Bart and Chris

By E Walk

(Copyrighted by the Author)

Edited by Radio Rancher

Chapter 4 - And The Judge Says?

As soon as Bart was gone, Zack suggested, "Let's go sit on the sofa in the living room. We need to make some plans."

When we were seated, Zack started, "Mark, I've been thinking since this morning. Are you sure that you aren't trying to do too much? If I could be here to help you it would be one thing, but that's still six weeks away. I'm afraid that you won't have any time for yourself. What I guess I am really asking is, is their going to be any time for just us?"

I laughed and pulled Zack close and hugged him, "Zack, we'll just have to make sure that we find some private time. I'm sure things will settle down once we know for sure what is going to happen to Bart and Chris. It's the uncertainty that is complicating everything. Now give me a kiss and show me how much you want my body."

Zack started to laugh, "Pretty sure of yourself aren't you Mr. Leavitt." He did lean over and kiss me and started to open the fly of my slacks.

I stopped him, "Zack, we can't do that here. Barbie could come in and I need to think about dinner. Please go get everybody's sheets so I can wash them."

Zack came back with a huge bundle of sheets, "This is all of the sheets except for the sheets on Bart's bed. He's asleep listening to your IPOD. He'll never be able to get to sleep tonight."

"Zack, dearest, that is probably the best thing for him. His eyes have to be so dilated that any light bothers him. Now give me a kiss before you go pick up the children and I'll get Barbie and start the laundry."

The afternoon went as scheduled and dinner was fun. Billy had a ball telling everyone how Zack and I were acting silly all day. He caught my attention when he added, "Yeah, Dr. Plummer came to the room this afternoon and thanked us for being so quiet. Some of the boys who are usually bad were talking after school. `It's so nice to have someone tell us that we did something good for a change. Everyone is always yelling at us and telling us how bad we are.'"

No one responded but both Tip and Ty looked at me and I just shrugged my shoulders. We finished dinner and everyone took their dishes to the kitchen and I looked at Bart, "Look, Shades, you skated all day so you can take care of the dishes while Zack and I finish the laundry and make the beds."

I expected some flak from Bart, but he just looked at me, "Whatever you say, Boss Dad."

I handed Tip and Ty their sheets, "You guys can make your own bed while Zack and I take care of the children's bed. Doctor Lightfoot and Mrs. Williams are coming by this evening."

Zack and I had just gotten down the stairs when the doorbell rang. Bobby went to answer it. He came to us, "Nano Mark and Uncle Zack, Doctor Lightfoot and Doctor Feren are here with a lady. They are in the living room."

Tip and Ty were already in the room when we walked in. I decided to be funny. "Well, well, it's so good to see you again, Doctor Lightfoot, I haven't seen you for seven whole hours. Did you enjoy your lunch? Doctor Feren, I guess it must be all of twelve hours since I saw you. How did your surgery go? Did you two find some good looking broad, hitch hiking along the road, or is this lovely lady one of your mothers."

The lady stood, "Look, smart ass, broad and lovely lady are an oxymoron. You have to be the notorious Nano Mark. My name is Amber Sweet and I'm anything but sweet, so come here and give me a hug. You too, Dad Zack."

The other four guys were laughing rather hard. Dr. Xavi finally was able to talk, "Guys, we may be putting the cart before the horse but we asked Amber to come and meet the two guys, especially Bart. Amber is a retired Special Education Teacher. After the findings of my testing and talks with the boys today, I have determined that they have above average intelligence and that their I.Q.'s are about 130 so there should be no reason that they can't be good students. I think Chris will do well in his present school environment with a lot of encouragement and support from you guys. Bart, on the hand, needs a fresh start. That is why I asked Amber to come here. She could work one on one with him and hopefully be able to get him ready to go to a new school in the fall where no one would know him."

Ms. Sweet looked at me, "Nano Mark, I would like to meet the boys if I may. Please let me do this my way. I may be a little rough on them but it usually works. Please ask Chris to come in first."

I went and got Chris, I introduced Ms. Sweet, and she started immediately, "Kid, get over here so I can see you and stand at attention when I talk to you."

Chris went over and stood in front of Ms. Sweet, "Well, Mister, identify yourself so I know who you are."

Chris looked confused, "Ma'am my name is Christopher Warren Winters Leavitt, I hope."

Ms. Sweet didn't crack a smile. "Well then, spell what I say."

They started to talk and Ms. Sweet started. "Spell I."

Chris looked at her like she had lost her marbles "Ma'am is that like capital I or e-y-e?"

"Next word, need."

Chris looked confused, "N-e-e-d."

"Spell a kiss."

Chris looks at Ms. Sweet, "Ma'am, why don't you just ask for what you need? I think you're a big phony and just wanted a kiss." He reached over to her and kissed her.

She hugged him, "Sit your butt down here and protect me. Mark, would you please go get Bart?"

I went and got Bart and Ms. Sweet started on him, "Why are you wearing those stupid sun glasses in the house? Are you suffering from a hangover or what? Take those ridiculous things off so I can see your ugly face and tell me your name."

Bart almost looked like he was going to cry, "Ma'am, Dr. Feren told to wear the glasses, and no, I am not hung-over. My name is Bartholomew Benson Winters for the time being. Hopefully the last name will be changed sometime soon."

Ms. Sweet looked at Chris, "Christopher, tell your brother what he needs to do if he wants me to be nice, and help him."

Chris looked up at her and smiled. You could almost detect a hint of devilment in his eye. He spelled out very carefully, "You need to give Grandma Sweet a big hug and a kiss."

Bart had to process what Chris had spelled and went and hugged Ms. Sweet and gave her a kiss.

She looked at Chris, "Christopher, I'm going to go give Bart some tests. Could you please make me some strong coffee so I don't fall asleep. Xavi and Jerry, Mark can drive me home. I know that you both have had a long day. I saw you leaving your house at six thirty this morning. Now come on Bartholomew, show me to the dining room and put up the do not disturb sign."

Bart and Ms. Sweet left and Chris practically dragged me to the kitchen so I could show him how to make coffee. I pulled out a plate of brownies and told Chris to get the other children while the coffee was brewing and they could have their snacks before they got ready for bed. Chris returned and I fixed a tray with a cup of coffee some cream and sugar and a can of 7up. I put a plate with four brownies on it, and opened the door for Chris after I instructed him to not say a word.

I watched as Chris walked very carefully to the dining room table and slid the tray so it was in front of Ms. Sweet and Bart who were talking. They didn't even acknowledge that he was there.

The five youngest finished their snacks and Zack and I started to take them to get them ready for bed. The doorbell rang again and Mrs. Williams was there. Zack nodded to me, "You stay and see what Mrs. Williams wants since I won't be here for the hearing. I can take care of the children. I'll be down as soon as I get them into bed."

Mrs. Williams was sitting in the living room when I returned. She didn't mince any words, "Mr. Winters is a real piece of art. He has hired himself a real sleaze-ball lawyer and he is saying that he was convicted on a case of false entrapment. The bad part is that I have never met the judge who will be presiding, but I understand that he is very much in favor of keeping families together if at all possible."

Mrs. Williams was shaking her head and had tears in her eyes. "I just can't begin to understand what the two boys are going through emotionally. Where are the boys anyway?"

I answered, "Chris is getting ready for bed and Bart is talking to a Ms. Amber Sweet."

We were interrupted by Ms. Sweet and Bart coming out of the dining room. "Bart, honey, would you please bring another cup of coffee while I talk to Mark and Zack?"

Bart left and Ms. Sweet turned to look at who was there, "Well if ain't the fairy godmother of children. Aren't you up a little late tonight for an old broad, Geneva?"

Ms. Williams countered, "Wait a minute Ambie, you're a day older than me."

Bart was standing there laughing, "Mrs. Williams, can I bring you a cup of coffee or anything else?"

"Thanks honey, I'll have a scotch on the rocks. I need it after I worked so hard today."

Bart looked at me with a questioning look and I went and fixed a scotch on the rocks for Mrs. Williams and served her, while Bart hastily brought Ms. Sweet her cup of coffee. I sat down, "Bart, why don't you go get ready for bed while we visit and then Zack and I will take Ms. Sweet home. Tomorrow is going to be a very busy day."

Bart turned, "I know when I have been told to disappear."

We visited and reviewed what had been happening and Zack and I drove both Mrs. Williams, even though she lived two doors away, and Ms. Sweet home. Ms. Sweet lived in a big house with a gated yard. She told us that her husband had been big in the oil business before he died. She also told us that she had a small farm about fifty miles south of Kansas City where she went most weekends.

As we were leaving, she announced, "I'll see you, Mark, at the court house tomorrow afternoon. Zack, you have a couple of good days at school. I gotta tell you guys, I'm in love with your sons."

As we were driving home, Zack looked at me, "Mark, can we just stop at a nice quiet place and just be together? This has not been a very relaxing spring break."

I stopped the car at the park and we went to sit at a picnic table that was close to the parking lot. We were sitting and just talking when a patrolman came by and started to address us, "Gentlemen, this park is closed. I'm afraid I must ask you for your identifications so I can report this infraction. The officer shined his flashlight at me. "Hey Mark, I'm sorry. But could you please leave, so I don't have to issue you a citation?"

I stood, "Dan, we'll leave. We were just talking."

Dan turned around, "Jake, it's just Mark and Zack and they were just talking. I guess they needed to get away from Chris and Bart. Guys, we'll see you in court tomorrow."

As we were crawling into the car, Zack was almost both laughing and crying, "It's a conspiracy. No one wants us to have any private time. Maybe I should file for an annulment."

When we got to the house, it was totally quiet. Zack and I locked up and went to the apartment. I checked on Bart and he seemed to be sound asleep. I checked our bedroom and there was nobody there so I made a command decision. "We're going to take a quick shower and then we can have our way with each other. If anyone interrupts us, they will pay big time."

No one interrupted us and I sure hope that Zack will be satisfied for a couple of days anyway.

I woke early and all I could think about was that this was the day of the hearing for the guys. I didn't even try to wake anyone and went running to get rid of the cob webs. When I got back from my run, everyone else was already in the kitchen. I looked at the clock and I guess I had been running for forty five minutes. Zack challenged me, "So, now you're training for the marathon?"

I caught everyone's attention. "No, I was chasing this beautiful woman and she just kept running and I couldn't catch her. She looked like Mrs. Williams."

The children started to laugh. Billy spoke, "I guess the police had put handcuffs on your feet again."

After breakfast and a quick shower, I took the children to school, delivered Barbie and Sarah to the play group and directed that Bart should get ready to accompany Dr. Robinson, David and me to the presentation. I took the van and we picked up Devin.

The presentation was a big success and Bart was really impressed. It was really interesting on the ride back to the school when Bart was explaining to Devin about his surgery. Devin's response really opened Bart's eyes. "I've had surgery three times and the doctors have decided that there is nothing they can do for me. So I guess I'm going to be like this the rest of my life."

Dr. Robinson had been signing for David since I was driving and David spoke very clearly, "Bart, you were lucky when you arrived at Nano Mark's house, as was I."

The conversation was stopped because we had arrived at the school. Dr. Robinson and Bart escorted Devin into the school. When they got back in the van, I could tell that Bart wanted to say something but refrained. I arranged for Dr. Robinson to pick up Barbie and Sarah since I had taken them in the morning and it was his day to pick up the other children. I explained that Bart, Chris and I had a date to appear in court.

After a quick lunch, we went to get Chris at school. Both boys were apprehensive. As we walked into the Court House, we were met by Ty, Mrs. Williams, Ms. Sweet and Judge Jenkins. We walked to the designated Court Room and Dr. Feren, Dr. Lightfoot and Dr. Davenport as well as Officers Lacey and Nelson were already there.

Ty directed Bart, Chris and me to a table where Mrs. Williams was sitting and it looked like no one was going to be challenging the proceedings. Well was I wrong.

The court had just been declared in session when a blustery man came in wheeling Mr. Winters in a wheel chair yelling, "We object your honor."

Judge Evans was a man in his late fifties or early sixties and had a funny look on his face, "What is it that you object to, Sir? There have been no motions made. I suggest that you and your client sit down and keep your mouths shut until I ask you to speak."

The judge turned to the clerk, "Freida, will you read what this case is about so I know what is happening."

The clerk stood, "Sir, this is a case from the state Children's Protection Services asking that Mr. Mark Leavitt be appointed guardian for Christopher Warren Winters and Bartholomew Benson Winters."

The opposing attorney stood, "Leavitt can't be the guardian. He lives in a house of queers."

Judge Evans looked at the opposing attorney, "Mr. Shockley, that outburst just cost you a thousand dollars in contempt fees. Now I suggest that you sit down and keep your mouth shut or the next outburst will cost you ten thousand dollars."

Judge Evans looked around the court room, "I want to know who everyone is, so I know what the playing field is and I can make an intelligent ruling in this case. We'll start at the table filing the petition."

He pointed to Mrs. Williams. She stood, "I'm Geneva Williams. I am head of the State Child Protection Agency in the city. I highly recommend that Mr. Leavitt be made the guardian of Bart and Chris Winters."

The judge looked at Ty, "I think I know who you are. You're the jerk that abandoned the Chiefs. What is your role in this case?"

Ty stood, "Your honor, I am Bart and Chris' legal representative."

Bart was sitting next to Ty, "Your honor, I'm Bart Winters. I'm 16 years old and Mr. Leavitt and Mr. Jefferson and his family have shown us more love and care in the short time we have been with them, than our father or mother ever did."

The opposing lawyer stood, "We object. They have obviously filled the children's minds with evil thoughts."

Judge Evans looked at Mr. Shockley, "That outburst just cost you $10,000."

The judge looked at Chris. I was so proud of Chris. He looked at the judge, "Judge Evans, my name is Christopher Warren Winters, I am 8 years old. I want my last name changed to Leavitt. I hope that I never see that man in the wheelchair ever again. He almost made Bart hurt me so he could take advantage of me. Judge, please can we live with Uncle Tip and Uncle Ty and their family?"

The Judge pointed to me, "I'm assuming that you are Mark Leavitt. Would you care to explain what you do for a living?"

I stood, "Sir, I'm the nanny for Mr. Jefferson's four children."

The opposing attorney jumped to his feet, "See your honor, he is so queer that he has to relegate himself to servant for an ex-football player."

No one and I mean no one was prepared for what happened next. Chris jumped up, "Judge Evans, please make that vulgar man shut his mouth. Dad Nano practically runs Uncle Ty's house. The children love him. He even volunteers in the school and this morning he and made a presentation with David and Dr. Robinson at another school. Judge Evans, please make that man stop saying bad things about Dad Nano."

The lawyer jumped up, "See, they have even brainwashed an eight year old."

"Shockley, I strongly suggest that you sit down and shut your mouth, or you're going to be thrown into jail immediately."

The judge motioned for me to sit down and pointed to the people behind us. The first person was Dr. Feren. Doctor Feren stood, "I performed laser surgery on Bart, on Monday because he had two partially detached retinas."

The judge just nodded, "So that's why Bart is wearing the sunglasses?"

The judge looked at Dr. Lightfoot, "Xavi, why are you here?"

Dr. Xavi was very professional, "Judge Evans, I met with both of these young gentlemen yesterday for an extended period of time and strongly recommend that they be placed in the care of Mr. Leavitt. They should never be returned to their previous home environment."

The judge looked at Ms. Sweet. "Amber, what is your involvement in this case?"

Ms. Sweet started, "Adam, I mean Judge Evans, I met with the two young men last night and fell in love with them. Chris will be fine in the school where he is, but I volunteered to work with Bart to bring him up to speed when you assign guardianship to Mr. Leavitt."

The opposing attorney jumped up, "They have paid all of these persons to smear my client."

The judge slammed his gavel, "That does it, Shockley, you're going to spend ninety days in jail along with your client. I happen to know these three people personally. I'm guessing that none of them have been paid a cent for their services. Before I render my judgment, I would like to meet with Chris and Bart and then Nano Mark."

I looked at Ty and I had no idea what to expect. The Judge left and the bailiff took Chris to the Judge's chambers. Chris had been gone about 20 minutes when the judge brought him back. "Next patient, please." I was watching Chris and he didn't appear to be upset. It took a little longer for Bart to emerge from the Judge's chambers.

Bart finally appeared, "Nano Mark, Judge Evans would like to speak to you."

I went to the chamber door and knocked and the bailiff opened it. "The Judge will be right with you."

The judge reappeared and he started in on me and asked about my qualifications and my financial situation. He hit me with a whammy, "Mark, tell me about your association with Dad Zack as Chris called him."

I shrugged my shoulders, "Zack and I have a special relationship and we do not try to hide it, but we don't flaunt it front of anyone either. We also do not try to hide our physical bodies from the boys either. That way they won't sneak around trying to see us. None of the young people have ever seen us do anything inappropriate that I know about except kissing and hugging each other, but we also do that to them and there is definitely nothing sexual in what we do to them."

Judge Evans stopped me, "Mark, in ninety per cent of the cases I have heard, I would rule in favor of the parents. There is no way I can, however, in a case such as this. Chris was very vocal, and Bart was so graphic that I got physically ill. I'll be out in a minute to render my ruling?"

I walked back to the guys and Chris crawled into my lap, "Dad Nano, what's going to happen to us?"

I was holding Chris, and Bart was leaning against me when Judge Evans reappeared in his robe. He looked around the Courtroom. It seems that the audience has gotten larger. He pounded his gavel, "My first order is that Mr. Harold Winters is to remain in jail until his case can be heard by a jury. Secondly, anything that was heard in this courtroom and my chambers will be sealed. The third ruling is that Mr. Christopher Winters and Mr. Bartholomew Winters are to be placed under the guardianship of Mr. Mark Leavitt until such time that they prove that they want to be adopted."

Chris jumped off my lap and shook his fist and shouted, "Yes, yes."

The celebration was stopped by the sound of the judge's gavel, "Silence, or I'll find you in contempt and fine you a hundred pennies. Everyone will stay in their seats except Mr. Winters and his attorney. I'll be right back to visit with you."

The opposing attorney shouted out, "So they bought you, too. You're all going to burn."

The judge pounded his gavel, "Bailiff and officers, please escort the two gentlemen to the jail immediately."

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Editor's notes: It certainly looks as if the boys will have a much better home than they have ever had in their lives. Living with Mark, Zack and the rest of the family, will do more good for them that all the therapy they could ever hope to have.

Chris and Bart have managed to mend their tattered relationship and Chris knows that Bart won't ever hurt him again, Bart is truly sorry that he ever had to do the things to Chris that his father forced him to do. And Chris knows that it wasn't something that Bart did on his own.

Now both boys are loved by everyone in the family and they have come to love their new family as well.

I still cannot fathom how any person could do the things that Mr. Winters did to his two children. Being a parent is supposed to mean more than just implanting one's seed into someone else. And more than just receiving that seed and delivering the infant into the world. It should involve love, trust, responsibility and care. Mr. And Mrs. Winters neither one seemed to demonstrate any of those characteristics.

As always, I am ready and eager to get the next chapter. Thanks E Walk for another wonderful chapter.

Darryl AKA The Radio Rancher