Tip and Ty

By E Walk

(Copyrighted by the author)

Edited by Radio Rancher

Chapter 37 - Off Limits


This is Tip.

Ty and I went to the new bedroom where we were going to sleep for the first time. I looked at him and challenged, "I think we should christen this bedroom and claim the territory as ours. But first, I think I need to make it clear that you are off limits to anyone else."

Ty started to moan, "Oh no, not again. I can't get pregnant this soon again can I? I need to make sure that we get moved into the new facility before that happens. What happened to your headache anyway?"

I pushed Ty onto the bed, "You ask too many questions. Now let's get these clothes off of you and I mean all of them." I started to remove all of his clothes and threw them on a chair, When I had him naked, I pulled away, "I think I hear one of the children calling. I'll be back later."

I turned and sauntered toward the door. Ty was momentarily stunned but he finally realized that I was teasing and rushed to the door and stood in front of it in all his majesty, "Oh Tipper, please don't make me beg, I'll do anything you want." He started to laugh and then he qualified his statement "Well almost anything."

Ty pushed me back toward the bed and started to take my clothes off. Did he throw them on the chair? Heck no! As he removed each piece very carefully, he very neatly hung it up or put it in the dirty clothes hamper. He was being so deliberate that I started to take things off as fast as I could and when I was naked I pulled him on top of me.

This is Ty.

I have to report that Tip and I did a very credible job of christening our new home and bed. We both slept very soundly that night for sure.

It was a little different the next morning, we were awakened by a knock on the door. We quickly pulled up the sheet to cover our naked bodies. Tip asked the person to enter. Kevin and Ryan were standing there with trays with coffee and a piece of coffee cake. Kevin started in on us, "Nano Mark said that you need to get up because the police are coming to investigate the noises coming from the front section of the house last night."

Ryan picked up, "The noises were so loud that they even woke the children and we found them hiding under their beds this morning. Even Zack is complaining because of his lack of sleep. Oh by the way Uncle Ty, Mr. Burns called and wants you to arrange for Mr. Lansing and Mr. Trout to meet here at two o'clock. He said his operatives have come up with some juicy information."

Ryan and Kevin turned to leave and Tip started, "Oh by the way guys, what were those funny noises coming from your room last night?"

Ryan turned and laughed, "There was whole a lot of slurping going on if you must know."

Tip started to get up not even thinking about his naked state, "Honestly some people can't be left alone for any length of time."

Kevin looked and Tip, "Holy Sextuple Jumping Jiminys."

Ryan was almost bent over and sputtered, "Uncle Ty, you better let us check you to see if we have to change that to Holy Octagonal Jumping Jiminys."

Both Tip and I were completely baffled by what was happening and I finally asked "What's with the Jumping Jiminys?"

The guys sat on the edge of the bed and told us what had transpired yesterday in Mark and Zack's bedroom.

I decided to be brave and climbed out of bed. Kevin started to laugh, "Yep, we'll just have to name this the House of the Four Jumping Jiminys. Wait until we tell Lance, Lane, Tim and Tom what they missed."

Tip shrugged his shoulders, "Lance and Lane have already seen us naked when we were skinny dipping in their pool."

Ryan was shaking his head, "If my parents realized what went on in this household, they would be having a conniption fit. Please don't ever let on to my parents that you are all so uninhibited. Now would you please get ready for church or Nano will be yelling at us."

Kevin and Ryan left and Tip looked at me, "Ty, I don't think this is going to be a quiet Sunday."

This is Tip.

When Ty and I were dressed for the day, we went downstairs and everyone was already eating. Bobby looked at us, "I guess that when you get to be over thirty, it takes you longer to get ready."

Ty raised his hand as if he was going to strike Bobby and Bobby challenged, "Go ahead, you meany. I dare you."

Ty leaned over and kissed all four of his children. Billy asked, "Uncle Tip, don't you love us anymore?"

That shook me. "Billy, why did you ask that?"

Billy looked at me with his big brown eyes, "Well you didn't even say good morning to us."

I knew what I needed to do, so I went and kissed each of the children and then surprised Kevin and Ryan. "See Billy, I love all of you even the Octagonal Jumping Jiminys here."

That caught everyone's attention, Beau asked with a rather funny look, "I am almost afraid to ask what you meant by the comment."

Ty was very calm, "Oh, it was just something silly that Kevin and Ryan said when they delivered our wake up coffee this morning."

We were just about finished eating when Mrs. Quinn, Kelley and Cori arrived. Kelley announced, "Lance and Lane are going to meet us at the church. We thought we would save gas and we could all go together. Our parents went to the early service because they had a golf tournament today."

This is Mark.

I can tell it's going to be one of those days. I sent the children to go to the bathroom and brush their teeth while Kevin and Ryan helped me with the clean up. We had to take the van and two other cars to get us all to the church. We had just gotten seated when Mr. Trout and his party of eight arrived and joined us. That caused a bunch of people to change seats. It was like the children knew who they were supposed to be seated with except that Barbie went to sit with Tim and Tommy.

Ty leaned over to me and asked, "Have we been replaced by a group of teenagers or what?"

I whispered, "I think they are making sure that there is no hanky panky going on. They're fine. Experiences like this will make them appreciate you more if you don't make a big deal over it. Just pretend that it is a normal everyday occurrence. I think maybe there is a little hero worship involved."

Zack had been listening and started to whine, "Nano, aren't I a hero?"

The service started so there was no more discussion. After the children's sermon the children departed for their respective programs. When the service ended we went to pick up the children and Neil Trout announced, "Let's go to a new restaurant that just opened for lunch. It is my turn to pay. We can all meet back at Tip and Ty's house after lunch, since Philip wants to meet with us."

The restaurant had a nice ambiance and our young people were not the only young people. In fact, they had things on the menu for people of all ages. It wasn't especially fancy but it exuded a warm feeling and everyone had a good time. Even Bobby thanked our young server for being so helpful. I watched as Neil and Randy left a sizeable tip.

When we got back to the house, the teenagers went downstairs, but I took Barbie to her room so she could rest. She was almost falling asleep before I could even leave.

Billy came to me and tugged on my arm, "Nano Mark, can I please go lie down in your room. I sort of don't feel good?"

I felt his head and he didn't feel warm, "Billy, go ahead and lie on our bed and look at one of your books, I'll come check on you shortly, after we get everyone settled." I hugged him and watched as he disappeared up the stairs.

The doorbell rang and Zack brought in Philip and Pam Burns and Judge Jenkins. Judge Jenkins looked at me, "Mark, your Grandparents will be stopping by in about hour to say goodbye."

I nodded, "Thank you sir. I'll be looking forward to visiting with them before they go home. I am going to check on Billy and make sure he is okay." I went to Zack's and my room and Billy was sound asleep. I covered him and turned out the lights but left the door open.

When I got back to the living area, Zack was in the dining room talking to Beau and Becca about the consulting business, so I chose not to interrupt. The rest of the adults were discussing the information that Philip had uncovered and I sure didn't need to be involved in that. The young people were fine in the basement so I couldn't go there, so I went into the kitchen and started making a calendar and menu for the week.

I was interrupted when Tip came in. He sat down beside me, "I guess we are the outsiders today. I hope every weekend isn't going to be like this."

I leaned against Tip, "Oh Tip, I hope not too. It's like everything is going in fast motion and there is never time to get everything done and done well. I am afraid that the children will think this is the way that the average people live and that is not the case at all."

Our discussion was interrupted by Bobby, "Nano Mark, I am going to our room and read. I think I just need time to be by myself. I am not used to being entertained all the time."

Tip and I both hugged Bobby as he disappeared.

Bobby had hardly disappeared before Becky came into the kitchen. She put her arm around me, "Nano Mark, I like everyone downstairs and they are being really nice, but I think I would like to be alone or with some of my friends for a change."

I held Becky close, "Becky, why don't you ask one of your friends to come over after school tomorrow. I'll talk to their parents and arrange it when you decide who you would like to ask. Now why don't you go up to your Daddy's and Uncle Tip's bedroom and read or watch a video since Barbie is asleep in you room."

This is Tip.

Holy Toledo! Mark is really good. We can't let him get away.

We were sitting at the table when the doorbell rang and Mark's Grandparents came in. They didn't take off their jackets. Mrs. Leavitt spoke for the two of them, "Mark, we had a fun weekend. We just wanted to stop by and say goodbye. You and Zack need to take some time away from the children so they will appreciate you even more. Just pop up to Fremont and you can do whatever it is that you do."

"Mr. and Mrs. Leavitt, believe me, Ty's children know what a godsend that Mark is. He has everything under control, but I agree that he and Zack need to find time for themselves. It has been rather hectic since he arrived."

As the Leavitt's were leaving, Beau, Becca and Zack resurfaced. Beau took the initiative, "Mr. and Mrs. Leavitt, we are leaving now. Why don't we go together and then we can stop for a light meal on the way home and go to the bathroom."

Beau and Becca hugged us as they were getting ready to depart. They stopped in the living room and said goodbye to the assembled people. They had just departed when Ryan's parents arrived, Mr. Cunningham looked confused, "Where is our son? We haven't seen him all weekend."

Mark calmly went to the stairs, "Ryan, your parents are here to collect you and take you away."

Ryan came bounding up the stairs, "Hi, Dad and Mom, let me get my bag. What's happening?"

Mr. Cunningham looked at Ryan, "You are too young to be suffering from memory lose. Today is your Grandmother's birthday and we are taking her to a new restaurant for dinner. Now get your things."

The meeting in the living room had broken up and the people came out to see the Cunninghams standing, talking to Mark and me. Mr. Cunningham shook his head, "this place is like going to a World Series. You never know who is going to be on the mound."

Ryan called down the stairs, "Thanks guys and girls, I had a great time. I need to go now, so I can help my Grandmother celebrate her birthday." He shook everyone's hand before he left.

That was the signal for Kevin to depart too.

I guess we'll never know what took so long in the living room with Tim, Tommy and the rest of the people.

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Editor's Notes:

You know, somehow, I think it is safe to say that eventually we will find out.

That was a quite pleasant chapter; it gave everyone a chance to have some time without any bad things happening. Of course, it was still a bit hectic, what with all the comings and goings, but then that is to be expected. Why do I have the feeling that there is this shoe about to fall, and that we are going to have a lot of excitement in the next chapter?

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