may I please call you Dad Nano and Dad Zack. I'm not sure who I am anymore. I am so accustomed to being abused that it is going to be hard for me to adapt to a new lifestyle. I'll work very hard to please the two of you and make you proud of me, but it's going to be difficult for me."

Zack grabbed Bart, "Son, that is all we are asking. Just be the best that you can be. Listen to what your Dad Nano tells you and do as he asks and you will be fine."

Bart hugged us and as he was closing the door, he yelled back, "Don't do anything I wouldn't do."

Zack threw me down on the bed, "Now, see what you have done. You need to pay for creating a monster. I intend to take my revenge. I expect to be punished for being so bad, after I've misused your body."

By the time we had completed our punishments there was no more spunk left in either of us.

I awoke first and put on some running clothes and went to check on Bart and he was still sound asleep, so I decided to let him sleep. I started to tempt Zack with my touches and he scowled, "If you aren't careful, you will be walking funny for two days because you're so sore. I'll meet you downstairs in ten minutes. I have some things I need to get rid of that you deposited last night."

I went to the kitchen and there was no sign that either Tip and Ty were up, so I went and knocked on their door. Tip came to the door wrapped in a towel, "Mark, neither one of us is going to run or exercise today. I'm going to go to work early and see what I can arrange for Bart and Chris. You may have to bring them to the office on short notice. Ty is working on some legal things that he has to take care of. We'll be here to take care of the children."

Zack met me in the kitchen and pushed me against the refrigerator, "Mr. Leavitt, you really used my body hard last night. Tonight I intend to get my revenge."

Zack and I started running and we took a different route. We went to the park and took a trail that led away from the lake. Little did we know it was a seven kilometer trail. As we were running, I kept looking at Zack, thinking, `I can't wait until we can have a life of our own. I guess that isn't to be, as long I work for Ty and I certainly can't quit now.'

When we go back to the house, we were met by a frantic Chris, "Nano Mark, Bart is in your apartment crying. He says he can't see anything."

Zack and I quickly went to the apartment and we sat down beside Bart and held him. "Dad Nano and Dad Zack, everything is a blur it's like there are little lightening bolts in my head. I can't even see where the bathroom door is and I need to go bad."

I pulled Bart out of bed, led him to the bathroom and lowered his briefs and aimed his penis at the toilet, "Let it fly, Kid."

Boy did he let it fly. When he was finished draining his bladder, he started to cry again, "Why is everything bad happening to me? Am I that evil?"

I ignored his question and turned to Zack, "Zack, I'm going to take a shower with Bart the brat and then I'm going to take him to the emergency room. Something is happening and we need to get it fixed and fixed now. We can't wait for an appointment. You, Tip and Ty need to make sure that the other children get to school and make sure they all have lunch money. Dr. Robinson will bring them home. It might be a little crowded with Chris."

I pushed the naked Bart into the shower after I set the water temperature. He looked toward me, "Aren't you going to wash my body?"

I shuddered, "Bart, you haven't lost your sense of feeling. You can still feel the parts of your body. Now here is the shampoo."

He shampooed his hair and then I handed him the soap. "Here, get the rest of you body clean, while I get you some clothes."

When I got back to the bathroom, I got him dried and dressed and I took a quick shower and got dressed myself. When we got downstairs, everyone was gone, so I made us a bagel and practically had to feed the embarrassed Bart. I had to stuff him into my VW and I drove him to the nearest hospital which happened to be Methodist Hospital. I went to the Emergency Room entrance and was met by a valet, who would park the car, then I guided Bart into the hospital.

I led Bart to the reception desk and explained what had been happening and showed her my temporary guardian papers from the state. The young lady was friendly, but didn't seem to be positive about what service we might receive. She looked at us, "I'll notify the doctors that you are here. They should be with you in the next half hour. We're rather busy this morning."

I guided Bart to the waiting area and he shuddered, "Dad Mark, I'm really scared. I feel so helpless."

He had just laid his head on my shoulder when a nurse came out, "Mr. Bartholomew Winters."

I guided Bart as we followed the nurse to an exam room. The nurse took Bart's vitals and suggested, "Doctor Swanson will be with you shortly."

We were waiting about five minutes when a young woman came into the room. She looked at me and motioned for me to not say anything. She looked at Bart's chart and whispered, "Bart, can you hear me."

Bart looked toward her, "Yes, but why are you whispering?"

She continued, "Bart, do you know what I look like?"

Bart threw up his hands, "Look Doctor, I can't see. I would need to touch you to have any idea what you look like. I can't even tell if you are a man or a woman."

"Bart, I'm Doctor Linda Swanson, we have Doctor Feren coming to check you out. He is one of the best ophthalmologists in the region. All your vitals are good. So we have no idea what is happening. Can I get you anything until Doctor Feren arrives?"

Bart whined, "I really need to go to the bathroom bad."

Dr. Swanson smiled at me, "Mr. Leavitt can show you to the bathroom facilities. They are adjacent to the waiting room. Doctor Feren should be here before long."

I took Bart to the bathroom and he indicated that he had relieve his bowels so I handed him some toilet tissue and declared, "You're on your own kid."

I heard the toilet flush and went into help him get dressed. He fell against me, "Dad Mark, I feel so helpless."

I was sitting beside Bart by the patient table when a big burly man came in, "Well what have we here? Another young punk who has used too much dope. Why is that all I get anymore?"

Bart practically shouted, "Sir, I have never used drugs in my life that I know of."

The doctor ordered , "Get your ass on the table so I can check your eyes."

Bart did as he was told. The doctor took an instrument and looked into Bart's eyes. He called out, "Nurse, get that this patient to my suite immediately. Get a wheel chair for him. Mr. Leavitt doesn't need to be carrying him around like he is a sack of soggy mashed potatoes."

Dr. Feren certainly didn't mince any words and we were in his private office in the building adjacent to the hospital before we knew it. He took us into the exam room ahead of the patients that were waiting to see him. He stopped, "Ladies and gentlemen, I'll be with you shortly. I need to take care of this emergency first."

We went into his exam room and he had Bart sit on a his exam chair and looked into his eyes after putting some drops in his eyes. While he was waiting for the drops to take affect he asked, "Bart, have you been hit on the head lately?"

The flood opened and Bart told the Doctor what his Dad had been doing to him and how he had been hit on the head if he didn't do what he wanted. Doctor Feren said nothing and started to look into Bart's eyes with the special machines that he had. He stopped, "Bart, both of your retinas are at least partially detached. I'm going to laser the left one as soon as I can get things prepared and then I'll do the other one after we have both had time to rest and relax a bit. The right one doesn't seem to be quite as bad as the left one. It won't hurt but it is rather scary. Just relax while I go visit with Mr. Leavitt."

Dr. Feren led me out an escape door. "Mr. Leavitt, this reminds me of something that happened to me when I was young. There will be no costs involved. I'll perform laser surgery on one eye in just a few minutes, and the other later, if the first surgery goes well. By the way, my name is Jerry and I thank you for caring enough to react so quickly."

I was at a loss for words, "Sir, my name is Mark and my partner and I are overwhelmed by everything that has happened. You'll have to come to the house to meet my partner and my bosses. Thank you for everything."

We walked back to the exam room. Bart was in rare form when he heard us come in, "Well that took long enough, Nano Mark, what is Dad Zack going to say when you come home with dirty under wear?"

Dr. Feren took the initiative, "What is Dad Zack going to say when you come home with your eyes sewn shut?"

Bart was almost crying, "Doctor, please, I'm just very nervous about what is going to happen.

Jerry was so good, "Bart, there is not going to be any pain but the noises are going to sound very scary. Just hold Nano Mark's hands and hold still as you would if you were at the dentist."

The room was totally dark and Jerry had Bart's head positioned in a saddle device while he maneuvered a special machine. I kept hearing what sounded like a stapler gun, but Bart remained stationary. Jerry finished and handed Bart a pair of dark glasses. I want you to wear these. They will protect your eye from the sun and hide your ugly face. I'll see you back here at twelve thirty and bring me a meal, since I won't have a chance to get any lunch before then. We will see, when you return, if you are up to having the other eye done."

Bart was feeling ornery, "I suppose you want Chateaubriand with a bottle of French wine and some German chocolate cake?"

Jerry hugged us, "Why don't you bring an order of sweet and sour shrimp for my partner, and I'll have Szechwan chicken with fried rice. We would like an order of egg rolls and an order of crab Rangoon."

Bart looked at the doctor, "No wonder you're so fat."

Jerry countered, "Heck, that's going to be the only meal we will eat, because we're so poor."

We hugged Dr. Feren and went back to the house and I sent Bart to our apartment to rest. Then it dawned on me that he could see.

Zack was sitting in the living room with Barbie. Barbie was coloring and Zack was grading papers. I sat down beside him and started to tell him about our experience at the hospital. He was laughing when the phone rang.

Zack answered, "That was Tip. The boys are scheduled to meet with a Doctor Davenport at 4:00.

Author's Note: If you want to read more this story and other interesting stories, you might want to visit

Editor's Notes: Well it looks like Bart is going to have the treatment he needed. I want to point out something that is very important. I am so glad that Mark was on his toes so to speak and got Bart to the Doctor as quickly as possible. I am thinking that he might have suspected that Bart was having symptoms of a detached retina. It is imperative to get treatment for a detached retina as quickly as possible, Laser Surgery is available which can reattach the retina successfully in most cases, if and only if it is done in time. A friend of mine, who is an Eye Doctor told me that the retina needs to be reattached within about two hours of it being detached or it won't do any good to attach it. There has been a lot of progress over the last twenty years or so in the success rate of the operation. When I was a child, a friend of mine got the surgery and had to stay almost immobile for several days, before the Doctors thought it would be safe for him to even walk around. They kept him in the hospital for a couple of days and kept him under observation. Now days it is a quick laser surgery in a Doctor's office and the patient can literally walk out with his retina repaired and he can go about his business. Remember, though, it is very important to treat it immediately, or you will have little to no success.

Parents, please, I beg of you, Don't hit your children on the head even in fun, but especially when you are angry or upset. You can easily cause permanent damage to the skull or the retina, or both. You could hurt an adult by doing that, but a child is still developing and growing, and not all of his organs are fully developed yet, so it is much easier to cause harm to a child. If you feel you must slap a child, then by all means, a swat to their bottom is much safer.

I also want to say that in my humble opinion there is nothing that a child can do, let me repeat, nothing that a child can do that should result in causing injury to that child. Positive reinforcement is much more successful in dampening inappropriate behavior than any sort of negative reinforcement. The best thing you can give your children is lots of love.

Okay, I'm off my soapbox now.

Darryl AKA The Radio Rancher