Bart and Chris

By E Walk

(Copyrighted by the Author)

Edited by Radio Rancher

Chapter 5 - Yes Sir, No Sir, We Will Sir

After Mr. Winters and his lawyer were escorted from the court room, Judge Evans took off his robe and approached the table where we were sitting. He put his hands on the table, leaned over and glared at the two boys, "I want you two gentlemen to listen and do what Dad Nano and Dad Zack say."

Judge Evans had this look and almost everyone realized that he was giving Chris and Bart a difficult time. Chris must have realized what the Judge was up to, because he jumped and stood at attention and saluted and replied, "Yes sir."

The judge pointed to Bart, "You're not going to give them any problems are you, Mister?"

Bart jumped up and mimicked what Chris had done, "No sir."

Judge Evans was on a roll, "You better be good role models for Mr. Jefferson's children."

Both boys saluted in unison, "We will sir."

Chris saluted, "Request permission to approach and speak, Sir."

Judge Evans nodded, "Permission granted."

I'm sure that everyone was as curious as I was to hear what Chris had to say. Chris hopped on the table and crawled to the judge on his knees and threw his hands around the judge and kissed him on the lips, "Thank you, Sir."

Judge Evans was surprised, but reacted, "You're in contempt of court. I fine you ten more kisses."

"Sorry Judge, I'm out of kisses. You will have to stop by the house and collect the rest. Dad, give the Judge one of them cards with our address. Judge, we need to go so we're home when the other four children get home."

Chris climbed off the table and hugged the Judge. Bart followed suit and as I was shaking the Judge's hand, he whispered to me, "I think you and Zack have two wonderful sons. I just hope they don't let you down."

Ms. Sweet approached us as we were leaving, "Bart, we'll start your lessons next Monday morning. That will give me some time to gather the materials we are going to need. Mark, I'll call you over the weekend and we can make the arrangements."

When we got home, I went to get Barbie and we fixed a snack for the other three when they arrived. I handed my cell phone to Chris and Bart, "Guys, call your other Dad and tell him what happened. He should be available now. If he doesn't answer, leave a voice mail message and he'll call us back."

Both guys looked at me like I had lost it. Bart spoke for them, "But, Dad, we don't know his number."

I guess I just expected them to know that I had Zack's number in the memory of the phone. I showed them how to make the call and handed the phone to Chris. The two guys were sitting at the breakfast bar so I could hear the conversation from one end only.

"Hey Dad, this is your son Chris. ... Dad, it was so cool. Judge Evans put our old Dad back in jail, along with his nasty lawyer. I got so excited that the Judge was going fine me 100 pennies. ... Bart wants to talk to you."

"Hi Dad. ... Yep, it was fun watching the Judge put Mr. Winters' sleaze-ball lawyer in his place. Chris asked the Judge to stop the filth that was coming out of that man's mouth. ... Chris did get fined for being in contempt, but he told Judge Evans that he had to come to the house to collect the rest of the kisses. ... Yep, I'm going to start working with Grandma Sweet next Monday. ... Okay, here's Dad Nano."

I took the phone, "Hey Zack, what's up?"

Zack started to laugh, "Just hearing your sexy voice is making a certain part of my body stand at attention."

"Zack, the other children are home. I'll call you tonight after I get the children in bed and maybe I can take care of that body part."

As the children were finishing their snacks, I announced, I want everyone to go get their dirty clothes and put them in the baskets that I have labeled: whites, light colors and dark colors. Bart, you get all of the dirty towels and wash clothes. You're in charge of the laundry detail. Becky, did you bring Chris' homework?"

She had indeed brought his spelling and some math. When the laundry was sorted, I showed Bart how to start the washing machine. I had the three oldest children sitting at the table doing their homework while Barbie and Billy played a game.

When the children finished their homework I sent Bart outside with the children while I fixed dinner.

They came in just as Tip and Ty arrived and nothing of any consequence happened until I had the five youngest in bed. I had Chris go to Zack's and my bed. He looked at me, "Dad, you won't let anyone hurt me will you?"

I picked Chris up and held him as tight as I could, "Chris, Dad Zack and I will do our best to never let anyone hurt you. I tried to get him to lay down but he kept clinging to me. He finally released his grip around my neck and I kissed him goodnight.

When I got downstairs, Kevin and Ryan were sitting talking to Bart. Kevin was saying, "Come on man, we'll just go get something to eat and maybe meet some chicks. You can always wear the shades and no one will recognize you."

Bart looked embarrassed, "Guys, I don't have any money. I can't go."

I intervened, "Hogwash, here's twenty bucks. If you eat more than that, then we have a problem. Now go brush you teeth and comb your hair."

While Bart was gone, I quickly explained everything that had been happening to Bart and Chris to Kevin and Ryan, "Guys, please be gentle with him and make sure that he isn't embarrassed or he may totally go into a shell."

The guys left and Tip and Ty excused themselves and went to their bedroom. I went to check on the children and they were all snuggled and nestled in their beds as Mr. Clement Moore would say. Chris was settled in his briefs in my bed, I kissed them and called each by name. Sweet dreams my angels and tomorrow will come and everything will be fine."

I was in the living room and it was a strange feeling to be there by myself for a change. I picked up my cell phone and punched the speed dial to Zack's apartment telephone.

He answered immediately, "It's about time. This cannon between my legs is just waiting to be fired."

I couldn't help myself and started to laugh, "I guess you're telling me that you want me to hum The 1812 Overture, so you can blast off at the appropriate time."

"Oh Mark, I wish. I'll be so glad when school is finished. Where is everyone, it's so quiet."

"Bart is out with Ryan and Kevin and the other five children are asleep and Tip and Ty went to their room. This is the quietest it has been around here since I got here. I don't know if I can stand it. Maybe I should set up a camera so I can do a strip tease for you."

We had talked for approximately 15 minutes when I heard Bart coming in. He yelled out, "Thanks for asking me to go guys, I had a great time. I'll check with my Dads about Saturday night. See ya later."

"Zack, I'll call you tomorrow. Our oldest just got home."

Bart came in and sat down beside me on the sofa, "Thanks for making me go with them. I had a great time. We went to this Pizza Palace where teenagers hang out and stuff themselves. The Palace doesn't serve any alcohol and the place was packed. They are going to have a live band on Saturday that plays songs of the 50's and 60's, and the guys asked me to go with them. There is going to be a $5.00 cover charge."

I laughed and put up my hand, "Bart, slow down man or you're going to hyperventilate. You may go if you would like to. In order for you to earn some money, we are going to find some jobs for you to do."

I just realized that Bart wasn't wearing his shades, "What happened to the shades?"

Bart pulled his sunshades out of his pocket, "It was so dark in the Pizza Palace that I couldn't see with them on and I forgot to put them back on. I guess I won't be needing them anymore. Dad, there is one big problem if I would go; I don't know how to dance."

I shrugged my shoulders, "Son, we have three nights to fix that problem don't we? Now go take your shower and don't make a mess in the bathroom. Chris is asleep on Zack's and my bed so no loud noises. I'll be up shortly."

I went to get the coffee ready to brew at six o'clock in the morning and checked to make sure that the doors were locked. When I got to the apartment, I heard the shower running, so I put my dirty clothes in the hamper and was sitting naked on the bed waiting for Bart to clear the bathroom area so I could take a shower.

The shower stopped and I waited several minutes before I knocked on the bathroom door. Bart opened the door in his naked state, "Dad, please check my mouth, I think I just lost a filling or part of a tooth. I was brushing my teeth and this came out of my mouth."

Bart showed me the piece amalgam that had broken off of a tooth. "Son, we'll try to get you a dentist appointment as quickly as we can. If it starts to hurt let me know."

I climbed in the shower and I heard Bart going to his bedroom. I turned off the water and had stepped on the mat to finish drying myself when Chris came into the bathroom. "Sorry Dad, but I had to go to the bathroom bad."

Wait until I tell the Judge and Dr. Xavi that both our sons saw me naked the first day they were assigned to my care.

I was brushing my teeth when Bart came back into the bathroom. He was wearing his briefs at least. He put his arms around me and kissed me, "Thanks for everything, Dad."

I hugged him and returned the kiss, "Goodnight, Son, sweet dreams."

I walked into the bedroom and went to put on a pair of briefs and Chris was sitting on the bed looking at me, "Dad, is it okay for me to love you and Dad Zack?"

I finished putting on my briefs and went and held him, "Christopher, Son, Daddy Zack and I already love you and Bart. Now give me a kiss and you need to get to sleep or you will be a grouch in school tomorrow. I need to do something. I'll be right back."

I went into the bathroom and knocked on Bart's door. He called out, "Come in, Dad."

He was lying in his bed looking at a magazine. I sat down beside him and motioned for him to come sit beside me. He did as I requested. I pulled him close, "Bart, I just want to tell you that your Dad Zack and I both love you."

I kissed him on the cheek and the dam burst and tears started to run down his face. "Dad, I wanted to say the same thing to you in the bathroom tonight but was afraid that you would hate me. Dad, please help me to be the best person I can be. I'll try very hard to make you and Dad Zack proud of me. It may be hard, but I'm going to try."

I could feel the tears beginning to form in my eyes as I hugged him one more time. When I got back to the other bedroom Chris was sobbing. I pulled him close, "Chris, what's wrong?"

Chris pulled away from me, "Dad, I was afraid that you were making Bart do what our old Dad did. I don't want you to be like that."

Now I was openly starting to cry, "Chris, I would never hurt your brother. I just wanted to tell him I loved him like I did you. I thought he needed to hear that and I was right. Now get your little butt over and give me another kiss or we're both going to be grouches in the morning."

"Daddy, I'm sorry, but you seemed to be gone a long time."

Chris finally settled down and went to sleep. I was having a difficult time going to sleep. I had all kinds of weird thoughts running around in my head and the thought that was paramount was, `This parenting stuff is harder than it seems. I can see that it was going to take both of us to make this work effectively.'

I was awakened by Chris pulling away from me, "Dad, I need to go to the bathroom. I followed him into the bathroom and when he was finished, I lowered my briefs and was taking care of business when Bart came in. I watched to see what Chris would do.

Chris looked at Bart, "Where are your shades?

Bart looked at Chris, "Dad made me throw them away. He's going to turn me into a slave and he's going to sit and watch soap operas all day long and drink booze like our old Mother."

Chris stood with his hands on his hips, "Bart, you're lying. Dad would never do anything like that. Dad, are you going to go run?"

I picked up Chris, "Yes, my little one, if we can get your brother to get a move on. Do you want to run with us?"

Chris shook his head no, "I need to study my spelling words, so I'll stay here and make sure everyone else is up."

Bart and I got dressed in our running clothes and Chris was dressed for school when we went into the kitchen. I leaned down and hugged Chris, "Son, at seven o'clock, take two cups of coffee to Uncle Tip and Uncle Ty and tell them it's time to get up, and then go make sure the other children are up. Bart and I will fix breakfast when we get back."

I was to find out over breakfast that things hadn't gone as smoothly as I had planned. When we started to eat, Tip started to complain, "Nano Mark, would you teach your son to be more gentle when he wakes us the next time. It sounded like he was hitting the door with a hammer and yelling, "Grumps, it's Little Red Briefs; let me come in,"

Chris looked at me, "Dad, that's not what happened at all. I tapped the door with my head because I was carrying their coffee on the tray like you told me to do. Uncle Tip came to the door and asked, `Who's there?' I answered, it's me Little Red Briefs. He opened the door, and looked at me, `I don't see no red briefs.' I handed him the tray and dropped my jeans to show him that I was wearing red briefs."

Chris got up from the table, "Dad, please take me, so I can live with Dad Zack. I don't think Uncle Tip and Uncle Ty want me to live here."

Boy, did Chris take the wind out of everyone's sails. He started toward the apartment.

Tip and I responded immediately, Tip looked at Ty, "Ty, take the other children to school. Mark and I need to go mend some fences."

When we got to the apartment Chris was laying on the bed in a ball crying. "Why can't anyone like me? Am I evil like my other dad?"

Talk about sucking wind. Tip sat down next to Chris. "Chris, please, I wasn't making fun of you. I thought what was happening was funny. Chris, we don't want you to leave. Believe me, young man, you have become very important to us."

Chris pulled away, "But you made me blurt out that I was wearing red briefs and everyone in school will be laughing at me."

I grabbed Chris, "Christopher Warren Leavitt, no one is going to tell anyone about your red briefs. When I saw Bobby and Billy last night, they had red briefs on. Now get your things, and Uncle Tip will take you to school while I make sure that Bart and Barbie are okay. I have to make another presentation today. I'll pick you children up after school and we can talk some more."

Tip left with a not so happy camper and I just sat down on the bed and started to get tears in my eyes. `Both of our sons are lacking self confidence. I need to talk to Dr. Lightfoot.' Then I remembered that I needed to get a dentist appointment for Bart and we had the presentation scheduled. I also needed to get Barbie and Sarah to Play Group. There is no way I can get everything done.

I took a quick shower and dressed and when I got to the kitchen, Bart started on me, "Dad, is Chris going to be okay? What do you want me to do while you are gone?"

"Bart, Chris will be fine. He's just a little fragile still. While I'm gone, why don't you vacuum and dust the downstairs, and if you have time, you can start on the upstairs and the apartment. Please don't let the house burn down. Come on Barbie, we need to go get Sarah."

As I was driving to the house who was hosting the play group, I was thinking, `Surely nothing else can happen today, can it?'

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Editor's Notes: I think it is a mistake to ever say that nothing can go wrong.

I have had way too many bad experiences to even think that nothing can go wrong. Just as sure as you think you have covered all the possible pitfalls, someone will fall into a pit. When that happens, I recommend avoiding any free moving pendulums. You might also want to avoid stopping too close to any pits as well.

Both Bart and Chris need lots of love and attention and they need to know they will always be treated fairly and will not be hurt.

Mark and the other adults need to remember that these boys have a lot of baggage to overcome and that if anyone is going to tease them, they need to let the boys know it is all in fun and that no one is really making fun of them. They are both still very fragile and vulnerable.

I for one will be glad when the next chapter is ready and I can read it. I love this story.

Darryl AKA The Radio Rancher