Bart and Chris

By E. Walk

(Copyrighted by the Author)

Edited by Radio Rancher

Chapter 3 - You Need to Relax

When we got to the bedroom, Zack and I shed our clothes and went into the bathroom to take a shower. Bart's door was open so I quietly closed it. We took our shower together, but I guess the day had drained me of all of my sexual drive because my body wasn't responding to anything that Zack was doing.

Zack held me, "Mark, you need to relax. You can't solve everyone's problems. If Bart and Chris are going to live with us, they need to be responsible for their actions. You can't possibly solve all of the problems of the world."

I fell against Zack, "Zack I know. Can you please just hold me tonight and cuddle? Surely things will slow down."

Zack and I were lying on the bed with just our briefs on and Zack was holding me, when there was a little knock on the door leading from the living area. I was concerned because Bart would probably have come through the bathroom.

Chris was standing there with tears streaming down his face, "Dad Nano, I'm scared. Why does Dr. Xavi want to see me, and why do I gotta go to court on Wednesday? I don't ever want to see the other Dad again."

I picked Chris up, "Son, Dr. Xavi just wants to talk to you and Bart to see if he can help you forget what happened. If your other Dad is in court, then we need to make sure that nothing bad happens and we have to be as brave as we can be. Christopher, believe me; I will not let anything bad happen to you."

Chris looked at Zack, "Dad Zack, aren't you going to be there to protect me too? Don't you like me?"

Zack was totally unprepared for that reaction as was I. Zack recovered nicely, "Chris, I need to go back to school on Wednesday morning, or I won't be able to come live with you, Dad Nano and Bart very soon. I'll call you on the phone, send some emails and let you know what is happening and you will need to tell me what is happening here."

Chris looked at me like he was asking what he should say. I put Chris on the bed, "Chris, give Dad Zack a kiss and I'll go turn the lights out. You can sleep with us tonight."

We put Chris between us on the bed and we were just about asleep when there was a knock on the door leading from the bathroom. Chris bolted up, "Please don't let Bart hurt me."

Zack was holding Chris as I went to let Bart in. I turned on the light on the night table and Bart had tears on his cheeks, "Dad Nano, what kind of questions is Dr. Xavi going to ask me, and why do we have to go to court? Why can't we just live here?"

Chris sat up, "Bart, Dr. Xavi just wants to help us, so we need to be honest with him. I don't want to go to court either, but Dad Nano and Dad Zack say that we have to do it if we're going to live here. Now get in bed and you can sleep on the other side of Dad Nano. We need to go to sleep or I'll fall asleep in school tomorrow."

I was awakened by Chris crawling over me. It was 6:15, so I followed him into the bathroom and after we took care of basic needs, I sent him to get dressed and went to wake Bart who was quietly snoring. I touched him and he jumped, "Nano Mark, that's what Dad would do to me when he wanted me."

I hugged Bart, "Son, I'm sorry to startle you, but you need to get dressed, or we'll be late. We'll grab some breakfast after your appointments."

Bart left and I leaned down to kiss Zack, "Stud, you need to fix breakfast. The guys and I will be leaving as soon as we're dressed. We'll grab breakfast later. Make sure the children get to school and Barbie gets to Play Group. Maybe you should substitute for me in Billy's class today. He would really like that."

Zack looked up at me, "You just ruined the nicest dream." He took my hand and put it on his pelvic area.

I started to laugh, "It appears that you had a wet dream. Aren't you a little old to be still having those?"

Zack pouted, "You're never too old, as long as the person who you are dreaming about is as good looking as you. Just make sure that you leave detailed instructions for me or I'll forget what I am supposed to do because I'm getting so old."

As Zack was getting out of bed, Chris came into the bedroom dressed. He looked at Zack, "Dad Zack, did you have an accident and go to the bathroom in your briefs?"

Zack's response was classic, "Yeh, I couldn't wait any longer because the three of you were hogging the bathroom."

Chris shook his finger at him, "Next time, come and join us."

Chris, Bart and I left and I explained that we would have breakfast after the appointments. Chris started complain, "But Dad Nano, I need to get to school."

The complaining stopped when we pulled up to the medical building. We walked into Dr. Feren's office and Dr. Xavi was sitting at the reception desk,

"I don't suppose you brought anything to eat?"

Bart had an answer, "Sorry sir, we thought it was your turn to provide the meal. We'll take you to breakfast after we're finished here."

Dr. Feren entered the room, "Let's go, Brat, we have to give you some more drops so I can see into your eyes before I sew them shut. Mark, why don't come with us while Xavi takes the cute one and talks to him."

Chris looked concerned and I leaned down and whispered, "Chris, it will be okay. Dr. Xavi won't hurt you and you will be just downstairs. Here's my cell phone. Call me if there is a problem."

Dr. Xavi left with Chris and I followed Dr. Feren and Bart to the exam room. Dr. Feren put the first set of drops Bart's eyes and motioned to me, "Bart, Mark and I are going to go have a cup of coffee while your eyes dilate. I'll come back and put another set of drops in and check your eyes. I want you to wear the shades all day and tomorrow. You will be able to tell why when you can take them off. Please just don't rush it. I know that you might not want your friends to see you like this, but please do it."

I don't think Dr. Feren was ready for Bart's answer, "Dr. Bear, I don't have any true friends anymore. Nano Mark and Dad Zack are the people who are closest to being my friends."

Dr. Feren led me to his office and offered me a cup of coffee. I declined and he started, "Mark, you are going to have your hands full with Bart. He is a very insecure and confused young man. If he or you ever need to talk, please call Xavi or me. Now let's go put the other set of drops in his eyes."

When we walked back into the examine room, Bart started, "Well that took long enough. Did you two get to know each other better? What's Doctor Xavi going to say when I tell him what you were doing?"

Dr. Feren looked at Bart, "Shut up brat, Xavi has a noose around my penis and if it even starts to get hard, he yanks so hard that the circulation is shut off and I feel like it is going to fall off. I learned a long time ago to not let hot ugly studs like you to get me into trouble. Now shut up and put your head in the stirrup."

Dr. Feren did the exam and announced, "Mark, I regret to tell you that it looks like the surgery was a success. Here is a card with Bart's next appointment. I want to see the brat back here Friday at four fifteen. Bart, please don't do anything to put a strain on your eyes. I'm sorry, but I need to go scrub for some major surgery in the operating room. Xavi's office is directly below us on the next floor down."

Bart and I hugged Dr. Feren and we walked down the stairs to the next level and found Dr. Lightfoot's office. The door was open but there was no one at the reception desk so Bart and I sat down. I looked at the clock and it said 8:15 and I was beginning to get concerned.

It was 8:30 when Chris and Dr. Xavi came out of his office. Chris was holding Dr. Xavi's hand. Chris looked at him, "Thanks Dr. Xavi, that was fun."

Chris turned to me, "Dad Nano, what was I supposed to do with your cell phone when I don't even know the number of Dr. Feren's office? Can we please get something to eat now before I go back to school? I'm starved."

Dr. Xavi answered, "Look, there's a small diner around the corner and they serve a decent breakfast. Let's go eat there and I'll even pay. After we eat, Mark can take you to school and I can visit with Bart. I'll even bring him to the school. Maybe we can have lunch with you?"

I was watching as the boys were eating and answering Dr. Xavi's questions. I noticed that Dr. Xavi was taking notes during the meal. As we were finishing, Dr. Xavi commented, "Mark, it may take several hours for me to visit with Bart. My first appointment today isn't until 1:00 P.M. since the university is on break. So, I don't need to teach any classes this morning. I'll bring Bart to the school and Chris can feed us lunch."

Chris was beaming, "That's great, Dr. Xavi. My class eats at 11:45."

I signed Chris in at the office and talked to the receptionist and asked if it would be a problem if there were three extra people for lunch. Dr. Lightfoot and Chris' brother will be having lunch with Chris and either Zach or I will be here to take Chris' brother home."

The principal, Dr. Plummer, had been standing there and had heard what I asked, "Mark, I know Xavi and there are a number of his clients who go to school here. It would be great to have any or all of you here for lunch. The children would enjoy that immensely."

"I see that Mr. Jackson is here helping Billy's room. I'll let you know who all will be here after I talk to him."

I walked to Billy's room and Zack was in the corner playing a game with three of Billy's classmates. I walked up to the teacher and she handed me a big book of If You Give the Mouse A Cookie and four small books. "Mark, please take some of my better readers and work with them. Here are the people I would like for you to work with. I don't want them to get bored. I looked at the list and Billy's name was at the top. I went to him and showed him the list and he went and got the other children without saying a word. I took them and an easel into the foyer where we could read. I lowered the easel so I could sit on the floor with the children and still turn the pages.

We were sitting there and I was working with the children and they were indeed good readers. Billy was lying against me as was another young guy. Zack came looking for us, "Mr. Leavitt, it's recess time and the teacher wants the children back in the room."

The other little boy looked at Zack, "Mr. Zack, his name is Nano Mark, not Mr. Leavitt."

The four children started back to the classroom. Zack helped me up. I couldn't help myself. "So there, Mr. Jackson, I guess you were told."

As we were walking back to the classroom, I explained what had happened at the doctors' offices. "One of us should stay for lunch with the children to make sure everything goes okay. I'll go get Barbie and take her home. You can bring Bart home after lunch."

Zack stopped me, "Mark, Dr. Robinson and David are going to pick the girls up, since I delivered them. They are going to take the girls to Taco Bell since it is Sarah's birthday. We can both stay here for lunch and can visit with all four of the children."

We followed the class outside and were watching the children as many of them were playing soccer. I motioned to Zach and we joined the game on opposing sides. The children couldn't believe that two older men would be joining their game. Both of us deliberately made ourselves look bad and kept passing the ball to the young people. The teacher blew the whistle indicating that recess was over.

One young man came over to us with Billy and challenged, "You were just trying to make us look good, weren't you?"

I went to the teacher and asked her to blow the whistle again and got her permission to get the rest of the steam out. She nodded.

I went to the front of the line and put my hands on top of my head. Some of the children were watching me and did the same thing and before long, the entire class was standing quietly with their hands on their head. I looked at them and said, "Great, ladies and gentlemen, now we're going to get the jitters out of our bodies as we walk back to your classroom. I'm going to say sound off and you are all going to yell as loud as you can. One two and then take two skips and yell three four. Are you ready?"

Everyone was so busy listening to me and following my directions that there was no talking. I stopped when I reached the door to the school. I had led them to the front door instead of the back door. I turned to the young boys and girls and whispered, "We're going to be the ghosts of the school and no one will know we're here. We'll sneak to your classroom and get ready for math."

I made like I was a wolf as Zack held the door and we snuck down the hallway without a sound. We stopped at the bathrooms and there wasn't any noise. When everyone was in the classroom, the teacher started the math lesson and both Zack and I were trying to help the children who were having difficulties. The teacher looked at the clock, "Boys and girls, it's time to line up for library. Mr. Leavitt, would you lead the way?"

Again we pretended like we were wolves and snuck down the hall. When we got to the library, a lady was talking on the phone and didn't see or hear us come in. The children must have had assigned seats because they went to a certain spot. Billy was in the back row and I went to sit behind him and he looked up at me and scooted back between my legs and laid his head against my chest.

I looked at Zack and he was seated on the other side since the group was split into two halves. A young oriental boy had scooted back against him much as Billy had me. The librarian, a Mrs. K., saw us, "Oh boys and girls, I'm so sorry I didn't hear you come in. I have a great story for you today. It's entitled "Don't Touch My Brother."

When she finished reading, I had two other children leaning against me as did Zack. Mrs. K. stood, "I'm sorry, it's so late so you will need find the two books you want to check out quickly. I'm so proud of you. You all returned the books you had. You are the only class that has done so in two weeks."

The class was lining up at the door looking at their books and I was standing at the front of the line. I looked at the boys and girls, "Let's sneak back and see if we can get to lunch before the other classes."

There was no sound as we moved down the hall. The children entered the classroom and put their new library books on the tables and lined up. Mrs. K looked at me, "What did you do to this class? They have always been one of my most disruptive classes."

I looked at Mrs. K, "Ma'am, I treated them with respect and they responded. They just needed to see that we adults are human beings, just like them and not yell at them, but demonstrate what we expect from them."

The children were so good as they punched their codes into machine that the paraprofessional was looking at them. I paid for the four extra lunches. Zack had decided he would eat with Chris and Becky and I could sit with Bobby as he was eating.

Billy had saved me a seat and Zack sat down opposite me, and Huan moved to sit beside him. I was commenting on how good the food was and how nutritious it was and everyone started to eat everything in sight . Chris and Becky's class came in and the two of them saw Zack and me. They got out of line and came to hug us.

Chris was almost crying, "Nano Mark, I thought you were going to eat with me and Dr. Xavi."

"Christopher, Mr. Zack is going to eat with you and Becky and Dr. Xavi and Bart. They are standing over there waiting for you. I'll come visit with you when Billy's class is finished and then I am going to sit with Bobby's class."

Chris wasn't happy, but so be it.

Billy's class left and I watched as they lined up behind who ever was leading them. I stopped to visit Chris and everyone and they seemed to be having a good time. Bobby's class appeared at the entrance and I went to him, "May I join you sir, I have already eaten, but I would like to make sure that you and your friends are eating properly."

Bobby looked at me, "You're even more weird than I thought. You just want to make sure that we eat all of this garbage."

I frowned, "For your information Master Robert, I ate all of my food as did everyone in Billy's class. If you people are going to get big and strong like Zack and me, then you need to eat.

As he was leaving the lunchroom, Dr. Lightfoot came to me. "Mark, I would like very much to talk to you about the guys tonight. Why don't Jerry and I stop over about seven?"

When we got back to the house, the phone was blinking. Zack picked up the phone and played the messages. The first one was from Dr. Robinson. "Mark, we have been scheduled to visit a school tomorrow and the next day so we can make a presentation. I have taken care of all of the logistics. Don't forget to pick the children up at school."

The second call was from Mrs. Williams, "Mark, Mr. Winston has hired a lawyer to challenge our efforts to have the boys placed in your custody. I'll visit with you later tonight after I have all of the details."

Zack hung up the phone, "Bart, why don't you go rest until the children get home. Mark and I need to talk."

Bart didn't resist too much, "Okay Dad Zack, I can understand when I have been told to disappear. You won't hurt Dad Mark will you?"

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Editor's Notes: I certainly hope everything works out all right with Bart and Chris, and that they can stay with Mark and Zack. Those two boys need real love and they certainly don't need to be placed with someone who has and would not mistreat them. Things are finally turning out good for both boys and they need to continue receiving the love and concern they have been getting.

I hope we get another chapter really soon.

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