Bart and Chris

By E. Walk

(Copyrighted by the Author)

Edited by Radio Rancher

Chapter 2 - Lunch With Doctor Feren

It was 11:00 o'clock so I went to get Bart and he was sound asleep on his bed. I woke him and he looked at me, "Dad Nano, you're beautiful. Is Dad Zack as good looking as you?"

I was at a loss as what to say. "You'll have decide that for yourself. We need to go get lunch and take it to Dr. Feren and his partner. First, we'll eat with Barbie and Zack and then get that other eye taken care of. Dad Zack will bring Barbie back here so he can be home when the other children come home in case we aren't back."

Bart agreed, "Let me go to the bathroom and I'll be ready."

We went to the Chinese restaurant that was down the street and Barbie and I shared an order of sweet and sour pork and Zack and Bart shared and ordered of Mongolian Beef. It was a riot watching Barbie and Bart trying to eat with chop sticks. They finally gave up and started to use a fork and spoon.

As we were finishing, I ordered the Sweet and Sour Shrimp and the Szechwan Chicken with fried rice an order of Crab Rangoon and an order of egg rolls to go. Since we knew we were going separate ways after lunch, we had driven two vehicles.

Bart and I went to the car with the take out food and started to the Methodist Hospital Complex. As I was driving, Bart, out of the blue, said, "Dad Nano, I don't know whether Dad Zack or you is the most handsome. If I can see this well with one eye fixed, what will it be like when the klutzy Doctor fixes the other eye. Dad, I'm still scared."

Fortunately our conversation was cut short since we arrived at the hospital and our vehicle disappeared. We went to Dr. Feren's office. A good looking gentleman with a little more pigmentation than us was sitting at the receptionist's desk. He looked at us and asked, "Who the heck are you? Do you have an appointment? If you brought some food, the Doctor will see you now."

Bart was surprised but answered, "Would you please tell Dr. Feren that the sweet and sour shrimp and the Szechwan chicken have arrived?"

The guy punched a button, "Hey Jerry, there is some snot nosed kid out here trying to get some free services. He says he has some sweet and sour shrimp and some sort of Chinese chicken. What do you want me to do with him?"

The voice came back, "Show the punk in and I'll see what he wants."

The gentleman took us to a break room with a small table and Jerry came in, "Guys, I was teasing about bringing food. This is my partner, Dr. Xavier Big Club Lightfoot. Xavi, the good looking gentleman is Nano Mark Leavitt and the ugly one with the sun glasses is Bart Winters. Bart, come with me and I'll put the drops in your eyes and then you can come visit with us while we eat."

I watched as Dr. Lightfoot fixed the table and got them each a drink. Dr. Feren returned with Bart. "Bart, I want you to keep the shades on. The light in here would appear really bright. I'll take care of your eyes as soon as they have dilated. You have had a double whammy of drops, so you are going to need to wear the shades probably even tomorrow all day and I want to see you at 7:00 in the morning again, to check you. I`m sorry for the ungodly hour but I have a surgery scheduled at eight and am booked solid all day."

Bart answered before I could, "No problem, sir. Nano Mark and Dad Zack may not get to run in the morning. I'm sure one of them can get me here since I can't drive."

We were talking and Bart was very quiet. He interrupted the conversation, "Dr. Feren, you said that Dr. Lightfoot was your partner. Did you mean as in medical partner or shacking up partner? And why would anyone be named Big Club?"

Dr. Lightfoot answered, "If you gotta know, we are partners as in shacking up, as you call it. I'm a psychologist and I'll see you in my office tomorrow morning right after Jerry sews your eyes shut. He told me what happened to you and I think you and I need to visit. As for my name, my Dad who is a native American was watching out the window when I was born and two horses were mating. Dad turned to my Mother and the doctor who was attending by my Mother, `The stud's name is going to be Big Club after what I just saw and he'll drive everyone crazy with his sexual prowess.'"

Bart was laughing, "Well, was your Father correct in his assessment of what your sexual equipment might look like?"

Dr. Feren stood, "Kid, you'll never know. Now, let's get this lasering stuff over with. Do you need Nano Mark to hold your hands? Do you need to go to the bathroom?"

Bart answered, "No and No."

The two of the them left. Dr. Lightfoot looked at me, "Mark, Jerry told me what Bart told him this morning. I really would like the opportunity to visit with both Bart and his brother. I can see that Bart feels very comfortable with you, but it might be good for him to visit with an outsider. What have you done about getting them examined by a physician?"

I started to answer, "Dr. Lightfoot..."

"Mark stop right there, I would much prefer if you would call me Xavi like my friends do."

I started again, "Dr. Xavi, the two guys have appointments to see a Dr. Davenport at four this afternoon. One of my bosses called this morning after he had made the appointment. I have never met Dr. Davenport, but he or she works at the clinic where Tip works."

Dr. Lightfoot nodded, "If it's the Dr. Davenport that I know, your boss made a wise decision. The man is wizard and the boys will fall in love with him. He is very thorough and doesn't mess around."

Our conversation was interrupted when Dr. Feren came in with Bart. "Okay, the brat is free to go. Bart, I have some instructions for you. First you are not to lift anything heavier than that little penis of yours and most importantly you are to have absolutely no sex of any kind for at least a week and that includes jacking off."

Bart started to argue but changed his mind, "Dad Nano, why don't you invite The Bear and The Club for dinner? That way they can make sure that I don't strain myself. Surely we have some lettuce and carrots that we can feed them."

I looked at the two gentlemen, "We eat at six, it won't be anything fancy, so come casual. I handed them a card with our address. You can evaluate the home environment and see if you would recommend cages for the boys. We'll look forward to seeing you at about 5:45."

We walked to the valet station and I handed in the ticket. Bart looked at me, "Dad Nano, I'm sorry if I was out of control. It was as if this morning I couldn't see and now I can see almost everything even with these dark colored glasses on. Am I going to need to wear glasses? It will make playing football and basketball very difficult if I do."

The valet arrived with my car. As we were driving back to the house, I wasn't sure what to say, "Bart, I think we need to talk about you playing contact sports again. I know that's not what you want to hear. Let's check with Dr. Feren when he comes for dinner tonight and see what he has to say."

When we got home, Zack was in the kitchen. I sent Bart to rest in the apartment until it was time to leave for the appointment with Doctor Davenport.

Zack hugged me, "I missed you. I was so bored that I made two big casseroles of lasagna and a big tossed salad. Barbie and I stopped at the store and got two loaves of bread. I figured I would make one loaf with garlic and the other with salad supreme. Barbie wanted an ice cream cake for dessert."

I put my hand over his mouth, "Zack, I invited Dr. Feren and his partner, Big Club, for dinner so that is perfect."

We were sitting at the kitchen table when the children came busting in the door yelling, "What's the snack. We're starved."

I went to the refrigerator and pulled out some apples, washed and sliced them, so they could dip them in some caramel sauce and you would have thought they were having caviar or something.

They finally had their fill and I sent them except for Chris to do their school work if they had any. I asked him to get Bart and he almost started to cry. I assured him that it would be fine. I explained that he and Bart had a doctor's appointment and that we needed to leave. Chris returned, "Bart said that he would be right here. His eyes look funny and he said that he could see what I looked like."

We arrived at the clinic where Tip worked and when we walked in, we were met by a young man. He looked at us, "Who might we have here? I don't see any people on the schedules that could be these two young kids." He looked at Bart, "Why are you wearing shades inside?"

I looked at the young man, "I believe that Dr. Washington made arrangements for Dr. Davenport to see Mr. Chris and Mr. Bart Winters."

The young man winked at me, "I'll have to check the computer to verify that they have an appointment."

He punched up his computer and the guys could see what was on the screen. He put in Chris' and Bart's name and it said, `Chris Winters, age 27, has no hair and Bart Winters, age 50, hobbles and needs a wheelchair."

Chris took exception, "Sir, you're computer is lying."

The young man picked up the phone, "Dad, there are two bums out here who insist they have an appointment. It will probably take us forever to get them to the exam room since they're so old."

As he was leading us to an exam area, he explained, "My name is Terry and I'm Dr. Davenport's nurse, and I am also his foster son. I'm going to put you in adjoining exam rooms so that the doctor can move back and forth as he needs to, and so he and Mr. Leavitt can check on you. Dr. Washington said he would stop to make sure that neither of you were going to have kittens."

Both guys were totally relaxed when we reached the exam rooms. After taking the guys' vitals, he announced, as he handed the guys robes, "I want you to strip to your shorts. The Doctor will probably ask you to drop them eventually. Now get moving."

I was surprised when a young man about Tip's age came into the room where Chris was. "Well, if it isn't the Little Billy Goats Gruff. I'm the Big Bad Troll. I've come to eat you up."

Chris caught on immediately, "Oh no sir, my brother is much bigger than I am."

While this was going on, Terry drew a sample of Chris' blood and the doctor called another nurse to take Chris for a urine sample and a chest x-ray. We moved next door and the doctor repeated the process except he substituted the phrase Middle Billy Goat Gruff. I was surprised when Bart answered, "Oh, sir, Nano Mark is much bigger than me."

The exams were completed and Doctor Davenport and Terry had all of us in Chris' exam room. Dr. Davenport started, "From all indications, these two young men will live at least a couple more years, if they eat correctly. Terry will call you with the results of their blood work and urine samples. Now for the important things, Tip said you would feed us dinner if we squeezed you into the schedule. So what time is dinner?"

I started to laugh, Doctor and Terry, we will be serving dinner at six o'clock and there are going to be some other people whom I think you know there. Zack has made enough to feed an army, so come casual but remember there will be some young ladies present."

The two guys hugged the doctor and Terry and we went directly home and I set the table for two more and made sure we had enough wine.

Bart was playing host since he was the only one other than me who knew everyone. When everyone was seated, I had Bobby say a prayer of thanks. I was dishing the lasagna when the doorbell rang and Zack went to answer and Mrs. Williams came in. "Sorry to interrupt; Mark, you need to have the guys in court at one o'clock on Wednesday. I'm sorry, but that was the earliest I could get Bart and Chris' cases on the schedule."

She stopped and looked around. "Okay, what's going on. I know who these people are? Why are there an ophthalmologist, a psychologist and a pediatrician and his rotten son here?"

Zack laughed, "Ma'am, why don't you sit down and we can visit so you can get filled in on what has been happening. I'll get you some utensils so you don't have to eat with your fingers."

Terry was laughing, "Yeh, Grandma Williams, would you please relax? You can visit with the old men while Bart and I take the children out to play? Where's Granddad anyway?"

Mrs. Williams looked at Terry, "For your information, he had to make a trip to England. It's like he's always going someplace. I think he is getting ready to hang it up. The company wants him to fix all of its problems caused by inept management."

The children were getting bored and asked to be excused. After the five youngest children left, Mrs. Williams looked at the assembled people, "Jerry, I think it would be good if you were at the hearing to explain your findings and what you did. Xavi, since you are meeting with the guys in the morning, I think it would be beneficial if you could be there also." She turned to Dr. David Davenport, "David, will the guys test results be back by then."

Dr. Davenport shrugged, "Gen, I'll have Terry call first thing in the morning and see if we can have the test result expedited."

Mrs. Williams looked at Ty, "Ty, you will be the boys' legal representative won't you. I have notified Mr. Winters of the hearing but don't know if he'll be there or not. He is listed in stable condition. I don't know what he might do, so we need to be ready for any contingency."

Zack and I started to clear the table, "Why don't the rest of you go into the living room and visit while Zack and I do the dishes. Bart, would you please go check on the children."

Terry started to help us. I was curious about his relationship with Dr. Davenport. "Terry, you said that you were Dr. Davenport's foster son. Would you care to share how that came about, since I am in somewhat of a similar position with Bart and Chris?"

Terry began, "My Mother and I lived next door to Dave and his parents. I was an only child as was he. I never met my father, he was killed in an aircraft accident before I was born. He was a pilot in the Air Force. Anyway, Dave and I practically grew up together. He was my hero even though he was eight years older than me. When I was 16, my mother had to have surgery and turned over power of attorney to Dave, so he could take care for me in case something unexpected happened. Well the unexpected happened and I started to live with Dave and he was made my foster Dad thanks to Grandma Williams."

Terry added, "And before you ask, yes I sleep with Dave and have done so since I turned 21."

We hadn't heard Bart come into the kitchen and didn't know he was there until he commented, "So your case is like Chris' and mine except that our parents are still alive and Mark is already shacking up with someone. Dads, the children want to know if it's time for dessert?"

I was about to reprimand Bart, but changed my mind and decided I would talk to him in private, "Bart, go find out how many people would like a piece of ice cream cake and tell them to be seated in the dining room, please."

I started some decaffeinated coffee and turned on the pot to warm the water for tea. Bart returned, "Everyone is heading for the dining room. What about you Mr. ..." Bart stopped in the middle of his question. "Nurse Terry, I don't think you ever told us your last name."

Terry laughed, "I think you're right Bart, but it's Young, and yes, please, I'll have a piece of the cake."

We were eating when Bart asked, "Doctor Feren, Mark suggested that perhaps it would not be good for me to play football or basketball again, and will I have to wear glasses?"

Dr. Feren laughed, "Just like a punk teenager. Bart, it's too early to tell if you will need to wear glasses? We will do a routine eye exam on you, next week. I think it might be wise for you not to play contact sports again. I think maybe you should stick to sports like golf or track."

After everyone left and the children were in bed, with Chris sleeping in Billy and Bobby's room again, which is probably just as well, we were sitting in the living room visiting about what all had happened today. Zack looked at Tip, "Tip, you and Terry have some things in common. Your fathers were both killed in aircraft accidents while they were in the Air Force."

I stood, "We should go to bed. You three need to make sure the children have everything that they need, in the morning, since I will have Chris and Bart with me."

As we were walking up the steps to the apartment, I had my arm around Zack, "I feel like I have been on some sort of wild ride today."

Zack grinned, "The real ride is just about to begin."

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Editor's Notes: Well, I guess the next chapter will be pretty hectic, what with the court hearing and all. I certainly hope everything works out well for everyone. Bart and Chris have a lot of issues to work out together, and I am certain it will take some time for Chris to be able to trust Bart not to hurt him any more. Bart, of course has a lot of guilt issues that he needs to overcome as well. I really think that deep down, Bart is a good person. He has been through a lot and is still in the process of finding himself and learning not to hate himself. I just hope that scumbag of a sperm donor that sired those two boys doesn't try to hurt them during the court appearance.

I guess we will just have to wait and see, won't we? Let's hope we won't have to wait too long for the next chapter.

Thank you ever so much for bringing us so many wonderful heartwarming stories and such a wonderful family of people we all love.

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