Bart and Chris

By E Walk

(Copyrighted by the Author)

Edited by Radio Rancher

Chapter 8 - You Can Look But Don't Touch

I woke up on Saturday morning at six o'clock. I shook Zack and woke him. He pulled me on top of him and whispered, "Tonight, I get the last dance. This is not negotiable. You will dance inside me."

I pulled away, "We'll talk about that later. Now get your butt out of bed and let's get ready to go to run before anyone else wakes up."

I shed my briefs and took my running clothes into the bathroom with me so I could put them on after I took care of nature's calling. I was standing at the toilet with a steady stream hitting the water. I was joined by two eight/nine years olds who just pulled down their briefs and started to relieve the built up tension.

Skippy looked at me, "Nano Mark, I think your penis is bigger than my Daddy's."

Chris was concerned, "Skippy, do you see your Dad's penis as you call it very often?"

Skippy was very nonchalant. "Yeh, my Dad says it is better for us to see what older people look like, so we don't sneak around trying to see them. He says that we need to refer to them by their proper names. He says it's permissible to look, but we can never touch. He also says that we shouldn't talk about such things when there are women around."

Zack had joined us in the bathroom and moved toward the toilet to relieve his bladder. Skippy looked, "Nice looking testicles, Mr. Zack. They sure are bigger than my Daddy's. He'd be jealous if he saw them. It a good thing my brothers aren't here or they would be drooling."

I looked at Skippy and was wondering what was happening, "Skippy, how old are your brothers?"

"Ned and Nate are twelve. Ever since they found out that they could make the semen come out of their testicles by rubbing their penises, they have been preoccupied with their penises. Some nights, they sit and count the hairs around their penises to see who has the most. Other nights they measure their penis to see how much they've grown. They even have a chart that shows how much they have grown in the past year."

The conversation was interrupted by Bart coming into the bathroom, "Well what is this? Everyone is standing around in a state of undress. I need to go to the bathroom. Maybe you should leave?"

Chris responded, "Look, Bart, Skippy and I have just seen Nano Mark and Dad Zack and they didn't try to hide their penises from us. Just go to the bathroom and play with your toy like you usually do."

Bart must have needed to go bad because he lowered his briefs and let it fly. Skippy looked at him, "Yep, Bart's penis bigger than my brothers but not nearly as big as Nano Mark's and Mr. Zack's."

I decided to stop this chatter about penises and testicles, "Who wants to go running with us?"

The three young guys decided they would go, so the five of us went to the lake. I was surprised that the three of them could keep up with us without any complaints. We had slowed the pace for the two eight/nine year olds but they never complained and they were talking a mile a minute the entire time we were running. Bart was running between Zack and me, "Dads, that was a strange conversation in the bathroom this morning."

I started to laugh, "Yeah, Skippy gave a lesson in the male anatomy. I can hardly wait to find out more about his father. He seems like a very remarkable person to be so open with his sons."

When we got back to the house, we sent the two young boys to take a shower so they would be ready when the Horns picked them up. I wrapped the gift for Amy after writing her name on the items while Zack and Bart fixed breakfast. I went to make sure Ty's children were up.

I stopped at Tip and Ty's door and knocked. Tip opened the door and Ty was standing there in his briefs. "Ty, what do you know about Skippy's Father?"

Ty looked confused, "Logan Carlisle is a doctor who specializes in sports medicine. He just happens to be the team physician for the Kansas City Chiefs. I know that he is very happily married, and I think that he has three sons. Why do you ask?"

I started to laugh, "Skippy gave us the rest of us a lesson in the anatomy of the male body this morning while we were going to the bathroom. His Dad has a wonderful philosophy; you can look all you want, but you can't touch when it comes to the human sexual organs."

Ty looked at me, "Mark are you saying that we should talk to Bobby and Billy and be more open in allowing them to see our penises?"

I nodded, "That's exactly what I'm saying. That way they would feel more free to come and talk to you about sex and what is happening to their bodies. Bobby came to me the other day and asked me how he would know if he was in love. I suggested that he should talk to you, and he told me that you would just tell him to ask me. I tried to explain the difference between love and sex, but I'm not sure that I did a good job. Please talk to him."

When I got downstairs Skippy had everyone laughing. "He was telling them about the ghost that lived in his house. "Yeh, the ghost comes out almost every night and takes things from one room to another. The other morning I woke up and had a hot dog in my bed. He had to take it from someone else's house because we aren't permitted to eat hot dogs. Ned found a clown's wig on his head the next morning and Nate was tied to his bed."

Becky looked at Skippy, "Skippy, you're making this up."

Skippy was adamant, "Nope. Just ask my brothers and parents. The ghost got to my parents the other night too. They went to bed and found that their bed had been short sheeted and that there were zip lock bags with cold jello in their bed."

The levity was short circuited by the phone. Bart went to answer it, "Dad Nano, it's Mr. Horn. He would like to talk to you."

"This is Mark. How can I help you, Mr. Horn?"

"Mark, I'm going to be able to get away early. Mrs. Horn isn't going to be able to go with us. She had to go help her Mother. It's going to be a guys weekend only. Could I stop by and pick up Chris and Skippy in thirty minutes? Aaron is beside himself and wants to get going."

"Mr. Horn, the boys are just finishing breakfast. They'll be ready in thirty minutes if I have to put them in the dishwasher. What do they need to bring, other than there swim suits?"

"Mark, if you have any sun block or sun screen, you might want to put it in with their clean clothes for tomorrow. We probably won't be back until it's time for the guys to go Amy's party. I'll talk to you in thirty minutes."

I hung up and turned to the two guys, "You heard what Mr. Horn said so get your act together while Dad Zack goes and gets some sun block. Bart and I will do the dishes. Don't forget your toothbrushes."

The two guys scurried to get their things and the gifts for Aaron. Zack left and was back with two containers of sun screen and sun block. I was checking the boys bags when the doorbell rang. Tip answered the door, "Hey Alton, so your youngest is having a birthday bash and that's what all of the excitement is about."

"Tip, is Mark here?"

Tip called out, "Mark, Alton Horn would like to speak with you."

Zack and I walked into the entryway with Chris and Skippy. Aaron practically dragged the two boys to the SUV that was sitting in front of the house.

We introduced ourselves and Mr. Horn who was a little older than I thought he might be started, "Mark, we haven't gotten anything for Amy yet. What are the boys and Becky getting her?"

I explained what the children found out and he started to laugh, "I think that's perfect. Is there any way that you could include Aaron's name on the gifts. Perhaps, you could take Becky and get some more supplies. Here is $50.00. My wife and I both thought it odd that a nine year old would be asking for gift certificates to Nordstrums or Macys."

The conversation was interrupted by the sounding of the SUV horn. "Dad, come on. You're wasting good fishing time."

Mr. Horn looked at us, "I guess, I'm being paged. See you at the Skating Party."

Tip looked at Zack and me, "It looks like your youngest son has some friends who come from good families. Doctor Horn just happens to be the Chief Administrator at Children's Hospital. He has kept his hands in the field and still has office hours when he sees young people, especially those who have been sexually abused. He is a rather remarkable man."

Bobby came into the room, "Dads, can you take us to do something special today. Chris got to go fishing and he and Becky are going roller skating tomorrow. Why doesn't anybody ask the rest of us to do things."

Talk about knocking the wind out of some sails, Bobby just did it. "I looked at Bobby. Uncle Zack and I are going to take Becky and Barbie shopping for another birthday present. Why don't you and Billy sit down and talk to your Dad and Uncle Tip and try to figure out what you could do that might be fun. Maybe you could take them to lunch."

Zack and I went to take our shower and Bart was in the apartment pretending he was dancing. When we entered he quickly stopped. He put on a song and asked what he could do to something like that. It was a rumba and Zack showed him what he could do.

I looked at Bart, "We're going to take Barbie and Becky to get another gift and then we'll go to lunch. I think Tip and Ty are going to be doing something with Bobby and Billy. Do you want to go with us?"

Bart shook his head no, "Dads, I just like to stay here and vegetate and enjoy being alone."

Zack and I took Barbie and Becky to the art store where we got the previous gifts for Amy. Becky went to the man who had helped us before and asked, "Sir, we need to get another gift for the birthday person. You said we shouldn't get oils. What else could we get her?"

The gentleman looked at Becky, "You could always get her a set of oil pastels. They are a little more difficult to work with than pastels. We have a nice set here that has some bold and different colors but it is a little expensive."

Becky looked at the man, "How much would a good set oil pastels costs?

The gentleman answered, "The best set that we have on hand would cost $42.00 plus tax."

Becky looked and me and I nodded yes. "Becky, you might have the gentleman also include another pad of that special art paper."

As we left the store, I made the mistake of asking where the girls would like to go for lunch. Barbie wanted to go to McDonalds and Becky wanted to go to Burger King. Zack looked at the girls, "I know someplace that is better than either of those two places. We'll take you there."

We went to this little Mom and Pop restaurant and had a great meal. The girl's had their hamburgers and French fries and Zack and I had a cup of soup with a ham salad sandwich. The girls didn't object when we went home. Becky watched as I wrote Amy's name on the things we bought and she helped me wrap them. We collected all of the gifts and put them into a shopping bag so they would be ready to go the next day.

After dinner, Bart was pacing. "Dads, I'm nervous. I've never danced before."

I held him, "Son, you are a good dancer. Just remember to move to the beat of the music."

Kevin and Ryan picked up Bart. Zack and I looked at each other like what are we going to do. Tip noticed, "Guys, why don't you go do something? Ty and I can take care of the children. We'll be here in case anything happens. I am a doctor after all."

Zack and I went to get the newspaper to see what was happening that we might like to do. We decided to go to a movie and that was a mistake. It was so stupid that we walked out. We decided to go to the mall that was across the street and look around and quickly got bored. We went back to the house and suggested, "Why don't you guys go to bed. We'll wait up for our wayward son. He should be home soon."

Zack and I were sitting on the sofa more or less when the front door opened, and it wasn't long before we had Kevin and Ryan admonishing us. "Mark and Zack, your son made the rest of us look like idiots tonight. He never got to rest because some broad was always waiting to do the next dance with him. There was this one girl who kept pushing into the waiting line and was practically crawling all over his body."

Bart was laughing, "Dads, don't believe them. I think I did dance every dance. I could never have done it without your help. I did meet this one really cute girl. Her name is Tory. She might call me sometime."

Kevin started on us, "We were so ticked off that we signed Bart up to lip synch some Elvis Presley songs next week. Hey, the restaurant said they would give anyone who signed up free pizzas for his or her party all night long. The winner of the contest is going to be paid fifty bucks on top of that."

Ryan started toward the door, "Come on Kevin, or I'll get grounded and I want to make sure that I get to see Bart falling off the wall next week. I bet Tory never calls."

The two guys left and Bart sat down between us, "Dads, I had a great time. If it hadn't been for the two of you, I would have been a wall flower. I did dance every dance and I made sure that I danced with some of the young ladies who were there without dates. That's how I met Tory. She has just broken up with her boyfriend. I was able to do the fun dances like the Bunny Hop and the Hokey Pokey and that got people in the mood to have a good time."

Bart reached up and kissed both of us. "Goodnight Dads, don't do anything I wouldn't do."

Zack and I lay together on the sofa and cuddled in the soft light. Zack got up and turned out the lights so that only the light from the hallway was visible and we started to dance and we wound up on the floor and my penis started to dance a tango until the final `Ole.'

When the tango was over, Zack pulled me close, "Do you suppose that the next time we go to the ballet we could do something like Swan Lake instead of Whatever Markey Needs, Markey Gets?"

I kissed Zack on his lips, "Whatever dearest. I'll try to honor your request. Now let's lock up and go to the apartment. We don't even have to get dressed since Bart is probably asleep in the other bedroom already. If he's not, we'll remind him that you can look all you want but don't touch."

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